August 26, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 26: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 26: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 26: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Aug 26 2022 | 00:34:11


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Friday, August 26th for DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as the Gerrit Cole against the A's and a returning Bryce Harper against the Pirates.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcast with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What's going on? I nation John and PBE here with James Grande. Welcome back into the quick pitch, lb DFS podcast and livestream here for Friday's 14 game main slate. And James, we are back to the drafting slate. We had a one stop day over on fando for those of you that enjoyed that. We appreciate you, but we are going back to fan. If you had any are going back to draftings you any Fandule questions and you're part of the fantasy Lauren family, get in our discord. We are more than happy to answer those Fandule questions for you by draft Kings is where I feel like the majority play, uh, especially those who follow us. And, uh, we kind of, you know, we dabble everywhere. So why not go back to what seems to be at least the most popular for now 14 games, but we got a lot to get into here. Speaker 2 00:00:53 Yeah. 14 games, no cores, some really good spots for offenses. When you go down and look at some of the pictures on the mound, some really good pitchers on this slate too in, in pretty good spots. Yeah. In their own regards. So should be a fun slate, 14 games, a lot of games, but we'll break it down for you. And, uh, you know, shorten your player, pull cuz again, like some of these games, like you can eliminate teams like Oakland, you can eliminate teams like, you know, yeah, Speaker 1 00:01:19 We'll get to it. We'll get to it. We got Oakland on the tops on this slate because Garrett Cole is $10,700 as your top priced pitcher. Again, we've been targeting this Oakland team since they've, you know, literally given up that said, you know, a rough outing last time out for Cole yet a rough out against Seattle handful of starts ago, rough outing against Kansas city to start before that in between there Seattle and Tampa bay decent out, which Garrett Cole do we think is showing up. My guess is the good one. When it comes to going up against Oakland, the only guy above $10,000, Chris Bassett is had home against Colorado of colors is at home against Baltimore. Spencer Schreder on the road against St. Louis and Joe Musk Grove on the road against Kansas city Bieber on the road against Seattle. A lot of road pitchers for the top price guys here. Does that bother you at all? Speaker 2 00:02:04 No, no one. Yes. I guess like, like Cole, the road doesn't bother me considering how good of a pitchers park it is, right? Schreder up. Honestly, upgraded pitchers, upgraded park for pitchers, going to St. Louis tougher lineup, Speaker 1 00:02:18 But Speaker 2 00:02:18 Tougher lineup, but better park Bieber. Good park to pitch in must Grove. Probably neutral. Maybe a little worse. Sure. But it's a good off or it's a good offense to attack. So I think there's, I, don't not particularly on this slate, I'm sure on a different slate. It would, but not so much right now. Speaker 1 00:02:37 So where obviously of this group, is there anybody that you wouldn't pitch? I mean, obviously I like the top three. I know we talked Baltimore right last night, they've been hitting right-handed pitching a little bit better. It took 'em a while, but they did eventually get to Lynn and ended up taking the win in a walk off fashion against the white Sox tonight. But you know, my collars did struggle against Atlanta, better against Oakland now against Baltimore here at home, you know, bass that I like against Colorado, we know Cole, but like how are you feeling about sort of that grouping anybody that you do? Like more than the others? Speaker 2 00:03:07 I mean Cole, right, right off the bat. I think he's the guy. I know, again, he hasn't been that guy. I recognize that he has not, but when he's going good, he's very dominant. Oakland has been absolutely dreadful. Every pitcher under the sun has been good against them. I don't expect it to change just given who they have. Right. Like there's, it just is what it is right now for Oakland. I do like Bassett quite a bit. We were talking about it last night with Thero and I get it Thero is a different animal than Chris Bassett, but Colorado just doesn't hit right hand to pitching and they just don't. Yeah. Do well really outside. Of course. So I really like Speaker 1 00:03:44 Home this year, too. 2 55 era average, 21 and a half draftings points. Yep. On the Speaker 2 00:03:49 So yeah, it's a really good pitchers environment. Yep. In city field and oh, I've like MCs. I don't like them as much as the other two. I love the pitch count already being where