August 19, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 19: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 19: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 19: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Aug 19 2022 | 00:41:06


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Friday, August 19th for DraftKings and FanDuel and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite pitchers such as Shane McClanahan and Blake Snell. We also see the Giants travel to Coors Field to take on the Rockies.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, MLB DFS podcast with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What's going on in nation, John and PBA here with James Grande. Welcome back into the quick pitch. MLB DFS podcast. Last live stream draft King's breakdown for Fridays 14 game main slate, James. Hopefully we have a better luck with today's video, cuz at the time of conclusion of yesterday's video, we lost one starting pitcher. And then by the early morning we lost a second starting pitcher on a slate where there was only five games. So we have 14 games. Maybe we can afford to lose a couple pitchers, but those are two big ones on such a small slate that we had here for Thursday. Speaker 2 00:00:42 Yeah. And we already didn't have one cuz we didn't know the Royals official starter either. So three starters down before the podcast was even posted or before people even woke up to see that it was out. So yeah, hopefully better luck, uh, fortunate for us. If that ratio remains, uh, will have a better percentage of getting, uh, the starting pitchers, correct. Since you mentioned, there are 28 of them, uh, on Friday slate Speaker 1 00:01:07 As always yeah. 14 games and the highest price pitcher over on draft king toward this slate is one of the pitchers that was scratched from yours today. That's Shane McClannahan, he's $10,200, same exact match form. Getting the Kansas to see Royals are at home. Only one pitcher on draft Kings above $2,000. That's a little bit of sorry, above $10,000. That's a little bit of a rarity given the high price plays that we've had over the last handful of, but we do have quite a few guys in the nine K range ALA against the Mets. Chris Bassett opposite of NOLA in that game against the Phillies. Lance MC colors, James against the Atlanta Braves here, $9,400 Blake Snell at home against the Washington nationals, Alex Wood on the road in cores. We have a Coors field game here, 14 games and Kyle Wright at home against Houston. I'll say that I'm a bit surprised to see the, how effective McCullers was like right outta the gate, right? I mean this was an elite pitcher, but he is always dealing with arm problems makes his first start, goes up against Oakland six innings, 80 pitches, two hits $9,400. And now he's in, in an elite strikeout matchup against the Atlanta, brave all of that sort of nine can above grouping. Like how are you go about your pitcher rankings? Speaker 2 00:02:21 So I definitely think we like McClannahan. I do actually like the extra days rest because we talked about it yesterday. We don't know if the struggles had anything to do with arm fatigue or the amount of innings wearing on him compared to what he's thrown in the past. So I do actually arrest. We saw Louis Petino shut the Royals down. How inconsistent that offense can be it. So I like McClanahan quite a bit. I think Nola's fine for tournaments flips out. I like bass for tournaments as well. Noah has pitched to a sub three area. This is his fifth meeting against the Mets. He hasn't beat them yet, but he has pitched well over 20 draftings points per game against them. Same thing can be said for Bassett. He's actually pitched a little better than NOLA, uh, against the Phillies, Bassett two and oh against the Phillies this year in three meetings. This is his fourth start. Yeah, one era. So I like all three of those guys, Speaker 1 00:03:10 A bit telling that Bassett's averaging 21 fantasy points while having two wins and Noah's averaging 21 face points while having no wins in three losses. Yep. Yeah. What could be for a Noli? They could just score. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:03:21 Against the sure. And by the way you said there's only one, there's only one pitcher in drafting six over 10 K on Fandel Speaker 1 00:03:28 Shocks. Any notables that aren't listed among the nine K guys here, Speaker 2 00:03:31 Blake Snell is ten five Martin Perez. Okay. Is 10 K and Kyle Wright is ten one. So nothing like crazy Perez would be the big difference. Speaker 1 00:03:43 Yeah. Perez is 8,100 on draft king. So that's a two K price difference between the two Speaker 2 00:03:47 Sites. I don't hate Snell at uh, 10, five or being priced up. We've talked about the nationals and it's lefties, right? Yeah. That we're giving them the Speaker 1 00:03:57 Yeah. Righties. They've actually been a little bit better even though Darvish had had nine Ks against him, his last start against them for your righty perspective. But lefties have been the one doing the strikeout damage and Snell was one of them. It is one start against them. This season six innings, three hits, 10 strikeouts Snell under four era. Now. I mean, listen, finding more, finding a bit of a stride here is Blake Snell has them on more than an earn run and any of his last five outings. And if you want to go back that actually stretches pass his last seven starts. It looks like he's only given up more than one and run once Blake itself finding a second half roof here Speaker 2 00:04:32 In course was the, was that one game outside of his dominant stretch. So give him a pass there. That's just what Speaker 1 00:04:39 Happened. So would I would say Speaker 2 00:04:40 So. Yeah. Yeah. I'm with you. I think Snell 9,300, Speaker 1 00:04:42 Like I wanna saw young three years ago. So Speaker 2 00:04:44 He did wanna say young. I think it's been a little longer than three years now feels like Speaker 1 00:04:48 Years, but COVID like just sucked away like most of my life. Speaker 2 00:04:52 Yeah. So I'm in on stuff. Honestly. I think it's pretty contrarian to look at Snell ten five, but we're getting deeper into games. Three of the last four he's registered to qualities. We know the strikeout upside is tremendous. Speaker 1 00:05:06 He's probably a better fan old pitcher cuz you don't get hurt by any walks or hits that he allows. Speaker 2 00:05:10 I, the only thing I'll say is the price like he's 9,300. Draftings that's really good. Ten five on fan is like a little, but I'm still willing to pay that price. I think like of this upper room. So to speak a McClannahan would be my S SP one. Speaker 1 00:05:28 What is McClannahan on Vandal? Speaker 2 00:05:30 He is 11 two. Speaker 1 00:05:31 Okay. He the only one above 11 K Speaker 2 00:05:33 Yeah. Only one 11 K NOLA 10, seven Snell, ten five. But I think like McClannahan, my S P one, I think Snell is close behind. Speaker 1 00:05:42 Yeah. I wanna argue with it. I, I don't really, like I said, I think MC college is interesting in G is just the fact that he threw 80 pitches and went six innings. Now Atlanta did put some runs on the board against ARA tonight, but they're not always the easiest out that's for, for sure. But they do strike out a lot. Lot. He had nine strikeouts and six and two thirds. If we're going under nine K you have Mackenzie at home against the white yet Luard against the Dodgers. We're not really gonna go up against the Dodgers, but uh, so made a couple starts. He was fantastic against the Cubs. I struggled against Atlanta last time out Brady singer against Tampa bay at $8,300. He is coming off a really good start against the Dodgers. Six innings. One hit allow another guy that outside of like a rare outing has been really dominant of late for Kansas city. Gousman against the Yankees. Not gonna go there. Martin Perez. We mentioned big price discrepancy. He's $8,100 going up against Minnesota. Speaker 2 00:06:32 I get, can I ask you why you wouldn't go against the Yankees? Forgot like Speaker 1 00:06:36 Kevin. Yeah. I mean you're right. You're probably right. Yankee Speaker 2 00:06:39 Outside of, outside of last night's like miracle grand slam and extra innings. Sure. What they scored more. Speaker 1 00:06:46 He's been, I mean, he's been a bit shaky of late. I mean again, Minnesota, Tampa bay, obviously. Good starts there. Rock by Cleveland rock by St. Louis Boston got to him a little bit. So I mean you're right. It's a great price tag form. It's one of the lowest price tags we've seen from him in a little bit. He was 8,200 in his last start and got up. God did get hit. My worry is that the Yankees aren't this bad and it is Yankee stadium. Speaker 2 00:07:06 They're not this bad, but they have been this bad. So, and obviously this is, we think that it's going to end, but you also look at the Yankees lineup, like the back half, they're starting two rookies and their catchers there. Labor Torres is a complete wild cart. Andrew Benin has been trashed. Sure. He's getting to the Yankees. Like you get past that top four of the Speaker 1 00:07:27 Lineup. He'll probably be rather contrarian then. I don't think anybody. I honestly don't think anybody's gonna play him against, Speaker 2 00:07:31 I mean 8200 9300 on Fandel. I don't hate, but like 8,200 kind of stands out. Cuz you talked about the rest of the guys. Like Mackenzie's fine. I think we'd both be interested there. I think there's some strikeout upside with McKenzie. Speaker 1 00:07:44 No good home members. Uh, he's faced at the white Sox twice 10 innings, two earn runs