August 30, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 30: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 30: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 30: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Aug 30 2022 | 00:25:44


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Tuesday, August 30th for DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as the Braves against the Rockies Jose Urena.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcast with host John Iemma and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What's going on every nation, John and Pema here with James Grande. Welcome back into the quick pitch, MLB DFS podcast, and livestream recording here for Tuesday's 12 game main slate over on draft Kings games, man. How we doing? Speaker 2 00:00:22 Doing well, definitely tilting over Monday slate, but we're on Tuesday slate here, John. It's a, a smaller Tuesday slate. Although 12 games. It's usually what? 14, 15. We usually have the whole league in a yeah, playing and Tuesday. So 12 game slate should be a good one. No cores. Even better. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:00:43 Colorado Speaker 2 00:00:44 For this one, Colorado and Atlanta. Speaking of Colorado. Let's ride. Speaker 1 00:00:47 Yeah, let's just get into it. We got 12 games. We'll go through this one, two pictures over 10 K on draft Kings, a NOLA FRA Amber Viez Noah on the road against Arizona, FRA Amber on the road against Texas. I'll throw max fried in there at home against Colorado. We got gallon on the road. Sorry at home against the Phillies. Andrew. Heney working his way up over 10, uh, $9,000. Now on the road against the Mets Blake Snell at $9,300 on the road against the giants and opposite of him at 9,100 bucks, Logan web against the Padre. I Speaker 2 00:01:18 Mean, NOLA, definitely in play, coming off his best start of the year. He's been excellent outside of, you know, a handful of starts last one being against the Mets, the one against the Braves prior Atlanta's offense is not either of those teams. He should be, he should feast here. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:01:35 Arizona been tower. Arizona has been terrible. Speaker 2 00:01:36 At least terrible. They've been terrible. Same goes for MBER another quality start. Speaker 1 00:01:41 He gave eight punches, which was nice. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:01:44 Yep. Two, which is now done. Two of his last three starts. Speaker 1 00:01:48 Yep. Including seven shout out eight strikeouts against this same Texas team. Speaker 2 00:01:53 Yep. 20 in ain, John against Texas. This year one earned run. Speaker 1 00:01:58 Let's talk about the road era for FRA brewer as well, 2.23 this year, almost a full run, lower on the road than at home. So a lot of things working for him in this matchup. Speaker 2 00:02:07 Yeah. So either of those top guys, both elite might be a slate where each, if we can find enough value jam, both of those guys in, I think freed is perfectly fine as well. Another guy coming off of just an absolute brilliant performance. I don't think he has as much upside as NOLA Cramer does, but he did show some upside last game, 30 fantasy points. I think gallon's definitely in a little bit of a tough spot, but he is been incredible. What is the math here? 27 and a third scoreless. Currently hasn't allowed to run in four straight starts. So you know, hard not to like gallon, but it's tournaments. I think I know he needs been good. Speaker 1 00:02:43 Meano wise. He's been Trico Speaker 2 00:02:45 Wise Speaker 1 00:02:45 Been unreal back. Toback Speaker 2 00:02:46 He do it Speaker 1 00:02:47 Against the Mets games. Speaker 2 00:02:48 Do you think he can do you, I guess my question to you is you think he, do you think he can replicate that against the Mets? Speaker 1 00:02:54 Probably not Mets this year against lefthanded pitch. When it comes to strikeout Ray, let's see, where are they? Where are they sitting? They rank 24th, 20.1% strikeout rate against left handed, pitching on the season. Last two week numbers for the Mets. They are 22nd, 19.1%. So not a team that's striking out too much, but again, he needs missing a lot of bats. Now that said, who did he face faced Milwaukee twice. Second highest strikeout rate against left-handed pitching on the year. So could certainly have been a matchup spot for him, not an area I'm looking