August 24, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 24: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 24: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 24: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Aug 24 2022 | 00:32:44


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Wednesday, August 24th for DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as the Cardinals against the Cubs and Kyle Schwarber against the Reds.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcasting with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What's going on FA nation, John and PBA here with James Grande. Welcome back into the quick pitch lb DFS live stream podcast here, breaking down the eight game main slate here for Wednesday James, a big 15 gamer on Tuesday, back to the eight game slate on Wednesday. Some pretty interesting matchups for us to continue to take Speaker 2 00:00:28 Advantage of for all those watching. You can now see, this is this me rubbing my hands together. This is for John and I. This is the wheelhouse right here. This is what we call the wheelhouse eight games. We had a ton of success on Monday in this environment. The slate looks really good outside of a, a big elephant in the room considering we're recording at 10 a or 10:00 PM the night before. And John and I both have pretty much, even though Shane McClanahan is listed as the race starter, we don't think it's gonna happen, right? He hasn't pitched on less than six days. Rest in his last three outings. They're clearly limiting his pitch count lately, and this would be four days rest. So although shame, McClannahan listed skeptical there, everything else looks good. I think slate in terms Speaker 1 00:01:12 Of it really wouldn't be one of these live shes. If we didn't talk about a pitcher who was eventually replaced the next morning. So we're gonna try to get of the curve here. Speaker 2 00:01:20 Wasn't McClanahan. Our first, Speaker 1 00:01:22 I think he was the original one Speaker 2 00:01:23 Livestream. He like the inaugural live stream. He was one of two pitchers scratched that, Speaker 1 00:01:28 Right? Yeah. Aldi got scratched and McClannahan got scratched. Aldi got scratched. The moment we finished recording moment, we finished. And then in the next morning we had, uh, we had a McClannahan out. So we think it's going to be potentially starting for McClannahan. So we'll, we'll have this to wait and see either way, whether it is McClannahan or Patino we're in on this match up against the, against the angels. Speaker 2 00:01:51 Right? Very much. So very much. I mean, McClannahan looked really good. His last time up. It's something that we talked about last time, Mike. Hey, he hasn't looked like the SI young award candidate. He was earlier in the year, eight strikeouts over seven innings. Two runs just didn't get any run support, Speaker 1 00:02:06 Trying to see what his price point is. Do you have his price points? Speaker 2 00:02:09 Yeah. Patino seven seven on draft Kings seven, seven. So he threw five and two thirds, four hits, no runs four strikeouts, 86 pitches. So no limitations there. So yeah, he Speaker 1 00:02:21 Was option down after that pretty much, but like there's a good Speaker 2 00:02:25 Chances call. He has two options. He's Speaker 1 00:02:27 Two options. Okay. So this is yes. So this is saying bet returned it after being called up to start. Right? Right. And you said he has two options left, so yeah, we'll see. We'll see if he finds his way back into the rotation here from McClanahan. Otherwise again, McClanahan's ten nine. The framer vol does is 10, four against Minnesota, Andrew Heney and $9,800 against Milwaukee. We've talked lefties against Milwaukee of late. He had 10 strikeouts against him and four and two thirds inning. So big time strikeout production there gallons at nine five singers at nine two. Speaker 2 00:02:55 Yeah. I mean, I think Fran bar is what he is just you. I mean, this guy, you wanna talk about a nine to five. He doesn't, he gets there at 8 55. Yeah. And he leaves at five 30, you know? And he doesn't clock it. He just works nine to five, but he puts in an overtime without clocking it. I mean just the most consistent picture. Yeah, we have. Speaker 1 00:03:17 Yep. 21.8 draft games points over the last 10 games for him. Good strike numbers that Speaker 2 00:03:23 He has 20 straight quality starts. John 20 Speaker 1 00:03:25 Seems decent on an eight game slate, right? Yeah. Seems strong to quite strong there. Speaker 2 00:03:31 Yes. Yeah. I would put it in the strong, quite strong Speaker 1 00:03:33 Category. We talked about Milwaukee's road numbers. You know, you have Heni here. He is only made a handful of appearances, you know, did have a six inning outing all the way really. Back in April, he is just