August 29, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 29: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 29: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 29: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Aug 29 2022 | 00:35:54


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Monday, August 29th for DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as the Nolan Arenado against the Reds.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, MLB DFS podcast with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:11 What is going on FA nation, John and Pemba here with James Grande. Welcome back into the quick pitch, MLB DFS podcast and livestream recording here for Monday's eight game main slate over on drafting, starting off at 6:40 PM. Eastern. If you're watching this and you play over on Fandel well, you gotta wait a little bit longer. They only have six games on their main slate, not including the 6:00 PM start time. So just be aware of these start time difference for those of you playing over on fando compared to, to draftings. But James, you and I are predominantly players of draftings and therefore we're here to break down. Draftings eight game slate. Speaker 2 00:00:44 Yeah, it's a good slate. It doesn't look like any weather problems. We have four games potentially played in the dome. Two of the other ones are in California. Like shouldn't be any weather issues should be a fun slate. There's some top arms there's some guys we wanna Speaker 1 00:00:59 Attend. No course, which is nice. Speaker 2 00:01:01 No course is a huge plus. So everything's looking up for this eight gamer and six gamer over on fan as Speaker 1 00:01:07 Well. Yeah, well, let's get into it. We'll start off at the pitcher. Carlos Shorton and Corman burns are your two guys up over 10 K Tony Goslin checking in at $9,600 as the top three guys on this slate, but we know how well go on this pitch. We know Rodan Burn's coming off a top start. How are you feeling about the top three starters here? I Speaker 2 00:01:25 Love them all. I don't think there's a single one of the three that I can definitively say wouldn't use. I Rowan's coming off. Just masterful performances back to back 30 plus traffickings point games. We know San Diego's offense. Hasn't been great with, even with the acquisition of Juan Soto, Rhode, on's been good against San Diego this year, 15 innings, just three earned runs, which is equates to one eight era, 18 strikeouts over that span. Just the walks I've really heard him against in the two starts. So I like him. I think Gordon burns. Yes. Coming off a bad start. I think the Dodgers can do that to you. The Dodgers are quite a good team, but he gets Pittsburgh, right? Like it's and I know he wasn't great against Pittsburgh last time out. I know, but he did win his other two starts against Pittsburgh. And if you remove the five and a third four, four earned runs that he had in his last start. I mean, we're talking about 13 and a third innings, three earned runs. The other two starts against Pittsburgh. Speaker 1 00:02:21 And if you a big strikeout game in that first game as well, just five in the second and obviously a little tough outing on the road. But back home here, a home road split's been pretty solid across the board. So Burn's probably, do you think he's more or less popular than Rodan? Speaker 2 00:02:35 More probably cuz matchup Speaker 1 00:02:36 Cause the matchup. Yeah. And then again, not to be just like thrown aside here, but Tony Goslin rocking is 16 and one record 2.10 era unfortunate for, for myself in that start against his last star against Milwaukee, just the 16 fantasy point pivoted off of the chalk there and gone, unfortunately did not come through on the night that max freed nuclear, uh, but still five innings one and run three strikeouts. There gets Miami. Miami's been significantly worse against lefties this season, but still what are your thoughts here on Gossland? Speaker 2 00:03:08 Yeah, maybe as like a, they definitely have in terms of strikeouts, John it's for certain they've been the worst team in baseball in terms of strikeouts against lefthand pitching. But in the month of August now, like we're almost done with it. So we have an entire month sample, 27 in OBS, 28th in WOBA against re so yeah, it's been a bad month for them just against and every, you know, armed pitcher again, totally 22% carry. So maybe not as much upside as wrote on and burns, but I think Tony GSON is perfectly fine. If you wanna pivot off those Speaker 1 00:03:40 Two guys, if we're in the AKA range, our range just wore rides on the road against the Arizona dam backs miles. Nikolos on the road against the Cincinnati reds. Papa Lopez has at home against the Dodgers and clinger on the road against the giants here. Which one? Appeals to you more Speaker 2 00:03:56 Probably clinger. Although I don't say that with much confidence cuz he is had a rough go. Speaker 1 00:04:02 He's been better of late. Speaker 2 00:04:03 He's been better of late. I mean the Washington Miami Cleveland are his last three matchups. I will say like San Francisco is obviously not a world beater. So Clery a KVA is at 88. Does not feel good right at all. I know Arizona, Speaker 1 00:04:20 There was a time where we were playing Arizona against lefties. If you remember, and then they sort of fade back down they're on the