it is two starts into his campaign. I like the strikeouts, honestly, 11 innings, 11 strikeouts. Don't like the walks. That's obviously a little concerning. Yeah. You know, this is a good park for Baltimore. I think in terms of like for, in terms of their power, because we talked about it last night when we were talking about Mancini, like in similar fashion, like the park upgrade, would've helped Mancini. And now we're seeing the, you know, the fruits of that now that he's in Houston. Well, you know, this, uh, powerful team, that's kind of like taken a step back in power because their parks thinks right now traveling to a good park, like scary. And you know, Lance Lynn had a field day against him today and was a very big time score and fantasy point. So like Sal say the same thing again. I said last night, I see both sides of the coin. Sure. I can see myself playing with colors. I can also see myself staying away and playing some Baltimore. Speaker 1 00:04:53 Yes. Again, I'm not really an non rider here against St. Louis Musk Grove against Kansas city. Certainly a bit appealing. I know he's struggled lately as well. Good start. Last time out against Washington hit up a little bit against Miami, obviously a home against the Colorado. They got to him. He's got a 4.65 era over his last 10, but this should be a spot where I would expect him to bounce back a Speaker 2 00:05:13 Bit. Yeah. Schreder tough to use Musker of Bieber. Do you have a preference of the two? Speaker 1 00:05:20 Not really. Maybe Musk Grove. I think Kansas. City's lineup's a little bit worse. Speaker 2 00:05:25 Yeah. And remember when they used to not strike out, remember when that was a thing earlier Speaker 1 00:05:30 In the year. Yeah. They backed the strike out a lot. Speaker 2 00:05:31 Yeah. Six, sixth highest strikeout rate in August against right-handed pitching. Speaker 1 00:05:36 Yeah. Yeah. A younger line. I've been there. They swing and mix a little bit more. So yeah. Makes sense. Under AK I'm sorry. Under nine K DERs on the road against Toronto. Probably not going around the trade. Prota home against the Cubs kind of appealing. We talk a lot Milwaukee. Just much better team. When they're at home waa at home against Tampa bay, little revenge, waa himself has pitch really well since returning back to back, shut out outings for Michael Waka. So $8,500 against Tampa bay looking pretty good there kudos at home against Arizona, Alex Woods on the road against Minnesota and Logan. Gilbert's down to $8,100 against Speaker 2 00:06:09 I think Peralta is the one guy that stands out the most to me in this tier, the Cub's offense. Just look so bad in a spot Thursday that they two, huh? Speaker 1 00:06:21 You just faced them six innings, two earn runs five strikeouts. Speaker 2 00:06:24 Yeah. And they just had such a good spot against Dakota, Hudson and Dakota. Hudson goes eight innings, two runs against them. Right? Only Ian half was the only damage all day. You know, they're not necessarily striking out all that much. 22.8%. They've been kind of league average against right-handed pitching. But like the large sample against pitching is just this Cub's offense is just not doing it. And Freddy Prota has looked good since returning pitch counts back up. I don't hate WACA Tampa. Bay's offense kind of clicking right now too. Yeah. That's a little scary. So I think tournaments only hook and Gilbert being 8,100 is crazy. Speaker 1 00:06:59 Kudos been really good lately. Kudo has been, it doesn't strike out a lot of guys, but he's pitching deep in the games. Eight innings or more in three of the last four, almost through a complete game shoutout against Cleveland eight and two thirds. They took him outta that game there, but you no strikeouts, but still being productive. Speaker 2 00:07:15 It's always scary playing someone who doesn't strike people out. But like if he's getting out, he's getting outs, right? Like the, I think the difference would for me is like, we were talking about this similar thing with like James caper earlier in the year. Right. He was going like six innings, but he was striking out one. Yeah. Like kudos going eight innings. Yes. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:07:34 So Speaker 2 00:07:35 Yeah. I don't hate that either Arizona doesn't strike out either. They have like the lowest strikeout rate against right-hand pitch. True. Speaker 1 00:07:42 That's a good point. Uh, justice steel against Milwaukee, just start six innings, two hits loud. No earn runs night strike outs. As we've talked to Milwaukee is a little bit better at home that said he did face them in Milwaukee earlier and had another strong start there. Six and two thirds one earn run nine strikeout. So we talked lefties against Milwaukee, high strikeout rate, Justin steel pitching really well. I know it's up against Freddy prodo. You like him on the other side of that coin. But if we're looking to spend down a little bit on a big slate, I mean, steel's really showing