to go personally here either. You know, Blake Snell, we've Teeter tottered on him a few times. He's had some success against San Francisco. Two starts 11 innings, 19 strikeouts against them there. So hard to not like what you're getting out of lake Snell. You know, it's just what Blake Snell shows up. You know, you tell me, does the good Blake Snell show up? Does the bad Blake Snell show up cuz his last two starts bad. Blake Snell 3, 4, 5 starts before that. Great Blake Snell. So hard to test G only play for sure for that reason. And we're not playing Logan web, right? Speaker 2 00:03:59 We're just no, no upside of this at this price tag. I don't know. I don't know how, I mean, the only reason he had a nine strikeout eight in a no run games, cuz it was against Pittsburgh. But like when you can't strike out Arizona and just get shelled and then you get absolutely shellacked by Detroit. I mean, forget it 9,100 Speaker 1 00:04:17 Mid to first one that jumps to me, Kevin goons at 87. I know that, you know, the Boston start, wasn't what we were looking for at a price tag at 96 the other day when he was, you know, we felt like he was a great sort of pivot option. Yeah. Against the way Boston's lineup was going. And the end of the bottom of the lineup was just like tearing apart. Right. But before that, you know, seven shout out against the Yankees pump against Cleveland, but really good against Minnesota Tampa bay. We talk a lot of times like Gosman is in this eight K range. We kind of like now you're just home against a Cubs team. Speaker 2 00:04:48 Yeah. I mean, I think that this AK range is super strong. I think I would use all four of these guys, eight K or above Gossman included for the same reasons. I like Jose Barios on Monday. I mean the Cubs are bottom five in pretty much every category over the last month against right-handed pitching with a pretty decent strike. I right. To go along with it. So I like Gossman but I also liked Brady singer quite a bit. Brady singer is on an absolute heater right about now outside of one bad start against these white Sox. Granted Speaker 1 00:05:21 11 hits a lot. It is pretty rough. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:05:23 But then if you look at the very next start he faced the white Sox again, seven and a third one run. Yeah. Brady singer has multiple double data strikeout games lately just looks like a complete different guy. I mean over his last 10 starts alone, John and that's factoring in that white Sox start two 14 era 22.7 draft Kings points per game. Right. Big strikeout rate right now. I really like singer. I think George Kirby is in a tremendous spot. I think he's gonna be very popular against Detroit and then Speaker 1 00:05:50 Good sh strikeout numbers for Kirby lately too. Yep. You know, if you're looking over his last five starts seven or more and four of those. So I'm with you there, there, Speaker 2 00:05:57 And what Lucas GTO shows up. I don't know, but Casey's offense. Isn't one that we're like scared of. Gedo been pretty good against them this year. 14 strikeouts and 10 innings against them. So Speaker 1 00:06:09 Yeah. He's a pivot pivot play for me. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:06:12 Yes. Kirby's the chalk here for sure. I think you're gonna see a lot of people gravitate there and then all three of these other guys are like, that's your pivot from Kirby? If you know, if you don't wanna play chalky. Speaker 1 00:06:24 Sure. Speaker 2 00:06:25 Chalky Speaker 1 00:06:25 Pitchers, where are we going under a K the NATS are back to not striking out again against lefthanded pitching. They're 22%. So Ivin, would've been probably an appealing option, but not a spot that we're likely look to attack here. Now, anybody else in this lower tier that it's jumping off the page to Speaker 2 00:06:40 You? Matt Manning has been really good of late. I know Seattle's offense can pose a threat, but they're also not like if you navigate Julio and if you navigate Hager, like winkers been bad. Sure. Suarez is hit or miss the rest of the lineup has just kind of been terrible. So Matt Manning coming off two really good starts in a row, four straight starts of five or more strikeouts. Three of four starts with 23 or more draftings points too. I don't know. I think there's some upside here, something Colby and Conway and I were looking at on the fantasy alarm seasonal podcast, Manning 11%, 11.5% swinging