August 09, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 9: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 9: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast August 9: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Aug 09 2022 | 00:22:41


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Jon Impemba and James Grande preview the MLB DFS slate for Tuesday, August 9th for DraftKings and FanDuel and bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which includes Gerrit Cole against the Mariners and a Braves stack against Rich Hill and the Red Sox.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcast with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:11 What is going on nation, John and PEBA here with James Grande. This is the quick pitch lb DFS podcast recording here for Tuesday's 14 game main slate, James. Yesterday, we talked about how bad the pitching was and then it wasn't today. We have a huge slate with pretty much everybody's top starter on the board. We may have some tougher decisions on which route to go, but at least there are our better arms for us to choose from. Speaker 2 00:00:34 Yeah, but how the story goes, John, they're gonna all get chilled and all the offenses against them are going to thrive. We saw last night, all the pitchers that we didn't expect pitch 12 pitch 12, and then all the pitchers today that we expect to pitch 12 are gonna pitch bad. So, and how it goes. Speaker 1 00:00:49 Let's hope that that isn't the isn't gonna be the case today. A lot of the one thing I do like about these slates is that because there's, there are so many pitchers and a lot of guys at high price range, we may get some spread out roster ship on some of these guys as well, because they all pretty much have in theory, great matchups. We have a couple games of weather to watch Toronto Baltimore in Miami, Philadelphia, possibly seeing some rain. So that's something to at least pay attention to. Obviously Philadelphia, Zach Wheeler's on the mountain. He's the second highest price pitcher on draft Kings some and then you have the Baltimore Toronto game. Alec man, Noah is on the mind for Toronto. If you were gonna go in that direction. So two, two games to watch for weather. Obviously we have the weather center to pay attention to that as we get closer to roster lock, but the rest of it's pretty much good to go. Speaker 1 00:01:31 And we have guys like Garrett Cole on the Mo against Seattle Cole, but not too sharp. And his last start against Seattle, not too sharp in the start before that against Kansas city where we're hitting the bad Garrett, COLS, that's probably a little bit worrisome for those looking to pay ten five, but that may also keep ownership low on him. You have Zach Wheeler at home against Miami. You got O Tommy taking them out against Oakland here. Again. We know that they just faced one another, not one of his like best outings, five, two thirds, two runs, seven strikeouts, but he's at $10,300. Yeah. Wood roof at 99. Muros at 96. Bieber's at 94. Louis Castillo is at 92 against the Yankees. And Julio Rios is at $9,000. That's your top? Like seven or eight starters over on draft Kings. Like I said, a bunch of guys up over nine K for today's slate. Speaker 2 00:02:19 Yeah. I'm okay. Going to Cole, but as you mentioned, it's it hasn't been great. Also Seattle, like middle of the pack the last month, again, righties in terms of strikeouts, can Kohl strike anyone out? Sure. Is Seattle ranked 22nd and ops over that span. Yes. So you can go there and don't have a problem with it. If there's no weather, if the weather at least clears up in Philly, it's obviously as a lead as it gets and Wheeler's been tremendous over his last 10 starts to 27, 22 fantasy points were coming off. Three straight starts of seven innings or more two earned runs or less six plus strikeouts 23 plus fantasy points in Philly's offense looks good too, supporting him. I think OTs gonna be where a lot of people go, even in his bad start, Devon strikeouts over five and two thirds. Uh, he brought, is he gonna win the game? I don't know. It's very up and down. If he's gonna win ever, we just, we never have the answer to that. Look he's had. Let's see, he had, how many starts in a row? Four or five, six starts in a row before this one with at least 10 strikeouts. I think that streak can start again here. I probably go Wheeler as my top arm. If there's no weather concerns. Otani Cole. Speaker 1 00:03:30 I will