August 03, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 3: Showtime for Shohei Ohtani Against Oakland

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 3: Showtime for Shohei Ohtani Against Oakland
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 3: Showtime for Shohei Ohtani Against Oakland

Aug 03 2022 | 00:19:33


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Jon Impemba and James Grande preview Wednesday's MLB DFS main slate on DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcasting with host John I Pemba and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What's going on at the nation. John Pemba here with James Grande. This is the quick bitch lb DFS podcast. According here on Wednesday four, five game main slate starting at 7 0 5 James. So we do have an early game, six o'clock, six games starting off in the afternoon by both fan dual and draft Kings are going with the 7 0 5 start and we covered the main slate here. So, uh, if you're listening to this and you have any questions for the earlier slate, definitely getting discord or in there to answer your questions, we'll help you guide you through any lineups that you guys have to help. You obviously win the early slate, but all of our content for today is gonna focus on this five game main slate. And it's kind of an interesting five gamer because we talk all the time, small slates, me and shorter player pools. Speaker 1 00:00:48 And sometimes that means very high concentration of ownership. We got Otani here against Oakland at 10 K on a five game slate that we talk all the time. Like when do you decide to fade chalk? Do you play chalk? This is again a fade at your own risk on a small slate like this. Autonomy's going to be 60, 65, 70% roster, more than likely if you're playing two lineup stack Oakland or fade autonomy, put, put autonomy in the other one in cash games, play autonomy, right? Like your, because there's just gonna be a lot of concentration there when it comes to his, his Roger ship on this slate. So he's at 10 K. We have a returning Freddie Paralta coming off the 60 day against Pittsburgh. I don't really wanna touch this on his return, but we know that what he can bring to the table, he faced Pittsburgh already. And his fir one of his first starts of the year six shut out seven strikeouts. Like we know he is a high strikeout guy, cause he is only thrown 52 pitches in his most recent rehab start. So as we saw, unfortunately from Jacob Deran tonight pulled after 59 pitches, even though he threw 67 and he had a pitch count range of 60, I think is what I see. 60 to 75 pitches. Speaker 2 00:01:56 Yeah. 60. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:01:57 And the Mets pulled him at the very low end of that. Tonight. Hard to pay $9,700 for pro to even in a great spot. Just knowing that he's likely not gonna get more than 60, 65 pitches there after Otani, it's really kinda like a pick your poison in my opinion. Right? You got Julio UIA at $9,100. He's going up against San Francisco. Really good starts recently, including a six inch shutout against San Francisco. He tends to have trouble when it comes to going deep in games as well. I know recently again, two games where he is pitched over seven innings, but his pitch count almost never really gets above. He had a 99, uh, pitch out there recently against Colorado. But generally he sits in that 90 pitch range. And sometimes that means he doesn't get the six innings. So, uh, there's some risk there. He have MICUs against Chicago. Blake smells at home against Colorado. Like where are you outside of autonomy? Where are you sort of picking your SV two, if you're playing on draftings or just Speaker 2 00:02:51 Quick point on autonomy, I'd go over on both ownership numbers. He'd throw out there earlier. He was like last late. And I know it's different, cuz he was much cheaper and whatever. He was like 80% owned in big field tournaments, Sean and there was like 12 games on that slate and six straight games with 10 plus strikeouts says it all. I'm with you not playing Peralta. It's obviously contrarian play, but, and he can get six strikeouts kind of like we saw DRO in five innings on a Tuesday, but you don't need to do it. I think your eyes does make a lot of sense. I wonder if the giants would have JD Davis available now that they shipped off Darren Ruff, but Darren Ruff was one of their best hitters against lefties and they shipped him off. JD Davis has not been great this year. Speaker 2 00:03:36 If he does crack that San Francisco lineup and San Francisco thy shot out on the IL jock Peterson on the IL Evan Longoria on the IL. They're just, they traded away. Kirk Al who was a righty bat, Brad Crawford still out they're depleted right now. So I do Julio aria quite a bit. I think the price tag is very appealing. I don't hate MI glass. He's looked pretty good against the Cubs 17 and a half fantasy points per game. And they're in two matchups against them. The Cubs didn't make any deals. So they are, which is incredibly weird considering. