August 12, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 12: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 12: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 12: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Aug 12 2022 | 01:16:27


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James Grande and Pete Cole preview the MLB DFS slate for Friday, August 12th for DraftKings and FanDuel and brings you his top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which includes elite pitchers such as Max Scherzer and Carlos Rodon while navigating through a Rockies/Diamondbacks game stack in Coors Field.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and job, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, MLB DFS podcast. Speaker 1 00:00:07 What's going on FA nation happy freaking Friday. It's another edition of the MLB DFS quick pitch podcast. I mess up the order, but you know, order is, uh, order is meant to be broken here. Um, I am James grand. I am hosting today's podcast. John I PEBA is off doing whatever he's doing at the FF expo, hopefully drafting, uh, the winning team in that, uh, in his league. Um, so today I'm joined by, uh, fantasy alarm alum, fantasy alarm, uh, MLB guru, college sports guru, uh, any guru, any sport, and then followed by guru. You can think of Pete Cole. Uh, you can find Pete at P uh, Y FFC, what Pete, what's the Twitter handle. Speaker 2 00:00:57 And I gotta look at it too. What? YFC sports Pete Speaker 1 00:01:01 YFC at YFC sports. Pete. I would've definitely, if you had not said the sports, I would've just went like off the cuff while I was trying to search it. I would've went like YFC Pete. Uh, I would've forgotten the sports. So, uh, you are right. Y FFC, Y FFC sports, Pete, uh, Pete, what's going on, brother Speaker 2 00:01:19 James. What's going on? Good to be on. It's been a while. It seems like, right. It's probably, that's been a few weeks since I've been on a show. Um, Thursday night, we're split day today, split slate day today, preseason football on field, the dreams on, uh, so feel the dreams game, but that's yeah, I'm looking forward and it's nice. Every time I get together, would you, you bring up some good, some new information? I can't remember what was the last time, but it'll come to me, but I wanted pretty much wanted G the last time I was on a show with you. And I can't remember it was a stat. I think it was Tampa. It was the Tampa Ray stat. You were, we actually thought the RA much better in July than I thought. And I played RA at night and we crushed. Speaker 1 00:02:00 Interesting. I think that was, is maybe against Boston. Maybe again. Speaker 2 00:02:06 Remember I was, I would down saying how bad they were doing and you threw some stats at me and turn around where they're actually one of the hottest two weeks and actually turn my thinking around and turn my kind of last couple weeks around. So, Speaker 1 00:02:19 All right, man. Well, I'm happy, happy to happy to help there. Uh, I, I didn't receive my cut yet, but I, I know that's coming in the mail, um, pretty soon Speaker 2 00:02:27 To true, right? Speaker 1 00:02:31 I'm, I'm pretty confident I'm gonna win that one. Um, but you know, hit a home run, did hit a home run, um, in a pinch hit scenario and then, you know, shit talk the Yankees afterwards, part of my French, but, uh, you know, you know what, Joey gall good for you, man. I hope you have a great career Speaker 2 00:02:49 Playing Darren and Ben attendee. Speaker 1 00:02:52 Yeah, he has. Yeah. Uh, Ben attendee had a nice little, two game stretch for the Yankees, but ah, they need him for, well, we'll see, see how this series goes, Pete, because, uh, on Friday slate, a series against the Boston red Sox begins in Fenway Ben and tennis's return there. Um, so that is one of 13 games we have on the slate. Um, and you know what, another one is Pete, you know what, another one of those 13 games is course field because we just can't escape cars field, um, weekend, I think my favorite, like I don't hate cos I dislike cores on slates like this. I like cores on the smaller slates. Um, these sites you like, there are a lot more spots that you're gonna like. Um, and you think you wanna go away from cores? Uh, like when you look at totals like nine and a half in Yankees, Boston or nine in San Diego, Washington or nine in Cleveland, Toronto, right? Speaker 1 00:03:56 You're like, oh, I, I can pivot away from cores. No, no, no, not so fast 20 runs. Um, so on these, on these bigger slates is definitely, uh, not my favorite thing to have cores, um, like, uh, today's slate, six games, right? That was the main we had cores and you know, it wasn't the most successful day, but I think it's, it's, I, I, my decision making is much easier to like, I like it better. I'm I'm I feel like I'm alright. I'm full fade. I'm full bore. Like I'm playing a hundred percent <laugh> or I'm not, um, on these 13 game sites, I'm like, I wanna sprinkle a little over here. I wanna sprinkle over there, high digress. I'm ranting. Um, but you get the point, uh, Speaker 2 00:04:39 Yeah, that's a good point. And we get two gas cans going tomorrow night, too, actually in that game. So, which we'll get to, I guess. Speaker 1 00:04:44 Yeah. I'm super excited about the Zach Davies. Antonio sends a tele matchup. Uh, so fun. Um, anything stand out to you in Vegas? I mean, Louis Garcia minus 3 25. Speaker 2 00:04:55 Yeah. That's I just pulled that up as we were talking and, and Garcia, who's not, he's a little bit he's at home, right? So he's a little bit better at home. Lisa Don to col Colum, which well col is a better pitchers park, but no, nothing really jumps out. I mean, you got the 12, you got the 12 cores and Speaker 1 00:05:14 Some stuff, Speaker 2 00:05:16 Rod Speaker 1 00:05:16 Rodan, 2 65 favorite at home against the pirates. That's a good one, which you should Speaker 2 00:05:21 Remember. We got some really good high end pitchers, but I'm telling you what, once we get, once we get low, there's not, there's not too much gold value. We can dig outta the ball tomorrow pitching. Speaker 1 00:05:33 Well, let's jump in. Let's jump in then. Um, and let's just get right into the, the pitcher's position. Um, both fan and draftings have these three guys. I have Vandal open too. Um, we do have a lot of Fandel players in the FA nation. So, uh, we'll cater to both at the pitcher position. Uh, same three, same order, Scher Rodan. Goslin all over 10 K on draft Kings Scher is 11 four on Fandel Rodan 10, eight Goslin $10,000. Um, what's your, what's your assessment on these top? On this top tier pitching? Speaker 2 00:06:12 Well, first we got max going against, we got max at home city field pitchers park with possibly a Schwarber less Phillies Speaker 1 00:06:23 Mm-hmm <affirmative> Speaker 2 00:06:24 Uh, so looks like Schwarber's gonna be out for a couple games. And I mean, if Phillies, I mean, they're not, they're not, you know, a bottom team, you know, more a Midling team, so they they're strike out 21.4% against rain. So max is always, if max is honestly, he's always gonna be my number one guy, and he's probably pretty much been all year, even, probably over, even over to grandpapa right now. So I'm already penciling max. My decision is we gonna go up high with redones and Goins. We gonna go low for SB twos, draft Kings. That's where of big decision's gonna come in for me. Speaker 1 00:06:57 Yeah, I think it's a good point. Um, and just to further our max point Scher left Thursday's game, uh, with an injury, I think it was a calf strain. So interesting to see if he's in the lineup on Friday, if he's not, uh, that Philly's lineup is obviously depleted and, and sure are Speaker 2 00:07:14 Yeah, he's out tomorrow. I believe at least Speaker 1 00:07:16 Tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah, sure. Are. Surer will have his way there. Um, I definitely lean Rodan for the strikeout upside here. Uh, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh. Speaker 1 00:07:26 Yeah. I mean, they just strike out a lot and, and where they specifically strike out a lot is against lefthand pitching, uh, over the last month against lefties, uh, 27.2% K rate. That's the fifth highest in baseball. And when you look at it all year, it's been, they've been first or second in strikeout, right? Yeah. Pretty much the entire season. Yeah. I mean, it's, it's just, uh, it's bleak. And the one thing about the Royals is they don't strike out all that much. Um, at least they haven't, I guess over the last month, a little bit that has changed. