August 31, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 31: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 31: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 31: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Aug 31 2022 | 00:32:03


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Wednesday, August 31st for DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as the Julio Rodriguez against the Tigers.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcast with host John Iemma and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What's going on at foundation, John. I PEBA here with James. Grandi welcome back into the quick pitch and we'll be DFS podcast and live stream recording here for Wednesdays nine game main slate starting at seven to five over on draft Kings James man, how we doing? Speaker 2 00:00:24 Doing good. Excited to get in our wheelhouse here, John nine games that doesn't look like we should have many weather issues either. We don't have course field on Wednesday slate. So everything's good. A lot of top pitchers, mid tiers. I like this slate again. First look podcast, but first look, the actual first look. I like seeing Drom and Cole at the top of the ledger Speaker 1 00:00:46 There. Let's get into that. You know, let's not waste any time here. Jacob deGrom is 11,500. He's at home, but he's going up against the Dodgers though. Right? So let me ask you here. How much does that, where were you when it comes to facing the lineup that he is up against the good lineups that he's faced so far, Atlanta tagged him for five total runs over, you know, the 12 innings there, you know, gave up and earned Ron against Colorado. Not that great shut out Philadelphia. You know, they strike out a lot. He's an elite as they come, but from top to bottom, this is gonna be the best team that he's faced so far. Speaker 2 00:01:24 Yeah, but this is also conversely, probably the Bester that Dodgers are gonna face all year. Look, maybe it impresses his ownership a bit and maybe people just pivot to Garrett Cole, just considering he's coming off an elite start and one angels team. That's not very good. Except Speaker 1 00:01:42 That top two hitters are white hot right now. Speaker 2 00:01:45 Yeah. Except they Speaker 1 00:01:45 Tony road. But this could be an off day. Right. We've been talking about it forever. When is the off day coming for one of them. Speaker 2 00:01:51 Right. So I guess, I don't know, like I hope people pivot off to ground because I have no problem playing them all formats. Always. I, it really doesn't matter the matchup. I mean, the guy has had like a sub what two, like for three years now. So, Speaker 1 00:02:06 And I'm in agreement with you, by the way, I just wanted to sort of throw devil's etiquette at agree. Anique at you there. Speaker 2 00:02:10 I would, by the way, in no capacity, is this John playing devil's advocate also suggesting to play Dodgers like that? He's not that crazy. No, it's just more or less like, would you play to gro or not? Not would I play Dodgers right Speaker 1 00:02:26 Against, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean you, if you're playing multi lineups, throw one Dodgers lineup out there just in case the miraculous happens, you know? Sure. Like anything Speaker 2 00:02:35 Is possible. Maybe, maybe like a share of them, right? Like, like one off here or there, but like a full stack against Jacob. Drom Speaker 1 00:02:43 We're never a good idea. No, so yeah. I'm with you there. I think most people will play Cole, save the money off the gro because of, you know, just because of everything that's going on there. But I, I do like Drom Kyle writes at $9,800 at home against Colorado coming off a really strong start for him poll after 73 pitches against the pirates, despite seven shut out innings, frustrating to a lot. You look at his last three starts here, 77, 84, 73, a young pitcher, first real workload. Atlanta's got the future in mind that like the playoffs, this, we might be getting this outta Cal rate for the final month of the season. Speaker 2 00:03:15 Yep. And I think this is a theme. It's gonna be a theme. It has been a theme for a little bit now pitchers going on the aisle without injuries, wink wing. Ne Cortez. Yeah. A Logan Gilbert pulled after five innings under 80 pitches, five innings, Speaker 1 00:03:28 Two tonight, 76 pitches. Speaker 2 00:03:31 It's just gonna be what it's gonna be, right. Pitchers that haven't thrown this many innings it's going to happen. So for me, I know he just did it and it was a really good matchup and everything lined up. And, but now three straight starts where he hasn't gone over 84 pitches. If he gets in any bit of trouble against Colorado, I mean, your night could be over. He has fortunately been really good again. Logan Gilbert on his way to what? 40 plus fantasy points on. Fandel probably close to 30 on draftings. Speaker 1 00:03:59 Oh, easy, 30 on draftings the way he was going tonight. Speaker 2 00:04:02 And we're just out of luck because he has one tough in, he had the one fifth inning where he didn't give up a run, but bases were loaded if that happens to Kyle, right? It's five innings. 