down swing part of their turn right now, 27th and average against left-handed pitching in terms of wo with their 28th, they have a 23.8% strikeout rate against left-handed pitching. So X they do have some guys obviously that can do damage against lefties, but overall as a team right now they're they're slumping a bit. Speaker 2 00:04:43 Yeah. So I guess if you wanna, you know, look at Taras in that regard, it's fine. 8,800. I just don't love that price point. Speaker 1 00:04:50 Casted road numbers for him this year, by the way, 2 41 era over 11 starts. Speaker 2 00:04:53 Yeah. In Arizona's actually been a pretty good pitchers park this year from what that's worth Speaker 1 00:04:57 So bad Hitt in Arizona, we'll do that for Speaker 2 00:04:59 You. So yeah. Yeah. 25% K rate, actually that's a little elevated. This month's specific sure. Against lefty. So just to your point, but I, you know, you can go Milo cuz I think Cincinnati stinks in general. He did get shelled against him the last time he was in Cincinnati. Yeah. So obviously something to worry about Lopez gets to Dodgers, not like the best matchup in Speaker 1 00:05:21 The world. Nobody's gonna play that. So no Speaker 2 00:05:24 One's gonna play Speaker 1 00:05:24 It, you know, especially against Golin I know. I don't really find myself finding that to be overly of an attractive matchup. So no next grouping though, you know, maybe a little interesting Montes coming off, you know, one of his, one of his better outings since being traded. Speaker 2 00:05:39 Oh his be his question. Speaker 1 00:05:41 His best audience, 92 pitches back to back starts has been encouraging. You get him out of that, you know bandbox that is Yankee stadium. You get him in a little bit of a better park that is, you know, out in Los Angeles where he is familiar pitching at $7,200 against the angels. I know Trout's back. He's had success in a couple of appearances against de this year. Any interest in a Frankie mantis? Speaker 2 00:06:02 Yeah. I think he's probably, he is. I mean him and Barios are both like aren't they like the same guy in this tier. Like they both have struggled. Yeah. They both have upside. They both have looked better at their like last start. They both theoretically have decent matchups, right? Like they're the same picture to me in this tier. Take your pick on which one? I probably do lean Mons a little bit. He's a little cheaper and he's been better this year than burs on like a hole. So yeah, Mont for me, but in this like seven K range, but I think him and burials are super close and like super similar. Speaker 1 00:06:42 Is this the chase and that is back in baseball or Speaker 2 00:06:45 That is the chase Anderson. Yep. Yep. Interesting. Is the chase Anderson. Speaker 1 00:06:49 Oh, I'm gonna be in on some Cardinals. Let me uh, Speaker 2 00:06:52 Well me had some Cardinals. Speaker 1 00:06:54 Let me tell you about that. St. Louis in Cincinnati seems pretty appealing. Speaker 2 00:06:58 Four 50 era and 80 bla innings this year. Speaker 1 00:07:04 Yeah. Yeah. I like going up against that matchup for sure. I'll throw Brian BEO out there again. Came off the IL. I showed you that stat, his expected era versus like what his actual era is. His actual era is like six runs higher than what is expected. Era should be on the year. His expected era was under three. You know, he is just been having some awful bated ball luck pitched decently in his return outing against Toronto here. Five innings to earn one walk seven strikeouts, 65 pitches, you know. Would you, would you consider him hearing against Minnesota? Speaker 2 00:07:36 Yeah, I don't think Minnesota's like a H in offense. Bing's still out, uh, in August 16th in WOBA they are. Where are they? They're 17th and PS they're even worse in ISO 22nd and ISO against RDY so yeah, I mean he's had bad luck and then he had good luck in his last outing and look what happens. I mean, right. I think the one thing maybe that could hinder his upside is the pitch count. If we don't get more than 65 pitches that can hurt, especially if he's not as efficient as he was last time out. But yeah. I mean seven strikeouts. We saw the swing and missed stuff. We expected to see out the gate. Speaker 1 00:08:17 He has a 7 36 era, an expected E of 3 26, a fi of 3 0 3, an xFi of 3 77. It's crazy. It's crazy. Just wildly unlucky 4 72 BPI against him. 4 72 BPI with a 67% ground ball rate Speaker 2 00:08:35 Doesn't even fail real. Speaker 1 00:08:36 They're just hitting, seeing I singles off of him basically. You know? So anyways, so I think that by at his price is quite appealing there. Catch yeah. Catch your spot. Where do you, where are you thinking you thinking we're gonna spend up here real Muto gets Bumgarner Kirk against Asad. Potentially Kelly gets a lefty at 37 in the mid tier, you know, know where else do you guys, would you like him? Speaker 2 00:08:57 I mean, I definitely think it's the real MUO discussion. That's interesting because you were saying it for months that the Madison Baumgartner trained is gonna come to a Speaker 1 00:09:06 Halt. Yeah. He's been train and he should have been trashed a lot longer than it took him to be trash. Speaker 2 00:09:10 Right. And just cuz this man, like, you know, does whatever he does, like throws axes at trees and like, you know, just lifts things with kills bears with his bare hands, you know, he's not in Speaker 1 00:09:22 Great picture how bad these numbers are. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:09:24 Oh, he's been so bad. Yeah. So like real Muto has been complete opposite. He's been super good. It's 5,700 is probably a little too pricey, but if you're being contrarian, I can see it. He's gonna be, is he on the fando league? He is. So he's 3,600 on Fandel. I'd rather pay that price tag sure than 57. But if you're being contrarian, remote has been good. I agree. And Carson, you know, I mean I don't yeah. Carson Kelly gets left. You Speaker 1 00:09:49 Not anything. Well, but we know he's lefty as well. So we, in some value guys, anybody jumping off the page to you, Speaker 2 00:09:56 If Travino plays, I always play him against lefties. True. So if he's in the lineup, for sure you can play Joey Bart against clinger. If you're not in on clinger. I mean the kid has a lot of power and he's been hitting for better average too, more consistently. So Joey Bart's first and value. Speaker 1 00:10:12 That's what I, I don't really don't see much until we get until we get started lineups. So, you Speaker 2 00:10:16 Know, well I was gonna say Andrew Kinser Isner. Sure. The catcher who's been significantly better than the had year Molina offensively Speaker 1 00:10:23 Two K. Speaker 2 00:10:24 Yeah. If he's in the lineup, I would have interest there. Okay. Speaker 1 00:10:28 Yeah. He's been good. Homer. The other day works for me. Speaker 2 00:10:30 Well, just see if he's in the lineup. I, we don't know. Speaker 1 00:10:33 It's probably super popular punt play if he is because we like going St. Louis here anyways. Okay. The first base again, usual suspects at the top. Otani gold. Schmid Vladi Freeman. Jordy gets a lefty though. It's Rodan Hoskins against Bumgarner at 5k. Gotta think you're gonna be looking your little chops on that one. So Goldie and Hoskins, probably our top two. Would you agree? Speaker 2 00:10:54 Goldie and Hoskins? I mean, I guess Hoskins hits lefties. Well, just hasn't been great lately. So that's a little caveat, Speaker 1 00:11:02 But better. The three, uh, hits in three of the last four. Maybe starting it around into Speaker 2 00:11:06 4 30, 1 WOBA against lefties. So you're right. He's he crushes lefties. So Speaker 1 00:11:10 Yep. We just like, we like four, I mean still hitting 4, 15, 1200 for Goldie. I mean the guy is just, Speaker 2 00:11:17 Oh yeah. Goldie's not. I mean, no, I, that was Hoskins. Goldie's Speaker 1 00:11:21 Gold. Yeah. I would saying at the top, like Goldie just keeps Goldie. Yeah, just doing the damn thing. So Speaker 2 00:11:25 He's nuts. Speaker 1 00:11:26 What's the Christian Walker lefty splits at these days. So they Christian Walker Speaker 2 00:11:30 Lefties 2 77, average 3 86. WOBA so still big boy numbers. Okay. Speaker 1 00:11:35 Yep. Could go there at 45 against ranger. If you wanted to touch that one up there. Let's see. Speaker 2 00:11:42 We don't know who is starting for Pittsburgh. I know. Right? Fandel has or draft Kings has Jared ICO listed Doesn't have anyone listed. So Speaker 1 00:11:52 I learned not to trust draft Kings on these things. So Speaker 2 00:11:54 Yeah. Al doesn't have anybody listed if it is Chernikoff I will be playing rowdy. Toles I know he's been terrible. I will be playing rowdy to list. Speaker 1 00:12:04 Yeah. Not very let's see pool holes is 22. Would you just go back to the well there with them Mr. Albert here? Speaker 2 00:12:09 Yeah. I mean, he's definitely been better against lefties, but this is a journeyman righty that hasn't pitched in the matrixes here, Speaker 1 00:12:16 So. Right, right. I agree. I got nothing else though. You, oh, well, I mean Solano's first base only now you Speaker 2 00:12:23 Know what? That's unfortunate. Speaker 1 00:12:24 Yeah. Guy's still hitting $3,200, you Speaker 2 00:12:27 Know? Oh, for last game. What is he thinking? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's a good hitter. It's a great hitters environment, so Speaker 1 00:12:32 Right. So yeah. Solano $3,200 could be a, could be your boy there for sure. A second base again mentioned jewelry already Roja at 52 Marte at 51 against a lefty has generally been a spot we've liked to play Marte. Yeah. Trevor stories back in the lineup for Boston at 48. Speaker 2 00:12:49 Boston's interesting here against cause like Dylan Bondy has been like weirdly not giving up like a lot of damage, but we know he stinks. There's a lot of flag ball. There Speaker 1 00:13:02 Gotta be some regression. You thinking coming for some Dylan Bundy. Speaker 2 00:13:05 Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:13:06 See what we got for Dylan Bundy here. Recent fan graph outings, his eras 4, 5, 6. I mean he's kind of pitching to what he is. He's got an extra 4 50, 51, 10% home run to fly ball rate does give him a lot of fly balls. Only 36%. A Speaker 2 00:13:19 Lot of fly. He's always been that way too. It's always been heavy fly ball centered start Speaker 1 00:13:26 Career, low strikeout rate. A 6.38 K per nine has only, he's never had a year below eight K per nine. So drastic difference in strikeout rate, but he's also not walking as many guys anymore. First year of his career under a 2.0 walks per nine. So less strikeouts, less walks. And he is managing two. He's got a 70% strand rate. So maybe, maybe the red Sox gets something going