allow. Speaker 2 00:07:48 So I think there'd be some ownership going his way. I'm not like you mentioned Lizo. I mean we know it is like so good and so bad. All mixed into one pitcher. Right? You can go singer. You mentioned coming off a great start and he's been more consistently, probably another contrarian play. It's a good pitchers park in the tr, but I like you said, nobody's gonna play Kevin Gosman against the Yankees and it's, I'm not like I like career on the line saying like Kevin Gosman is going to shut the Yankees down. But if playing multiple lineups, Yankee scored nine runs and seven games prior to Wednesday's eight run game. And again, it's Thursday, it's late in that game. It's in the eighth ending ending. They have two runs tonight again. Speaker 1 00:08:30 Yep. Anderson is pretty interesting below them. If we wanna talk about strikeout rate against left-handed pitching over the last month, it's actually the Marlins at the highest strikeout rate got rated 30.3%. If he wanted to $7,900 going up against Miami here, he's been strong. He went six innings and seven innings theses last two outings pitch con and pitching depth into games. Isn't bad. I know he is not a big strike up pitcher, but he is facing teeth now does strike out. So does that give him a little bit of a boost? Does he maybe get five or six strikeouts instead of the three or four? And if he does, that's an extra six plus points that he thought it was total. Speaker 2 00:09:04 I mean, man, it is hard to look at a, at a strikeout rate for a team that's 32.7% in an 18 day sample. That's a pretty big sample. And I said it on the seasonal podcast with the Matt cells in Colby Conway that Tyler Anderson has been like a godsend for Speaker 1 00:09:23 The Dodgers starting pitching group is hilarious. Like God's like 13 and one Anderson's 13 and two. They're doing this all without their guns and they're getting Dustin Mayback and two days mm-hmm Speaker 2 00:09:33 <affirmative> yeah. I mean, it's been, he really has been somewhat of a godsend for them just considering Buer shut down and Kershaw's been in and outta the rotational all year. So yeah, I think Tyler Anderson is a fantastic play. 7,900. I would right now amongst the pitchers that we've mentioned is my clear cut SB two for cash. Speaker 1 00:09:52 Yeah. His home numbers too this year are fantastic. And again, he's been great all year seven at home, a sub one whip sub 0.9 whip 0.86 at home 2.30 era a at home. So you're getting a Marlin scene that strikes out. You're putting him in a Dodgers park favorable to Anderson there. So yeah, I'm with you. I think 7,900, you kinda lock him in into that spot below him. How are you feeling about the rest of that seven K range? We got Lance Lynn tie on Cole Ivin, which is something that we had been playing. Obviously got hit a little bit by Houston, kind of expected $7,400 for him there. We know that their offense is gone. They just released everybody miles, Nicholas at 7,300, your boy Sandoval against Detroit at 72, Tommy Henry 7,100 against St. Louis Graham Ashcraft is back seven K against. Speaker 2 00:10:39 I love using Lancelin in tournaments. I he's just a year removed from like a top, whatever Cy young yeah. Candidate run. We've been getting slightly better results more consistently lately. I mean, three of his last five starts have been quality. Speaker 1 00:10:55 Yeah. Shut them out. Shut the same Cleveland team out over six endings of five starts go Speaker 2 00:11:00 And we're getting strikeouts too. Five, five plus in six straight games. Six plus in five of six. So like the strikeout rates on the rise too. So I like Lance Lynn of that group. Ivins just hard to use because we just, how is he gonna win games? I mean, unless, Speaker 1 00:11:16 I mean, they scored on the Rangers, but Speaker 2 00:11:17 True. This is true. And they have their best two players, both play catcher. They're both now catchers. They're hitting both of 'em are heading too. So I guess that's fair. Seattle's not an offense. I typically love to target, but you can, Sandwell just, doesn't go deep into games and another guy who just doesn't win games either. Yeah. Look, he doesn't wanna start since may. So you can't trust him getting a, not the best down here. You know what though? John, my house Milos, is this price based off a start in course. Speaker 1 00:11:50 Yeah, he is. He's been trash on the road. That's my, my one worry Speaker 2 00:11:54 A been trash on the road, but can we remove the 10 earned runs in, look at it. Two of his last three road starts were Cofield and great American. Speaker 1 00:12:06 All right. That's fair. 16, 16 earned runs in, uh, seven innings. Will certainly do that to you. Speaker 2 00:12:12 I mean, look through, I mean, just look through the logs though. Like the