9,800. You're just not paying that salary off. Logan, Gilbert, the D or Logan. I keep saying Logan Gilbert. Speaker 1 00:04:16 Yeah. George Kirby, Speaker 2 00:04:17 George Kirby. I said, look, Gilbert, six times in that sequence, George Kirby was 8,500. That's the difference? I will not be paying 98 for a cow. Right? I know the matchup is good, but there's just uncertainty with the pitch count scares me. Speaker 1 00:04:32 Yeah. I agree with you. 9,300 for Sandoval. Patrick, Sandoval's a guy that you are a big fan of. Do you like him though? Against the Yankees? Speaker 2 00:04:40 I don't necessarily like the price. Oh. As a, as a video opens up my phone. Sorry, I'm trying to close it. And it opened no, Speaker 1 00:04:48 Be a professional here, James. You Speaker 2 00:04:50 Know, it was, that was tough. I know that was tough. Speaker 1 00:04:52 You're in Gilbert, you know, you're spotting dimes co raccoons. Well, Speaker 2 00:04:56 This is what happens when, you know, we're trying to record podcast two hours, Speaker 1 00:04:59 You Speaker 2 00:04:59 Know? Yeah. I don't like the price. I know that the Yankees haven't been like great, but like Sandoval has also had a handful of good starts this year. I don't think the numbers look good. Yeah. But he hasn't pitched deep into games. He's constantly putting runners on base. Like just double digit walks and almost like every start this year. Speaker 1 00:05:22 Yeah. Last two starts. He's been fortunate with the free passe in Santa bay, Minnesota, but you know, four walks against Minnesota, four walks against Seattle, a run of two there. So you're right. A lot of free passes. Five unearned runs against Tampa bay. Also kind of, uh, maybe making his numbers look a little bit better than they could have there. So. Oh, well all in all I agree with you. I don't wanna pay, I know walk had a tough start. The last time out did go six innings still. He had been pitching well, Minnesota for him at 87, Joe Ryan, a guy that we did like the other day came through six innings, eight strikeouts there against San Francisco, 106 pitches. Boston's offense. Yo-yoing, you know, they're some nights they're good. Some nights they're bad. Again, not really a spot that I love. You have Anderson against AROM at 83. We've been a big fan of Tyler Anderson this season. I don't know if you want to draw him against aro there though. So like there's not a ton of this mid tier range that I love. I don't know if, how you feel any differently. Speaker 2 00:06:18 I mean, I like the pitchers in Boston, Minnesota. Like I think wakas been relatively good. His last few starts at least from a fantasy perspective. You know, even in that start against Tampa, he gets a win. He gives up four earned, but he has six strikeouts. The strikeouts have been pretty consistent lately. Four more and four or five, six or more in three of five Minnesota's offense just doesn't look the same without buying Boxton. Then on the flip side, you like you just said, like it's been red Sox. Offense is waffling all over the place. And Joe Ryan's generating bunch strikeouts, three straight games of really solid outings for Joe Ryan's. So he Speaker 1 00:06:53 Faced them earlier this year, six innings and earned seven strikeouts too. That was way back in, I think April though, different team, April 15th, second start of the year. So, Speaker 2 00:07:00 And then I guess it depends on like, what if Lance Lynn does come off bereavement, which he's expected to he's pitching well, Speaker 1 00:07:08 Yeah, lately a lot better. The last 10 still kind of sucks if you look at those numbers, but if you just kind of look into them a little bit here, some pretty decent outings, Kansas city was one of the teams that got to him when he was on the road faced in the start before at homes. So shot him down. So I'm with you. I think Lynn's an interesting spot at AK. Speaker 2 00:07:24 Yeah. I think, you know, I'm, I mean, I've said it all here. Like I am a Lancelin fan and this has been a, just a bad year for him, but I would say this is probably the best stretch of games he's had actually probably it is the best stretch of pitching he's had allowing two earned or less than three straight starts, six or more strikeouts and three straight starts definitely the best three game stretch he's had. So get him while he is hot. Speaker 1 00:07:47 Yep. I like at AK there. Let's see. Yeah. Marco Gonzalez against