August 02, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 2: MLB Trade Deadline & Jacob deGrom Return

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 2: MLB Trade Deadline & Jacob deGrom Return
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 2: MLB Trade Deadline & Jacob deGrom Return

Aug 02 2022 | 00:27:05


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Jon Impemba and James Grande preview Tuesday's MLB DFS main slate on DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcasting with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:11 What is going on at foundation, John and Pemba here with James Grande. This is the quick pitch lb DFS podcast record here for Tuesday's 14 game main slate. We saw a handful of players traded on Monday, including some traded right before RO lock, just like Christian Vasquez was moved just before Ross lock. He was even in the red Sox lineup, 20 minutes beforehand. And they had, they ended up having to pull him out. So those are things he had to take into consideration here, dur on making his season debut. He threw 67 pitches in his most recent rehab outing. Gotta think maybe they let him go 80 in his first now here, but going up against Washington, DRO has been quite good during his rehab appearances. So I looking to be informed, but would you pay the ten three for him, James? Speaker 2 00:00:57 No, like I get it. If you want to. It's fun. He's back. Got it. But I don't think we need to go there, especially when we do have Corbin burns against the Rockies are kind of lifeless away from chorus field and new Darvish has been absolutely dominant of late. So I think there's other options. Great Speaker 1 00:01:17 Home numbers for Darvish as well. 1 94 era at home. Speaker 2 00:01:20 Yeah. Tremendous pitchers part. I think it's, it's exciting to see Deron back in pitching in a major league uniform, but I'll give it a starter too. Let's see how he does. We're not gonna put it past him that he's gonna go six innings and throw 75 pitches because that's just like how good he is and have eight strikeouts. But just the fact that there's likely gonna be a limit when burns and Darvish are gonna throw 120 pitches each and in very enticing matchups. So I prefer those two guys Speaker 1 00:01:47 To, uh, under 10 K, we got a couple guys at nine K, we got Gilbert against the Yankees. Probably not gonna go there against Tampa bay. Mackenzie's at home against Arizona. We have Tyler Anderson against San Francisco at $8,900. Christian Javier against Boston at 87. Taiwans at home against Seattle at 85, Spencer Schreder down to $8,300. There gets Phil gall at eight K against Cleveland on the road. That's your nine to eight K range. Speaker 2 00:02:15 I would be interested if the Yankees pitch tie again, cuz he just pitched four days ago. I guess. Let's see. I guess he is the scheduled starter. I don't know. I'm a little suspicious. That's a little suspicious to me. Maybe. Maybe I'm missing something here. 28 30 I guess. No, I guess that's correct. Is there's 31 days in July there. Yeah, Mackenzie's fine. I think there's some upside there Gosman is fine. I think there's some upside there, but you know, neither of those price tags gives us any room for error. Not gonna go Logan Gilbert, especially with the Yankees heading four home runs two by Jose Travino one by judge. They're rolling again. Henderson's interesting. But the giants do hit lefties, but seven shut out in course field dude. That's so impressive. I think Tyler Anderson is just a forgotten man in this Dodgers rotation, four of his last five starts 20 plus fantasy points, three straight scoreless outings, one against San Francisco. Definitely interested there. Javier, I've been attacking Boston over the last couple weeks and I not gonna stop now that they're striking out a whole bunch and we know Javier has a whole bunch of strikeout of, Speaker 1 00:03:23 And who knows what's gonna be the red Sox lineup coming tomorrow. Right? Speaker 2 00:03:25 Fair. Who Speaker 1 00:03:26 Knows J Martinez. This could very well be out of Boston. Like we don't know. Speaker 2 00:03:30 Right. And could see myself going Taiwan based on his last start and based on Seattle's struggles offensively 22nd and Speaker 1 00:03:38 Ops. I know JRO that's a big book. Speaker 2 00:03:39 Yeah, right? No JRO 22nd in ops against right handers since July 1st. I, I love Spencer Schreder though. 