working his way back, has gotten into the fifth, but hasn't gotten out the fifth, but I am encouraged by the 89 pitches. I think here building up the pitch count. Good matchup against Milwaukees. We've talked about lefties against Milwaukee, crazy high strikeout rate. He Andy 10 strikeouts. Would you go here in this matchup? Speaker 2 00:03:58 Like just, I don't know, like seeing Andrew Heini at nine eight makes my head just hurt so bad. And I think that's just like the PTSD from his time in pin stripes. Right? Like just given all the fly balls and we know Milwaukee, if there's one thing Milwaukee can do, it's hit home runs. They did hit three home runs against him in that start. Speaker 1 00:04:20 Right. That was in Milwaukee though. I talk about Speaker 2 00:04:22 This in Milwaukee. Speaker 1 00:04:24 It's true. There're definitely, there're definitely a much better offense at home. Speaker 2 00:04:27 I don't know. I'm on the fence on Speaker 1 00:04:29 He for GPS. I think you play you're in it on Heney at this point. Speaker 2 00:04:32 Yeah. I, I can't spend 9,800 on CA in cab, especially when I'll just get 600 to Fran bar and we'll figure it, like figure out our S P two, the rest of this slate, whether it's McClanahan or whether it's Pato or whether it's Ali at Miko. Yeah. Meek. I mean, Z Zach gall, you mentioned in this year Speaker 1 00:04:50 $9,500 against Kansas city. Speaker 2 00:04:52 I mean, he has not allowed an run in 21 and a third in Speaker 1 00:04:56 Yeah. Big strikeout game last time that too. So Speaker 2 00:04:58 Yeah. Any one of those games was in chorus, John, right? Like my man is, this was like, there has been like peaks and valleys. Like he had was incredible to start the year. And then he was like, eh, yeah. And now we're just dominant. Speaker 1 00:05:14 He's pitching opposite of a pitcher. Who's also on a nice little run Brady singer here. $9,200. Hasn't, you know, given up just total of three, earn runs over his last 19 and a third innings pitched two, five era over his last 10, you know, this season and a little bit better at home three 19 era and 10 homes starts. So you could be an interesting back and forth battle. I think it would lean gallon as well though. Speaker 2 00:05:35 Yeah, definitely an interesting match up eight straight games of six or more innings for Brady singer too. For all you prop lovers out there. Right. Six or more strikeouts in all, but two of those games as well, like kind of legit, maybe it's like Zach gall probably garners more ownership. Yeah. Maybe Brady singer is like kind of the like low key elite GPP pivot. Cuz he has 30 fantasy point upside too. And he's flashed it a couple times. Speaker 1 00:06:03 Yep. I'm with you there in the mid tier again, Lucas GTO got killed the other day. He hasn't been very good. No Baltimore's at offense that can, you know, at times go off, they got deceased a little bit here tonight. Not really interested in going Gedo yeah, but you were in on, you nailed it, right? Miles Miko. Isn't his last start. I pointed out like, oh, well, you know what? There's road numbers this year. They had him in good. And they're like, well, John, he gave up 10 runs and two innings in core. So I'm like, that's a good point. And you're like, he gave six and three innings against in CI or five innings in Cincinnati. Another really good offensive ballpark. I'm like, all right, like fair point. He goes into Arizona, eight innings, one and run for strikeouts back to back starts now 27 and 25 fantasy points right now. Obviously Chicago can be favorable hitters park. So that's something to, I guess, monitor the wind. He's faced them three times. He just most recently faced them at, home's got a quality start there, six and a third innings, three earn runs. I'm gonna check out and see six innings, one earn, run, end home against the Cubs. He had one start in Chicago back in June five innings, eight hits, four runs allow. So you know, not great on the road there better at home. But again, two really good starts one on the road, one at home. Speaker 2 00:07:13 Yeah. And we don't know what the wind was back in June two 90 could be 95 and windy at a Wrigley. And that's like just you can't pitch there. I think what's interesting about this is he has 19 strikeouts against the Cubs in those three meetings, 17 and the third innings, like not known as a strikeout guy, but the Cubs are an offense that isn't, you know, shy about swinging at 24 and a half strikeout rate in August is tied for the fourth highest rate with the brave. So a team that we've attacked all year with guys with high, like upside strikeout pitchers. So not the Milo is an elite strikeout pitcher, but if there's no wind here, I'm okay. You mentioned it when we were talking about like S SP two for cash. Yeah. I think this is where