Detroit at 70, we played Billy faulted the other day. He was okay. 20 fantasy points. $7,100. Speaker 2 00:07:58 Just do look at the pitches, Speaker 1 00:07:59 You know, but pitches have been tough. Three straight starts at six. And what do we talk about Arizona lately against lefthanded pitching? They haven't been hitting them well, so yeah, Speaker 2 00:08:10 Literally the worst team. Yeah. In August. Well, I guess they've been overthrown they're 24th. That's also cuz they tortured Carlos Rodan on Speaker 1 00:08:18 Monday. They did. Speaker 2 00:08:19 So the numbers have Speaker 1 00:08:20 Been, they have his number. Remember earlier this year they got to Carlos were done. So I'd be willing to go back here. Speaker 2 00:08:25 I'm okay. I'm okay with it too. Obviously the pitch count annoys me because he got through that sixth inning and it's like, okay. He said seven pitches. Like this guy could go three more innings against Pittsburgh and then they're like, nah, you're okay for the day. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:08:40 Definitely. Definitely a little concerning. But he has been getting there these three straight six things there and sure. Easy match against Pittsburgh. You got through the Mets pretty well. And then, you know, now we're talking about Arizona, one of the worst teams against south paw. So Bailey, falter, I think is on my board. Any of these other guys under seven K again, big slate. Speaker 2 00:08:59 So I mean you tell me if I'm wrong, but I don't see anything. Speaker 1 00:09:06 No, there's nothing really here that I'm looking at. Speaker 2 00:09:08 Every like every single one of these guys has been shelled, Speaker 1 00:09:12 Boob bitch against the white Sox, you know, get lefties versus the white Sox, not great spot. We kinda like flirted with the idea of Feltner the other day. It didn't come through against the Mets did pitch well obviously against San Francisco, but now you're running up against Atlanta Speaker 2 00:09:26 Think can, right? Like it's not the worst idea it's also like Speaker 1 00:09:30 Does, is Luke Ferrell do it to us again? Speaker 2 00:09:33 E 49 Speaker 1 00:09:34 Thing obviously. Speaker 2 00:09:35 Yeah. The Cubs picture, apparently Cub starters are just gonna shut down Toronto's offense. And then, but I mean obviously the Cubs bullpen has imploded, but like their starters have just completely neutralized. Yeah. The play base. This series. Speaker 1 00:09:51 Yep. I agree. Speaker 2 00:09:52 Yeah. Luke Pearl sucks. Speaker 1 00:09:53 Okay. Let's go catcher again. A lot of guys here that we have that we like you called thes press home, run on, uh, Tuesday Homer today. And as we're recording here Tuesday evening, you real Muto against Henry in the lefties match up there. Kirk against Toronto. Again, I I think going against FARs, if you wanted to run that back, you certainly can. Okay. Cal rally against lefties. That's where the power is he Homer tonight. Yep. So if you wanted to do that Carson Kelly, again, I like Bailey falter, but you know, Kelly against lefty has been a spot. We've played a lot of, I keep going back to Darnell with 3,500. It's fine by me. I'll keep running it Haas against the lefty, been a matchup that we've been playing. I know the, their numbers against lefty have really started to dive down again. Yep. So, you know, they weren't as good as they were about a month ago and you, when we had that stacking against Manaya payoff for us, but you know, still historically has been good verse lefty. So, you know, I don't really think much of Marco Gonzalez here. Trino against lefty. He's your guy. Speaker 2 00:10:45 Yep. Trino against lefty for sure. 71. Steven VO is apparently gonna be popular. 20 cent. Speaker 1 00:10:50 Yeah. 11% tonight over in the $15 for Steven VO it clean up for Oakland today. So could be the guy and then yeah, Reese McGuire. I played him. I think he had a hit and run score tonight so far. Or at least he had a hit. I don't know if he ended up scoring or not. He was on second. Last I checked. Speaker 2 00:11:05 He's been good since going to Boston. He Speaker 1 00:11:07 Has been good. Speaker 2 00:11:07 I think you taught him every night. You taught him every night because he just continues to be productive for the red Speaker 1 00:11:12 Sox. He lubes out the bottom of that lineup. So, you know, it's like, that's what it's for. You know, anyways that said that's the catcher spot here. First base. I mean pick where you wanna go. Do we go? Do we, I know you've discussed the struggles of Reese Hoskins. It's starting to come around though, Speaker 2 00:11:28 Right? Yeah. Against left. He's just good against lefties. