August 15, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 15: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 15: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 15: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Aug 15 2022 | 00:29:32


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Monday, August 15th for DraftKings and FanDuel and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite pitchers such as Shohei Ohtani and Gerrit Cole while loving the offenses in the Toronto Blue Jays/Baltimore Orioles game.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, MLB DFS podcasting with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What is going on at a nation, John and PEBA here with James Grande. This is the quick pitch, MLB DFS podcast recording here for Monday's 10 game main slate. Uh, James, this is a, uh, another slate where we have some pretty good pitchers on the mound, which, uh, is usually beneficial for us when it comes to, uh, building some lineups. And we even have those pitchers in some, uh, some pretty solid matchups as well. Speaker 2 00:00:32 Yeah. Good matchups elite names, such as Otani Cole, aria Castillo, Schreder. Uh, the pool runs deep. I still don't understand some of the price tags on some of these pitchers that have been, uh, pitching very good for a very long time, but, uh, that's for us to take advantage of. So, uh, should be another fun, uh, 10 gamer to kick off Monday. Speaker 1 00:00:54 Yeah, I agree with you. 100% here I am, uh, currently opening up fan will soon by now. They've given us a sandal slate for Monday. Speaker 2 00:01:03 So one can, one can only help considering the time of Speaker 1 00:01:06 This I'm I'm doing this for you. Ravens. Don't you worry, we got your back. Uh, so we'll look at the pitching to kick it off here. Uh, Louis Castillo is the top price pitcher on Fandel on draft Kings. Uh Otani is your top price guy Otani and Garrett Cole are both over $10,000. That's your top two guys? UIA is 96. Castillo is 9,200 address, four starters above nine K over on draft Kings on Fandel though. Castillo is 11 two Cole is 11 K UIA is ten five. Stride is ten two, and Otani is actually 10 K uh, coming in as your, uh, fifth highest price starting pitcher. Uh, James of that core five will include Strider for the sake of the conversation here, uh, for draftings as well. Uh, how are you going about your roster building that pitcher position, Speaker 2 00:01:57 Man? I don't know. <laugh> I wish I had an answer, um, because I, I quite literally, John, like all five of them, um, Louis Castillo is in an elite match up against a team that strikes out a whole bunch. Now they've been slightly better, I guess, right over the last month, they're only, they only have the fifth highest strike at rate against righties. Take that for what it's worth. 25%, um, you know, six 70 team PS is still bottom 10 in the league. So obviously Castillo is an elite spot. Garrett Cole coming off an absolute dominant start. He does have to face his father Gman Cho here. Um, so that's a little worrisome Gman Cho is, has been confirmed his dad. Um, so I thought that was Speaker 1 00:02:44 Endeavors. Speaker 2 00:02:45 Uh, what I think they, you know, they both have Speaker 1 00:02:49 He's, uh, he's dominated Tampa bay this year though. Three starts 0.93 era 29 Trico to 19 innings. Speaker 2 00:02:56 Yeah, no it's no, Gary Cole is an elite play. It was more of a joke, but like it is confirmed his, the, you know, his, uh, two fathers, um, <inaudible>, uh, something I noticed last week, Milwaukee John against lefthanded pitching over the last month. Jordan Speaker 1 00:03:13 Elli. Speaker 2 00:03:13 <laugh> been, yeah, dreadful 30% K rate over that span. Um, ops 5 94, that's 28th in baseball. Um, I don't really wanna pay ten five for your rise, but I'm also okay with it. Um, he's coming off just tremendous outing after tremendous outing, five