July 12, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast July 12 - Coors Field Impact & Top Tier Pitching Options

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast July 12 - Coors Field Impact & Top Tier Pitching Options
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast July 12 - Coors Field Impact & Top Tier Pitching Options

Jul 12 2022 | 00:28:34


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Jon Impemba and James Grande preview Tuesday's MLB DFS main slate on DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcast with host John I PBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What is going on at foundation, John and PBA here with James Grande. This is the quick pitch lb DFS podcast recording here on Tuesday for 14 games. James, big slate today. Big slate, some top pitching on the board as well, which is nice. So it's tough when you get these slates where you're in the wrong side of the rotation, but we do have some top guys here, including Chris sale, making his season debut. You're not gonna be using Chris sale cuz he is on a 60 pitch limit, I think. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:00:35 80, 85. Speaker 1 00:00:36 So I see that. Okay. 85. All right. That's fine. I thought that they said they were gonna limit him to around 60, the last I saw, but I do see the most recent update from this morning, 85. You know what? That's in play then that's kind of in Speaker 2 00:00:48 Play. It was 60. And then he punched the monitor and they realized, okay, his arm's good to go it's or the TV. Sorry. And then they were like, oh, he could throw 85. Speaker 1 00:00:56 Yeah. That's not. That is not bad. That is not bad at all. So yeah. Alright. 85 pitches then that works. We'll see if we're still gonna use 'em at $8,400. There are a lot of pitchers again on this slate. We'll just jump into it. Do we have any weather potential here today? I don't think we do, but do you have, do you see anything? Speaker 2 00:01:11 No, I don't see anything. And that doesn't look as if there's going to be anything, but as we know that's that may not be the case as we get later in the day. So we'll find out that is Speaker 1 00:01:21 True. That's Speaker 1 00:01:22 That is very true. All right, let's go then pitch it. Gar Coles at the top. Any Yankee stadium here against the reds. We know Cincinnati is a high volume strikeout team. They've been hitting the ball a little bit better of late, but you know, obviously their home road splits I've alluded to are pretty drastic as a team. The Yankee stadium does still have that shallow right field to, to hit home runs in, but still the way Garrett Cole's been pitching when he is not facing the red Sox lights out. So I think at ten five, Garrett Cole, that's fine. Even against the red Sox. When he gave up five runs, he still got to win in that game. They got you 17 fancy points. So it could have been worse. Louis Garcia very high in terms of the pricing. Second high is price guy on draft Kings, but he gets the angels, right? Speaker 1 00:02:01 And this is just a high strikeout matchup for him, which I think is why he's priced as high as he is not somebody I'm gonna be looking to throw today. But if you're looking to make a multiple lineups and you wanna be contrarian somewhere, that's fine because I think a lot of people are gonna be looking at Spencer Schreder against the met. Yes. The way he's been pitching of late 12 innings, one earned three hits allowed 23 strikeouts over his last two outings for Spencer Schreder. If we're looking at the top three guys, price wise on draftings Cole, Schreder are easily the, the one two, would you make a case for Schreder being a one over Cole? Cause of the price difference? Speaker 2 00:02:42 Yes. I mean, it's not like a massive price difference. So it doesn't like $700 is true. So I will, I have the note I have on Cole is he's made four bad starts this year, right? Like bad starts. Yeah. He has zero earned runs in the following start. Okay. And that's three, obviously three cuz his last start was bad. So like not including this one. So I love Cole. And like you said, the strikeout upside is tremendous here, but SP I mean like what is, what do we do with Spencer Schreder? I mean, he has three double digit strikeout games in his last five. He has allowed one earned run in his last 18 innings. There's it's pretty good. And two of those three meetings John was are, let's just say all three St. Louis in Cincinnati and then the