say that draft Kings has a Woodriff listed, but and Fandel both show Freddie Paralta. Speaker 2 00:03:36 Yeah, I see. Yeah. EF Vandal has pretty pretty pro too. All right. Then let's Speaker 1 00:03:40 Assume same price for proto as Woodrow though at $9,900. I'm not doing that. Speaker 2 00:03:45 No. How many pitches did he throw in his return or just looking at fan he's ten five on Vandal. There's no chance of Speaker 1 00:03:51 Paying 10. He also wasn't very good in his return either which we talked about targeting there. So some pretty interesting pricing over on fan today though. Alec Manoah is the third highest price guy at $10,800. We talked about Manoa's at 89 on draft Kings Peralta's at ten five. We talked about Peralta's only $9,900 there. Mus Grove at ten five Louis Castillo at ten four Bieber at 10 to Martin Perez is 9,900 on fan Martin Perez on draft Kings. Today is $8,700. So some pretty wild pricing discrepancies between the two sites here. Speaker 2 00:04:23 Yeah, I think Zach Wheeler being the fourth, highest price pitcher on Vandal stands out to me. As you just guys have heard they Speaker 1 00:04:31 Wheel slate is over 10 K for them at pitching today. Speaker 2 00:04:33 Yeah. That's tough. Who do you? We're not, I don't. We can play Otani 11 two. You can play gold 10, nine Manoa, 10, eight, like it's a great pitcher's park. Do he wanna go 10, eight from Manoa though? I'd rather just find a hundred or save a hundred dollars and get Wheeler who I think has probably more upside the must Grove matchup is good. Speaker 1 00:04:53 I was gonna say, I feel like maybe Muro Speaker 2 00:04:55 If I was it it's a good matchup, but he's also been like, eh, Speaker 1 00:04:59 He did just pitch well against them too. Speaker 2 00:05:01 It's fair. And the giants offense against righties have been, has been dreadful over the last month, 27th and ops. They've been 20, 26th and ISO and 27th and WOBA against righties. So now you can go Moro of not going Prota and like Castillo, just shut the Yankees down, but like 10, four, I guess the Yankees, I don't know, ten two for Bieber. That's it's probably gonna be Wheeler Bieber. Otani Cole. Speaker 1 00:05:29 Yeah. If you remember, we were all in, on Bieber against his start in Detroit, a handful of starts ago and they lit him up for five runs. It could be a bounce back spot for him, but again, you're paying ten two for him. So Speaker 2 00:05:39 Versus nine four on draftings. Yeah. Yeah. But this is, and I know it's not, it hasn't been like the Cung winning season. Shane Bieber. Yeah. Well, eight strikeouts in back to back starts tour and runs in back to back starts. And now Speaker 1 00:05:53 I run a Carrasco against the reds. Speaker 2 00:05:56 Yeah. I like Carrasco against the reds too. For sure. Reds offense is horrible. Yeah. We saw Bassett pitch 8, 8 1 run innings last night. K Cascos been super good too. Hasn't allowed more than three earned in six straight start. Speaker 1 00:06:11 Oh, in the mid tier for both of these sites here, you talk about Carrasco. Is there Stroman $7,200 on draft Kings? He's $8,600 on Fano again, a big price strut there. Three straight quality starts for Marcus Stroman. And now he's going up against Washington. We know the strikeouts aren't gonna be there, but you know, Stroman hasn't really been striking out a lot of guys anyway, but you know, Washington may not be able to score here either. So maybe he finally gets a win. Something he hasn't had in those three starts. Speaker 2 00:06:36 Yeah. Washington just gonna beat. Oh, he won against San Fran. Speaker 1 00:06:39 Sure. Two sides ago. We want against San Francisco. Speaker 2 00:06:40 Yeah. He they're just gonna beat the ball into the ground against Stroman. They might not strike out, but he is just, they're just gonna beat the ball right into the ground. So yeah, I think GU Stroman is in, is interesting here. I will say wind blowing in again, but have you seen his home? And it's a very small sample. He's only made four starts at home, John. And obviously you have to think that there's been wind factoring into this, cuz he's not really a home run pitcher, but he is allowed five home runs in 18 and a third at home in four starts. He's only allowed four in 51 road innings. I mean he has a six, three era at home. Does that worry you at all? Speaker 1 00:07:19 No, because he, it all came in one start. He gave him nine runs and three home runs against saying, look, okay, four innings, 10 hits, nine