straight games of six plus innings, a win in all five, two earned runs or less, including two shutouts, six or more strikeouts in three of the five 20 plus draft Kings points in each of those games, can't really go wrong with your eyes, especially on fan Dal where you're getting the, um, the quality start bonus in every one of those starts. So I like him. I mean, you know, I love Spencer Schreder. I think this is interesting that his next start after all that, you know, shit talk, he, he had to all that stuff. He had to say about the, the Mets offense, getting lucky and all the Babi stuff. I don't know if you heard that, but I did. Speaker 1 00:04:14 Yeah. I Speaker 2 00:04:16 Heard it now. He gets to face them again, Speaker 1 00:04:17 Get to face him again. Speaker 2 00:04:19 Um, you know, you know, I love Spencer Schreder. It is a tough matchup. Speaker 1 00:04:24 Um, yeah, the Mets have given him trouble, not just like the last start, but the start before that for against them as well. You didn't even get five innings out of him, so sure. Um, Speaker 2 00:04:32 AK though. Yeah. Eight K's that game Speaker 1 00:04:34 Always, always a good strike guy guy. Speaker 2 00:04:36 Um, and then Otani hard to see him as like the fifth option ever, uh, but hard to pass him up at 10 K as well. Yeah. Um, I agree. I would pay him, I would pay ten three on, on draftings as Speaker 1 00:04:53 Well. Yeah. Fan essentially 10 K where, uh, the only thing that hurts you is the earn run and he doesn't get knocked for anything else. So, uh, I'm I'm with you there. So some interesting top price options. Uh, if we're going into the mid tier a bit, now we know Carrasco, uh, tough spot against Atlanta, but we do know Atlanta strikes out, uh, a lot and we saw Carrasco six innings, three earn six strikeouts in his most recent outing, uh, against Atlanta. He has another outing earlier this year, eight shut out innings against them, uh, with five strikeouts. So, uh, he's held his own, uh, against the brave. So, uh, I think he certainly can go ahead and throw him into consideration. Uh, I think another guy for me in this middle range, I'm gonna go back to Josiah gray, faced the Cubs in his most recent out six and a third to earn five K as we'd say it all the time. As long as he doesn't give up a home run, he's generally. Okay. Uh, he gave up one, he didn't give up four, like he did against the start before. Uh, so great. $7,900 over on draftings. I am, uh, unwilling to go there, uh, for sure. Speaker 2 00:05:53 Yeah. And let's look at the Cubs ISO against right-handed pitching over the last month, 26th in the league. So not a lot of power coming from the cubbies right now against righties. This is a, not a reg league game. So yeah, I like Josiah agree quite a bit here as well. Speaker 1 00:06:13 Uh, more extensive a run fan where all these guys were priced up, uh, you know, outs Cobbs 9,300 against Arizona, Freddy Paralta against the Dodgers at 91, Joe Ryans at nine K Josiah gray is at $8,900. Uh, Stroman on the other side of that is 84. So, uh, Fandel these guys are, are, are kind of jacked up when it comes to pricing. Um, but Joe Ryan at $7,300, yeah, I think is, I know we we've talked about his starts and it's like, oh, well, outside of that one Padre start, he's been dominant and it's like, he was, and then he faced the Dodgers and he got lit up again. But, uh, you know what, Padre's Dodgers good teams. Royal's bad team. So I'm willing to go back to Joe Ryan here. Speaker 2 00:06:54 Yeah. And you know what the Royals are doing that they weren't doing earlier in the Speaker 1 00:06:57 Year, drum striking out, Speaker 2 00:06:58 Striking out yep. 23.9% over the last month, a bunch Speaker 1 00:07:03 Of young bats in that lineup Speaker 2 00:07:04 Now. So yeah. A bunch of young bats in that lineup is correct. Seventh highest in, in baseball over the last month against Reddy. So, um, yeah, I think there