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:07:59 A little bit, a little bit more last month. You're right. Speaker 1 00:08:02 Um, 23.2% carried over the last month, but, um, I just, like, haven't played Golin a lot this year and that is kind of typically true for me with Dodgers pitchers outside of Kershaw. Uh, because Dave Roberts just does not let them pitch deep into games. So, um, I feel like sures and Roan are just the clear cut. One, two for me. Um, Goslin is, you know, fine if you wanna go there. Um, but not a priority for me. I think we're both gonna settle in on a couple guys below, um, mainly Louis Garcia who is much cheaper on Vandal. He is $8,700 on Vandal. He is about the 10th. Oh man. 3 4 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. He is the 11th priced pitcher on Vandal Pete, uh, 8,500. Speaker 2 00:09:01 Yeah. That's a big difference on Vandal rock there. Speaker 1 00:09:05 Yeah, I think that is a really good pivot off Scher and Rodan if you wanted to play cash and if you were playing like cos cash, right. Um, if you wanted to play cos on Vandal, it's gonna be hard to get cos comfortable with surer at 11 four, um, on Fandel but 85 at Garcia. I think that's a nice pivot. We mentioned three 20 favorite. What, but what is your take on Garcia on draftings $9,800? Speaker 2 00:09:33 Yeah. I mean, when I, when I got redone only less than a thousand dollars more I'm rolling up Speaker 1 00:09:39 Up. You're gonna find the money, right. You're finding the money to get to him. Speaker 2 00:09:43 I mean, and Garcia is I'm looking at his splits. He is, he is a better pitcher on the road, 3, 3 0 7 era, one 11 whip, but not much actually, no, actually HES whip is a little bit better home 1 0 9, but he is got much hot E era, a home, uh, Oakland we've been picking on Oakland all season. So why stop now? Right? Uh it's you know, they strike out they're another team that just is to me is a triple a team, um, going, I mean, 23.8% strikeout rate to righties 1 31 ISO not good. 2 72 WBA, but no I'm to me, if I'm gonna be up tie, I'm going redone Scher, God's taking a little bit of a backseat. The last few starts yet. He had pieces started Padre's last game, but he had that little string there, like four starts out, you know, running the all start break. He wasn't doing great, but I'm gonna go on the top two and find a value or we're gonna find a couple pitchers down below here. I think that we both agree on and maybe a couple surprise pictures. Speaker 1 00:10:40 Yeah. I don't see much else in the nine K tier. Like I'm not, I don't, I don't actively target lefties against, uh, St. Louis. Um, I, not something that is profitable <laugh> um, when Paul Goldschmidt's hitting 500 against lefty some here, um, George Kirby, you know, I think we've seen a lot of upside from Kirby. I think you can go there, but 9,200 doesn't feel like a price that, you know, you have to touch. And I think that's mainly due to a couple guys in the a eight K tier range. Um, I think Tyler, Molly stands out the most of this tier $8,500 against the lowly angels. And I actually have, and I'm gonna say it, I've actually been a little intrigued by Corey CBER lately. Um, I guess what's your take on both those guys Unal CBER nine K Molly is nine K as well, both guys nine K on Fandel as Speaker 2 00:11:46 Well. Well with Kuba I mean, great start at at Detroit. Uh, no, I mean, great. Start in Thero pitchers park is Cleveland. And I was saying maybe Kluber's we've we've seen Kluber's on, I mean, Kluber's on, but then he went to Detroit America and to me, five strike out here runs this. That was back to the old kind of, to me the over the hill wash up CBER that we kind of become used to. So I'm not on ACLU, Tyler, Molly. I agree with you. I think Molly was a huge pickup for Minnesota. I think he's gonna end up being one of the biggest pickups of the season when it's all said and done. Yep. He's gonna against angels. I mean, angels strike out 24.1%. No, that's the lefty. So even probably war against righties, right? 26.9% to righties. Yep. So we been picking on ADOS all year, Molly. That's a good game. Take him and Sandoval actually like that match up. So yeah, I'm on Molly. I might go a little bit lower though, like CLE Ander, but is also, well, I guess we gotta get down to the lower range in six K range. Is anybody else you like in this area? Speaker 1 00:12:50 Cleve veer? Um, you're right. The only, the one thing that we have said from day one and it hasn't changed post Soto, bell era is that Washington just doesn't strike out, um, 19% care rate against right-handed pitching over the last month. Um, and that's just kind of been what it is, sub 20% all year long. And you know what, if you wanna go there to clinger, he can miss bats. He has games where he doesn't miss bats. Um, it's not like Washington's offense is PO, right? So even if he's not striking guys out, he could go seven innings of one, run baseball, like two hits, three hits and, you know, get a win and give you 20 finish points. And I think that you're happy with that at seven eight, but, um, Speaker 2 00:13:38 Yeah, I just, I mean, I know it's a Dodgers, but boy, he got Dodgers. They, they hit him hard last week. He, he had the clean first inning, but after that he ran into trouble and I mean, I know three and Homer came from, came from max MUN, but he did not look good against a Dodgers in, I I'm expecting Mike Cleminger to be in the top of that Padre's order. I expect a little bit better than that. Even as Dodgers, especially in mid August right now, he, he now we, we expect more from Cleminger this sent to Cleminger may that we're gonna Bebe him along. Um, this is the Cleminger now should be the almost ACEs Padre staff. Speaker 1 00:14:12 I don't disagree. Um, good price. I will, it's a good price. And he did have like some cupcake matchups leading into that game. I mean, a three, a three game stretch of Arizona, Detroit, Colorado. And that was Colorado, um, in San Diego. So not exactly world beating offenses. Uh, I expect the Dodger, the Dodgers were a little different probably, uh, going up against them. Um, they've also been like they're number one against right hand pitching in ops they're number. What? Three in ISO they're number one in WOBA. I mean, that's a tough offense and Washington's not that. So, um, 7,800, I think we're both in on what about below clinger? Like just we're let's just break down the rest of the position, like the rest of any, like who, if anybody Speaker 2 00:15:04 There's a lot trash here and it's 90% trash because to me, Barrows is trash now MI Michael Koeck to me, I still believe there's something wrong with him. Speaker 1 00:15:13 I was gonna say, I bet you money co Garner's ownership. He will, uh, just based on the matchup Speaker 2 00:15:22 And he will, he may do well. Uh, but I still believe it wasn't the white Sox or Lua and other teams, but shot him down by now. I still think there's been something wrong with him. I have interest in of all these guys is JMO. Is Jeff Montgomery watched him against? I know it was, it was come a revenge game against the Yankees last week. He puts really well, you know, and that story goes, that story goes back. I mean, JMO, there was a lot of hard feelings when he got traded, uh, his, what his fiance was just ending. I think her residency, uh, to become her for her med school degree. And she was just ending it. And like, you know, they're saying at the Yankees did not have to, they did have to trade him. They could not at the end of the season, um, you know, he's been a Yankee for a long time and what they get Harrison bought, always got that bulky foot, but he might not even get to a big league game before. Speaker 1 00:16:13 Yeah. They said September. Yep. Speaker 2 00:16:15 Yeah. At best. So I think JMO right now is rolling with a chip on his shoulder. Looked really well last week, I guess the Yankees now he is going to get some Milwaukee team, uh, right now, 24.8% K rate on a season against, uh, one 20 WRC plus 1 35 ISO. I like JMO in this spot. I'm not using JMO and cash, but I like JMO in this spot at Bush stadium, pitcher park. Yep. I guess the brewers, especially like the price six, $800. Speaker 1 00:16:47 Can I, can I double down on that for you? Um, there you go. So you mentioned for the year 24% care rate, right? For Milwaukee. Speaker 2 00:16:57 Yeah. Could Speaker 1 00:16:58 You, could you guess what Milwaukee without looking, could you guess what Milwaukee's care rate is against lefties over the last month? Speaker 2 00:17:05 26.8. Speaker 1 00:17:08 They are a Le they are at a league leading 30% over the last month. Um, here we Speaker 2 00:17:16 Go. Speaker 1 00:17:17 So just doubling down on your point. Uh, this is a great spot there, Milwaukee in that same span against lefties 27th and ops 29th in ISO 27th. And WOBA, I mean, the writing's on the wall. This guy is, has no business being $6,800, none, zero Speaker 2 00:17:37 Like the spot, even more love the price. Speaker 1 00:17:40 Um, Speaker 2 00:17:41 I think only other one Domingo, Jeremiah, I think was, he looked really, he looked really well last side against the Cardinals, pick the loss. You only, you have that one run the first inning. Speaker 1 00:17:52 It was the Montgomery game. He he the Montgomery game Speaker 2 00:17:56 Game. And, but still, I mean, this there's, there's a reason. Jerman is only six, four also when he got what 5 0 9 era, one point 53 whip, 13 strike out 17 innings. But I still think JMA is trending in the right direction. It is Fenway hitters park, GPP only mm-hmm <affirmative> I wouldn't be surprised if Jman came out with like 21 DK fantasy points because to me bosses packed it in. Speaker 1 00:18:21 I mean, if he gets 21, like you are, you are in a good spot to win a tournament. If you get 21 points points know Speaker 2 00:18:28 You're you're right, because even St. Louis tweet at 12.9 met 16.3 even bad game against the Mets there, Seattle got hit around a little bit, Speaker 1 00:18:36 Houston. Speaker 2 00:18:36 Um, I dunno, I just, it's more of a gut feeling with Jerman. Uh, but he was the only guy I would go below that is there was some trash down here, man. There's guys that brace Wilson should not be in a league. Speaker 1 00:18:46 No, I agree. Look, I agree on an extent with Herman, the thing that I was interested in was, uh, strike out props against Boston in that Atlanta series, Kyle Wright, uh, Morton, um, Boston over the last month, nobody has struck out more than them against right-handed pitching 27.5% to your point that there they're kinda, you