some nice upside over 20 fantasy points and three or four, the one he didn't and he's still had 19. So, Speaker 2 00:08:18 I mean, has there been like a more under the radar, two 14 era over a 10 start span than Justin steel? Like that's really freaking good man. Like two 14 in a 10 start span. That's elite, to be honest, he's only given up two home runs over that span too. Like, there's just, there's not a lot of power. Speaker 1 00:08:39 67 strikeouts and 54 Speaker 2 00:08:40 Or four, four home runs. Sorry. Yeah. 67 strikeouts. Right? I mean, like you said, yes, Milwaukee has been better at home. This is get this job six. This will be his sixth start against Milwaukee this year. Really? Speaker 1 00:08:54 Okay. There we go. Yeah. I just clicked on that. Speaker 2 00:08:55 He is, he has 33 strikeouts in 25 and two thirds innings, a two 10 averaging, almost 20 fancy points a game like that was pretty. That is a great sample and a great SB two at 76. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:09:10 He had one back start in Milwaukee, three inning, seven hits, four, four runs, three earned or two earned. Just four strikeout. Other than that. Yeah, he is been pretty. He's been pretty strong against them this year, but Speaker 2 00:09:24 We've talked about lefties against Milwaukee, right? Right now 31 31 0.7% strikeout rate against lefty system. Speaker 1 00:09:31 Yeah. I like it. San Francisco has been a team that we've been kind of targeting with strikeouts. I don't know what your thoughts are on Joe Ryan. Three of his last four starts have been serviceable 28, 19 and 19. Got lit up by the Dodgers in, in LA, but back home. Right. And home games for him this year. 2 95 era. What are your thoughts here on Joe Ryan? Speaker 2 00:09:51 I like him. I think he's super consistent. And like you said, San Francisco's offense is not one, especially against, you know, I think we look at them more when it's a lefty on the mound. So San Francisco this month against right-handed pitching 22nd ops they're I guess they're a little better in the power department. I, all of their runs are coming in the power department. They're like ninth and ISO. Sure. But 22nd and wo or 23rd and WOBA 22nd and ops they're exploitable. So as long as Joe Ryan keeps the ball in the yard, he's gonna be very serviceable here. Speaker 1 00:10:25 Any value for you? Seven K or under? Speaker 2 00:10:27 Ooh. I mean, I really like the Tommy Henry the player, but it's a tough spot. Yeah. Against the white socks. So I, yeah, I got somebody and I think he's making his major league debut C caval. He was a consensus top like 50 prospect across all platforms. Baseball prospect is baseball, America, all of it. He has a bunch of strikeouts in the minor leagues. One oh four, a hundred four strikeouts and 97 innings pitch at three 70 area in triple a, this year, he's pitched at three different ranks too. Right. He's started a ball. I mean, this is a guy, a lot of people are excited about and he gets a bad team. Yeah. Cincinnati on the road, you know? Yeah. I look, we have done this right, Brian. Wasn't great to start. We've had a couple pitchers this year. Just not do it when they first get called up. But for like, unfortunately for them, they were never facing like the Cincinnati reds for their debut. Yeah. I think Speaker 1 00:11:28 I 14 games if you're trying to play up for Cole and pay up for some of these other bats, I mean, right. Kava probably helps you get there so right. I'm with you there. Uh, I, I got no other value. I don't know if you wanted to throw any honorable mentions out there. Speaker 2 00:11:40 I mean, I'm looking Glen OTO, but he gets, yeah. He gets to try, like he's allowed two under less and four straight starts. Sure. So maybe there's some upside there, right? Maybe we're seeing signs of life. That's fine. And at home for a win. But other than that, no, Speaker 1 00:11:58 Thanks a catcher. Something we didn't have to deal with yesterday today. Speaker 2 00:12:01 I know let's what do we, hold on. Can we talk about this? Can we go back to sandal? Like already? You know, Speaker 1 00:12:06 I don't really want, I don't really wanna talk about yeah, no. Okay. Kirk at 40 for againsts debt murder, we talking about ready lefties potential match up. I like that. Let's see. Where else are we going down here? Danny Janssen, Homer today. If he finds himself in the lineup instead of Kirk. Yeah. Could go there. Speaker 2 00:12:21 Jonah Heim. 4,100. He's been really good against lefties this year. Sure. Speaker 1 00:12:25 Donnell gets can time at 34. Yep. Speaker 2 00:12:28 We've Speaker 1 00:12:28 Been playing a lot of Darnell. Speaker 2 00:12:29 Yeah. We have been playing a lot of Darnell and I was going to suggest William Contreras. Who's also hit left east. Well, but he is $1,100 more. Yeah. And Darnell hits like fifth and again, $1,100 less. So Speaker 1 00:12:43 Yeah, if, I mean, we like waa, but if Benton court's in a lineup at 27, he is been hitting the ball. Well, Speaker 2 00:12:49 Yep. He started today. I don't know what they're doing if they're just like playing guys like every other game, I don't really know. Like, they're just like, Hey guys, you guys are both good. You're gonna play every other day. But I mean Tampa's whatever they do is correct. Speaker 1 00:13:02 So the last few days I've played ACE was Zalla. Is Speaker 2 00:13:05 That how we're Al yeah. Speaker 1 00:13:06 Yeah. Uh, 2200 gets a lofty riding match up here against, I guess Henry. We know we like white Sox against lofty. I know you mentioned liking Henry a bit, but uh, not in this spot as you said. Speaker 2 00:13:16 So. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, Henry's a good prospect, but like the white Sox are one of the best teams in baseball against lefties. And it's been that way all year. So I don't hate to Speaker 1 00:13:25 Follow he valid ninth. But as we talk about wrap around the other day, he had like two hits and two, or I hit in three walks. So, uh, he's not bad. He's in 3 75 with a thousand OBS over his last 10 games. I it's not too shabby at all. Speaker 2 00:13:38 Travino would probably be my last mention. He hits left. He's extremely well, three K Speaker 1 00:13:42 First base. Then let's get this over with here. Otani gold. Schmid UpTop six K Vladi at 57, Dr. Against a lefty at 55. Speaker 2 00:13:53 Interesting. And not in San Diego, either Speaker 1 00:13:55 In San Diego, I'm still a little bit confused. The Jose Brady is 4k. So Speaker 2 00:14:00 Yes, they're gonna be, Speaker 1 00:14:01 We're gonna, we're gonna lose money on the white Sox against aren't we Speaker 2 00:14:04 John, every time this happens, it's every single time can't help. Let's just, no, I can't. I don't blame you for it. Like, you know, are they, where are we? They're in Chicago too. Yeah, Chicago's been so on fantasy If you go over to the ballpark track. So Chicago as I scroll, cuz there's where are Speaker 1 00:14:25 You hitting? 4 59. By the way is lost 10 games. Speaker 2 00:14:28 That's quite good. If you had to guess in a, on a runs per game basis where guaranteed park, guaranteed rate park ranked, what would you guess? Speaker 1 00:14:37 Seventh. Speaker 2 00:14:38 Fourth. So complete hitters environment against the lefty. Yeah. Where we know the white Sox thrive. Looking at the splits. Tommy Henry three. Oh, there's just not a lot of like a lot good numbers against him. Yeah. And not a lot of good stuff against him, but again, it's a very small sample. Jose bra 3 14, 4 0 6 WOBA against left hand pitching Speaker 1 00:15:00 This year. Brandon gets lefty matchup. We've talked about him. The power there is against left-handed pitching he's at 4k. Let's see Logan gets a lefty. So we can't go back to our avoid. Nathaniel. Unfortunately, VO bot gets cool at 3,800 Aon, let off hit lead off today and let off with a home run. He's $3,600 Speaker 2 00:15:19 Thankfully. And thankfully multi-position eligibility once again, Speaker 1 00:15:23 Field again. Thank thankfully for that. Anybody else for you? Anybody that you like Speaker 2 00:15:27 Here? Honestly, not really. Who Speaker 1 00:15:32 Holds is more, but I don't know if we're gonna go back to that. Speaker 2 00:15:34 Yeah. And like, I know he is been great, but like Speaker 1 00:15:37 Tougher swap. Speaker 2 00:15:38 Yeah. Maybe Michael Chavis, two K with a Bailey falter on the mountain. They got a left. You there. Yeah. Actually, you know what? We might wanna Bailey falter 6,700 John Speaker 1 00:15:49 Strikeouts. You think? Speaker 2 00:15:51 Yeah. He's been really good in back to back starts one being against Pittsburgh. It was before he got, then he got sent down. Then he got called up against the met six runs or six innings, one run against the met last Speaker 1 00:16:04 Time based the pirates already six innings. Two are eight strikeouts. Speaker 2 00:16:07 Yep. So maybe I, we were tracked our like no value Speaker 1 00:16:13 Comment and you play. Speaker 2 00:16:14 Yeah. And play barely falter. Yep. Speaker 1 00:16:16 Falter and falter and yep. All right. I can swing it. So again, we like the top three first basement here. I think maybe less Guerrero. More autonomy. Yep. Mid-tier guys that were in on Brau Miranda and for value we're in on VA Speaker 2 00:16:32 For sure. Speaker 1 00:16:32 And let's see anybody else down here. Did we mention pool? Don't maybe a dark throw, but Speaker 2 00:16:38 I mean like if you wanna play like will Myers as a first baseman. Sure. He's been like decent, but like look at the upside. There's been none. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:16:46 I agree with you. One runs long load 4k. Speaker 2 00:16:49 Yeah. Mountcastle 4k. Yeah. That's wait. Where's in against Baltimore. 