April 18, 2023


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: April 18, 2023

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: April 18, 2023
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: April 18, 2023

Apr 18 2023 | 00:59:18


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for today's main slate on DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which includes a great matchup for Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on? Evan Nation? Jonathan Behi, James Granny. Welcome to the Quick Pitch, L v DFS podcast in livestream recording here for Tuesday's 11. Game main slate. James, we have a Monster Day here on Tuesday. Uh, maybe some weather impacting. We had a game canceled on us for Monday. If you're looking at the little symbols here, uh, over on DraftKings, we see the rain symbol Arizona St. Louis. Uh, so we'll have to be on the lookout and see if that game will be impacted or not. Of course, this is our first P Look podcast. For those of you who are tuning in for the first time, maybe watching it here on the Better Sports Network or on the Fantasy Alarm YouTube page, uh, James and I give you our first look take here on today's slate. We'll be back live at 5:00 PM Eastern to bring you all the updated lineup news, uh, all the updated weather news and further breaking down and helping you guys set your lineups here. Speaker 0 00:00:54 So, uh, stick with us all day long. If you're not yet a member of the Fantasy Alarm Family, you see the scroll down at the bottom if you're tuning in, if not, you can go to fantasy alarm.com/all Pro. For those of you who are listening, uh, through Apple, Google Play, you know, Stitcher, Spotify, wherever, uh, fantasy alarm.com/all Pro promo code, MLB 50 saves you 50% off the first six months. That's 19 point 98 a month for the first six months. Takes you right up through the football season cuz you get access to all the sports that we have available here at Fantasy Alarm. James, now that that pitch is over, let's talk about the slate. How do you feel? Speaker 1 00:01:30 Eh, you know, 11 games is a lot of baseball. Um, it's 11 games that includes Coors and John. We have a doozy, uh, Vince Velasquez takes on Jose Urena, um, in our Coors Field matchup. Um, we not only have Coors, um, we have Jose Urena course and we have Vince Velasquez, uh, maybe the best pitcher in the league. So Speaker 0 00:01:54 What version of Vince Velasquez shows up today because he was <laugh> an absolute animal in his most recent star. Speaker 1 00:02:00 Yes, that is because he is also Dave Batista. Um, we've never seen them two in the same room together. I mean, it's an interesting slate. We have, um, some solid names, two names on draft teams over 10 K and Spencer Strider and Clayton Kershaw. We have a couple of very good pitchers, Elisa, a bunch of guys that have pitched really well in the next tier. Um, and we actually have better value than seemingly we've had. And I say that with like tentatively better value than we've had, um, in in past slate. So, um, definitely an interesting slate. Speaker 0 00:02:34 Um, there's always value in the outfield James there. Speaker 1 00:02:37 Well, I was more so thinking about pitching. Um, there is always, there is always outfield value. Um, shifting our attention over to Viva Las Vegas. Um, I don't see, it's pretty crazy to see, but nobody currently over a minus one 70 favorite Jordan Montgomery one 70, uh, in Draftking Sports book Logan Gilbert and the Seattle Mariners minus 1 65, Marcus Stroman is minus one 70 against Oakland. Um, Clayton Kershaw is one 60 minus 1 65 on the money line against the Mets at home. Uh, Tyler McGill opposing him. So like nothing really stands out there, which is kind of surprising that we don't have anybody, uh, minus 200 or better. Um, and then of course, you know, the Pirates and Rockies open at 12. It's already been bet up to 12 and a half, so, um, already been bet up to 12 and a half as we're, you know, Pittsburgh is scoring a lot of runs on, uh, on um, Monday night. So Speaker 0 00:03:43 If only somebody like told you guys that Kyle Freeland was likely gonna get blown up, only there was like a daily live stream and podcast he could have tuned into. Uh, you have gotten that information. Yeah. All right. It was us James. We did, we did. Where could you have We told everybody. Speaker 1 00:04:00 Little, little, uh, humble, the humble brag there. Um, Speaker 0 00:04:04 Listen, they're, the pirates are like under 15% roster, the majority of them outside of like a Bryant Hayes here, so, yeah, it's crazy. Uh, you, if you, if you rode with the Pirates, if you were a Buckeye with us today, you know, you, you Speaker 1 00:04:17 Were a Buckeye, Speaker 0 00:04:17 You got some little roster ship there. So, Speaker 1 00:04:20 Um, Speaker 0 00:04:21 Shout out Colby Conway and Josh Wagner, resident family party Pirates fans. Speaker 1 00:04:25 Yeah, the only two, uh, probably that you know, or I least Colby outside of, um, Pittsburgh. I don't <laugh>, I dunno. Speaker 0 00:04:33 Colby Conway, the Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Texans Speaker 1 00:04:36 Fan. Yeah. The, every, every, we see you see that every day, John, honestly. Yeah. Um, well, a lot of losing in the Conway family. Colby's a winner in real life. His teams true. Uh, not so much. Um, yeah, I mean, 12 and a half implied runs or the over under there in the, uh, Pittsburgh and Colorado game. Only one game at nine, uh, Toronto and Houston, actually, the Angels and the Yankees are also at nine. Uh, Jose Suarez versus Clark Schmidt. Two guys that have not pitched well recently. So, um, interesting. Uh, few interesting games and obviously, you know, we had eight games. It it was nine, it was eight, ended up being eight on Monday. 11 games a affords you a few more ga uh, teams to possibly fade cores with. But again, Jose Urena, Vince Velazco is not sure we wanna a fade course, Speaker 0 00:05:32 Right? Uh, I would, I would agree with you there. All right, let's get into pitching. Uh, DraftKings can't figure it out. SOIs Spencer tried, has a release pitcher, but that's fine. Uh, he $10,400 here for Strider against San Diego. Clayton Kershaw at home against the Mets at ten one Jordan Montgomery at Home against Arizona. But we likely said we gotta watch the weather there in that 1 9500, uh, McGill up to $9,200. He's got the Dodgers. Uh, that's your nine k and above range. How are you feeling about this group here? Speaker 1 00:06:05 Um, I have interest in almost all of them. I mean, Schreder we know has a ton of upside, even in a game. You know, he struggled in back-to-back games and still has nine strikeouts. So like even in games where Spencer Schreder isn't getting you length, he is at times wild. Um, he has massive strikeout appeal. He has nine strikeouts in three games in all three of his starts this year. So, um, I like Schreder at the top. I like KRS Shot at the top. Um, you know, he's been okay. I I, I don't know if the ten one price is justified, I'd rather just play Jordan Montgomery 95, who's definitely been more reliable than Kershaw, um, and has a slightly better matchup. I would say the Mets are a more potent offense. Um, so you Speaker 0 00:06:54 Think so Arizona keeps putting runs on the board, so they just beat Sandy. They, they, you know, hit the Grand Slam tonight on, uh, Ente right. For the Cardinals there, so, Speaker 1 00:07:03 Yeah. Yeah. You're not wrong. Um, I do like Jordan Montgomery there. Um, Speaker 0 00:07:07 He's got really good road, uh, sorry, really good home split since being traded to the Cardinals last year. Speaker 1 00:07:12 So yeah, I'm looking up Arizona's, uh, team o p s seven 16 against