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:11:31 Listen, what did I tell you? I told everybody on this podcast on Monday mass and Bumgarner is a hot piece of track and the fillings went out and torn 'em apart. So Tom apart, you know, get a lefty here for Hoskins again, same hitting environment. $5,300. I'm good. I like Vladi at 59, but I think he's fine. Those are probably the top two spend ups. We're not gonna run framed against the gro. Not probably. I mean, Cole has been susceptible at times. Still the blow up spot. Right? This could be one of those times where he blows up. I'm not gonna pay $6,300. I don't think for Otani. So Hoskins and Vladi for me as your 5k over guys. Speaker 2 00:12:09 Yep. Yeah. Those are the only two guys for me too. Speaker 1 00:12:13 Blow 5k. We got a range here, quite a few hitters. A Ty France, Homer tonight we got Matt Olson gets Feltner. Christian Walker gets the left. EE Homer the other day. You know, how are you bra you at 41 versus Bich I think is, is probably a strong option for us here. Speaker 2 00:12:30 Yeah. I think everyone you mentioned and I'll just throw in Joey Menes in there. Who Speaker 1 00:12:34 They got. Oh, they gave VA for space eligibility back again. $3,700 for him against lefty. Speaker 2 00:12:38 Yep. Yep. Vaughn as well. I wonder if that Oakland Washington games gonna be popular again? Seth brown. 3,200. Speaker 1 00:12:45 Yeah. VOT that 33 Speaker 2 00:12:47 VOT 33 15 Speaker 1 00:12:48 Runs vote. Vote by the way. We're talking about VOT. Speaker 2 00:12:50 Yeah. Now VO. Yeah, we were talking about vote now we're on VO Speaker 1 00:12:53 Now we're on VO. Yeah. Does proto go deep against Lance's li or twice tonight? Two K. Speaker 2 00:13:00 He may. He may apparently Speaker 1 00:13:03 Left. I don't hate it. What's Lefty's first line look, I mean, not counting tonight. Obviously his production with the two home runs look at his last three games going into tight, right? Yep. Three straight games with a double. He had seven RBIS coming into tonight's contest or two or you know, tonight's contest over his last three games that he suited up for four hits, three earned runs. I mean Speaker 2 00:13:22 Rep in John, just Speaker 1 00:13:23 Rep the dude's he up? Speaker 2 00:13:25 You know what? John Speaker 1 00:13:26 Let's love these verse. Lynn, what do we got Speaker 2 00:13:28 So, well, I was gonna mention, so Nick PR has BVP against lens. Speaker 1 00:13:33 Okay. Speaker 2 00:13:34 I know it's a small sample Speaker 1 00:13:35 For small samples. Size Speaker 2 00:13:37 Three for five with a bum. Speaker 1 00:13:38 Ooh. Speaker 2 00:13:39 Lefties against Lynn seven 80 ops 3 38. WOBA so pretty good. Speaker 1 00:13:44 How many homers is Lynn allowed this year? I'll get it. Lance. I'll get it quick. Lance's Lynn homers. 15 home runs and 14 starts. It's not good ratio. Speaker 2 00:13:54 And what? I bet you 10 to lefties, Speaker 1 00:13:58 10 to Speaker 2 00:13:58 Lefties, uh, over two home runs per nine to lefthanded lefthanded batters, Speaker 1 00:14:02 You know, Speaker 2 00:14:03 11%. The K rate is 11% lower against lefthanded batters. I wish. And this was my, this is my wish on Tuesday. I wish the Royals had more potent righties, right? Because Lucas Gito struggles so bad with right handed hitters. Now I wish the Royals had more lefthanded. Speaker 1 00:14:29 I mean, we said we'd be okay with the two man stack of wit ins rights. Homer would've paid that off. Speaker 2 00:14:35 Tell me as three hits. Three RBI wit is one for three with a double and a run score. Speaker 1 00:14:40 So prodo though, you had the two K PR Speaker 2 00:14:42 Prodo Speaker 1 00:14:43 A2. K prodo. I mean the man's been two K for his whole career and they haven't touched it. Speaker 2 00:14:48 I don't hate it. Speaker 1 00:14:48 Do we lock him in? Do we lock it? Nick prodo could. Speaker 2 00:14:51 Yeah. Let's Speaker 1 00:14:52 Lock him in. Do we lock him? Let's him Speaker 2 00:14:53 Lock. Cause we have, cause we're paying. Cause there's a chance that we're gonna come back to DRO Cole. Speaker 1 00:14:59 There's a definitely at least Speaker 2 00:15:00 Making we toy. Maybe we toy with a DRO Cole here. And if you are prodo with two K is Speaker 1 00:15:06 You with Cole and prodo give you $3,600 of position player spend down for on catcher. You throw McGuire in there. You got 3,800 a player. That's if we're gonna go there for now, we're just locking in Nick prodo. Speaker 2 00:15:19 Yep. Let's just lock in prodo Speaker 1 00:15:20 And we'll go into second base here. Yep. A second base, you know, story at 48 at Roja Marte against lefty is there. I don't really love a lot of those guys. Seor at 43, maybe mildly interesting again with the lefty riding matchup for him. Are we spending down? This might be a spend down spot. We haven't land on them. We haven't land where's Grum third, three K. Beautiful. Locked him in. Speaker 2 00:15:41 