know, they've kind of shipped their season. Uh, they're also injured man, like to, to their credit. I mean, they were without Evers for a while. Uh, story's been in the IL forever. It feels like Kiks been out for a while. Martinez was had the, I think he had the back and then like since then he's just been dreadful. Um, no power Bogar says the hit for power anymore. I don't, I don't know what's going, Tommy fam is their best power hitter right now. Um, so yeah, I mean, I agree. I, I do think Domingo Herman is interesting, um, in tournaments, I still think just based on the numbers that you just kind of put me in the rabbit hole that I just went down with Jordan Montgomery, I'm like really, really, really interested there. Um, but yeah, I think, Speaker 1 00:19:58 I think cop probably draws the ownership mm-hmm <affirmative> um, but I honestly prefer Montgomery and herand, it just feels like there's more upside than, uh, cop, um, nothing else, right? I, I don't Speaker 2 00:20:12 No. And the only thing about Jerman he Herman, he gave up seven runs in his first 7.2 innings. First two starts, but then now, and he's kept it down at three runs across 10 innings as the last two. So we know Herman's a talented pitcher. He's not, he's not some scrub down here, like in Adam Oler, Daniel Norris brace Wilson. He's not, he's a better caliber pitcher than that. Uh, don't be playing him in cash, but I think, you know, if you're multi entering, you're making four or five planets. I have no, I had no problem throwing like a max Jman together or a Rodda Jerman together. Herman, Herman, sorry. Speaker 1 00:20:47 Herman. It's okay. No, don't I work, I work with John dude. Uh, you know, I work with John every day. He can't, he Speaker 2 00:20:55 I'm a Yankee fan. I still, Speaker 1 00:20:57 He, he cannot, he cannot pronounce the name. Right. Speaker 2 00:21:00 I gotta, I gotta kick out John yesterday. What was that? Pao. Speaker 1 00:21:03 Oh yeah. Peppi that's what Peppi <laugh> Speaker 2 00:21:07 That's um, that's exactly what I was calling him too when I heard John calling Speaker 1 00:21:10 It. Yeah. Yeah. John, John, John went with three different names, I think. And none of, none of 'em were Peppi <laugh> uh, that was a good one. Uh, let's shift over to catcher. Um, yes, where we are not paying 5,000 for JT Royal Muto against Scher. Um, but what do you think of WD Smith, but what do you think of WD Smith here at the top tier? Um, Hey, that's what he wants to be called. That's what he wants to be called. That's what we're gonna cater to, to, you know, his, his name desire. Uh, what do you think a WD Smith against Daniel Lynch? Speaker 2 00:21:48 I think WDS actually in one of the better spots honestly Speaker 1 00:21:53 Agreed. Speaker 2 00:21:54 Um, of course now my stats aren't pulling up, so it's um, right. Got the, I, I, I love playing Smith on, on the righty ready matchup. So of course I'll play him on a, on the, on a righty lefty, uh, Lynch is we've seen lunch do decent. Yep. But, um, once can also be, can definitely also be gas can too. So I, um, especi your top, like so against go. So I got too much respect for Golin. Yep. Same thing. Same thing with Melendez. Well, Melinda has been doing real welcoming. Speaker 1 00:22:23 Yeah. Home run home, run home, run home, run, home, run, home run guy has a kid has a lot of power, Speaker 2 00:22:28 Like yeah. And he, he came out. I soon they came out nowhere. I mean, some, the guys that followed baseball knew him, but you know, if the casual fan didn't didn't know, right. Met and Jay Melendez in April. So, uh, it Smith, uh, then you get down to, um, my man Kirk at Kirks Kirk I'm here, Kirk's only four, four against qu trill. So you paying four, four or five for, I think Kirk's back hitting again a little bit too. He had a little bit of a sump there, but he's back hitting the ball. Speaker 1 00:22:58 Yeah. And, uh, Quantro been a little bit of a reverse split sky this year. Uh, right. He's definitely have better average against him. Slightly better ops, slightly better. WOBA 3 28 WOBA um, so I agree. Smith does hit lefties really hard over a 400 WOBA this year, but Kirk to your point has hit right east extremely well, three 80 WOBA 10 of USBA. Yeah. 10 of his home runs. Um, so Speaker 2 00:23:21 What now we're right in the same Eric in the now we're all of a sudden we gotta start putting, um, Ali Ruman in the same category, 3 98 WBA on a split against Corey Kuba. So <laugh> I think, honestly right now I may lean the Oreo, the big prospect over at Kirk. I mean, Kirk seems he never strikes out. He always gets on base. Yep. But man, this Ruman is really two for four, two for two, one for three. This catch a couple of good spots. I mean tomorrow night, really? I don't, I don't think we gotta, we don't have to pay for will Smith. Speaker 1 00:23:58 Yeah. I don't think we, I think, I think the pay up is viable. If you're running like a Dodger stack, I think will Smith is a, is definitely a key component of that, um, cash games. I'm fine with Kirk. I'm fine with Ruman. The thing about Ruman too, is he hits left or he hits righties extremely hard. Um, he's done like all of his damage this year against right hand pitching. All five of his home runs have come against righties. He's hitting 2 95 against righties 3 98 Wilk as well against right-handed pitching. So, um, yeah. I'm with you on Kirk I'm with you on Ruman. Um, where else are we going? I Speaker 2 00:24:36 Guess what, what's your feelings on? I know we are, both of us are big Carson Kelly guys mm-hmm <affirmative> uh, but also I'd rather, we, I would rather be facing a left Speaker 1 00:24:45 Lefty a hundred percent. Speaker 2 00:24:47 Um, and Kelly also the last course series Kelly was like two K. So now that Kelly's three, six, uh, you see he's I mean, I still think he's a play in, in deep, in, you know, in snake stacks. Definitely. Um, but he's, he's, he's outta the cast conversation, right? Three, six, I guess already gets, Speaker 1 00:25:07 I don't know, sets Speaker 2 00:25:08 Of, I, Speaker 1 00:25:10 I don't, I don't think he's outta the cash conversation because it's cores. Speaker 2 00:25:15 Right. Speaker 1 00:25:15 And I think, I think when you're having a conversation about cash games, you have to, that's where you start. Right. Um, you're starting with Scher and then you're going right. To course that's like, basically what you're doing. Obviously we want, if he was like the Yachty price, that would be better. Right? Like that. Um, just looking at cars. So Carson Kelly career at Corfield 16 games for his career. Okay. Pete 2 92 average 4 0 4 on base 6 25 slug over a thousand ops has five bombs. In course. Speaker 2 00:25:53 Yeah. He likes scores. Huh? He's Speaker 1 00:25:55 He's comfortable in course, man. And I'm not saying like, that's the only thing that matters, but he has had, you know, since July, he has been really good except for a little stretch here. Um, he has been really good. The power seemingly came back and it's not like Ella is good against right hand to bats. He's bat against everybody. Um, yeah. He's and I know it's and you're mainly talking price point here and I'm not against like I'm I'm with you in terms like 3,600 is definitely up there for him. Um, but I think if you can make it work, I think he's viable all formats. Cause I think would also let's let's just go below him, right? Wait, Speaker 2 00:26:36 Right. One more, one more guy's alone. I picture him all. Ring's Speaker 1 00:26:40 Hot. Yeah. Grande. He's been good since comeback. Uh, I'll say that he's been, he's been fairly good. Uh, we've had multi hit games, which he just did see earlier in the year Speaker 2 00:26:51 Fives last Speaker 1 00:26:51 Eight. Yeah. Fives last eight. Um, I think that's fine Speaker 2 00:26:56 Too, Speaker 1 00:26:57 But, but where do you go? And here's, here's my cash talk outside of Jose Travino and on, you know, if you want to play Jose Travino against Re's, then obviously better against lefties. Where else do you go in cash below the, um, below the Kelly Grande? Uh, cat, like spot Speaker 2 00:27:18 To realize anybody, unless, you know, I, I usually wait for lines to come out and see if some way's popped up, like, you know, bad seventh, you know, two K but no, there really isn't Raleigh Evans's point is against Kevin against Clevinger. You said I dig Tori and see Aldi. No. Um, so this is, but I do like catcher in that, in that range gr do up, this might be a night where you've actually, we actually pay up for catcher of one night. We're actually going, going to your slate saying, you know what, I'm gonna pay at these 3,300 per catcher, which is weird, but I don't usually do that. But I think that there, we have some guys, a decent spots and starting with the GRN I kind of like that GRN spots Speaker 1 00:28:01 Let's, uh, move over to first, um, where we have three guys over six K uh, we have an entire page full of guys over 5k. Um, so talk to me about this six K or this 5k and up tier. Um, who do you like, who do you, who are we avoiding? Who's your cash game option up here. Speaker 2 00:28:26 Wow. Yeah, there's not, I mean, six, four is a lot to pay for is a lot to pay for Goldie. I mean, he's, he's not in cores now. I mean, I think he's, it's, he's deserving of the price, definitely. But when you, when you got guys like max Rodan pitching, I don't think you you're gonna afford Goldie. Speaker 1 00:28:44 No. Speaker 2 00:28:45 So, uh, Jose Brau, uh, 4 55 BVP. Well, he's Don a little bit though. Right? So I, I, I can't see myself paying for a Goldie autonomy or even