July 11, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast - Max Scherzer Takes The Mound & Padres Top Stack

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast - Max Scherzer Takes The Mound & Padres Top Stack
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast - Max Scherzer Takes The Mound & Padres Top Stack

Jul 11 2022 | 00:33:46


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Jon Impemba and James Grande preview Monday's MLB DFS main slate on DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcast with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 Well, what's going on affiliation, John and Pemba here with James Grande. This is the quick pitch lb DFS podcast recording here for Monday's eight game main slate. James man. How you been Speaker 2 00:00:19 Doing well back in the saddle last week was tough in terms of scheduling. We both had some personal things to attend to with the, so we kind of put the pot off a couple days, but we're back at it full week of podcasts. Let's go. Speaker 1 00:00:33 Yeah, exactly. And though we were, we didn't pot a couple times last week, we still were available in discord answering questions. And so we didn't completely abandon you, which is our promise as always. So, but we do have eight games to get to here. Some nice matchups, some top pitchers in bad spots, I'll say right? Like Scher gets Atlanta Sharez is obviously a beast, but Atlanta is a really top offense. Uh, great return star for max though. Huh? Six innings to it. Elevens strikeouts. No, not wasting time at all. You have Aaron NOLA going up against the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis he's over $10,000. You have max freed going up against the met team he's faced once this season already. But like I mentioned, he's drawing the opposite side of the sheer match. You have Shawn mane in Cal, in Colorado. Not really a great spot, make a list. Is it going up against Philadelphia? So like those, the top five pitchers, I don't know, like it sure is maybe the only one I would play with semi confidence just cuz the way at Atlanta's been striking out so much, I don't really love the other spots. Fried's probably fine. The Mets had a tough time today with akin tower, but the rest of this, of that top group I'm questioning. Speaker 2 00:01:40 I mean, I'm definitely unsures there all formats, no matter who he faces, I actually really like Aaron. So I'm definitely on the other side of the fence St. Louis last two weeks, 24th and ops, they have a 24% carried over that time and all year I've played right handed pitching against St. Louis, their league average. They're much better against lefties, their eighth and the league in ops. So I love ALA. I've loved everything about him the last like two months. And he's striking everyone out. I know he didn't have like that strikeout start against Washington still gave us seven and two thirds didn't get the wind. And that obviously hurt. But outside of that start, I mean, he has five plus strikeouts in all, but one other outing this year and that outing was in Colorado. So upgrade in pitchers park, going to St. Louis as well. So I really like Ola. I like both those two top pitchers. The Mets have been better against right-handed pitching as well. They don't, they still don't strike out a lot. Speaker 1 00:02:38 Free's a lefty. So Speaker 2 00:02:40 No, I know. So my point is they've been better against righty. So going to freed makes sense. I mean the guy is just that dude. I mean faces the Dodgers two runs nine strikeouts goes to Cincinnati, not a great offense, but we know Cincinnati's good against leftees and in great American seven innings, one run St. Louis hits lefties just mentioned doesn't allow, run over six innings. I mean, he's just that good. So I'm willing to go to him too. I actually like this top tier ment Speaker 1 00:03:10 I giving you 25 fancy points basically against the giants and the Dodgers without getting a win is good. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:03:16 It's crazy. It's crazy there. I mean, I will go all three of those guys over Manay and I do agree MI less and I think you and I fade him probably too much, cuz he's been pretty good. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:03:27 Even like he's like flash Shri out upside a time. The thing is like couch wars hitting too many home runs right now. So yeah. Uh, and he only had one strikeout against the Phillies in there two starts ago. So not the most ideal spot if we're looking in the mid tier, I mean, Meryl Kelly isn't back pitching well again and the giants, we know that offense has been up and down at times you get 'em in a pitcher's park in San Francisco, Kelly this year, pretty good across the board. So $7,600 would you obviously you pick a pitcher in this match, right? Cober Kelly. Speaker 2 00:04:00 Yeah. I feel like they just face each other. I think they face each other in their last it's Speaker 1 00:04:05 Actually. Yeah, it's very last starting. You're right. Six and a third, two earned six strikeouts for Kelly in that game. 19 points. No win Speaker 2 00:04:10 Though. Yeah. I mean, he's been good outside of three of his last four starts he's given us two earned runs or less and equality outing. And even in that Detroit game, wasn't terrible. And you still got your double dig, Japan points. He's got us double digit fantasy points. It's six straight. He's got us 19 or more in four of six and San F offenses. They're okay. Like they're league average against righties 23% care rate over the last two weeks though. John tier point like attacking, attacking San Francisco is ideal 29th and ops 29th, 28th, rather in WOBA. So yeah, I think, and Speaker 1 00:04:46 It feels like San Francisco, some of their better bats are from the left side and it isn't Kelly tends to be reversed, splits picture. There Speaker 2 00:04:53 Has been. Yeah. And plus San Francisco lost Longoria to the I L lately. Yeah. Its hurt. Brandon belts hurt. Like they have a bunch of guys missing and we know how streaky like guys with Jack Peterson and Mike Greski are so yeah, I think Merril, Kelly's gonna probably pick up quite a bit of ownership here. I guess I'll just quickly throw this name out. I want to see what your opinion is because I've been using guys against Indians kind of frequently even though, or the guardians lately. Speaker 1 00:05:20 I like, but he's just been having blow up innings Speaker 2 00:05:23 Since yeah. He has not been, he has not been great. That's for sure. Yeah. 8,200. I really like the price and I really like the matchup. I agree worth. I think he's worth a shot in a torment, especially considering like if you're not spending up on, I mean, if you're pivoting away from me, you're playing one of the top three guys plus Meryl Kelly, most likely the what's a pivot away outside of Lancelin. If you have one I'm all ears. Cuz I don't see much that I like. Speaker 1 00:05:49 Yeah there isn't really Daniel Lynch comes off. The Yel gets Detroit. The last two starts for him before going on the IL weren't awful. Speaker 2 00:05:57 Sorry does have lefties though. That's the one thing they do is hit lefties fairly well. Speaker 1 00:06:03 I mean BEO gets Tampa bay again at 5k. He first start jitters over maybe, right? Like yeah. I think I'd be willing. He was 28% rostered. How many people do you think rostered him this time of the exact same price in the exact same spot. Right? Speaker 2 00:06:17 Take the under. Speaker 1 00:06:19 I mean I would be willing to take a dart throw on him again again, the kid has very good stuff. First start. He hung some pitches. Yondi Diaz was just lacing doubles off the right field, off the green monster against him. I mean, I'd be willing to give him another opportunity to show why he's a top 50 prospect in baseball at 5k. I think Glen Otto at home against Oakland is kind of interesting. You faced him already this year, five innings, one run allowed five strikeouts in that game, 21 fantasy points. They had 15 fantasy points and a loss against Baltimore last time out. Just one earn run in that start. I mean, is he exciting? No Oakland feels like they actually they're actually hitting the ball a little bit better lately as well. But Texas has been playing more of a pitchers park since they changed stadium. So Speaker 2 00:07:05 I think that's changes here. I think I saw something that Texas has like randomly been a top 10 park and runs per game, which is why I was also just looking at his he's also has an eight era at home. Yeah. Compared to a three 30 on the road. Which good point? I don't know. Speaker 1 00:07:25 He's not giving him a lot of home runs though. You're just giving him hits. Let's see. 24 hits and 21 innings. Only four homers. Speaker 2 00:07:32 12 global life is 12th and runs per game this year. Yeah. So slightly worse than league average. I agree. I I'm not, I think I'd always in play. I'm just, Speaker 1 00:07:43 It feels like when I've played pictures against thet lately, like Elvis Andrews has hit like a backbreaking home run off of the guy I had. And I'm like, what's what is happening here? Right? Let's see is Speaker 2 00:07:54 I I'm with you in tournaments? Ugh. Oakland still is like not doing Speaker 1 00:07:59 Yeah. They're still not good. Last two weeks, 28th and batting average. <inaudible> their 29th strikeout rate. They are, Speaker 2 00:08:08 They're