strike rate. Like he's generating swinging strikes right now. So I like Matt Manning 6,700. I think he would probably be my favorite guy under seven K. Speaker 1 00:07:27 Okay. I'm with you there. Let's go on over to the catcher position. Big slate, a lot of choices. You know, I like either Atlanta guy against Urena. I think that's, I think that's fine for, you know, if you wanna spend up on a real Muto or a Kirk, you can a WD Smith Homer the other day, you know, Speaker 2 00:07:43 Today youer Speaker 1 00:07:44 Today home today. Right. You know, again, not again, not my favorite position. I just Darnell at 36 just feels like a I'll live with it. He's in the middle of an Atlanta lineup, you know? And the price doesn't hurt you. Speaker 2 00:07:54 Yeah. I definitely think Darnell is still too cheap. Right? I think anything really under 4k, but let me sell you on. And I know I mentioned Gedo right, but I wanna sell you on salary. Okay. I thinks could be really ING and why? I think KC as a stack could be really interesting. So on the year Gedo we know has been dreadful, right handed batter versus here John 66 ending sample 14 home runs, they're hitting 3 26 with a 5 69 slug and a 4 0 6 WOA. His K rate against lefties is 30% that dips to 21% against left hand or against right-handed batteries. Right. We know S's powerful. He's coming off a game with a home run. He's hit in six straight games. I think this could be a Sal Perez game. I think this could be a Bobby Whit game. We know the Royals have like very potent right-handed bats specifically Speaker 1 00:08:51 Do do a two-man stack there probably. Yeah. Yep. You don't really want, you don't really want more Royal. No. So Speaker 2 00:08:58 I think Saudi could be for me amongst these top spend up catchers. I think Sal's my guy Speaker 1 00:09:04 For value. You know, you mentioned Joey Bard against lefties at times against Nell. So, you know, and all depends on how you feel about that matchup. I played Reese McGuire tonight. He had an RBI double, you know, if you wanted to spend down against Chris Archer for Boston, depending on if he's, if McGuire's in the lineup, he is actually hitting the ball pretty well. 3 79 and 9 0 4 S I know people sort of were upset with the Christian Vasquez trade, but McGuire's actually handled his own at the plate since that move has been made. So, you know, for spend down option, you could certainly take a look at him there. You know, ova is against Mitch Keller, you know, not really hitting the ball well, but could be just a match up. Play anybody for you. Speaker 2 00:09:42 Yeah. McGuire really hasn't been jerking around. No, I'm playing Joey. I mean, I'm playing Joey Bart. Sure. Against lefties this year, Joey Bart six home runs in 67 at bats, 3 34. WOBA he's Speaker 1 00:09:54 Just like which snow shows up. Right? That's your question. So sure. First base again, same group of guys at the top, you can kind of pick and choose where you want Alonzo against Heni. If you believe in a, you know, he, again, Heini striking out guys, but he is also giving up, runs, giving up home run. Alonzo could be that spot. You know, Matt Olsen at 51 against Uran could be a probably popular option. I think Braves, probably one of the more chalky stacks. Would you say in the, in this spot here against Jose arena and what's the split, right? Is it right? Is against arena, right? Or is it left? Speaker 2 00:10:24 No lefty lefties. Speaker 1 00:10:25 Okay. So yeah. Sen's not lefties Olson in a great spot there. Speaker 2 00:10:28 Yeah. Olson, Harris run like a Olson Harris. Who else sits lefty on this team? Rosario. Yeah. That's they have, they have a lot of, yeah, Speaker 1 00:10:37 They they're righty. Heavy team. That's why they used to hit lefty so well, Speaker 2 00:10:40 And they had lbs trailer. Speaker 1 00:10:42 Yeah. Aby switch, hit lbs. A switcher. Speaker 2 00:10:44 Yeah. True. Yeah. I think Olson's a really nice play at 5,100. Speaker 1 00:10:48 For sure. If we're not buying into web Josh bells at 48, Speaker 2 00:10:51 He's been so bad that I don't know what's going on with San Diego, man. They're he Speaker 1 00:10:56 Still has an 80, 80 ops over his last 10 though. So like three, two home runs. You just yeah. Speaker 2 00:11:01 He around. Yeah. He's coming around a little bit. That's Speaker 1 00:11:03 True. Value guys here. I mean, you liked, if you mentioned Bart, I mean, JD Davis, same match up