August 16, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 16: Chicago Cubs Stack & Top Pitching Options

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 16: Chicago Cubs Stack & Top Pitching Options
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 16: Chicago Cubs Stack & Top Pitching Options

Aug 16 2022 | 00:27:32


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Jon Impemba and James Grande preview the MLB DFS main slate for Tuesday August 16th on DraftKings and FanDuel. On today's episode, they highlight their favorite stacks, top pitching options and some value plays to build your lineups around.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcast with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What's going on? I a nation John PEBA here with James Grande. This is the quick pitch lb DFS podcast recording for Tuesday's 13 game slate, James, lucky enough to have yet another slate stacked with pitching, always a positive, especially for 13 games. We know there's gonna be plenty of value. As we found out on Monday's 10 gamer, a lineup in roster construction here is gonna be, I think pretty interesting. Speaker 2 00:00:33 Yeah. It's especially interesting when we probably have the two Cung award leading candidates in the AAL matching up against one another too Verlander versus cease. That should be a banger. And as we know, like you play, 'em both in a 13 games slate, you're basically punting at least one win. So it's definitely gonna be interesting to see how lineup construction unfold, especially with Brandon Woodruff in a tough matchup against the Dodgers Nesto Cortez and a matchup against the rays and the striking out a whole bunch against left. He it's gonna be a fun slate. Let's see. We are fortunate enough for no cores looking through the slate. They're in St. Louis. That is wonderful news. So 13 games slate without Chos Sean, what is better? What is better than that? Speaker 1 00:01:14 I, yeah, I, a hundred percent agree with you. I can only think of one thing being better than that. That would be a Julio Arias getting six strikeouts tonight. Speaker 2 00:01:21 That might be better. That's where Speaker 1 00:01:22 We're here on Monday evening. So let's just get into it. Like I said, we got a lot of games, weather wise. I think we're gonna be largely in the clear, but we'll be on the, on the lookout for that as we get through Tuesday. So check out the weather center for sure. Top price pitching options here. We got Justin Verlander in Chicago against the white Sox at ten six, Dylan C on the opposite side of that match up 10, four can looking to continue. His historic run of starts with one or fewer earn runs allowed you have Brandon Woodruff at ten one at home against the Dodgers. Nester. Cortez is at home against Tampa bay at nine nine Merril Kelly all the way up to $9,600. Robbie rays at 95 against the angels, Alex Manoa at 92 against Baltimore. And I'll let you pronounce this guy's name, cuz I butchered last time. He's the Dodgers starter. It's $9,000. Ryan. What is his last name here? James? Peppi lovely. So that is your nine can above range. We got about eight starters on draft Kings. That high priced up. Do you have Fandel open by chance. Speaker 2 00:02:27 Yep. You have so many guys over nine K. Yes. Speaker 1 00:02:30 There's just you realize that for obviously how highly they were pricing. These guys Speaker 2 00:02:35 Verlander cease. Mano Cortez, Ray Woodruff, Kelly, Justin steel. Charlie Morton, Nick Veta all over nine. K. So Speaker 1 00:02:44 Charlie Mor Hey we did in Nick Veta. Wow. Speaker 2 00:02:47 <laugh> over 10. Yeah. Over nine K also I don't John. Your favorite player. Julio Rodriguez. I dunno if you saw the clip said that in the minors, Ryan Peppi was the hardest matchup he has, which I found extremely interesting that Ryan Peppo was the answer to that question. But anyways, Berlin under cease is an elite matchup. If you like pitching. Speaker 1 