runs, three bombs. Speaker 2 00:07:28 Yeah, four and two thirds, one run baseball against the Mets. Five innings, two earned against the diamond backs. Five run, five innings, one run against the birth. So I'm with you just figured it worth mentioning. And again, wind blowing in, in Wrigley is obviously beneficial to him. Speaker 1 00:07:44 Yep. I agree with you. What's your thought on, on bras and Garrett here? The strikeout numbers have been crazy for him, obviously on the road against Philly. Maybe not the best spot, but we know Philly does strike out. They hit a lot of home runs too, but you're getting $7,500 for this kid and he is got two 11 strikeout games he's got in total. We got 15, 26, 37 strikeouts over his last four names. Speaker 2 00:08:09 What if I were to tell you, John, that over the last month against left hand and pitching Philadelphia, do, would you suspect Philly's strikeout rate to be higher or lower than 20%? Speaker 1 00:08:21 It's probably gonna be lower the way your price you're labeling it. Speaker 2 00:08:24 17.8% over the last month against left-handed pitching. Speaker 1 00:08:29 Interesting. All right. Speaker 2 00:08:30 Fourth lowest in the league, which is very interesting. Just considering there for Speaker 1 00:08:36 A while there they were striking out a lot. Speaker 2 00:08:38 Yeah. And Garrett, it might not matter, but Garrett might just strike everyone out, but then you look at the starts. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati. Yeah. Pittsburgh 29% carry over the last month against lefthand efficient. Okay. Cincinnati 24.9, both top seven in, in baseball. So I'm not against it. Cause I do think BRX and Garrett is showing he's a legit like straight out guy, but true. Speaker 1 00:09:01 So in the midst here for draft Kings, then we're probably honing in on Carrasco and Stroman. Probably. Speaker 2 00:09:06 Yeah. Carrasco and Stroman. Speaker 1 00:09:07 Yep. Any value guys on either side for you? Speaker 2 00:09:09 I don't hate or Katie, I guess 7,100 on draft Kings. He, where is he on FAL 87. No shot. Look, I'm gonna say your boy cab. Speaker 1 00:09:21 He keeps pitching. Well, man. Speaker 2 00:09:23 Good. I mean he keeps pitching well and he just faced the angels. Give up one, earned over five and a third. Speaker 1 00:09:30 He even got the win. Speaker 2 00:09:31 Even got the win two. He has now has two straight wins. Two straight 30 fantasy point games in a row. 7,400 on Vandal's a good price. That's probably the spot. I'd go. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:09:42 And C mean he's 56 on draftings. Oh my God feels pretty free. Speaker 2 00:09:47 That's it though. I guess you could take a shot on Tyler Alexander. The guardians have not been good against lefties and Speaker 1 00:09:53 You want to talk lefties, Tommy Henry going up against Pittsburgh. Speaker 2 00:09:57 That's fair. I don't even think he's on Speaker 1 00:10:01 Is drafting messing with me again? Speaker 2 00:10:04 I don't have him on Arizona. Speaker 1 00:10:05 Who do they have? Arizona pitcher on Vandal. They don't <laugh> so Speaker 2 00:10:09 Don't, that's why I'm looking. I'm like, yeah, they don't have a projected starter. He's not even in the player pool. Speaker 1 00:10:15 So I'm just disappointing news. As a red Sox fan just came across Chris sale fell and broke his wrist while riding a bike and had season ending surgery Speaker 2 00:10:24 Fell and broke his wrist off a bike. Maybe she'll learn how Speaker 1 00:10:27 To ride a bike. Jeff, on red Sox starter, Chris sale broke his right wrist in a bike accident or underwent season ending surgery. Speaker 2 00:10:33 Maybe she'll learn how to ride a bike. Speaker 1 00:10:35 Oh man. Just the hits. Keep on coming for the Boston red socks. Anyways side note, Henry May be a dark throat if you're getting like 20 line up different here. Sure. I think that is something that is a valuable option to, to run out there. Let's go on over to the catcher spot. Our favorite position Speaker 2 00:10:52 On the bar. Speaker 1 00:10:53 Where are you? Where are you thinking? We're Speaker 2 00:10:55 My draftings. Didn't just freeze on me. Oh, Speaker 1 00:10:57 Okay. Speaker 2 00:10:57 I'll well, we're good. We're good NFC. So my, my resold clock went off cuz I'm on the clock and then it froze everything. Speaker 1 00:11:05 Yeah. That Speaker 2 00:11:06 Happens for like 10 seconds paying 5,700 for JT real Muto you sure? I think Wilson Andera