Alonzo when I'm, when I got I'm maxed for Don going or even maybe a JMO. I just think these guys more G plays. I'm probably gonna find myself more in INR. I'm seeing some decent B are Brau Anthony Rizzo hits Aldi really well. Christian Walker, Christian Walker's 13th for that's a decent BBP 13 for 25. That's a five 20 batting average. Speaker 1 00:29:18 Holy Speaker 2 00:29:20 Again, Ella. So Christian Walker, I'm assuming we're not gonna be the only ones knows BBP <laugh> walkers probably gonna be the play. And he is priced on a course at 4,100. So these, these higher price guys are all G plays. Okay. I like to, to me, I like to Brau. I like Anthony Rizzo once he Al but I certainly like Christian Walker, um, BVP day Chrome, like Chrome hits some Davies four for 10. I mean, that's not a big one, but, um, you got, you gotta like that. Um, you gotta like that Christian Walker crushes Ella. Speaker 1 00:29:51 Yeah, that is a and I, and we've we talked about this before we went on air. I don't think either of us have always been like massive BVP guys. I know that you've definitely gotten into it more. I mean, I see it in your shows and, and when you come on here, like you're, I have in last years actively. Yeah. You're actively talking about it. And when you see a, a number like that, you take note, like, even if you're not in two BVP, like that's notable, like he owns that player like that is, you know, you gotta, he's got your number, dude just is what it is. Um, San Atella has been crushed against right-handed bats this year too. So, um, I'm with you CJR. I, I have a lot of interest in this year against rites and chorus. He's been, uh, amazing. So Speaker 2 00:30:36 Your rest day forr Speaker 1 00:30:38 Um, yeah, he hit that triple last night and, or on Tuesday, was it Tuesday night? He hit the triple no Wednesday night he hit the triple. Speaker 2 00:30:46 No, he not five game history. I know. Speaker 1 00:30:48 Yeah. He hit the triple and there said he's been dealing with a, like a ham, a slight hamstring that he's playing through. Um, and he kind of Grimes on the triple. So I think he's okay. You know, I think it's was one of those things where it's like, okay, it's a day, a day game after a night game. Probably not feeling too good after having to leg out of triple I'm gonna give him a day off today. So I think it's, I think he should be back in the lineup, um, barring the hamstrings. Okay. But he's, you know, for a guy who's been to, to good against lefties 16 home runs 3 86 WOBA against righties this year. Um, pretty, pretty good. And I, and I agree with Christian Walker, but I'm, you know, starting out the, the other side of that game. Um, let's go down a little bit around that Christian Walker, uh, tier Andrew Vaughn, 4,200. He's hit lefties. Well, um, and he's really seen the ball. Well, right now, 360 8 over his last 10. Um, Luke Voit does all his damage against righties. What do you think of this? Like, uh, tier around Christian Walker, Speaker 2 00:31:58 Darren Ruff, Darren rough, a PLA a PLA expert PLA by Speaker 1 00:32:04 Yep. Lefty left the shirt in air. Speaker 2 00:32:07 Exactly. He goes back. He's what you call a platoon player. Uh, I played him. He did really well for me there night. So I, I played him in the, in the met win. So I think R play, uh, Russ had my favorite net in that area. Seth brown get Garcia. So I respect Garcia too much. Dear call get Scher, uh, Miranda. Uh, this Miranda kid just continues to, to crush. I mean, I guess he's come back to earth a little bit, but he had a couple hits against the Dodgers, uh, yesterday. So I guess, you know, just two singles, but Rand is flew under the radar all season and it's always a good play. And a kid I wrote up today for the fantasy arm spotlight, uh, for the, for the Rockies. He actually played first base today when Chrome took the rest. Um, mm-hmm <affirmative> and is he still first base eligible today? He was first. Yep. Speaker 1 00:32:59 First and third. Yep. First and third. And Speaker 2 00:33:02 I dug it a lot on him. No, no. He's the kid that came up, came up with the Cardinals. He was a number six prospect, and then he lost the year, 2019, then lost 2020. The COVID kinda like totally filmed the radar then got traded for ATO and that big deal. Yep. And so that trade he's, he crushed into Hartford, crushed in Albuquerque, came up and oh, for Taylor, he, he was an eight, eight or nine game hit streak. I think he had Oldford yeah, Speaker 1 00:33:25 It was a nine game. It was a nine game hitting streak and five straight, multi hit multi. This is Speaker 2 00:33:31 Right. And this is a good young, another good young hitter that a lot of people never heard of. Um, but I think he's definitely, if you're playing season long, I think he's a good pickup because they're gonna give him a chance to prove himself. Next two months, he play play in the corner positions. He's gonna play almost every day or da, so good pick for fan for season long. I think he, if he gets in a spot, it's ready. Ready, but, um, of course, so I think he's a sneaky little play also. Speaker 1 00:33:55 Yeah. And, uh, the Rockies broadcast was talking about him the other night. Um, and he's, they're just playing him over Connor Joe right now, con Joe's been terrible and Monte's hitting and that's just, why not just keep playing the kid that you traded your franchise player for. Right. Um, Speaker 2 00:34:14 He's been doing well. He's Speaker 1 00:34:15 He's been doing well. No doubt. Good, Speaker 2 00:34:17 Tough hitter. Speaker 1 00:34:18 Um, Speaker 2 00:34:18 I to Greg bird, knee pop up on, on DK. Every Craig bird. Speaker 1 00:34:22 Yeah. He shout Speaker 2 00:34:22 Out he still comes up on down a DK and other roster or DK. Speaker 1 00:34:26 Yeah, he, the, he was back with the Yankees and then they, uh, released him. He released him not too long ago. Yeah. Um, shout out. Same thing with Ronald Guzman. Uh, I don't know if he saw that he is trying to pitch for the Yankees now. So Speaker 2 00:34:38 Shout out Ronald Guzman, the hit her. Speaker 1 00:34:40 Yep. He is in the Yankee system. He's a Yankee. Yeah. From the Rangers. Yep. He's a Yankees, uh, two-way player. Yeah. He trying two-way um, shout out to, uh, Greg bird and Ronald Guzman. Speaker 2 00:34:51 Ronald Guzman. Really? Okay. Speaker 1 00:34:53 Um, thoughts on thoughts on, uh, thoughts on talk about blessing past talk 21, 20 $100. He had $2,100 Albert phos against the lefty, any interest or we can move on. Speaker 2 00:35:08 No, he was, I saw he had a big old base today, ly his last, that bad in court. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, which is nice. Um, big game yesterday. Good to see cuz he, you know, he's a hero he's, he's a, he's a star hall of Famer. Uh, so I'm glad to see him get that. Uh, no, like I said, unless you wanna run against Sandoval. I still, I can't believe Tim Beckham was still playing former of one pick. Speaker 1 00:35:27 Yep. Former number one, overall pick former number one prospect. And Speaker 2 00:35:31 I wanna play single eight years ago. Mm-hmm Speaker 1 00:35:34 <affirmative> yep. Same. Um, uh, I'll throw one more name at you just cuz it's course. And you could just one word answer. Okay. Yes or no. Seth beer. Speaker 2 00:35:45 No, Speaker 1 00:35:45 Let's move on to second base. Uh, where <laugh> Jose Altuve tops. The list followed by Brandon Lao and DJ lame. That's our 5k and over tier, um, any interest in Altuve versus O L verse, um, uh, V and Lehe versus Aldi. Speaker 2 00:36:06 Oh, always, always an interest in Altuve, but if, if he had to split, oh, he he's got crazy. Speaker 1 00:36:12 Yeah. The lefty splits. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:36:13 Right. Yeah. Um, Brandon, Val boss already, right? Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. Brandon Val, Val, Val's up to five three though, but still anytime. Brandon vals. Good already. He's in play. DJ's been playing well. Uh, you know, who, who S my top play. Speaker 1 00:36:29 Brandon Rogers, Speaker 2 00:36:30 Brandon rod, Brenda, and rod become one of the best and not even in Coreo, but one of the best, second base ones at baseball. Speaker 1 00:36:39 Yeah. He's an let's. I mean, let's face it. He has definitely enjoyed his, uh, his home cook in there in Colorado, uh, 3 27 average, 90 teen PS, 10 of his 11 home runs at home. So, Speaker 2 00:36:53 So what's, what's his average on the road? That was, I thought he, I thought he had a didn't. He just come off a couple good series on the road, Speaker 1 00:36:59 2, 2 39. Speaker 2 00:37:01 All right. So maybe I take that back. Speaker 1 00:37:03 You know who it is, you know who it is and it's mind blowing it's Jose GLAS. When we get to shortstop, we'll talk about Speaker 2 00:37:09 It. Yep. We'll Speaker 1 00:37:10 Talk about his Speaker 2 00:37:10 Split. Yep. Speaker 1 00:37:12 His split is crazy and it makes you think if he might win a bating title, if he could actually hit at home. Um, but the rest of the second position I'm with you, I think Rogers in play, I think Kael Marte also in play 4,800, in course. Um, he's better. He's better from the right side of the plate. Um, but still in play 4,800. Uh, but what about the rest of the position? I don't think we're gonna play too much chef McNeil on the lefty lefty. He don't think we're gonna play too much Gorman, you know, lefty lefty. What about the, you know, the rest of the 4k position? Uh, 4k, Speaker 2 00:37:46 Not, not for as ready. Ready? I'll play Wil in a second against the lefty. Same, uh, Gavin. Well, Gavin L the