I'd settle it. Speaker 1 00:08:01 Yeah. I'm kind of in that same range for you, anybody for value though? Anybody under seven K like, you know, do we know the red Sox lineup? It's been a little bit hit or miss, but Barios has not been a gone that we've felt like we've gotten right for a while. We Speaker 2 00:08:13 Can't get 'em right. Ever Speaker 1 00:08:14 Dylan Bundy in Houston. No rich hill. Even as opener. No, thank you. I mean maybe Spencer Watkins. Yep. You know, like we talk Rodney sometimes against the white Sox can get it done. You know, he had an okay. Start against the Cubs last time out. He is not a big strikeout guy. You know, you're just kind of hoping he pitches deep enough into the game and gets you a win. But I don't really see much else. I don't know if there's really anybody on your radar that you like here. Speaker 2 00:08:38 I'm looking at Sanchez for the Phillies. I don't, I just don't know how stretched out he is. I will say Speaker 1 00:08:46 His most pitches he's thrown in a game four to the Phillies is 65. Speaker 2 00:08:50 It's worth mentioning, I guess, that he has spent the last month in triple a. Sure. So, so Christopher Sanchez is his name. I'm trying to pull up his, his game logs for Speaker 1 00:09:05 You wanna see how far, how deep he's been pitching. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:09:07 Cause if he's pitched deep into games, like, so he has actually take it back. So his most recent outing, he pitched four innings of AAA 51 pitches he's maxed out at 64. Speaker 1 00:09:19 So yeah. So probably nobody. Right. It's walk-ins as a dart throw and yeah. Like that. Speaker 2 00:09:25 Yeah. As a dart throw, it's probably, you're probably right. What is, where are the Cubs throwing? They're throw a 31 year old. Speaker 1 00:09:32 Yeah. Luke Ferrell. They're throwing him out there. Speaker 2 00:09:34 He is a 5 0 3 era. A E a yeah. Oh no. Speaker 1 00:09:41 Yeah. Not good. It's not Speaker 2 00:09:44 No dude Speaker 1 00:09:46 Cardinals or Cardinals could be teeing off there. Let's go. Catcher. Let's go quickly to catcher again. We've talked about how poorly most of the pitching here is outside of the top guys. So kind of pick your poison and run with it. If you wanna spend up real mood to Smith, Ruman 50 to a hundred, all I think are in play there at the top. If you go down to the mid tier again, I don't think there's any good pitching. So if you want to go ahead and just grab a mid-tier catcher, throw him in a lineup. I think you could probably make it work as well. We've been talking Christian bet in court lately. He homered again. So to back to back games, now it could be a sponsor Speaker 2 00:10:16 Three, three straight. Yeah. Three straight games now. Yeah. If he's in the lineup, I don't see why he wouldn't be right. He's been the better of the two guys, so yeah. Yep. I think that would be the clear cut spend down. Speaker 1 00:10:28 Sure. I agree. Yep. I agree with you 100%. All right. Anybody else Speaker 2 00:10:31 I'm looking for like two K punts and it is trash. So no, I mean I'm sure again, we'll have the playbook out and all that good stuff and yep. But I don't see anything that like sticks out to me, I guess, you know? Speaker 1 00:10:48 Yep. I'm with you be looking, gonna look out for the playbook. Are you on the playbook for Wednesday? Yeah. Yep. You look out for the playbook. James I'll have some, maybe some finalized catching options for you. First base. I mentioned already Farrell gold. Schmid got 60 to a hundred dollars. If you wanna go ahead and stack certainly something that's gonna be in play there. Hoskins at 47. I'm fine. Running that one out there as well. You know, Mount castle against Gedo yo Homer today, generally a spot where we like him against lefty is not righties. Jose bra used was 4k. Yesterday's 3,900 today. Again, Spencer Walkins, I'll still run back to a bra. You here, I'm not afraid of that. And $3,900. Is there anybody for you that have, you know, that you really wanna hone in on here? Speaker 2 00:11:27 Yeah. Can we circle back to Mountcastle real quick? Sure. And let me pitch you on the idea of why Baltimore is my favorite stack. And again, fir this is the first look podcast. Sure. Okay. But I'm gonna just, I, and I understand that we've preached all year about how tough this ballpark is, but we've also seen lately that there are, there are powers coming through a little more than it was earlier in the year. Yeah. Lucas Gito this year, John has a struggle, as you mentioned and struggled, he has against right handed batters. Okay. Right. Handers on the year as I transitioned into the splits tab, perfect time. R slashing 3 36, 3 89, 5 89 with a four 16. Whoa. But he's allowed 14 home runs to righties specifically. That's two home runs per nine innings. I mean just there's nothing Speaker 1 00:12:22 Good. Yeah. I don't think Gedo is very good either. So I'm with you. If you want to go there at 4k, Speaker 2 00:12:25 We know Mount castle has a lot of power. I know he hasn't been like tremendous this year in general, like, Speaker 1 00:12:31 Oh, the ballpark plays a big part into that. So Speaker 2 00:12:34 It has so I think, well, a and a lot of there are a lot of great options. Cardinals are great. Speaker 1 00:12:41 I mean, pool host is 2300. If you wanna keep riding on that track. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:12:44 I mean, if you wanna play pool host, that's great. I think Philadelphia is gonna be extremely popular against TJ Z who has allowed six earned runs in both of his starts. Four home runs teen hits in his eight in inks. Sure. I don't know why he's pitching, but he is Soskin a Speaker 1 00:13:01 Little Hoskin slum for Hoskins, but you know, we know power wise is there Speaker 2 00:13:05 And K's left. He's like all that's gonna be very popular. I think the contrarian stack for Speaker 1 00:13:11 Me Z is a righty though, so. Speaker 2 00:13:13 Oh, okay. Sorry. My apologies either, either way. He's sure a right who just throws a beach ball. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:13:19 Yeah. I mean you go Darren hall. If you wanted to left, you ready match up so true. Could run that out there again. Pool hosts is 23 though. We played him the other day and the lineup we build on this show, any Homer, so certainly can, can make a case to run it back with him. I don't see any other value though, for me. Speaker 2 00:13:33 Yeah. Well we don't need, we have the best player baseball at two three. Speaker 1 00:13:37 I agree. All right. Second base Roja is 54 Altuve 52 KA tell Marte is 52. You know, Nolan Gorman's at 48, Brandon Lao, maybe at 46 against mayors here. It could be an interesting spot. India at 46 against Sanchez's lefty could be a spot for you. You know, how are you feeling about the top half of this second base position? Speaker 2 00:13:57 I mean, I definitely think Altuve is in play with Bundy on the mound. Brandon Lao lefties are hitting mayors nine 70 ops four 13. WOBA so Brandon Lao's been bad, but he'll be hit the top of the order and some Speaker 1 00:14:13 Power. Speaker 2 00:14:13 He is some power and rates just put up 11 runs, right? I mean India, maybe 46. Speaker 1 00:14:18 Yeah. I said maybe India versus lefty could be a thing. We, again, we're going, if we go against Ferrell and generally better against lefties and right. DS, we just talked about how bad Ferrell's been. John seor is at 41. You know, the problem I'm having here is that there's no Braves on this lineup up. So we can't just throw G grist in at two K I know. And like move Speaker 2 00:14:35 On. And that was the same joke I was gonna make. Yeah. My, my, I was gonna say, wait, where is, where is Chris? Right. Speaker 1 00:14:43 You can't, you can't really throw 'em out there, unfortunately. So you like Lana versus love to hear right? Three K yeah. Lana. Speaker 2 00:14:49 Sure. Yeah. You know, I mean, it's not like, again, not like he's not an upside play, but I think he has a very nice floor right now hitting in the middle of their order. Speaker 1 00:15:03 Yeah. Did he do anything tonight? Speaker 2 00:15:04 Cincinnati? We'll tell you right now. He Speaker 1 00:15:06 Scores the run Speaker 2 00:15:07 Today. Yeah. They just lost in, he was three for four. Speaker 1 00:15:11 Yeah. Sono. Another three hit night for Donna and Solano here. That's three hits now in three of the last four games. So Speaker 2 00:15:18 He hit fifth tonight with a ridey on the Speaker 1 00:15:20 Mountain. Yeah. That could be your punt play at three K at second base here. Speaker 2 00:15:23 Yep. Agreed. Speaker 1 00:15:24 Could be that's. I mean, I'm looking at anybody else. Do you see anybody else that you wanna throw in there for value? Speaker 2 00:15:29 No. No, I don't. Speaker 1 00:15:30 No. Again, I don't really love the top guys outside of really Altuve. Either Solano could be the guy we're lock in at second for this one up here. Third base devs against Barta 59. Our Atos at 56 against Farrell. Bregman is at 48 against Bundy wit Homer. Tonight. I know it's against gallon. He's 48. Chapman's gonna at least start against rich hill. And then Brian Bello, BEOS gonna get in the game. He's at 47. And then I guess we'll throw Alex Bo in the mix there at 42 at the top half of that third base position. Speaker 2 00:16:01 So see there, I guess you would know better draftings is listing it the other way around with BEO starting and rich hill piggybacking. Speaker 1 00:16:10 I see. Oh yeah, maybe they, okay. They switched it. Then I thought before it said hill was the PO and BEO is the PLR. But if they're, if