rest of the year, he has not pitched poorly true to really any start other than one home, start against Milwaukee earlier in the year. Yep. And that was in may I, this price is actually based on his core start and his great American start. And then the three start surrounding that. We're tremendous. And he's just coming off eight, eight innings, two earned six strikeouts. Yeah. Just throwing Speaker 1 00:12:38 It out there. I don't mind it. I don't mind it. Like I said, and you're right. You look at his splits, his road, rays 4, 5, 9. He's giving up 35 earned in those 12 starts, but he just gave up 16 of those 35 and seven innings. Definitely good to sometimes take a step back, take a breath, look at the numbers and see what is happening there. So I don't mind it. We know St. Louis can RA Henry being a lefty. Also. It means you have St. Louis versus a lefty in that matchup. So I'm with you. 7,300 is good value. Would you go any lower? Would you, do you have any interest in anybody else? I've, you know, periodically touted the Jordan Lyle's home experiment. He is home against dye boss and red Sox here. 2 73 era at home. It continues to hold up. He faced the blue Jays only allowed two earned faced Tampa bay, shut them out over five and two thirds. If you're just looking the punt, I mean three start three of his last four up over 15 fancy points. Two starts over 20 fancy points there. You know, it just, just kind of throwing names. So against a wall here, Carter Crawford and the flip, side's been pretty decent for Boston Speaker 2 00:13:36 As well. I don't hate Lyles at home. He's not like the most exciting play. I think there's enough. Like Anderson Lynn nikolos sure. So you can get a lot of offenses with those three guys being your spend downs, but Speaker 1 00:13:49 You might be able to play both of them because I mean, you got Uran pitching and cores here. Sure. Speaker 2 00:13:54 No, it's also true. And ESP Espino in San Diego, right against the Bryce Wilson. I mean, I know it's the reds, but like these he's bad. Sure. I actually don't hate Lyles Crawford Manning like that trio of pitchers. I know Manning not coming off like his best outing. Speaker 1 00:14:12 Yeah. We touted him and then he got lit. Speaker 2 00:14:14 Yeah. He's been pretty decent. The one thing we just say over and over again about the angels is that they just strike out so much. Yeah. There's some upside for, uh, for Manning there. Speaker 1 00:14:25 Yep. I'm with you. All right. Let's go to catcher again. Big slates. A lot of catching options here. You got WD Smith with the, the lefty match up against Luo. If you wanted to go there, we got Sean Murphy. I guess it's a reverse splits matchup, right? Cause Marco Gonzales better against the lefties. So I take that Kirk against tie. We know what bad tie is in, in Yankee stadium, blue, light special there with the, uh, he's Speaker 2 00:14:47 No reverse. I think it's reverse. I think tie's good in Yankee stadium. Speaker 1 00:14:51 Is he good in Yankee stadium? Speaker 2 00:14:53 Yeah. Okay. Yeah. He's better in Yankee stadium than is on the road, Speaker 1 00:14:57 But yeah, that's rare. That doesn't seem like it happens often. Speaker 2 00:15:00 No, Speaker 1 00:15:01 Still think you can go with BJ's though. Sure. That's fine. Anybody else? That's mid-tier Cal rally gets the left to match up. Speaker 2 00:15:07 Yeah, I think he hit two home runs. The last time we had the lefty, literally his last game. Definitely cow rally. The rest of the mid, I mean Padre's catchers. Rock's catchers. Ah, how Speaker 1 00:15:19 Match Speaker 2 00:15:19 Up it. Ultimately John doesn't matter, Joey Bart is $2,500 in course just true. 44 40 average over his last 10. Just pencil him in, pencil him in your lineup. Move on from there. It's very easy to fit the rest of your build with 2,500 joy bark. Speaker 1 00:15:38 I agree. I agree. I have no other complaints there. First base gold made of 58. Speaker 2 00:15:43 Yeah man. He is right. Just a different, he's a different this guy. Speaker 1 00:15:47 3 53, 1100 PS last 10, three hits and last game. A little bit of return to Arizona action Speaker 2 00:15:54 And gets a lefty and sprint laptop. Speaker 1 00:15:56 Yep. Gets the lefty. Chrome gets a lefty in course as well. Alex Wood being there. That one certainly is something to watch it for middle midtier guys where you are you peeking? Speaker 2 00:16:08 I'm not, Speaker 1 00:16:09 I mean, Speaker 2 00:16:10 Olson has been, has shown a lot of power. I like the, I like that ballpark in the summer. If you wanna play that, I'm a color. Second. Start back. It's not like he's always been so dominant against lefties. Mancini, Homer again. Yeah. Trying to play Mancini. Speaker 1 00:16:25 I kind frames have been slowing slumping, but he does have