is some upside again, I think what we're gonna have to look for is Joe Ryan mixing up his pitches, cuz he's been weirdly just throwing fast balls lately and you know, they arrange league hitter and he's throwing 92. He's not throwing 98. So, um, we're gonna need to see a little mixture, but he is dominated the, the Royals in two starts this year. So, um, no reason to think it can't continue. Yep. Speaker 1 00:07:35 All alright. If we're looking at any value guys, does anybody, um, stick out to you one way or the other? Speaker 2 00:07:43 Um, Chris Bich has been pretty good. I think we've targeted him a whole bunch lately and that just hasn't panned out five straight starts on draftings with 15 or more draftings points, which at 6,700 is super quality. Um, the strikeouts have been there as well, six straight or six and three straight starts, um, against the white Sox who are in elite offense against lefties, the red Sox and the Yankees. Um, and if you wanna even go further into that Tampa and Toronto, those are his last five games and he's had 15 draft Kings points or more in each start. He's one out away from having five straight quality starts over that span too. Um, so I think Bich, I know the twins, you know, have some thump, um, but 16th and ops over the last month against lefties, they strike out uh, 23.5% of the time. So I think there's some upside for BIC here. Speaker 1 00:08:40 Yeah. I'm with you, especially at that price point on drafting's, like I said on fan, he is probably S 8,100. So not too much value there for fan. I'd be willing to go back to Kilion in Texas. We talked a lot of Texas now. Um, uh, a bit more of a, well, what did we say? They started going back more towards a hitter park, but Speaker 2 00:08:59 Yeah, it's a hitter's park this year. Speaker 1 00:09:01 Yeah. Um, but he's been pitching well and the Rangers offense has been hit or miss at least a little bit of late. So, uh, I would, I would be willing to go there. That's probably it for fando for me. Draftings if you wanna go Kilian again, that's fine. He's 65. Um, I don't think I'd go Kaci against Baltimore. We just saw this matchup. Um, and he got lit up. Maybe talk about it all the time, Baltimore against lefties. So no shock that that would occur there. Uh, Bradd auto ya bro, against the Yankees. Like I don't really have any, any interest there. So it's bicker Capon for me. ONDRAF Kings probably just boob bitch, uh, over, uh, on fan or cap Perion rather on Fandel. Speaker 2 00:09:38 Yeah. I think one of those dudes in Oakland, Texas is gonna surprise us OTO or Capri. Not that I like really wanna play Glen, but I think one of them is what Speaker 1 00:09:48 Are your thoughts on the strikeout numbers for Alex Cobb completely? Speaker 2 00:09:52 Um, Speaker 1 00:09:52 So 26 strikeouts in those last three starts Cubs, Dodgers and Padres in those three. Now he gets Arizona. Speaker 2 00:09:59 Yeah. And if you even want to go a little further six against the Dodgers is not too shabby either. Right. Um, I mean, I guess two last two starts or versus the Dodgers he's had good quality strikeouts. I mean, it's hard to overlook it and do we like love Arizona's office other than Jake McCarthy? The, the go <laugh> their 13th and ops over the last month against righties, they've hit for pretty decent power, but if he keeps the ball on the ground, then, um, it's gonna be a tough, tough time for opposing offices in general. Speaker 1 00:10:39 It's uh, he's one of those pictures where, uh, either fan or draftings are gonna be wrong, cuz Vandal has him up at $9,300 or draftings has 'em at seven K Speaker 2 00:10:48 I mean on draftings like I'm 100% in, on cob for tos on Fandel at that price. I could not see myself getting Speaker 1 00:10:58 There. I agree. Um, alright, let's go catcher getting 10 games here. So a lot of catch depth available to us. You can kind of pick and choose. However you want to go here. If