39. Oh he's outfield only. Now Speaker 1 00:16:57 They were slate. They changed his position on us. So, okay. Second base Altuve at 54 Rojas at 53 Brennan Rogers at 52 semi at 51 Marques at five Ken two bay. Speaker 2 00:17:09 Yeah. The Bradd splits. The Bradd splits have been righty. Yeah. He's been a reverse splits guy this year. I think Bradd 3 57 average to righties. A thousand ops 4 36 WOBA to right hand Speaker 1 00:17:22 Bats. No one's gonna play him Inez. They never do, but I still don't mind do. Speaker 2 00:17:25 Nope. Nope. And Gilbert, listen, I, I like Logan Gilbert, the pitcher, but Logan, Gilbert has not been that great this year. He has not taken the leap that I think Speaker 1 00:17:35 He had a stretch, but he, he did have a stretch. It feels like he's regressed a bit 5 27 era over his last 10 games for Logan Gilberto control problems. Didn't walk anybody last time out, but has been putting some guys free passes. So, so meez can steal. He's got some power. And the last couple times I've played him. He is been like 3%. So I'm down using that as, as a pivot play. If you wanna go in that direction. Mid-tier I know you've been playing a lot of Jeff McNeil lately. Speaker 2 00:18:02 Yeah, man. I mean he just hits baseballs and Chad Kools, like, I don't know if they're like, Speaker 1 00:18:09 Didn't matter V G's still under $3,000 Speaker 2 00:18:11 Again. Yeah. It doesn't. It ultimately does not matter. That's correct. I don't think you can win a tournament with Jeff McNeil. Right? Like there's this Speaker 1 00:18:18 Y'all need like multiple bases clearing doubles. Speaker 2 00:18:20 Yeah. I don't know if there's like winning upside, but like cash games perfectly fine. And you could place really well in a tournament with Jeff McNeil. You might win a tournament with Jeff McNeil. He's not like going to be the guy. Speaker 1 00:18:34 I say that with McNeil as its go. And like gliber I think they're all sort of like Speaker 2 00:18:38 Similar. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I ThinkLA because they're in Oakland more. So he hits lefties really well. He has this year, at least. So, and I think there's just more power with labor. At least that's what he's shown this year. Absolutely. But in that park, it's not the greatest, but I say that and they have 10 runs in five innings tonight, so. Speaker 1 00:18:56 Yep. And like I said, GRS at 27. Speaker 2 00:18:58 Yeah. That's ultimately, yeah. We're Speaker 1 00:18:59 Just gonna play grist. Yep. Third base Macado, devs Ramirez. Ana's day to day. Riley's at 54. Bradman's at 48, like loaded first base position as always. How are you picking between the group? Speaker 2 00:19:14 I mean, I don't it's loaded, but like Machado 6,100. I don't know. I don't think I can get there. Deborahs has not been the same guy. Nope. And same could be said really for the whole red Sox offense. Speaker 1 00:19:29 Except pretend against Kevin Gosman Speaker 2 00:19:31 Don't open up, you know, don't lick the open wounds shot. Speaker 1 00:19:34 We're just gonna go back to Bregman then Speaker 2 00:19:36 Just go back. It's probably Brigman the righty splits are on both sides. He's been better against righties. Brad's been significantly worse against right-handed bats. So yeah, it's probably going back to Bregman. Speaker 1 00:19:48 Yep. Um, and yeah, probably true. Probably just pregnant to 48. Again, we, I don't mind certain stacks. You wanna throw Riley out there? Like we, we just like, we stand for us and Riley. So it works a mid tier range. They sat Bo today. He's got will at 43. Speaker 2 00:20:05 Yeah. I mean that's a great spot. Yeah. Lama really back in. We didn't really mention any Philly guide until now, but like they're all in play again. It's gonna be a popular stack. Yep. Speaker 1 00:20:14 Yep. Lame. If you wanna go Yankees at 46 in the mid tier there, we've talked to Miranda. You've also and it's come through tonight. Once again. Josh Joon on the road. Speaker 2 00:20:23 Yep. Josh Johnson on the road, two for three, three runs score at RBI walk tonight. So I'm telling you, man, the guy just can't hit Yankee stadium, but he hits everywhere else. Speaker 1 00:20:32 Yep. So you can certainly play that at 39 value Solano if you're not in on cabal, right? Yep. 3,100. We just keep playing him. Yep. Plugging away. Speaker 2 00:20:43 Yep. Speaker 1 00:20:44 That's it for me though. Speaker 2 00:20:46 KA Brian Hayes off the IL gets a lefty. I know we like belly falter, but 3,400 for cab Brian Hayes, all he's done is hit. Leftys like he has not hit anybody else this year. So I would play that. Okay. But that's, Speaker 1 00:21:00 I'll probably find myself playing Miranda at 4k here. If I'm not playing Speaker 2 00:21:03 UND probably I would probably also have tournament lines with Donaldson. Sure. Cause I think the Yankees are PR pretty, fairly priced everywhere and they get a match up against a guy they traded in JP Sears who, you know, he's been good, but Speaker 1 00:21:17 This with him. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:21:18 He does not miss bats. Like he does not miss bats. And that's really scary against the Yankees lineup that like, you know, stand Speaker 1 00:21:27 Back so you know, Speaker 2 00:21:28 And be good. Right. Get stand back. And they have 10 runs. Like I don't, is that a coincidence? I don't know. But everybody in the lineup has a hit. They have 10 runs. Speaker 1 00:21:37 Yep. Uh, short stop. Sea's at the very top at 57 when doors at 56 Swanson against a lefty at 53 KA against lofty at 5k Bobba she had a okay night, tonight, $4,900 against DER's thoughts on that grouping. Speaker 2 00:21:54 But ended up with an elite night cuz he stole a base. Speaker 1 00:21:57 Hey. Speaker 2 00:21:58 So he ended up with a much better night Speaker 1 00:22:00 Than the Toronto win or what? Speaker 2 00:22:02 It was six, five Toronto in 10. Okay. Seeger's too expensive. But I guess if you wanna play it, he has power Speaker 1 00:22:09 Spot though. So Speaker 2 00:22:10 He has power against everybody. Yeah. I think he has hit like lefties with a lot of power this year. I don't do you, can you see yourself paying no 56 for Lindor? No, I don't really want to, I feel the same about Swanson, but he's been good and he has, but I don't think I'm going there. I think KA is too expensive too. There's like no power there. Speaker 1 00:22:32 I think a lot of these top guys, if Speaker 2 00:22:33 I'm being no, I think she for tournaments. And then Speaker 1 00:22:39 When you think about Kim against little B Speaker 2 00:22:42 It's basically. Yeah. It's basically hussy on Kim. Speaker 1 00:22:45 Yeah. $4,300. Speaker 2 00:22:48 And then wait, I mean it's our B press style. Let's be Speaker 1 00:22:50 Well, yeah. With thoughts there, you know, he is been hitting the ball well gets will at 4k Pena. 3,800. If you wanna just keep going back to Houston. Certainly a guy that we can take a deeper look at for sure. Speaker 2 00:23:01 Yep. Kevin Newman. 3,300. He hits lefties really well. Speaker 1 00:23:05 Yeah. Just like again a, a singles hitter. So Speaker 2 00:23:08 He had a home run last game. Put some respect on his name. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:23:11 First home run. No thanks. Speaker 2 00:23:13 First home run. Speaker 1 00:23:15 Maybe Andrew said Speaker 2 00:23:16 25. I was gonna say white Sox. If you wanna, if you're building a white Sox stack, maybe Elvis. Andrews. Speaker 1 00:23:20 Yeah. Not Betty hit the bottom of the line up today, but could and SOA you, uh, you poo-pooed him earlier today, but he had three RBI Speaker 2 00:23:26 And she stinks. No afield. Bring out the dance, bring out the dancing lobsters. Speaker 1 00:23:30 Outfield. Where are you going? Judge? Six. Speaker 2 00:23:33 Two <laugh> yeah, judge. For sure. Six Speaker 1 00:23:35 Two was the day after everybody played him. His trial Speaker 2 00:23:37 Dude. It is just, he's gonna be, this is what the Schwarber this is Schwarber breakdown. Ready? Yeah. Everyone plays him on FAL. Every slate. So like you never miss or like you like, there's just always, but you can never play him on draft Kings because he is this price. Yeah. And he's gonna go oh for four you're like, unless you're all the, Speaker 1 00:23:59 The lineups. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:24:00 So you are, he's gonna be extremely affordable and popular on Vandal. Cause B brights Wilson is terrible. Yep. And he's going and he is just gonna be under own and in multier lineups ONDRAF cakes and that's. Ooh, well what do we got? What do we got? Speaker 1 00:24:15 Bryce Harbor will be reinstated. Speaker 2 00:24:17 Oh yeah. He's coming back. I forgot. So, Speaker 1 00:24:19 And he was he homering Speaker 2 00:24:21 Twice? Yeah. In one game. Right? I Speaker 1 00:24:23 Think I agree with two homers, two doubles. Speaker 2 00:24:25 So he hit the two home runs in one game and then there was like an outcry, like why is he in the minors? Like, okay question then, does this make us more inclined to play Phillies? Like just Speaker 1 00:24:37 Like we've been playing Phillies the last three games. Speaker 2 00:24:39 Right. And this just, but like this just makes this lineup like so much better. Speaker 1 00:24:44 I will certainly be having Bryce Harper shares. Speaker 2 00:24:47 Yes. Yep. Okay. For sure. Agreed. Agreed. Harper or Schwarber Harper. Speaker 1 00:24:50 Harper was a monster. Speaker 2 00:24:52 Yeah. He was the, Speaker 1 00:24:54 He was gonna be the MVP. Right. He didn't hurt himself. So Speaker 2 00:24:57 Back to yeah, go. He might go back to that. Well, and until gold Schmidt started using the MJ secret stuff. Speaker 1 00:25:02 Yeah, exactly. So that's where I'm, I'm currently at with Harper. Okay. Uh, Springer keeps hitting $5,400 gets lefty spot I'm down there. Uh, mentioned Stanton, if you wanna go with it. It's cool. Marte is okay against co, but not really spend up too expensive for me. Yep. Um, again, trying to outfield in general. I in on Speaker 2 00:25:21 Yep. Same with the white Sox. I think we're gonna mention EV we could just stop it here and just mention yeah. Robert's all four of them Speaker 