Dodgers, the last three meetings. And he had 11 strikeouts against those pesky nationals that don't strike out. Right. And it's kind of another situation where like the Mets don't strike out a lot. Doesn't really matter because Spencers just missing bats and the same can really be said for Dylan ceases. Right. So guardians don't really strike out, but Dylan cease just strikes people out. So like Speaker 1 00:03:47 It didn't strike them out though. It Speaker 2 00:03:49 Didn't strike them out. It's fair. A hundred percent fair. They Speaker 1 00:03:52 Had like a 16% strikeout right over the last month. Like they just made contact. Speaker 2 00:03:56 So like, I think that there's a case to be made because again, when you go to chorus field today, it's once again, it's super cheap. Speaker 1 00:04:03 Oh your round's not on the mound. Right? Speaker 2 00:04:05 I say, no, thankfully it's not on the mound. Thank I. He Speaker 1 00:04:08 Do not wanna run up against that ACE anymore. But Speaker 2 00:04:10 Yeah, true. Ain't ain't that the truth. This is gonna be another day, John, where it's colere in cash. That's gonna be your pairing because you can play co you can play hosser two K you could play voy 3,400. You could play no more. Mizaro hit third. If Speaker 1 00:04:26 Abrams is two K again. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:04:27 Like you Speaker 1 00:04:28 It's a lefty on the mound. So here's the thing though. Lefty on the mound. I know. I think forget if Gober is a reverse guy or not, but like Speaker 2 00:04:33 Stinks this year. He's Speaker 1 00:04:34 But Maza, but Maza Abrams and hosser are all lefthanded bats. And that was the value we played yesterday. Speaker 2 00:04:41 That's fair. You could play, they have two good hitting catchers. They can play. They're both cheap, Ron Speaker 1 00:04:47 And worthy with Mons game. Yesterday's a lefty Speaker 2 00:04:49 Who hits lefties. I think this year he's actually been better against lefties. If I'm not mistaken, I'm gonna pull that up right now. But VOT is 3,400. We're gonna play Machado. They've been playing as, as a car. He's a righty. But he do have definitely a lefty heavy lineup. Speaker 1 00:05:06 Sure. Well, we'll get to that. When we go to the lineup, because the rest of the pitching here is kind of interesting. If you're looking on fando Colson, number one price guy against across the board. Spencer Schreder though, is the sixth highest price pitcher at $9,100 on fando, which is feels pretty mint. Logan Webb is 10 K Webb is $9,500. He's a better strikeout pitcher than, yeah. I guess like the numbers of the numbers, but like he he's had a big drop off on strikeouts this year. Yeah. But he's also had a very tough schedule against teams that don't strike out. He has back to back stocks against Washington, back to back stocks against St. Louis. He's faced the Mets a couple times. Right? Like he faces teams that don't the Royals, the white Sox, the pod, like these teams don't strike out. So I feel like there's a little bit of that in his mixed in with his numbers, Arizona though, as we looked at yesterday, recently, not striking out either like Dave was making a lot of contact. Speaker 1 00:05:57 So Logan Webb very good picture in real life. But I don't know if in fantasy life, dude, he threw eight innings, gave up one run and only got you 15 fantasy <laugh>. So, cause he had two total strikeouts. So that's my worry with him is the strikeout. If he does strike out some guys, I mean like me talking Cincinnati six innings, shut out six Ks, 26 fantasy points. Beautiful. Love it. But we need the caves there. So it's a little suspect to that point. I'm not paying for clinger in Colorado. I, but I do wanna ask you about Joe ire because I brought him up a few times. You've poo-pooed Speaker 2 00:06:30 Him. Yep. Speaker 1 00:06:31 And knows let's strike our numbers have been there. Speaker 2 00:06:33 So it's funny, John, I in my cuz I'm doing the playbook today. My, the first sentence I wrote for Josiah grey, John and Pema told me to play gray lastly, and I didn't listen. Yeah. That's what I wrote. Yep. That's Speaker 1 00:06:46 What I wrote. I am a, I'm a wise man. I only steal a playbook once a month, but, or, or once a year. I know Susan. Speaker 2 00:06:52 Yeah. That's more than Howard bender. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:06:56 Howard's that big Speaker 2 00:06:57 Football team. It's just, I know. I'm kidding. I'm Speaker 1 00:06:59 Kidding. He does two playbooks. So he is crazy. He does the watch list during the week, which is a whole playbook. And then he does the playbook. So now we have Seattle we're in Washington. Seattle's a team that you and I like, like we're always sort of like playing Seattle stacks is like our one offs. But like I said, great change his sort of pitch rotation. He started throwing his breaking ball more and his breaking ball just gets a ridiculous amount of swing and miss. And since that's happened, like his strikeout numbers have started to be on the rise, but it's not just his strikeout numbers look at his last, like eight starts outside of the Miami game where he got rocked for six runs on 10 hits. He hasn't allowed more than two earned. So like, I know you can't get rid of the one bad start, but like he's been very good. And he is been very good against some tougher teams. Texas has been hitting well, Philadelphia, we know hits the ball, beat the ball. So I'm a believer in car informed Josiah gray. Right? I, I mean, this came in with, I think a lot of, a lot of fanfare former second round pick, he was a top hundred prospect going into last season, pat, a little bit of a down year, obviously. But you know, in the minor leagues, this dude was lights out. Speaker 2 00:08:03 There's a reason why they traded Trey Turner for him. Yeah. Right? Like you don't just give up Trey Turner for like, Speaker 1 00:08:11 That's what I'm saying. Do you have almost an 11 K per nine to the minors? Like a two, four era in 40 starts. I mean, we're, we're give 'em some time to develop. They did. And last year he had 12 starts struggled. Five era still had a strike go parenting, struggled to start the year, this year made a mechanical adjustment and now he's been unbelievable for a month. I'm big on, on Joe's eye today at that price, maybe a better fan dual play, cuz you're not gonna get hit obviously with the hits and maybe walks that he allows. Cause he does walk a lot of guys, but you know, the strikeout potential, I think we really is really gonna start to turn itself on moving forward. Speaker 2 00:08:48 Yeah. I couldn't agree more. I have nothing really to add other than I agree with everything you just said. Speaker 1 00:08:52 Beautiful. Love it. Love when you do that. So we definitely like like Josiah gray here, James, is there anybody else in the mid tier that you're looking at Speaker 2 00:08:58 The mid tier? I mean like you could potentially look at Christel. I don't think he's you definitely like the 85 pitches. Tampa bay doesn't necessarily strike out against lefties. I think I saw 20% K rate against left tenant pitching last or this year 85 pitches with not a lot of maybe strikeout upside on the other side. I don't love it. I, but I could see a case forward in tournaments. I Chris Flexon weirdly enough. He's been super consistent. Double digit fancy points in five straight starts, including just a masterful outing. His last time out, we have talked about Washington. Not striking out a lot as of late or all year rather, but flexin isn't like going out there to give you 10 strikeouts anyway. But so I like flex in not gonna play Peterson against the Braves. Not gonna play Kluber against the red Mitch white, I guess. But like we saw the cards finally bit us against right-handed pitching stupid has been so good all year. The Speaker 1 00:09:54 Bottom of the lineup did Speaker 2 00:09:55 Not all this. I know bottom. I know bottom of the, Speaker 1 00:09:57 Who holds double Corey Dickerson home run. I'm like what is Speaker 2 00:10:00 Happening? And then Andrew Kinser RBI single I'm like, dude, what is going on? You had like, it was like a one in two count. I'm like, oh this is a strikeout. Nope, RBI single. Speaker 1 00:10:09 It had the over 20 and a half out there and I'm like, alright, he's got six. Spinnings completed. He's going against the bottom. Third of the lineup. Like this IST easy. Yeah. Probably like 1, 2, 3. And then I'm sitting there sweating and he's even gonna get out of it. <laugh> uh, thankfully they let him face Edmond. I wasn't sure if he got the top of that lineup. Yeah. If they were gonna let him go. And Edmond Edmond was like our early pitch swinging and flew out. We were able to cash on prize picks last night, but that turned into much more of a sweat than I was expecting it. Cuz he, he went into the seventh inning with like 84 pitches. I'm like, ah, we're good. Yeah, no problem. And then he started getting rocked. Speaker 2 00:10:39 Shout