they're flipping it, okay. Either way at some point rich Hill's either Speaker 2 00:16:22 Way, right? I mean, that's a good matchup. Anyone verse rich hill. Speaker 1 00:16:25 Listen, I sat on the sat on the show yesterday. I really liked the blue Jays against Dwin Kowski and then we didn't play them. We played like, you know, the Rangers and the Astros and you know, the blue Jays went and scored eight runs it and anything. So yeah, I think we can go back here. BEOS coming out. The IL rich Hill's been trash. So at four at 47, he's certainly in play. You mentioned, you know, Phillies at bow at 42. And then the top guys there that were big fans of our NATO against our NA home lot today. What'd I say yesterday, right? Everybody only ever plays our NATO against a lefty. He's hitting better against res this year. Any homers. So $5,600 for him. That's fine. I don't know what's happening with the red Sox. I'm probably just not gonna play their offense. If you wanna be different, maybe you go ahead. But I mean, Barrys, hasn't been pitching well, but the red Sox I think are just checked out at this point. So, you know, Bregman Anato and Chapman at the top, boom in the middle. Speaker 2 00:17:19 Agreed on all friends. I agreed on all friends. I'd probably throw Yandy in there. Sure. Just cuz you know, I've been playing a lot of rays lately and of course they come through on the night that we don't play him. Yep. Speaker 1 00:17:29 Kyle Farmer, 37 Speaker 2 00:17:30 Ram and Ramon Yuri Arias against the right. Gido 33 Speaker 1 00:17:34 And Gary ASCA. Heini talking about power versus Lefty's there. True. True. If you wanted to go there, Speaker 2 00:17:39 All he's done this year is at home. Like Louis S has done nothing else, but it home runs. Speaker 1 00:17:44 Yep. We mentioned Salina's got dual position eligibility. I got nobody else at third base step Speaker 2 00:17:49 To complete a race stack. I would probably play Isaac parade. 32. He homed on Tuesday. Okay. It's not like I'm not like chomping at the bit to play him, but as a last piece of a race stack, I have no problem. 3,200. Speaker 1 00:18:02 Okay. That's fine. By me. Short stop at the very top here. Trey Turners at 61. Koray at 51 Bo Bache at 49. She Speaker 2 00:18:12 Right. It's if anybody it's probably Bechet. I really don't think we need to though. Speaker 1 00:18:16 I don't like any of that. Give me a, I can tell you at 39. Speaker 2 00:18:19 Yeah, I did too. I do too. He stole another base. Just stole another base tonight. So is he like, he was once a top prospect. Like I know he had a tough start to the year. Yeah. But man, has he been like super like a super good fantasy asset since the Allstar rate Speaker 1 00:18:37 Last 10 games, 3 78 with a thousand ops. It doesn't actually have any stolen bases during those 10 games. But he said he stole one tonight. Right? So yep. Stolen tonight. Averaging 10 fantasy points over that span there. Multi hits and back to back games. I don't know again what he did tonight, but hits in four straight. Not counting tonight. Yeah. We're big. We've been touting Jorge and tail a year though. So not nothing new to us. So I I'll buy in at 39 on stat lefty match up here for him at 39. I don't know if you read the read the tweet I sent to you yesterday. Yeah, it was good. John seora told stat to approach all of his at bats of if he's into two strike count and he went six for 10 during that little stretch. And basically he said like he eliminated his light kicked and started sort of just anticipating pitches that he had to swing at. Speaker 1 00:19:20 And he just started making better contact beforehand. He was just taking first pitch strike and he is like, that was the best pitch. I was probably seeing all at bat. I was just letting it go by. So S ago basically changed the way he's approached. And since then he is just not, he's just been on fire. So 3,900 for sta as well in that same range. If you're stack in Houston, Pania still fits in spots there. And you mentioned Taylor walls the other day and he had a good night tonight. So if you wanted to go back damn at 25, you, I don't mind it. Speaker 2 00:19:46 Yeah. Sta Paya Dayon against feral walls. Probably the four. Speaker 1 00:19:52 Yeah, they own, I mean, you're Speaker 2 00:19:54 I know he stinks, but like the, oh Speaker 1 00:19:56 You had a grandson in the game. I didn't play him. So Speaker 2 00:19:59 I know it's it hurts. That hurts so bad. And he's like back to like, he had that one good stretch of like what, 15 games. And then he's back to where he was earlier in the year. Right. You don't need to go there just like this feels like one of those spots where like every Cardinal's gonna get Speaker 1 00:20:16 Into the accident. Yeah. I feel like I'm, we're probably gonna lock in Mateo, but we'll see what happens