the righty lefty there. Sure. Would you do Miranda against Perez? Speaker 2 00:16:32 Yeah, probably Miranda. Speaker 1 00:16:34 Some good numbers there for him. I know Perez has still been okay. But not as nearly as strong as he'd been and ate low Homer again today. Speaker 2 00:16:42 Yeah. Where was that? When we with the Speaker 1 00:16:44 Whole world stack the Rangers. Yeah, no idea, but a 3,200 for him against Dylan Bundy. Speaker 2 00:16:48 Yeah. That's a great spot. It's are we gonna have another ranger slate, John, probably. Please. No. Speaker 1 00:16:54 Maybe instead of full on stacking them, we just pick one Speaker 2 00:16:57 Nate low. It Speaker 1 00:16:58 Just played Nate low. Speaker 2 00:16:59 Yeah. Don't play Marcus Simian cuz that guy's Speaker 1 00:17:01 He is terrible. It is terrible. He's terrible. I got nothing else though. Speaker 2 00:17:05 I'm looking down at the value chair. Pino gets a lefty kind of talked about that ear or when the original pitcher was supposed to be McClanahan. We didn't love it. I don't think we need to go. Speaker 1 00:17:16 I mean Nate said Nate low 3,200 is hitting well, he get stealing Bundy, right? Like why not just Speaker 2 00:17:20 Agreed Speaker 1 00:17:21 Lock that one potentially agreed potentially in there. Agreed. Second based position tu base at the top at $5,400 BR Rogers in cores against the lefty, 51 would probably be pretty popular. We talk about that. Split match up form all the time. Better at home, better against lefties. It kind of all stacks up. It all depends on what you think of Alex Wood here. If you want to go there or not under them, anybody under 5k, if you were to rank them Chron worth probably at 46. Speaker 2 00:17:46 Yeah. Love targeting us. If you know, as long as he is gonna remain in, in the rotation, that's a great play. Speaker 1 00:17:52 Edmond's good against leftees isn't he? 4,400. Speaker 2 00:17:55 He's fine. They're just like, he's just not like, I can't actually believe he even has 24 stolen bases. I feel like he hasn't done anything forever. Speaker 1 00:18:03 They hit him in like a weird spot of the line too. He keep on moving him around. Speaker 2 00:18:06 I feel like I would rather just play like Estrada than Edmond in cores. Do they move Wilmer or like Wilmer who's 38. I'd probably rather just play those two guys. Speaker 1 00:18:19 Okay. How you, Speaker 2 00:18:20 Your boy David Fletcher. Speaker 1 00:18:21 Yeah. I mean, I don't mind you just better against lefties, but I mean just hitting right now. So Speaker 2 00:18:25 Yeah, just RA. It's not, I mean we mentioned Manning, but it's not like he's like this untouchable dude. He's not Speaker 1 00:18:32 At all. Yeah. We've talked about Wilmer hitting better against res this year. Wanna Speaker 2 00:18:36 Go? Yeah. I like Wilmer 38. Hundred's a good price. Yep. Speaker 1 00:18:38 Get him and get him in course. Anybody else for you? Speaker 2 00:18:41 If you wanna play Christian, Roy who's popular two K, but he let everyone down. Red Sox did in general. A lot of offenses did in general on Thursday. So if you wanna play Christian Royal Speaker 1 00:18:52 Two, Bon Christian just keeps hitting by the way. So Speaker 2 00:18:54 He just keeps hitting. He had, I think he had two hits against agro tonight. Speaker 1 00:18:57 Did he? He's 2100. He gets McCullers. I'm fine. I'm fine. Going V if he's in the lineup again and then Christian Royal, if he keeps being in the lineup just keeps hitting. Yep. Two K. So Christian Royal, no respect. Third base favorite position for us generally on the board Cheto gets O Espino. Ramirez gets Lynn endeavors gets Lyles or NATO gets Henry Riley gets a colors, Braman off his big game gets right. I mean, uh, just chalk full of talent. And uh, none of those guys are in courtfield Speaker 2 00:19:24 GTO, likes varieties more than he likes lefties. Jose Ramirez is definitely, probably has BVP here. Speaker 1 00:19:32 I would imagine. Yeah. It's our, I mean, it's gonna be R ATO for me. I think we're gonna just try to, Speaker 2 00:19:36 We get the left team, Speaker 1 00:19:37 Especially if you can really play like a couple of those mid-tier pitching options today on this slate. Like it's not, it doesn't feel totally necessary if maybe you can get two 20 plus performances out of guys in that like under nine K range, like getting Goldy and AA and a mini stack, I think feels pretty, pretty nice. Speaker 2 00:19:54 Marin is eight for 23, 3 bombs. Speaker 1 00:19:57 Yeah, that makes sense. Speaker 2 00:19:58 But I agree on the AA front never's GPS for sure. But yep. Speaker 1 00:20:03 And I think Bregman, I mean, listen we've we talked, we like, he hasn't been like shut down. It feels like lately, Speaker 2 00:20:09 Dude. What have we been saying about Bregman this year specific? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:20:12 It's right Speaker 2 00:20:13 Varieties. It's been right handed dominant season for Bregman. So Speaker 1 00:20:17 Yeah, two, two starts ago for ride. Get four home runs against the Mets. Speaker 2 00:20:21 Yeah. And hot night in Atlanta. Yep. Against a team coming off. 21 runs. Speaker 1 00:20:26 Yeah, the today's early slate. Baseball was hilarious with the scores. Three teams up over double digits. Speaker 2 00:20:32 Absolute Speaker 1 00:20:32 Worst. Mid-tier guys, a Chapman at 49. You got a whole bunch of people with lefty match, man. Obviously. So man being a lefty, Muny being a lefty. So you kind of have to cancel them out, but maybe Soo as against Ivin Turner, I think at 41 against Luo at 41. Yep. Is a good spot there. Lefty righty spot for him. Let's see anybody else under, under 4k. Speaker 2 00:20:54 Yeah. Diaz. 4k. Speaker 1 00:20:56 So do they call lightning? Speaker 2 00:20:57 Lightning's not gonna strike twice. Speaker 1 00:20:59 He's yeah. You want yeah. Is got a home again. Speaker 2 00:21:01 Longo 34 in cores. Speaker 1 00:21:03 Yep. Speaker 2 00:21:04 Or she Speaker 1 00:21:04 Geo we know geo better against lefties this year. Not a great season for him, but you know, Speaker 2 00:21:10 JD Davis, 2,700 in cores, he's been hitting for power. Where is list Stella in cores? $2,100. I was trying to find Monero, but did they? Him? Monte's a first basement only. We didn't mention him, but he gets a righty lefty matchup. Speaker 1 00:21:29 All right, let's go on over to the shortstop position at the top here, we got Trey Turner at 6,200. Lenor at 57 Seager 53 Bette's of the 52 WANs. And at 5k 5k of Grove grouping Turner gets the lefty match up. He is expensive, but we don't mind targeting Luo Seager at 53. I know he is burned us a little bit of late. He gets the Bundy spot. What are your thoughts on this top tier? I Speaker 2 00:21:51 Don't have much interest up in this tier. Okay. I think Karea 48 is a good price tag. JBAs gets a lefty. 43. Jose glaciers gets a lefty in cores 42. That's very same mentioned thro or I was shot out earlier at second. You could also play him at short, Paul Deon 39 gets lefty. He fits in any Cardinal stack is a cheap, cheap play to get more exposure to St. Louis. We always mention har Mateo ready on the mound, easier to steal. So I think you don't have to spend up if you want, like Turner, you could definitely play and Linor and sea tournaments and stuff. I think se Segers been garnering a bunch of ownership lately. I don't think that's necessarily gonna stop here considering Buies on the mound, but I don't think you need to spend all the way up. Speaker 1 00:22:39 Sure. Again, you mentioned some of those guys in the mid tier are already, so I'm kind of in agreement with you. You've got Cray versus that lefty spot BAAs gets set, lefty match it. That we talk about Atlas where big fans of obviously in cores gets the lefty match up. So intimidating is Jose AGLs that they, uh, they pulled Mac. No I wasn't Mac. Sure. Who'd they pull the other day on the mound against them. Jordan Montgomery. Yeah. Jordan Montgomery. So intimidating. They pulled Jordan Montgomery. I saw our tweet earlier today. I dunno if you saw it as well, but ha hauk Kim over his last 188 bats or whatever it is. He's hitting like three 20. You guys been guys been lacing the baseball I'm with you there. All the guys you mentioned at shortstop work for me. Is there anybody else that you're missing or any other value you guys wanna discuss? Speaker 2 00:23:16 I don't know. I don't see anyone like sub three K unless you do. Speaker 1 00:23:20 No. I mean, we used to play Miguel Rojas versus lefties, but we're kind of in on Tyler Anderson. So Speaker 2 00:23:24 BCR be cross two K John. So if you wanna play Crawford he's two K again. Oh Speaker 1 00:23:28 Yeah. That's true Speaker 2 00:23:29 That we didn't mention. And what Speaker 1 00:23:31 Does Elvis Andrews? Oh, he is not. He still listed as Oakland. He still listed Speaker 2 00:23:34 On, yeah, it's not listed yet. We didn't mention Brandon belt at first base either, but 2,800. Just I'm just going through like cores. They are so cheap. Yeah. So beat crawl. Two K I think is Speaker 1 00:23:46 It's cuz their offense generally sucks, but Speaker 2 00:23:48 Generally does I agree, but it isn't the worst spot here. Yep. In Cofield. Speaker 1 00:23:53 I agree. All right, let's go to outfield. Uh, GHE, OT versus Manning at 65 car. Not to, or not want some action there. You got judge, we've talked about a league home run leader. Gossip, tough spot for bets has been training better against righties, but we know Ludo 6,300 for him. Soto it 61, I guess ESP Espino. And we got bucks in back up over six K cuz he has that lefty match up. Speaker 