July 14, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast July 14: Kevin Gausman Gets Depleted Royals Team

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast July 14: Kevin Gausman Gets Depleted Royals Team
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast July 14: Kevin Gausman Gets Depleted Royals Team

Jul 14 2022 | 00:16:13


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Jon Impemba and James Grande preview Thursday's MLB DFS main slate on DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcast with host John IBA and James Broe. Speaker 1 00:00:11 What is going on if nation John and PBA hit with James Broe is the quick pitch lb DFS podcast recording here for Thursdays 11 gig meet slate. James are used to Thursday, sort of being the smaller, main slates and due to the split start nature of that. We tend to see on Thursdays, but, uh, not really the case, only a couple or early games today. Primary slate has 11 games on tap. Speaker 2 00:00:31 Yeah. Big slate. Not a lot of weather, thankfully. No course. A lot of fun to look forward to a lot of top arms, a lot of top offenses and great spots. I'm excited for this big slate, even though, like you said, it's been a typically smaller, uh, smaller slate on Thursday, but 11 games. This is, it's a good spot for rough face. Speaker 1 00:00:48 Yeah. Very good spot. So let's get it off at the pitching position. Then top tier Corbin burns at $10,600 facing a giant team that he faced a few starts ago and dominated. He had, I think it was like 11 strikeouts, I think, against them and this and their first meeting, not a few stars ago, but rather they earlier this season, they faced, he had 11 strikeout against them and we know San Francisco of late one of the higher strikeout teams mm-hmm in the league. So you're paying up today. You got Corbin burns. You get FRA Amber, Valez going up against an angels team that he just recently faced. Two starts ago, had 13 strikeouts in that game. We saw Christian Javier last night, struggle, but still strike out what? 10 or 11 and like three and a third or whatever the heck it was. The Angel's still striking out a ton. So ER's right there at $9,700 Carlos shore Don's at $9,300. He was really priced down. Last star does 8,400 goes into a, a complete gain. 12 Ks. They bump him up to 9,300. He gets the brewers here in San Francisco, which is a nice little spot for him. And then Tyler Anderson is at nine K on the road against St. Louis. That's your top four starters. Nine can above Speaker 2 00:01:55 Yeah. Of interest in three of them. And I leave Anderson off that list. Corman burns has been great lately, as you mentioned, hazard domino start against the giants and they're striking out a lot. Cor burns are striking. Everyone out match made in heaven for burns. Frank bar, 14 straight quality starts the angel strike out a bunch. He has strike out upside, love that match up. And then Rodan. There's no reason he should be this cheap. There was no reason he should have been that cheap last late either. But here we are again, getting him just too cheap, I guess, off the back of one start where he struck out four guys and still one and still got 20 fantasy points. There's no really rhyme or reason to why his price has decreased so much. But yeah, I mean, it's a lock and load there. Not playing Anderson against the Cardinals against with him pitching from the left side. Speaker 1 00:02:43 That's true. I think chalk though, we're gonna go down a little bit, Kevin, Gossman at home against a Royals team and I'm sure you've all seen the headlines behind Kansas city is going without 10 of their regulars due to the country's COVID restrictions, including two, basically all star players for them and Ben attendee and Salvador Perez not available, but they're missing hunter Dozier. They're missing MJ, Melinda, like they're missing the quit. Maryfield they're missing the, the core part of their lineup here. Kevin Gossman in