when we get to the future outfield autonomy versus somebody, whether it's McClannahan or Pato 64, ooky batt against Hauser at 63 Howser coming off the IL and much worse on the road. Stop me if you've heard me say that before as the, you know, as the dog just got lit up or held down yesterday, Speaker 2 00:20:35 Harold flower. Speaker 1 00:20:36 Yeah, it was lower there, but Hauser is worse than Lauer. So for sure you go back to bets at 63 SWB daddy, Kyle from Walham now the rest of hiding in, in Philadelphia, six K for him, your Don's at 56 trout Homer today, 55, a Rosa REA at 53 Springer had a basis clearing triple at $5,300 there. I mean, there's just a lot of talent at the five can above range. Speaker 2 00:20:59 Yeah. So of the three, six K players, I think Schwarber's my guy. I will say though, like you're right on the Houser front. And you mentioned earlier in the area, I remember there was like a specific, you were like, yeah, Houser's just so good at home and so bad on the Speaker 1 00:21:16 Road. Yeah. It's yeah, the numbers aren't great for him. Speaker 2 00:21:18 5 89 on the road, Speaker 1 00:21:20 But that's all of Milwaukee. Like their offense sucks it on the road, their pitching is bad on the road. That's not, if your name's not Corbin burns or like Brandon Woodruff, basically. It just like the Dodgers show up sometimes. And sometimes they don't. So Speaker 2 00:21:34 I'm kind of like in a Dodger stack that probably doesn't go on no seriously, like, yeah. I agree. The Houser against lefties, like Mo doesn't qualify here and I know we're talking about outfield, but like we didn't mention Freeman sure. Or like Gavin luck or anyone really, but like lefties three 11 average, eight 90 ops 3 85 will I think. And we're we do have some lefties here in the outfield, Bellinger and Gallo. Both kind of been pretty good yeah. Of late. So like we could go there, but just throwing that out there, like you talking about how on the road just kind, you know, peaked my interest there a little bit, but yeah. I think short we're probably the top of the six K tier and then every other guy you mentioned like very hard to not play like Jordan, probably not trout if it's McClanahan, but maybe if it's Patino I'd have more interest, Dan, for sure. Rosa Rena just every night just does something. Either a home run or a stolen base or bowl. Speaker 1 00:22:23 The cover hits tonight. Speaker 2 00:22:24 Springer you mention Springer just has big games all the time. And then honestly like to, into my Orio stack, I know righties have been what kill Gido, but C Mullin's kind of playing close to what he was doing last year. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:22:40 3, 3 33 lately, two homers stolen base last 10, Speaker 2 00:22:44 Six extra base hits over that span too. Like I think he profiles with the other guys around him. He profiles more as like a tournament play with Speaker 1 00:22:52 Our Neil Homer tonight. He's at 49. We're talking about Farrell here, certainly in, in a position to run that there. Tucker and again, all of Houston first stack. Yep. Castanos didn't really have a great game tonight. It wasn't the worst, but you're talking about stacking Philly. He's gonna be in play, Speaker 2 00:23:09 Kept the hit streak gone. Yep. Speaker 1 00:23:11 Yep. The head streak continued. I mean, if you're, if you were, you know, Heini, as you mentioned, did give up a bunch of home runs Renfro power against Lefty's at 4k. Yep. Let's see. Good McCutchin hits lefty is better. Speaker 2 00:23:22 36 McCutchen. I was just looking at that. McCutchen has, so he is three for six off Heini all three home runs. And I think if I'm not mistaken wasn't this was this, the double Don game that McCutchin had the other Speaker 1 00:23:37 Day. It might have been Speaker 2 00:23:38 Eight. 18. Yeah. McCutchin had two home runs. Was that when Heini started against him, Speaker 1 00:23:43 I'll tell you in a second. Heini started eight, 18. Yep. Speaker 2 00:23:45 Cutin had two bombs off him Speaker 1 00:23:47 Season. Well Speaker 2 00:23:49 Season well season. Well, so yeah, I like that call John. Speaker 1 00:23:53 Yep. Let's see. Any other value guys here Speaker 2 00:23:55 Be Bellinger 38 and Joey gall 35. See Speaker 1 00:23:58 Gall Verdugo's 35. You mentioned can Chito Austin Hayes, right? Yep. Sure. Can still be a guy to swing it there Speaker 2 00:24:05 He's been better against R this year too. I know LA like last year we were hammering him against lefties. Like we were most Orioles. Yep. But he's been better. Speaker 1 00:24:14 They dumped your boy McCarthy. The three K Speaker 2 00:24:16 Tough spot. But like he on 12 fantasy points tonight, right? I mean guy just consistent. Yep. Look at the numbers, man. Four of his last five games, double figures. Speaker 1 