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:04:13 They, they traded at Robertson. Speaker 2 00:04:15 Yeah. They trade well in terms of their offense, because we saw that awkward hug. Now we could say it's awkward between you and half and Wilson chairs. And now both of them are still on the team. Speaker 1 00:04:23 They hugged again in the dugout after the deadline went by. So. Speaker 2 00:04:26 Oh, okay. Speaker 1 00:04:27 You saw, I don't know if you saw that video, but once since o'clock yet they, they re embraced in the dugout. Speaker 2 00:04:31 No I didn't. That's that's the whole, I guess that's the wholesome content. You'd love to see here, but outside of a start in Cincinnati, which we know is not the friendliest of ballparks has been pretty good and 19 or our fancy points than three or four starts. We know he keeps the ball down. When this game isn't being played in R league's being played in St. Louis where he's thrived this year, 2, 3, 1 90 batting average against. So I like him. I like Blake Snell tournaments. Blake Snell has looked really good. I think, yeah. Speaker 1 00:04:56 It's one bad start lately was against Colorado was in Speaker 2 00:04:59 Colorado. Yeah. It's in cores. Like it's it happens. It's literally happens to everybody and the one bad start outside or the four starts outside of that six innings, one run seven strikeouts, five innings, no runs five strikeouts, six innings, 11 strikeouts against San Francisco. Even against the Dodgers in LA five innings, one earned 12 strikeout. So we know the strikeout potential is tremendous Fornell and three of those GA four games have been went just to tally on. So I like Snell quite a bit in terms of the rest of the position. I don't know, John, like it it's a tough position to gauge like his rosy Contreras actually starting. Cuz if he is, that could be appealing. He's been in AAA for the last month. Alex Cobb has been up and down, but he gets the Dodgers who kind of lit him up two starts ago. He can go there cuz there's upside Justin steel. He's been like, I've probably faded Justin steel too much, but I have a lot of respect for Speaker 1 00:06:01 The yeah. I, I brought him up during his most recent start. Yeah. Obviously he didn't pitch deep enough. Like we wanted him to for unearned run in that for unearned run. However, in that game, maybe not necessarily entirely his fault, but hit keys in that UN on three and two thirds. Yeah. Listen, I don't mind it. I it's not their best spot. Like you mentioned St. Louis in St. Louis against guys that can hit lefties like gold Schmid and a, but I, I kind of go back to Kilion right, dude. We, yeah. I talked about him. Yep. And we were a little bit weed cuz of Chicago and he went on and pitch another really good start. I know last nine starts for this guy. He's got three, four ere. He's still not striking out a bunch of guys mean that's he's not getting wins. That's gonna keep him kind of lower in, in his point production. But now he's facing the A's and we know the, a strike out a bunch, you know, that could give him a little bit of a bump there and strike out. And he's only given up more than three yard runs once in his last, like 10 starts. Right. And the majority of his starts he's given up one or fewer runs and five of the last six, the dude is really, really pitching. Well I $5,700. That feels like a freebie to me. Speaker 2 00:07:11 Yeah. For former former first round pick was a highly covered prospect for the Yankees. So I'm Speaker 1 00:07:16 Not so back from injury too, to start the year. So maybe it just took him a bit to get like his bearings going and now he's sort of rounding back into form. Speaker 2 00:07:24 Yep. Didn't make his first start till May 1st. Yeah. I think you could be correct. And as we've said, a million times in the last couple months yeah. Pitch against the angels, like faced nothing like facing the angels to get you on board. Speaker 1 00:07:36 They just tried brain marsh. Their lineup got even worse. Speaker 2 00:07:39 So ain that the truth that's Speaker 1 00:07:40 True. Yeah. Trouts out. They got, they're throwing Joe Dell at you. Like they're just don't get hurt