against Snell at three K. Yep. Anybody, any other value or under 4k guys? Speaker 2 00:11:14 I mean, obviously we need to find out what happened to rowdy. He left Monday's game. Sure. So I'd like to know there cuz you know, Mitch Keller has been better, but exploitable. She there's nothing. Speaker 1 00:11:25 Not a lot down here. Down Speaker 2 00:11:26 Here. No Speaker 1 00:11:27 There's nothing. Maybe Seth brown, 2,900 against Eric fed again. Not hitting the ball. Well, but no Speaker 2 00:11:33 Frenchie. Speaker 1 00:11:34 There's power there. Speaker 2 00:11:35 How about Frenchie? Two K. Frenchie's been pretty good. Speaker 1 00:11:38 Yeah. Power's been there for him Speaker 2 00:11:40 And another hit. Speaker 1 00:11:41 Yeah. He's so he's all the way down here too against Archer. I'll bite it into it. That's fine. Works for me. Frenchie Boston. Speaker 2 00:11:46 Just like not doing anything, but Frenchie has been the Speaker 1 00:11:50 Bite for that lineup hits. Well a Ryan, Mr. Wire. Like Speaker 2 00:11:53 It's crazy. Move all up. Move everyone else down. Right. Move. Speaker 1 00:11:56 Like yeah. In Verdugo play Verdugo. So Speaker 2 00:11:58 Yeah. And play Verdugo. Speaker 1 00:11:59 All right. Second base tu base at the top against Dan Dunning. Speaker 2 00:12:03 I feel like there has to be beat. Like they face each other like a hundred Speaker 1 00:12:05 Times. Feels like that. Uh, story against Archer at 5k MUN. He's at 47 car Worth's web. Maybe at 43. Speaker 2 00:12:14 Yeah. That could be one. It's a good play. Gavin Lux. Speaker 1 00:12:17 Yeah. Gavin Lux, depending on what cutter Crawford shows up, you know, loose your eyes. It's just hit a quiet three 30 all season long. So I know again, second ton down here. I mean Fletcher's at 33. I I'll just keep playing Fletcher Ws down to 31 for Speaker 2 00:12:31 Time six. By the way, he has been bad. Speaker 1 00:12:34 I know I've tried saying he's bad. Speaker 2 00:12:36 Like so second half. Speaker 1 00:12:37 I mean it's just like what lineup is LA gonna throw at us tonight? Tomorrow? Like a whole bunch of guys from AAA down there. So Speaker 2 00:12:43 Yeah. Aroyo Arroyo 2,600 Speaker 1 00:12:46 Free. Yeah. Lawyer is still free. Oh, Speaker 2 00:12:48 Oh, Speaker 1 00:12:49 Oh. Where's G where's GSO. Speaker 2 00:12:50 He is 2,800. Speaker 1 00:12:52 Oh, lock him in easy play. And he's, you know does 3 24, 8 61 ops on the season. Speaker 2 00:12:59 Lock em in. Speaker 1 00:13:00 Can we click the button? Speaker 2 00:13:01 Yep. Speaker 1 00:13:02 Lock all lock them in at second. Second. Can we lock in Olson? Can we lock in Olson? Speaker 2 00:13:05 Yeah. I'm down with both Speaker 1 00:13:07 Damn lock in Olson here. Makings of our brave stack. All right. Third base. Not gonna go togethers. No one's gonna play. 'em a Chatto against Webb at 59 Riley at 55. No one's gonna play Chapman against Roman. Nobody ever plays Chapman. Woo re at 5k. We could go Bobby Whit at 49. Alex. Brigman at 48 against Dan Dunning. Is there, you know, we've been playing a lot of Brigman of late. Let's see. Still have Donaldson on the road. Speaker 2 00:13:32 Yeah. And he got a day off Monday. Yeah. So Speaker 1 00:13:36 Not a ton of value at third bases. Speaker 2 00:13:38 I'm just looking. I wanna let's see Bregman one for nine off Dunning Dunnings. Speaker 1 00:13:44 Better look. His numbers have laid 3 89, almost a 1300 ops, four homers, 10 RBI, four doubles. He's Speaker 2 00:13:51 He's been nuts. He's he looks, this is the best he's looks bef since prior to the wrist. Speaker 1 00:13:57 Yeah. And Bobby Whit's hitting for power still. Speaker 2 00:13:58 So Bobby Whit. So he's Homer off Gito but he has what, how many home runs does wood have this year? He has, Speaker 1 00:14:06 He got 18. Speaker 2 00:14:07 12 against right-handed pitching. Okay. So Speaker 1 00:14:10 Yeah. It's power side. Speaker 2 00:14:11 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:14:12 So again, not really after that though. There's not a ton depending on how you wanna, you know, go about it. You know, there's not a lot of value here. Speaker 2 00:14:19 I don't hate Jace Peterson. 