we co PED him the other day, but Palo Espino has been dreadful as a starter. Yeah. So I would go there. Yep. Speaker 1 00:11:18 Carson Kelly's at 4k. Definitely got you're a big fan of Speaker 2 00:11:21 Yep. Carson Kelly 4k. Let me down yesterday, but it's okay. So did the entire, and then I don't love anybody else. Speaker 1 00:11:29 I would throw some, a dart at James McCann for punting 3,100 against a lefty. Okay. But there, there was that like two year stretch where he hit like 400 against left-handed pitching. Sure. Yeah. He's since forgotten how to play baseball fields. But some something the, something to consider is a cheap catching Speaker 2 00:11:44 Gary Sanchez, maybe $2,500. I know who they, rice is good, but cheap home run hits bad. It, this is more barren than normal. John, what is this? What is this position we're looking at here? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:11:58 It's not good. Speaker 2 00:11:59 This is as bad as it's ever been. I mean for Speaker 1 00:12:02 14 games, Speaker 2 00:12:02 The blue Jays catchers against Brad has been dreadful. Speaker 1 00:12:05 This is what we, this is what we run into. Sometimes we talk about the way the rotations turn. You get now a star, a stretch where it's all good pitchers and there's nobody really to match up against Speaker 2 00:12:15 Travino. Another RBI yesterday. There's continuous to put fantasy points on the board still under three K, but I don't, there's not a lot here. There's catchers in Colorado. That's we didn't mention Cardinals are in Colorado. So yai 2200 John. Speaker 1 00:12:31 Yeah. You know what? I've been touting him. He still hits in the middle of that lineup. So I'm Speaker 2 00:12:35 Fine for it. And if he doesn't start, Andrew Kinser had been really good before, uh, he had three hits in a row before, like he didn't or three games of the, at least one hit whatever. Starting Colorado catcher there. Yep. Or St. Louis catcher. Speaker 1 00:12:50 Yep. I agree. Let's see. Go on to first base where, uh, you got a couple guys over six K and Goldie and Guerrero. You got Alonzo Freeman. Rowdy. Les is $5,600. Josh bell at 48. Probably some of the topper options then in that lineup. Speaker 2 00:13:08 Yeah. I think they're all those dessert and play Lonzo. I don't know if you mentioned Alonzo, but 59 minor. Okay. I think all those guys are in play Freeman, probably cash. The, I was gonna say probably the least on my radar, but probably Cashy Jo Ryan. We'll see if Joe Ryan, he, he threw 80% fastballs. His last start, John. Yeah. I don't think that will work against the Dodge. If you're throwing 80% fastballs against Moy bets, Friday Freeman, Trey Turner, WD Smith in a row. I don't think that'll work. So if you wanna play contrarian, Dodger stack, you can. But yeah. I like Goldy Vladi Lonzo a whole bunch. Speaker 1 00:13:45 Yep. All right, let's go to the mid tee. Your guy. If you're, if you're I mentioned be 48 Reese Hawkins. If you're not in the Garrett train there at 44, certainly a viable option for you. Speaker 2 00:13:55 The Rockies feel really cheap. Speaker 1 00:13:57 They are cheap in Colorado too. We even mentioned that we have a course late here and the way that CJR has hit right this year, I'd be Speaker 2 00:14:04 Yep. Same coming off a good, like his first good game in a while too. So I think both these next two names. K and Luke VO, both guys who hit righties as well and avoid two home runs in his last three games with his new team. And guess what? John yesterday, another home run against righthand pitching. Yeah. Cause that's all he does. 15 home runs. 15 against R I like Speaker 1 00:14:25 It. I like it. If we're going down to the value, I'd still be throwing something at ER, you have Mancini. Definitely an in play at 35. Speaker 2 00:14:33 Yep. Speaker 1 00:14:34 Probably the two value guys for me. Speaker 2 00:14:37 Probably. Where is, do they have Darren Ruff? Darren rough. $3,000 lefty on the mound. Sure. Mike minor. So Volo probably sees the day off. They play rough. I think the Mets are gonna be super popular again. Or at least I could see that case. I don't did you go at a home run yesterday? If you wanna play him? Speaker 1 00:14:55 Yeah, that works. Anybody else? Speaker 2 00:14:58 I don't think so. Speaker 1 00:15:00 Okay. A second base position. Top prize guys got tufa versus lefty and Perez. Brandon and Lao against what we assume is Prota. I may have some interest in that. If pro's still a little bit