lefty, right? So Gavin, no was still Danielly. So Gavin loves to handle Lynch Marcus semi and has dropped a bit. Right. So yeah, Speaker 1 00:38:01 This price is weird. Speaker 2 00:38:02 That's a strange price. What was his, what was his price today? I mean, I'm talking, Speaker 1 00:38:08 It was, he Speaker 2 00:38:09 Was Speaker 1 00:38:09 4,300, Speaker 2 00:38:12 So and semis Speaker 1 00:38:14 And he Homer two, two of his last threes hit Speaker 2 00:38:17 Home run. Yeah. So, and he he's, he's a streaky hitter. So I don't mind sending at that price at all. Not really. Speaker 1 00:38:25 Nope. Farms only, but yeah, a hundred percent. Well, I wouldn't say yeah. Farms only. I know, I know you wanna say Louis from duo, so just say it already. Speaker 2 00:38:35 Well, we, now that we're down here, <laugh> now I got his pronunciation, right? Louis spring GFO, this kid's a stud man. He's become one of my favorite players in the league. He's up, he's up there with Wilmer and he guys, but Speaker 1 00:38:49 Favorite player in the league, cuz he is one new money Speaker 2 00:38:51 He has too lately. He, he, he had a bomb. He just had a bomb the other night. And um, that was against Oakland, right. Was against Oakland in the Coliseum. So pitcher park, um, that whole series, he did really well. He had two or four at a first game. He's come out. Nowhere at his kid, always, you know, been heading up in the order most of the season going in middle of the order and just keeps on producing. So, you know, we do lake Molly, but I have Ringo at, I think his price actually price is going down at three nine because it was 4 0 4, 2 4 1. So this is the, the lowest Ringo's been since, almost two weeks. So Ringo's in play against Molly. Speaker 1 00:39:31 Um, yep. Speaker 2 00:39:32 Credit's kind of come back to come back to earth. Huh? Speaker 1 00:39:36 Who? Speaker 2 00:39:36 Isaac pre he's kind of Speaker 1 00:39:38 Oh yeah. Oh dude. He had that to stretch and then never did anything else. Um, anyone else Speaker 2 00:39:44 Maybe? Speaker 1 00:39:45 Yeah. Maybe, uh, I don't hate that. I don't. I like, I mean, I like it. The fact that it's in Toronto, um, Speaker 2 00:39:53 Alberto, you get, Speaker 1 00:39:55 He gets to lefty. Yep. That's a great call. He's been used Speaker 2 00:39:58 To be an automatic play. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:39:59 They used to. Yeah, I agree. That used to be the auto play. Um, Speaker 2 00:40:04 What, what about Rojo do who's got a decent BVP. Eight. He's another one, eight for I I, and I see like over 15 at bats, I look eight for 19 against against Kluber 4 21. Uh, no, once again, G play for stacking Orioles, but what wouldn't get road? You, we some money now then Speaker 1 00:40:21 It is 100% a play where you are full stacking and that is, he Speaker 2 00:40:29 He'll strike out. Speaker 1 00:40:30 You are not playing him as a one off. You are not playing him in cash. It is a full stack play only, but he's K. So you can get worse than, uh, a home, a rogue Neto door, one for five with a home run. Right. <laugh> um, Speaker 2 00:40:44 Who's a bad hitter. Is Josh met? He just, Speaker 1 00:40:47 He needs to, oh dude, he's terrible. It's funny to me. Uh, speaking of him like everywhere he's ever been, they put him in like the most opportunistic position lineup. He's just never, Speaker 2 00:41:00 I, I owned in all these slates too. Oh Speaker 1 00:41:03 Dude. He just never produces. Yeah. I never play him. I never play him ever. No, I Speaker 2 00:41:09 Don't care. And you'll see him 40, 50% own. Sometimes soon he leading off you don't want Arizona and stuff and he's in Pittsburgh now, right? Speaker 1 00:41:17 Yep. Yep. Um, let's go over to the best position on the board. At least lately, I felt like it's very, it's very challenging when you arrive at third base to just pick between these guys because like Atos, hitting everything right now, probably having the best year of his career. Um, home runs in three or four as well. You have Jose Ramirez who yes has fallen off, but is, you know, uh, well game away from having two home runs at a stolen base. Rafael Evers is one of the three best lefthanded bats in baseball. Brandon and jury just doesn't matter if he's in, um, Cincinnati, he just keeps hitting. I don't care. You laugh. But Brandon and jury keeps doing it. He should have, Speaker 2 00:42:03 He should have more runs. Speaker 1 00:42:05 He should have more home runs. He had that grand slam robbed from him, uh, in his first series there in San Diego, uh, Machado showing signs of life here the Speaker 2 00:42:17 Other night he had a grand slam his first game, right? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:42:21 Who Machado? Speaker 2 00:42:22 No. Oh Speaker 1 00:42:22 Jury. Yep. Yep. Um, I mean dude, position is loaded Bregman Homer today he's looked good against Speaker 2 00:42:31 Right. Hitting much better. Speaker 1 00:42:33 Yep. Hitting much better. Like give me your, gimme your breakdown on, um, of this. Gimme your breakdown on this position in general, like above Braman break, Speaker 2 00:42:46 The Braves are playing earlier or mostly be playing earlier then, because this could be hard for you. Cause I've been playing a rally every night. Gosh, I've been playing a every night for like two weeks. Speaker 1 00:42:53 Yeah. Six 40 them. And the Mar the Marlins is a, is a six 40. Speaker 2 00:42:57 Yeah. It's, that's why I hate this Marlin six 40. Cause I like to play Al guitar. You never get chance to play Al guitar either. But um, so with no Riley, um, I, I love the Brigman price. I think Bregman is finally starting to, I've done a lot of digging in on, on Bregman too. He's finally starting to show, uh, Speaker 1 00:43:16 I wonder if it's the wrist. I wonder if the wrist is finally, Speaker 2 00:43:20 I he's still not the BR, not the break of 2018. Yep. But um, decent price. I think Machado's in a good price. I'm not paying six K for ado when it's a max Rhodes slate, even though I think it's having his best year JM, I, I, I played J and cash like a fool. Um, I thought I was gonna be <laugh> he? I think he was old for maybe at a walk Deborahs I like, I like know, so I I'm, I'm probably going down to like a Micha Bregman as my top two, then go a little bit down more. And Matt Chapman, Matt Chapman is, you know, he's his second and blue Jays and home runs right now. Speaker 1 00:43:56 It doesn't surprise me. Um, because John and I are constantly pumping him because nobody like, when you talk about the blue Jays, I mean, it's like seven or eight guys before you even mentioned his name. Right. Speaker 2 00:44:13 Especially had when he had to slow start the disease and too. Speaker 1 00:44:17 Yeah. True. And then he goes on this terror. He's always the forgotten man in the blue Jay stack. Speaker 2 00:44:22 Um, always. And he's, that's, that'd be the day too. He's a homeowner too. So, um, Geno Suarez gets gas. Can he gets crucial? Speaker 1 00:44:34 Is that, so I see something, Speaker 2 00:44:36 Wait, now I'm seeing Speaker 1 00:44:38 Sebos Speaker 2 00:44:38 I, now I'm seeing sebos so who, Speaker 1 00:44:40 Yeah. An opener. So they Texas, it looks like they're gonna go with an opener here. Um, and it looks like sebos yeah. They've officially announced him as the starter as of 9 22, uh, Thursday Speaker 2 00:44:53 KU has no business even being in, Speaker 1 00:44:56 Um, Speaker 2 00:44:56 Major leagues right now. So Speaker 1 00:44:58 Yeah, no he's uh, he's dude, uh, poor guy. Um, I don't know how he's still getting jobs either. It's like, how does, like, so they must be the nicest humans, him and Patrick cor cuz there's just no reason that either of them are still pitching. Um, so Sovos has been terrible, but he looks like he's just gonna throw two innings. They're saying Taylor Hern, uh, could be available for, for multiple innings here. Um, he's expected to be there long reliever in this one who we've seen start a whole bunch, but he's been basically pitching outta the bullpen exclusively lately. Uh, it looks like he's gonna follow, but he's bad. Yeah, man. Um, maybe a sneaky Mariner snack. Um, Speaker 2 00:45:43 Yeah, definitely agree. You know, who's Ryan MC man starting to hit finally. Speaker 1 00:45:50 Yep. Speaker 2 00:45:50 And Zach Davies four, five cores. I mean, he's, I'm looking at his looking at his log right now. 14 5 27, 21 seemed like every other game. He's like, um, 0 29, 15. So three homes lost five, like four last six or seven Speaker 1 00:46:07 I've needed this I've my F SGA team. Pete has been waiting for this all year long. Speaker 2 00:46:12 There Speaker 1 00:46:12 You go. I've needed this so badly. Um, uh, and yeah, just, uh, adding to the, uh, the league leading home run totals that I have in FCA, but you know, who's, Speaker 2 00:46:25 I, he may, I think he may be your top third basement of four, five. I honestly do. Speaker 1 00:46:29 Um, so Speaker 1 00:46:31 In, in cash, I agree. Um, I'm kind of with you on this Bregman thing. I'm looking up Adam Oler right now. And man, it is a site to behold Adam Oler, uh, 2.03 home runs for nines to righty, to ready bats 3.18 to lefties. Uh, can't wait till we get to, um, I mean five 80 slug to varieties 4 0 3 WOBA Ugh. This guy's going to get hammered. Um, so I I'm with you. Yeah. Uh, and you know who I've been, I've been screaming this from the rooftops. Pete. I wanna get your take as you're a Yankees fan as well. Josh Donaldson is a add Josh Donaldson to the long list of players that cannot hit in front of his home fans. He chokes, um, and the splits this year are drastic. Uh, he's hitting one 70 at Yankee stadium. He's hitting two 70 on the road. He has a, Speaker 2 00:47:35 He's sitting not high on the road. Okay. Cause he had there Speaker 1 00:47:38 Yep. 2 72 slugging at home, 4 97 on the road, 8 37 ops on the road. He said nine of his 11 home runs, um, away from Yankee stadium. He can't play there. He can't. And it happens. You and I both run Speaker 2 00:47:55 The Yankees. It Def it definitely happens in Yankee stadium and Speaker 1 00:47:58 We have long, we, there is a long history of players coming to the Yankees unfolding like a lawn chair. It just happens. Right. The pressure, uh, I mean, Speaker 2 00:48:06 And I always say, you gotta give him, you know, you gotta give more than a year. Um, but S is not a young, a young puppy. He Speaker 1 00:48:12 Doesn't have it. He does not have a year. Speaker 2 00:48:14 You've got too many years, too many years left. But um, yeah, I think I'm looking, I'm looking at the splits now and yeah, that's a big slugging, 2 72 at the stadium Speaker 1 00:48:27 Who 72 and I Speaker 2 00:48:28 30 ops once. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:48:32 I'm not like I'm never gonna be like living by Speaker 2 00:48:35 The, so we put new payments anyway. It's, it's a pretty cheap price. I mean, Speaker 1 00:48:39 Four for 15, two home runs too. And BBP taken a all these deep twice. Um, again, I'm not gonna live and die by the sword of like home and away splits, but when you're hitting a hundred points better and you're select percentage is 300 points better on the road, there's something going on. Right? Like there's just something going on there. So Speaker 2 00:49:00 Josh Johnson has never struck me as a type of guy that would let this, the dude that played in likings. <laugh> Speaker 1 00:49:06 True. Speaker 2 00:49:07 He never's that let that stuff get to him. But once again, mental's mental and you can't, when you look at numbers like that, you can't deny the numbers and they're right there. And then we have almost a full season here full. Season's not gonna change now. Right. So good call. Very good call because of something else I just learned from you tonight. Um, I'll keep that in mind though, is we can move on the rest of the season because obviously Josh, Allison sucks, Yankees. Speaker 1 00:49:29 He just, it just one of those things, mental mid at home, you know? Um, what do we got under talk to me about under four, uh, sub 4k. What do Speaker 2 00:49:36 We got? Just not, uh, Speaker 1 00:49:39 You can play your boy. You could play your boy in GFO over Speaker 2 00:49:41 Here is right there. He said he could play he's three, nine. I like him. I think him sub 4k. Keep, uh, no he's against where Don. Uh, Speaker 1 00:49:49 How about some lead MIS Diaz here against Adam Oler? Speaker 2 00:49:52 He's he's another one. He, he flies right on the radar every DM day and comes through. Right. So yep. Definitely play Diaz. Speaker 1 00:49:59 I think that's a, I think playing Houston is tricky because you can't really afford them, especially when Kyle Tucker was like over 5k as well. Uh, cuz if you wanna play Altuve and Yoan, I mean, that's one fifth of your salary gone, right? Like literally one fifth of your salary is tied up between yo playing a lead miss. And like Mancini are like guys that I've, since Mancini's been traded guys, I've been playing a lot of in my Houston stacks, um, to make sure I'm getting the Altuve in the Oran Alvares of the world. Speaker 2 00:50:40 Yeah. And I, I think Diaz is definitely a player. I'm a love with cha I'm. I'm a love with Chaz McCormick, every dusty, whatever, pull him normally. Sure. True. Um, and the platoons when you get to the outfield, but definitely, um, Diaz, Altuve, these guys, all they've all earned their salaries though. Guys like Altuve and um, Braman will be 5 50, 540. You know what, but, um, Diaz, that's a nice call on Diaz because he's in a pretty much, he's a smash spy. Now Speaker 1 00:51:10 I got, I got two more for you. I got two more for you already. JD Davis, Speaker 2 00:51:16 JD. I paid JD Davis, Speaker 1 00:51:18 But, and a manual Rivera who homered today going into cores, $2,000. Speaker 2 00:51:29 That's Speaker 1 00:51:31 A manual Rivera. Look, this is your route. Here is your route to spending up Scher, Roan. You play someone like a manual Rivera in Corfield $2,000. He hit second. They're moving this kid up the lineup. They got good Speaker 2 00:51:51 History too. I think. Did didn't Speaker 1 00:51:52 He? Yeah. Yeah. He's on, he's on a little hidden streak right now. Five, five games, two of which he's Homer. He has three doubles over that span. Um, I mean Speaker 2 00:52:03 Again with no Riley, I don't have a must play at third either. So, uh, that could be our, that could be our two K call, but you, you need at least one, two K player. So she had a cores match or don't cause I really do wanna get match when we're done together. Okay. I don't wanna worry about JMO, you know, and my cash I'll definitely play JMO GPS, but I think that's a good call. And that, that was one of our key. We'll probably find an outfield. One of our keys right there is Ramir yeah, pencil. I'll probably lock rock him in right now because I'll play Riley, if not, I'll go on somewhere else. Speaker 1 00:52:34 <laugh> yeah. You, you were like, you started at, uh, Bregman and then you went to Chapman and then you went to McMahon and then that's how, you know, that's how, you know, it's like, huh. You know, I could play any of these guys, but then you get to Rivera and you're like, well it's $2,000 in cores. Probably hitting somewhere in a, in a prime spot border. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:52:55 Gets a gas picture. So yeah, I think, I think he, he should, I would Reve and then Ryan McMan and then I probably would go down to one of these, like Chapman's like Misha. I don't, I don't think we got a PIP tomorrow. I don't think gets pep at all. Speaker 1 00:53:09 Agreed. And I don't, I think the same is gonna be said at the shortstop position. Um, I do like myself, some Francisco Lin Oregon's lefties always have always will. Um, but I will not pay $6,300 for Lindor. Um, I, I, I just, no, don't think you can get there. Speaker 2 00:53:30 That's the main that's Aaron judge territory. And I would never play up a judge if he was on one of these streaks, so right. Absolutely not. Um, Speaker 1 00:53:38 Same thing. I mean, you could play Turner and Dodger stack, but I don't Speaker 2 00:53:43 Play, I don't trade. I don't play trade much anymore either. Really Speaker 1 00:53:46 It's too. It's it's yeah. And like the numbers look really good this year. Like there's nothing wrong with Trey Turner. I mean, he's about to be a 2020 guy. There's like 20. He could be end of year. It could be 25 30. Right. And you're like, holy crap. Like what a season? But like he's never under 5,500. It's just too hard to get there. Definitely not paying 54 for Adam. Uh, he's better against righties anyway. He's better at home anyway. Um, not paying 51 for Xander. There's just no power, no pop this year, all doubles. He's Speaker 2 00:54:20 He's sitting 3 53 off of herand. Speaker 1 00:54:22 Ooh. Okay. Okay. Speaker 2 00:54:24 17, six or 17 with a home. But once again, he's lacking the power. So you drop, you drop $200. We get Corey Seger against, against Kirby lefty. Righty Segers is a righty crusher. Uh, if Boer Speaker 1 00:54:35 Wasn't 5,100, I'd be more interested, but like that price does not warrant any. It does not like you go two for five with two singles. Yep. In real baseball. That's a good day, right? Like he's hitting that's a 400 day. If he gets to six points at five one, we are disappointed. Speaker 2 00:54:57 But now you Jo a little bit lower. I see. I mean, I would've been all over Timmy Anderson of course, against the left. I'll play Timmy ears every single day against Speaker 1 00:55:03 Oh, I see. I see. Here we go. I see where we're going. Speaker 2 00:55:05 We're going a big, bad bullet. 4, 5 45. Speaker 1 00:55:08 Yeah. Bonos Speaker 2 00:55:09 Baseball game. Speaker 1 00:55:10 Yep. Bonos baseball. Agree Speaker 2 00:55:12 Is shut your lock right there. Yep. Um, let's lock him in. He's gonna be I'll block blow in and I'll lock, uh, Speaker 1 00:55:20 ELAC, Speaker 2 00:55:21 The kit third base. And we move on to, honestly, to me, the alphabet and, well, you don't wanna dismiss ho uh, Jose glazes either because no, Nope. I I've really, really become to really like this kid look, look at his logs. He's always, he's pretty much always giving double digits and now he gets last three at cores. Um, great spot against Dabies. Who sucks. So, okay, so you playing AGLs or bow? Speaker 1 00:55:50 Um, I think I, Speaker 2 00:55:53 One of them Speaker 1 00:55:56 In, I mean in tournaments is 100% Bache. Yeah. Um, in cash Speaker 2 00:56:04 Glacier's been, he's been solid. Speaker 1 00:56:06 I probably leans in, um, you save a couple hundred dollars. Not that that matters, cuz it's just $300. Um, but I mean, this is the guy threatening for a batting title right now. Uh, if gold man hits a rut, I mean, and GLA and if Alaia keeps hitting, I mean, who's say he doesn't win a batting title. Um, I mean he just rarely gives you a bad game, fantasy wise agree. And it's in course. So, um, I think it's close in cash. I don't think it's all that close in torments cuz I don't think glaciers has. I mean he, he just doesn't have what Bo has. He doesn't have the double down upside. Um, so definitely Speaker 2 00:56:47 I think we, I, I think we can put together a redone max lineup. I really do. Speaker 1 00:56:52 Yeah, no I, I do too. Um, and we have, when we get to the outfield, we're gonna rattle off a bunch of, uh, cheap guys there. Um, any sub 4k like de um, Paul de young, I think has, I mean the guy, listen <laugh> I said this the other night, all but two of his hits since the, since his return are for extra basis, like it is the epitome of all or nothing right now, Paul de young is all or he is nothing. So Speaker 2 00:57:27 He usually facing he's place in Eric Lauer. Uh, I mean decent, I guess a decent matchup, but Speaker 1 00:57:34 Lauer's talented. Um, yeah, but he definitely Speaker 2 00:57:37 Straight. I hire. Yeah. I'll I, I think I like, I like to lower call on that one actually. So Speaker 1 00:57:43 I, I here, my, my thing is, um, de young has been good against lefties this year and very limited sample. And I think things could spiral here for lower if he doesn't get Anato and Goldy out. Oh, Speaker 2 00:57:58 Whoa. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:57:59 So, um, D in a, in a Cardinal stack, I think's fine. Um, but I, I listen, another thing, like, I won't play Aldo. Perdomo like, you guys can play Aldo Paromo you want just, cuz he's in chorus. I don't feel like I need to, and I don't feel like he's gonna cost me money. I don't know if you think differently, but no, Speaker 2 00:58:23 You still have to make contact with the ball. You still have to have the muscle to get it out of the infield. You know what I mean? So, no, I agree. I, no, Speaker 1 00:58:30 Like there has been, he has been slightly better, right? Like slightly in the month of August, he has actually had decent games, but I am like, it's a 10 game sample versus an entire season of him being bad. Like maybe he makes your player pool. Um, but I'm happy for you if he does cuz uh, let me know. Well, let me know what torments you guys are in when uh <laugh> you got parole. Uh Perdomo in there. Um, anyone else you're ready to move on outfield? Speaker 2 00:59:05 No. Um, I'm ready to, I was looking at Dylan Moore against K, but let D case was K, but no, let's move on to, um, let's move on to the outfield. Speaker 1 00:59:17 Um, at the outfield, uh, at the top of the position we have Aaron judge, $6,500 against Nathan Aldi show. Ha Tony already mentioned, um, let's just, let's just do this. Uh, who are your favorite two players? Um, over 5k in the outfield. Speaker 2 00:59:41 Favorite two players over 5k. Um, I'll always play judge 65. Uh, no I probably can't not, not inly. So let's go to, if your dog plays, you gotta play your dog lefty, right. Matchup at only at 58 probably. And then interesting Lu Luis. Robert. Speaker 1 01:00:10 Yeah. He's good kid Speaker 2 01:00:12 Broken, right? Speaker 1 01:00:13 Yeah, he is good. Um, yeah, we haven't mentioned a lot of white Sox since first base, I guess. I don't really have Speaker 2 01:00:20 El white. Speaker 1 01:00:21 Yeah. And Vaughn is here too of 42 who he is outfield eligibility. Speaker 2 01:00:27 I think to me, I think algebra's the point. I, I just can't see. I mean, IAL, could he definitely lose one of course in Fenway. Uh, and I've said, I've said to myself to many people last week, you gotta play judge every single day. You knows like gotta play Aaron rally judge every single day Speaker 1 01:00:43 <laugh> dude, this guy is like, right. Speaker 2 01:00:46 I don't do you play, do you play? Do you play judge tomorrow in a course? Like Speaker 1 01:00:50 You can, Speaker 2 01:00:51 Can he doesn't matter. I mean, he's like he course every day Speaker 1 01:00:54 The guy is a, he is a different breed right now. That's the thing like Speaker 2 01:00:59 When was his last home run? Okay. No, the last game of Seattle is Speaker 1 01:01:02 This the last home run every day, Speaker 2 01:01:05 A little bit of a, something here, like three or four games straight that was in St. Louis series. And Speaker 1 01:01:09 No, I saw the, no, I mean, since like his like month of August is like been like a movie since like the old star break. It's just been, I mean the guy Speaker 2 01:01:21 Natural. Speaker 1 01:01:22 No, he, I mean, you know, we're talking about Roger Mars type numbers this year. So I think you could look, I think you can play him, but you're obviously your sacrifice is either sures or, or Rodan. Speaker 2 01:01:36 Probably. Speaker 1 01:01:36 It depends on where it depends on how you're, how comfortable you are with like Michael Copek as your S P two or Jordan Montgomery as your S P two. Speaker 2 01:01:46 You pay the feed judge because the chance of judge getting 20 or radon getting 20, I think is more of a, you know, judge can go over four, you know, he is not getting over every single game. So I think judge more of a GBP play. So mine's mine's alre and Jay Roback, but um, Al Rez and Lu bear. What does Stan come back? Speaker 1 01:02:08 Um, he is heading in the cage. Um, but I see it now. There's nothing, there's nothing specific. Yeah. He's been hitting in the cage for a couple days, so, Speaker 2 01:02:18 So who am I missing? Who's am I missing somebody in this top and is five? Speaker 1 01:02:22 No, I mean, I think Jordan is to play. I think judge is to play. Um, you could play Moy if you're in a Dodger stack. I think that's very fine. Yeah. I think Speaker 2 01:02:29 On, Speaker 1 01:02:31 Yeah. Um, I like Louis Robert as well, but I don't think there's any, I don't, I think it's good to drop below, uh, 5k, I think, um, Speaker 2 01:02:40 Tyler a NAPLAN's now a four nine player when he was always a two K 2, 2 8 players, you Speaker 1 01:02:45 Know, he's been great, but we're not playing. We're not playing him against a lefty here. No, Speaker 2 01:02:50 No. So I love airs arena GS. Um, I play HES arena a lot, but of course you don't play him in cash. Right? Um, you got CED. Mul is not the C Mullins of last year, but I think he's a good spot against schooler's in Thero pitcher park, man. I, I think I, to me, I go, I think I go down to El Speaker 1 01:03:13 And Tucker 40 Speaker 2 01:03:15 Tucker. Speaker 1 01:03:18 What do we know about Corey Abbott? Uh, allowed seven earned runs and four home runs, uh, his last start against Philly. Um Speaker 2 01:03:30 Ryan's and usually I'll dig in some of these guys I don't know much about before I do a show. I don't know much about Abbott. Um, Speaker 1 01:03:37 Seven runs, four home runs. Uh, just throwing that out there profile is leading off. Uh, we didn't mention Soto either. Uh, mainly cuz he's 59, but like if those numbers stand for Corey Abbott, I mean, Speaker 2 01:03:52 He's been up at night four times this year too. Looks like Speaker 1 01:03:55 Could be, could be an interesting San Diego spot as well. So pro far 4,300. I don't hate that price. Speaker 2 01:04:02 Yep. Yeah. He's a, he's a problem. They got off from San Francisco. He'd be calling him three times after that, so, okay. So, um, he's a gas can <laugh> Speaker 1 01:04:11 <laugh> more, all the story is we are interested in San Diego. The more and more we do this podcast, Speaker 2 01:04:17 Anybody knows I'm a huge jerks and profile fan too. Yep. Yep. So, uh, jerks and pro profile will be in play what's what's jerks in 4 43. Yep. So to me, between JSON and Hemanez, um, Dean Norris. No, should be I, I thought he was out baseball too. So, um, I think JSON, cause now, now that we'll get, we'll get this gas can kid. I think we guys start talking more Padre. We haven't brought too many Padres yet. Speaker 1 01:04:42 Nope, we have not. Um, they're all expensive. That's the only thing. Um, I will say I don't really expect much from Daniel Norris here in terms of length and longevity in this game. Um, he has been exclusively outta the bullpen this year. Uh, we've gotten more, we've gotten two innings four times this year. Um, that's it. So I don't expect Danor to be going deep into this game. So, um, I'm with you? Uh, I think curious some profile and the Padres make a lot of sense. Yeah. Uh, what about, you know, 4k or below? Um, I don't hate Marana 4k. I don't hate man. What Speaker 2 01:05:25 About Riley green lefty? Right against co I'm a, I'm a green guy. I think Speaker 1 01:05:30 Same. He let he let think he let both of us down big time, but uh, short memory, Alex, Thomas, Speaker 2 01:05:37 Alex, Thomas and Coors. Speaker 1 01:05:39 Yeah. Al Thomas. I am a big Jake McCarthy guy. Um, Speaker 2 01:05:45 There you go. Speaker 1 01:05:46 Thomas has definitely been better and has shown more upside. McCarthy's a, a stolen base threat though. Bunch of stolen bases lately. Um, so I think both of those guys are in play. I think all of Arizona all, uh, should be Speaker 2 01:06:00 Play that be batter too, I believe. Right. So, um, you me see both of 'em to line up. Speaker 1 01:06:05 He actually let off the other day it was, they gave Roja the day off. So I expect that to not continue, but if you know, if Roja wasn't in the lineup, I expect McCarthy to lead off. So something to, to consider. I mean, Thomas is a better play. Let second he's been good against righthand pitching all year long. Um, against righties, Alec Thomas 3 38 WOBA um, super solid. I think all seven of his home runs. Speaker 2 01:06:32 I kind of got a man crush on now is his Joey Menes. Speaker 1 01:06:36 Oh yeah. He's been hitting so many home runs. Yeah. Four, four or 5, 4, 5 home runs. What's his price? Speaker 2 01:06:43 Three straight games. He's he's 20 he's think he's below three K Speaker 1 01:06:47 Yeah. 2,800 yeah. Speaker 2 01:06:49 Hundred. I've been playing him every day, like the last three