South Paws. They're 17th, um, three 16 Boba, so they're like middle of the pack, 21% K rates actually higher than, um, what it is against right-handed pitchers. So I like Montgomery mcgi ISI has been really good. I just don't know if this is the spot for him, especially if we're paying 9,200 and there's a chance that he's not striking out more than three batters, which he's done. Yeah, I think the Chuck personally, probably multiple variations of like plays you can go to, but I think Marcus Sherman probably checks in, if not the highest rostered pitcher of the slate second. Yeah. Um, upon this, Speaker 0 00:08:03 This is a version of Serro that, you know, I feel like we haven't seen. Speaker 1 00:08:08 No, this is what we've been wanting forever, forever Speaker 0 00:08:10 Toronto days, right? Yeah. Like, um, and all three of us starts, we're at home. We talk about how tough Chicago can be at times, and that's Seattle game was the one that the win game, the 25 mile hour winds. Yep. And he did exactly what you said. 11 ground balls, just three fly balls did give up two earn runs there, but he kept the ball down. And for a ground ball pitcher, you'll love seeing six, six, and eight strikeouts. Yep. Um, you know, it's just Oakland, right? They're, they're being a little pesky tonight against we Niki probably not gonna be the same level of success against Stroman. You would assume you give Stroman a big ballpark and he is throwing ground balls anyways. Like, uh, I would agree with you. I think the, the clearer chalk, uh, on an 11 game slate, it's gonna be Marcus Strongman. Speaker 1 00:08:55 Yep. Um, you nailed it. I, I have nothing really to add. I think, you know, the, the ground balls coupled with the strikeouts have been awesome. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, the strikeouts, I feel like have been, has been like the thing lagging behind usually, um, because the ground balls never been the problem, but now we're getting ground balls and the strikeouts, I mean Speaker 0 00:09:14 Yeah. Give us a strikeout for ending Marcus, like, we'll, your, your fantasy points will explode, so. Yep. Uh, I'm curious what changed with him? Um, you know, I, I haven't dug deep into the, you know, the metrics there. If he's throwing more breaking balls or cutters or fastballs, usually, uh, when guys all of a sudden how this level of success, something has adjusted in their repertoire or just, you know, spin rates or, you know, who knows what. So, um, gotta dig a little deeper into that. I'm on the playbook for this slate too, by the way. So, uh, you know, good luck everybody. Uh, I'll have that out. And Speaker 1 00:09:49 He's not throwing a curve ball this year. Speaker 0 00:09:51 Okay. Speaker 1 00:09:52 Um, which he had only thrown like three and 2% the last two years. Uh, but a lot more sliders and a lot more cutters. Uh, the slider is up 9% from last year. The cutter percentage is up, uh, 5% from last year. So those, I mean those pitches, you know. Speaker 0 00:10:15 Yep. 100%. Uh, the little things like that change, and if that's now, you know, driving, uh, the, the bad contact against him, I'll, I'll power to it. Right. Um, mid-tier here, um, you know, sunny Gray gets Boston. We know we talk about the Boston lineup, but the, the Boston Red Sox keep kind of putting runs up even when they're lineup looks atrocious. So, uh, you know, I don't, I don't know how they're doing it, but they're, but they're doing it. But, you know, sunny Gray's been pretty good. Uh, Logan Gilbert gets Milwaukee. We talk about it. Every slate. Milwaukee's either gonna hang a crooked number on you or they're not gonna score at all. So great for tournaments, uh, here with Logan Gilbert at $8,500. Um, and then I probably give Nathan Vivaldi another crack in Kansas City, um, at $7,800. He had this strikeout, so he just got absolutely shelled there. Probably gonna, I, I'm willing to run it back with him. Speaker 1 00:11:08 Yeah. So I like Sunny Gray. The only concern is like 78 pitches was a weird, where they took him outta that game was weird. It Speaker 0 00:11:20 Didn't make Speaker 1 00:11:20 Any sense. Yeah. Um, and there hasn't been a reason they just decided to take him out. Right. That was, maybe they didn't want him facing the th the lineup third time around. Who knows? But that's obviously a little concerning if that's gonna Speaker 0 00:11:34 Yeah. Cause he went 83 and then he had such a dominating starting against Houston. Maybe they kinda let 'em go 98 and then they pull him at 78. So like, it was, is it was like 80 the plan for this guy, you know, Speaker 1 00:11:47 He just, and like you said, he was just so good. They're like, all right, well, we, we can't take him out. Speaker 0 00:11:52 Right. He's our best player right now. We might as well just see what he ride with him here. Um, I, I agree with you. Boston's also just better at home, so I don't know. You know, that, that, again, that lineup is weird. Uh, we, we joke all the time around here being, again, I'm, I'm a Red Sox fan. I live just on the side of the city. It's like, if you look at the Boston Red Sox lineup, why wouldn't you just walk Raphael devs every game? Right. Why even pitch <laugh>? Because he's the only one that's really doing damage to these teams here. Right. Uh, did it again tonight. And he almost came back against Angels in the, in the bottom of the ninth. You know, just don't pitch, don't pitch to Raphael, devs pitch to everybody else. Right. Um, but yeah, so Grey's at 86, I don't know, I'd rather play Gil Gilbert probably, um, at that point. But, and, and also Stroman is 88, so like, you're, you're not gonna play gray over Stroman. I don't think Speaker 1 00:12:40 So. I mean, you could also play them both because Yeah, I don't think we were necessarily completely sold on the top tier. Like, Kershaw obviously has a tough matchup against the Mets, and he could be really good. And Spencer Schrider, even when he labors through five innings has double digit strikeout upside, but like mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you know, we also, like San Diego's struck out a lot this year. Fifth most against, or sixth mo. Sixth most against right-handed pitching. But like, they also have a lot of pop, so he could go mid-tier. I agree on Logan Gilbert thing. Um, Milwaukee has been pretty good against right-handed, um, right-handed pitching this year. They've been way worse against lefties. Speaker 0 00:13:23 Yeah. Well that, that, that lineup is just full of lefties, right. From Winker to Mitchell to Toles to Yellich for sure. Um, you know, we just, Gil Gilbert is a, a, started the making, right? Yes. Like we talked about it for a few seasons now. It's not, you know, he is, I think it was this, his third year, third full season maybe as a, as a pitcher. Um, definitely due to be a breakout at some point. Um, you know, I, and, and like we said, more, more tournaments because Milwaukee is what they are. They'll either, you know, go, go not to or do nothing at all. So, um, how are you feeling about the seven K tier? This is Greg Jameson. There's Chris sale, there's Nathan Aldi. Speaker 1 00:14:04 I like Aldi. Like you said. I'm willing to go back to the Well, and like we said last time, it's like we're not like hell bent on Nathan Aldi. If you wanna look into his last start and stack kc, that's fine. They also have the ninth highest Kade in the league against right-handed pitching. They also have a 6 21 team op p s against right-handed pitching. You know, who's worse than them? John, the Tigers and the Nationals. That's who, so when you're in like Tigers and Nationals company mm-hmm. <affirmative> like, yeah. Use guys against that. You know, lineup