So most that's the most expensive he's been all year. Speaker 1 00:15:43 I'll play him. I have no problems putting him in there second base. But I mean, obviously there's, I mean Speaker 2 00:15:49 There's not. Speaker 1 00:15:50 Yeah. Ki you're Speaker 2 00:15:51 About to, you're about to, you're about to try to find something. It just doesn't exist. Speaker 1 00:15:55 Christian Royal at 25, he plays Kik Hernandez had an RBI single tonight. Reg Nifo keeps homering. I mean, if you, Speaker 2 00:16:01 He does keep, oh, it's driving crazy. Speaker 1 00:16:03 You just go against, you know, the Gar Cole there. I mean, there could be some power. I do likes go. Like I mentioned at 43. Yep. Again, story is a one off maybe, but not really. I think Grissom's, I think the Grissom's a spend down. It's not. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:16:17 I think Griss yeah. I think Grissom's play lock Speaker 1 00:16:19 It in third base. We have devs at 59. We got Austin Riley at 56 Yao SWOS at 53, Matt Chapman at 51. Bobby Witz at 5k. Speaker 2 00:16:31 I mean, I don't think I'd get to diverse of 59. We said it on Tuesday as well. It just doesn't feel good. Right. Riley, I think in Atlanta stacks, I think a lot of people are gonna be recency biased out on Atlanta. I know Riley's been actually pretty decent, but like just two runs against Jose U is gonna be even a lot of sour taste. A lot of burn. Yeah. His mouth. Yeah. So I think, you know, running it back to Riley, I think is a, I mean, he's been good. He's been good tonight, but Atlanta and a whole as a whole hasn't so far as I think is interesting for tournaments. Speaker 1 00:17:04 Yeah. A lot. Not playing match lasting against five homers for him. So Speaker 2 00:17:09 It's just always been super streaky. And then I think Bobby, we is, I know rites have struggled more against Lancelin, but we've kind of mentioned all year. Righties have also been what Bobby Whit hits. Right. So I can see myself getting to Bobby. Speaker 1 00:17:23 We under 5k bones at 47. If you played him the other night, you worked out for you there. Uh, price bump for him. What's he? How is how's Henry been pitching? He hasn't been very good. Right? Speaker 2 00:17:32 He's been okay. Speaker 1 00:17:33 Has he been okay? Speaker 2 00:17:34 Yeah. He wondered run each of his Speaker 1 00:17:36 Last two. He's been better. We stacked against him early in the, when during some of his earlier starts, but definitely a lot better lately. You can go there if you wanna go there at 47. That's fine. Speaker 2 00:17:46 Yeah. He had Bo is raking against left. He's just here. So no problem at all going there. Speaker 1 00:17:50 Yep. Donald tended 46 against Sandoval and Andrew. Speaker 2 00:17:53 That's expensive, man. He's been like teetering around like 4k. Yeah. 46 is a little too pricey for Speaker 1 00:18:01 Me. Yeah. It's up there Homer against Gosman tonight. I don't know if you wanna run him against white. White's been bad so Speaker 2 00:18:06 You can, yeah, White's been bad. You can Cubs a little sneaky. Maybe Speaker 1 00:18:09 Could be value. Any ESE value guys popping on for you? Strong <inaudible> in Seattle now. No minor league deal. I was like, when did that happen? Speaker 2 00:18:16 Amanda Rivera has hit lefty. Well, if you wanna go back to the well and with the dime backs, like Speaker 1 00:18:23 Dude starting to get hot Speaker 2 00:18:25 And he gets a lefty too. And Speaker 1 00:18:26 He has a lefty Homer's on the 28th and the 27th. I don't know what he's up to tonight. Obviously Seattle is shutting them down. Cause I can't imagine too much going on for him there, but hits and four straight coming into tonight. Speaker 2 00:18:38 He is oh, for three on the night. So far. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:18:41 Again, I think if we looked at his lefty splits, they're not gonna be great. And we've also talked about Marco at times being a reverse splits guide. Does they, do they have any BVP? He must Speaker 2 00:18:50 P let us look Mariners Gloria one for five, one Speaker 1 00:18:55 For five. So Speaker 2 00:18:56 Is it great? And mark Marcos actually kind, even lefty power has been better against him, but righty. Average two 80. Okay. Speaker 1 00:19:05 So like I said, if you want again, kind of punt down, Canalo 2200. Certainly right now the two guys we have locked in and if we lean a spend down kenario it will help us further get the DRO coal stack that we're looking at here. Shortstop, Trey, Turner, Francisco. Lindora at the top, Bette, swans and Xander up over 5k. Speaker 2 00:19:28 I don't know about any of these guys. I don't wanna play Speaker 1 00:19:30 Any of them. I don't wanna play any Speaker 2 00:19:31 Of them. I mean like you can, I would say you can make the case for Bette. Who's