8,300. What do you think the algorithm is saying about Spencer Schreder? That he's had three games of 11 strikeouts he's realistically had one bad start and yet he's $8,300. Speaker 1 00:04:00 So he just faced Philadelphia's last owning at 8,700 and had 25 fancy points, six innings earned one and run six strikeouts. How he faces them again. He is at homeless time and he is cheaper. What? It's a weird number. It's a weird, it's a weird price. I agree. I would definitely have interest to. Ion's interesting cuz you think Giggi stadium, but he's he isn't very good at home. Three, one C and 11 starts this year at home. So Speaker 2 00:04:23 Six and one. Yeah, six, Speaker 1 00:04:24 Six, and one. Easy to get easy to win games when your offense is hitting nothing but home runs Speaker 2 00:04:29 Correct? No, very listen. Very true. Speaker 1 00:04:32 Very true. So yeah, I think all of those guys are kind of appealing. Speaker 2 00:04:35 I agree. Definitely Speaker 1 00:04:36 Outside of Darvish and maybe you don't have the spend all the way up. Speaker 2 00:04:40 Right? I like cor burns a lot. Sure. Right. And he has three of his last four games he's struck out 10 plus and Pittsburgh is just, they are just bottom of the barrel right now. They're quite literally 30th and ops 30th. And WOBA since July 1st with a 27% care rate against righties. That is third worst in baseball. So yeah. I agree. You don't have to spend up, but like in cash games, like cor burns is gonna be extremely popular. Speaker 1 00:05:09 I agree. Under eight K Cole Ivins and pitch him really well. And he gets his angels mad out. Speaker 2 00:05:13 You've mentioned him a bunch and you're spot on. He has been kind of really good. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:05:18 We picked up on him after he had like a decent run again like Toronto, Houston, Texas Houston. Now he's Houston three games and he's you shut them down all three times. So the one thing with him is just strikeout radio. He doesn't strike out a bunch of guys. Generally he had ate strikeouts against Texas angels strikeout a lot. I, if you're looking at under AK the way this man's rolling right now in this lineup. I Speaker 2 00:05:43 Agree. No, I fully agree the angels. There's nothing to fear with the angels right now, even. Oh, we've said it Oton can Otani might have two home runs tomorrow and if they might lose eight two, so oh how did Otani do? Oh, he had two home runs, but they lost eight. Two. Yep. Speaker 1 00:05:59 Okay. Adam Wayne. Wright's at home. These $7,500 home numbers still play 2.01 era Speaker 2 00:06:04 Versus a team that we have no idea who's still there. Speaker 1 00:06:07 Yeah. This was the weird start for Wayne Wright though. Earlier this year, zero strikeouts in this game, seven, seven innings, zero strikeouts against the, that came off of his 10 strikeout game against San Diego. So two extremes for, for Wayne, right? Those back to back starts coming off a seven inning one or an eight strikeout game in Toronto, much to the surprise of literally everybody. Yep. In that one. Now he's home against Chicago. Again. We don't think anybody's gonna really be left on that line. Right. We're thinking some, you know, they'll be, it'll be traded. So, uh, 7,500 for wino is a good is a really good number. Speaker 2 00:06:44 Yeah. I'd be shocked if Contrera and hap are still in, um, Cubs uniforms specifically. I think those two are like the hottest commodities of the Cubs. So yeah. You mentioned it though. It's it's a turn play only because of, you said the craziest of two scenarios. We literally, again, two starts ago in Cincinnati, Cincinnati's tough to place to pitch, but seven earned two strikeouts in Toronto without gold Schmidt. And Anato backing you up and his team wins six one and he throws seven one