shaky, man, you got Milwaukee as a park, not Tampa bay, a better hitter environment there for a while. Let's see. Speaker 2 00:15:16 I guess MOS Rockies were, have been cheap bread and Rogers and withstanding of $5,200. Speaker 1 00:15:21 Yeah, I know. Speaker 2 00:15:22 No thanks. Speaker 1 00:15:23 Yeah, no, thanks for me either. Let's see. Chron war at 47. Just even though they haven't been scoring runs, you have exposure to them. Eventually they'll score runs and nobody's playing them Speaker 2 00:15:31 Eventually. They'll score a lot of runs. That is gonna happen soon. Nolan Gorman 44, in course. Speaker 1 00:15:38 Let's see. Speaker 2 00:15:39 Wait, Maryfield bleeding off maybe. Speaker 1 00:15:41 Yeah, Maryfield did 42. Jimenez is at 3,900. EIAH what did he do? Speaker 2 00:15:46 Mary Homer yesterday. Speaker 1 00:15:47 Oh, I know it's Manno, but you know Speaker 2 00:15:49 Your boy D should other two hit two hit outing. Speaker 1 00:15:52 Listen, I'm trying to tell you guys like he guy hit hits the ball better. That's better against lefties. That's the other thing though. So Speaker 2 00:15:59 We're gonna see another 30 game hitting streak from him or what Speaker 1 00:16:02 You might. Yeah. I'd be willing to throw a dart at him at 33. That's fine. A Cav Invisio at 27. If he's in the lineup and go there. Speaker 2 00:16:09 Yeah, I think that's it. Speaker 1 00:16:10 That's probably it. Yeah. You got anybody? Speaker 2 00:16:13 Nope. Speaker 1 00:16:14 Okay. Third base devs is your top price guy at 62. I'm perfectly fine. Going there. Ramirez is at 5,900 sure. Against Alexander that's okay. A Adam in cos return to cos gotta like that one. Speaker 2 00:16:25 Mm-hmm <affirmative> yeah. And he's and he is rolling right now. Speaker 1 00:16:28 Yeah, he is rolling right now. Riley against anybody. Good. Speaker 2 00:16:32 I saw a metric. I saw something this morning that said this is like the best matchup for us and Riley, like based on rich Hill's pitch selection, Speaker 1 00:16:42 Side arm and slow Speaker 2 00:16:44 Side arm and slow. And Austin Riley apparently is like mashing. Everything slow this year. Speaker 1 00:16:49 Yeah. Yeah. Childs at 52. A lot of guys over 5k man. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:16:53 A's and then Patrick wear him for some reason. 4,800. Speaker 1 00:16:56 Yeah. I wouldn't go there I'd go. McMan. Possibly. Speaker 2 00:16:59 He only hits red. He only hits red and he only hits at home. So Speaker 1 00:17:04 Another Chapman home run last night. He's at 46. Speaker 2 00:17:07 Cause everyone played blue Jay. He said nobody played. <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:17:11 Probably true. Be still at 41. Even though he is he's coming down a little bit, but Speaker 2 00:17:14 Yep. Josh road, Donaldson 4k. I know Lu Castillo is good, but true death taxes. Josh Donaldson on the road this year, he Speaker 1 00:17:22 Is on the road. I don't really see much value. I don't know if you, if anybody is popping for you Speaker 2 00:17:27 Though, I would probably take a shot on Ella Heero for the Rockies three straight multi hit games hits in seven straight four RBIS in those last three games. Pretty much just playing every day. They're like plugging them in at first or playing 'em at third, they're playing 'em everywhere. Again. Cheap exposure to a chorus I'm in on Speaker 1 00:17:48 That works short stop position. Where are we? Where are we? Spining up. Speaker 2 00:17:52 We could definitely go to Lindor who got us somewhat there because it was stolen base yesterday. Play Turner. I think he'll be contrarian. You could probably get away with Adamas, sand Seager. Any of them have upside. I think Dans used Swan in 48 hundreds in a really great spot goes we Chillo. I think the Braves are gonna pretty be pretty popular against the lefthander here. Not just a, lefthander an old decrepit. Lefthander Speaker 1 00:18:19 Sure if we're going in the mid tier, anybody said, I think the shes, I understand the struggles of his season, but he is been, he's got nice little hit streak going right now. 44. Just doesn't feel like a price that he should be listen at. Speaker 2 00:18:32 No, Kyle Brads is a, has been a disaster outside of one 11 strikeout start this year. So yeah, I'm with you. I think he's too cheap and it's a tournament play, but you know if that's where you land, I be perfectly fine with Bo shit at 4,400. Speaker 1 00:18:48 Yep. I think that's just like a safe, mid peer