been better in fantasy lately. Cuz Speaker 1 00:19:39 55 though. Speaker 2 00:19:41 I know. That's the thing. It's 5,500. There's been stolen bases. There's been extra base hits lately, but like still, just not enough. So yeah, I'm with you. Probably, probably a no for me though, for Speaker 1 00:19:51 A nine game slate. These middle infield positions are pretty gross. Speaker 2 00:19:55 I shortstop is, oh my God. Oh, Speaker 1 00:19:59 He's a busy. Speaker 2 00:19:59 I'm just going down. I mean, I think even like we, we could bank on like early season hobby buy is against the lefty and I suspect that's popular here John 3,900. Speaker 1 00:20:10 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:20:11 But like he's been horrible. Horrible. Let what Speaker 1 00:20:14 He it's the Brest splits better verse left use are ready. So we may just have to go back to him. Speaker 2 00:20:18 I, well the remember he was four for eight against lefties and then he had a couple hits last night, too. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:20:23 Yeah. Hit last night. Yeah. He hit, he had to had the pimp job fly out Speaker 2 00:20:26 At the end. Yeah. The pick job fly out. Yeah. I mean hobby by his still hitting against lefthanded pitchers, John three 14. So $3,900. Speaker 1 00:20:35 Any BVP there to bring you all the way back to the Marco Gonz island, Speaker 2 00:20:38 The BVP two for five with a home run. Speaker 1 00:20:41 I don't hate it. Given the alternative there. I mean Speaker 2 00:20:43 There's no, there's just nothing Speaker 1 00:20:46 I get like, would you play Nico Horner? I guess like you said Cubs like 4,200, maybe, Speaker 2 00:20:50 You know who, you know, who could be the play a Taback. I was about to go CJ Abrams on us, but he's been terrible. He's two Kilian has been bad though. Cori coming off that shell lacking against the Yankees. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:21:02 Depending on where Abrams hits. I guess I could have some interest there. Speaker 2 00:21:06 I'm just trying to, I'm trying to fish us out some options. And I just it's. Speaker 1 00:21:10 If Louis Garcia is in the lineup, $3,800 for him, he's been hitting the ball. Speaker 2 00:21:15 Yeah. I mean it's the same spot, right? He's actually been better. He just came off the, I though hits in bowl games and it's still base. Okay. Yeah. I could buy him into some Garcia. Speaker 1 00:21:24 I might just go buy us for the home run upside. Speaker 2 00:21:27 Okay. Okay. Put 'em in. I think hobby is probably the pride play. Speaker 1 00:21:30 We'll throw 'em outfield. You get judge versus lefty. We're not gonna play bets versus gr Oton versus Cole only in stacks. Julio Rodriguez against Alexander to the lefty. Speaker 2 00:21:40 Yeah. That's interesting. That's interesting. Speaker 1 00:21:43 Uh, slumping a bit lately, but he does hit lefties here or he had been hitting lefties pretty Speaker 2 00:21:47 Well. Yeah. 2 83 52. Whoaa pretty good. Yep. Speaker 1 00:21:51 Yep. Springer at 58 just stays hot Marte homework tonight, but Anderson's a tough spot for him. There Schwarber hallmark off mad bum. So lefty didn't matter. 6% rostered was Kyle Schwarber that night Speaker 2 00:22:02 Dude. He is literally, I look at him on nights where I'm like, there's no way I would play him knowing like every time I'm like, I'm not gonna play him, but I know what's gonna happen. Speaker 1 00:22:15 It's why it's where the multi liners get the advantage over you. And I, when we play our single injuries, cuz they get the exposure to SWER when they're doing their mad bone stacks, you know, and we did it. So that was our problem. Let's see. So again would recap there. I like Springer and, and Rodriguez. I think the most, Speaker 2 00:22:33 I probably go J rod too. I'm very, it's very hard to leave Aaron and judge out of. Speaker 1 00:22:39 Yeah, no Speaker 2 00:22:39 For sure. Around 50. You're Speaker 1 00:22:41 Hard at 62. Oh man. It's so tough though. It's Speaker 2 00:22:43 Such amount money. I know. Well it's so you can't get any of these guys if you're playing to gr Cole, Speaker 1 00:22:50 At least not the way we do a lot of value so far in our core lineup, you know, we're probably spending down a catcher. So we may be able not Speaker 2 00:22:56 With one fit full. Yeah. Not with, yeah. You're so you're basically deciding between double spend up AER or one spend up and one, one spend up a pitcher and one like six K outfielder, what position player or Speaker 1 00:23:12 Whatever. Right. If we were to, again, just sort of throw it quickly together. If we went Thero Cole, McGuire, proto Grum, Baez, that leaves third base and three outfield positions. It's $4,100 a player. If you wanted JRO in there. It's $3,400 a player we were gonna, we would consider, Condolario