is fine. You said it like, yeah, he got destroyed 10 hits. Like that's not good. Yeah. But he had seven strikeouts. And just to our point, the royals just strike out a lot. Jacob Arom was striking out a lot of guys before he left with the wrist soreness on Monday. Um, they are, they have good players. They have Bobby Whit, they have MJ Melendez, they have Bobby PA or, uh, Speaker 0 00:15:05 Pasco, Tino, Bobby, Speaker 1 00:15:07 Vinny, Pasco, Tino. Holy cow. I was Bobby, Bobby, Pasco, Speaker 0 00:15:09 Vinny, Pasco, Tino. Speaker 1 00:15:10 I was trying to combine that. They have, they have those four and then it just drops off a cliff. So like, yeah, I'm good with Aldi. Uh, Chris sale. So I had a Speaker 0 00:15:24 5% strike on raid for Kansas City again Friday. So, Speaker 1 00:15:27 So if you had, uh, if anyone out there listened to the seasonal podcasts that Matt sells and I did last week, we discussed the Chris sale numbers and sells, actually took the side of dropping him in seasonal. I took the side of holding onto him. And no, I'm not saying that because, uh, I accidentally bid $9 on Chris sale in, in a auction draft that John May or may not run and, um, didn't answer my message about it. Um, but there are, there are <laugh>, there are peripheral numbers suggesting Chris sale is going to bounce back. And also like factoring in that he's pitched in 14 games since the year 2019, also just has to play a part. Like he is missing a boatload of bats. Speaker 0 00:16:20 Yeah. Good. Strike out numbers. Speaker 1 00:16:21 He also has an astronomical era, r a, but his Sierra, which for anyone doesn't know, is a skill interactive era. R a is 3 82, and his xFi is expected field or independent pitching 3 74. Like, there's things that suggest that Chris sale is due for, you know, positive, like say it positive aggression regression. So like I'm okay getting to Chris sale. Now, Minnesota does have a few guys that hit lefties well, but they're 23rd and o p s and John, they have a 28% strike area against lefties this year. Small sample. They haven't faced a lot of lefties. I'm okay going to sale and tournaments. Um, probably not gonna get to Drew Jameson because Speaker 0 00:17:11 Pitch there. Speaker 1 00:17:13 He just is not there. So like I'm okay getting into all the, I'm okay getting to sale. Um, Speaker 0 00:17:18 30% strikeout rate on the year, by the way, for, uh, sale. Speaker 1 00:17:21 So Yeah, no, he's, dude, he's, there are, there's a lot to like, about what Chris sale's doing. There's also obviously, like on the surface, you look at it, you're like, oh, that's, you know. Yep. But again, we don't, we shouldn't always look at surface numbers. We, we've talked about it the last week. <laugh>, right? Kyle Freeland, we talked about it last week with, um, Zach Greenkey. Like, there's been plenty of times that we've said like, yeah, I mean, just look at the numbers. There is regression near, and, you know, we don't know everything, but like some, some just, you know, reading the tea leaves is right. It, it helps sometimes, you know. Speaker 0 00:17:56 Yep. 100%. All right. Let's move our way down here in a little bit. Uh, under seven K range. Uh, you know, Velasquez is there at $6,400 as we've talked about, uh, coming off of his best start in a bit. Six, shout out against St. Louis, six strikeouts, but in cores most likely not gonna go there. Speaker 1 00:18:14 No shot. Yeah. No shoutout. Speaker 0 00:18:15 Uh, Colin Ray here, uh, we kind of laughed him up in that matchup. Speaker 1 00:18:19 We sure. We sure did. Speaker 0 00:18:20 And, uh, he shoved it right down our throat. I don't know if it's repeatable <laugh>, but five and two thirds against San Diego. I around six strikeouts, uh, 83 pitches. There he is. Got Seattle. Um, you know, do, do, do any of these guys pop off to you? Speaker 1 00:18:39 Uh, I don't know if we need to. Um, Speaker 0 00:18:43 Brad ke you know what, Brad Keller's Speaker 1 00:18:45 Been great. Brad Keller's been, he has been Speaker 0 00:18:46 Awesome. You touted Jordan Lyles today. Kudos to you. And, and smashed. So, Speaker 1 00:18:51 Yeah, like, I, I'm gonna, like, Texas has a good lineup when they're healthy. They're just not healthy. And I'm gonna keep saying that I'm, I'm sorry that I keep repeating myself, everybody and John has to listen to me the most about it. But like, you know, they hit Travis Jankowski, second <laugh>, that was, that was who hit second and their first inning, the first play of the game, Marcus Simeon Rishan and error. And then something we talked about Josh Young, perfect profile for, you know, flyball pitcher. Homers, right? That was the first inning three on home run after that one solo home run to Marcus Simian. Jordan Lyles went eight innings, two earned runs. That was it. So I don't think like all that highly of Texas, they are obviously are potent and there was no lali and like they could, you know, ais likely back in the lineup and all that good stuff and Yep. But yeah, Brett Keller's been awesome. And if he's gonna continue to be awesome, he needs to, like we've said a bunch, limit the fly balls, most fly balls, he allows it against Texas. He allows a home run. So he needs to, you know, limit that. But yeah, I think Brad Kell is the one clear, uh, spend down here. Can't go to Clark Schmidt. He's stunk. Um, I mean this, this tear down here is Speaker 0 00:20:08 Yeah, right. Gray, you know, even though, yeah, Speaker 1 00:20:11 You know what, he's been pretty good. Speaker 0 00:20:12 He's been limiting the home runs. Right. Speaker 1 00:20:14 You know, why did you, did you see why he's not throwing his fastball? Speaker 0 00:20:18 Well, yeah, Speaker 1 00:20:19 He's not throwing, Speaker 0 00:20:20 Fastball was very <laugh>, very straight and yeah. You know, um, yes, he, he, he swerved the world going into Colorado, throwing six innings of one run baseball. Yeah. Yeah. Um, I mean, I'm not gonna pitch him against Baltimore cuz we, we like Baltimore. So, um, I'm with you. Then Keller would be the dart throw down here for me. Um, and then we, we kind of settle into some of those, uh, you know, Aldi, Gilbert, Stroman, and then, you know, maybe Strider I guess here, uh, or Montgomery. You like Montgomery too. Uh, over on the capture position, again, we're kind of playing seeing where we're, where we're at at this position here. Murphy gets Blake Snell Bejo to Lake Murphy gets the lofty, uh, could certainly go there. Uh, Logan will hop someone that we've thrown in the lineups prices up there a little bit at 4,300. But he gets Schmidt as you as you talked about there. Uh, he's in that mid 4k ranch, Cal rally Homer tonight off Corbin Burns. Uh, he's $4,300, uh, first half of this catcher position. Anybody jump out to you? Speaker 1 00:21:22 Um, I mean, Richmond is obviously, if you wanna get there, no problem getting there. Um, Josiah Gray still Ken, if he does throw fast balls like he's in trouble. Blake Snell's been really bad, so if you wanna use Sean Murphy hitting in the middle of that lineup, obviously can get there. Um, and O Hop is fine. Um, I'm trying to look up the official splits for, uh, Clark Schmidt. He's been bad man. Um, he's just been Dr the pitch count's been what's really bit him in the butt. He hasn't been able to go deep into games. Um, I'm trying to look at these splits here for Clark Schmidt. Uh, lefties are what's killing Clark Schmidt, this mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So, uh, maybe not gonna get to a hop at 4,300, uh, Cal Rally. Fine. We know the left side is his power side. Speaker 0 00:22:13 Yep. Uh, ya Gomes is $2,900. He started tonight against Lefty. There's another lefty on the mound and Waled truck here. Um, if we're looking to punt catcher, I think he's in play. And I still will consider Ryan Jeffers if he finds himself into a lineup up against, uh, sale, uh, at 2,800, they hit him in the middle of their lineup. So, um, and Jeffers is, has been pretty good when, when give him the opportunity to play this year. Speaker 1 00:22:37 Yes. And he hits lefties. That's what he does. Um, so I like Jeffers, I like Jan and I like Kyle Hika who Speaker 0 00:22:44 Hits I'm say, Heka against Lefty, right? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:22:47 He, he literally on like, he might go for four or he might hit two home runs. <laugh>, that's all he does against lefties. Nothing in between. So, um, yes, I, I like all three of those guys for sure. Speaker 0 00:23:01 All right. First base position here. We know the usual suspects are at the top. Talk to me about that 5k above range Speaker 1 00:23:08 Over 5k. I mean, I like Shehe Otani quite a bit here. Clark Schmidt has struggled Otani in Yankee Stadium, his future. Speaker 0 00:23:18 Yeah. Otani only pitched two innings today, by the way, because of the rain delay. So like, yeah. Yeah. Remember last time he pitched he didn't play the day after. I wonder if, if that will impact or not. Mike Trout did not play today on Monday. Um, so they gotta expect him back in the lineup. So I, I do wonder if Otani is in or if he is out just because he only pitched two Inns due to the rain. Speaker 1 00:23:42 Right. Um, good point. Good point. If he plays, I mean he, you know, he wants to get used to the future stadium he's gonna play in so mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, I like him 63 Alonzo for a, a tournament Dart. Of course Gold Schmidt sat on Monday. If you wanna play him on Tuesday, that's fine. Freeman Homer, uh, after we pretty much said like can't get to him cuz he is not Homer at 55. Right. Jokes on us. Um, where would I go? I mean, like, Speaker 0 00:24:14 I don't play Toronto that often, but I I don't think your kedi is all that good personally. Speaker 1 00:24:20 No, he was a reverse split guy too for the last couple seasons. Let's see if that's still the case. Speaker 0 00:24:25 I know, I know this year his numbers are are good, but like, I don't generally consider, they I think didn't last year. They even take him outta their rotation at the end there. Like, I, I don't really consider him to be all that dominant of a pitcher. Speaker 1 00:24:37 He's not. He's not. I agree. Um, so yeah, I can get to, that'd be interesting. The only thing with Vlad and I would say the Blue Jays is how expensive they are and I feel like just seeing the bottom of that picture position, like Gray Velasque, Schmidt Creamer, Uck Urena, like Speaker 0 00:24:56 Hard to get to these guys. Speaker 1 00:24:57 We're gonna find some juicy stacks that like, I might just rather play, but I mean we know Vlad's live for, Speaker 0 00:25:05 Let's go to the mid-tier range then. Um, not a ton. I mean I think Mountain Castle against Gray could be doable at 47. You know, Nathaniel low, we're not playing Keller at 45, but other than that, nothing really popping for me here. Speaker 1 00:25:21 No, I think we go down Pasco, Tino 3,600. Uh, he's been very good. I'm pretty sure that he homered off of Aldi, right? That was the home run? Speaker 0 00:25:35 Uh, no, he homered yesterday. Oh yeah, ten one. Yeah, yeah, Speaker 1 00:25:38 Yeah. He homered off Aldi I think. Um, he's really good. He's just a really good hitter. So I can get there. Carlos Santana run it back. I know he's better against the lefties, but the power is from the left side, right? Yes. Speaker 0 00:25:53 Yes. He, um, yes, he, the power is from him batting lefty, but he hits under 200 for like the last four years from the left side of the plate. Right. But Ure is bad enough that maybe that won't matter, so, right. But it's like a, he had like 16 home runs from the, from the left side of the plate and like two from the right side <laugh>. So it's all power. Speaker 1 00:26:16 Um, so like, yeah, I, I can get behind, um, some Carlos Santana Mancini's been really bad, but so has Wal de Chuck, so mm-hmm. <affirmative>, if you wanna play Mancini, like, you know, be my guest. Okay. That's probably where, that's probably where the uh, the first base train stops on. Stops Speaker 0 00:26:40 On tracks. Yeah. The gas has had in r b today, again, at some point I think he wakes up, but it's probably too risky to kind of, uh, consistently trust, uh, trust there. So, uh, second base position, they still give you Ooky bats. You got Sime as you mentioned there. You had Torres against Suarez at $4,700. Uh, we got, we got our St. Louis guys here. We got McMahon against Alaskas at 45. Uh, Nico Horns having himself a little day today. Uh, not stealing any bases yet, but a couple of hits, couple of runs scored. I think he just got an R B I there as well. So, uh, he's got Waled truck at $4,400. Ozzie Als against a lefty. Again, Blake Snells on the mound here, $4,400. So, uh, thoughts on the first half a second base position. Speaker 1 00:27:25 So I think Jose Squires is in deep trouble here against the Yankees. Um, he has been absolutely atrocious against righties this year. 4 44 average 1200 O p s 5 0 7 Woa, that's right-handed bats. Uh, the Yankees have a few very good right-handed bets. Uh, most of their lineup is right-handed. I love Labor Torress here, 4,700. Um, I'm definitely okay getting to bets or Simeon. I just think labor stands out like a sore thumb. I think Ryan McMahon obviously in the righty lefty split is a, a very good play. Same with little mek. I like that. Le me hu has multi-position eligibility. I don't like that it's third. Um, cuz that's unfortunate. Correct. But he's been good this year. Um, you know, last year was a very weird year for Le meh hu cuz he was really good hurt, got hurt and then came back and just like never was good again. Um, so I would get to le me hu we love Nico Horner over here. This is a Nico Horner podcast. Certainly is. Yeah. So, um, definitely can get there and s like you said, gets lefty again. I'm unfortunate that he hasn't homer yet. Cause like, uh, both you and I love Ozzie Al's on, um, Speaker 0 00:28:38 He, he just walk, he just walked though, so, you know, Speaker 1 00:28:41 He did walk good for Ozzie. I'm so happy he walked. Now steals Speaker 0 00:28:45 Got, we've got a force out though. Uh, so kind of unfor kind of unfortunate Speaker 1 00:28:49 <laugh> unlucky, uh, okay. No stolen bases for Ozzy Alvis then. So, um, but yeah, I mean we profiled it on yesterday's podcast in livestream that the career numbers are just astronomical for Alvis over a 320, I think three 20 average over a 900 O ps career. So, um, no problem getting to Al's, Nolan Gorman. This is like the best second base we've had probably all Speaker 0 00:29:13 Year. I, I like, and you know, in bay as well, he's the lefty, right? Versus arena. Yep. He's got 4k. He's actually having a pretty good night tonight as well. So hard to not have a good night when your team scored 13 runs, but Correct. Uh, you know, he is, he hitting Ninths tonight is, uh, one for three with three runs scored and two rbi. So Speaker 1 00:29:31 He's very good. He is very good. And he probably leads off, um, with the right hand. Speaker 0 00:29:35 Yeah, with the, with the right on the mound, do you think? Speaker 1 00:29:37 Yep. They've been leading him off a couple, uh, the last few times. The rite's ka Brian Hayes leads off with lefties and then Jhan Bay leads off with, uh, ready some, Speaker 0 00:29:46 So a pretty good, pretty good spot there for Bay. Um, further down here, any value second basement on your radar? Speaker 1 00:29:55 I mean, like