33. Yeah. We didn't mention cold and won. Did you mention, Speaker 1 00:14:24 I mentioned with 31. Speaker 2 00:14:25 Yeah. How about this, Sean? I mean if cheap, Royal stack hunter Dozier 2,400 back to back, he has six hits in his last two games. He had four hits on Sunday. Yeah. I look the two stone bases in a hundred percent anomaly. He has four on the year. Just throw it out there. Sure. I like, I do like writing against Luke GTO quite a bit. The numbers are eye popping. All Speaker 1 00:14:49 Right. Let's go to shortstop then. Where do you like at the top? Speaker 2 00:14:51 Ken go trade Turner. That's fine. We do like playing Lindor from the left side. He's struggl or from the right side. But he's struggling right now. We can definitely play Dansby at 53 against REA. You could play anyone against REA if Stroman doesn't have the singer working, Bette can take advantage of that. But the blue have been very disappointing. I love playing Willie Damas against right-handed pitching. Yeah. And I love playing him at home. So I would not Speaker 1 00:15:16 Good little run for him here as well. Speaker 2 00:15:18 Yeah. He's been good. I wouldn't hate playing him here in tournaments against Mitch Keller. Mention wood at third. I think that's great. KARE has been pretty good. If you wanna stack against cutter crop. I don't. They which I mean, they led O'Neil cruise off tonight, but like, yeah. Speaker 1 00:15:35 He's just so swing or miss. He's like a, you know, Speaker 2 00:15:37 He's like a Speaker 1 00:15:37 40 4k. It's a tough, it's a tough spend at 4k. Speaker 2 00:15:41 Yeah. He has like a 40% K right? Like I don't understand. Speaker 1 00:15:44 I mean his Wal at three K Speaker 2 00:15:46 That Wal though. Speaker 1 00:15:47 Well right. If he has a good game tonight, you can kind of just keep riding. Speaker 2 00:15:50 That's probably the play cuz go below that. I mean there's nothing down here. Speaker 1 00:15:55 Nope. Really? There really isn't. So we'll see how that plays out again. You could also throw a Fletcher in there. I'm a big Fletcher guy let off tonight, you know, not the biggest ceiling of a player, but I mean at three K get guys got a game on base, like every game. So, so yeah, just a guy that gets on base outfield is where all the magic happens. Judge bets. Otani Hulu Rodriguez, Juan Soto. Schwarber Harbor, Marte, trout, you know like where do you, where are you? Where are you sticking them? Speaker 2 00:16:22 Judge Mo O all of 'em. I would say the top three guys for me and then probably trout. Who would be the next name? I'd yeah. Speaker 1 00:16:32 I wonder if they you're a day off. Anytime soon here Speaker 2 00:16:35 I would, I was thinking that like weeks ago and they just like, keep rolling around. They're just like, yeah, Mike, good luck out there. And he keeps it on. Runs. Backs. Good. Yeah, the back's good. The back's good Speaker 1 00:16:45 Blue Jays. Nobody's gonna play them, but they're likely to go freight eight runs at any time. So weird lineup for them tonight. I talked about it with you. They had Goel hitting third. They had BI hitting sixth, you know, just Speaker 2 00:16:57 They've been hitting Goel. They've been hitting Goel in the middle of that lineup. I think they're trying to like spice some things up. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:17:03 They're just like breaking up the, she, you know, like yep. Just the Kirks hitting thet. Oscar, I don't even think was in the lineup tonight. So's only to at least pay attention to some good pitchers, which kind of kills a lot of our middle ground of these, of these outfielders that we like playing. But Tommy FAMs been lighting it up. So I money, you know, I'm good with fam at 47. I think. I think that's fine. In the mid tier there. Kyle Tucker 45. Yeah. Yeah. Brian Reynolds against Alexander at 45. Speaker 2 00:17:30 Yeah. It feels like a home run spot. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:17:32 I'd play that for Speaker 2 00:17:33 Sure. You can play Melinda's at, in the outfield. If you, I know righties have been better against Sheli do, but you're dark full Speaker 1 00:17:40 Sec. I get lefty. Is there three 70? He's still raking 3 71, 1100 ops over those last yeah. Speaker 2 00:17:45 He's this guy is. And just on the long list of Braves that they just got for less money than their, Speaker 1 00:17:53 You could play him and Grham together as like a bottom of the line sack. Cuz they, they hit them low. So Speaker 2 00:17:58 Yep. They'll hit like eight, nine or seven. Eight. Speaker 1 00:18:00 Yeah, something like that. Let's see. Mancini against Dunning. Would you play it? Speaker 2 00:18:04 He's been kind of bad lately and Dunning's