July 21, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast July 21 Return From The All - Star Break

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast July 21 Return From The All - Star Break
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast July 21 Return From The All - Star Break

Jul 21 2022 | 00:13:31


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Jon Impemba and James Grande preview Thursday's three-game MLB DFS main slate for DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcast with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:11 What is going on? Everybody, John and PBA here with James Grande. This is the quick pitch and we'll be DFS podcast calling back from the all star break with three games here on Thursday, 1:00 PM. Slate. Start time, James. We have the Yankees and the Astros, the Rangers in the Marlins and the tigers and the A's with three games. It is slim pickings when it comes to player ball. So when it comes to pitching, there is, this is a lottery ticket slate. Spend your dollars wisely is how I would say. But that being said, there are at least some interesting match ups here on this one. Speaker 2 00:00:47 Yeah. There's good. Pitching. I think for one Speaker 1 00:00:50 Coming out the all star break, right. Everybody starts Speaker 2 00:00:52 Growing. Yeah. Everyone's kind refreshed. Maybe I think ish. Sure. It depends on what they did at the all star game. And who pitched, who in? Yeah, it's a good little pitching slate. Definitely a I definitely agree. It's a lottery ticket slate. It's definitely one to take light, which I know is hard because we've had the itch for what four days now to, of not playing, but we'll have a monster slate on Friday. Pick your spots tournaments. Only if you wanna play cash. Do you know generally play light. It's gonna be a super chalky lineup. So you and 743 of your best friends will have the same lineup because again, three games late in cash is a wild. It should be an interesting one. We don't have the Yankees total. John. I expect it to be higher than what we have, but for context Rangers Marlin's total is seven tigers, Oakland seven and a half. Like not a lot of runs to be scored, kind of speaks to the good pitching that we're gonna talk about here in a second. Speaker 1 00:01:47 Yeah. So let's talk about it then. The, actually the top price pitcher on the slate is Christian Javier at home, going up against the Yankees whom he hit no hit over seven innings in his lone star against him. That was the combined no hitter for Houston against the Yankees seven, no hit innings, 13 strikeouts for kitchen. However, the last three games, four games for him rather 13, 14, 7, and 10 strikeouts. The problem has been the last two starts five innings, five runs three and two thirds innings, three runs back to inefficiency, but strikeout numbers are still elite. Can he repeat a similar performance though, against these Yankees this time around now? Speaker 2 00:02:27 Like a repeat? I don't know. I guess that's what we thought, Speaker 1 00:02:30 Hit them, but can he shut them down? Can he rack up a ton of strikeouts? Like, you know, again, he is the top price pitcher on the slate Speaker 2 00:02:38 He can, and I'm perfectly fine with using him, especially when you consider he's had 10 more strikeouts than three of four starts. And one of those 10 strikeout games, he didn't get out of the fourth inning in which is mind blowing. So at least there's gonna be a floor there, especially with in the strikeout department. I will say on the other side of the coin, the Yankees over the last 14 days are the best team in baseball offensively in, in ISO, in WOBA in literally every category you can name. So the Yankees hitting their stride, offensively different, slightly different offense than Javier faced. Last time, I think he's firmly in play. I think you can play him Houston getting some of their big guns back offensively to support Javier, AKA Jo Dan Alvarez. So yeah, you can play Javier, but you know, if you'd rather move on mosey on down the list than start your lineups with John Gray, I wouldn't hate that either. Speaker 1 00:03:33 Yeah, I right. There's obviously so many matchups here. I will say Miami better against righties and lefties this season. The one thing to at least think about, or the strike got rate against right-handed pitching's actually down. I, I think they're even, unless I have them confused, aren't they even like a top five average team against right-handed pitching this season as well, Speaker 2 00:03:52 Their top 11 in ops. The only thing that they've kind of been worse lately because they're without Chisholm. Correct. And now John birdie on the IL too. So like two of their better hitters that we're helping them. I'm looking it up too with you about the average. Speaker 1 00:04:11 Yeah. They're down to 15. So may maybe some of the, the recent struggles, as you've mentioned, it's only like mirror points, right? 