on Airola we're gonna, hopefully your brother does this better tonight when he use him. I guess I don't. I guess the answer is no because like flex and I guess, but I like where else would you go? Like I don't Ashcraft allowed 10 hits last time out of HeLas 10 hits in the Yankee stadium. They're gonna score 20 runs. Speaker 1 00:10:57 I agree with you. I'm not going there. Lyles is on the road. I'm not gonna do the road. Lyle's experience masterful call by me last against the angel. Speaker 2 00:11:04 It was a it pat Speaker 1 00:11:06 Myself on the back for that Speaker 2 00:11:07 One. Except the only person who doesn't strike the angels out. He has a great start. He just doesn't get any strikeouts. Speaker 1 00:11:14 What's worse. Well, it's worse is that earn, run that he allowed, we talked about it in discord. He completed six innings at like 95 pitches. And then they sent him out for the seventh. He gave up a double and then gave up like they, and then they took him out and the reliever came in, gave up a single and the run scored Lyles should have never come back out for the seventh inning there and 94 pitches. Right. So he should have finished with over 20 fantasy points that day. It said we got 19 three. Still good. Still good. But yeah, I agree. Listen, he's not a big strikeout guy, but you know, he was also getting squeezed. I think I tweeted about that as well. Yep. He wasn't getting a lot of calls anyways. Not going while I was on the road. We know that experience is poor. I don't know, know winter maybe. I mean Milwaukee on the road's been worse than they're at home. He's got a couple of good starts here. Again. Random strikeout numbers, right? Like two starts against Tampa bay, Oakland seven and eight. Two starts against Oakland Cleveland one each. And then he has the white Sox. He strikes at three but 4, 1, 2 6 at home, Milwaukee on the road. He's in, he is made one start, I guess at home. He's got a one six era. No, I mean window could be interesting. Speaker 2 00:12:21 Yeah. The only thing I'll say little scary is Milwaukee's been really good offensively lately. They're fifth and ops over the last two weeks with an 800 team ops. They have a lot of power. I will say though, like wind hasn't given up any real power. Three home runs this year. So yeah, I could get behind that at seven K. Especially just like again, you pitched Speaker 1 00:12:44 Game last year. So Speaker 2 00:12:45 Still there. Okay. Like where is the other? Where are the other options? Like Pilkington is a lefty. The white Sox kill lefties were not going there. Speaker 1 00:12:53 I mean he get the Bo Ky experience here. Speaker 2 00:12:56 He's interesting because the Royals lineup is watered down a bit. Speaker 1 00:13:00 He's another guy that doesn't strike anybody. Yeah. There's a legitimate shot. He has. I mean he only had three strikeouts against him two stars ago. So like, is it great? Not no, but we're in six K range. So like, yeah, everything's got warped down here. Right? So Speaker 2 00:13:14 I think Glen OTO who I think was supposed to start, Speaker 1 00:13:18 He was and then how did pitched last Speaker 2 00:13:20 Night? Yeah. Yeah. Pitch. Speaker 1 00:13:22 You liked Glen OTO last night. Speaker 2 00:13:24 So yeah. So I mean 5,700 feels fine because I don't see anything else lefty against the tigers actually is a little scary. The Speaker 1 00:13:34 IANS got back to bad. Good starts again. Well against Toronto too last time, about six innings, one earned Seattle, six innings, one earned Speaker 2 00:13:41 One strike out though in that Toronto Speaker 1 00:13:43 Game. Well Toronto's not, isn't gonna strike out a lot, but we're just reaching here. 5,500. I know Texas has been. I mean, Seagers just on fire, five homes and six games. I'm with you there. Not really a spot. And I don't think we're looking to go value. I'd go back to auto. Speaker 2 00:13:58 Yeah. I think like, honestly that's for me, that might be it. Speaker 1 00:14:02 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:14:03 And bris. And you mentioned brisket. Speaker 1 00:14:06 Yeah. Brisket and wind. I think for seven came below. Agreed. AK range. I like Josiah gray. You like flex in there? Speaker 2 00:14:13 I like gray. I like gray way more than I like flexin. But if there was another option, I think flexin. Speaker 1 00:14:18 Yeah, fine. And then top guys, we like stride or Cole. You can throw Louis Fey. If you want there, you can throw Dylan cease. I think the strike