August 22, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 22: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 22: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 22: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Aug 22 2022 | 00:42:12


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Monday, August 22nd for DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite pitching matchups like Julio Urias against the Brewers.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcasting with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What's going on at foundation, John Pemba here with James Grande. This is the quick pitch lb DFS live stream podcast for Monday eight games James year on this slate. But as we're talking right before we went on air, if you're looking at draftings here, we got some potential weather issues. Yeah, we haven't dug too deep. I don't know if you've got the, uh, the weather center open or Oh, but it looks like there's gonna be some rain potentially in the Northeast. I know I live in Boston. We're expecting to get some rain, the Phillies pirates in Yankees matchups all potentially gonna be impacted by some rain here. So you're gonna have to follow that throughout the day. Eight games can potentially get down to five. You've gotta worry about sort of how you're gonna manage some of the weather. So again, we're recording here Sunday night for Mondays. I mean, so as the weather, you know, center gets updated throughout the day, be sure to check that in to roster lock because you know, one of the best pitchers on the slate is potentially in that matchup. Right? We got max shirt are going in New York, top price guy, 11 three. If he's not on the slate, it's certainly all goes the way where ownership goes and all goes the way lineup are being built. So it's quite the wrinkle thrown into an eight gamer. Speaker 2 00:01:13 Yeah. And on, you know, just the cherry on top two, John we're in Chicago. So there's always a chance for when to be blown out too in Wrigley. So sure. Just some more potential weather that we're gonna have to monitor, cuz anytime we start seeing that wind blowing out in Wrigley, anything that starts reaching double digits, 9, 10, 11, 12, plus that's when offense really come to play. So on top of the rain in the Northeast area, we also have Wrigley to pay attention to thankfully though John no course field. No, which is wonderful. Speaker 1 00:01:41 And I know no course field is nice. I, I agree with you there a hundred. Well, let's just get into it. Like I said, we're gonna break down the slate as if there's, you know, these games are going to be played, right. Otherwise, you know, risk sort of missing certain plays or players or stacks and whatnot. So, but again, make sure you check out the playbook. James is gonna be on the playbook for Monday and if anything comes down, you know, obviously take that into, into considerations there for sure. So pitching sures at the and New York against the Yankees at 11 three, Julio rice at home at 10 K against a Milwaukee team that we've been talking about, they're really struggling against lefthand pitching right now, especially in the strikeout category, dressing steel, a nine strikeouts for Sunday, SL against Milwaukee Lauer on the flip side of that matchup against the Dodgers here, we only use Lauer on the, at home. So definitely not gonna play 'em against the Dodgers is your top four guys are kinda like to break these up into sections. So nine can above sures are U Rio and lower for me. I'm out on Lauer. I'll be willing to play the other two, assuming there's no issues, but sures are in the rain. Speaker 2 00:02:35 Yeah. I mean, sures are OB like obvious top play, any slate even against the Yankees. We've, you know, it's been well documented how bad the Yankees have been. They even gotta win on Sunday and they only scored four runs. They just had good pitching. So definitely in Onur as long as the weather permits, definitely in on UIA, we just saw this match up labored through five innings. John, I think you and I both were your rise fans that night. Yeah. We Speaker 1 00:03:01 Expected Speaker 2 00:03:01 More we're on for sure. Yeah. We, I think we were both in, on the strikeout props and you know, it's something that we've been talking about a lot with Milwaukee in the month of August 29.1% care rate against lefty. So six, six strikeouts in five innings is a good ratio. Yeah. And would've been a better ratio if he didn't throw 94 pitches in five innings. Cause if he goes, it Speaker 1 00:03:21 Was like his least efficient start in, in a long time. So Speaker 2 00:03:24 In a long time yep. You know, the good news is he's going home much more of a picture friendly park. Yep. Like that a lot. And I'm with you, I will say on the lower front, he has definitely been better at home, but he did look good in this start against the Dodger seven innings, two earned seven strikeouts. Well, Speaker 1 00:03:40 He was home. Speaker 2 00:03:41 So, but he was home Speaker 1 00:03:42 2, 6, 4 era at home 4.48 era in the road. It's just, just the thing that I, I just believe in is 24 total home runs on the year 15 of those and 12 roads starts. Okay. So Speaker 2 00:03:53 He's ten one on Vandal. So if you are like, if you considering as the contrarian play, don't do that on Vandal at 10. Well, we do have three other guys over nine K, just to get your thoughts on Vandal. Sure. Sunny, gray Jordan, Montgomery, Pablo Lopez all over nine. K I of that crew like Lopez and Montgomery both feel pretty. Dang good. I know Lopez has struggled a little bit. Speaker 1 00:04:18 Yeah. I don't mind Lopez. I mean, we generally playing that home boat. What are we talking about with Oakland? Right. Oakland's one of the bigger ballparks in our baseball, a ton of foul ground balls where yeah. Generally find the stands they get caught for outs in Oakland. So, you know, I think it's certainly a spot, but yeah, he's really started to balloon here mean the second half. And actually if you look at his home road split better on the road, I think some of that again is due to some recent performances for him at home. Sure. Six innings against the Padres that we saw him allow, sorry. Six runs against the Padres and four and two thirds, six runs on two and two thirds against the met. So, you know, 12 earn runs and you know, and five and a third innings and two of his last three home starts is gonna balloon that era. Speaker 