much worse against lefties. You can in, in like an Astro stack. Speaker 1 00:18:10 Okay. Do goes 37. Yep. Still hitting the ball. Well hundred in any other values Speaker 2 00:18:16 For you. I mean Rosario, if you wanna go with the full graves left lefty theory against your, it has been dreadful. I know Rosario has been great either, but maybe we go there. Repre center, apparently pinch hits in the fifth inning for French Cordero. So is that what happened tonight? Maybe, maybe if you wanna, maybe you wanna go there. Speaker 1 00:18:33 There's really not good. A lot of good value again, because some of the pitching matchups that our usual go-to like mid-tier and value guys that are facing like Ola, you know? Right. They're facing framer, Valdez and Kevin Goman. So we're in a, you know, I feel like we're in a little bit of a bond when it comes to some of these value, but we also we'll know where we're at. When the lineups come up. Speaker 2 00:18:52 I don't hate who. I just have lane Thomas 2300. He's been a little better lately. He gets the ready lefty match up that like I don't see, like you said, I think it's pretty much just like wait and see. Yeah. But also yeah, I think it's really just wait and see until then. All Speaker 1 00:19:09 Right. Well then, well, uh, give your home run play. Speaker 2 00:19:11 I'm gonna go back to the, well, I'm gonna go Salvador Perez. Sal I'll go. Mattsons Speaker 1 00:19:15 Good. One Matton Homer off you're in a, you gots Perez going home. Our off of Gedo, which takes us to our lineup building section of the, of the stream here. How are we starting it off? Speaker 2 00:19:26 Well, we already have Olson. Grham. Speaker 1 00:19:28 Yep. Speaker 2 00:19:29 That's the, uh, core of our little brave stack there. What do you wanna do? A picture? Because Kirby is going to be very popular and if we're building GPP, like we can go there. Speaker 1 00:19:40 Do you pivot to Gosman Speaker 2 00:19:42 Feel like we pivot somewhere? Speaker 1 00:19:44 Not to do you go Gosman for 200 or more? Speaker 2 00:19:47 Yeah, we can. I mean, I liked burials in that spot, in the same spot. So why don't we try Gosman okay. Speaker 1 00:19:53 Do you want to use a copra guy? FRA, Amber or Noah? Speaker 2 00:19:57 What do we got? Let's see, we got 3,800 with Fran bar. Speaker 1 00:20:01 Yeah. We'll have to play OAL though. Have we have to lock him in as a value? Speaker 2 00:20:05 Which isn't a bad thing because he's been good, right? Like he's been viable. Speaker 1 00:20:09 That's 4k. You want, do you wanna play S Speaker 2 00:20:12 It's just, I don't. I want to, but I also am interested if we're like, if that handicaps our lineup, let's just leave catcher alone for right now. Okay. And come back to it. Cause we have Joey Bart too true. Speaker 1 00:20:24 We have. So we have Gosman Valez for now Olsen and gr we have a third basement for 4k average position. Unless there was outfielders that you knew that we wanted to lock in, but Speaker 2 00:20:35 Did we like any value outfield? Like we didn't, I don't think we mentioned a single one. Speaker 1 00:20:39 There wasn't a ton. I mean, McCarthy versus Noles at 29. Speaker 2 00:20:43 No, we didn't mention, we didn't mention Yellich 41. He gets Mitch Keller. Yeah. That's a pretty good price point. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:20:49 I mean you liked Peterson. He's at 33 as outfield eligibility. Speaker 2 00:20:53 Do we wanna build? I don't wanna, do you think we should build Speaker 1 00:20:55 For you guys at 37 it's Archer. Speaker 2 00:20:58 That's a good price. I don't hate that. What's play Verdugo. Okay. He's been super solid, nothing wrong with that. Speaker 1 00:21:04 41 50 for Verdugo. I mean, if you wanna, Speaker 2 00:21:09 If we went Joey Bart, right? Let's see what we can do with Joey Bart. Cause I wanna play Sal, but I understand our, the outfield, Speaker 1 00:21:18 We go double mid tier guys. I mean, go's giving us 30. Kirby's in giving us 25. We, you know, we don't have to spend up. We generally do. That's generally a, you know, one of the top two guys will be very highly rostered, Speaker 2 00:21:32 Right? Yeah. I think, yeah. I think you're right. I think both of 'em probably right. They probably both garner pretty Speaker 1 00:21:38 Good. So if we do Bart, we could do a Bregman Tucker combo. We could do a one off Bregman. We could do a one off Bobby Whit. Speaker 2 00:21:46 I kinda