run innings with eight strikeouts. Like dude talk about inconsistency. So tournament's only for me. Speaker 1 00:07:23 How far has Lucas shield been fallen? He is under $7,000 against Kansas city. Speaker 2 00:07:29 I'm using him don't care. <laugh> I'm using him. He's Speaker 1 00:07:32 Using him. I know he is been bad. Right? He is been very bad. He's been very bad at home too. Six, two era at home, but he was okay in his one start against Cleveland, Kansas C rather there five innings to earn seven strikeouts. Didn't get the win, but had 16 fantasy points still this, yes, this is talent wise. Like too cheap. I know he is been pitching poorly, but I mean he was just $7,500 and now he is down to $6,800. Speaker 2 00:07:55 Yeah. I do think it's too cheap. I'm just like looking John at the numbers and stuff and what's going wrong. So there's obviously a positive there's positive regression on the horizon. Okay. 3 49 Babi against 3 75 xFi compared to his five 14 era. So obviously like he's really run into some bad luck. The K rate 26% is on par with his career averages. 25.2 for his career. The fastball velocity has dropped one mile per hour. But is that he's never been like a 97 98 guy. Right? So it's not like he's the VLO dip is killing him. He's throwing a lot less change up. I don't know if that's something to look at, but there's positive regression on the horizon for Gito and I'm 100% of the time willing to take a chance on him at this price tag. I just am like, it's a good matchup. It's a good price. I'm willing to take the shot at 1600, even though he's struggled. Speaker 1 00:08:58 Is there any other value that you were looking at? We talked about cutter Crawford last time against Cleveland. He did pitch. Well, red Sox, starters just don't win games. Speaker 2 00:09:06 Yeah. Kegan Thompson. Your boy. That's coming off a dynamite. Start again, Pittsburgh. Well Speaker 1 00:09:12 In St. Louis though, Speaker 2 00:09:14 107 K I mean all star Jose Rena. He's gotten she, his last two starts Spencer Howard finally put together a good start his last time out. But it was against angels. How much do we want to trust there? I don't see much to be like excited about right. It's cutter Crawford, maybe in the tournament, but obviously there's no Bregman because Bregman's wife is pregnant maybe there, but I don't think we need to go below Gito I think Gido would be the perfectly acceptable value. Speaker 1 00:09:48 Yeah. I'm with you go to catcher. A lot of it. 14 game slates. A lot of players here. Yeah. But does a Ruman deserve to be the top price Speaker 2 00:09:55 Guy? No, he was also the top price guy completely threw me off. I think it was Speaker 1 00:10:02 Hitting a really run 360 9 85 op space has no home runs during these Speaker 2 00:10:06 Times. No. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know again. Why is he the price? He is in Spencer strats. 8,300. Like why is one guy going in one direction? The algorithm doesn't make sense, but I think will Smith is probably your top spend up. He's been really good against lefthanders this year. Oh, what's his name? A WD 40. Sorry. Yeah. WD Smith. WD again. Hopefully he changes that the number one day. If you don't like Gito Melendez or Salvador Perez can both be options. Speaker 1 00:10:32 Yeah, Sal's doing, Sal's got the power stroke back man. Speaker 2 00:10:34 Yeah. Third home run night. I think it, he had, I think he hit one tonight, right? Or did he already Maryfield how old say for sure. He two he's hit two and three games. No, he hit one tonight. Yeah. Three he's hit three home runs in four games. Funny how draftings has Christian VA. Maybe I didn't have enough updated, but they have the same thing happened. Remember the other night where, Speaker 1 00:10:55 How Vasque is with Houston. So you might need to refresh Speaker 2 00:10:57 Need to refresh. I'm just not going to, I don't know. John Eric cost isn't versus lefty grand do yeah. Grand doll. True grand. Doll's a good one. Speaker 1 00:11:05 Still hitting 200, despite hitting 360 over the last 10. So Speaker 2 00:11:09 I think both Padre's catchers against Josea is in play. Speaker 1 00:11:13 Would you play Jonah Heim against Jordan Miles? Sure. Speaker 2 00:11:16 He's been good. He's been solid. 