2 00:24:15 Yeah. I mean, if you head over to the fancy alarm disc card, I'm gonna pull it up real quick. Pete called, posted this quote tonight and he said, Albert Einstein, the definition of his insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results. And then he followed up by saying me playing judge every single night, this week waiting for the breakout. And that's kind of what it is right now. Kind of why I was talking to you so much. Speaker 1 00:24:38 He was 20% rostered yesterday. I mean, everybody's just like waiting for the two home run game to come. Speaker 2 00:24:42 Do you wanna know what his ownership was? That this evening, John? Speaker 1 00:24:44 What was it? Right? Speaker 2 00:24:45 It is 41%. Speaker 1 00:24:47 Five games though. Speaker 2 00:24:48 So five games. So you can play judge, if you're crazy, if you wanna go back to the well there thinking the Yankees are gonna break out you, I think Moy is probably Moy and soda are probably the two guys here though. Okay. And I and O but 6,500 Speaker 1 00:25:02 It's expensive. Yeah. It's expensive. Julio Rios should be 600 gets urban it's so lefty ready match up there with your fans of the VA. If you wanna go, uh, Springer tie on matchup, TIS or tie Speaker 2 00:25:13 Has Springer has five hits tonight by the way, too. So Speaker 1 00:25:16 He's a good player. Speaker 2 00:25:17 Yeah. He very good Speaker 1 00:25:18 Player. And not really in on Baltimore bats. Speaker 2 00:25:20 Nope. For tournaments. Fine. Like they're Moins with the lefty and Santara like both have the wall on their side. Yeah. So didn't get moved back for lefties. Speaker 1 00:25:31 Yeah. I'm trying to think. Great track gets lefty at 44. In course. Just been so disappointing. Speaker 2 00:25:37 Yeah. No it's stacks, ly stacks, Speaker 1 00:25:40 Even in stacks, like he's been super disappointing. So Speaker 2 00:25:44 To be fair Speaker 1 00:25:45 Harris at 41 against MC colors, again, I don't really wanna run against MC colors, but he's been, he got paid. He's been, he's been deep Speaker 2 00:25:50 To your just backtracking real quick. Yeah. To the point about Tyler O'Neal last three starts, uh, 12, 14, 19 draftings points, signs of life. He also hit near the top of the order a couple times three multi hit games in those. So just throwing that out there, just to pad your like your Speaker 1 00:26:08 Sure. To me again, the need more of it. Right? The last four games is great. So let's get it going. Let's see some more out of that. If you want go, if you wanted to go and roster him, we gotta see more consistency. Brian Reynolds is hot 4,100. They're just not touching the price point. Ashcraft doesn't do much for me here. Nope. Boston bats. I'm seeing JD Martinez, but I yet to come across our boy, Alex Verdugo Speaker 2 00:26:28 That's because he's gonna be like, he's probably cheaper than he was honestly. It's Speaker 1 00:26:33 His name? 31 30 $100. Speaker 2 00:26:35 Another hundred dollars Speaker 1 00:26:36 Increase with Scott. No, I think he was 31 yesterday. Almost. They lowered him for today. Okay. Okay. Uh, yeah. So Verdugo at 31 is just great value for sure. We talked about Chris Taylor the other day generally hits be loader better against lefties. If he wanted to run that out there you mention, you generally mentioned SSON at 33. When he is got a lefty on the mound, McCarthy gets AMIC less at 32. Sure. Speaker 2 00:26:57 Lets see a Mitch Hager. 37. Yeah. Gets Speaker 1 00:26:59 A lefty hamburger. 37 Oscar against Alice is the guy that you've been high on. He's at 36. Speaker 2 00:27:04 Yep. Both those guys are solid. Yeah. What do we do with the giants? They're all so cheap 39 STRs ski 29. So I'm 100% playing LaMonte. Wade. That is my favorite giant play of the day. Okay. Cause all he is doing right now is hitting home runs. So if I were to pick one giant, like if you were to ask me Joey Bart and LaMonte Wade. So two I'd play Joey Bart and LaMonte Wade. Those would be the two giants. Like I'd be a hundred percent in on for this slate. But LaMonte Wade Speaker 1 00:27:33 24, 20 $400 for LaMonte. Wade. Not bad. Speaker 2 00:27:36 Yep. Lots of power lately. Speaker 1 00:27:37 Dylan. Carlson's better against lefties. So he's also cheap. If you want to go that way for your, Speaker 2 00:27:41 He Speaker 1 00:27:42 Just Speaker 2 00:27:42 Stay should have dealt him for Soto. Speaker 1 00:27:44 Yeah. You know what? They, they traded Bader for Montgomery instead. So Speaker 2 00:27:48 Can't say I blame them there. Speaker 1 00:27:50 Huh? No, but I'm just saying, believe his numbers against lefty are like pretty legit this year though. Speaker 2 00:27:54 No, he's been no, you're correct. And he's been hitting at the top of the order against lefties too. Like they, they lead him off, but