by. Oton like, he's the only guy in that lineup. Like Taylor, Ward's not hitting anymore. Dread Walsh has never hit. Literally just don't let, Oton be you and you should have zero problems. That's the pitching for me. I think it's the problem is like, he's the value starter, but he's facing the top starter. So you just punt. What you do is you play Otani Hopi strikes out 12 and Capelli gets to win. Right? That's Speaker 2 00:08:10 Actually in like two, one, a two, one game or like a one zero game. Speaker 1 00:08:14 A de Deron game goes out there, gives up one. One is his dominates. So Speaker 2 00:08:19 Everyone you see that one coming tonight. Speaker 1 00:08:21 Oh my I Speaker 2 00:08:22 That's not the Matt's not scarring for Jacob to grow. Speaker 1 00:08:24 She cannot score for the guy at all. No whatsoever catcher position. We talk about Eli D is a lot against left. He's got another lefty here in Snell. I know we talked about Nell, obviously pitching really right now. Uh, but Diaz himself, uh, three 30 average, 9 81. Oh PS over the last 10 and a guy that is historically raped against south paw. He's sitting there right in the mid tier. If you wanna spend up for WD Smith, go for it. Five 50, $500. But other than that, like where's a catcher that you are looking at. Is it the Milwaukee guys? Like you got yadi Melina back off the IO. Like he hasn't really played well this year, but $2,800. Like where are you thinking for catching? Speaker 2 00:09:04 I'm not, I'm closing my eyes, Joey Bart for a cheap home run. But even that's not very appealing. I guess you could play like one of the Pittsburgh catchers, like Heineman probably starts knowing there's no Freddy Paralta for too long. And you get to Bruce bullpen no longer with Josh hater. I don't know. Like it's a really crap position. I don't really know how else to, to say it really. I don't necessarily have anything else that I can add. I guess, you know what? The San Diego guys, probably John El farro hitting 400 over his or three 40 over his last 10 games. 3,800 and Austin NOLA 33. Chad cool's dust. Chad cool has cooled off pun. Completely intended there since a pretty good start to the year. Lefty's 365 old, but right's 3 22, 7 40. Opia so NOLA and El farro for me, I'd be interested in both those Padre's catchers. Speaker 1 00:10:04 So I hear you. Where are we? Where are we going? Next? Speaker 2 00:10:06 We're going to first base and Paul gold Schmidt against a lefty is standing out. So thumb hit his 25th home run tonight. I don't know if you saw the broadcaster called it the exact pitch. He was gonna home run on said how about a 25th home run right here? Followed up by a 25th home run. That was impressive. Maybe if he calls 26 we'll we know it's gonna happen. Maybe he sees the future, but Goldsman 63. You can play rowdy for tournaments in, I guess, interested to see who's gonna play for San Diego. They have Brandon jury listed as a first basement, John $5,900. I know you want to pay that, but Josh bell also Padre also don't know if he's gonna play $4,800. Well, Speaker 1 00:10:52 I'm playing bell over jewelry. That's Speaker 2 00:10:54 For sure. Wait, you don't wanna pay 5,900 for Brandon jury. Oh, Speaker 1 00:10:58 Okay. No, I don't Goldy at 63. I would pay though. Yeah, because of the lefty match there. Chrome against Snell. Sure. I would consider after that though, man. Speaker 2 00:11:10 Seth brown. If you're, if here's your Otani pivot. It's Seth brown. Speaker 1 00:11:14 Yeah. Like I don't want to go against Otani. Speaker 2 00:11:16 I'm just saying, look at, just look at Seth brown though. Dude. It just out here just hitting bombs. Not getting traded for no reason. Speaker 1 00:11:22 It's true. It's true. True. True. You got a mid price. Woo holes. Speaker 2 00:11:26 Mid price pools against lefties. And that's where he is thrived all year. Speaker 1 00:11:30 Yep. That's where we probably gotta take a look. Anybody else for you? Rowdy? Probably 49. Speaker 2 00:11:34 Yep. Rowdy, rowdy. Speaker 1 00:11:35 Even though that's like a wild price tag for rowdy toys. Speaker 2 00:11:39 Yeah. It's just the it's literally just because he hits home runs Speaker 1 00:11:42 And it's a five, it's a five game player pool as well. His usual like 3,800. They're like, well there's not 15 on the first baseball head today. So we gotta Jack the price up here a little bit. All right. Go to second base. Where are you? Where do you look in the plant? Your flag Speaker 2 00:11:56 CRO worth Homeward in the first game of their double header today. I think the pads were excited about the Soto trade. They scored 13 runs