4,200. He has some pop. If, look, if I know Logan Gilbert's on the mound, but like Jose TNO had two home runs tonight. Sure. So if you wanna go back to there, Speaker 1 00:11:26 Can't deny him, right? Speaker 2 00:11:27 Not necessarily excited about the rest of the position. Speaker 1 00:11:30 Nope. I'm with you there. Let's go to first base. Talk about some guys we are excited about. Speaker 2 00:11:34 All right. Wow. Tommy's not the most expensive first basement. That's the first time in a while, right? Speaker 1 00:11:39 It is first time. I've always been under six K. Speaker 2 00:11:41 Probably not gonna go Freeman at six K. I think that's a little too expensive. Ken go gold Schmidt. Alonzo Homer on Monday. Right? I feel he's been on fire here. Speaker 1 00:11:50 Not Speaker 2 00:11:51 Bad. Matt Olson at home against a rowdy. Speaker 1 00:11:55 Always have rowdy play for Speaker 2 00:11:57 You have rowdy for tournaments. For sure. Rizzo's hitting so many home runs right now. Hit his third straight game tonight with a home run. And we've talked about all year, right? Yankee stadium. The Yankee stadium buff for Rizzo is a real thing. It is 16th home run at the stadium tonight. Speaker 1 00:12:12 Luke voy against Uran. Speaker 2 00:12:14 Yeah. Yep. And Luke VO has 13 home runs John this year. Do you wanna guess how many home runs have come against? Right-handed pitching Speaker 1 00:12:23 All of Speaker 2 00:12:23 Them. All of them. All 13, all 13 have come against rites this year and that's barring, he doesn't hit another one tonight. Right? As we're recording it's in the fourth verse sends Atella like, you know whose say doesn't have 14 against Fridays by the end of the night. True. Yeah. I'm definitely gonna avoid 30 Speaker 1 00:12:39 Nate, low 3 25 with a thousand ops over his last 10 powers. Starting to come back a little bit for him. He's got hits in eight straight games. So, uh, $3,200. He gets Lys here as well. Let's see. Speaker 2 00:12:50 Did you see so Trey man, and Cini making his debut for the Astros potentially, right? Correct. Did you see the stat today? That said if he had played from day one, he'd have 22 of 'em runs as here because the ballpark. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:13:07 I'm not, he has 10, I think this off season Baltimore needs to reevaluate what they've done or start just getting lefthanded power because they filled their right hand power guys. Speaker 2 00:13:18 Yeah. They're moving right there. Speaker 1 00:13:20 Yeah. Listen. I like man ne he's in the lineup. I think that's good. When it gets cut craw again, Crawford's been good, but he hasn't been shutting guys teams out. He's just been adequate. So play Speaker 2 00:13:28 One off. Play like a one off. Speaker 1 00:13:29 Yeah. Yep. I like it. If uh, Haman finds his wind line. I don't mind that as well. 27. Sure. Speaker 2 00:13:35 Yep. That's a good price. Speaker 1 00:13:36 Anyone else for you Speaker 2 00:13:37 We'll have to see lineups tomorrow. 14 games. I'm sure there Speaker 1 00:13:39 Is. But second base. Speaker 2 00:13:41 I don't love the whole top tier. Speaker 1 00:13:44 They're expensive. I expensive guys. And talk about tough spots. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:13:47 Yeah. I think lame, who is the hottest hitter of the bunch? He had another multi hit game. He's rolling, but not like exciting playing him at that price because he's not necessarily like a power hitter probably Simian for me because he's now showing the upside to steel bases is probably the guy. And then probably someone who's gonna be quite pretty popular would be Jake Cornworth because urea so bad against lefties, like urea has been horrible against lefthanded batters for the entire season. So Corvo 40 fours makes a lot of sense. Speaker 1 00:14:20 Okay. If we're not on Gedo train, we can go marry field. Speaker 2 00:14:23 Sure. Homer Homer tonight. Speaker 1 00:14:25 Yep. Yep. See other value. What