or four games. So I'll probably CLE JSO, but I'll probably keep playing his kid. He's he's a ready though. Um, he's in a clean up spot though. Uh, will Myers is cheap. What's Myers's been doing I he's. I mean, I know he is not back, right? Nothing. Yeah, nothing. So Speaker 1 01:07:10 Tr Grham has done more. Speaker 2 01:07:12 I used to Meyers in Tampa. I was a big Myers fan. Speaker 1 01:07:15 Um, number one, overall prospect at a time. Uh, I think if you're gonna play one of these cheap Padre outfield, Grham is the better play. He's been a little better. Speaker 2 01:07:24 Yeah. You know, you're right. And we'll, we'll, we'll get our chance. We'll get our chance to play Lulo this weekend, but not tomorrow. Speaker 1 01:07:31 Yep. Now we mentioned J Davis. We've said his name a couple times. Um, I, I don't know if they're gonna, I don't know what the Cardinals are gonna do with Newt bar, but he did have a good game two nights ago against a lefty, two triples, uh, against Kyle Freeland. They Speaker 2 01:07:52 Having a lead off spot today and Speaker 1 01:07:53 They had him in the, and then they followed up with the, a lead off game for Newt bar. Yeah. Um, so I guess beyond the lookout for where he is in the lineup. Right. I mean, if he's, I mean, I they've basically exclusively led Dylan Carlson off against lefties, so I expect that to be the case again. Um, but if Newbar does find himself leading off again, I mean that's, you know, pretty good, pretty good spot there for us. So, um, anything, anything else? Uh, I think that's really any salary players. Speaker 2 01:08:26 Um, possibly like if a Luke really gets, if Luke really's I Speaker 1 01:08:31 Literally just, yeah, it just Speaker 2 01:08:34 Kind of like maybe something like that. Um, Brett Phillips gets a start against CBER in, in Baltimore. I could, you know, Phillips every now and then I'll um, you get yai Hernandez, he's a lefty. So Hernandez's always a play when he is, when he's facing righties and it's, um, what's Clevinger, so I'm not huge on Clevinger, but I just think, I don't know, uh, that that's probably, that's probably it, Speaker 1 01:08:59 I got one maybe potential if he's leading off, uh, Lu Luis Gonzalez of the giants, um, we haven't talked much about the giants and I think it's mainly Speaker 2 01:09:10 So much. Speaker 1 01:09:11 No, I don't think so. Um, and I think it's mainly because Oracle, um, Oracle has weirdly been good for offenses this year. Um, according to the fantasy alarm runs per game tool, their ninth in runs per game, which I find extremely interesting. Um, they have two guys under three outfielders under three K that I guess I would take a look at cuz brace Wilson against lefties this year, Pete 3 59 average, a thousand ops 4 38. WOBA those are the lefties numbers against him. Um, Mike Greski 2,800. Speaker 2 01:09:51 He's cheaper Speaker 1 01:09:52 LaMonte Wade. 2,600. And then Louis Gonzalez, two K Luis Gonzalez's 3 38. WOBA against right-handed pitching, um, LaMonte Wade, 3 57. WOBA against righted pitching Mike Speaker 2 01:10:10 Hasn't been hit. Wade seems like to me, like Wade's been hitting more. Speaker 1 01:10:13 I mean, none of them are truthfully. None of them really have, right. Like none of them have Speaker 2 01:10:18 Been, we news like his last five, your STRs ski. Yeah. I'm kind like over him a little bit now too. But he farm every now and then his Oakland ethnic Coliseum. Speaker 1 01:10:28 Right. Speaker 2 01:10:28 Wade's my call. Wade's my call these guys. But, um, that's a good call though. All these cheap guys you can get, you can't really go wrong with these giants. I mean, they may get pinch hit for after two or three have bass two K Speaker 1 01:10:39 I mean Bryce Wilson, like again, like we didn't really talk about the giants Speaker 2 01:10:46 When did become a giant. Speaker 1 01:10:49 Um, they did a lot of things. They have made a lot of where does he even playing for them? He's not even is he even playing? I don't, Speaker 2 01:11:02 He, I just keep up as two as two K in the outfield. I, I didn't even know he was in the giants. I knew that the range, oh, they Speaker 1 01:11:09 Traded him. Um, earlier in the year. I forget what they traded him for. Um, they traded him for something. Oh Speaker 2 01:11:15 No, you're you're yep. You're right. And I thought he went down to their minor league, something like that. Right. But then I don't. Yep. But Speaker 1 01:11:22 I Speaker 2 01:11:22 Think they, I think they Speaker 1 01:11:23 Went to, I think they went to, um, sent him down and he asked for Speaker 2 01:11:29 Yes. To get Speaker 1 01:11:30 Release or traded and yep. Yep. Um, so I do think the giants are a little bit interesting. Um, but if that's it, Pete, what is your, uh, home run call for Friday? And again, we are not going course. We're gonna avoid our home run calls for course, make it a little more challenging. Uh, what's your home run call for practice? Speaker 2 01:11:52 Probably. I know there's somebody I talked about too. And I'm trying to go through the position. Speaker 1 01:11:59 I think you're, I think you, I should ban you from Schwarber because you've, I think every time you've been on the podcast, seeing such Schwarber's Homer, I think you're like a a hundred percent success rate with Kyle Schwarber home. There's Speaker 2 01:12:12 Like a second or third basement that we're I seem like we were talking about that was like I was all over. Um, Brenda, I think Brenda, Brenda Rogers is one of my favorites, I think. Speaker 1 01:12:22 No course of course, course. Speaker 2 01:12:24 I'm sorry. So, um, oh geez. I was gonna say Christian. Speaker 1 01:12:29 I know you cut course. I know you cut off once you get cut off by course. It's uh, Speaker 2 01:12:34 I know that, but there's somebody I know I talked about and I was like, I was all over this kid now we can't. Okay. So one of our cheaper third basemen we were talking about, so let's say we can't say Ryan MC man. So, um, wow. We, we, we did, we mentioned a lot. Of course people tell you didn't we? Yeah. Speaker 1 01:12:53 Um, we sure did Speaker 2 01:12:57 For maybe Bregman, unless when you say your name, unless I come up to somebody, um, or Speaker 1 01:13:05 Some of this conviction course, Speaker 2 01:13:06 Course here course. Speaker 1 01:13:07 Okay. Speaker 2 01:13:08 Course. Speaker 1 01:13:10 Um, I'm going to go with, Hmm. I'm gonna go with Juan Soto against, uh, Abbott there for home runs in his last start. I'm gonna go Soto, uh, by the way. Okay. Do you see that matchup? We didn't really talk about it. Speaker 2 01:13:36 Soto, Abbott Speaker 1 01:13:37 Soto returning to Washington. Speaker 2 01:13:40 Oh, I didn't, I didn't pick up on either. I guess a gas can not your ready match up. Um, Soto crushes. So how so, how high you think Juan, soda's gonna be tomorrow. <laugh> revenge game. Speaker 1 01:13:54 Very, Speaker 2 01:13:54 I guess, I guess we consider revenge game, right? Yep. Um, you Speaker 1 01:13:58 Did not wanna be there. Speaker 2 01:14:00 Do I wanna, do I wanna fade him then tomorrow? Presum gonna be so high owned, but I think he's a great spot though, too, right? Um, what's this price five. What? He's five mile Speaker 1 01:14:09 Nine. He's very expensive. Speaker 2 01:14:11 I know. And I can get judged for $500 more or something. Yep. Albert's a hundred dollars less, uh, Speaker 1 01:14:18 He's much more appealing on FAL. He's $4,000 on Fandel. He's like the fifth highest, uh, priced out outfitter. Speaker 2 01:14:25 They even pitch him tomorrow. Now, now that now the National's are gonna mess him. That pitch him storm Alberts gonna hit on my Tudo tomorrow. So, um, but I like that call. I still like cords. I like, I like Seager. So you like Soto? I also like your dog alre book. Speaker 1 01:14:40 Yeah, same. Um, alright. I think that does it, Pete. Yeah. Thanks for, uh, thanks for stopping by everyone. Um, out there, give Pete a follow at YFC sports P nailed that one, right? YFC sports. Speaker 2 01:14:55 Y YFC sports Pete. Speaker 1 01:14:57 Um, and you can follow me at the underscore real underscore Grande, um, on Twitter. Uh, this will be on Speaker 2 01:15:04 Well, Speaker 1 01:15:05 Uh, I think Reland is on the playbook if I remember correctly. Um, it's Speaker 2 01:15:12 Saturday. Speaker 1 01:15:12 Yeah, I think it's then it's real. Justin bland should be on the playbook should be a good one. Um, guys, don't forget head over to fancy Head to the NFL tab. The NFL draft guide is free this year. Um, I know, you know, we're hearing, huh? Speaker 2 01:15:27 That, that was, that was, uh, was you were talking, the video has popped up of marshal once getting dragged outta the police car out of his car by the police. Speaker 1 01:15:35 That is a good timing there. Uh, I, I knew that was happening. Um, but uh, yeah, I mean it's free, right? Nothing beats free. Um, first time in fantasy alarms history that the NFL drop got has been free. So, um, go over there right now, rankings cheat sheet projections ad Speaker 2 01:15:51 Definitely. Speaker 1 01:15:52 Um, it's free zero, $0, 0 cents. Um, really nothing better than that. Uh, so please be sure to do that. This, this podcast will be up on all platforms. Um, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, whatever, uh, wherever you, you know, absorb your podcasting, please follow, subscribe, like, um, vote on if you're on YouTube, do all that good stuff. Um, but again, big shoutouts Pete, and we'll be back on Monday and we'll, uh, everyone have a good weekend.

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