there. You never know. I don't really, I mean Johns ago, 42, maybe like, I don't know. I don't really love the top price guys. I kind of look at the mid tier. Maybe some value here. Speaker 2 00:13:58 Yeah. I think both Cardinals will be popular here. Okay. I mean, government's been disappointing, but Edmond's been a little better at the dish lately. We've seen some big games from him at least. Sure. I agree on Sura. Bring GFO has been, has like a weird, good season going on, but labor against lefty, I would play, even though he's been bad, his position sucks. Fletcher. Maybe Speaker 1 00:14:23 I was gonna say Fletcher actually had a pretty good game. The other day, three hits and back to back outings against Toronto. Finish it up with the one for five and a run today. So, I mean, I've been talking about Fletcher since he came back on the line on, um, he's just a, he's a professional hitter, that guy. So sure. What you cold and Wong if he, if ICO's the starter. Yeah. I mean back to back games at home runs for cold and Wong here at 3,100. Speaker 2 00:14:44 Yeah. I mean, we're not gonna play him. Like I think if we're playing him, I don't think he'll hit a third home run in three games, but I guess you never know. Right? You never know anything is possible. Speaker 1 00:14:54 Yeah. Christian Royal keeps hitting. Speaker 2 00:14:56 Yep. He does keep heading Speaker 1 00:14:57 360 4, 8 32 last 10, 2500 buck. Probably Royal's in the lineup could be a really good fund option. I got nothing else though. No GRM. Isn't on the slate. So I don't know where, you know, Speaker 2 00:15:08 Struggling our, I know we're playing with our thumbs. Speaker 1 00:15:10 Yeah. Third base. We have a macho man here. $5,900 against rod Don devs at 58 against Bundy AO you know we're in St. Louis here again. Chase Anderson Chapman at Asad up over five K for Chapman feels like it's been a forever since that's that's been a thing. How are you ranking our 5k and above guys? Speaker 2 00:15:30 Oh, devs a shadow chap. I don't think I would pay for Speaker 1 00:15:34 Still not hitting anything, but Speaker 2 00:15:37 He's homered up Bundy twice. So I was just looking at BVP. He hasn't been great against Dylan Bundy, but five hits. Two of them have left the yard. Speaker 1 00:15:45 Hasn't homered in Tim's the last time his last Homer was the 14th against the Yankees. I mean our, I just keeps, we talked about it, right? Like everybody's oh, R I reverse lefties. And I was like, well, he actually hits for a better average game radius. And now you look at his last 10 games, 4, 10, 1100 ops, just, you know, we gotta find, we gotta offensive of value because I am playing these Cardinals. So Speaker 2 00:16:04 He has the dad buff. Now, John, that's true Speaker 1 00:16:06 As well. Dad's strength. Speaker 2 00:16:08 He was four for four the day after he turns to the lineup after becoming to that. So Speaker 1 00:16:13 Under 5k guys, a boom at 44 against mad bum. Yep. Donaldson on the road at 4k. Speaker 2 00:16:19 I mean, I know he, he finally let us down, but like the number still just suggests he's so much better on the road. Speaker 1 00:16:28 Yep, yep. Yep. Any value on guys for Speaker 2 00:16:31 You? These dudes are like Speaker 1 00:16:32 Maybe figuring out who mil Pittsburgh pitches for UIA possible. Speaker 2 00:16:36 Yeah. I was thinking more. I was thinking Milwaukee, but I was thinking more J Peterson. Sure. Because UIA has just literally been just, Speaker 1 00:16:44 Yeah. Peterson dead way. Peterson's always a weird guy. Right. He gets hot for like a month and then he goes back down and he is like, all right. I'm J Peterson. I'm not really, <laugh> not really that good. So, Speaker 2 00:16:53 Well he was, he just got activated off the IL first start on Sunday, two for four with the runs. Speaker 1 00:16:59 I like it. He's got a little pop, a little speed. Right. Doesn't he usually Speaker 2 00:17:02 So yeah. Yeah. He has a little pop for sure. All Speaker 1 00:17:04 Right. Short stop. Speaker 2 00:17:05 Wait, I guess I'll just throw, I, I guess there is potential value. Not like great, but if the Cubs lead Z, McKinstry off. Sure. They have a couple times lately, you know, he's two K second, third eligible. Speaker 1 00:17:20 Okay. I thought you were gonna go a little St there for a moment, but Speaker 2 00:17:23 Oh, Speaker 1 00:17:23 They're just, he's also two K, but yeah, McKinstry for sure. If he's two K potential shortstop trade Turner is up 61 be she's at 54 Xander. Homer. The other day is at 52 Adam at 49 house on, but a bad matchup for him at 44. Yeah. Nothing. Nothing really is sparking for me. Speaker 2 00:17:42 Alberto has really good numbers against Bundy. Okay. 12 for 36. So 3 33 average 4 52. WOBA he's taken Bundy deep three times. Speaker 1 00:17:50 He's starting to get a little hot too three, the last four Speaker 2 00:17:53 And two home runs over his last 10. That has to be a record. His two game whom runs over his last six. Speaker 1 00:17:58 John. Yeah. He's not Speaker 2 00:17:59 Hour search. Yeah. Yeah. I think, and then of course we're gonna say, oh my gosh, but she has Hiten five, six to seven games. John Speaker 1 00:18:08 He's six 90 ones, man. Isn't Speaker 2 00:18:10 He's getting hot soon. Speaker 1 00:18:12 He's not hitting for anything though. Just in single. Speaker 2 00:18:13 I saw him making his second start of the