got upside is low and Logan web. Like this could be, it could be a good strike out game for him again, Arizona. Yeah. Not the most intimidating of lineups, but you know, he's just a cash game. Maybe play pitching's there. Cashing position, high price guys. Chris Speaker 2 00:14:40 Is six. Like he's I wonder, I guess that's something we have to consider. Is there wind? That is something John. Speaker 1 00:14:47 I mean the cops can be sneaky just cuz we know bad how bad Lys has been on the road. It Speaker 2 00:14:51 Won't be sneaky if there's wind and it looks like there's 10 miles an hour wind blowing out. Yeah. So we'll get the like official number a little later. But if there's wind blowing out that obviously could play indoor hand. Cause we could also use Baltimore guys tonight. Speaker 1 00:15:04 True. All right. So if we're going catcher here, I like Darnell. I know Peterson's been good, but I'll take any of the Atlanta Braves here against Peterson. Yep. Same thing with Vasquez and Kirk in the, that upper 4k range. Those guys are great. Hass gets a lefty again. He didn't really do it for us in terms of power numbers last night. But he did come through with two hits and a walk. So certainly paid off the price tag. Uh, Speaker 2 00:15:27 Well Smith weirdly 4,300. Speaker 1 00:15:29 Yeah. That's Speaker 2 00:15:30 True. Pretty good price tag. Speaker 1 00:15:31 It is a lot of power, uh, in that bat. That'll probably be tracky it's probably a truck Speaker 2 00:15:36 Play. Yeah. Especially liberatory the lefty Dodges. There gonna be pretty popular I think. Speaker 1 00:15:40 Yeah. Ruman versus Samson. Chicago. Yeah. We like bald. We gonna like both sides of this game. So agreed. Speaker 2 00:15:46 Let's Speaker 1 00:15:46 See Tyler Stevenson's back, but you probably wouldn't play him against Cole. I would imagine Speaker 2 00:15:51 Probably Speaker 1 00:15:51 Good. Hit who? Professional hitter though. Speaker 2 00:15:53 Professional hitter. You know who? I would play. John. I've been playing him a little bit more against left or righties to fit my cheap white Sox stacks. S Avala exactly hitting three 20 on the here. Just like out of the clouds. Righty. Lefty match up there. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:16:09 Which split's better for Jonah? Is he a leftier already guy. Speaker 2 00:16:12 Jonah had it up and then my computer crashed. Speaker 1 00:16:16 You don't know that off the top of your head. What the hell man? Speaker 2 00:16:19 My, my memory Speaker 1 00:16:20 Fluffies three 21,000 ops. Speaker 2 00:16:23 My memory is definitely not as good as your memory. Speaker 1 00:16:25 I was better verse lefties. Not a left than that today. Okay. Let's see that. Speaker 2 00:16:28 Gary Gary Sanchez cheap home run. 3,500. Yep. Maybe. Speaker 1 00:16:32 Yep. That works. If you think that sale's gonna be rusty, Mia's always been very good. Verse lefties backpack. Double hit game. So Speaker 2 00:16:38 That's a good call. Cheap Speaker 1 00:16:39 Be. Speaker 2 00:16:39 And then the Padres Padre's catchers we mentioned, I think they're both super cheap. Speaker 1 00:16:43 Yep. I agree with you. All Speaker 2 00:16:44 Right. First base, Jose brave. You think he's too expensive? Speaker 1 00:16:48 Feels expensive, but he is been Speaker 2 00:16:50 And they're so good against lefties. Speaker 1 00:16:51 Yeah. You got Rizzo at home versus Ashcraft Speaker 2 00:16:53 Dude. I don't know, man. The Yankees are good. It's a good spot for the Speaker 1 00:16:58 Yankees. I know Crohn's back in the lineup. He's in better verse R this year and way better at home. I don't know much of clinger right now. So Speaker 2 00:17:05 He was good. His last start, he was really good in his last start, but that start was not being, not really. I shouldn't say really good. He was, he's been decent. His last two starts, but that's neither of them were in courtfield. Speaker 1 00:17:17 Yeah. Under 5k Vlady against a bullpen game. It looks like, Speaker 2 00:17:21 Yeah. What is this? What's happening for Philly today? I don't Speaker 1 00:17:24 Know. Draft king name. Speaker 2 00:17:25 Bullpen starter. Yeah. Name the starter. He has not pitched more than an inning and a third this year. Yeah. What is, do we know how good Philly's bullpen has been this year? I guess that's a question right? Pitching let's check their bullpen array here, John. Sure. Philadelphia has the 13th best bullpen. So they're slightly better than league average. So we're gonna get