1 00:25:28 As if they're out there, Speaker 2 00:25:29 Poll Pollock will lead off most likely. And then Vaughn is also outfield eligible mm-hmm so all of them. Speaker 1 00:25:36 Yep. Yep. They're all definitely in play for sure. Nimo is 47 if you like the Mets against cool. Yep. Profile gets lefty against pubic. I know we're big, generally big fans of Ghana's 45 going back to the Philly. Well, if you wanted it there let's see value, Speaker 2 00:25:51 Value. I will say we're not gonna like attack Shane Bieber with like a lot of players. I suspect. Um, but Mitch, he's just hitting home. Runs against everybody right now. So he Speaker 1 00:26:01 Hits veterans right this year too. Speaker 2 00:26:02 Yeah. So, you know, I took just Mackenzie deep today. Just Mackenzie's like a very good pitcher writing have been a little better against BBER this Speaker 1 00:26:12 Too had contrarian obviously. Speaker 2 00:26:14 Yeah, sure. Very contrarian. Speaker 1 00:26:15 Yeah, man is 39. As we mentioned could certainly do that. Mancini your boys at 39 against Brad. I think that's probably gonna be a probably cosh potential. Love that display for us. Riley green at 35 Verdugo. If that game plays Boston potentially has some weather there at $3,500. I could find his way into a lineup. You mentioned polls at 34 and we're in on the white Sox. Let's see, Speaker 2 00:26:39 Our boy is three K Speaker 1 00:26:40 Where's our where's Jake three K easy $3,000 against quota, Speaker 2 00:26:45 3 75 average. Speaker 1 00:26:46 He slow to the mound to the plate, you know, with his hitch and his delivery. Like could easily steal, steal a bag there. So, or in on, on McCarthy there for sure. Anybody else, any value for you? Speaker 2 00:26:58 Uh Fraley 27 against Kate Kal, like Kate kava, but like FRAs been a monster Speaker 1 00:27:03 Newbar will lead off, but he is gonna stretch Speaker 2 00:27:05 Strong. Yeah. That's why I like was tentative to go to Newbar he's been great. Yeah. I just was a little tentative cuz you know, I am a Spencer Schreder stand. Yeah. So I probably won't go there, but I completely understand why somebody would. I probably just go Fraley instead for a hundred dollars less. That's fair. But I don't think there's. I mean, no, Jackie Bradley gets a lefty. I was gonna say you sick all you sickos at fantasy alarm. You mention it on the podcast. Jackie Bradley. Then Lin's typing in discord. Then I see the, you even play. I know didn't play, but I see the value vault Jackie Bradley, Jr. Then I go over the playbook peak Cole at the bottom of the playbook. Last player in Jackie Bradley. I'm like you people and you're Jackie Bradley Jr. Was on fire. Speaker 1 00:27:50 But Speaker 2 00:27:51 Obviously yeah on fire guy has a three game hitting streak. It's just career best. Speaker 1 00:27:56 Hey Jackie Bradley Jr. Used to be one of the freakiest players in baseball. He had like a 21 game hitting streak all the time. So back in the day. All right, homerun. Speaker 2 00:28:02 He should just go Braman. You know what? I'm gonna go with a little revenge narrative and it's good revenge because Trey Mancini had nothing bad to say about the Baltimores during his departure. But first game against his old team, it's gonna be a lot of emotions against the guy who struggles against right-handed pitching or right-handed hitters. I'm gonna go Mancini hits one, uh, against his old team. Speaker 1 00:28:28 All right, you're leaving me. Bryce, Harper. I appreciate that. I'm gonna go Bryce. Harper. We're gonna go there. You got Mancini. Igar Harper. Let's go. And now build our lineup. Gary Cole. First question here. Speaker 2 00:28:37 Gary Cole. Speaker 1 00:28:38 Okay. Are we going? Speaker 2 00:28:39 I'm sorry. I it's told dude. They're just Speaker 1 00:28:41 No. Are we going Al? Are we going? Speaker 2 00:28:46 What, how do you feel? Like, what is your opinion? Like we have attacked both those teams at Naum being Pittsburgh with a lefty and we've also attacked Milwaukee with lefty. Al Speaker 1 00:28:57 Feels like the best chance to get a win. Speaker 2 00:29:00 You brought up the point about Milwaukee, better at home. Yeah. Which is playing against steel, but he's faced him a million times this Speaker 1 00:29:07 Year. Right. And he keeps striking them out. There's Speaker 2 00:29:09 Just lot. I think that there's probably more upside with Justin steel, but Bailey falter, I mean 22 and 18 fantasy points. Last two games at 6,700. Like that would be a and again that w I Speaker 1 00:29:21 Feel like they're in a really good spot to get him. I can't guarantee that Cali wins that match against Cincinnati. It can't guarantee that steel gets a win against Milwaukee and proton. I agree. So I gonna go falter. I think he's got the better win equity and that match of that leaves us $4,000 per player. I'm gonna pump catcher. I don't know if you agree with me or not Speaker 2 00:29:40 With withs. Speaker 1 00:29:41 Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:29:43 