year. I guess Toronto could be interesting. And then, I mean, Adam has actually been really good at the dish. Yeah. He, we know he hits better at home. He had that whole weird thing where he couldn't see in Tampa bay and then said he sees perfectly in Milwaukee. Yeah. And if you do wanna use guys against Brian Bao, Korea has been kind of good. Lately three straight will take. Sure. Speaker 1 00:18:34 Yeah. I'm I can see. There's really not a lot else here, man. Like, Speaker 2 00:18:38 No, I just, one more point of Korea. I could see people going to him in like cash games and stuff. Sure. But I agree on the other front, there's Speaker 1 00:18:45 Not, there's really not a lot. Speaker 2 00:18:46 Can we like, is there anybody you Fletcher? Speaker 1 00:18:50 Are we talking about a second, but like Fletcher? Yeah, probably. How's your guy Oswaldo doing? Speaker 2 00:18:55 He's been good lately. Speaker 1 00:18:56 Yeah. There you go. 2300 bucks against a left knee. Speaker 2 00:18:58 He's been pretty good lately. He had the three hit game back to back three hit games in Mo in Oakland and then one for one for seven since, but three extra base hits in that series overall. So like we're starting to see a little pop from Speaker 1 00:19:13 Career. I can get behind it at 2300. That's Speaker 2 00:19:15 Fine. I know. I keep mentioning it. BCRs been a little better. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:19:18 You keep mentioning it. I'm not gonna want to, Speaker 2 00:19:20 I mean, you don't have to, I think cab, Speaker 1 00:19:22 I got one good year offensively and that was like eight. Speaker 2 00:19:24 Yeah. I think it was a con I think it was a contract here. You know, you weird. Okay. Andrew Velasquez, ex Yankee. Great. John. Speaker 1 00:19:32 Yeah. Angels are Speaker 2 00:19:33 Right. Um, angels playing the Yankees from the Bronx 3 45, a thousands and three home runs over his last 10 games. Two of which have come in his last three. Speaker 1 00:19:45 Interesting. If it matters to you at all, Carrera is four for eight, with three singles and a triple against lefties this year. Speaker 2 00:19:51 So that's pretty Speaker 1 00:19:52 Good. Better. I mean, potentially better split side being the, Speaker 2 00:19:55 I mean, I'm not gonna, I mean, we're gonna build line. I think this was our least favorite position. Speaker 1 00:20:00 You think you just lock in the value? Speaker 2 00:20:02 I think we're probably just gonna lock Inre there. Speaker 1 00:20:04 We're gonna lock in Cabra. Speaker 2 00:20:06 I mean, right. Speaker 1 00:20:07 I, I know arguments, no arguments for me. I'm gonna be fighting to put the spend up for some Cardinals. So we gotta get, get some value somewhere. All right. Outfield bets is overtaken. Judge. The top price guy, obviously for good reason. He's on fire again. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:20:19 He's just crazy. Speaker 1 00:20:20 360 6, 1204 bombs. So remember when I played him the other day against Milwaukee went over for four. Speaker 2 00:20:27 I was there with you. Yeah. I was Speaker 1 00:20:28 There with played Turner and, and Mo bats at the top. Then they didn't do a damn thing. Whatever John doesn't need money. That's fine. Speaker 2 00:20:35 I think we'll go after. Speaker 1 00:20:36 Yeah. We'll figure it out. Aaron Drudge. Yes. Still hitting home runs batting average down though a little bit. But you know, it's on a little bit of a homework drought. Hasn't home run in two games. So something to maybe be concerned about. I don't know. You asked me Otani gets Montas Otani homework today. When you want to go there. You can. Of course. It's Showtime Speaker 2 00:20:53 Tr is on fire, Speaker 1 00:20:54 John. Oh, who? Speaker 2 00:20:56 My trout is on. Speaker 1 00:20:57 Oh, Trout's on fire. I was gonna say Springer's been crushing the baseball. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:21:00 They're crushing too. Speaker 1 00:21:01 Um, yeah man. Listen, Mike Trout's went healthy. I think he's the best player in the game. So Speaker 2 00:21:07 Is, is he better than his teammate? Speaker 1 00:21:08 I think so. Look at four homers and five games for Mike travel. Speaker 2 00:21:12 I got a stupid fly flying around here. Break up the fly SW Speaker 1 00:21:16 After this. Yeah, dude. You gotta get the I the fly tape, you know? So they just like, they get Speaker 2 00:21:19 Fly. No, it's fly SW fly. SW. It was personally picked up my two year old, so okay. I go Speaker 1 00:21:24 With fly SWAT. Does it make you noise when you SW? Speaker 2 00:21:26 Yeah. And my dog for freaks out. Speaker 1 00:21:28 Yeah. Makes sense. I get that. Even against it's a lefty. I'm still fine with Bryce. He's Speaker 2 00:21:33 Just same. And it's a bad lefty. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:21:35 It's a hot lefty. Stan DUNS at 52 TA Oscars at 5k. All, all of them are fine. Tommy fam keeps hitting for Boston. I don't know. 3 25, 8, 20 32 home ops, two hits in three straight games. The Homer today. Speaker 2 00:21:48 I think Boston Speaker 1 00:21:48 Is anybody playing Boston tomorrow. Like, I don't know. Speaker 2 00:21:51 No nobody's playing Boston. That's what I was saying. Like I get it that like the numbers, like, oh yeah. They kind of look good for Dylan Bundy. And I agree. I looked at 'em too. Like what is going on? Why is Dylan bun? They're first off. They're not letting 'em pitch deep into games. So like they're immediately turning it over to the bullpen. Right? I guess maybe that's something to look at. Right. Is the twins bullpen era. Good. If and when Dylan Bundy is removed from this game, right? Yeah. Cause he is going to be, they rank let's see bullpen era, Minnesota. Pretty good. Or did I pass? They are literally league average. They have a league average bullpen. So I don't know. I think the red zone are good. I think they're a pretty good play. Speaker 1 00:22:32 Interesting. Yeah. I'm with you. I think that's fair. Other material fielders. Anybody do you like more than the Speaker 2 00:22:37 Others? Ian, ha's been pretty good lately. Uh, play him Stu. I'm gonna freak out this stupid fly. This guy. This is like the Walter White episode of breaking bad right now. Speaker 1 00:22:46 Who's a lot of power at Ian ha so yep. You know, you get, you get the good environment there for Speaker 2 00:22:51 Trusting out almost 43. Speaker 1 00:22:52 Yeah. I mean, dude, he's finally starting to come around a little bit. Yeah, definitely not the season we expected. No. And it was interesting that it took him so long to find a team. And maybe now we know why maybe people were like, you know what? Like downturn on the way here. I mean, I don't know, a 700 ops for cast and Speaker 2 00:23:11 There's a deep drive by Castanos. Speaker 1 00:23:13 Get him outta Cincinnati in what he can't hit. Speaker 2 00:23:15 Is that what we're figuring out? Like I guess, I guess. Speaker 1 00:23:17 Yeah. Yeah. JDS at 42. I'll play anybody against IOF yell. So that's fine by me. Let's see here. Did Speaker 2 00:23:25 He see the last time that yell at before this home run? I, before this two run streak, did you see that he hit a home run and he posted a clip? It was the funniest clip. It was like basically like saying how much of a miracle it was that he had a home run. <laugh> that he posted? Might I add? But yeah, two home runs in back to my games. So even Christian Yellich can kind of home run. Apparently Speaker 1 00:23:47 I agree with you there. Four, 10 last 10 games for him too. Like he's just, just hitting, he just hitting the ball. Well, right now let's see, do go at 35. Like I'll just keep running him out. That's fine. Yeah. Is, you know, cooled slightly, still, no home runs for him. I know. You're not shocked by that. Speaker 2 00:24:02 No, he was in my, I think he was in a pre-season like bust fantasy article. Not cuz I don't think he like can hit, but he just doesn't provide like there's just zero power whatsoever. And he's being, he was being drafted way too high. Speaker 1 00:24:17 Where's your boy. Speaker 2 00:24:18 Are we looking for Brandon McCarthy? Yeah. You know, just three Ks and four 12 over this last 10 key. Speaker 1 00:24:25 It's a lefty first lefty match. Maybe that takes away from him. But I mean guy is Speaker 2 00:24:30 Four 12 over his Speaker 1 00:24:31 Last time. Another one Mr. Newbar came through for the discord chat the other day with the home run. Big time. Speaker 2 00:24:37 Hit a home run again tonight too. Speaker 1 00:24:38 Did he? Speaker 2 00:24:39 Yep. Speaker 1 00:24:40 Yeah. So we're big fans of large Newbar he'll lead off in this camp with the Speaker 2 00:24:44 Let's pencil him in for video line here. Speaker 1 00:24:46 Yeah. We'll lock that in three K new bar. Would you go back to the Jake Fraley well, or is that dried up? Speaker 2 00:24:52 I think that it's anytime we're talking Cy. Yeah. I don't think it's, I don't think it's dried up, I Speaker 1 00:24:57 Think. Okay. Does Dickerson find his way into a lineup Speaker 2 00:24:59 Here? Dude? I was about to say so I think is really whether or not they're gonna play Dickerson or whether they're gonna play pools. Right. Cause neither of them can play the field. Right. So Speaker 1 00:25:10 They might play Dickerson against the right in tip Speaker 2 00:25:13 Pools. Yeah. And he's been really good dude. Seven game history kit, four 80 another guy just like no power, but he is just like a professional hitter. Yeah. Just hits. Speaker 1 00:25:22 Yeah. A couple doubles the other day in Chicago. Like we'll take that couple Speaker 2 00:25:25 Doubles. Yeah. Definitely Speaker 1 00:25:26 Take that. If we can lock in a Dickerson new bar outfield here, like we can play gold. Schmid like Speaker 2 00:25:33 We can, are we rolling? Are we rolling to the card stack? Speaker 1 00:25:35 I mean, I am, I don't know what we're gonna do for the official lineup, but I mean think about it. We could have, well, I guess Newbar ruins that, but we could have like three, three can under Cardinals in our lineup if kits that are starting a catcher. Speaker 2 00:25:47 True. Speaker 1 00:25:48 Right. Dickerson Speaker 2 00:25:48 That we probably, I wonder if we can use ER, in this, in the example lineup that we're gonna build, just because we Speaker 1 00:25:56 Don't know. Well, that's why I'm not putting Dickerson in there because we don't know. But if you're watching this and you've made it to this or you've clicked through and you're listening to us talk about outfielders. So cuz we're not actually making the lineup yet, but you know, we'll get there. Any other value guys for you? We just gave you two pretty damn good ones. Fran mill. I would. I mean I would, the numbers have started to come down a little bit