a full game of just bullpen. Speaker 1 00:17:51 I'm trying to see. Do you know if on the, no, you didn't, I'll say on the 10th you pitcher really fitting. All right. Nevermind. Then I was gonna see if, if there, if we knew who piggybacked him, but I don't know if this is like his first starter or not all. So V 48. I think we're I think we're in on there. Yeah. Isaac Brady is versus a lefty. Speaker 2 00:18:06 Maybe Isaac. Isaac. Brady's just always home run upside apparently. Speaker 1 00:18:11 Yeah. You're getting Andrew VA versus lefty here as well for cheaper than, than Abra you. But he is also only for, I lost his outfield eligibility, unfortunately. So Speaker 2 00:18:19 Unlucky dude. Speaker 1 00:18:21 Yep. So we gotta pick and choose which one you want. Probably go the cheaper one here. But he works. I like Josh bell at 41. I know you mentioned flexes and picture. We've talked about Baltimore guys. They're gonna be in play. Let's see. Speaker 2 00:18:34 Same with San Diego. Avoid 34 Haer two K. Speaker 1 00:18:37 Yep. Nate low. Still hitting Speaker 2 00:18:39 Nate low. Still hitting. I like Carlo always great day. Yep. Yep. There's actually a lot of good value. Oh Speaker 1 00:18:45 Darren Ralph first to lefty. Speaker 2 00:18:46 Yeah. Darren rough. First to lefty. Kevin Tara's been like super good lately. Benny. The other day past Homer, it was yesterday. Played the double header. He had two, two multi hit games yesterday. Jose Miranda has been really good for the twins. He's driving in a ton of runs. Two home runs over his last five games. There's been there's a lot of good first space value. Speaker 1 00:19:09 Frankie. 2100. Speaker 2 00:19:11 That's your boy. He is Speaker 1 00:19:12 My boy. All right. Second base. Two weeks at the top Simian again F I FK. We use one of the more popular plays yesterday. Didn't come through for anybody though. Speaker 2 00:19:20 So I shall let down. He, me, me included big time. Speaker 1 00:19:23 Most of this top tier I guess is let down, ask Al two V has his moments, but lately hasn't had double digit fantasy points just once in the last six. So if you're spending 5,600, you need that. You need double digit fantasy points. Not giving it to you. SIM's been good. Just not the other night. I never ever play Lura but he is for the same token. Like he, he doesn't have a ton of power. He doesn't steal any bases, but he is hitting three 50. Right? So still at to this point in the year, isn't probably win a batting title. If you're made, if you're playing twin stacks, I guess go ahead and throw him in there. But I don't know where the first, second baseman that I look at, like I'm putting him in my lineup base. Like, do you have a guy Speaker 2 00:20:03 Laborer? Yeah, probably. I mean, I say that because I'm definitely interested in the Yankees here against Ashcraft in Yankees stadium, labor. I like Corona. I'm trying to let's see the splits. So Goberg struggles mightily against righties. Lefties have not hit him that well, Corona worth four for 10, 3 25. <inaudible> against lefties. Speaker 1 00:20:24 Espanol is 36. Speaker 2 00:20:26 Espanol is a good 1 36 against the bullpen game. I like, again, you said all the top guys I think are in play. I would play, I know the splits are not in favor of Wilmer Flores against lefties this year, but he is on fire right now. And Dallas Kele is a literal gas can. Yeah. He's behind his career. And I know it's in San Francisco, but I don't care. Dallas ke throws an 85 mile hour. Fast ball. Speaker 1 00:20:48 Yeah. Jonathan scope against the left. I know this year, all of his splits suck. Just no matter what the lately he's been better career this year. Yeah. In his career, he has been much better against a lefthanded pitching. So sure. Looking for value guy last season, for example, against lefties 3 33, 9 20 fives could be starting to turn it around for him. A three 50 batting avenue over the last 10, third base, Riley gets a lefty. Homer last night, fragment gets Sy guard. Deborahs if he's back in the lineup today against CBER. But as you mentioned before, like we're going to Maido in 5,100. Speaker 2 00:21:22 Yep. Ma 51. Agreed. Yeah. I mean, yeah. There's not, I don't really, Speaker 1 00:21:27 I say is I'm seeing that there's like anybody else that I would have interest in playing, Speaker 2 00:21:30 I feel like at this PR like it would be Turner Speaker 1 00:21:32 3,900. Speaker 2 00:21:34 Yeah. Yeah. That's a good one. That's a good one. He's been good. I