Rudolfo will hit th or be in the lineup every day and he's multi eligible, he's just not as good against, um, right. Bright Luis Garcia has been. Okay. He's homered in two of his last three. He gets Dean Kramer, um, hits in six of his last seven. I don't hate that as a punt, but other than that we can move on the third. Speaker 0 00:30:20 All right, over our third base again, generally our sp up spot. Austin Riley Homer tonight, he gets another lefty match up in Snell, uh, Raphael devs, they teams just keep pitching to him and he just keeps hitting the baseball. Seven home runs on the year. Uh, top price guy there Ado gets Jameson, Machito Strider, Monty gets McGill, you know, where are we? You know, where are we going here? Wisdom Homer for the fourth great game. He's got a lefty match up in walled truck. Speaker 1 00:30:48 Um, so it's definitely devs. Okay. If like, I almost prefer devs as like kind of a one-off as opposed to a Boston stack because Sunny Gray's been so good, but, um, devs can hit against anybody. So I love Devils. Uh, Austin Riley obviously against a lefty Homer first pitch he on Monday. Um, and then it's probably wisdom. You're right. Like he's been awesome. Um, Homer in four straight games. I'm looking up the wall to Chuck's splits right now. Uh, he's been another guy just allowing a ton of power. 4.2 home runs per nine innings. Um, six home runs against Readies in 13 innings. John, there Speaker 0 00:31:32 You go. Speaker 1 00:31:33 Oh Speaker 0 00:31:33 My. Feels like Patrick Wisdom's finding himself in a pretty good spot here. Speaker 1 00:31:36 Dude, I'm, I'm, I'm happy I like the Cubs this year. <laugh> because like, I, I, I like Speaker 0 00:31:44 Got I stay is back now, Speaker 1 00:31:46 You know, by the way, Nico Horner, John, I don't know if you bet how stolen bass for Nico Horner, but that just, uh, you know, occurred. He did, uh, him and Dansby. Look, I'm happy I got on the, the Cubs bandwagon early. Speaker 0 00:31:59 I feel like this year, if you bet the Nico Horner stolen bass prop, you'll come out on top Speaker 1 00:32:03 <laugh>. Like if you're like over 162 game span, like if you Speaker 0 00:32:06 Yeah. Cause like most nights over half a so base with Nico horns like three to one s so Right, right. If you bet at every game and you're getting three to one on your money without doing the math on air, it feels like <laugh>, uh, how I'm gonna be right here. Say he steal, Speaker 1 00:32:22 Undo Speaker 0 00:32:22 The math. If he steals 40 bags, right? Like, you know, that's enough, isn't it? Speaker 1 00:32:27 Do the math, do the, I'm just kidding. Uh, yeah, no, it is. Um, especially, you know, who knows what you're betting, right? The Nico Horn. Like you could be betting some big dollars on Nico Horn, stone bases and Be Rich. Um, so all that to say Cubs again. Cubs again Speaker 0 00:32:46 Up six one right now on the Ace. So Speaker 1 00:32:48 In the fourth. In the fourth inning. Speaker 0 00:32:50 Yeah. Yeah. Uh, cuz the ACEs are very bad. Speaker 1 00:32:53 They are, they're very, except a story Ruiz. Speaker 0 00:32:56 What's that first story, Ruiz? That's true. Um, all right, after wisdom, we move our move our way down a little bit. Uh, who are we targeting then? Uh, at as a, you know, mid to value tiered third basement long go does have a lefty matchup. 4,500 bucks. Yep. Speaker 1 00:33:13 Tough Speaker 0 00:33:14 Matchup. Um, Josh Young Homer today, as you mentioned, right? Yep. Hit fourth. So certainly a spot for him there. Uh, anybody else for you? Speaker 1 00:33:23 Um, I wanna believe in Gunner Henderson and maybe the two for the two for four, three runs scored, you know, gets him jumpstarted. Uh, he is constantly on base. He just s needs, like he's hitting 1 78 this year. John Gunner Henderson has a 3 73 O B p. Like the guy just needs to hit, like if he hits, he'd have a 500 on base percentage. Speaker 0 00:33:48 Yeah. What's his exactly what's his batting average and balls in play? He Speaker 1 00:33:52 Has a 3 73 That is cr that's kind of crazy. Is it not? Like the fact that he is hitting one the under, like, under the Mendoza line and he has, uh, his babbit this year is 3 0 4, so, Speaker 0 00:34:05 So he's not even getting bad, bad bowel. Speaker 1 00:34:07 He's not no. He has a 35% K rate. He has a 22% walk rate. That's just insane. Speaker 0 00:34:13 Yeah, Speaker 1 00:34:14 It's insane. Speaker 0 00:34:16 So just bad. He, is it just bad contact for him then? Like what's, Speaker 1 00:34:19 Uh, let's see. The hard hit rate, I mean, no, I'm, uh, 25% hard. So he has zero, according to fan graphs, he has registered a 0% soft contact rate this year. Zero 0.00 Speaker 0 00:34:38 Soft contact percent. Speaker 1 00:34:39 He has a 75% medium contact rate and a 25% hard hit rate. Speaker 0 00:34:44 What's his line drive rate? Speaker 1 00:34:46 17%. The ground balls I guess are a little up 46%. Ground ball rate is not great. Um, 37% fly ball rate is actually kind of good. Um, but like zero zero registered soft contact is nuts. That is nuts. Speaker 0 00:35:06 It's not good. Oh. I mean, it's great, but it's not good that he has not converted any of Speaker 1 00:35:13 That. No. Yes. Correct. Speaker 0 00:35:15 Um, interesting. All right. Value guys down here on any names Pop for you, Speaker 1 00:35:22 Monte Ontario at home. Fine. Um, that's Speaker 0 00:35:29 Probably, yeah, there's nothing down here for me. Really? Nothing down Speaker 1 00:35:31 Here. That's Speaker 0 00:35:32 Probably the Mustak if he finds itself in the line against Speaker 1 00:35:35 <laugh>. Sure. Um, you want, if you wanna play <laugh>, if you wanna play 'em. Wait, Velasquez, what's the, what's the strikeout prop? Because if Moose is in the lineup, that's at least two strikeouts that I can guarantee Vince Velasquez <laugh> maybe in the same inning if they bat on, you know. Speaker 0 00:35:52 Mm. All right. Shortstop, Speaker 1 00:35:54 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:35:55 Let's just, let's just, Speaker 1 00:35:57 You don't want, you don't want me to, you don't want me to to crap on your boy Moose anymore? I'm sorry? Speaker 0 00:36:02 Uh, no. Uh, wait to wait to go. Dansby Dansby against Walled the truck. Yep. Speaker 1 00:36:08 5,600. Yep. Yep, yep. Beast Co Beast Speaker 0 00:36:12 Can run back Bobby wit against Yal. I'm fine there. But that's part of the three trade, three hit games for wit. Yep. Um, corre get sale at 46. Speaker 1 00:36:21 Yeah. That's interesting. I mean, for everything sale's doing like seemingly good, he is allowing a lot of power. Speaker 0 00:36:27 Yep. Uh, our boy ho uh, Jorge Mateo, uh, still, still did you Absolutely a brutal littering baseball. Did Speaker 1 00:36:35 You see the tweet today about him? I'm gonna look for it. Um, is Speaker 0 00:36:40 He cheating? Speaker 1 00:36:41 <laugh>? So through, through, uh, let's see. Okay, so Vlad settler of Ft n tweeted today. Okay. Yeah. Hi Vlad. The, uh, the shoutout here. Yeah. The number one player in fantasy baseball. Two and a half weeks was Ro is Ronald De Kuya. Number two is Ray Mateo. Speaker 0 00:37:00 Dude, facts Speaker 1 00:37:02 <laugh>. He is the Speaker 0 00:37:03 Number two, three home runs. He's hitting 3 79 over the last 10, 3 72 on the year. He just, he is not, he is not striking out as much. He doesn't walk ever, but like he is just getting on base. Speaker 1 00:37:18 I mean, that doesn't matter, right? Cuz he is just Yeah, the walks don't even matter. He is just so good. Speaker 0 00:37:23 I know. I I mean Mateo at 42 here against Gray. That's pretty my, the only issue I have with Mateo and he, maybe he's forcing their hand at some point, is they hit him like seventh or eighth. It's