in terms of the last 10, but today two home, two hits a home run, you know, may, maybe it's gets the bad Jose Barios Speaker 2 00:26:24 Yeah. I listen. I think the Cubs are also sneaky because everyone's gonna play the well we know I should let me rephrase that. I was gonna say everyone plays is gonna play the blue Jay side, but no one's gonna play the blue Jay side. Cause no one plays the blue Jays, but I don't think a lot of people play this game maybe in general. Yeah. And we know Les is Dr. Jackel Mr. High, like it's good. Start bad start. Good. Start. Bad start. So yeah, I think frail is definitely in play. I also think TJ Friel for the reds is in play. If you, I mean, we've talked about Milos. He's had two bad starts. One in cores or two bad road starts lately. One in cores, one in Cincinnati frale over his last 10 games. Six extra base hits two doubles, two triples, two home runs eight ribs in that span. 1200 ops including stolen base as well. So the kid got speed. So 2100 Cincinnati, lot of goods, Sean, I'm not gonna lie. A lot of good stacks. A lot of good one-offs yep. Cheap one-offs too. So yeah. I like Fran the for animal and I like Alfredo as well. Speaker 1 00:27:25 All right. Give me your home run call. Speaker 2 00:27:26 I'm gonna go judge to break the terrible home run drought he's on the two games is just seemingly just wild. It's gonna be his 50th by the way. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:27:34 It's gonna be his fifties. He's Speaker 2 00:27:35 Gonna, he's going to end if he hits one more, which he will on Monday, he will have 50 home runs before September that my friends is good. Speaker 1 00:27:44 It is very good. Should I be on brand and just take a Cardinal Speaker 2 00:27:47 Like yes, you should. 100% take a Cardinal. Speaker 1 00:27:50 Give me gimme Paul Goldschmidt. Then Speaker 2 00:27:53 I'm surprised. I'm surprised you didn't go. Anato only because he's, I mean, I am not surprised. Nevermind. Okay. Goldsmith let's build our lineup. All Speaker 1 00:28:01 Right. Speaker 2 00:28:01 Pitcher. I think I wonder if we're gonna be split here. Do you? Cause I think we're definitely gonna go Rodan or burns. I know Rodan has a tougher matchup, but I feel better about him like in current form than I do about cor than I do about corporate burns. But that's how I, I figured, I mean the safer option is going birds cuz he has a better matchup. Yeah. Which is why I thought we would differ because I'd prefer Rodan. I think you would. You're gonna prefer burn burns. I mean look, I think Gordon burns. Garner's more ownership. I think he is definitely the safer for play and I'm not ever gonna say Gordon burns doesn't have upside because he has plenty of it. He has plenty of 30 fantasy point games on his ledger. We just haven't seen it as much Speaker 1 00:28:44 Recently. Right. Speaker 2 00:28:45 But back to back starts against the Dodgers. And so prior was the Cardinal like not the easiest road, his last three starts. So I'm okay. Going burns. Speaker 1 00:28:57 Eileen burns is here. Speaker 2 00:28:58 It's because of match up. Ultimately it's the Speaker 1 00:29:00 Match. But even if you look at like recent numbers, right? Like against lefties, you know the Padre's 20, 20% strikeout rate again, I know this is like an elite pitcher, so it's not like it's impossible for him to go out there and just shut them down, you know? But the pirates are, are bad equally. You know, the pirates have the last 30 days strikeout rates right up there among the one, the top five against right handed pitching, you know, two 18 average, two 70 WOBA against right-handed pitching. It just feels like, yeah. Burns at home here, coming off some tough matchups, like you said, two stocks against the Dodgers. One against the Cardinals probably breathes a sigh of relief here. It's like that's perfect. Fine, fine. And gets it done. So I'm I like burns. You like Roan. I mean, Speaker 2 00:29:42 I'm not saying I don't like, like I like burns because the matchup <laugh> right. I just think Roan has flashed to more upside lately. But again you Speaker 1 00:29:52 Said, well we're rolled on a GDP lineup. If we want to go away from the ownership here we can go Roan. Speaker 2 00:29:57 No, let's just stay burns. That's I'm perfectly fine with corporate burns. All right. I just think I'm just talking through both sides of the coin for, especially for the listeners too. If they prefer to go Rodan or if they prefer to go bones, you or burns, you've heard both sides. Speaker 1 00:30:09 Okay. Where are we going for SB two. Speaker 2 00:30:11 If I had a vote, I would probably go clinger. And that's also maybe a reason why you don't go Rodan. Right? Because clinger is facing him and like that's his counterpart and that's, if you play veer, you're hoping for a win. Right. I'm fine. I know you like on, I know you like mantas too, if you'd rather if you wanna go there. Speaker 1 00:30:31 But yeah, I was thinking mantas, but you've meant, but also again, Otani trout really Speaker 2 00:30:36 Have been really good. Have Speaker 1 00:30:37 Been really good. And you know, the only other guy on the value would be BEO for really going all the way down. But pitch count obviously like you mentioned is a concern here, so I'm fine running. Cluber running Cluber though leaves us with $4,300 a player. Speaker 2 00:30:52 Yeah. That's nice. Speaker 