And I think we're gonna pun second. Cause we didn't really like the position either and we're gonna go Speaker 1 00:29:46 New. We're hunting second. We're playing the best second basement on the board. Fair, which is Von Gerson. It's fair point. What is, can you go to a fan real quick and just tell me what they have in price stack. Cuz he had been the like one of the top price guys at the position. Speaker 2 00:29:59 Yep. He is. I, he is $3,400. Speaker 1 00:30:04 Yeah. So that probably one of the, probably one of the top guys there. So yeah. So yeah. We're pun catcher. Withs we're gonna go V gr cuz he is really good at $2,700. That gives us 4,600 a position you wanna play Mancini. I imagine here your home run call, right? Speaker 2 00:30:20 Yeah. I, if I think there's a mini stack there with Mancini Bregman, Speaker 1 00:30:26 I'm gonna like, I'm gonna play my home on call on Speaker 2 00:30:28 Harper, Bryce. Speaker 1 00:30:29 Okay. Okay. That still gives us $4,500 a play. You want to go Bregman at 48 I'm down. Speaker 2 00:30:34 I think we're gonna agree about Jose Bravo first too. I don't think that's, I don't think that's like that. Speaker 1 00:30:39 Wasn't an argument at all. We're still under the $4,400 player, which is where we're at. So we have 46, 5 for a short stop and repeated all of the top shortstop price and stock to go with the stack. Right? Speaker 2 00:30:53 A little it's either stat or sticking with a white Sox theme going Andrews. But I think stat is the, I think Scott's starts to play here. Speaker 1 00:31:01 Okay. If we go Stard we got Lewis Robert for 5k. Speaker 2 00:31:04 So we get our three man white SOC two man Astros, Speaker 1 00:31:09 Two man Philly and a one off Risso. Cuz he is the best player on Speaker 2 00:31:12 The board. I mean again, it's like V gruesome has been in, I feel like more winning lineups than he hasn't been since being called up. Speaker 1 00:31:20 He makes no sense that he's as cheap as he Speaker 2 00:31:21 Is. It does. No, it makes sense. No. Right. Football's Speaker 1 00:31:24 Coming up right. 3 78, 9 24 batting average. The last 10 games. Sure. He went over five against Pittsburgh yesterday. Big woo. 13 points, five points, 10 points. 17 he's under $3,000. So right. Yeah. So final lineup with $300 left over. If we need to make any adjustments, obviously we will. Garrett Cole Bailey falter at pitcher Z. Sova at catcher punting at 2200 Jose at Brau at 4k of V Grham at 27 at second base, Alex Bregman at 48 at third base Bryceson stock at 4k at shortstop trade man team meet at $3,900 in the outfield, Bryce Harburg, $5,700 in the outfield and Lewis Robert at 5k in your outfield. That is your lineup from the livestream podcast. We've had some decent success when we haven't had to change it. The last two days guys have been ruled out. We had to change it. When we've been able to stick with the one lineup we've made here, we've had success. Speaker 1 00:32:20 So I'm gonna go ahead and assume we're gonna be locked in here for those of you watching, make sure you check out the L B DFS playbook that comes out. Address some real lens on that for Friday, you get access to our premium discord as well. As long as you are a member of the fantasy, you've mentioned plenty of times before we have the fantastic offer going on. Right now, you can click the link in the description of this YouTube video, 50% off the first six months of action here for all of our DFS pro content takes you through the NFL season. It's like 1999 a month. Something like that, 50% off the first six months use promo code NFL pro like make sure you go ahead. Sorry. NFL 50 promo code NFL 50. Um, make sure you check that out. We got everything coming down for you last year. We had a millionaire by the way, for the NFL season back in week three. So Speaker 2 00:33:08 Named Speaker 1 00:33:08 Mike. Yeah. Millionaire Mike. It is true. And we had a lot of other winners there as well, but it's always nice to tie a mil winner. So you gotta go there. NFL 50 is a promo, our all pro access package. You can get it again in the link in the dis in the description here. And it gives you access to our premium discord access to all of our DFS content, not just baseball, not just the NFL NBA, starting up NHL, starting up. We have NASCAR written by the three time NASCAR writer of the year. PGA's coming to an end, but it starts up again in like three weeks, the new season. So we got PGA DFS as well. We got e-sports DFS you name, but we cover it. So I definitely gotta be part of the family as we head into then upcoming seasons James, any final words of thought for people listening? Speaker 2 00:33:49 No, John other than happy Friday. And we'll be back with these videos next week on Monday. And I hope everyone has a great and safe and amazing weekend with the families and the friends and you know, everyone else. Speaker 1 00:34:01 Yep. All right, we'll catch you guys later.

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