like a gross spot in the lineup. Yep. Um, if he could somehow work his way into the top one slot, maybe or not, I don't even like it better if he hit ninth, right? Just Yeah. Gimme a wraparound. Yep. Um, but Mateo 42 is pretty, pretty decent here, Speaker 1 00:37:52 Dude. If he's gonna have this upside, then there's undoubtedly Speaker 0 00:37:56 He, he, he's playing like a 5K player, right? He Speaker 1 00:37:58 Is playing like a 5K player. He almost was priced that way 47. And then he went for 22 fantasy points and then they were like, you know what, let's drop his price back $500. Speaker 0 00:38:06 Right, right, right. Um, let's see here. Volpe is 33. He's been leading off. Does he lead off again? Speaker 1 00:38:14 Um, dude, if he leads off, like he gets on and goes. If he is on first base, he's another one that's just going. He, he is just stealing. He's just running. He had three stole bases. The he has seven stolen bases ready? Yeah. He has one multi hit game. Speaker 0 00:38:32 He knows what he is on the field Speaker 1 00:38:33 For. Yes. He actually, dude, he's, he's obviously gonna be really good. I like, I think if you wa like, you just watch him, he, he just looks the part mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, there's gonna be power coming and I already profiled it. Like Jose Suarez is really, really bad against Righty's. VPI is close to a plug and play for me. I like Vonn Grisham 34. But I want Aaron, Speaker 0 00:38:56 You think you're hitting ninth or first? So Speaker 1 00:38:58 Like, I want Aaron, judge, I'm telling you right now, I we're plugging it. We're playing Aaron Judge, I don't even care. We're Speaker 0 00:39:03 Getting just, I just hit the button for you. Speaker 1 00:39:06 We're Speaker 0 00:39:06 We're gonna place too. I've hit two buttons. We Speaker 1 00:39:09 And Judge agreed. Um, I think getting Judge is, I think Volpe probably is a priority to like, help that because like facilitating another Yankee in the stack and he's 3,300. So I, I love Volpe. I don't think there's much else down here. Maybe CJ Abrams, if you wanted to take a dart on a really fast guy, like hitting one in the gap. Sure. Um, like he's done a couple times. I think he had a two triple game in Coors. Speaker 0 00:39:36 Well, talk, talk to me about Nito. I know he hasn't had a good start. Yeah. Um, he did have a hit today. You won for five at a run scored, um, you know, one of the top prospects in the angel system. He hit Leadoff. Uh, you mentioned Schmidt not being any good here, $3,000. Would you play Zach Nito? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:39:55 I'm just, I'm interested if they're gonna continue to lead him off or not. Um, cause he hasn't been great and they could just like pivot and go back to Taylor Ward. Speaker 0 00:40:05 You gotta give him more than three games though, don't you? Like Yeah, Speaker 1 00:40:08 I mean, I you're also like, you know, you're just, he hadn't hit above double, like really played above double A. You're just gonna like vault 'em into your leadoff spot immediately. You Speaker 0 00:40:19 Did. They, they, they're the angels. They do, Speaker 1 00:40:21 They do offense. Well that doesn't make me feel any better about playing <laugh>. Um, yeah, look, Schmidt has struggled Morgan's lefties, but um, I'm okay getting Tanto. He is stunk old men, so, okay. Speaker 0 00:40:34 No, he is, he's three K now. He, Speaker 1 00:40:36 Or three. It was Stone Cold Men three K. Um, at that point I'd rather just play Volpe. I don't know why. I was just, I looked at it and I still said Stone Cold Men despite looking at it. <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:40:48 Uh, all right, let's go on over to the outfield position here. Again. 11 games on the slates of many, many options for us. Uh, we've already clicked Aaron George though he's $6,400, uh, around him. Yeah. Yon against Bassett here. Uh, which we haven't talked a lot of Houston. I feel like Bass is, I not, could be a, a target for us. Uh, Otani at 63 Rodriguez against Colin Rays up to 62. A kuia against a lefty at $6,100. You know, there's just, there's a lot of, a lot of guys. Brian Reynolds will be hitting from the left side of the plate here at $5,800 in Coors. You know, that's gonna be a great pivot to him. Trout against Schmidt Mullins up to $5,500. But we like the gray matchup for him. I mean, uh, endless amount of 5K players here like I am, we're we're maybe 30 players beat at 5k Speaker 1 00:41:39 <laugh>. Um, judge Tops all for me, he is gonna be the player with the most likely odds to hit a home run. Uh, Kuya is right there. He's been amazing. I don't disagree on the Astros. Bassett hasn't been the same guy this year, although he has settled in the last couple starts. He's looked pretty sharp. Um, you could definitely get to those guys. You know, what do we do with Pittsburgh again? Because they've scored 13 ru they've dropped 13 runs on Colorado's head. Um, and they have the worst, maybe one of the worst pitchers in baseball. So like what do you do there? Like, do you just not play Coors? You know, you just don't go to Brian Reynolds who had a big night before getting subbed outta the game. Sorry John. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, so, you know, I'm okay getting to Brian Reynolds 58. I think that's a very interesting play. I'm also okay getting to Chris Bryant who had his first Coors Field home run into Rocky's jersey. The rest of the position, like say 52, I know 52 is expensive for Saya, but while the truck's been a can and giving up a lot of home runs, Speaker 0 00:42:41 Taylor Ward is 5k. Speaker 1 00:42:43 Ian Hap 51 in that same matchup. Yep. Huge extension for Hap. He has already broken a couple slates. He has power speed upside for hap like I endless amount of guys as you mentioned above Speaker 0 00:42:57 5k. Yeah, there's, there's uh, definitely just Speaker 1 00:42:59 Bucks in against sale like Speaker 0 00:43:02 <laugh>. Yeah, I know. Speaker 1 00:43:03 Home run waiting to happen there. Speaker 0 00:43:05 Yeah. McCuin and homework today against the Lefty. I mean, he still got uranium at 5k. Um, Yoshida will be back in the lineup. He's 47. Speaker 1 00:43:13 Why did they hit him sixth on Monday? He's been hitting like fourth. What was like the Speaker 0 00:43:19 Well, I don't, I honestly have not. I think it's cuz Duvall's out in the lineup. They're trying to like spread out the Speaker 1 00:43:24 Stagger. They're trying to like stagger the left rainy. Speaker 0 00:43:26 Yeah, I think so. But, uh, I, I don't know. It's Boston man. I don't even know how they, I don't know how they, they win games that they win games. So <laugh>, um, yeah, uh, they're, they're shambles. They're such, such a frustrating thing to watch. Uh, that said, uh, Alex Verdugo's $4,500, uh, Dar Dalton Var show is 44. Pretty good spot for var show here. Uh, I think, again, I'm not high on your ke I don't know. I, I know the numbers have been okay, but I just don't, I don't think he is that dominating him a pitcher where you get him against a team like Toronto and, and I think they could maybe put some, they could, you know, Toronto's a team that any slate could be the highest scoring team on the board. Sure, Speaker 1 00:44:03 Sure. Speaker 0 00:44:04 Um, so what, what other mid-tier 4K guys are you? Uh, well look at. They bumped up My boy Burleson after dropping <laugh> 4k dropped another 3,400 homers out to $4,100 here. Speaker 1 00:44:15 So, and it's funny cuz like they obviously had this laid out before he even took an at bat, right? So like they, before he even hit a home run, he was back up to 4,100. They were just like, all right, we don't know what to do with