1 00:04:55 But 3, 3, 4 era on the road, you know, against an Oakland team there. So I'm with you, he's only 8,000 over on drafting. So that's a pretty good spot for him there. I think Montgomery is kind of the interesting one. Yeah. Because we've talked about it since the trade over to over to St. Louis, he's been pitching with anger, it seems like, right. So, you know, maybe, maybe even though they're on the road, they're in Chicago and like you mentioned, you know, take a look at the weather. The wind potentially could be an impact there on the year. Like the Cubs have the seventh highest strikeout rate against lefthanded pitching over the last 30 days. It's 25 and a half percent strikeout rate. And, and Monty strikeout numbers is last two SAR granted at home eight strikeouts each of those games. Speaker 2 00:05:36 Right. I think using to probably be the chalk S P two, I think as long as there's, you know, no wind blowing out. Cause we are recording Sunday evening. Yeah. We're unsure of how that's gonna play out time. Speaker 1 00:05:47 He's got one start against the Cubs already this year. I'm trying to check out to see if he was home or away. Seven shout out innings, five strikeouts in that outing. Speaker 2 00:05:55 Yankee did need him in the, the rotation though. Right? That's how that worked. Speaker 1 00:05:59 Probably did. But they felt like they didn't. So that was a I'm guessing that was a home start because yes, home start seven innings, five, five hits, five strikeouts back on June 11th when he was with the Yankees there. So yeah, again, Monty's my guy we've liked these $8,300 on draft Kings. He's up over nine K you said over on fando. I fine going there Sunday. Gray's been good. And we've he, he has been good. We've talked about Texas, right. And how disappointing it feels like they've been at times they have some guys. We do like Nate low Cory SI it almost kind of stops there though at times. But when it comes to reliability in that lineup, now he did get rock five, earned five earned runs and form two thirds innings. His last time against Texas, I was back on July 8th, you know, but of late again, you'll look at his home and road numbers eras around three. You know, he is home for this game. So, you know, strikeouts up at home this year, look at the drastic difference in strikeout rate at home, he's at 60 strikeouts in 49 innings on the road. He's only got 29 and 40 innings. So over a strikeout per inning guy at home for whatever reason. So if you wanna go sunny, gray, I think any three of those pitches, like you mentioned are in a good spot. Speaker 2 00:07:04 Yeah. Just to pat onto the sunny gray love here, Texas in August 24th in OPSS they are 23rd in WOBA. They're hitting for no power, 29th in ISO and the ninth highest, highest, Speaker 1 00:07:20 Highest rate. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:07:21 Yeah. Ninth highest carry rate. So like you can't, like you said, it's risky. I think to play 'em in cash and I don't think you need to, cause you can play Jordan Montgomery for $200 cheaper, at least on draft Kings, but sunny, gray and PLO is good tournament place for sure. Speaker 1 00:07:35 Yep. I like it. If we go below under $8,000, I'm not really playing cigar. There could be weather here. I don't know how, what your thoughts are. Yeah. I know he's been decent in his last couple. So maybe you feel a little bit differently at $7,800. I just have a thing against him this year. I feel like he's been very inconsistent, but Cincinnati is obviously a team that you know, that you can pitch against. If you wanna go in that direct. Are there any other under eight K guys? I mean, I've been playing O Rizzy, you know, I know he got hit up in his last start, but he's been, you know, at times decent he's got match up against Pittsburgh, you know, any anybody else for you Speaker 2 00:08:06 Jeffrey Springs for sure. Sure. Would be a guy. I don't like love the pitch count. And I think they're kind of monitoring that, but there's strikeout upside there for Jeffrey Springs, even if he does only throw 85 to 90 pitches, especially against the angels. Now the angels lineup has gotten a little deeper, right? We've seen trout play three days in a row and OTA, but we'll have to see, he's played three days in a row. Otani left Sunday's game with an illness. Like if both those guys are outta lineup, we're back to square one and the angels are, you know, corpse of a team again. So I think even if TRT are in the lineup, like Springs is a guy that we saw earlier with like massive upside. And we're starting to see that a little bit again. So I think Jeff spring 77 stands out quite Speaker 1 00:08:49 A bit. Yeah. He had a 92 pitch outing against Cleveland, but then the last 3, 85, 85, 78. And he, you know, wasn't really in any danger here. So it is sort of a, you know, a difference there, three games and a row on the road for him, you know, 11 home appearances, six starts a 2, 2 7 era. So Speaker 2 00:09:04 You, you love the Trop too. Like Thero is amazing to pitch in. Yeah. So Speaker 1 00:09:08 Yeah. I agree with you. Would you go anywhere else here? Would you know, would you chase any strikeout upside with Rosey Contreras at all? Or Speaker 2 00:09:15 Like it's risky cuz it's Atlanta. Speaker 1 00:09:17 Yeah, I agree. I mean there, to me, there's not a ton of good value, but I don't know, you know, if you're looking for somebody, like I said, I thought Ozi out there against Pittsburgh. Yeah. I know some of their guys have been hitting the ball a little bit better, you know, but you know, figure Atlanta's, uh, a favorite to win that game. So Speaker 2 00:09:33 I think how about this? I think if we're following ownership trends and there's a lot of O Rizzy talk I'm off. Okay. Because I don't want to have a job Jake O Torii. Sure. You know what I'm saying? Like if he's at all popping and people are like, yeah, let's I'm out. Okay. Because I think that, yes, we've seen 30 fantasy point upside, but it was four starts ago. And since then he has 11, 11 fantasy points total and three starts. So Speaker 1 00:10:01 Two top audience against the Mets and then, you know, kind of just grinded his way through the Miami. So yeah. I'm with you. I think it's an interesting spot there for him. If you're looking down at some value, but again, smaller slates and it could be even shorter. Right? So you take out Philly, you know, Cincinnati land Pittsburgh and met and Yankees, you