do you think Ken? Speaker 2 00:14:29 I'm trying to see, I guess the nationals it's gonna be a bullpen game. I'm just trying to figure out what they're doing. Cuz like the Mets feel interesting. I also think the nationals probably don't know what they're doing because they don't know who's gonna be on their team. Speaker 1 00:14:42 I'd be willing to throw some Detroit guys against our team. He's at 2,600. Like I know he is not hitting the ball well in terms of like last 10. But if you look at his last five kits and four of them, he has a home run in that stretch could be starting to turn it around a bit here. Yeah. And we know Chris arches garbage. Speaker 2 00:14:58 Yep. Yeah. And I think to that point, Harold Castro for base for Detroit, he hit third tonight. So I think there's some intrigue there as well, like these cheaper. And if that's the tigers play to your lineups that have Corbin burns and you Darvish. Right. And like the expensive pitchers, if you wanna pair them with who like the Mets or whatever, pop, insert, popular expensive stack here, the tigers would one offs and tigers are little mini stacks would help you get those guys. Right. Tiger. I think scope is a, is an interesting value. Not like a, not a, Speaker 1 00:15:34 He's not like hitting lefties or righties this year. He's just been very bad. But again, like those last five games he had hits and four of them, there's a home run mix in there and Archer terrible. So like maybe Speaker 2 00:15:43 Remember he started stealing bases randomly too. That one week he had like four stolen bases in five games. Okay. That's kind of in the bag too. Speaker 1 00:15:50 Speaking of in the bag, Austin Riley got the bag too. Speaker 2 00:15:52 You and I would've paid him double that way. Speaker 1 00:15:53 I would've paid him more. I would, my dry hit the flu. When I searched highest priced eighties for third basement and saw that Rendon was making like 36 million a year this year. And then he makes 38 million a year for the next four. And I'm like, oh Anaheim. And at Los Angeles, you guys have like the worst luck with high price for agents. Speaker 2 00:16:12 I was gonna say, now, you know why the angels might trade Speaker 1 00:16:15 Oton from like Josh Hamilton to CJ Wilson now rep pool. Now they have, have no luck signing high price guys. They just Speaker 2 00:16:22 Don't. So that's why I think that's what they, the okay, if we trade Oton now we won't curse him. Right. Speaker 1 00:16:28 For Speaker 2 00:16:28 The rest of his career Speaker 1 00:16:29 That said, yeah, I am playing Austin Riley. Speaker 2 00:16:33 And I don't really have much to add other than he is one of those dudes. And he's gonna be one of those dudes for a long time and we could play him, whatever you want. Really Speaker 1 00:16:44 Devs is expected to return from the IL on Tuesday. But you know, maybe not the best he's devs he's Speaker 2 00:16:49 Yeah. It's devs. Yeah. He's yeah. Speaker 1 00:16:51 Pick and choose how you want to, to handle that one. He has play today. Speaker 2 00:16:55 Yeah. He hit he's I'll see us heading fourth. Speaker 1 00:16:57 Okay. Cause Bregman's wife is on. He is on paternity leave. So yeah, he has, we didn't mention him, but he's he's like a good option potentially. There Speaker 2 00:17:04 He's been second outfield. Okay. Yeah. Second outfield should mention Speaker 1 00:17:08 Him. Yeah. Yeah. So second base. So you can, if he's he's in a line, Speaker 2 00:17:12 Go back another two. He has two hits again tonight. Speaker 1 00:17:14 Oh, he's been solid. So I'm fine. I'm fine. Going in that direction. Speaker 2 00:17:18 Morado 52. I'd play him against you. Right? I'd play anyone against you, right. Honestly. Speaker 1 00:17:22 Yep. Hottest man in baseball match. Chapman Speaker 2 00:17:24 <laugh> mean maybe. Yeah. We've said it for a while. Look, the guy had a really bad like season and a half and he has figured it the hell out. He was people's. I remember we did a show right? When the pandemic came, when we came back from the pandemic, when we were doing all those live streams and we did the, we did