in that game. Definitely going there. I'm interested in BRN Rogers. He hits left. He's extremely well. He's rolling right now. 4 47 average over his last 10 games. It didn't really hit for a lot of power. Just been consistent in the average department Speaker 1 00:12:18 Col long's been hitting Speaker 2 00:12:19 Well. Yep. He hit another home run tonight. I shouldn't say another cuz you know, it's not like a big power guy, but he has been rolling. It's my point. Hit a home run tonight. So I think cold and Wong checks in is probably my guy at this tier outside of Cornworth. Speaker 1 00:12:35 Yeah. I'm probably in that same range as you are going a little bit deeper down. There's really not much that is jumping off the page without really like seeing the lineups obviously. And knowing who's gonna be in, who's gonna be out. I will say we've talked up David Fletcher a little bit of late. Speaker 2 00:12:50 He Homer tonight. Speaker 1 00:12:51 Did he? Okay, so even two, two for three, the other day against Texas with two runs and two RBIS with a double. Now he is got, if he Homeward tonight, it means to get a double, sorry, a home run and two doubles over his last four games. So, and maybe David Fletcher 2,500. If you're not a cap Perian guy. Speaker 2 00:13:06 Yeah. I don't hate that at all. Don't hate that at all. Speaker 1 00:13:08 All right. Position. Where you going to third base? Speaker 2 00:13:10 Brandon Jerry 5,900 Uhhuh Anato Homer tonight definitely can go there against the lefty Machado firmly and play against Chad Kool, even though he's been bad, but we know Machado's relatively good in the split against righties. Yep. Luis, I been super good lately too. I think those three guys stand out to me over 4k Speaker 1 00:13:34 And then your boy Garrett SSON Speaker 2 00:13:36 And then yeah, Garrett Hanson. If he's in the lineup for sure. I don't think there's much else down here. Speaker 1 00:13:40 If JD Davis does find his way into the lineup. He's two K. We talked about him earlier, but you know, lefties, he tends to hit well, so Speaker 2 00:13:48 Yeah. Yeah, for sure. He's that's it's such a weird trade. It Speaker 1 00:13:51 Is Speaker 2 00:13:52 That deal. That deal was so Speaker 1 00:13:53 Two guys that hit lefties. Well, straight up they play like the same position. Ish short stop. You got trade Turner at the top against Cobb. You got a Adamas here against Contreras. That Speaker 2 00:14:03 Is a crazy price. Speaker 1 00:14:04 5,600. So really a Adamas. What are we doing now? Thanks. Speaker 2 00:14:08 I think he homed if I'm Speaker 1 00:14:10 Oh, okay. Unless Joe. Speaker 2 00:14:12 Yeah, he did. He did <laugh> yeah. Him till and Colton won I'm Speaker 1 00:14:18 Home. Right? I can know that. I'm shocked about this price tag, but he was priced at 5,806 K early in July. So like the people I don't get. Yes. 20 home runs. Great. But he's got a seven 30 ops on a two 19 batting average. Not necessarily where I'm looking to spend it. I would take a shot at O'Neil cruise off of a returning free Perta. If you're just looking for a guy that hits fastballs versus a guy that throws fastballs, like that could be just a location matchup for him, right? Like a pitch matchup for him. Speaker 2 00:14:44 Yeah. It it's not like pro Alto was great either. Speaker 1 00:14:47 He just throws hard and he gets a lot of swing and miss, but you know, we saw or Cruz, who did he take deep the other day. Speaker 2 00:14:53 He took he home run again today too. By the way. Speaker 1 00:14:56 Yeah. He homered off of like a stud the other day though. Oh, Al Canara. Yeah. He took Sandy into the river. Yeah. It's the, guy's one of the best pitches of baseball. He had no 9 99 mile an hour fastball. He just launched, you know, that bat speeded for cruise is legit. Of course. Jose Lacey is a 37. That's pretty free. And then are we going with de young here again? Like Speaker 2 00:15:15 We could good. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:15:17 3,200 bucks if he's in the lineup. Speaker 2 00:15:20 Yeah. I like the value here. Lacey is 37 has young Kim with CJ Abrams traded. He went four for five in their first, in the first game of the double header today. He's gonna be playing as long as Tati says in, in the lineup. Even maybe when Tatis returns, they can move him all around the line in the infield and stuff. The young. Yeah. Why not? If he's look, you play him in a tournament only. Sure. Because he's only hitting home runs, but if he hits you a home run at 3,200, you're in a very good spot. Speaker 1 00:15:48 Yeah. It's it's clear that a short stop is where we're spending down. Speaker 2 00:15:52 Yeah. Dave, and you could, we, you mentioned Dave Fletcher last position, but if you wanted to play him here, he's also shortstop eligible. Speaker 1 00:15:58 Yep. All right. Outfield, Wiki bets is your top price outfield. We're here against Alex cloud at $6,200. You have one soda potentially making use debut. We don't know. I don't Speaker 2 00:16:08 Know. I don't know if Speaker 1 00:16:09 We, if he does make his debut, I'm all in. I, he feels like a guy that is a flare. That sort of dramatics where like freedom. Just get ready to rock at San Diego here. Speaker 2 00:16:19 Yeah. Yeah. Freedom from a 450 million contract offer. Speaker 1 00:16:23 <laugh> well, freedom from a loose Speaker 2 00:16:25 Know. I Speaker 1 00:16:25 Know we had that conversation. Listen, he's getting his money just because he turned it down from Washington. Of course another team was gonna give him 400 million. And if he goes on and has like an MVP, second half, he might get half a billion dollars. Like he might get more. Yep. The Yankees gonna be like, you know what? We could pay Aaron judge. Or we could just throw more money at a younger Juan Soto and then, and see what's going on there anyways. A Soto's there he'd get the Milwaukee guys. Yellow's been hitting the ball really well. Just no home run power. Right? So you can kind of pick and choose. If you wanna spend that money on him. Renfro has been hitting home. Runs. Outfield is a pit though. We've had some slates where outfield has been loaded with guys. This isn't, this is one of those slates. This is a slate where there's the top couple guys. And then there's a bunch of guys that you normally, maybe you'd play one of, but you wouldn't put multiple of them Speaker 2 00:17:19 In your line. I'll tell you who I'm going to play. Speaker 1 00:17:22 Is it Joey Gallo? Speaker 2 00:17:24 No, not Joey Gallo. Definitely not. Joey Gallo. No, I'm gonna definitely play jerks. And pro far, Speaker 1 00:17:31 Yes. Speaker 2 00:17:32 He had five hits today in their first game of the double header. That's four straight, multi hit games. That's five multi hit games in his last six that's seven multi hit games in his last nine. Speaker 1 00:17:44 We gotta, we gotta check in on that. Sell. See if he's on the prospect report or not. Speaker 2 00:17:47 Yeah. See if there's yeah. Former number one. Overall prospect jars pro far safety back on the list. Speaker 1 00:17:54 That's an inside joke between all of us. Sorry guys for listening and not cling you in, but Speaker 2 00:17:57 Shout out to Tim Beckham. Yeah. I think pro far is an elite play. If you wanna fade me glass, say as in for tournament too. Speaker 1 00:18:04 Sure. All right. Not many options for you here, but who is your home run call for the five game slate. Speaker 2 00:18:09 My home run call is not gonna be, will do see if it's $600. I'll go. I'm gonna go pro far. I'm just gonna keep going back to that, man. I know I should probably double down with Micato he'd let me down and just say Machato until he hits the home run again, but I'm gonna go pro far Che Kools dust and uh, lefties are really killing him right now. So I'll go pro far, top of the order home run. Speaker 1 00:18:35 I'm gonna go O'Neil Cruz. Speaker 2 00:18:37 That's a good one. Cruz hitting. He's starting to heat up with in the power department. Speaker 1 00:18:41 Yeah. That's where we're gonna go. We're gonna go O'Neil Cruz here against our returning Freddy. Paralta you have, what did you just say? I just, just wasn't anything you said jerks and pro profile, right? I was, I wasn't listening to at all jerks and profile is James is pick, James is on the playbook. You'll get all of his takes here. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast that you're listening to Casto now is where we're hosting our podcast. But where you can find this now, everywhere James, basically right, like iTunes, Spotify, where it's been, but there's, what's Stitcher now. There's like a whole bunch of different platforms. You can even listen to this on YouTube now. Yep. If you want to, as well, if you have these apps downloaded, like certainly go ahead, download them like subscribe, do everything. You can help promote the podcast. If you enjoy what you're listening to. Uh, and all of our podcasts, the season will be hosted over there. Once we transition to football and the NBA NHL and the, all the lb podcasts are going to go over there. So, uh, make sure you check all of that out as well, but for now, James, and I'll catch you guys.

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