know, due to weather concerns and you are just sitting in this Montgomery Lopez, gray tier. So yeah, on with, it's Speaker 2 00:10:26 A good though. That's a solid tier dude. That's like a very good tier of pitchers. And if you wanna throw like Springs cider guard as well, like if you want to use those guys, like that's not a bad crop of guys to choose. Speaker 1 00:10:37 Sure. All right, let's go to catcher. You know, expensive at the top. We generally don't like to spend up at catcher, but we can, again, I've talked about it. I'm willing to go against Lauer at homes. I mean, when he is on the road, so, you know, will Smith, his numbers against left hand to pitching this year are what they've sort of been his entire career. You know, he's got an average around, you know, over 300, he's got ops over 800 Speaker 2 00:10:56 Who's will Smith who's Speaker 1 00:10:57 Will Smith, sorry. WD Smith will Smith, whatever, you know, until draftings changes. So you know what they wanna, they call him, but eight ninety one ops 300, 3 0 7 batting average this year against left-handed pitching lower again, 15 home runs allowed on the road. It could be a WD type of night. Speaker 2 00:11:15 Do you wanna hear something? John Speaker 1 00:11:16 SW Speaker 2 00:11:17 Me. So 15 home runs on the road, right? Yeah. Against right handers on the road. 13 home runs. Yeah. So 13 to 15, not really allowing like it's basically it's an all or nothing. Approach. 48 slug, three 12 on base 3 42 WOBA. So like guys, like will Smith, Trey Turner, ooky bets. The guys that are hitting for power or can hit for power are the guys we want here. Speaker 1 00:11:43 Sure. I Speaker 2 00:11:43 Agree with you. So, uh, I'm with you on Smith also. I think the narrative on that like spend up has kind of shifted. I think catcher's been so bad. I would Speaker 1 00:11:52 Say it's also slate dependent. We go over this a lot too. Like if there isn't many other spend up options, then I'm okay. Going with like an elite hitting catcher. We just often find value guys that, that we like going to. Speaker 2 00:12:04 Yeah, that's Speaker 1 00:12:05 True. You know, for me an example for that, you know, Francisco M is at 3,500, it gets a lefty. I integr Davidson against lefties this year limited sample size. Right. But three 90 average, 9 59 ops for VA against lefties. Speaker 2 00:12:21 That's pretty good. Speaker 1 00:12:22 Pretty good. And that's not like a fluke thing. Like last year was right. You know, him and Zino were just mashing, left handed pitching. So, you know, it's something that you can continue to kind of go back to, I think with him. So $3,500, you know, I that's probably where I would go for my value. And if I'm spending up it's Smith there against Lauer, is there anybody else on your radar? Speaker 2 00:12:41 Yeah, I think if Gary Sanchez is in the lineup, he's been hitting well over his last 10, Travis Dar no for one reason or another, John is $3,000 and over his last 10 games hitting 3 45 with an 1100 ops, another 14 fantasy points today, he's been super consistent. So I think this is actually a pretty good catcher slate. And I agree. I think mahi is definitely the better of like this crop of catchers, but I would be interested maybe if Christian, Beth in court also makes the lineup for Tampa. Okay. Has a home run in each of his last two starts, maybe it's something where they played Beth in court at first or they DH one of these guys because I mean, Gman has been an actual corpse of a player since Speaker 1 00:13:23 He came back from the IL basically like two months ago, there hasn't been much Speaker 2 00:13:27 There. He might not have a hit since then. Like I'm not even sure, but if they played like both catchers, I could see a scenario where like you save 900 bucks to go to Beth and court. I, I prefer mahi, but Beth and court has been a little better lately home on each, his last two games, Speaker 1 00:13:43 Our guy wasn't in the lineup the other day against the lefty. But ya Gomes is 2,400 against Montgomery. So Speaker 2 00:13:48 Yeah, I mean home it's because they're, I think they're playing Higgins, PJ Higgins a bunch. Now I don't know if they're catching 'em or playing him at first, but if they're playing Higgins, young gums is probably losing out on at bats. Speaker 1 00:13:59 Yep. I agree with you. All right. Let's go to first base. You mentioned Otani left, but to me it doesn't really matter. Cause we got another Cardinals versus lefty match up. Speaker 2 00:14:07 Yeah. It does not matter. You play either their first base. Yeah. Because both of them are God's apparently look, Speaker 1 00:14:12 Look at the numbers for Paul Goch Schmid I mean three straight games with at least three hits back to back games with home run. I mean, we, he was the cover of the Friday podcast that this live stream, he was, you know, the feature guy in the playbook. He was my home run call and he came through right away in the first inning. So I'm all back in on the Cardinals for today. They'll be my top stack. He is very expensive. But if you're mid-tier spending on your pitching today yeah. Or you're spending down a catcher, like your gold, Schmidt's gotta be a lock on your lineups. Speaker 2 00:14:41 Agreed. And honestly, the only argument at first base against him was probably his teammate who's $2,000, right? Yeah. Which is crazy to say, say, but like it's this is like the craziest stretch of games Albu pool has had in like 10 years. Like actually like the Speaker 1 00:15:00 Powers Speaker 2 00:15:00 Mind blowingly, right? Speaker 1 00:15:02 Five home runs in his last five games, two games at two home runs Speaker 2 00:15:06 It's mind numbingly. Good. Yeah. I don't Speaker 1 00:15:09 Last 10 games. He's hitting 500 with a 17 hundreds with six homers. So, Speaker 2 00:15:15 So here's a question for you. Okay. I'm Speaker 1 00:15:18 Still playing goal time. I am, but Speaker 2 00:15:20 Well, okay. Let's this, here's the name of my question. Sure. Because I agree like obviously long term, like we're gonna make more money using Paul Goldsmith than Al Albert pools. Yeah. But like, if you're, let's say playing the 20 max for, or let's say you're playing the minimax or you're playing, let's say you're playing 20 lineups, right? Yep. What's your exposures like how much gold Schmidt? How much pool holes? How much everybody else? Because like, obviously we're going to play, it's Speaker 1 00:15:45 Probably 15 five for