00:03:08 Yeah. Bet the under, under on the earn runs in that game. Speaker 2 00:03:12 Yes. If you like pitching the NFY is probably in play here. The under is probably in play here. The over on Cy young awards is probably in play here as Speaker 1 00:03:22 Well. Like at this point, CS has worked himself very much into that conversation. So yeah. Speaker 2 00:03:27 Who's been better in baseball who like over the last, I can't even tell you when it's like dating back to may. Yeah, right. It literally 20 Speaker 1 00:03:38 Straight starts with one or fewer earn runs. Speaker 2 00:03:40 It's not even doesn doesn't even make act. Doesn't make sense. Speaker 1 00:03:43 You lost the last game too with one earn run. Speaker 2 00:03:45 Yeah. So either one of those guys or are clearly in play, this is one of the tougher spots we've seen Brandon Woodruff in, in. Speaker 1 00:03:53 Yeah. I don't really want it. Speaker 2 00:03:54 I will say it's obviously a contrarian play. If you think that Brent Woodruff can go nutty and he can, but he hasn't also been the same guy as he was last year. You don't have to there's 30 point upside here. Speaker 1 00:04:06 Nobody will be on him. That will be a 3% roster play. Speaker 2 00:04:10 Yeah, I think there should and will be pretty decent ownership on nester here over let's just say since the start of August John left handed pitchers have struck out the Tampa bay, rays 34.7% of the, do you wanna guess what that ranks in amongst the league, John first, its actually second. This is shocking. Is the nationals <laugh> yeah, that is actually crazy. Just throwing that up. But yeah. Nester coming off 10 strikeouts in his last game, we're starting to see a early season version of nester Cortez just over the last handful of game would've registered for quality starts. If he had gone deeper into them, the only thing is we're entering that Julio rise territory in terms of pitch counts, because they're unsure of like how fresh nester's gonna be at the end of the year, since this is the most he's ever thrown. Yeah. You're just contending with that. But if you're telling me you're a guy coming off, a 10 strikeout outing is getting a team strike out 35% of the time I'm going to have interest. Speaker 1 00:05:15 Yeah, I think that's fine. I think the next two guys are kind of interesting from a, uh, BVP, not a BVP, a a prior matchup standpoint. You've looked at Merril Kelly this year against San Francisco. Three times he's faced them. He's two and oh he's got a 0.7. Oh whip a 1 6 9 era 17 strikeouts in 21. And the third innings, just four earn runs allowed. We've talked about the giants lineup of late. This is a team that had been striking out at a decent clip. Again, just in general. I know if you're looking at some of the more recent numbers, they they've kind of gone back to being a team that hadn't been striking out. But me Kelly seemly has their number so far this year and then another team where we had been attacking them because they've been striking out a lot, the angels of the last 15 or so days last two weeks. They've that number's come down a bit. But Robbie Ray two starts against the angels this year, 20 strikeouts and 14 innings. Just two earned runs aloud. Both of them pitching really right now. Now if you're looking to save a little money from those guys, I think them two are also very much in the consideration. Speaker 2 00:06:17 I completely agree. And I suspect Robbie Ray is quite popular here. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:06:22 I would. I would. $9,500. I would agree with last couple starts for him back on the wagon face the angels, even seven innings, 10 strikeouts in that game. So sometimes that's a good thing. Sometimes that's a bad thing, right? We've seen pitchers face a team. He tries to approach him the same way and they're ready for it. And doesn't always work out. And then you have Louis Castillo that faced the Yankees three times in four star and knocked them down all three times. You just don't know which way it's gonna go. That Speaker 2 00:06:44 Hurt. Speaker 1 00:06:45 But I agree. It's just the most recent example of that. Speaker 2 00:06:47 No, I agree. I agree. Probably would have some interest in Manoa, but like moderate and then no interest in Peppi at $9,000. Like they need to fix this dude's price. Speaker 1 00:06:58 Yep. Uh, I, with you there in the mid tier, under $9,000 grouping, you had sunny gray at 87 on draft Kings going up against the Royals. You have Charlie Morton at 85 against the Mets flip side of that matchup. Ty Walker going up against Atlanta at 8,200 and Veta is at eight K at Pittsburgh. You mentioned fando pricing. Both Morton and Veta were over nine K Justin steel, $9,700. Justin steel over on draftings is just $6,200. What are we missing here, James? <laugh> you mentioned the strike gun numbers for left feeds against Washington right now. Yep. And look at steel's last game against Washington, nine ninth strike against Miami 10 strikeouts again, two like how do we discuss this? Because he's $9,700 on FAL. Speaker 2 00:07:43 This is the Alex cob from Monday night, right? It was Alex. Cobb was significantly more expensive on FAL. Yeah. Like $9,000 on fan Speaker 1 00:07:54 $3,500 difference. Does that make him more appealing? We talk about the town someone's gonna be right here. Speaker 2 00:08:00 Definitely appealing on draft Kings. Yeah. I can't really get there on sandal. Speaker 1 00:08:06 He hasn't even been bad. Speaker 2 00:08:08 Right? He's not bad, but like 9,700 at that point, like I might just take a shot on Brandon Woodruff for $400 more. Well Speaker 1 00:08:16 I'm talking about what's draft Kings doing Speaker 2 00:08:18 That's look Speaker 1 00:08:19 At his start. Look at his start since June 5th, right? He hasn't he's only had one start or he's all allowed more than three earned runs. A couple starts ago against of the giants. He had four unearned runs a lot, still had six strikeouts in that game against Miami. You went four and two thirds, but he had 10 recos, 93 pitches and four and two thirds. His last 10 starts. He's got a two six era with 59 K's and 54 innings. These 6,200. Speaker 2 00:08:44 No, it's a steal. It's a steal. He's a clear cut. S P two on this. Yeah, I think so. I don't think we need to like, like sunny, gray, eh, like he hasn't been great Morton. I think you can play cuz there's strike got upside, but do we need to against the Mets hit, hit three home runs against them. The last time they face each other Veta has some strike out upside here, but not the same guy that we saw earlier in the year. It's just like you could play Jeffrey Springs against the Yankees cuz the Yankees stink right now. But other than that, like Justin seals, 6,200 just feels really good with current form nationals. Which makes sense basically since the Soto trade, right? Yep. They Soto bell gone two of their best hitters and here we are, 30 something percent K rate those pesky nationals no longer pesky. Speaker 1 00:09:35 Right. Remember a week after that trade we're like, oh, let's see what their strikeout rate was. And it was still pretty low. I was like, oh I guess they just fight everything off. And now we are like two weeks removed and yeah, no they're striking out every time they're at the bat. Yeah. Steel. I think you kind of have to lock in here on draftings as your SV two. And Speaker 2 00:09:49 Would you put him in cash? Would you play him in cash to that price? Speaker 1 00:09:52 I you think there's probably, I guess you Speaker 2 00:09:54 Think he pitches Speaker 1 00:09:55 Up for some bats. Yeah, but I guess the question is there's probably two ways to go about it. You play steel and then you Speaker 2 00:10:02 Play either ver it's either one of the two in that game, right? Speaker 1 00:10:05 Yeah. And then the other option is you go Robbie, Ray, and you pay up for Verlander and C do you. And that's probably where