every lineup. Speaker 2 00:03:10 Yeah. Bobby, Whit and friends today is basically what Speaker 1 00:03:14 Think he's back in triple a cause that's who playing with them today. Speaker 2 00:03:17 Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think Gosman, even though he is coming off the ankle and hasn't pitched in 12 days, I think it's lock and load. And if you wanna pivot off him, I actually don't hate Louis Castillo against the Yankees Castillo has pitched really well lately building the trade stock. He has two of the last three in C and only allowed tour and runs over his last three games. Pivot away from Gosman would be cuz the O against the Speaker 1 00:03:39 Yankees. If we're looking at value for 11 games, who do you have on your radar? Speaker 2 00:03:43 I mean just Mackenzie, isn't the value. But 8.3 is like very, Speaker 1 00:03:49 You could pivot off those Speaker 2 00:03:50 Guys. Yeah. It's a great spot. Hasn't allowed to earn run in 13 innings. One start against the Yankees seven scoreless one start against the Royals. Six scoreless, both wins from 11 strikeouts in that span. We know Mackenzie does have some solid strikeout outside. He's hit seven, eight strikeouts a bunches here. So I like that. I like cutter Crawford a whole bunch. He's been really good. Whether it's been long relief or as a starter. Speaker 1 00:04:14 That's where I wanna see though. I need to see if he's actually gonna start yet. I know they have 'em with the PP next to his name, but I've seen some reports that they may use a one inning opener, which would kind of suck if you're applying on like Fandel cuz then you can't get the quality start there, but Speaker 2 00:04:30 Sure. But on draft king, we, you can still get the win. Yeah, I agree on the quality start behalf, but on draft king 6.8 doesn't matter. Cause we don't get the quality start anyway. So even if there was an opener, I really wouldn't mind. I hate the rest of the position. Truthfully. I don't really have any interest in anybody else. I think a lot of them are gas cans. I know you might throw Keegan Thompson's name out there. Speaker 1 00:04:52 No strikeouts lately. Speaker 2 00:04:53 There has been a lot of strikeouts. I'm not fully sold, but he has, I, I can't deny that. And Speaker 1 00:04:58 Again, like good teams too, right? Like the brave Braves last time out five and two thirds shut out eight Ks. I've only held the red Sox to one, one earned run Atlanta, shut out over six innings. He had a bad start against the Yankees and that's about it, right? Like, Speaker 2 00:05:11 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:05:12 He's been, he is been good man. Wind blowing in. If you worked 10, 10 miles an hour blowing in. Speaker 2 00:05:16 Yeah, I should. I probably should like him more than Yankee Speaker 1 00:05:20 Strike out. Speaker 2 00:05:21 Prop that gains in, in greatly, by the way. Speaker 1 00:05:22 It's minus one 70 on the over of his strikeout prop today. Speaker 2 00:05:26 Well it's his strikeout prop four and a half, Speaker 1 00:05:28 Three and Speaker 2 00:05:29 A half, three and a half. That's good. Very low strikeout. Lot Speaker 1 00:05:33 By 9, 7, 8, 3 8. Speaker 2 00:05:36 Like yeah. That's I feel like that's more respect to the Mets. I said it is Speaker 1 00:05:42 To yeah. That's the bottom three strike go team last 30 days. Speaker 2 00:05:44 Yeah. IPS. You could do it Speaker 1 00:05:47 PPS. Yep. I agree with you. I'm with you there. Would you go Martin? Al? I know you talked Mackenzie. Would you go? Speaker 2 00:05:52 Yeah. He's just for whom runs over his last two starts. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:05:55 And we talked about this. Speaker 2 00:05:57 Yeah. Four, the four home runs is a little scary. Yeah. I think about on Speaker 1 00:06:01 Mark catcher position then, or are you young Speaker 2 00:06:03 Will Smith against Dakota Hudson, I think will Smith profiles well against Hudson, Hudson struggles against right-handed bats will Smith has looked really good lately. Alejandro Kirk. There's no starter for Kansas city. They have listed Jackson COER but if that's who they're gonna start go, I mean, they're gonna lose by a hundred runs. So Alejandro Kirk is in play for me is honestly, no matter who the Royals pitch, because some of their top arms are out due to the COVID protocol. I like Speaker 1 00:06:32 How draft king can't figure out which catch and Atlanta the price higher than the other. I know it's been Darnell over Contreras by like a thousand bucks. Then all of a sudden Contreras is 5,500 for no reason. Speaker 2 00:06:43 He gets the all star buff. Speaker 1 00:06:45 Yeah. Right. And then, and Darnell's there at 49. I was talking to you before we jumped on air. Like I want as many Braves as I can against anal Sanchez here. You, you lot eight runs in 15, triple a innings during his rehab. Hasn't pitched in like two years LD. Last did pitch. He had an era of like over six. I don't know what we're expecting out of anal, but I feel like Atlanta's gonna put some hurting on them. Speaker 2 00:07:06 Yeah, I do too. The only hesitation I have with either of those guys and I guess I shouldn't is that like the rest of their lineup Isty like is pretty expensive. Like Riley, over 5k Swanson over 5k, Kuya six K like Olson's a good price. Some of the cheaper outfits. Speaker 1 00:07:23 It's probably a good way to be different though. Right? Speaker 2 00:07:25 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:07:26 Spending up. How many times did we stack a team and then like that other guy hits a home run. You're like, of course I played everybody, but that's your Dar? No William Contreras today. Sure. We've talked about Martin press. You said two home runs each the last two games. Cal rally against leftees this year. 8 89 ops. Speaker 2 00:07:41 Yeah. Has been really good and press again. Four home runs over his last two. So three what? Three 70 WOBA against leftees hit a home run yesterday. Yeah. Like one 10 in a row. Yeah. I think rally's a good price. There's actually not a good play rather. There's not a lot of value. Speaker 1 00:07:57 Well, professional hitter. Tyler Stevenson. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:07:59 He, yeah. He's the one sub 4k guy that I'd be like, yeah. Okay. That's I like that one. Speaker 1 00:08:05 He keeps on getting hit since he's come back. Nester's been still been good, but he hasn't been like, feels, it feels like he hasn't been as dominant as he was to start the year. I don't know if you have similar. Speaker 2 00:08:16 Yeah, he has not. No, he has definitely not been Speaker 1 00:08:19 Three 19 with a 800 ops for Stevenson against lefties, but he hits right teeth three 20 with an eight 90. So dude, just dude just hits good cash game catcher. Sure. Value. Speaker 2 00:08:29 There's not. I Speaker 1 00:08:31 Would you do Carini against? Nah, I guess we're now's stupid. All right. You're right. There's nothing. All right. Let's go on over to first base then Speaker 2 00:08:38 I like Friday frame a lot. Yeah. Freeman three straight games with at least three hits. Two of those Vlady against whoever the Royals are. Speaker 1 00:08:46 Pitch hundred 5k Vlady again. Speaker 2 00:08:48 And Matton probably the three, like 4, 4, 5 are higher guys that I would play Speaker 1 00:08:54 I'm with you mid tier. I like Ty France. 43. Speaker 2 00:08:57 Ty. France. Yeah. He's a good one. Especially if you're stacking against Martin press. Speaker 1 00:09:01 Yeah. You mentioned already. You want to go up against Elvin Rodriguez. Josh Neer. 3,800. Speaker 2 00:09:06 Yeah. 400. WOBA against lefties. 