I'm just saying, Speaker 1 00:28:01 Unless they go, who's been leading off for them lately. They're uh, Speaker 2 00:28:04 Uh, Lars Newbar yeah. He's a lefty though. So I think you're, I think you're right. Carlson against Speaker 1 00:28:09 Left three 18 batting average this year against lefthanded pitching for a Mr. Dylan Carlson there. So Speaker 2 00:28:15 Yeah, you're right. He'll lead off and Hey, if Newbar's in the lineup Speaker 1 00:28:18 900 op BS, dude, he's hitting he's killing lefties. Speaker 2 00:28:21 Yeah. Killing lefties just has maybe lately, but can't say I fault you for the call. Sure. I do. New bar has not been great against lefties. I understand. That has been pretty good in terms of fantasy production lately. Speaker 1 00:28:33 Yeah. I agree. Let's see any other value. I mean I'm you're in on all the giants. So like you scrum see, despite its Speaker 2 00:28:42 Not necessarily horrible struggles. I'm it's more Wade. Okay. It's just, it's more Wade spec in the outfield. I don't really see. I don't think you need to go below Wade. Truthfully. Maybe this Winton Bernard kid that the rocks called up. He has two stolen bases in four games, three hits and or hits in three of four, two K. Okay. Speaker 1 00:29:02 Yeahs have been hitting the ball a little bit better. He's first outfield. So Speaker 2 00:29:05 He has, Speaker 1 00:29:06 I can go either way there up. So gimme your home run call then Speaker 2 00:29:09 Since we are avoiding the old course field, we are shoot you go first. I think you're probably, I feel like you're gonna go gold Schmidt. I Speaker 1 00:29:18 Am gonna go. I am gonna go Paul gold Schmid yeah. Speaker 2 00:29:21 That, yeah, that was my guess. This is tough. I almost don't have one. I'm almost gonna plea the Speaker 1 00:29:25 Fifth. How are you not, I mean, I know why. Cause you can't play 'em that's why? Speaker 2 00:29:29 What are you gonna say? LaMonte? Wait. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:29:30 How are you not Speaker 2 00:29:30 Playing Louis? I would a hundred percent. That would be my first choice. Who, what are some spots that we like overhaul for me real quick? Who do we like? I'm like, I feel like I just blacked out this Speaker 1 00:29:40 Whole. Who do we like? Oh, we like St. Louis against Arizona. I think that's a team that we've kind of targeted as a running up against. We've talked about the Dodgers against Ludo coming out with the way he's kind of come back and pitched off of as a way to go ahead and target him there. We've discussed obviously the way Boston has hit lately. If we wanted to go against Jordan Lyles, we've talked about Texas with Dylan Bundy, Nate, low Diego in the power there. Speaker 2 00:30:05 San Diego against ESP Espino too. Yeah. I go Speaker 1 00:30:07 San Diego again, right? Exactly. Speaker 2 00:30:09 I'll go Soto. Speaker 1 00:30:10 Soto. Okay. So you got Soto. I got Goldsmith. That is the podcast. As always, you can find us in the discord. If you are listening or watching discord is the, uh, premium discord, which you can get access to right now going to financial You click on the pricing page. We have the all pro access package go monthly subscription right now. If you use code NFL 50 during the monthly subscription, first six months are just 1999. It's a 50% off. And that gives you access to all DFS and seasonal content that we have onsite for the next six months, which means it basically takes you through the NFL. The end of lb, start of NHL, NBA, you name it. We cover it. NA our MMA it's all included for use. So you make sure you go ahead, click the links at the bottom of the videos, go to fan If you're listen to this on your iTunes or Spotify, Stitcher, you name it and click the pricing page and get access to that. Now, any final words of the wisdom here, James? Speaker 2 00:31:05 Nah, I will be back Monday with the podcast, with the, with this video forum. If you listen on whatever, you can listen through your iPods, your I, if you still have a cord, shout out, you know what, John, this is my parting. I joined the iPod, the air. AirPod not too long ago, but shout out to those who stuck with the, with the wires. Why the wire gang is the Speaker 1 00:31:27 Wrong. I do not have EarPods, but I do have, I had, do have Bluetooth headphones. So that counts, I guess, kind of. Speaker 2 00:31:32 Yeah, no, you're not a true like wire guy. Like I, I stood my ground for a long time, rocking the wire, tuck it in the shirt, but I did join the AirPod gang. But shout out to you all you people sell intake, all your podcasts and stuff with the wires. You guys the real MVP. Speaker 1 00:31:46 Yep. All right. So that was a way to end this. Of course, James and I will. We'll catch you guys later.

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