you Speaker 2 00:10:11 Go. Right. Which was a very popular approach on Monday different slate obviously. But like we saw there was plenty of value on Monday at, in position player land. And there will be again here. Yeah. I agree. I think you can play stealing cash just based on reason farmin based on the NA strikeout rate. Speaker 1 00:10:29 Yep. I'm with you there. Anybody else? Speaker 2 00:10:31 Police act against the tigers to talk about strikeout rate since August 1st Detroit 33.9% carried against right-handed pitching police act just faced them last week six and a third one earned seven strikeouts. He had been pitching horribly before that, but nothing like facing the tigers to get you going three starts this year, 2 81 era 14 and a half or 13 and a half fantasy points per game. I like police act 7,200 probably would get to, to steal in most lineups. But as a con, as a pivot away, I would, I would consider some Zach ack. Speaker 1 00:11:06 Okay. It's probably, there's not really any value for fando you said ack he's probably yeah. At 78, right? Speaker 2 00:11:12 Yeah. It's probably ack. Like I like the Sears kid. He was really good for the Yankees before they dealt him. But I don't think there's like enough strikeout upside from him to like really make him worthy of anything. Jacob jus John, what do you, what are your thoughts there? He got shelled his last time out Speaker 1 00:11:30 And he was never really pitching deep in into game, which Speaker 2 00:11:32 Is my no, never, Speaker 1 00:11:33 Especially on Vandal where you need the quality start. Speaker 2 00:11:36 So yeah, police act police act is probably as low. I would say Springs at 82 is a pretty good contrarian play. I don't think a lot of people, even with the Yankee struggling would go there cuz it's in Yankee stadium. I think on both sites, Jeffrey Springs is too cheap. Speaker 1 00:11:49 All right, let's go on over to the catcher position. Then again, big slate. A lot of casher options to choose any initial split matchups that we're looking at. Cal row gets a lefty. $4,100. We talk about the power for him against left-handed pitching is certainly there. Sure. Speaker 2 00:12:05 Let's see Shawn Murphy against a lefty. Yeah. Shawn Murphy has had a lot and a lot of pop against lefties this year. Alejandro Kirk against a righty. If he was outta the lineups against a right. I think catcher's in a really good spot. Let's elephant in the room here. John Wilson. Contreras is 5,700, but it's patch Corbin day. Speaker 1 00:12:24 I know. Speaker 2 00:12:25 So is that if Speaker 1 00:12:27 You're playing too much steel, why not stack? It Speaker 2 00:12:29 Is that is 5,700 too much for Wilson. Andera like Speaker 1 00:12:34 Probably you need a home run. Speaker 2 00:12:35 So Wilson Andera against lefties this year is hitting 2 44, but 90 at bats. Eight home runs of 4 0 7. WOBA yeah like that's like big time power. All of the power coming from against lefthand pitching and we know Corbin is like the gas can of all gas cans. So Speaker 1 00:12:56 Yeah, he is up there for sure. Yeah. It just, I don't know. We'll see if he fits your builds. If you have them, we'll go. But again, this is our first look. So can we find some more value across like the middle infield positions or something like that, then I'd be willing to give it a look. Anybody else? Speaker 2 00:13:11 The Yankees, like I, I keep saying Trino against lefties, but he gets he's crushing lefties. He had a hit tonight. He's still $2,800. I would go back there T Ruiz. We saw him double down. He's 2,900 against steel. If you wanna play against that, if you wanna play against Zach police act, I don't think it's a terrible idea to police act was so bad going into that Detroit start. I don't think it's a terrible play. Going back to some Detroit guys there, Melina against Freeland. I know it's in St. Louis and not Colorado, but the last time Yachty had a good game was his two for four in Colorado. That