you wanna spend up go mid tier, uh, really a dealer's choice, uh, based off your roster or construction, if there's, uh, any one or two though, James, that you're looking at you like, yep. This is the guy. How are you? Uh, how are you handling it? Speaker 2 00:11:21 Ums 4,600. I like, uh, especially if Joe Ryan's throwing a lot of fast balls and Alejandro Kirk against Kyle Bradd in Toronto. I think that could be a problem. Um, Toronto could break out of a slump here in a big way. So I'll go with both those guys over 4k. They both those two stand out. Yep. Speaker 1 00:11:41 I like it. If we're looking a little bit under 4k Kelly's at 39. I know we continue to kind of go in that direction. Um, cooling off a bit, but still respectable numbers over the last 10 games, um, kind of fit, fit the profile there. Uh, and I'll, I'll just forever stack against mad bum Joey Bart's 2,700 bucks. Speaker 2 00:11:58 Yep. Yep. And the giants hit lefties, man. We've talked about Joey Bart hitting lefties too. Yeah. Um, I think, I think this position is clear cut value because Jose Travino crushes lefties this year and Joey Bart also crushes lefties. So I don't think there's much need if you wanted to spend up, like, I think you can obviously always spend up if you want, but um, I much prefer to just play DNO or Bart. Speaker 1 00:12:28 Yep. I'm with you there. Uh, alright, let's go on, on over to the first base position then, uh, at the top you got V Guerrero here at $6,000, uh, up against Kyle Brads, as you mentioned, uh, again, Vladi, his numbers are, eh, I'm waiting for him to really have like a big strong, you know, breakout week or two. Um, so he's not really playing at the level of a six K player, but if you're stacking Toronto, it it's kind of difficult not to include him against Brad. So you're kind of making that decision one way or the other. Um, and I feel that way a little bit about the top price guys here in general, you know, I know Alonzo better against whites this year. Um, power wise, you say, oh, 300 to last over the last 10 against stride or Freeman cooling off a bit gets paral Alto looked really good in his last start. Um, yeah. I don't know why Patrick wisdom's 5,500, but as we talk about all the time, <laugh> Josiah, gray is one that can give up four or five home runs. So right. Wisdom has the power. I don't want to pay top dollar for wisdom. Um, Speaker 2 00:13:28 Can mean look at the cup, Sean, just go, oh my, this Speaker 1 00:13:31 Is it's like the algorithm knows that at least two home runs are being hit <laugh> and they, they don't want you to take advantage. So now that's your top price guys? You know, again, I, I don't really love any of them. Um, you know, in, in the mid tier, I I'd look at maybe Matt Olson against Carrasco. I had $4,800. I like a bra U against your key. He at 46. I don't know. Like, does anybody else really like jump off the page to you? Speaker 2 00:14:03 No, uh, I, I do like Vladi quite a bit for tournaments. Kyle Brads has been really bad against right-handed bats, specifically over a thousand ops in a 4 35 WOA. So I do like flighty quite a bit. Um, other than the guys you mentioned like Mancini is fine, um, like VO against a righty is fine. There's really, uh, Ruff will be out of the line. Jose Miranda, if you wanna attack boob bitch. Uh, Joey nesses, John, I mean hard to not like at least look at the guy he's hitting everything out. Two plus hits in five streak games has an eight game hitting streak in his 10 that he's played and has hit five home runs. Uh, so $3,100. Joey manes again, STR STR won four home runs in his last two starts by the way. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:14:59 Um, did you mention Nate low Nelo has been on fire Speaker 2 00:15:01 Again? No. Did not? No, he did Speaker 1 00:15:02 Not. He's he's back to rolling. Speaker 2 00:15:04 Is he just like the weirdest dude, like look Speaker 1 00:15:06 At his numbers, 2 83, 15 bombs, seven 80 ops. I mean Speaker 2 00:15:10 103 K's <laugh> stole a second base on a, on Sunday too. Shout out Nate. Low Nathaniel. Yeah. Someone, someone say Nathaniel low Speaker 1 00:15:21 Another guy that's I think found his swing. Uh Finnie was a PASST. Is that how we're going about Speaker 2 00:15:27 It? Yeah. Pass. Yeah, passed Speaker 1 00:15:28 2100 bucks. I mean, look at his numbers, crush Speaker 2 00:15:31 Crushing, crushing Speaker 1 00:15:32 Three homers in the last, so sorry. Uh, four homers, uh, in his last six. So, you know, if we're, if we're looking for some value here against the fastball throwing Joe Ryan at 2100, uh, you know, maybe, maybe VI pass is a, is a way to take a peak and Speaker 2 00:15:50 Spend that that sales was Matt sales was super excited about him. He called, um, when he was called up and like put him as like a top 12 rest of season, first basement mm-hmm <affirmative> um, and we're seeing why, so elite batted ball skills, he doesn't strike out. Um, and there's power in as bad as well. So yeah, 2100, if you wanna go there perfectly fine with that. Speaker 1 00:16:15 Sure. Uh, second base position. Uh, some guys are expensive, uh, at the top here, Altuve Rojas at 53. Again, we talked about this Cubs are just, you think Washington was in course field or something? Yep. Speaker 2 00:16:28 Pretty much. Speaker 1 00:16:29 And I could tell Marte is up over five K. So you know, I am probably not playing any of those guys. Uh, I don't know how you feel about any of them, but uh, you know, outside of stacks, but even then, like, I don't know. I mean, I know raw ha is playing well, but do you wanna spend $5,400 for him? Speaker 2 00:16:50 No, right Speaker 1 00:16:52 Now that's exactly. That's exactly how I feel. So Speaker 2 00:16:55 Probably probably no one over 5k at this position. Speaker 1 00:16:58 Yeah, exactly. That's that's, that's where I'm at. Um, I'll play as strata against Bo garner at 43. Yep. That's fine. If you want to go there Speaker 2 00:17:07 You say lefty, you say lefties all year. Yep. Speaker 1 00:17:09 Well he has, uh, again, if you are trusting Gavin L's ability to hit singles, go for it. $4,100 there 3 0 3, 9, 10 ops, only one home run during that stretch. So, uh, you know, take that for what it's worth is Maryfield still leading off for the blue Jays at 4k or do they bump him down? Speaker 2 00:17:29 I think Speaker 1 00:17:30 He's not hitting well. So Speaker 2 00:17:33 We, we could check what their, uh, lineup was for Sunday. Speaker 1 00:17:36 Okay. Uh, Wilmer, is that, uh, is that 4k 3 23 34 ops last 10 for him? If he find itself in the lineup, you can certainly take a shot again. I, what, how many podcasts in a row and now has it been where I'm like, please just act against Madison. He's just, all of the numbers say he is done. He's just not pitching well. And uh, finally they're starting to score on him. Speaker 2 00:17:56 They hit Maryfield seventh on Sunday. Okay. And yes, stack against Madison, Bob Gardner. I agree. Yep. Wilm Flores for life. And that the good thing is you could play Estrada over at shortstop too, if you wanted to play them both, um, in this stack. So yeah, Speaker 1 00:18:13 A arise is down to 3,600. I know he was like six K and we're like, why <laugh> Speaker 2 00:18:18 That was the randomest six K price tag we've ever seen? Yep. This guy just still hitting 3 30, 2. It's crazy. I Speaker 1 00:18:25 Know, I know he's riding up there. Uh, you can stack, uh, your room on your eyes. So we're in again, we're in on Baltimore. If you go back to the last time when Kaku was starting, we're like play lefties against a play Baltimore against this guy and he, they, they hammered him. So, um, your eyes at three K probably honestly, I might, he may be the guy I'm blocking in at second base, truthfully. Um, Speaker 2 00:18:46 Well, just make sure it's Ramon and not Luis. Speaker 1 00:18:48 Yes. Play Ramon against, uh, Kikuchi and not Luis against your eyes. Uh don't wait, is, is Julio is Julio? Yep. Speaker 2 00:18:56 Yep. Yep. I was, that was a great one like that. You didn't even know you did it. Yeah. Until you did it. And then you're like, oh shoot. I just said that. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:19:06 Yeah. Yeah. So there's, there's three, your eyes that we're talking about here. Speaker 2 00:19:09 Three, your RAs two are facing one another. <laugh> the one that is not is the one you want Speaker 1 00:19:16 <laugh> are they related? <laugh> I know the, I know the two infielders are, Speaker 2 00:19:21 I don't know. That's a good question. Uh, Von Grham two K by the way. Speaker 1 00:19:25 Okay. I like that. Uh, Speaker 2 00:19:26 He's very good. Speaker 1 00:19:27 Yeah. I'm with you. Uh, that's it. I got nothing else. That second base. No. Okay. Third base Speaker 2 00:19:34 Austin Riley Speaker 1 00:19:35 With wisdom is 55. Roja is 54. Nope. Uh, yeah. Riley at 52. Uh, I like Braman at 49 against Cueto. Speaker 2 00:19:45 Yeah. He's looking good at the dish right now, man. He's been, he's been super good. Speaker 1 00:19:49 Uh everybody's favorite blue, Jay, Matt Chapman, if you wanna want to go that way? I know he is starting to cool off, but back Speaker 2 00:19:55 Home, but nobody will play him. Nobody is going to play him. Nobody. He's better home. Right? We are gonna, we are gonna play blue. Look at those Speaker 1 00:20:01 Home numbers. Look at those home numbers. Nine 20 ops 17 of his 23 home runs are at home. So, Speaker 2 00:20:07 And who's the forgotten man in the blue Jay stack job Speaker 1 00:20:10 Always, always Speaker 2 00:20:11 Match, always mad. Chapman who Pete Cole told me on Friday's podcast that he filled in for you. Uh, Chapman is second on the team in home runs right now. And I bet you that would've been like your fifth guest. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:20:21 No. Speaker 2 00:20:22 Well, not you not you. No, because we, no, Speaker 1 00:20:25 We've been talking about it for a while, but the, to listener. Oh yeah. Pregnant by the way, 3 82, 12 hundreds, the last 10. So, um, very much in that conversation as a top guys, uh, in the mid tier range here, I don't know, long ago, long ago at 39 against mad bum. Probably. Speaker 2 00:20:44 Yeah. I like Matt. I like Longo against left. I like Monk's current form. Okay. He's like he decided to play baseball. Oh, like big times. Speaker 1 00:20:53 Yeah. Big time. Big time. You know, I go to the football hall of fame for a weekend and all of a sudden, maximum months it gets hot. So Speaker 2 00:20:58 Yeah, he's hitting home runs left and Speaker 1 00:21:00 Right. Maybe me I'm finally not in last place in that best ball weekend rather Speaker 2 00:21:02 <laugh> uh, but like long it's like Longo, Muncy can't play down cuz he is at home. Um, you could play your eyes at, you could also play, uh, JD Davis, if you don't wanna play Longo, JD Davis cracks the line up against the lefty. John, does Speaker 1 00:21:20 He have outfield edge or no? Speaker 2 00:21:22 Nah, just third, unfortunately. So you have to make the decision between him and Longo. So what you could do is when we get our first run of, uh, draft percentage draft forecast percentage in tournaments, you could play the lesser of owned of the two. Speaker 1 00:21:37 That's true. It would probably be JD Davis. Nobody plays Speaker 2 00:21:40 Him. It will probably be J Davis. JD Davis. He's been good lately. Speaker 1 00:21:43 I know he's dude. He's been good since he got traded, uh, what's his price? Speaker 2 00:21:48 2,800. Okay. Dollars. You know, who's been really good since being traded Emmanuel Rivera who double doned on Saturday, uh, and on Friday was three for five with three extra base hits back to back 30 fantasy point games. Wow. Um, I don't know what has gotten into <inaudible> but 2300, if you, you know, wanna, if you like money, Speaker 1 00:22:19 Uh, short stop, uh, Lindor, Turner, Seager and Adamas are your five can above group Speaker 2 00:22:27 Seger. CSER Speaker 1 00:22:29 Seger, uh, Swanson, Bette, Nico Horner. Okay. <laugh> you know, Bobby whi as we mentioned has third short eligibility. Listen, I know that boob bitch has been good, but I just like find myself, always gravitating towards Korea and is left match. So, um, would you play any of those guys above like Speaker 2 00:22:55 Boche yeah, I, I mean, I think of it on the blue Jays right specifically and they have a lot of them. Brad has been really, really bad against righthand. Okay. Right-handed bat. Speaker 1 00:23:05 So, um, our boy, Jorge Mateo at 36 still swinging it. Well, uh, again, Baltimore gets lefties we're we're just buying in mm-hmm <affirmative> for like three years now. We've been, even though they traded away Mancini, like Speaker 2 00:23:18 This is probably the best stretch mate's been on. Like in terms of like actually hitting baseballs. Yeah. Three 50 shees Speaker 1 00:23:28 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:23:28 He isn't hasn't had three 50 in spans, like this Speaker 1 00:23:32 He's figuring out, oh baby, CJ Abrams is being recalled for Monday's game. Speaker 2 00:23:38 You love to see it now. And now we get him every day, right? $2,100. There's no chance he doesn't play every day. Speaker 1 00:23:44 $2,100. It's Marcus Stroman Speaker 2 00:23:48 Lead. You think he leads off? I mean, if he leads off, he's a lot, Speaker 1 00:23:51 He's gotta be a top four hitter in that lineup. Speaker 2 00:23:54 Cause if he's, if he's leading off, I mean think about what you could just do on draftings you could play Otani Cole, you could play UIA. Yeah. Cole, you could play any form of top spend. There's Speaker 1 00:24:05 Like two $2,100 players. We like with the PAs and, and Abrams. So yep. The value is there this on this 10 game slate for us, which is nice. Speaker 2 00:24:15 Especially if you wanna play Aaron judge against the lefty Speaker 1 00:24:17 $6,500. Aaron judge. Speaker 2 00:24:21 Well, he's about to have 65 home runs anytime. That's fair. Anytime. Now he is gonna have, sixty's gonna be Speaker 1 00:24:27 There. That's fair. Uh, $6,300 mu bets also playing well right now, 3 49, 60 ops there. Uh, and you on of course, $6,100 though, slumping a bit, uh, also, uh, better on the road this year, slightly three 13 batting average on the road for Jordon Alvarez. Uh, Boxton gets the lefty spot that we tend to generally like him for mm-hmm <affirmative> um, power still there. Nine 40 ops. The last 10 batting average has been trash. Speaker 2 00:24:56 Uh, he's literally home running or stealing basis. Yeah. Look at that. He's literally just that's it, which Speaker 1 00:25:00 Is fine because that scores the most basic Speaker 2 00:25:02 Points. So agreed Speaker 1 00:25:04 All about it. I don't, I don't care. We play couch war, but a guy's hitting 200, but he's got 35 homers. Soshi let's see mid-tier guys. Uh, would you, would you play Julio Rodriguez against? Otani probably not, but Speaker 2 00:25:20 You can. I mean, you can right on the mountain. He gets on he. Yeah. He's such a special, yeah. He's no, he's special. I, I think, I think, um, I think you can, I don't think there's nothing wrong with it. Speaker 1 00:25:32 Yeah. You're just, and, and honestly, no ownership will be there so sure you can, you know, if he homers you're you've, you've gained on the league probably. So, uh, you can go, you can go that direction if you want, uh, Baltimore again, we blanket statement. You can play the B tomorrow, outfielders Santa tander, even 49. Like I'm about it. Uh, if you want to go there, you can, uh, we didn't talk Mount castle. Did we like, what was what's his deal? Um, Speaker 2 00:25:58 He is day to day 3,500. Okay. He's in the lineup. Sure. He has a lot of power. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:26:03 Uh, Austin Hayes is $3,300. Like sign me up for long field. Speaker 2 00:26:07 That's a, that's a really good price. Speaker 1 00:26:09 Yeah. So that's a Baltimore out field. Like you can play, you can play basically most guys in that lineup. They're just, they just kick, uh, lefty butt. So, uh, all good, uh, Tuckers at 47. Uh, Speaker 2 00:26:21 And when he's rolling, he's rolling. Like that's we plan? Yep. Speaker 1 00:26:24 Um, I know say has been bad, but we talk about power. He's got power. If grays just kind of grew a fastball to him, like there's a good chance that he can hit it out. So Speaker 2 00:26:32 The lefties, the lefties have been far more successful against Josiah agree. But I do agree say is probably one of the guys you would play. Speaker 1 00:26:40 Yeah. Right. We looked at this last time, like dramatic splits. Speaker 2 00:26:43 It's drastic splits. Yeah. For left. Speaker 1 00:26:45 Yeah. They, they, they hammer him. Um, let's see. Speaker 2 00:26:50 Lordes 42. I like Lordes. I, I I'm in on the blue Jays. Okay. So Speaker 1 00:26:55 Yeah, that's fine. Blue Jay's work anybody else again? So when you're facing tough pitching, like it's tough to find some of the guys, our, our usual go-tos they're, you know, less go toy. So, uh, you mentioned McCarthy at 35, like we'll, we'll ride Speaker 2 00:27:11 Two stole bases today. Yep. Yep. He has, uh, four in his last 10 games. He has like, I wanna say he has six in August, in 14 games. So can't really beat that. I Speaker 1 00:27:27 Agree. Uh, Ray male, happiest three K if he's in the lineup, I'm fine. Just getting exposure to that lineup, uh, Speaker 2 00:27:34 Is giants. Outfield. John is gonna be cheap. They're a lot of 'em are lefties, but um, Slater 3,700 against he'll be in lineup. He hits near the top ye main Mercedes option. Huh? He's been down there for a week. Uh, LaMonte, Wade, Homer in a bunch of games in a row now. Um, and mad BU's been crappy, like, uh, both sizes split. He's been lucky. So yeah. You wanna be sneaky with a giant? I mean, we're playing a lot of giants infield. There's like, you know, throw one of these guys in the outfield, STRs. He, Wade Louis Gonzalez hitting in like the middle of their lineup. So one of these guys are, uh, in play. Speaker 1 00:28:15 Yeah. Uh, frame arrays has been good for the Cub since he's been called by them again, it's a right United left versus gray, but we know the power. There is just Speaker 2 00:28:23 Yeah. Correlation with the power. I agree. Speaker 1 00:28:25 Absurd. Uh, what are your thoughts, Andrew? Hard. If he's in the Speaker 2 00:28:27 Yankee, he's are a mess. That's my, um, I don't hate him. Okay. He like, he can hit, he just also hasn't really done that at the major league level this year. Sure. I also, he might, it might be cuz he just doesn't care. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:28:41 That's also a possibility. Uh, that's it. I think for me, anybody else for you until we get Speaker 2 00:28:48 Obviously yeah, until we get line up Shannon. Speaker 1 00:28:50 All right. Well then gimme your home run. Speaker 2 00:28:52 Um, I'll go with Glader Guerro junior. Speaker 1 00:28:59 Glader GU junior. Um, I'm gonna go Austin Hayes. Speaker 2 00:29:07 Your, your home run calls have been very solid lately. So if you're out there listening right now, you should, uh, listen to John's home run calls. Speaker 1 00:29:17 Yeah. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go to Austin Hayes. That's where I'm gonna, I'm gonna, you know, ride, uh, on this one. Go, I love these against, against, uh, I'm sorry. Rite's Baltimore in general against lefties is where I'm going. Uh, so that's it James, on the playbook, uh, guests in discord, if you have any questions and we will catch you guys later.

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