give you a mini stack with, with Baez. It's 4k, a player for the final two outfield position. Speaker 2 00:23:35 So it's doable. Speaker 1 00:23:36 It's doable. If we were to go to JRO route with the mini stack Detroit, then the one offs, McGuire pride, Risso and that's with Cole and therom so Speaker 2 00:23:45 Yeah, so it was doable. Speaker 1 00:23:47 It's doable. Do we wanna go that route or should we to investigate the uh, the rest of the let's Speaker 2 00:23:52 Look at the rest of the outfield position and then we will decide cause okay. I think there's gonna be some good options. Like Michael Harris hit second tonight. I Speaker 1 00:24:01 Mean, there's gonna be some value outfield as I'm sure that we'll run across as well. So I'm with you though. If we're gonna go under that sort of 5k grouping, like you mentioned, you mentioned Harris hit second he's $4,400. That's a good spot. Tommy fam just keeps hitting. Yep. Lead off hitter. $4,700 there ti Oscar Homer tonight at 5k could certainly find yourself pulling that up. I know you've been a big Ian hop guy at 4,400 some power. Certainly in that spot we talked lefties. MJ Melendez is the left bat. Got, got a little pop. He's struggling a lot lately, but again has some power from the left side of the plate there for sure. Could be someone that fits into that there white Sox guys Jimenez. It's $3,900. Speaker 2 00:24:41 Here we go with the white Sox. John. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:24:42 I know loose Robert still isn't in the lineup, but if he finds his way into a lineup, he's 52 where's poll can lead off the other day. Speaker 2 00:24:49 Yeah. He hit $3,300. Yeah. He'll hit lead off against the lefty too. Speaker 1 00:24:53 Yeah. 3,300. Not hitting well overall this year, but Speaker 2 00:24:56 Good against I, I still think the numbers are fairly decent against lefty. So let's pull AJ Pollock against lefties this year, 2 81, 3 89. WOBA yeah. So Speaker 1 00:25:06 Vaughn is an outfield eligible player at 37. Verdugo is still $3,700. We're big fans of that. Let's see, we mentioned Seth brown already. Fran mill had a good, had a decent day. The other day. He's still three K and fine going Fran mill. They, our boy, Jay McCarthy just keeps on drawing lefties, which has been frustrating, but I'm still okay playing I'm at $2,900. Like he still even going over four yesterday, he still had six fantasy points. He had a run, scored an RBI. So I don't even know how he got on base to get hit by a pitch. He must have been hit by Speaker 2 00:25:36 A pitch. I don't know. But uh, he gets second when there's a righty. He's hitting second on Tuesday. Speaker 1 00:25:41 So he's facing a lefty. So Speaker 2 00:25:43 No, I know, but I'm just saying like our boy is he's just out there when he's not facing a lefty. He's just out there. Yeah. I guess McCarthy, I can't play McCarthy yet. I don't think, I think, uh, some, we could play our Royal stacks. Drew waters, the left. He's a switch hitter. 2,503 B is six games coming off. Multi hit game. His last time out two walks. He rich four times hits in three or four. I guess that could be a piece of a Royal Speaker 1 00:26:10 Stack. It could be a piece. Nothing I want to, to done could be a Speaker 2 00:26:14 Piece Speaker 1 00:26:14 Lane. Thomas, you go back to lane Thomas at 24. Speaker 2 00:26:16 Yeah. Dude. Capri is bad. Like he, he did have that good stretch of like pitching. Yeah. But there was never like strikeouts there. Right there was never like I Speaker 1 00:26:28 Don't bearings at 2200 versus Speaker 2 00:26:31 Yeah. That's a good, yeah. That's good value. Speaker 1 00:26:33 I'm telling you, dude. There's enough to go coal and spend. We had 4k an outfielder. And if we take one of these two K outfielders as the other 4k outfielder, that's another 5k. Well, Speaker 2 00:26:42 We're gonna get like Springer. How about lane? Thomas Lane? Thomas has been really good lately. Annie Homer tonight. Speaker 1 00:26:50 Yep. I'm way through there. So we'll throw lane. We'll throw lane Thomas in. Give me your home run call before we build this slide up. Speaker 2 00:26:54 Who do you got you go first. Speaker 1 00:26:56 I am gonna go with, put me on the spot. Let's go, George. Speaker 2 00:27:01 I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go with hobby biased. Speaker 1 00:27:05 I gotta go with hobby bias. Okay. Okay. Hobby bias is in there. We like Rodriguez. I'm assuming we're okay with Reese. McGuire is the punk catcher or do you want to go like Dar do you want to go Travino with 31? Speaker 2 00:27:17 Nah, Reese, McGuire's fine. He's dude. He's listen. Anything you like, he's providing anything you need at the price point that he is. So Speaker 1 00:27:27 We have $5,600 in outfielder. So we're just short of Springer. We