me. Speaker 2 00:15:47 Like gold Schmidt, pool holes. Yeah. And then five everyone Speaker 1 00:15:51 Else. No, it's like 15 gold. Schmid five pools. Speaker 2 00:15:54 <laugh> and no exposure Speaker 1 00:15:56 Anywhere else. No, I just mean like, if you're asking me first base, if I'm making 20 lineups, I'm putting, I would make 15 pop gold Schmidt and five Albert pools. Speaker 2 00:16:04 Okay. Okay. That's Speaker 1 00:16:06 Whatever. Speaker 2 00:16:06 Okay. I mean, it's, it is, I will say you probably have like the lineups of pools are probably the ones where you double barrel your pitcher and go sures are your rise. Speaker 1 00:16:17 Yeah. Potentially. I mean, there's other, there are other spend up, I would say Speaker 2 00:16:21 Maybe more, well, Speaker 1 00:16:22 You're just daring your stack, right? Like where, where we got the third base, like we're locking in Oura right. And then it's RNA gold Schmidt or RNA pool holes. And then if you're playing pool holes, it just allows you to spend up like Trey Turner or somebody like that's going up against Lauer. Right. So sure. It just depends on how you're gonna go ahead and build that. And we're, you know, we're gonna build a lineup at the end of this as well. We didn't mention that at the beginning, but if you've been watching the previous iterations of this, uh, video, you'll notice that James and I are now on top of one another. Yep. Because we wanted to open up the lineup space because at the end of this, after our home run, we're gonna go ahead and just kind of build an example lineup based off of some of the information and decisions that we've come across here so far. So you stay tuned for that. If you're listening in so far, the last tour, 10 minutes into this. So anyways, Speaker 2 00:17:09 You know what Joel indeed would say right there, John Speaker 1 00:17:11 Trust the process. Speaker 2 00:17:12 Yep. That would be our lineup. Build the pro all about the process. Right. All Speaker 1 00:17:16 About the process. So again, Paul Goldschmid, Albert, pool's fine. Like 'em both, if you wanna go there, if we're in the mid tier, again, weather could be an issue here, but obviously Matt Olson for me at 46. Yep. Against Contreras, Speaker 2 00:17:28 A lot of power lately. Ton of power lately Speaker 1 00:17:30 For, yeah. Big me a big piece, a big power guy. So I'm fine. There. I don't mind Reese Hawkins against SSA. I'm not sure your thoughts on Hoskins there. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:17:36 That's gonna be a bull. Well, that's just gonna be a bullpen game in general because SSA's not gonna, I, but Speaker 1 00:17:42 He is gonna at least get the first at that. So. Speaker 2 00:17:43 True. True. I'm just, I'm trying to look up what we're looking at in terms of bullpen era for the reds. Cuz like I know they're both, I mean they have hunter Strickling closing games, like they're it's, you know, it's, I mean that era is not gonna be looking pretty. Yeah. I just because like I can see a scenario where they rival. Okay. Yep. There, my thoughts exactly. They rival St. Louis ownership. Sure. Cincinnati worst bullpen or in league. Speaker 1 00:18:10 Yeah. That makes sense. So I'm Speaker 2 00:18:12 Fine basically Speaker 1 00:18:13 Hoskin just from that, for the matchup sake in general. So assuming there's no weather there, if there is, you know, Miranda, we talk about matchups against lefties and this year he's hit eight of his 13 home runs against lefthanded pitching 8 76. Yes. Against lefthanded pitching batting average is about hit the same for him. It's around two 80 plus against lefties and right. So he doesn't really get hurt either way there. But if we want to go ahead and stack against Reagan's, you can do that with Miranda here at 3,900 bucks. Speaker 2 00:18:37 The dude's been great hitting fourth for Minnesota every day as well. I mean, they're gonna have Speaker 1 00:18:43 Miranda a better basketball player or is Lynn Manuel a better actor, a better baseball player? Or is Lynn Monroe a better actor? Speaker 2 00:18:50 Who? I don't even know who Lynn Manuel Speaker 1 00:18:52 Is. He's what? Speaker 2 00:18:54 Who's Speaker 1 00:18:54 That? Oh man. You have to be, you have to be cultured he's who is that? He's a Broadway star man. Speaker 2 00:18:59 Oh I don't he's from Hamilton. Sorry to, oh, I'm sorry to those that celebrate Hamilton, but Speaker 1 00:19:04 Okay. Well they're related to their cousins. So Speaker 2 00:19:06 Wait really? Jose Miranda is yeah. Oh, well then definitely the guy. Speaker 1 00:19:10 Why do you think I was making that connection? Speaker 2 00:19:11 Oh, I don't know. I don't know, but I mean, Hamilton is more way more famous than ho Jose Miranda. Yeah. Half baseball fans probably don't even know ho Jose Miranda is half the podcast is gonna see. Well, I Speaker 1 00:19:23 Didn't say who is more famous and said who's better at their craft, but Speaker 2 00:19:26 Oh, I mean, I mean, I know like I know how big Hamilton is. Sure. So like whoever is in that one is more famous. Like even in the background dancers, Speaker 1 00:19:35 He is the lead in Hamilton, so oh Speaker 2 00:19:37 Yes. Forget it. That guy. Speaker 1 00:19:39 Wait, so anyways, Speaker 2 00:19:40 Forget that Speaker 1 00:19:41 Anyways. Now that we're, now that we've exposed you for the lack of culture there, I'm good with I'm good with Jay Miranda also good with Nate low at 3,300. If we wanna go there, uh, as well. Anybody else for you? I Speaker 2 00:19:52 Don't hate VO back in a med stack. Sure. I don't think much of we doing Goman bar Homer twice today. John four home runs in his last 10 games. Seemingly all he's doing this year is I'm not, but just throwing out that he had two home runs more of a, you know, not paying ho to two home runs on Sunday, a Derek call if he wanted Speaker 1 00:20:08 Derek call. Speaker 2 00:20:10 Yeah. If, I mean, all he does when he plays is hit a home runs like, or like just hit in the gap or you know, just be powerful. So dare call and no, that's it. Yeah. Cause actually Speaker 1 00:20:19 You're spend guy playing pools like we talked about. Right. Speaker 2 00:20:21 So yeah, actually, you know what I'll say, also two K and I had him in the playbook, had him in a couple lineups say Mike Mustak has looked better since coming off the IL hits in four straight hits in three straights and coming off the IL and Homer who Speaker 1 00:20:34 Today and a Speaker 2 00:20:35 Home