10, 10 of his 11 home runs. I mean against RS, rather 10 of his 11 home runs against righties. So I'm firmly in there. Speaker 1 00:09:15 Yeah. Nailer at 38 grade value. I'm a hundred percent with you on that one. Anybody else? Or do you use Yez versus Anderson or you just like Anderson? Probably. Speaker 2 00:09:23 No, I don't like Anderson. Okay. But I also, like, that feels like a situation where I don't really like to picture also like other than like one-offs and like gold Schmidt or Anato I don't really feel myself using, I would use a Ms. Diaz's. Speaker 1 00:09:37 I would say a Diaz has been raking. Yeah a too, if you're not in an Cueto. Yep. Speaker 2 00:09:43 I don't know where this random resurgence for or for Johnny kudos been good on Carlo. Good on Diaz's also. Okay. On Carlos Santana. I'd rather obviously play Ty France, but I'm okay on I'm okay. On Santana. Speaker 1 00:09:56 All right. Anybody else? Speaker 2 00:09:57 No. Speaker 1 00:09:58 Alright. Second base position then Altus at the top. SIM's at the top GLR. That's your top three guys. Speaker 2 00:10:05 I like two. I like Altuve. I like Simian. I don't really like glimpse. I like Castillo on the flip side. Speaker 1 00:10:12 You mine off of a two stolen base game was Speaker 2 00:10:14 Nice for us. Yeah. He's uh, he decided, you know what? Hit 40 home runs last year. Let me just steal 40 bags this year. So yeah, I mean, I like both Altuve. Alto's running a little bit too three stole bases over his last 10 games. So like I Liketu a, I like SI not really in on the Yankee anchors today, Speaker 1 00:10:29 Going with Cleveland SAC, even though he is been very badly lately, him Inez is 3,700 as a lefty. McNeils at 36. Lars always had success against lefties. Not that we want to go. I don't think against, uh, against Val here, but you know, thoughts there ESP SPOL is at 3,500 know he is my boy hitting over 300, the last 10. So I think there's some good 4k options here. Speaker 2 00:10:50 Yeah. He met as for sure. Speaker 1 00:10:52 Jumped Edmond all the way to 3,300. Huh? Speaker 2 00:10:54 Yeah. He was really cheap yesterday too. I don't really haveand that Speaker 1 00:10:57 Could bad games. The Speaker 2 00:10:58 Two hits. Yeah. I think Espinol Lux Edmond, India. That's took a pretty good value to you right there. Pick between those four. If you're not playing under Speaker 1 00:11:06 India, finally starting to come around after that slow start. And we know he hits lefty. Well, Speaker 2 00:11:11 Yep. Hasn't this year, but also just has had a bad, like has had a weird year. Multiple injuries probably lost the game yesterday due to a three run error. But yeah, the bat's starting to come. That's starting to heat up. Speaker 1 00:11:24 Yep. I agree. Anybody else? Nope. All right. Third base position here. Riley, as you mentioned at 53, we know you're late to Cleveland stack today. Ramirez is at 52. Where's at 51. Bregman's at 5k. Speaker 2 00:11:36 Yeah. This is crappy. Cuz like if you're not playing fan. Yeah. You have to actually not play one of these guys play Speaker 1 00:11:43 On fan where you could play two Speaker 2 00:11:44 Of them. Yeah. It's like Ramirez is probably my favorite, but Austin Riley's last stretch of games is undeniably incredible. I mean home runs in four or five has like eight home runs in July where four in the 14th day of the month. It's very hard to fade this guy right now. But like Ramirez is in an all time. Great spot Ramirez or Elvin Rodriguez has been literally terrible. And then Deborah's just like, Hey guys, I'm pretty good at baseball too. Bregman probably if you're playing an Astros stack, but like it's hard for me to not find 100 to $300 for the other three, unless you're being contrarian and playing an Astros stack. Speaker 1 00:12:25 I agree. I agree. All right. Anybody else? Mid tier Speaker 2 00:12:28 Brandon jury of the goat. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:12:31 Russe lofty Yankee stadium is basically Cincinnati <laugh> and keeps on hitting. I mean, what am I gonna do? Yeah, I guess he's good. I don't know. I guess he's good. Speaker 2 00:12:39 We'll see. I mean, we'll see when it, when he inevitably gets traded, right? Like Speaker 1 00:12:44 For sure. Yeah. HEO at 4k. If you're not in on the Perez train, Speaker 2 00:12:48 Him and Turner are both 4k. Both through cheap. Speaker 1 00:12:50 Yep. Yep. Turner is great. Option. Chapman can always be that guy. You didn't play in your blue Jay stack. <laugh> yeah. Speaker 2 00:12:56 600. Yep. Always. Speaker 1 00:12:58 Any other value for you? Speaker 2 00:12:59 Uh, particularly, I don't think there's anything we need to go to down here. Speaker 1 00:13:03 I agree. Shortstop then Seager. Would you just play Seager anyways? Reverse against a reverse base? Speaker 2 00:13:09 Yeah, probably. I mean Speaker 1 00:13:11 Helu he didn't Homer Speaker 2 00:13:12 Yesterday. Yeah. He didn't home run for a crapper. Yeah. I Speaker 1 00:13:16 Mean I've sprayed games with a Homer before yesterday. Speaker 2 00:13:19 Honestly play Turner, Seager Swanson bash Speaker 1 00:13:24 The problem we had at third base we have, Speaker 2 00:13:26 Yeah. I probably would play all those guys. Like I wanna play me Rosario. I'm also not gonna pay 5k for a guy with like, I don't know what the ceiling is. Maybe there's a ceiling here with Elvin Rodriguez on the mound. Yeah. I'd probably play the top four guys and then not play anyone until maybe Speaker 1 00:13:43 Xander. Speaker 2 00:13:44 Xander. Yeah. Then probably Xander would be the only other option probably above 4k for me. Speaker 1 00:13:50 Anybody under 4k Kyle Farmer. 28. 'em Speaker 2 00:13:52 Yeah. Kyle Farmer. That's for sure. The best option on the board. Speaker 1 00:13:56 Yeah. I don't see anybody else. I don't know if you do no. Okay. Outfield, pick your stack. Take your player. Speaker 2 00:14:03 Yeah. I love Moy bets. I love a Kuya. Speaker 1 00:14:06 Yep. Great. Blue Rodriguez. Strong. Speaker 2 00:14:09 Yep. Homerun Derby Fu future homerun. Derby winner. Speaker 1 00:14:12 Yep. Blue Jays. Outfield. Always in play Speaker 2 00:14:15 All every single one of them. Speaker 1 00:14:16 Every single one of them today. Speaker 2 00:14:18 Yeah. For cheap or plant cheap. Speaker 1 00:14:20 It's not cheap anymore Speaker 2 00:14:21 For a home run yet. Speaker 1 00:14:22 Let's see here memos at 46 in half maybe. Speaker 2 00:14:27 Yeah. Maybe cookies been, I think like I'm gonna live in this tier buy half though. Like we mentioned tea, the all the blue JS Jays tasks were coming off to Zuna 4,200 Harris. 4,100 gets the ready lefty match up. Sharon Duran. 3,800 Tommy fan 4k. Like this is a super good tier. And then you get to like Elle 36. Yeah. Yeah. This is the tier I Speaker 1 00:14:50 Wanna live in. Yeah. I agree with you. Is Rasmus a lefty or already? He's ready. Duran's at 38 Deval Rosario going with the Braves guys here. Yep. Yeah. I'm just stacking against Sanchez. So I think Deval, probably not in the lineup. Okay. Juan and Rees at 3,400. Sure. Both employ. Yeah. That's I think the Indians are probably your popular cheap stack, but it's it's war it's warranted. I agree. Ver Purdue goes at 33. We talked about a led miss already down here at 32. Dylan Carlson versus the lefty is actually his better split. Yeah. And he is gonna hit second. Yep. $3,100 for him. I like it. Chief asterisks. McCormick. Yeah. I was name McCormick probably plays today, right? Yep. Him and Jake Myers both could potentially be in the lineup. Both hit lefties pretty well. Now Riley green finally gets the right-handed pitcher for us to play against <laugh> one coming off, four hits in last 13 innings and no runs. Yeah. But he is got hit. He's getting a hit like five trade games. So that's fair. He's doing it. A team around him. Isn't necessarily doing it, but that's fair. All right. Home run. I'm gonna go with, pick your blue Jay. I'll go VLA. Since I saw him hit a one handed home run yesterday. All right, I'm gonna go. Awesome. Riley. So that wraps it up. That's our podcast. Edison discord. If you have any questions and we'll catch you guys later.

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