get, you know, Stanton could get Lewis. Robert, if he using the lineup, you go to Oscar at 5k. Speaker 2 00:27:37 Yeah. Ser could be a good one. Speaker 1 00:27:39 Well, yeah. How about this? We can get Springer. If we go Ling over lane to, would you rather keep lane Thomas? Speaker 2 00:27:46 How about this? Would Speaker 1 00:27:47 You move off Speaker 2 00:27:47 Of it's J rod to Springer and then we can build a little blue Jays like Springer tee, Oscar stack. Speaker 1 00:27:55 Could six step gives us six K an out an outfielder so we could, yeah. I mean, we'll have a thousand left over. We can move up from McGuire Speaker 2 00:28:04 Who we have prodo Speaker 1 00:28:06 Travino there. Speaker 2 00:28:07 Who's our third basement currently. Speaker 1 00:28:09 Lario Speaker 2 00:28:10 And what is he? 22. Can't really move up there. What could we do at Keer? Speaker 1 00:28:16 So I, we had Reese, we go up the 34. We're just short of Darnell unless we don't do TA is there 48 under Speaker 2 00:28:24 Guys? Unless we like went down, Speaker 1 00:28:26 We could do Harris at 44 and go up to Darnell. Speaker 2 00:28:31 I don't hate har I don't hate Harris just came through St. Base score to run or no St. Base database hit stole base tonight. So Speaker 1 00:28:39 We 4k 4k catcher. So no, give us 500 bucks extra. Let's see. And we go back to JRO if we wanted to. Speaker 2 00:28:46 Yeah, let's go back to J rod Speaker 1 00:28:48 That's frame. So as the lineup, it's currently constituted, we get Drom and Garrett Cole. We have Travis Darnell at catcher, Nick Preto at first V Grissom at second Ja McKen at third Javier Baez at short lane, Thomas in the outfield, Julio Rodriguez in the outfield and Michael Harris in the outfield with a hundred dollars left over. And that gives us a two man play actually a three man play, even though they're not gonna really be next one or another in the lineup with Darnell Grum and Harris could be a little wraparound stack there where Grissum and Harris, if they continue to bat in the way they did tonight and then maybe even Darnell and, and Harris could connect given sort of Darnell hitting in the middle of that lineup. So there's the three Braves against Colorado. We got a two man stack of kind Lao and Baez for Detroit. Speaker 1 00:29:35 And we got one off plays of prodo lane, Thomas and Julio Rodriguez there. So we can spend all the way up for Drom and Garrett Cole, and hope that doesn't blow up in our face. So <laugh>, that is the lineup that we're building for Wednesdays. I mean, final thoughts here. If you are still wondering what you should be doing for your NFL fantasy football season, you gotta go to fan pro the link is into description right now. You say 50% off the entire NFL season package there using code NFL 50, but all pro isn't, just the NFL. You get access to all of our MLB DFS content, all of our NFL DFS content, all of our MLB NBA, DFS content, all of our NHL DFS content, MMA, NASCAR, or PGA e-sports any bit of DFS that we cover is covered in this package, which you can save 50% off for the first six months. Speaker 1 00:30:27 It's use promo code NFL 50 it's like 20 bucks a month. For the first six months, you get access to everything up through the entire NFL and college football season. We have great college football team there. We dance server du P Cole leading the way. And you also get access to our premium discord where we're in there answering your line of questions up until Rosser lock for all sports, including NFL, Sundays, myself and Andrew Cooper will be on the live stream and will be answering your star sick questions. Sundays leading into RO lock, helping you make those tough, seasonal and DFS decisions gotta get in. Now, this is a limited time offer. I don't know when it's gonna end. If I have to imagine probably week one or the NFL season is when this deal may end. So get in there now, NFL 50 face promo code NFL 50, no better time to join the family. We had a millionaire winner in week three last season, God took down the fan, dual $5 million contest. You, we kind of know what we're doing over here, James Speaker 2 00:31:22 <laugh> I would say so. And, you know, just plus all the other countless winners, we had all football season and we've had this year in baseball and basketball and really everything NASCAR writer of the year three, not forget three time, three time, three time, just like LeBron said back to back. Well, I guess there was a one year gap, but like they felt bad for the competition. Yeah. I mean it's lot of greatness going on around here, Speaker 1 00:31:47 John. Yep. So I gotta get in, take part of it all. Come join the family. We'll help you guys dominate this DFS season, but for now, James and I will catch you guys later.

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