like that. I kind of like the, who do you prefer? Bregman or wit? Speaker 1 00:21:52 I mean, Bradman's been Speaker 2 00:21:53 Better. Yeah. It's really hard to dispute what Bradman's done lately. Right? Speaker 1 00:21:58 That gives us two. Outfield is at 4,600, a piece Tucker was 45, 45. Speaker 2 00:22:03 And so then not even a one off. So it's a little two man Astro staff then Speaker 1 00:22:07 And we play fam exactly for 47 Verdugo fam little one, two red. So Speaker 2 00:22:13 Yes. Yeah. If they hit the red. So if they hit what's his name second again. Yeah. Yeah. I like Speaker 1 00:22:17 That. So that would give us Galez at pitcher, Joey Bart at catcher, Olson Grum two man Braves. First base, second base, Alex Braman at third as well. The Cabrera at short Kyle Tucker and the outfield Alex Verdugo and Tommy fam finishing it off for exactly the amount of money for salary. Speaker 2 00:22:36 So yes, our one off is actually as Waldo. Cabrera's that ends up being our one off. Speaker 1 00:22:41 Yeah. Joey bar too. Speaker 2 00:22:42 Oh yeah. Sure. Okay. Joey bar and Cabrera, Speaker 1 00:22:45 If you want, I mean, if you wanted it to connect it, the wraparound Reese McGuire is a hundred bucks cheaper than Joey Bart. Speaker 2 00:22:51 Yeah. Do a little three. Do a yeah. I don't hate that. Speaker 1 00:22:54 He again, he's been hitting well, he hit ninth tonight. Speaker 2 00:22:57 Yeah. We won't jerk your around if you that's what you wanna do. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:23:01 No, that's true. That's true. So, so feel free to pivot as you want. Again, this is just our thought process of line up here. We, this lineup has actually been pretty successful as well. You know? So John, Speaker 2 00:23:12 You know who just went yard tonight, Speaker 1 00:23:14 Paul Golman and no ado. Speaker 2 00:23:16 TJ Friel. Speaker 1 00:23:17 Oh. Frio was on Friel was in the lineup that we built yesterday. Speaker 2 00:23:20 Yeah. 20, $2,100 Speaker 1 00:23:21 Punt. I still hope that game gets canceled, but it's not going so anyways, so that's what we got here for you. Again, check out the playbook. I think it's Justin Greenland on the playbook could be wrong. Could be right. And also again, limited time offer still stands. One more week till football season, we have our pro package discounted right now, 50% off the first six months using promo code NFL 50. It gives you more than just the NFL season though. It gives you the college football DFS, the MLB DFS, NBA, DFS and NHL DFS, which starts in like six weeks. I dunno if you guys realize this HL DFS starts the second week of October NBA DFS is right behind it. All of this is included in the all pro access package that you save 50% off. The first six months, it comes out to about 20 bucks a month. Speaker 1 00:24:10 For the first six months, you get the entire fantasy alarm DFS content package for 20 bucks a month. How, like, how do you do better than that, James? I mean last year, week three, we won somebody a million dollars. Well, it wasn't actually a million. It wasn't a million. No, it was a little more than a million that day. It's more than a million that day, but he won the fan dual $5 millionaire contest. Two weeks later, we had a guy win a quarter million dollars in the showdown slate for the playbook that we put out. So, I mean, again, easily pay for itself. 20 bucks a month. Our golf, I just won $1,200 in golf the other day. I mean golf season taking a little bit of a break, but that's starting back up within the six month range here. So hard, hard pressed to find a better deal right now. Speaker 1 00:24:50 Plus more importantly, you get access to our premium discord where myself James Grande, Howard bender, Adam Ronas, Andrew Cooper, Colby Conway, Justin Freeland, Pete cold. Matt sells Ray Coon, Ryan Kirksey, Colby Conway, Dan Mailin. They're all literally the entire fantasy salon team is in discord answering your start sick questions right now. If you're drafting your fancy football draft, you can get in there right now, be in our discord asking us questions. We'll tell you who to pick. We won't always be right, but we'll tell you who to pick. Yep. And that's how we're able go about it. So that, that's what I got for you. NFL 50 proma code, go take part of it. Get in the action right now and no better time to do it. So we will catch you guys.

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