1 00:30:53 Uh, so we do need to find at least probably another value guy. If we're gonna look to spend up somewhere. Okay. Uh, you value as that, we mentioned you, you mentioned Frid. Do you wanna put him in the lineup here or do you want, Speaker 2 00:31:07 Well Speaker 1 00:31:07 Let's think Kelly for catcher. Speaker 2 00:31:09 I was thinking Kelly for catcher. That's exactly my faults. We're locked up there. That gives us 45. Yep. So if we were to lock in gold Schmidt, Anato right. That's just, I assume what we're gonna do. Speaker 1 00:31:20 3,600 a player for two second base and two outfielders, which we know we like some sub three outfield guys. Speaker 2 00:31:27 Yeah. We do have a lot of outfielders in the bag. We have a lot of Speaker 1 00:31:31 What was our outfielders second base se ago, right? Speaker 2 00:31:34 It was seora we had Aroyo at 25 and we liked Boston. Speaker 1 00:31:39 Oh we did. Yeah. Do you wanna play Aroyo Speaker 2 00:31:41 Nobody's gonna, I'm telling you nobody's gonna play this Boston. Nobody's playing Boston Speaker 1 00:31:46 Tomorrow. He's been good. I mean just as a 2,501 off. Speaker 2 00:31:49 Yeah. Gives Speaker 1 00:31:49 You four gives you 41 50 in outfield are for two remaining outfield spots. Speaker 2 00:31:54 It's pretty Speaker 1 00:31:54 Good. We have the top three hitters likely in the Cardinals lineup right now or at least we have one, three and Speaker 2 00:32:01 4, 1, 3, 4. Speaker 1 00:32:02 Yeah, we go. If we go in, we go Fri Fri here at 2100 $6,200 for the last outfielder, unfortunately is just shy of Aaron. It does give us Mike trout. Speaker 2 00:32:14 I was gonna say we get trout Speaker 1 00:32:17 And we have 800 left over. We could go up catcher, maybe 45. Nothing really there Speaker 2 00:32:25 I was looking at. I was just looking to see what we could do. Outfield. You mentioned for animal CA damn a hundred off him. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:32:32 We're in that. We're in that zone where we're dressed off everybody. Speaker 2 00:32:36 I mean, so we played, Speaker 1 00:32:38 You also don't need to spend, spend all your money. Speaker 2 00:32:40 We don't, but it's worth, it's agreed. And this is perfect strategy. You don't need to spend all of it, but it is definitely worth looking at right. It's worth like taking a peak, like, okay, I have the availability. So yeah. Can I go up like you, you could play frailly would you rather play Friel or frailly Speaker 1 00:33:03 In the well, FDLE has been the guy that's been hit Speaker 2 00:33:05 FDLE been better. Yeah. Fraley will just hit in a he'll lead off. Right? That's obviously like an ideal. Speaker 1 00:33:11 Yeah. And there's no real connector play here unless like R Snider starts, right? Like yeah. And you go rough Snyder. Aroyo probably hitting near each other. No, I think I'm happy with what we have here. Think I'm happy with the 800. What Speaker 2 00:33:25 You wanna go to Ronan if like you wanna play them against one another? Speaker 1 00:33:29 No, I don't really, I don't really wanna throw up. Speaker 2 00:33:30 No, I'm not saying I'm not saying us. I think our lineup is good, but like you have 800 to pivot somewhere. Like if that's where you wanted to pivot, you wanted to pivot to Milo. You wanted to pivot to ranger. SWS former, ER like that's all available to you too. Speaker 1 00:33:43 Yep. I agree. I mean, if we went the montage Rodan route gives us $1,100 a player get off a, since we're going Mont and we have enough money for any outfield or you want on the dot 6,500 for Becks, 6,400 for judge, you know, could go in that direction as pivots. If you wanna spend all your money, which again, you don't right. We say all the time, like spending all your money is what other people do. You don't have to spend all of your dollars there. So I'm comfortable with the lineup with that. You've built here, Tim. So, so that's it. That is the lineup that we're playing. Corbin burns. Mike Clevenger pitching Carson Kelly at 37, Paul Goldschmid at 67 6200 first base Christian Royal at second base at 2,500 Nolan hour NATO at 5603rd base O Waldo Cabrera shortstop for $2,300. Lars new bar for three K in the outfield, TJ Frid at $2,100 in the outfield and Mike trout in the outfield. Speaker 1 00:34:39 James, one last thing to say before we wrap it up, of course is promoting our AllPro package right now. Face use promo code NFL 50 at checkout. You save 50% off. The first six months of the package here comes up to just under $20. You get access to not only all of our MLB DFS content, but all of our upcoming NFL DFS content week one, just two weeks away there. As long with that NBA DFS is starting up, James and I will be doing this very live podcast breakdown for the NBA. She DFS is covered all of the sport DFS content that we have provided covered in the all pro access. So click the link below in the, uh, on the video or on the podcast page that you're listening to go to enter code NFL 50, save 50% off the first six months there that takes you through the entire NFL season, the entire college football season as well that kicked off this past week and was a great success. Dan server video P Cole knocking outta the park there. So check it out. And James and I will be back here tomorrow to break down Tuesday late. We'll catch you guys later.

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