a little on BVP segment and I think Ronas and I picked Chapman to win the, it was the 60 game season to win the MVP. That's how much hype this guy had behind him. Defense offense. Guy's figuring it out offensively. So yeah, if he's in this power surge right now, I'm in, he's hitting. Speaker 1 00:17:58 And we talked about him as the forgotten blue Jay and sacks like forever. And now he is no longer. He is very much part of Torontos. Yeah, but still nobody plays, but Speaker 2 00:18:06 That's still, nobody can, nobody forever will play the best offense in baseball. Speaker 1 00:18:11 Yeah. Ally, both AIA brothers here. Yep. Ramon and Lu. They're I'm fine with them and their matchups. Speaker 2 00:18:18 As long as neither of 'em are trading. As long as both are like weirdly trading people that matter to their teams. That's Speaker 1 00:18:24 True. Tough matchup. But Alec Bo still RA Speaker 2 00:18:27 Still Speaker 1 00:18:28 He's got Strider though. Speaker 2 00:18:29 So actually Homer, by the way. Yeah. On Sunday, Speaker 1 00:18:33 A lot of doubles. No home runs for him until recently. Let's see. You've been a Miranda guy. He's third base only. Now Speaker 2 00:18:39 Dude, he's been so good. I met Manny coming off. The IL Detroit, Detroit does have a relatively good bullpen, but not necessarily too scary. Five of the last six games. Miranda's had double figure fantasy points. Lot of extra base hits. Lot of home runs. It's good. He's a good player. So I don't actually hate the twins stack. Didn't really mention eight twins, but Matt Manning could be in trouble here. Speaker 1 00:19:02 Yep. Anybody else Speaker 2 00:19:03 For you? Kenario sure you wanna continue on with the Detroit theme, but that definitely not playing JD Davis. You piece it. I'm just kidding. And no, I think that's Speaker 1 00:19:14 It short stop at the top. Trey Turners at 59 gets a left spot for, but for spending down some somewhere like it's this is the spot for Speaker 2 00:19:22 Yeah, this is a good spot for Speaker 1 00:19:23 Other guys over five. Klin do Tim Anderson. Dan swans and Willie Donis and Corey Seger. I think Seager. Wanson probably the two guys for me. Speaker 2 00:19:33 See Seager comes back his first game. He's like, yo, what did I miss hits a homeland's been on fire Homeward again tonight. Not again, but he's really seeing the ball right now. So you could definitely play Linor Swanson and Seager I'm with you on both those fronts. Speaker 1 00:19:48 Mid-tier anybody stick out to you? Speaker 2 00:19:52 I mean, Korea has been bad, but I think if you're interested in twins, when I joined Pete Cole's live stream the other day, the year fielder's choice live stream, he said that the twins have heard him the most, a hundred percent of fact, like they have been in so many good spots this year and just de depleted my lineups. Right. But yeah. Going right back to well and 14 game slate. Can't wait to see how that works Speaker 1 00:20:12 Out. Buyers' home off his brother-in-law Barry OS. The other day Speaker 2 00:20:15 He's got hits. Didn't know that didn't know they were brother-in-laws. Yeah, but that's Speaker 1 00:20:18 Yeah. Yeah. He's got hits in six of last seven. Speaker 2 00:20:20 Yeah. Yeah. He had Monday off. So if he's I suspect he's in the lineup unless he's traded. Well, Speaker 1 00:20:26 He's traded. It's a good Speaker 2 00:20:27 Point. Yeah. If he's in the lineup, I'm definitely should. Speaker 1 00:20:29 Hey Mateo. I assume he's in the 3,600. Speaker 2 00:20:32 Yeah. He had, uh, our boy R B I double tonight, John, all the guy does is just be productive. Speaker 1 00:20:37 Sure. He's Speaker 2 00:20:38 Good. He's good. Because ex Yankee great farm hand or I Mateo Speaker 1 00:20:42 Other value. Short stops. Speaker 2 00:20:43 She's gonna dust that one off. Huh? Paul D. Young Homer. John, you Speaker 1 00:20:47 Called it Speaker 2 00:20:48 Two in a row. By the way Speaker 1 00:20:50 You said he was coming up Speaker 2 00:20:51 And then Homer, he did literally nothing else. He has two hits and seven in her baths. Both home runs. He's Speaker 1 00:20:56 Only there