was against Kyle Freeland. Maybe Yachty 2,400 would be the lowest. And John, Speaker 1 00:13:52 I saw Speaker 2 00:13:52 Ya. Y go, Speaker 1 00:13:54 I saw Speaker 2 00:13:55 $2,200 gets Corbin. That feels really good. Speaker 1 00:14:00 We're gonna talk about it all the time. Lefties with Janni is, is a play. So I'm in on that it again, talking about some value. You can go either way with it. If you really want. We did look at the splits last time the numbers had been down for him, but the power was there for him against lefties batting average way down. But the power numbers had been there still at first base. We're looking at the top of the position. Gold gets a lefty. We've talked about Freeland though. When he is out, of course he's been pretty good this year, but still gold Schmid Anato but he's been laying lumber against left-hand pitching. I know. So no, no real problems with me going there. If I'm in that position, I feel the same with CJR, even though he is out of cores, gets the match up against Cantana. I wouldn't have an issue with that and wisdom again, he's priced too high, but if we're going all in on, on tubs here, we, we can make it work. Speaker 2 00:14:46 I don't wanna pay 50. Could we just let's look, Patrick wisdom on Fandel is $2,900. Let's just play him over there. Don't play him at 53. Speaker 1 00:14:55 I agree. And mid tier guys, what do you like? Speaker 2 00:14:57 Oh, Matt Olson against Ty Walker is fine. I think Ty France is decent play even though Ty France is in like a terrible slump. I don't like anyone. I think just, I guess value options, but I don't even necessarily see much. I like there either. I would play Ellie Harris in the value tier $3,000. Speaker 1 00:15:21 Yeah. Vinny Paaz is 2100 again Speaker 2 00:15:23 And Vinny Paaz. 2100 Speaker 1 00:15:24 Homer tonight. Get the lefty ready? Match up. Like let's roll. Let's continue to roll it. The home run tonight. Now, as we mentioned is now five home runs and eight games. Speaker 2 00:15:33 Yep. Yeah. And king Albert who's coming off a two home run game. Speaker 1 00:15:37 Sure. That works for me. I think it's a left go to a second base. So you spend it up. Speaker 2 00:15:42 It's seeing this is better than it was Monday. I guess like Brandon Rogers gets a lefty, but there's no reason he should be $5,500. Speaker 1 00:15:50 I Speaker 2 00:15:51 Agree. I'm not spending up. I'm spend Andre's Humanez I would spend up on Homer in both games with a double header. He's been stealing bases like crazy. Now has 14 home runs and 15 stolen bases on each. So just being a dual threat. I love that Nolan Speaker 1 00:16:05 Goman would be good if you can sound like the price. Speaker 2 00:16:08 Yeah, just the lefty spot. Isn't my favorite. But you might be right, cuz I don't know where else to go. SIM and F 41 is probably the next he was $2,400 on Vandal. He's $2,400 again. Yeah, for that's just stupid. 41 is a little too cheap. I know he hasn't been great, but 16 home runs and 18 stolen bases after his home run on. Like that's just that's stupid. Yep. I think I would take a shot at Sam. I think he'll probably be pretty popular at that Speaker 1 00:16:37 Price. Now David Fletcher against lefty. I know we talked about Ray, but he just still he's still hitting. So yep. Even Homer in the game against Seattle. Was that the race start? Let's see. Did Ray start against him? You started on the fifth. Let's see. Was that, was that a Fletcher game here? Let's see. Nope. He didn't play on the fifth. He helmet on the sixth. So didn't go against Ray that game's something to look at. Anybody Speaker 2 00:17:02 Else. V Grham again, two K no reason he should be mid salary. Sure. That is probably it. I'm trying to see if there's like any other mid salary plays. No, I think that's Speaker 1 00:17:13 It. Okay. Third base position. We talked about all the time loaded. Speaker 2 00:17:17 Oh, it's so loaded today Speaker 1 00:17:18 Against hill. Our not against Freeland. Devs gets Keller. Riley gets Walker. That's your top Speaker 2 00:17:24 Four. I have no like preference. They're also good. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:17:31 Devs is playing the worst of the group at the Speaker 2 00:17:33 Moment. Debra is playing the worst, but Keller has been bad against lefty bats. It is may I might be in the middle of a monsoon. So there's a potential I drop here just for the record. Speaker 1 00:17:45 You're sounding good right now. So we'll figure it out. If it happens. Speaker 2 00:17:47 Anato is probably the most popular of the bunch. Just considering his stretch currently and the revenge narrative. And he was so good against Colorado. Just the other series. Like just last week. That was probably the play. You'll probably get Austin Riley at ownership that he shouldn't be at. It's probably 5%, right? No one. I feel like nobody really plays Austin Riley. So you could play him. It's probably for me, ATO Riley, Ramirez, devs. But again, I'm not like ranking them. Like I wouldn't play dev. I would literally play all four of Speaker 1 00:18:22 Them. Yeah. We go to the mid tier group. You mentioned max C. I know it's Woodrow, but we've talked him being a bit up and down. He's 47 Suarez. Not hitting right now, but we know historically against Lefty's been better. He gets a Suarez at 4,600 Chapman, the forgotten blue Jay at 45. Certainly a guy that we think we can throw into consideration there. After that though, you go with the goat, Isaac parades here against the lefties, Speaker 2 00:18:44 The goat for literally like two, a two week span Speaker 1 00:18:47 Against the Yankees too. Speaker 2 00:18:49 Yeah. Yeah, you can. I don't hate it. You know who? You can play. Luis Ren GFO who homered again tonight John took Lu Castillo deep. If you wanna play him, that's like a, that's a Pete Cole special right there. Pete Cole loves that kid. I don't know why, but you can play him. Speaker 1 00:19:06 Can play him. I'm trying to see there's any other value. I don't see much. Speaker 2 00:19:10 Manuel Rivera. 2,500. Okay. Against Juni. He's been amazing hitting second, by the way, tonight for Arizona. So Speaker 1 00:19:17 That works short stop. You got Linor Turner Seager and Bogart's up over five, over five K Speaker 2 00:19:23 Seeger's been hitting Lefty's extremely well. This year there's been like a ton of power. I want to find the fantasy go to our Len door Speaker 1 00:19:33 360 1 with a 900 ops. Last 10. Pretty good if but he's expensive. 5,900 is Boku dollars. Speaker 2 00:19:40 Seager has 10 home runs against lefties this Speaker 1 00:19:42 Year. That's a good number. Speaker 2 00:19:43 So I would play him in Texas. We've talked about Texas' hitters park and then probably I don't think I could. I'm not gonna definitely not gonna play Trey Turner. I don't really care. I know Lindor's been good and I'm happy. He's good. But I'm not gonna pay 5,900 for him. Probably Boche Speaker 1 00:19:59 If Ang is in the lineup. Speaker 2 00:20:01 Yeah. Oh yeah. Speaker 1 00:20:02 100. Oh Speaker 2 00:20:04 Yeah. Oh Speaker 1 00:20:04 Yeah. Kind. I'm kind of interested in O cruise against Veta. I know new cruise has been very bad lately, but the power appeal and the way Veta has pitched, I got some interest there. Speaker 2 00:20:17 And it's lefties that Veta struggles with I think yeah. Lefties 800 ops 3 46. WOBA yeah. So I'm with you. Speaker 1 00:20:25 I'm Jorge Mateo keeps hitting. Speaker 2 00:20:26 Yep. Her Mateo for life, for Speaker 1 00:20:29 Life. Anybody else for Speaker 2 00:20:30 You? And you could play Fletcher. You mention, if you wanna play him scrolling through, Speaker 1 00:20:34 They probably don't you think they play Abras versus left? Or do you think they just bat him down the order? Actually they bat him down the order today. What? Speaker 2 00:20:40 Seventh? Yeah. Yeah. His seventh Louis Garcia's hurt though. I L so they might just run Abrams out there