2 43 is 15, 2 40 eight's in the top 10. So a bad month, like they've had likely drops their team average down two or three batting average points. And now they're in the middle of the pack. That being said still a 3 0 8 WOBA against right-handed pitching their strikeout rate on the season 22 and a half percent is kind of in the middle of the pack. So you could be onto something though. They are missing two of their better they're better hitters. So, uh, and on the small slate, like you can't beggars, can't be choosers here. Now you have that for cheaper. You could run Pablo Lopez up against hot Corey Seager. Speaker 2 00:04:48 Yeah. Yeah. It's the guy is literally putting the team on. Speaker 1 00:04:51 We know Lopez is at home, like again, two, three era this year, a really strong stats for him, uh, at home this season. And then scribbles gonna be track on two star on two pitchers it's formats. So yeah, $7,100. Againsts Oakland on draft Kings. Like everybody's I think is gonna throw him in their lineup. Speaker 2 00:05:08 Yeah. I think it's interesting that the pitching dynamic in that game, because I don't think many people are gonna play Zach, Logan lo whatever it is, Lu Lou. Oh, that throw our wrinkle in there. Jamaica, Bob SL team on the Lu. Yeah. On, on the Bob sled bit like he's interesting too, because no one's gonna play him. School's also been terrible and it's unfortunate. He had one good start against the white Sox. And then since like June, he's been trash, which is unfortunate. Cause I love TEC school, but yeah, I, Speaker 1 00:05:39 He does have one start against Oakland where he shut them out over seven. Speaker 2 00:05:42 So yeah. But when, but it, he is so different of a pitcher now than he was earlier in the year. Like he pitched well against earlier in the year, he pitched well against Houston in Houston. Yeah. That Speaker 1 00:05:54 Old starting against Oakland was in may. So Speaker 2 00:05:56 Yeah, the, he shut out the twins over seven innings. He beat the, or the guardians like three times earlier in the year when they were actually good shut out the Rockies, but he just hasn't been good lately. So I agree. I'm in on school bowl. I just, it is worth considering how bad he's been and it is worth considering also how bad Detroit's offense has been. I know they're better against lefties. I acknowledge that. I think you and I talk about that a lot, but so Zach lo log, I also think GPP dart. Speaker 1 00:06:25 Okay. No problem there. All right. Let's go on over to catcher then it's already a small slate. So we know there's even fewer catcher options here for me. Eric ho versus lefty is probably gonna be the top option. You can throw 'em in there, but you have Jonna Heim, Sean Murphy, starting to hit a little bit better, you know, is there anybody else that you would even consider on, on this, uh, three game slate, Speaker 2 00:06:43 The only other name then those three guys I would consider would probably be Tucker Barnhart. If they, for whatever reason, played both catchers, like DH one Barnhart's switch hitter 2200 works in a tiger stack. But other than that, no, it's those three guys only. Speaker 1 00:06:59 All right. Yeah. That's kind of, kind of where I'm at as well here. First base position, a little bit more options. Yankees with the top price guys, Lama you and Rizzo, but they have the Javiers match up. Houstons has trash first baseman and you, I guess Daz has been a little Speaker 2 00:07:13 He's rolling. He's rolling lately Speaker 1 00:07:15 And ion sucked. So may, maybe a lead miss with these first base outfield eligible. I think we, again, it's a tough spot to go against Pablo Lopez, but you know, may maybe neat low. I know he's cooled a little bit, but we were riding him for that stretch there for, with the ranger stack. I don't know. Is there anybody again, if we're not playing Rizzo that you put in your live Speaker 2 00:07:35 Here, I wouldn't Sayon sucks. He definitely works against lefties looking at the numbers, but Limus has been good. So if you wanna play him, that's fine. I don't hate your Nate low call. Can't play Seth brown lefty. Maybe he's been good. 2200. I know has not been good lately, but has been good. Like in terms of body of work, 2 87 in the first half of the year, pretty damn good against lefties this year, John maybe hitting two 50 or 3 57, rather if you wanna play Miguel Cabra 2300, be my guess he's cheap. He could might drive in a couple runs and then Gary Cooper, another guy just struggling, but made the all star team and is $2,200. That kind of feels like Amis. Not that again, Gary Cooper is like this amazing player, but Speaker 1 00:08:23 Yeah, no, I agree with you again. We're getting, it's not it's we're getting depressed pricing in some guys because there's only three games. Yep, yep. But he's been he's oh, for 50. So Speaker 2 00:08:33 Yeah, Speaker 1 00:08:34 Yeah. Over fifty's still hitting two 80. So that's how good he was hitting. So Speaker 2 00:08:37 Right Speaker 1 00:08:39 On over to second base, Jose Altuve at six K semi in 5,200, LIRS at $4,800. That's your top three. Speaker 2 00:08:47 You can play Altuve. I think he'll be pretty popular. And I think that's why they priced him the way that he's priced. I think that's why all three of these guys are priced the way they are because they are forcing us to play. One of them to is probably the top dog