you. Um, yeah, I don't know. Uh, like both the Cardinals, whoever's in the lineup, nut bar Burson, like they're both fine. Lordes Garel gets Lefty Hill third in that lineup. Um, I don't like a lot here like Corbin Carol unfortunately 3,600. Congrats. Congrats. We're, we're finally making it to a place that, you know, we're only now $1,400 away than we're, um, Speaker 0 00:44:56 It's a lefty lefty matchup Speaker 1 00:44:57 Form. It is a lefty lefty matchup. Uh, I'm, I mean, look Colin Ray, okay. Speaker 0 00:45:06 <laugh> you the young Callick here. Speaker 1 00:45:07 Okay. Like, like are you telling me that this guy who hadn't pitched in Major League baseball, he had made one appearance since 2020. He had made 10 appearances since 2016 is just gonna go out there and iced the Padres Speaker 0 00:45:27 <laugh> Speaker 1 00:45:28 Not really allow any damage and we're just gonna be like, oh yeah, Colin Rays figured it out. Speaker 0 00:45:35 I I am not saying that. Speaker 1 00:45:37 Okay then there's no freaking way a 32% K rate. He had a 32% K rate. That just seems impossible to Speaker 0 00:45:48 Yeah, the lineup was a team that was frustrating last year. Like they were loaded and they maybe games were like they didn't score so Speaker 1 00:45:55 Well. They'll be loaded on Thursday, starting Thursday every night will be a very tough Is Speaker 0 00:46:00 TA tee back on Speaker 1 00:46:01 Thursday? Yes. And he has had, have you seen what he has done? Yes, Speaker 0 00:46:03 I've heard I I've seen highlights. Speaker 1 00:46:06 He has like 10 home runs in his last 12 at bats. Speaker 0 00:46:09 Yeah. Yeah. No, they're, they're throwing him underhand at aaa. Speaker 1 00:46:12 I mean like that doesn't even make sense dude. Um, anyways, Colin Ray in this start, okay, you take the good, the 32% strikeout rate that he apparently had, and I can't say that he didn't cuz he has it 42% hard hit rate, 50% fly ball rate. Gosh dang it. The Mariners are gonna score 20 runs off this guy <laugh> five days after we thought the Padres were gonna score 20 runs off him. Um, I love Jerry Co like 3,500. Speaker 0 00:46:44 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:46:45 Love the spot. Speaker 0 00:46:46 Yep, I'm with you. Uh, I think that's probably another clicked play for us here. Yep. Uh, Kelin to get 35. Uh, moving our way down the list, uh, Jordan Walker's still at $3,400. You know, certainly can be a guy that's in play here. Um, let's see, anybody else? Frankie 3,100 against Suarez. Did you find himself in a line of beer? Cordero? Speaker 1 00:47:09 Um, Speaker 0 00:47:11 No Standin on ir, right? So Speaker 1 00:47:13 Yeah. Yeah. I wonder what they're gonna do. They have a, Aldo Cabrera is probably the lean that I would say like I prefer the Yankees outfielders. Um, he hits pretty good from the right side of the plate. He's probably gonna, I wonder if they start I k f in the outfield. I wonder if they start freaking Aaron Hicks Speaker 0 00:47:35 In the out, do they do hicks still? Speaker 1 00:47:38 Yeah, cuz like they have Calhoun and they have Cordero two x uh, top prospects. The Yankees have tried to take shots on Speaker 0 00:47:46 Really Speaker 1 00:47:47 Calhoun. I think that they're gonna, so I think Judge Cordero and either Hicks or I K f is probably their starting outfield. Okay. Um, I I like Cabrera at 2,500. Um, I don't think I'd go Frenchie lefty. Lefty. Speaker 0 00:48:07 Is it a lefty lefty for Frenchie? Speaker 1 00:48:09 Yeah. Um, Speaker 0 00:48:10 Oh yeah, yeah. Cordera is left year Cordera. Speaker 1 00:48:12 You're right. Uh, SU and Su and Suarez is the Speaker 0 00:48:14 Yeah, for whatever reason I thought he was a rightie even though I clicked then it clearly says left. So, okay. Speaker 1 00:48:19 Um, I'm looking up, uh, Cabrera splits cause I'm pretty sure he was better. Yeah. Like all his power was. It came against um, right-handed pictures last year, but he hit 2 86 against lefties last year, so mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I would, I would take a shot on Oswaldo Cabrera, uh, of the Yankees. Outfielders not name Aaron Judge. Speaker 0 00:48:39 Okay. Um, I'm trying to see if there's anybody else here. Uh, if Jackinsky is in the lineup, he's got hits and four straight games that he's been in the lineup for. Um, again, get, get a cheap, cheap pirate spat here against Uran 2,700 bucks. Yep. Um, janowskis gonna hit second again right? $2,500 Speaker 1 00:49:02 Probably. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:49:02 Yep. Uh, they're, I wish they would stop facing lefties Atlantic cuz I've been, was just crushing Hilliard. Speaker 1 00:49:08 You have been crushing Hilliard Speaker 0 00:49:10 But not gonna work with a lefty on the mound. Um, let's see. Jason Hayward will be in the lineup at 2,500 bucks. I'm not sure if you want to go there against McGill. Speaker 1 00:49:21 I don't. Speaker 0 00:49:22 Yeah. Um, that might be Speaker 1 00:49:26 It. Karen Duran, Speaker 0 00:49:27 Maybe Raymond Tapia. Speaker 1 00:49:29 What about Jar Duran? Did they Speaker 0 00:49:31 Call Dar? Speaker 1 00:49:32 Yeah, he, he played, uh, he played on Monday. He has skull base Speaker 0 00:49:37 Pre based ice. Yeah. If he's in the lineup, Speaker 1 00:49:40 Stone cold stone cold men, Speaker 0 00:49:42 They send, they send Bobby do back down. Yeah. Listen that Speaker 1 00:49:45 We're kind of short, we're kind of short stuff. Speaker 0 00:49:48 <laugh>, listen, jar Duran is in a very interesting prospect. He just destroyed the minor leagues and Speaker 1 00:50:02 Too fast. Speaker 0 00:50:03 Too fast, yeah. To play. Discipline has just never been there for, for the major league level. He also cannot play the outfield for a guy that is ridiculously athletic and fast reading a ball off the bat is a conf a foreign concept to this man. Uh, which is wild that he is an outfielder. Um, what Speaker 1 00:50:22 Is he gonna, what is he gonna do? I don't, there's nothing he can really do. Speaker 0 00:50:26 Huh? I dunno. Mo put him in front of the green monster. That's the only thing I can think. Have him play left field. Um, that's, that's probably the only, that's only the only thing I can possibly think of. Right. Um, he played centerfield last year. He had multiple ball just like go over his head. Um, he is just an absolute mess out there in the other field, but he is so fast. Uh, yeah. Listen, if he's in the lineup again, I will, I will definitely have Duran because he, you talk about Volpe stealing three bases. Duran could steal three bases. Like that's just, Speaker 1 00:50:57 And he's two K. Speaker 0 00:50:58 He's two K. Um, so yeah, I'm, I'm with you there. I don't know if I would put him in this lineup unless we absolutely need value. Speaker 1 00:51:04 Probably prob Yeah. Probably not unless we need a value. But I think he's, if he's in lineup I agree. I think he's in our player pool. Speaker 0 00:51:09 Uh, yeah. I think he deserves to be, they gotta give him a chance to do, to develop. Yep. Um, a little bit more. Especially when, especially now like during last place in the division, there's no reason not just let Duran either figure it out at the l at the league level or not, so. Right. Um, let's see, who else do we have here? Victor Robles has been hitting pretty well. Um, 2100 bucks. He's hitting 3 0 6 on the years. He's got three stolen bases. He's lost 10 games. Speaker 1 00:51:35 He's okay. Speaker 0 00:51:37 Uh, Dan Kramer's not very good. Speaker 1 00:51:39 No he's not. Speaker 0 00:51:39 No, he's not. Washington's not good, but Kramer's not good. So, um, alright, that's probably it here. Let's, uh, let's go ahead and build our line. We got a couple of minutes left here, uh, in