mean, I mean, nevermind. I see Matt carpenter. That's who really hear Speaker 1 00:21:42 That's true. Speaker 2 00:21:44 I mean, the guy has been, Speaker 1 00:21:45 He's got outfield eligibility Speaker 2 00:21:46 Now. It's crazy. Yeah. He's had it for a little bit, but they keep like, it's like first base outfield, third base outfield, first base outfield, third base outfield. But yeah, I Speaker 1 00:21:54 Think carpent, he's sitting everywhere now. I remember like, we were like, oh, he only hits at home when I was hitting three 40 on the road. Speaker 2 00:21:58 <laugh> yeah. I mean, carpenter key member. I mean, where's Donaldson too. Donaldson's 30 or $4,000. He's kind of hitting too. I mean, he's been way worse at home this year. Speaker 1 00:22:10 I played carpenter for a little bit cheaper, Speaker 2 00:22:11 So right. And I think that's what a lot of people would think. Right? Like carpenter's been better, whatever, but like Ashcraft kind of just stinks. And I think you can just play like, be a little contrarian and play Donaldson over him. I'm trying to look at, let's see. As Ashcraft stats, there are splits way worse against righties. This year, righty's hitting 3 37 against Graham Ashcraft compared to a two 13 average for lefties eight 90 ops, 3 87 wo against righties. And what do the Yankees have? A lot of righties. Speaker 1 00:22:42 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:22:43 That's scary. Speaker 1 00:22:44 It is scary. My kind homework yesterday. Speaker 2 00:22:46 I was gonna tag you in it. I was gonna tag you in the, in the home run tweet that I saw for Manca, but I figured you saw it and we would just laugh. Yeah. Together. But separately Speaker 1 00:22:55 Alberto gets a lefty. Probably Speaker 2 00:22:58 He probably, I cracks the lineup inside the park home run yesterday. Speaker 1 00:23:02 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:23:02 Smith, Josh Smith, who continues to just lead off. Speaker 1 00:23:05 It was frustrating because I had the two guys after him in the lineup. Same. And it would've been nice for him just to get on base and not hit the inside the park, like three runs. Speaker 2 00:23:13 So I mean, Samian, didn't do crap anyway. Speaker 1 00:23:16 I know. But he could have, who knows. Speaker 2 00:23:17 Could have it's Speaker 1 00:23:18 True. All about the opportunity that he didn't have shortstop. Lot of good mad drips here. Yeah. Swanson gets a lefty. Anderson gets a lefty. Turner gets a lefty. Speaker 2 00:23:28 <laugh> yeah. Pick one TA hitting 400 against lefty. Speaker 1 00:23:31 Yeah. I was gonna say doesn't he feel like it would be Tim Anderson, like car inform Tim Anderson. Hasn't been good, but split match up is great for him. Speaker 2 00:23:41 Four 50 against lefty this year. Speaker 1 00:23:43 Yeah. It's probably gonna have to be Tim. Tim Anderson. Speaker 2 00:23:46 It's super expensive, but it is. And you don't need to do it. Like you can just play Coreys at 5k. Speaker 1 00:23:51 That's true. I don't know. A lot of people probably will just play Coreys. 5k. Speaker 2 00:23:55 I'm gonna play Coreys at 5k. Speaker 1 00:23:57 Yeah. That's fair. Speaker 2 00:23:58 You play Speaker 1 00:24:00 At 47. Speaker 2 00:24:00 Yeah. You can also play Xander. Who's been good. Three straight multi hit games. And even still Speaker 1 00:24:05 I versus the lefty again. Speaker 2 00:24:07 Ooh, that's a good one. Speaker 1 00:24:08 Yeah. I B double yesterday. Speaker 2 00:24:10 Yep. That's a good one. I was gonna say your boy, JP Crawford, but he's again. Wow. Your boys are matching up Crawford versus gray. I know who's gonna side with there. Speaker 1 00:24:19 Great. That was Andrews. Another R Ron sword and hit yesterday. Speaker 2 00:24:24 Matt Mateo, two hits in a game with Speaker 1 00:24:26 No stolen bases though. Well, I'm triple Speaker 2 00:24:28 With no opportunity. No opportunity. Speaker 1 00:24:30 I was just kidding. Dumb, extra base hits. I would like, I would play Mateo as a one off Speaker 2 00:24:34 I'd play. Mateo's one off I'd also. I know Brad Crawford has been dust, but he is 2200. And do I'm been telling you like tough. I Speaker 1 00:24:41 Love you. Verse lofty though. Speaker 2 00:24:42 Dallas. Kile so bad. He's so let's look at the, hold on. I'm looking at the splits cuz I feel like it just doesn't matter. This year. Lefties against Dallas. Kile 4 29 average. Wow. Four 29,100 ops 4 0 3 Wobo didn't Speaker 1 00:24:58 He have a, a kind of good start last time. Like six innings, three runs or something like that. Speaker 2 00:25:03 He through seven innings. Three runs. Speaker 1 00:25:07 Yeah. Was annoying. I had the over three runs Speaker 2 00:25:09 Against Colorado at home. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:25:12 Pushed. Speaker 2 00:25:12 I do run it back. He's going over. Speaker 1 00:25:14 Run it back. All right. Outfield. A Kuny gets the left. E 63 SW version. Since he didn't home or last night now nobody's gonna play probably gonna hit two, two. Yep. S P Cole said in discord. I believe him probably gonna happen. No, one's gonna play 10 against Goman. He is gonna home or to lead off Speaker 2 00:25:28 Again. Cause everyone's gonna play iron judge. Speaker 1 00:25:30 Everyone's gonna play iron judge. Yeah. Mooky bets up to 59. Speaker 2 00:25:33 Yep. He's crushing lefty this year, which has not been the Mo for his career. Speaker 1 00:25:38 Yeah. I always like Lou Rodriguez even go against it's against gray. Let's see Tucker sad at Ys on the aisle. Speaker 2 00:25:45 Yeah, that lineup's a little water down. Speaker 1 00:25:47 Uh, white Sox stack though. Obviously Roberts Eloy. Abra. Yep. Speaker 2 00:25:53 I wish Speaker 1 00:25:54 Fun. They're all Speaker 2 00:25:55 Your boy Manka. Speaker 1 00:25:56 Yeah. Manka said Mullins 49 Speaker 2 00:25:58 Said finally under 5k. Yeah. Hey man. If the winds blowing out, I mean Adrian Simpsons. Good talk dude. Speaker 1 00:26:04 Yeah. George Springer Homeward the other day. Speaker 2 00:26:07 Largely disappointing by Speaker 1 00:26:09 Isaiah. Check that out. Speaker 2 00:26:10 Charlie Blackman at home. He's been rolling lately. Yep. Yep. Kepler. Yep. Not like minimal power. It feels like from Kepler this year there Speaker 1 00:26:20 Let's see. Oh, soon was at 43 J Martinez at 43 again. Speaker 2 00:26:24 Yeah. Again, he had a big game last night. We told you to play. I well Speaker 1 00:26:28 Do 13 or more drafting points in three or four. So Speaker 2 00:26:31 Yeah. He's and he's just, Speaker 1 00:26:32 He's super shocked too. I think he's like 25% last Speaker 2 00:26:34 Night, Santa 38, along with Eloy 37 Duran 37. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:26:41 Lorena, Homer to get him last night. You're starting to heat up. You talked about it. Like how there's no average, but the ops was there and like that two hits last night, a home run, two run scored. Speaker 2 00:26:50 So that game was wild. Did you see they Texas took out all their like starters at like 10, two, and then Oakland scored like six runs on the seventh and then like, I'm like, yeah. Why is Marcus SIM not in the game, Jonah. Hiim why are you not in the game? I have five of you guys. Speaker 1 00:27:07 Ella's 37 though. AR ELO. That's a, that's a crazy, that's a great price. Duran should be a backup at the top of the lineup tonight had a hit in RBI yesterday 3,700. Let's see, we mentioned that Lordes is better against righties this year than lefties. He said 36. Speaker 2 00:27:22 Yep. I play it, but I play him more than anyone else. Paul, if you against CEL, you sure? Sure. I like that. Speaker 1 00:27:28 Do go at 30 Verdo is at 3,300. It's pretty cheap. Speaker 2 00:27:31 We're about to find way too many cheap guys. Cause there's four like Riley green. Speaker 1 00:27:36 14 games. Speaker 2 00:27:37 Yeah. I mean just like customer have already, Aaron Hicks has been good. This is a really good way to get like cheap Yankee exposure. He's been, I Speaker 1 00:27:46 Feel like Riley Green's always facing a lefty. Speaker 2 00:27:48 Always. I do. I agree. I agree. It does feel like he's always facing lefty. Probably Grossman has a lefty. Yeah, I know. Again, he had three hits though. Like they didn't like do anything, but he had three hits. He hits lefties. We mentioned, I mean the cheap Padres are down here. Yeah. On all the outfield. Speaker 1 00:28:06 No. All right. Home run. Call Speaker 2 00:28:07 A home run call. I'm gonna go Anthony Rizzo. Speaker 1 00:28:11 All right. I'm going Aaron judge. I thought you were gonna go judge since Speaker 2 00:28:15 I was going to, but I'm like just go with Rizzo cuz he's also good at home. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:28:19 That's fine. So that's it. That's a 14 game playbook James on there. If you have any questions, get us in discord and we'll catch you guys later. Get us in discord and we'll catch you guys later.

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