run a Homer on Sunday. So I would not hate going, especially if you're not in on the Sy guard camp, I think this. So Speaker 1 00:20:41 If you're on Fandel you can play both P holes and gold Schmid you know? So Speaker 2 00:20:44 Yeah. I mean, if you're on Fandel you're yeah. That's yeah. Speaker 1 00:20:47 Easier way to stack. All right. Second base. We got jazz update here. I yet three zoom activities. So nowhere near close to that one. We're not gonna play DJ. Speaker 2 00:20:54 Like that sounds like a year ender, huh? Yeah. Yet to resume. And we're we're already in August 21st that looks like Speaker 1 00:21:00 How many stolen bases for birdie here against all our, Speaker 2 00:21:04 I can't believe we're only at 30. It seemed like he was gonna, well, Speaker 1 00:21:07 He spends a lot time on the IL. That was a problem. True. Speaker 2 00:21:09 You know, he gets on, you know, these Adam holders, these Adam <inaudible> are drive me crazy. The one run last time, last time out, Texas was like a hundred percent owned. Houston, two earned runs this. Ugh. He's not. And the numbers, I know he, the numbers just say he's gonna get crushed. But imagine stacking Speaker 1 00:21:29 Is that the Texas game that we, everybody stacked Texas. Speaker 2 00:21:31 Yes. Yes. That was annoying. Yep. Anyways, Speaker 1 00:21:34 Be gets on. You can steal three bags, so correct? Correct. It's in his wheelhouse potentially. So if you wanted to do that, we talked about admin being better against lefties. So I know you're not a big admin guy, but you know, just part of the, just part of the card stack. If you wanted to go there, I agree. Uh, your eyes has, has some really good numbers. Like he just keeps hitting. There's gonna be nothing else there. But like, if you're gonna stack, you know, maybe you could go there. I know he is a lefty, but like again, he just sort of just hits. So Speaker 2 00:21:57 He hit, he hit three 30. You don't hit three 30 with just hitting one side. Speaker 1 00:22:00 He's saying 600 against. Right. He hits everybody. So yeah, it's kind of, kind of, kind of my thoughts when it comes Speaker 2 00:22:06 To him, he is hitting. Let's see, he's hitting your eyes, eyes. He's hitting. He's actually only hitting two 60 against a left. Speaker 1 00:22:14 What? His right hand bat Speaker 2 00:22:15 Again? That's kind of crazy, huh? Yeah, he is hitting against right-handed pitching Speaker 1 00:22:20 Four, 10. Speaker 2 00:22:21 He is hitting 3 54. Okay. It's a, it's just a massive sample. Sure. Compared to what he's had against Speaker 1 00:22:29 Fair enough. Fair enough. Fletcher gets lovey in Springs. I know you're big on Springs, but I'm big on Fletcher. So 3 51 average, the last 10 games they hit him fifth. Yeah. They're hitting him behind trout. Speaker 2 00:22:38 Like no, he today. Well, except today he hit second. They switched it around today. It was Fletcher trout. Otani Ren GFO was for word was five. So he hit, he let off today, but I mean first or fifth, like he should Speaker 1 00:22:54 Be hitting lead off, but I'll take either way. So Speaker 2 00:22:57 Yeah. They're both fine. Yep. Both fine. Speaker 1 00:22:59 Yep. Somebody's in there. Hands are Albert at 2300 against the left. E he finds waiting to the line up there, swing it. Uh, and then, uh, Grum, as we always talk about, uh, still 21 hoodie. They don't touch Speaker 2 00:23:09 'em dude. This guy is incredible. Speaker 1 00:23:11 He's incredible. He's in incre another two hits today. Speaker 2 00:23:14 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:23:15 Do we just lock him in? Yeah, I know. We're gonna build a line up at the end, but like, do we just lock? Do we don't like second base. So should we just lock him in the second base? Speaker 2 00:23:22 Yeah. Here's my question to you, by the way, are we building, should we build a cash example? What are you, what are your thoughts here? Speaker 1 00:23:31 I'm gonna build a Speaker 2 00:23:31 GP. We're gonna build a tournament example. Yeah. Okay. Tournament example. I would also just pivot to, I would go play Donovan Solano as well. 3,200. I don't he's Speaker 1 00:23:40 Would you play Solano over Arisa at this point? Speaker 2 00:23:42 No. No I wouldn't. But I'm just saying Speaker 1 00:23:44 Mean he's been very good. Good. I'm just asking like how Speaker 2 00:23:46 You're gr too Grum is the bees knees. Yeah. I mean the, the kid, I think the thing about it is too at the end of the day, Grum is cheaper, but he'll always, I mean, there's just more upside because his lineup is so good around him that, yeah. There's more producing opportunity Speaker 1 00:24:05 For us as well. At 10 K Speaker 2 00:24:06 Julio at 10 K Speaker 1 00:24:09 Grum at 21 Speaker 2 00:24:10 Ingul and Goman Speaker 1 00:24:12 You wanna lock in Goldie? Speaker 2 00:24:13 Yeah. Well, let's lock in. Goman we'll leave everything open until we, as we go through, like we'll probably lock more guys in, but let's just have those three for now. Okay. Speaker 1 00:24:22 With those three on Kings, a $4,500 a player remaining, uh, still needing an SB two. We know we know what we can spend down at potentially some other options here. So, all right. Third base, we have our now at $5,500, we got Austin Riley at 51 against Contreras. There could double stack either. Either stacks could be built with did Atlanta or St. Louis there we've mentioned already birdie. If you wanted to go in that direction, you could. And Miranda on draftings is first base and third base eligible. So at $3,900 for him and guys we've discussed, but because the multiple position eligibility, plus, as you scroll down, a lot of these guys are also in the IL. So, you know, the player pool really is a bit dwindling if you're not spending up at the Speaker 2 00:25:03 I'm definitely in Chan bone, he had two home runs today, six RBI. And we mentioned how bad Cincinnati's relief staff is. So I think Philly outside of the guys, you mentioned Philly is gonna be a very interesting spot and boom. I mean, we were playing them a lot. Yeah. A couple months ago, Speaker 1 00:25:25 Two runs how a home runs today. Speaker 2 00:25:26 So, uh he's I think he's in a really good spot and okay. Speaker 1 00:25:29 Yeah. He's slumping overall, but obviously a good jump off point if you're coming off of like two homers, so, right, right. It could be a SP I agree with you could be a spot against the league's worst bullpen, 4,100. So I'm fine with