permanently right? Until Garcia's back. I don't hate it. Speaker 1 00:20:50 2000 seal then potentially Speaker 2 00:20:52 Also. Yeah. Yeah. I don't hate it. Speaker 1 00:20:53 Okay. Anybody else? Speaker 2 00:20:54 No. I'm the off field. Okay. Speaker 1 00:20:56 Outfield, usual comments here. Build your stack. Pick your top outfielder judges at 64. Oton bats. Your on 10 tough spot. That's in a tough spot, but Tony gets the lefty judge clearly in the better match above the top. Guys. Speaker 2 00:21:10 He just feels, I don't know. It's just something about the Yankees right now. They just don't feel, it doesn't feel good playing them in any capacity. Okay. It doesn't like I get it. Aaron judge still been great. Like still has 46 home runs in a hundred RBIS and we're in August. That's just unheard of, but 6,400. What do you need if he's just so is it though like 6,400? I guess if your pitcher gets you 14 points at 6,400, like you're happy, right? Speaker 1 00:21:39 Yeah. It's two and a half X at 64. Assuming nobody's on base, Speaker 2 00:21:44 Which at this point, like they let off labor Torress tonight. Like there's gonna be nobody on base. Speaker 1 00:21:49 True. We hit second. Speaker 2 00:21:50 Uh, think not saying don't play Aaron and judge 6,400. Just get while they're slumping. It's just sure. Speaker 1 00:21:57 Under 5k guys, the Julio Rodriguez against SWES at 55, Speaker 2 00:22:01 Under five, under 66 Speaker 1 00:22:03 Counter. Sorry. Under 60 I'm Speaker 2 00:22:05 Like Julio Rodriguez is under five. That's Speaker 1 00:22:07 Say my bad. I R Speaker 2 00:22:09 It's a record. Yeah. It's a great price. I think Suz is coming off like two banger starts, but they were both against Oakland, actually three straight scoreless outings thoughts on that. That's interesting. Three baker Speaker 1 00:22:22 Homes on that, but that's lefty spot for so Speaker 2 00:22:24 Yeah, I definitely like JRO there. Speaker 1 00:22:27 So where is his face? Seattle. Twice. He's only started one of those games. 15 strikeouts in 10 innings. One and run lot. Speaker 2 00:22:33 He's kind of been good this year. Yeah. Just like recent form. Speaker 1 00:22:37 He's on a really good run. Yeah. He faced Seattle and back to back outing 6, 18, 6, 26 only started one of those games, but yeah, 15 strikeouts in 10 and a third. Speaker 2 00:22:47 Holy cow. Yeah. I'm not against it or I'm not against Speaker 1 00:22:51 Throw I'm in the pitcher pool Speaker 2 00:22:52 Then. Yeah. I'm not against Speaker 1 00:22:53 That. You're just obviously up against a tough pitching matchup himself going up against array. So right. Other mid tier guys, then taking a peak. I don't love a lot of it. Truthfully. Speaker 2 00:23:03 I like say at 45. Sure. In the Corbin matchup, Ian hap, wherever he is 43 double down on and he hits better from the right side too. So Ian hap coming off a double Don, if you wanna go Texas stack ado, I was Speaker 1 00:23:17 Gonna say Dylan Carlson hits lefties is better. Speaker 2 00:23:19 Dylan Carlson probably leads off here too. He's just been like not good. Speaker 1 00:23:26 Is this a series where the red Sox bats wake up? Every red Sox hitter I've clicked on has ha is hitting like two 10 over the last 10 games. Deborah's Martinez Xander, Pittsburgh, right? Is Mitch Keller shutting down this lineup? He's also worth noting. Actually. That's something they'll pay attention to let me see real quick here. So they don't have him price too down, but Kik Hernandez is expected to return to the Boston lineup. That's your leadoff hitter. Speaker 2 00:23:48 So he's 40 on Tuesday. Speaker 1 00:23:49 Yeah. He's 4,100. He's an outfielder Speaker 2 00:23:52 Only though that could be viable. Keller's been kind of good. You can, you could do that. I don't hate it. I don't love it. I don't hate it. I don't love it for sure. Okay. Speaker 1 00:24:01 Just throwing him out there for red talks guys there. Speaker 2 00:24:03 Yeah, I would in tournaments. I