the show. Again, remember, we'll be back live at five o'clock Eastern time. Uh, make sure you go and subscribe to the Fantasy Alarm YouTube channel. Uh, turn on those notifications. You'll get the notifications when we are live, James. And I'll be there to answer questions, uh, build lineups for everybody again, uh, you know, and, and go through the slate. Any news and updates, uh, that we have. Of course, you can also follow all of our stuff over on the Better Sports Network. Uh, go ahead. You can sign up over there for free to register, uh, and you get access to their, uh, better Insights newsletter. Uh, you get a free bed of the day. Speaker 0 00:52:24 I wrote that one up the other day on Thursday. Uh, we had the Wander franca over a half a run for plus one 30. That cash pretty easily. Uh, you know, once or twice a week you'll find my best bet, my better bet of the day rather than how is what they call it, uh, in, in the better insights. So, uh, go over, sign up, uh, [email protected] for free, uh, and start getting that newsletter sent directly to your email inbox. Uh, James, let's, uh, let's kick it off here. We got Stroman already in our lineup as our s sp one, uh, quote unquote s sp one. What is our SV two? What did we decide on? Are we looking at Jordan Montgomery here at $9,500? Do you like the strikeout potential for Strider even in a tough spot against San Diego? Or are we looking maybe down more to the mid-tier guy like Aldi, uh, or sunny Gray? I know you were kind of high on, you know, where are we? Who's our SB two on this slate? Speaker 1 00:53:16 Yeah, I don't think we need to, um, spend up necessarily. Um, I like Aldi. I like sale, I like Logan Gilbert. Um, I think that's the range we should probably live in. I don't, I don't think we need to necessarily, I even like Brad Keller if we wanted to spend all the way down and get to Keller at 66, so Sure. Um, I like any of those guys. I think of Aldi would probably be my favorite cuz I still think that, um, Casey's lineup is pretty atrocious at this time. I, I get it. He pitched poorly against him. I know it just happened. I know, you know, that is a five inning sample. I say like, I've said this for four weeks now. Like, you know, Jordan Lyles just pitched poorly against him and then twirled eight eggs of two run ball against them five days later. Right. So, um, it's a new matchup. It's a, it's a different ballpark. There's gonna be different factors of all these still miss a lot of bats. The royals are still striking out a lot. I'm down to go back to a vault. Speaker 0 00:54:21 All right. I'm, you know, you don't need to sell me on it. I'm, I'm, I'm a big fan. We'll go there. Uh, $3,900 a player. Then again, we've, we've already clicked in Kalanick and Judge here, so we got an outfield spot. We got the rest of our infield for 3,900 bucks a play. Uh, I know we had a handful of value guys at Catcher that we didn't mind, whether it be, uh, Higa, YOKA or, or Ya, Gomes, Ryan Jeffers was in play there. $2,800. So do, would you prefer a value under three K Guy or are we looking more in the, the mid tier? Speaker 1 00:54:54 Yeah, it's probably sub three K. Speaker 0 00:54:56 Who do you prefer? A Yani who was having a, a decent little game here tonight? Speaker 1 00:55:00 Yeah. Yeah. Uh, that was our guy against lefties. Let's, let's ride the Ya gum strain. Speaker 0 00:55:04 Ya go Strain here. All right. 4,100. Uh, first base, uh, where was our, where was our definite spend down? Was it Volpe? Did we want to go back to the well with him? We did. Or Jorge Mateo. Speaker 1 00:55:16 Uh, let's go Volpe. Speaker 0 00:55:17 Okay. He'll either hit ninth or first, right? So. Speaker 1 00:55:20 Yep. Yep. He'll be on base for Aaron Judge, regardless. Yep. Speaker 0 00:55:23 $4,300 a player here. First, second, third, and Outfielder. Uh, you like, uh, gliber, why don't we just complete the stack here? Speaker 1 00:55:32 Yep. Agreed. Speaker 0 00:55:33 Okay. 4201st, third and Outfield. We do have a, a Seattle player in our lineup here. Uh, Patrick Wisdom third base. 45 Mm. Speaker 1 00:55:43 Yes, sir. Right, right. Big. Yeah. Having a big night again. I mean, he's just a monster. Yep. Speaker 0 00:55:48 Uh, so we have first base with 4k a play. Uh, we can definitely punt an outfielder to get us one of the top first basemen on the, on the board here if we wanted to go there. Um, I, Speaker 1 00:55:59 So we're fading Coors as of right now? Speaker 0 00:56:01 Yeah, as of right now, we do not have Coors Field, um, unless we played a CJ Kron, um, Speaker 1 00:56:08 Or if we played Carlos Santana and rent it back with like, Speaker 0 00:56:14 It doesn't really get us much. It's $4,700 an outfielder. Speaker 1 00:56:17 Jay Juan Bay. Um, Speaker 0 00:56:20 Yeah. What is, what is Bay in the Outfield Bay? It's 4k. 4k, so, yeah, so it'd be a 4k. 4k. Um, all right. So how do you wanna approach this then? What, what we, what was our outfield that we, we, I mean, can we get to, we probably can't really get to Reynolds. Speaker 1 00:56:41 No, I think it's Speaker 0 00:56:42 The $2,300 first basement. Is that design even Speaker 1 00:56:45 Exist? I don't, I don't think it exists. Luke? Speaker 0 00:56:47 Uh, well, Donovan Solano actually probably plays right against sale. 2100 bucks. Speaker 1 00:56:52 <laugh>? Uh, probably. But like, is it like, I know he's been good, but like, is it worth playing? Donovan Solano just to get Brian Reynolds? Speaker 0 00:57:03 It's corns, you know, Speaker 1 00:57:04 I, I know it's Coors. I know, but like, we could do better than Dono and Solano, I think here John. Um, he goes, if he hits home run, I'll, you know, PayPal probably like 10 bucks or something. <laugh> <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:57:17 Uh, okay. Uh, let's see here. Well, let's, let's do this then. We like Aldi, but let's just play with some salary. We got some time. Let's go to Brad Keller. Sure. Let's go by Keller. That gives us 47 a play. Little more. Speaker 1 00:57:32 He's been Speaker 0 00:57:32 Awesome. So a little, a little more, uh, a little more stretch here. Um, if we do, we, we, we prefer to go against urea, uh, Urena. So what is Pittsburgh offering us here? Speaker 1 00:57:47 Pittsburgh is offering us Brian Reynolds take it. Speaker 0 00:57:50 It's not <laugh>. Really? Not a lot. Um, J one Bay does a one-off. Santana was 34, so Yeah, it would be actually, yeah, it would be Santana and re Speaker 1 00:58:03 Brian Reynolds. Speaker 0 00:58:04 Yeah, that would be it. And Speaker 1 00:58:05 They have, they're going to play Carlos Santana because, um, Gman Choi is on the il. Speaker 0 00:58:11 Right. Speaker 1 00:58:13 I guess they could in theory play Canan Smith and Jig, who I think can play first base as well. Um, I think he's their backup first baseman right now. But like, Speaker 0 00:58:26 You know, Santa's pretty much playing every day though, so. Yeah, he's Speaker 1 00:58:29 Good. No, he's good. He's, he's he's a fine boy. Speaker 0 00:58:32 He's the power, right? Pun play. The power is on this side. He is in Coors Against Arena, so. Right. Um, all right, so that's our line. Uh, we got Stroman and Keller. We got ya. Gomes Carlos Santana laboratories. Patrick Win, uh, Volpe, judge Collick and Reynolds. Give us a little two man Pittsburgh stack going with the full Yankee stack here. Wisdom won the home run, run Ke nick there. And we got Yani Gomes as our lefty split catcher play. Uh, that wraps up our podcast in live stream for the day. Again, we'll be back, live at five o'clock eastern, uh, breaking everything else down, updating you on all the news. Good luck everybody. We'll talk to y'all later.

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