that. Let's see anybody else for you at third base. Speaker 2 00:25:44 I mean, if we wanted to play like Miranda at first, you could play geo or she at third. Sure. 3,200 Brett batty, the Mets prospect who hasn't looked great since the debut, but we know there's power there. Joman Indian stadium, like that's scary for doing Goand Speaker 1 00:26:02 Waldo gets sures or we're not probably gonna Speaker 2 00:26:03 Get, yeah, I Speaker 1 00:26:05 Probably a nitron on that Speaker 2 00:26:06 One. Probably. It's probably a no from me, Doug. Speaker 1 00:26:08 Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So third base is interesting. Again, you, you, we have, uh, one of our favorites all season long Austin rally in the ridey matchup, slumping of late, only one, six of the last 10, but still made us more money this year than I think he's lost us for sure. So we won't complain there. Our NATO was a monster the other day, when you played him four for five, three doubles in that game. So he is actually thrown out, going for a double. So one of his hits, he was actually thrown out stretching into a, so he could have had four doubles if he wasn't thrown out, potentially Speaker 2 00:26:39 Not too Speaker 1 00:26:39 Shabby. Yeah. Yeah. Not bad. And then we mentioned, you could go back to Miranda if you wanted to go there, you know? So some decent third base potential there, shortstop Trey Turners at 61 gets lower lefty at, we talk about how we don't generally find ourselves playing Trey Turner. I could see, I could be part of it if, if we're playing pool holes, like I mentioned, like I could see myself sure. Maybe spending up on Turner instead. Speaker 2 00:27:03 Yeah. I mean, you look at the rest of the board in terms of like spend up. I mean, I think he's near the top. Sure. I think he's near the top. Yep. Speaker 1 00:27:12 I agree. Korea at 5k again, if you're, if we're convincing ourselves of a twin stack, right? You gotta put KA in there. Speaker 2 00:27:20 I think they were the second highest on team on Sunday slate. John, do you know how many runs they scored? Zero. Me, you power bender. All of our dogs and the twins all scored the same amount of runs on Sunday. Yeah. Yeah. They were much higher on than us. Let me tell you, Speaker 1 00:27:36 I mean, I'm not surprised again. We, I feel like we, we find ourselves sometimes stacking like bad offenses and we lose money hype. Speaker 2 00:27:43 So the twins, no question about it. Not even close, the twins have been the worst shock of the year. Like I, if someone is someone out there is putting together like a graph of who has lost the most money in terms of chalk it, I'm telling you right now. I bet on the twin. Speaker 1 00:28:01 I would believe you. I wouldn't argue it so crazy 5k again. If you're part of the stacks, you can go there again. I, this is the thing, like, I don't really love a lot of these. Like you can play lendor you can play Seager. Like that's fine. Sure. Dan's be at 49. Sure. You, you can go ahead and play that if you want to go there. Oh, no. Cruise is really fallen off, you know, power. One shot. If you're thinking over to Rezi continues. This downs slide high played. Unfortunately the young, the other day does nothing. Then he, the owner's the next, so Speaker 2 00:28:28 Grant hits a granny too. Speaker 1 00:28:29 Yeah. Right. Like coulda does a world of good on Friday, but he did nothing and say struck out like three times. So, yep. It's always a viable, it's like six in that lineup. So if you wanted to go de young at 38, you could, anybody else had shortstop for you that maybe we haven't mentioned quite enough. Speaker 2 00:28:43 I'll just go back to the failures. Bryon stock. Sure. $3,900 looks good at the dish right now gets the righty lefty. You know, I don't, again, I don't do we suspect Louis SSA is long for this game. No Bryson stock at home this year 7 52 ops on the road, five 11. This game is being played in citizens bank. So, you know, not bad. And Taylor walls, if you're running a raise stack, you're being a little contrarian against Tucker David switch. Hitter has shown some pop lately five 90 Speaker 1 00:29:13 Was the last time games. Speaker 2 00:29:14 So yeah, so I don't hate Taylor walls in a race stack. Speaker 1 00:29:17 All right. Outfield against lefty. We actually looked it up the other day. You know, generally BK has been better against righties the last couple years with this season, he's actually hitting lefties again. Yep. You know, heyday two is his or shout out to his red Sox days where Moki was the lefty masher. Right? Uh, this year it's left hand to pitching 9 93 ops three 19 batting Edward. So again, I'm a believer in Lauer on the road is a must stack against, so, you know, deciding between St. Louis, uh, and the, uh, and the Dodgers I think is gonna be difficult for me. Single line of being, I'm gonna try to get exposure. I think the bolt of a little bit of both, if I can somewhere, and maybe these decisions are swinging me more towards pool holes, sadly, because ideally want to get, uh, some Dodgers here, but it's a good hitter spot for the, the Cardinals too. Speaker 1 00:29:57 Right? You're getting them, I mean, pool holes, shits anywhere. So, I mean, uh, Goman kind of hits anywhere, but get him outta St. Louis into a potential wind blowing out Chicago point. It's a great spot. So I like that's no, we play, we tried to talk about bucks in, against the lefty the other day. Again, hasn't done anything. So play your own risk. As we talked about the twins and they've been kind of hurting us when it comes to that TRS at 58 shores at 58, talking about going up against Cincinnati, certainly could fit shorter in your line of all that home run power. Speaker 2 00:30:23 Yeah. I mean, I like those are the three guys I Mo Boxton and sch over, over 5k. Those are like literally the three players I was Speaker 1 00:30:32 Gonna mention. Yeah. At some point, Chuck will do try things, but hard to right now, are Speaker 2 00:30:36 You looks good today, two for three in a walk like he's on base three times, they just didn't score. And he just, it was singles. Right? Speaker 1 00:30:43 So another two hit game for Tyler O'Neal the other day. And following the O for five on again, the day where we talked about it. So, you know, again, lefty spot on the road could be a spot for Tyler. O'Neal here against you smiley. If you want to go there, as I've talked a lot about though, for me, Dylan Carlson