00:24:26 He pretty 4, 9, 10 ops last 10. So I'm with you there. Let's see. Newbar could be, I wanna know what happened to him tonight. Cuz they pinch ran for him, but he did hit lead off with the writing on the mound. So if he's, if he's back to leading off at 2,600, I'll have interest there for sure. Speaker 2 00:24:41 See if there's anything about him out there. Nobody talking to Lars Newbar so Speaker 1 00:24:46 Yeah, they just pinched Randy Dylan and Carlson for no reason when they were up six one. So I don't really didn't really get any, get any answer there as to why that was the case. So, but that's probably where I go for value. The cheapest guy of Newbar's leading off Speaker 2 00:24:58 Sends elegance a lefty. I don't hate, he's been a little better lately. You're probably, eh, you not really need to go there. You're probably right. That's probably the cheapest Speaker 1 00:25:06 You need to go. Okay. Uh, gimme your home run. Call Speaker 2 00:25:09 Home, run. Call you go first. Great. Trying to figure it out. Speaker 1 00:25:13 Yeah. All right. I will go with Schwar six Speaker 2 00:25:18 K oh I dude. I was literally gonna say Schwar daddy. Sure. Done. That was literally my, oh, I'm gonna go. I know I, no, I blew. That was absolutely me. That was that me. I will go with Ryan Mount castle against Julie. Speaker 1 00:25:31 Okay. Mount castle and sch are the home run calls. Now let's get to building the lineup. James. We've had, uh, decent success so far with these lineups and the two nights that we've done it obviously last night's cashed or, or sorry, two nights ago cash. The one that we built for Monday as of now is as of 10 35 is still pretty handily in the cash line. So with Verlander out there, just throwing beat. So a long way to go though. So, you know, we won't exactly cross it off as a win, but we're sitting pretty top, top 300 right now in the main $15 over on draft king. So we'll see, we'll see what happens, but let's go, let's build our lineup here. Are we going with the idea that McClannahan is pitching or Petia how do you wanna approach this? Speaker 2 00:26:14 Let's let's just use Fran bar as our spend up. Okay. In case we don't know. And like everyone knows, like we've talked up the race pitching to begin with McClannahan might be a great option, but just the fact that he's pitched on six plus days rest in each of his last three starts. Yeah. Does not make me think he's suddenly gonna pitch on four days rest. Right. I guess tomorrow would be the fifth day. Right? Maybe he is pitching John tomorrow. I guess I'm maybe he is pitching. We'll see. We'll Speaker 1 00:26:48 We'll find out. Right. We'll see where he is at. Would you Goran Amber McClannahan if he's pitching? Speaker 2 00:26:53 Probably McClannahan. Okay. For, I think there's, I think there's more upside. I think framburg is 100% as safe as it gets. I don't know. I guess let me pose it to you. What do you think? 20 straight quality stars for Berg. Yeah. Versus McClannahan. Who's kind of looks back question Speaker 1 00:27:10 Mark. Sure. I'm gonna go for Ambar personally. Speaker 2 00:27:12 Okay. But let's just go Speaker 1 00:27:13 Framework, saving some money there. McClanahan's been a big inconsistent. And like you said, if he's on it, if it's something to where he is either pitching on, not full the rest as he's been, or he is limited, but he is not gonna be worth it. SB two. Speaker 2 00:27:25 I think it's MIUs for Speaker 1 00:27:27 Okay. Yeah. I don't minded if I was pivoting off again for GPS, I would run out Heini you know, just for the strikeouts. That's how I'd probably approach it. But I don't go with MIUs there catcher. We didn't really identify a catcher. I don't think that we really loved Speaker 2 00:27:41 Well, Beth in court is probably, yeah. That's the only problem is gonna be, if we play Beth in court, we need to have a pivot. I think, because we don't know when he's starting versus when Mah starting. Like they just, they love playing Speaker 1 00:27:55 The both them both or no, Speaker 2 00:27:57 They could, but they haven't like tonight, Speaker 1 00:27:59 Are they gonna sit a guy that's homed in three straight games. Speaker 2 00:28:02 They sat him yesterday and he Homer in two straight games. True. True. You know, but it is worth noting that a right was on the mound and no tonight was IUA is on the mountain, right? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:28:13 Yep. Speaker 2 00:28:14 And they started Beth in court, but they also started Mahea with a lefty on the mound two nights ago. Correct. So who the heck knows what they're gonna do? Speaker 1 00:28:21 Okay. Well we'll go in with Ben in court for now and we'll adjust if we need to. I mean, yeah. Yachty's 2200, right? Like still be, there'll be a value place somewhere along these lines. So 2,600 bet in court works for me. First base. You mentioned Mount castle. Is your home run call you wanna go there or do you like the spend up options of like gold Schmidt? Speaker 2 00:28:41 Yeah, I think Goldie Freeman, one of those two guys are Vladi. It's probably like spin up at first. Speaker 1 00:28:47 Okay. Vladis probably the least rostered. You know, I'm a Cardinals partial here. So yeah. Speaker 2 00:28:52 It's either gonna be so popular. We could go or we can go spend down to like Derek hall if we really wanted to. Speaker 1 00:28:59 I mean, we could go poo host and do the opposite of Goldie there. He was less rostered. Last time. Speaker 2 00:29:04 I'm gonna be so excited if we go pool host to have no Beth in court and no pool host in the lineup and Speaker 1 00:29:09 Be fine. So we're gonna roll we'll roll pool, host 4,400 position player. We wanted to punt second base, right? Solano three K. Speaker 2 00:29:17 Yeah, we could do that. Speaker 1 00:29:19 Third was our spend up, we gotta go out Bregman or RNAO complete start working on a mini cards Speaker 2 00:29:26 Stack. Yeah, just roll at or not always so good. Speaker 1 00:29:29 Okay. Short stop. We thought Mateo. Speaker 2 00:29:32 Yep. Cause we're gonna get new bar in the outfield to do a three man stack Speaker 1 00:29:36 Essentially. So we have $4,700 per position player for an outfielder Scher. A one off spend up for outfield. Speaker 2 00:29:43 Yep. Speaker 1 00:29:44 You sure? Speaker 2 00:29:45 Yep. Okay. Speaker 1 00:29:45 For sure. $4,100 per outfielder after that. Speaker 2 00:29:49 We'll do I think if new bar is in the lineup? Sure. I would really he's gonna lead off I think. Right. He's been leading off with writing in the mound. Yeah. So, Speaker 1 00:30:00 So new bar is 26. That gives us $5,700 for the last outfield spot. We can do a one off yone, a one off Speaker 2 00:30:07 Trout. I mean, take your pick at that point. I one Speaker 1 00:30:10 Off George Springer. Speaker 2 00:30:11 Jor Ann. It's pretty good. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:30:13 Yones works. So we'll do ER, EZ miles, Nicholas Christian Beton court, Albert hol Donovan. Salano Nolan, ATO, Jorge Mateo, Kyle Scher, Lars Newt bar. And Yodon Alvarez as our line there. Uh, we bit stars and scrubby, but I'm fine. I'm fine. Speaker 2 00:30:34 Well, scrub, our scrub is the best player in baseball. And so has statistically been literally the best player in baseball? So like yeah. Speaker 1 00:30:41 67 with a 1600 opiates over lost 10 Speaker 2 00:30:44 Man. His crazy. Speaker 1 00:30:46 He may be chalked. People might not play gold Schmidt because of pool holes right now Speaker 2 00:30:50 Because he's just been so good. Pool holes has just been so good. Right? It's crazy. Speaker 1 00:30:54 So that's what we got. We'll enter that into the, to the 15 there again and see if we can keep the streak running. Of course the MLB DFS playbook will be out by James. A full breakdown. Further breaking down with analysis are more fine. Tuned picks and ideas and finalized core stacks and core plays. That will be if you're not yet a member of fantasy alarm, you go to the fantasy pricing page. Right now we have a great offer of leading into the NFL season, giving you a 50% discount off the first six months of our AllPro package there that gives you access to all of the N BDFs content, the NFL DFS content that's coming up. NBA DFS content that myself and James also provide content for NHL, MMA, PGA, NASCAR, you name it. It's all covered there. And you get the first six months, 50% off at cold code NFL 50. So make sure you go ahead and check that out. If you're watching this video on YouTube, hit the description, go down. The link is right there. Take advantage of the offer. And you also get access to our premium discord where we're right in there to a roster lock. We're answering your questions. We're helping you build your lineups, giving you any final updates. And that is only if you are a member of the fantasy alarm family. Any final thoughts here, James? Before we let the people go? Speaker 2 00:32:10 No. Yeah, actually my final thoughts. Good luck to all those playing the day slate with course field. It's true. Speaker 1 00:32:15 Good luck. And we'll be, and we'll be in discord if you're member answering your day slate questions. So if you're building daylight, lineups, throw, throw them in there, we'll help you out and we'll hopefully get you guys some winners. Also, if you're watching this video, please give us a, like, that'd be super helpful for the channel subscribe as well. If you haven't already, we certainly appreciate it. And James and I we'll be, we'll be back for Thursday slate. We'll catch you guys later. Speaker 3 00:32:43 Um,

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