to hit the Don he's Speaker 2 00:20:58 In the line, right? He's in the line up, dude. Speaker 1 00:21:00 CJ. Aron's been hitting the ball. Well he's he's in the lineup. Speaker 2 00:21:03 Yeah. I'm I guess I'm just interested because the Rockies had Ella on the mound who was a righthander and they played Kim and then they played like, Speaker 1 00:21:17 Well, if I playing Kim too, if he's in the lineup. Speaker 2 00:21:19 Yeah. I'm okay with playing Kim too. He's been good. So Speaker 1 00:21:22 Comes back in baseball. Huh? Speaker 2 00:21:23 Tim Beckham. His back in baseball. Speaker 1 00:21:25 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:21:26 Shout out to Tim Beckham on the twins. Huh? Oh, Miguel SNO back in the IEL. You don't say Speaker 1 00:21:31 Shocker. Shocker. Uh, yeah. Look at that. 4 13, 5 harm runs in 33 games at triple a Speaker 2 00:21:37 X number one. Overall prospect in baseball, Tim Beckham. Speaker 1 00:21:40 Wasn't he a number one overall pick too, or? Yeah, Speaker 2 00:21:42 I think number one, pick number one, prospect. Number one to never make it Speaker 1 00:21:48 2 49 career average. Speaker 2 00:21:50 Yeah. Unfortunately still Speaker 1 00:21:51 Hanging around though. Good for him. Yeah. Good for him. Not playing him 2100 though. No, we are gonna, you play 'em Manning's terrible. Speaker 2 00:21:56 So, well you know who we are gonna play John Aaron judge. Speaker 1 00:21:59 Yeah. I'm just, yeah. Judge Jordon. Both love them both. Speaker 2 00:22:03 Well, yeah. They're very hard to ignore. Yep. They're one, a one B and MVP race. Speaker 1 00:22:08 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:22:09 Yeah. I know Tony Speaker 1 00:22:10 Let's sees malls of the 5,300. Huh? Speaker 2 00:22:14 He Homer and stole base tonight. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:22:16 Still not worth it though. Speaker 2 00:22:18 Still not worth it. Speaker 1 00:22:19 I'm lucky. What other 5k guys do you like Speaker 2 00:22:22 Other 5k? None. That acceptable. Is that acceptable? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:22:27 It's bucks is okay, but expensive Kuya. Kuni is a good number. Speaker 2 00:22:32 Yeah. I guess Baxton and a Kuya probably. Cause like you're not paying 59 per Starly. Marte. Speaker 1 00:22:37 No. Speaker 2 00:22:37 58 for Otani is, feels it's Speaker 1 00:22:40 A lofty though. Speaker 2 00:22:41 Yeah. Derber against. Rinder like sure. You can add home. Run against anybody feels too expensive. I'd rather pay for bucks than so. Yeah. I think a Kuya 51. Speaker 1 00:22:51 Y'all's got three straight games or two hits. Speaker 2 00:22:53 Yeah. It's a good spot. Speaker 1 00:22:55 Tucker's at 45, but he is been slumping. Speaker 2 00:22:57 Yeah. It just doesn't head home runs anymore. Dude. Speaker 1 00:23:00 I know. Speaker 2 00:23:00 There's just no power. I liked Eloy against Keller on Monday before Keer was scratched. Like Eli's been good. I would go back to that. Okay. Riley green Riley, Speaker 1 00:23:10 41 41 for sure. Liking in Riley green there. Speaker 2 00:23:14 You know who I, who hit his third home run in three straight tonight. John who's Speaker 1 00:23:18 That Speaker 2 00:23:18 Jerks and pro far Speaker 1 00:23:20 Hit not against the lefty though, but I guess it doesn't matter, right? Cause no he's gonna hit left handed against your arena. So Speaker 2 00:23:25 Yeah, he's gonna hit. Yeah. And Uran is that's where Uran is Achilles. Heel is three straight games of the home run for pro profile has multi hit games and potentially four or five. If he gets another hit tonight. Love that like core play 4k for me Speaker 1 00:23:40 Under 4k guys. Anybody for you? Speaker 2 00:23:42 I would. I know you wanna suggest Lono. I think he's gonna be traded. I Speaker 1 00:23:45 Thinks why. That's why I didn't say that. I think Speaker 2 00:23:46 He's gonna be traded so tough sell there. Cause if he's not it's sure. Speaker 1 00:23:51 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:23:52 It's actually a relatively decent spot against cigar. Cuz we, we don't know what version of cigars gonna show up. And the giants led off Darren rough against lefty VA show Homer tonight. Speaker 1 00:24:00 Leodis is still free. Speaker 2 00:24:02 Leotis is still free. Speaker 1 00:24:04 Tab has been hitting the bar really? Well. I just don't know if he is gonna be in the line Speaker 2 00:24:08 Ever not. Yeah. We'll see. We'll spring her back, right? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:24:10 Trey get Speaker 2 00:24:10 Lefty. Trey. Yeah, he'll be in the lineup. That's a good one. John. That's a good call. And he's rolling. Yeah. Really? Rolling. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:24:16 Three K uh, jar Duran Homer tonight. Speaker 2 00:24:18 That's a good call John. Speaker 1 00:24:20 Here's the thing with Duran, I guess is kind of interesting. Like Javier does tend to walk. A lot of guys, we know Duran has speed, but we also know if Vasquez is the catcher. He throws a lot of guys down. Speaker 2 00:24:28 Like Vasquez knows Duran's tendencies now. Like Speaker 1 00:24:32 Probably pick him up first, truthfully. Speaker 2 00:24:33 Yeah. I don't hate that. I've been, I played and I picked him up in, in a, in I think I picked him up in, uh, Fs, G a Speaker 1 00:24:41 How'd Myers do today. Speaker 2 00:24:42 He has an RBI ground out, Speaker 1 00:24:45 Made his, he made his return after missing two months tonight. Speaker 2 00:24:48 And did you see where he started? Speaker 1 00:24:50 No. Speaker 2 00:24:51 So soon. So maybe some first base eligibility for Wil Myers in the near future? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:24:55 2,800 for will Myers though. Against Irania. Speaker 2 00:24:58 Yeah. Do I'm telling you? I think whoever is in the Padre's lineup is an option. I prefer the lefties. I think sand's San's Majado because he's their best player. But I do think San Diego's in a good spot, even though the ballpark is obviously not the best. Speaker 1 00:25:13 I'm probably the only one that actually played him the other day. But I did mention Pesco the other day and he Homer he's homed in two of the last three. Speaker 2 00:25:20 They're weird right now. <laugh> I Speaker 1 00:25:23 Don't know. They're he could be traded. Yeah, but we mentioned synagog being iffy. Um, he's 2,400 bucks. Scott is a good, he's a decent Kitter. So Speaker 2 00:25:32 Yeah, no. I mean, do their whole team is weirdly like just improving their trade stock by the day. Speaker 1 00:25:38 Yeah. Yeman Mercedes. He mentioned he gets lefty 2,400. Yep. Speaker 2 00:25:43 Tough spot. It's a tough Speaker 1 00:25:44 Spot. Zas. Your lefty versus reign match Speaker 2 00:25:46 Him and Grham. Grisham's been terrible, but you gotta, you think he's better than what he's doing. How did he just fall? Fall so flat? I had somebody I wanted to mention Jake McCarthy. John has started to play every day for airs. He's a, he's a gap in speed guy with a little pop stole his third base in six games tonight. Okay. Three straight, multi hit games as well. 2,700 lefty. Right? Not the best spot, but someone to monitor moving forward. Cuz he is gonna play every day out there. Speaker 1 00:26:16 All right. Sounds good to me. Give me your, gimme your home run call Speaker 2 00:26:18 Boy. Is it just, is it just not impossible? Like it's impossible to not pick Aaron judge, right? I don't. I'm not going, Speaker 1 00:26:26 I'm going Austin. Riley. Speaker 2 00:26:27 He Homer for you the other night, that was your home run call. Speaker 1 00:26:31 I've actually had decent little run of Speaker 2 00:26:32 Home run. You have had a very good call, a very good run of home run calls. I mean like my best bet is to go. I'm gonna go with Manny Machado against Jose rank. I just don't think highly of him as all at all. And we know Mato much like Luke VO for his whole career has been better against writing into pictures. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:26:52 Mato that is man. Mato for James Austin. Riley for me get in the discord. If you have any questions for the playbook and we will catch you guys later.

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