against lefties, $3,900 has been where I've been playing idiot, two hits and a run scored in that game. So I'm fine. Running it back. You've met. You've been, we've been both talking up a lot of Brian Reynolds, you know, $2,300 for him, I think is a good spot for him. Speaker 2 00:31:12 Yeah. And we talked last podcast when Rizz gave up all those home runs that. Right. Speaker 1 00:31:18 We did identify that, right? Speaker 2 00:31:20 Yeah. So we said that there was regression coming and there were gonna be home runs, leaving the yard was the met Mets. Wasn't it? The Mets hit like three in the first inning and it's the lefty. It was the lefty fly ball rate that was Speaker 1 00:31:35 Even though I think Marte hit two home runs in Speaker 2 00:31:37 That game. Marte hit two, but that was baby hit one. That was the lefty home run. And I forget who the other one was, but plays into our Reynolds theory here because Reynolds has been hit for a lot of power lately. Sure. I mean, we've seen multiple and we've seen multiple slate breaking games for Reynolds lately. I mean, he's had two 30 plus fantasy point games over his last 10, four home runs in his last seven games or so. So I think Reynolds is a great, I great spot against O R I think the lefty power. Now that Pittsburgh has a lot. Cause they, they don't, but they do, you know what? They do have a bunch of lefties, so could don't need to play a Pittsburgh stack, but it is worth mentioning lefty power against O Speaker 1 00:32:17 Racy. Yeah. I mean, we talk about, oh no, Cruz, right? Brian Reynolds, right. They, oh, no cruise hits balls further than anybody. He just doesn't make contact. So Speaker 2 00:32:24 He just doesn't hit at all. Speaker 1 00:32:25 Doesn't you know, Michael, Harris's starting to come down a little bit, but can certainly throw him in a lineup if you're going for the Braves. Talked about Carlson. I don't know anybody else stick out to you. Uh, Margo he's generally good against lefties, right? I mean, it's been a bit just back for two games, but 3,700 bucks, maybe a, a raise, possibly a sneaky team. A Rosarea Margo. Speaker 2 00:32:47 Yep. Well, I, I was, well, you know, I've been playing so much, Randy Rosarea lately. And again, once again, today, 12 fancy points stolen base. I was gonna mention Harold Ramirez. Um, Speaker 1 00:32:57 He was very cheap, right? Speaker 2 00:32:58 He is very good. John like $3,400, three for four today. Yeah. Two for four yesterday, two for four, the day before Homer and Yankee stadium four games ago. Um, just Speaker 1 00:33:09 Another Ray that doesn't have have any real power, you know? Speaker 2 00:33:13 I don't know if you're looking, but do however Ramirez hitting 3 37. Speaker 1 00:33:17 Yeah. I looked, I brought up, Speaker 2 00:33:18 I mean, like, I don't know, like I do, I've been like kind of vibing with the rays lately because they've, they're all cheap except for Rosarea and Brandon Lao, but they're all kind of good. We've mentioned Francisco Ji, how good he is against Speaker 1 00:33:32 Lefties. He home the other day when he played 90 D Speaker 2 00:33:34 Is sent a ball to the moon, which he never does. Speaker 1 00:33:37 He looks like he should Speaker 2 00:33:39 He's he should. I mean, he looks, dude, he looks like, yeah, he looks like he should 50 home runs a year. They're like sneaky. Good. Yeah. So I'm with you on the Margo thing, but I'm also on like on the Ramirez train as well. I think you could play both. They hit Margo second today. They hit Ramirez fourth. So both are right in the middle of that raise lineup. So something to consider, you could probably play an entire, if you're doing something contrarian, you play three rays outfielders, you play a Rosarea Margo and Harold Ramirez. I think pretty good floor. Pretty good upside there as well. Speaker 1 00:34:11 Yeah. I don't disagree with you there. Fran. Mill's been hot, but you know, again, he gets Montgomery, maybe a little bit of a tough spot for him, but $3,200, but Speaker 2 00:34:18 Who's back John right below Fran mill. Speaker 1 00:34:20 No, they sent him down to triple a. Speaker 2 00:34:22 Oh, they sent you PE down. Huh? Is he, is it he instead he impaired in one final rehab start, I guess wonder pay attention. Maybe he gets called up for Monday, but Speaker 1 00:34:32 Possible trace against the lefty. I mean guys for 33,000 ops, right? If he's in the lineup, for sure Speaker 2 00:34:38 Like that Speaker 1 00:34:39 3,100 get some cheap Dodge or exposure. He's at the bottom of the line. But like we talked about right. Like wraparound. So it, it works any other guys for you? Speaker 2 00:34:47 Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Fraley Jake Fraley. Oh yeah. Yep. Oh yeah. Jake Fraley. He was in almost, I had like 75% exposure to Fraley on Sunday and he was popular. He wasn't, he was the only red that was extremely popular, but he made one of my, uh, he was a TW I had him as a 20, 20 candidate earlier in the year and injuries and stuff like derailed his season. But man, he looks good hitting the top. That order, like, he looks really good right now. So 2,500, you know, he's gonna be in John, every cash line up. I imaginable at 2,500. Speaker 1 00:35:19 Yeah. I agree with you. Um, I got no else though. Is it, do you have anybody else that you like Dr. Bears a lot? He's 2,500 Leonte. Speaker 2 00:35:26 Yeah. If you're yeah, I think Leonte, if you're into the Rangers, I think that's fine. CZE has been a little better lately. Three straight games with at least seven fantasy points for the last five. With seven. He has two of his last three and double figures. Other than that though, I don't think we like need to go Speaker 1 00:35:43 Any further. I agree with you. Give me your, gimme your home run call. Speaker 2 00:35:46 I'm gonna go with Buxton against lefty. I like Byron Boxton against Lefty's. His numbers are actually insane against left hand pitching. So I'll go, Byron, Speaker 1 00:35:54 I think for me, I'm gonna go with, I'm gonna ATO this time. Speaker 2 00:35:58 Change it, change it up a little bit. Well, if you're gonna go ATO, I agree. Do we lock him in the third? Cause we're gonna, we're going build our lineup, right? Yeah. Why don't we do this? If we're confident in ATO we'll toy with it, but we could go ATO at third and we have the pool host in our back pocket at first, if we, I agree. Speaker 1 00:36:19 So we'll pivot the Phole we'll play Anado at shortstop. Would you, do you stand up for Dodgers, Trey Turner or Mo bets? Speaker 2 00:36:26 I feel like Moy would go Moy, but I also understand the Turner thing because shortstop is Speaker 1 00:36:35 Right. If we're not playing Turner at short for me, I think I would go down to either you play the Ono cruise home run GPP play. Yeah. Or you just sort of do the safe Fletcher play at 3,300. Speaker 2 00:36:51 Yeah. I was looking in the Fletcher arranged, like here's the thing, like in the outfield we have Jake Fraley right? Like that's a $2,500 play that we have in our back pocket. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:37:01 I mean I can we put him in there, Speaker 2 00:37:03 Right? I think we would lock Fraley in play Speaker 1 00:37:05 And Carlson has a lead off guy. Speaker 2 00:37:07 What is Carlson's price? Speaker 1 00:37:08 3,900. Speaker 2 00:37:09 Yeah. I mean, if we're playing and we're playing pool holes, we're playing ATO. Speaker 1 00:37:15 It breaks up. So that breaks up the stack a little bit. Obviously pool hole sits like Speaker 2 00:37:18 Fifth. Yeah. He's been hitting like fifth. So 1, 4, 5. Speaker 1 00:37:21 So gold actually hit third the other day they had O'Neil hitting second. Right? So, Speaker 2 00:37:26 So it would be a 1 45 if we just played the trio. Right. Do you wanna go the full stack? Speaker 1 00:37:32 No. No, I don't Speaker 2 00:37:33 Think so. We can, we don't. I'm not saying we don't have to. Cause the most logical option is going O'Neil as our right. Right. Doing just you Speaker 1 00:37:42 Like, like Moy at 65, Speaker 2 00:37:43 Probably prefer Moy bets to Turner. But again, it's like, I think shortstop is a weaker position. I think that we, the stack that we play PR probably Turner probably fits better into our build than Moy does. Speaker 1 00:37:59 Yeah. I just filled in the Dodgers. I filled in if we wanted do well. So I filled in will Smith Turner Moey. It gives us if we stick with EIA, it gives us $6,400 for SB two, which doesn't exist Speaker 2 00:38:12 And a catcher. Oh, you play WD. Oh Speaker 1 00:38:14 Yeah, I play WD. But how about this? If we don't do UIA, we could play Lopez in Montgomery as our two pitchers and to do double mid-tier or if we don't do Moki or we don't do Turner, obviously we can spend down at either Fletcher. We could play trace Thompson, ed cheap for outfield. Could do meal play. Speaker 2 00:38:33 Would you rather stay Moy Turner as opposed to will Smith and go down to Francisco? Maji sure. At 3,500. Speaker 1 00:38:41 Yep. We could do that. Was there? Yeah. Maji was the 35 UIA. So we're we're of course at $7,900 worth a hundred dollars off of Pablo obviously happens $300 off of Montgomery. So you would need to find an additional Speaker 2 00:38:57 And that's Speaker 1 00:38:57 With hand tray. Yes. Speaker 2 00:38:59 Maji who's our, what's our second base. So Speaker 1 00:39:02 We could go Darnell he's three K if Speaker 2 00:39:04 We, oh yeah. I think Dar I mean, right. Darnell is in a really good rhythm. I think Rony let's look at Ron's splits cause I, Speaker 1 00:39:13 Well, this is the line I just put together here, you look at the rose, these splits, if you want, we could even have a mini stack here depending on how that lineup bras or Grum and Darnell, but R and Montgomery. Okay. We got Darnell, we got P holes and Grum, NATO, Turner Fraley Carlson and bets. So that gives us a three, three Cardinals players, R N Carlson and pool holes. It gives us two Atlanta players, Grum and Darnell. It gives us Turner and bets at the top of the daughter's line up here against Lauer. Uh, and then it fills in with, uh, one off plays, uh, or just one, one off play FRA at 2,500 Speaker 2 00:39:50 And we have a hundred leftover. Speaker 1 00:39:51 We have a hundred leftover. We could play Pablo Lopez over Montgomery, depending on the wind potentially. Speaker 2 00:39:56 Yep. I like Speaker 1 00:39:57 It. Obviously the Cardinals bunch bigger favorites. I mean, Miami's a favorite likely to win over Oakland anyways, but you know, Miami's offense versus we're expecting St. Louis to just crush. Speaker 2 00:40:05 So I like this build Speaker 1 00:40:07 Those watching. I am not entering the 8 88. I'm not playing the $888, but I will enter the lineup though. We come up with so, Speaker 2 00:40:13 So Ron can cherish John and our two writing for Atlanta. And it might be, we might wanna maybe think about more righties for, for Atlanta. Well, Speaker 1 00:40:22 There's only a few that we would play if we wanted to pivot off of the Dodgers obviously, or pivot off the Cardinals, those do obvious pivots to Swanson and Austin Riley. So, Speaker 2 00:40:31 And yeah, if we wanted to as well, 2 8 50 ops, three sec, 360 7, WOBA sure for right-handed batters against bros Contreras. Speaker 1 00:40:39 So that's, so then we'll settle in on this line for now. Obviously you're in the you're on the playbook. The podcast will be available. The video will be there available to everybody that's listening. Obviously, if weather comes down, these things can certainly change. Pittsburgh is one of those games that where there is a possible weather issue. And if that is the case, then we just make some pivots to how this lineup plays out. Get in our discord. If you're not already a subscriber to fantasy line again right now is the ultimate time to get in there. But we have a all access pro package offer of NFL 50 for the first six months of the month package, you get 50% off. So for about 20 bucks a month for the next six months, you get access to all DFS content. Uh, almost took down the big GPP for NASCAR today. Speaker 1 00:41:21 Uh, if not for that late caution restart, uh, we had a subscriber, a take down a near take down in the MMA, uh, DFS contest on Saturday, you know, where we got everything going on, we got baseball, uh, EPL, you name it the e-sport. And of course, you know, the NFL season's coming up. So all of that content will be available to you with the NFL, the all access pro package there use promo code NFL 50, and you get 50% off the first six months. And that gives you access to our premium discord where you can ask myself James R. Howard vendor, Pete Cole, Colby Conway, Justin, Matt sells you named old team, whole squads in there answering your line questions up until roster are locked. Uh, with that being said, uh, good luck everybody. Let's uh, let's go win some money.

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