there, even though he's like significantly more expensive than labor. And then I would probably go down to John scope who I expect to be not popular, but Gardner ownership, 2,700 had shown signs of life prior to the all star break. And it was still base too. John scope of 2,700, probably the other guy I would consider here. Speaker 1 00:09:21 Yeah. I'm with you scope, just given the lefty match that we know he has some power Joey Wendell's in pretty good too. So, uh, yeah, Speaker 2 00:09:28 Sure. Speaker 1 00:09:29 Mind going Johnny Wende. All right. Third base. Uh Bran's at the top. I get Donaldson. I don't know. And Lama U if you're not using that first, I guess would be your option there. Like Speaker 2 00:09:38 Josh Meating off. Speaker 1 00:09:40 Like yeah, it is. It is. It is. Speaker 2 00:09:42 It's BLE. It's BLE. Yeah. It's BLE Harold Castro. If you're not afraid of the lefty stuff. So Zach log has allowed a op or ops of seven 70 and a 365 WOBA to left-handed bats. So Harold Castro 3 0 8 average against lefty, not actually a terrible idea. 2100. I think the tigers kind of feel pretty popular here. Just going through the positions. They're every single position under $3,000. I think we're gonna get a pretty popular tiger stack. Maybe a little different differentiation. There is Harold Castro at third Speaker 1 00:10:16 Short stop then Seeger. You just lock him in. Speaker 2 00:10:18 Yeah, probably it, I think it's probably between him and BAAs because BA gets left of here. Speaker 1 00:10:25 True Speaker 2 00:10:26 BAAs 3 94 bull bug against south boss is here. So I think it's pretty, I think short stop is pretty cl pretty clear cut and yours and mine. Favorite player? Elvis. Speaker 1 00:10:37 I would say you dark throw Elvis Andrews given the school Speaker 2 00:10:40 Ways. Yeah. If you wanna play Andrews, who for a little stretch became a run producing machine then. Yeah, I think he would probably be the one other option there. Speaker 1 00:10:48 All right. Let's go to outfield here then. Where are you? Starting? Your core builds Speaker 2 00:10:52 Joden if he comes back, which he is expected to Speaker 1 00:10:56 It's too Eddie. Wasn't healthy. Him and the home run Derby. Would've been cool. Speaker 2 00:10:59 I know that would've been fun. 24 home runs in 74 games. It's crazy. Look, judge Tucker Stanton, right? Stan Homer. Speaker 1 00:11:07 I being outfield only now is a tilt. Speaker 2 00:11:09 It is a tilt cuz he's been on real. He's gonna challenge judge for the home run title this year by your son. Yeah. So yeah, I mean, I'm probably not gonna pay 55 for carpenter, but if you wanna be different, we just told you, you could play all the tigers for like less than $3,000. So like you could play the Yankees if you want and spend up on carpenter. I really can't say I blame you, but under for Ramo Marianos Speaker 1 00:11:31 I was gonna say Lono playing to be traded right now. Speaker 2 00:11:34 Core play. I think he's close to a core play. Just recent performance. Like we know he has still on base upside. He's showing that we know he has power upside showing that and he gets a strugglings school under 4k. So love that. Speaker 1 00:11:45 Yep. I agree. With 200% there I'll still go Riley green. You mentioned his numbers against lefties for lo K loggy, whatever you want. So Riley green for me, me still too cheap at 3,200 Homer the other day. Speaker 2 00:11:55 So there's yeah, he's good. He's just good, man. That dude's just good. There's no reason he 3,200. This is like the most expensive he's ever been. Speaker 1 00:12:03 Yeah, he is 103 K forever. Speaker 2 00:12:04 I have a hard time believing that trafficking's had all his time and left Leotis Leonte TOIs at $2,600. But to teach his own man and a guy like is actually Speaker 1 00:12:17 Yeah, 4 50, 50 last time games Speaker 2 00:12:19 Lighting the world on fire right now he has he's hitting for a little power he's we think about what he was last year in, in 2021 drafts. He was like the darling speed guy, him and miles straw. Right? They like everyone's taking Tavas everyone's taking straw and Tavas stunk straw sold 30 bases. Not Tavas learned to hit apparently. And not only is he hitting he's stealing bass. So like 2,600, if he gets out in his Lopez, he's gone. And right now he's getting on base a lot more than he's not. Yeah, I think 2,600 is if you're playing cash games, that's a lock and load. Speaker 1 00:12:55 I'll just mention the Grossman because of his career number. Speaker 2 00:12:58 Yeah, sure. Yeah. He's great, dude. It's lefty Victor Reyes too. He's a switch hitter as well. I think both of those guys Speaker 1 00:13:04 Give me your home run call then three games Speaker 2 00:13:06 Home, run, call three games. I will go, Eric. Ha. Speaker 1 00:13:10 I'm gonna go Cal Tucker. Speaker 2 00:13:11 That's a good one. Lefties definitely have had more success against James and Ty this year. Speaker 1 00:13:17 Love it. All right. So that's it. Three games. James will have a, uh, core play. Write up for you guys. We'll be in discord. If you have any questions, good luck. And we'll catch you guys later.

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