think the red Sox are interesting in tournaments cuz Keller, although pitching well, like we know Mitch Keller is not he's has been hyped up to be in the past. Speaker 1 00:24:13 Brian res is 4k. Speaker 2 00:24:15 Yep. Left he against Veta Speaker 1 00:24:17 Riley green, a 39, even though you're in all PSAC. Speaker 2 00:24:20 I'm all. But I also did mention I'm not against stacking against that police act cuz he's not Speaker 1 00:24:26 A good, we mentioned the SWO as stats in Seattle hamburger. Wasn't a part of those games. He Heer is hitting 400 since he is returned. Speaker 2 00:24:33 <laugh> so I, I saw that today. I couldn't believe it. That dude rakes. Yeah. He just kind of forgot about him. Yeah. He's gonna keep hitting. You wanna be Speaker 1 00:24:39 Older contrarian. Don't you just play Houston. Like who's gonna play. Who's gonna go up against Dylan seats right Speaker 2 00:24:44 Now. Yeah. If you wanna, if you feel like donating your Speaker 1 00:24:46 Boy McCarthy. No love 3,300. Speaker 2 00:24:49 I know guys casually out here stealing bases left and right. And they're just like, nah, 3,300. Hey man. He is gonna keep stealing bases. Keep running him out there. Right? Speaker 1 00:24:58 You mentioned Mani is at first base, right? Or was that just yesterday's Speaker 2 00:25:01 Pod? That was yesterday's pod, but Speaker 1 00:25:02 3,200 Speaker 2 00:25:04 Power, 30 year old making a claim to stick around Speaker 1 00:25:08 $3,000. Alex Verdugo last 10 games. 4 0 6, 1200 ops. Speaker 2 00:25:13 The only red SOC Speaker 1 00:25:15 Only red. So kidding right now. Speaker 2 00:25:17 Seven doubles over that span. Yeah, not too bad. Three Speaker 1 00:25:20 K. Speaker 2 00:25:21 Yeah. That's a good, that's a good call. It feels like a nice cash game. Look at these scores outside of that last Yankee game, 14, 9, 7, 7, 17, 0 17, 19 like super consistent for cash games. Speaker 1 00:25:34 Did Fran mill get on the board today? Speaker 2 00:25:36 He had a triple Speaker 1 00:25:37 2,800 against Corbin. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:25:40 For sure. Speaker 1 00:25:40 I that's gotta be in lineups. Doesn't it? Speaker 2 00:25:42 Yep. Yep. He's gonna, it's gonna be say a hap friend mill in the outfield cuz they'll bench Ortega. Yeah, I like that, man. That's a great call. Fran mill 2,800. He's probably gonna be popular though. The Cubs were one of the projected. Most roster plays on Monday in the Speaker 1 00:26:00 And people. We talk about time, right? Corbin is so bad. It's gonna be an awesome Speaker 2 00:26:03 Stand. So bad, Speaker 1 00:26:04 So bad. And they're gonna see how well he's been hitting and they're gonna be like 2,800 bucks enter. Speaker 2 00:26:09 Where do I sign? Yeah. Where do I sign? Fran Speaker 1 00:26:12 Mill? Over on Fank $2,700. Speaker 2 00:26:16 Yeah. He's gonna be like a all format. All format play. Speaker 1 00:26:20 Yeah. Like gonna be in a lot of lineups. Any other guys? Speaker 2 00:26:22 Leotis Tivas 2,600 triple tonight. Run scored. He's definitely in play Victor Robles. If he leads off against steel, some stolen base upside. That's probably, there was some good value. The Orioles led off Ryan McKenna. He has three hits, but I assume with a righty on the mound they'll lead Mullens back off. Yeah. Nothing else down here. Speaker 1 00:26:46 All right. Home run, call Speaker 2 00:26:48 Home, run. Call. I will go with Wilson. Contreras. Speaker 1 00:26:53 Wilson Contreras against Patrick Corbin is your home run call. I'm gonna run out with you're going high. So I'll go low. I'm gonna run back the little Vinny pass guys. He's just block in right now. 2100 bucks left you right magic against sunny gray. We know he is got power, five homes in his last eight games. Now if Vinnie Pastino for me, Wilson Contreras for you. And that is the podcast. You have any questions? Get us and discord catch you guys later.

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