play for me. KA is the 42. I know it's UIA, but he does get the lefty match up. You wanna be a little D could possibly throw a dart at that play. He's generally paying you. Same thing at 41 against a lefty. We still like Mateo, even though it's a tough match for him. And when I say like we're fan of him as a player. Yeah. Not always like the best spot, but you know, if you wanna be a little different, he could get on. It's a righty of the mound. He could steal. He's shown a little bit of pop this year. Speaker 2 00:19:15 Yeah. I, I work a verbal verbal retweet there. Speaker 1 00:19:19 Retweet. Yeah. Any value for Speaker 2 00:19:21 You? Paul Deon 35. In course we mentioned David Fletcher. I'll just say it Elvis. If he gets on, I don't like love targeting autonomy, but Sanders has been pretty good. Some power, some speed. He stole a base last night. 2,400 and then Brandon Crawford. 2100. Speaker 1 00:19:37 Yeah know he's he's cheap. I know. Is he not playing well, but Speaker 2 00:19:40 Yeah, he's Stu but dude like $2,100 corn. Speaker 1 00:19:44 Yep. All right. Outfield. Pick your top guys. Speaker 2 00:19:47 Aaron judge always nah, Soto against cob. If the sinker is not sinking, we could see our first Soto bomb. Starling Marte hit a first ending bomb and stole a base yesterday. He was in every winning lineup. 52 hundreds cheaper than he was yesterday. If a Kuya is playing, I could play a Kuya. He didn't. He was scratched Sunday. So I'd be okay with Kuya. So probably a Kuya Marte judge Soto above 5k for me. Yep. Also did you see last night? It was a lefty on the mountain. Yes, but cric Mullins bat at eighth. Yeah. Yeah. Weird. Weird to see. Speaker 1 00:20:24 Yep. I saw that. Let's see if we go on the mid tier. There's not a ton that I'm loving on this spot. There's um, Speaker 2 00:20:30 TA Oscar. Speaker 1 00:20:31 Yeah. Te Oscar's not bad. He's not bad. He wasn't good yesterday. Speaker 2 00:20:35 No, but again, this is the spot right? Blue. Jay's let everyone down. First day, second day, come back. A million runs to no one Speaker 1 00:20:43 Person. Yeah, that's true. But this, after the 5k guys, like it gets ugly for me. There's I'm looking at this lineup and I'm just like, not really anybody, not anybody that I wanna play truthfully. Speaker 2 00:20:52 Yeah. Say, say I would play. Stay at 42. Yeah. ESP Espino is bad at Speaker 1 00:20:58 42 is fine. Speaker 2 00:21:00 Ian hap 41 in a similar matchup. Dalton VA show Speaker 1 00:21:04 JD Martinez. I know he is been struggling, but he's 41. Speaker 2 00:21:08 Yeah. JD Martinez signs of life hits in three straight. Just hasn't shown the upside. But we know it's shady Martinez Speaker 1 00:21:14 Cascianos is at 38 versus lefty back to back games in a Homer for or not back back game. Sorry. Three hit game for Hager with a home run. It's guy hits on five straight. So he just came back. But three straight games with a hit for Speaker 2 00:21:25 Yeah. Plugged them right into three hole too. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:21:28 And we didn't. We mentioned Gar Cole's really been struggling Speaker 2 00:21:31 Lately. We would just quickly back to Brian Reynolds at 4k gets a lefty. He's hit lefties really well. This year, same can go be said for cab Brian Hayes, who we didn't mention at third base as well. Sure. We'll see. A Thomas for the diamond backs can gets a lefty. Osuna gets a lefty, gets rich chill. 3,300. All he's done is at home runs this year. He's a shell of himself. My boy McCarthy stole a base yesterday mentioned Darren Ruff. Oscar Gonzalez of the in of the guardians came off the IL. I don't see anyone else. We'll get lineups in somebody I'm sure. Speaker 1 00:22:06 Yep. All right. Gimme your home run call. Speaker 2 00:22:07 Would you be mad if I saw Austin Riley? No, go for it. I'll give it to you. I will go outside. Of course. I'm gonna go back to the well and go Starling Marte again. Speaker 1 00:22:16 Oh, I thought you were gonna go to Speaker 2 00:22:17 Austin. Riley. No, I'm gonna go Starling Marte. Speaker 1 00:22:19 Okay. You gotta go with you. Let's go. We'll keep the VO train going. We'll go. Luke VO. Speaker 2 00:22:24 It's a good one. Now he's doing is heading home runs so against righties. Speaker 1 00:22:27 Yep. Ready home runs works for me. All right. Get us in discord. If you have any questions on the playbook or your lineups and James and I will catch you guys later.

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