not really striking out. Speaker 1 00:08:10 So that's so maybe that's a 2 38 bat or five 80 ops. I mean like, I don't know if you're looking for value. I think auto and BEO are the two I'm I'm looking to go towards. Speaker 2 00:08:22 Okay. I'm with you. I mean, I don't see there's nothing else for me. Speaker 1 00:08:26 So last 30 days versus, or last 14 days versus right-handed pitching Oakland has the 24.6% strikeout rate. That's six highest. Their batting average is 1 99. Their WOBA is 2 59. So Brady are still just absolutely dominating them. So something to look at and Speaker 2 00:08:46 John Jose Urena Speaker 1 00:08:47 I know. Yeah. Or Speaker 2 00:08:48 In Colorado Speaker 1 00:08:50 I know he pitched, he broke a lot of hearts the other day Speaker 2 00:08:52 He broke everyone's heart. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:08:55 Six and two thirds an earned run against the Dodgers. But I mean he is in course, is he really gonna pitch his way around this course? I don't think either. So I'm with you. I, so we'll get to it stack against. I'm not playing him though. Like I said, for me, the values are be and Otto for the mid tier. I'm okay with the land again. He's just, he just has like that one inning where he gets blown up against Baltimore. They sent him out for the sixth or the seventh. He gave up a bunch of runs last game, the fifth inning, he gave up a two run home, run, Cleveland doesn't strike out at all. That's another thing, even though Frankie, for whatever reason today have like five strikeouts, but they're not a team that strikes out 15% strikeout rate against right-handed pitch. Yeah. That's crazy. Over the last two weeks. So Arizona 13% strike out right over the last two weeks. That's a little bit. That's a little surprising. Eh? Yeah. So anyways, that's for pitching. Sures are free for me. You like NOLA. That's fine. He's a good pitcher. You can get on board. If the numbers play out the way they do Kelly and you like Lynn as a pivot contrarian option and then OTO and BEO as value. Yep. Speaker 1 00:09:54 All right. Catcher. What do you like Speaker 2 00:09:56 Not paying 5k for Mitch Carver. That's insane. Christian Vasco. Christian Vasque is homed again? I shouldn't say Homer again. Speaker 1 00:10:04 I think GARS actually having season ending surgery. No. Speaker 2 00:10:07 Is that officially announced? Speaker 1 00:10:08 Well, I saw reports over the weekend that like Monday was gonna be his surgery day. Yeah. Last start on Sunday. His surgery on Monday. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:10:16 So they let him play all this time. Yeah. To then just be like, all right. Here's your, here's your date? Yep. Okay. That's wonderful. Eric. Speaker 1 00:10:25 Eric lefty. Yeah. Eric that dude's hitting over 300 with like a 900 ops against left hand and pitching this season 4,500 lately. More expensive than we want pay for him. But you mentioned Lynch has been a gas can for a lot of the season. So I'm down with that play. Speaker 2 00:10:40 Yeah. 3 41. Well, but seven 90 op opiates against him. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:10:44 Exactly. Jay Melendez against the, I Speaker 2 00:10:46 Think that's fine for Tobins Melendez just is not doing anything but homering. So I think tournaments, I think Speaker 1 00:10:54 That is perfect for tournament. Speaker 2 00:10:55 Yeah. Perfect. For perfect retirements. Let's see mean Jonna. Heim. Speaker 1 00:10:59 Yeah. Oh yeah. I mean Jaheim for sure is in the lineup now. Yeah. He's wait. He was in the lineup anyways, but like now he is definitely in the lineup. Who D don't know who DH is now for Texas. That's the question. Yeah. So he's definitely in, he can go co catch against mania if you want Speaker 2 00:11:13 Or vice versa. AARO or both they that's your two truck whoever's in the start lineup is Speaker 1 00:11:18 Your truck. I mean, I know it's not a lefty, but you've been touting Carson Kelly down for a couple weeks and he's batting average 1 71, but the last week, almost 300 with a nine 70 op yeah. Speaker 2 00:11:27 He's Speaker 1 00:11:28 Breaking. And he hit leadoff the other day. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:11:30 He's so he's gonna hit Le I first Speaker 1 00:11:32 Lefty, he Speaker 2 00:11:32 Still hit lead. Yeah. It's still lefty thing, but like still, I mean, dude, like he had a awful LA last season was awful and the beginning of this year was awful, but like he had like 300, a couple years ago and hit like a bunch of bombs. Yeah. He's much better than whatever's happened over the last year and a half. So I'm, I'll keep playing him. I still think like the chalk catchers are cores, but like if you wanna pay down, be contrarian, Kelly's definitely the guy. Speaker 1 00:12:00 Yep. First base position, bras priced way up. He was mid four Ks the other day. We loved him top price first baseman now. I mean, he's still hot, but you know, he needs the Homer. So, but that leads me to like, I guess like this top tier who's who's sticking out to you. Speaker 2 00:12:15 Nobody. Isaac parades. Speaker 1 00:12:17 Yeah. I guess. Speaker 2 00:12:19 I mean a Speaker 1 00:12:19 Oh Nate, low against Speaker 2 00:12:21 Martinez. Yeah. Nate low man. Like Speaker 1 00:12:23 Luke VO ID versus arena. Speaker 2 00:12:25 Yeah, that's a good one. Boy should garner some ownership. I actually think Derek hall is like, he's been a monster for failure. Seven extra base hits and 11 game four home runs. If you don't believe in Milos and hunter Dozier, another guy who's absolutely raking John 3 43, 3 78, 6 57 slash over his last 10 games. Seven extra base hits eight RBIS. 3,200. So I think value is actually better than the top tier because you could probably play Hoskins. You could probably play CJ Corona if he is in the lineup. Cuz he didn't play Speaker 1 00:13:00 First $2,100 against U Reno Speaker 2 00:13:03 Hosser is $2,100. Well, I mean what's the point of the rest of position then? Like I get it. He's been bad. I get he's been bad, but like, like Speaker 1 00:13:11 Don't you just put him in there? Speaker 2 00:13:13 Yeah. No that's not let, like, let's just say you're building a cash lineup. Right? And you wanted like sures are freed. I mean you play Hosner you have $4,000 for the rest of your lineup. Like you don't even need to worry about or the rest of like the getting any other pitcher other than the whoever you want. Yeah. You're also gonna probably spend down a catcher in this game. You're gonna spend down everywhere. I mean yeah. Cash games. You're probably gonna play air Cosmo 2100. Speaker 1 00:13:37 That's I mean that's at least how I look at it. I mean, DACH gets a left year. He's you know the right side. The platoon for him. He's two K he's in two 50 over the last 10. He's got like a team hitting seven 70 ops against left hand to pitching again, if you're unlikely, but if you're making a bunch of lineups, like, and you're looking to pivot off of another midprice guy, like DACH, at least maybe could be that guy. Speaker 2 00:13:57 Yeah, man. He fits cuz like if you're building a red Sox stack, like they are not cheap at all. They're super expensive. So if you wanted to play, actually I gotta take that back. Deborah's is 4,700. I don't know Jamie Martinez's 41. Speaker 1 00:14:13 Oh, JD hallmark tonight. Speaker 2 00:14:14 I know. But like, I'm just like, I guess we're just U like story 43. What the hell's going on? Speaker 1 00:14:20 Yeah. We'll see if ever's plays. He got hit or he hurt himself the other day. He has 'em on the lineup. So Speaker 2 00:14:25 I just, I'm just confused by that. Yeah. That's just super confusing cuz like I'm just, I feel like we're just programmed to see the thing is like reading five K Boston players. Speaker 1 00:14:35 Yeah. You're gonna play Hosmer because you're gonna play my Chato at 49. Yeah. True. So there's your saving some money in there. Second base. Where do you, where are you going here? Not your typical names at the top. At second here. Speaker 2 00:14:46 I mean you can play SIM he continues to be good. Six X base hits over his last 10 games. Two. So base over that's band two 13. So bases is a good sign. So like he's kind of doing everything mentioned parade. I think I'd say the same thing I said about is it BEO or is it be it's BEO? Speaker 1 00:15:02 No, it's be it's apparently it's BEO. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:15:04 Okay. So my apologies to Mr. BEO for the correct. I Speaker 1 00:15:08 Called him. I called them Bella until I heard them call his name, bitch bad. Speaker 2 00:15:12 <laugh> okay. I think I'll say the same thing that I said the last time. I like him again as value, but I'm also willing to stack against him. Like it's you play him in tournament if you want and you also stack against him. So I think like parades Gman or whoever is in the raise lineup is fine. He Speaker 1 00:15:27 Depends under 4k. So Speaker 2 00:15:28 Yeah, I think the razor, a relatively decent stack, unfortunately wanders now hurt again. So like that obviously takes away from it. Brandon Rogers. We know rakes against lefties. I know he's been bad. Speaker 1 00:15:39 I have it up right here. Nine. He has 3 41 with a 9 65. Geez. PS against lefties. Speaker 2 00:15:45 And what's he hit at home. I mean he's 2, 8 43 ops at home too. He's hit all eight of his home runs in Corfield. So he likes hitting at home. Could tell Marte he's been really good lately. He homered on Sunday hits in four or five games. Trevor's story again? Boston just feels a little cheap. I know Trevor's story has been lately. Speaker 1 00:16:07 I'll see. Except for that like weeks. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:16:09 Except for home runs. Yeah. Yeah. Fair. But he, he gets left and that he still hits left as well. So I mean Trevor's story. 43 feels a Speaker 1 00:16:16 Little, I drawn in scope lately. Reagan. Speaker 2 00:16:19 Sure. I dropped him in Fs. G a John. Speaker 1 00:16:21 Yeah. Big mistake. Speaker 2 00:16:23 I mean he look at his season average. I'm like, dude, this guy can't do anything. Four stone bases in the last like week it's like, are you gotta be just Speaker 1 00:16:31 Yeah. Not his game, but he's he is learning <laugh> Speaker 2 00:16:33 He's learning causes the only way he's gonna stay in the lineup. Yeah. I think Detroit Speaker 1 00:16:38 Detroit's sneaky Detroit Speaker 2 00:16:39 Sneak. You know what? What's funny too. We're gonna sit here and say they're sneaky. And then we're gonna like get our, we're gonna get our draft percentage. We're gonna get our draft percentage report at form. Be like, why is Detroit? Cause they're cheap. Right? Like they're gonna be like, what is Detroit? Like the chalk stack of the day to fit cores or to fit whatever it's like. Speaker 1 00:16:57 It probably means still three K. So that's Speaker 2 00:16:59 Your dude. They're gonna be Chuck the pains. Speaker 1 00:17:03 Any other second basement. Speaker 2 00:17:04 Poly Tampa bay dudes are so bad. Like B and walls now there's no one else. Speaker 1 00:17:09 Okay. Going over the third again. You got here Speaker 2 00:17:13 Loaded position today. Speaker 1 00:17:14 All right. 4,900. If you're not a believer in Lance Lynn, Jose Ramirez. Even Speaker 2 00:17:19 If you are, I'd be willing to play Jose Ramirez, dude. He's so good. Speaker 1 00:17:23 You know, let's see. I mentioned Maido you said Yandy had a really good game against him the other day three for four. And that game two doubles and RBI, a run score rather today, three for four double to RBI. He doesn't hit any home runs, but like he gets hits. He gets on base. He's got a 400 on base percentage. Speaker 2 00:17:44 Yeah. He's crazy. Speaker 1 00:17:45 Billy Bean loves this guy. Speaker 2 00:17:46 Like this is Billy Bean wishes. YDI Diaz was the round when Speaker 1 00:17:51 You would build an entire Speaker 2 00:17:52 Team. Yeah. I guess like I, the problem is like, I'd be hard pressed not to find like 500 bucks to get to Machado. Yeah. Like somewhere. Or like if you're a BVP believer just to back the Jose Ramirez theory up six for 17, three home runs against Lancelin he's Speaker 1 00:18:11 A, he's Speaker 2 00:18:12 A good. Yeah. And then Rojas is, Speaker 1 00:18:14 I was gonna say Roja dude, Speaker 2 00:18:15 Lighting the world on fire. So like I agree, John, I think. And we didn't even, and like we're not benching devs cuz he has the day today and like might not play, but like obviously elite against. Yeah, he Speaker 1 00:18:27 Is good against lefties. It doesn't even matter. Speaker 2 00:18:29 Like I should wanna play ya Diaz or I should like respect what he's doing. Cuz he is actually giving us double digit fantasy points. Yeah. But it just like, Speaker 1 00:18:38 The other thing is when you look at him, like he's a big dude. Like he lost like you should get Speaker 2 00:18:42 Power, but he has the two, he has the two top buttons undone. He has wait until he works. Speaker 1 00:18:47 Wait until somebody shows him with launch angle is, and that like all those laced doubles that he has will be home runs. Speaker 2 00:18:54 It's just, I like, I know I should just like get past it. Speaker 1 00:18:58 He's he's probably a very good cash game play. Speaker 2 00:19:00 So yeah he's you're Speaker 1 00:19:01 But like you said, like this is a spend up position. You're just kind playing vagina or Ramirez. Those are, those are the two you're gonna lock in. But what are we talk about the other day? Right? The, what sparked our whole attack, the chalk conversation was the BEO start, right? Like right. And the winning GDP lineups stacked raise against a 28% rostered BEO. So I mean it's, if you're making multiple lineups, even if it's just one or two, if you think BEO is another chalk play 20 plus percent roster ship, make one of your lineups array stack. Because if they go off again, you're gonna have huge leverage on the field. Speaker 2 00:19:35 And I completely agree. And that is John's comments for everyone for context is geared towards torments. So like we're not playing Yandy Diaz over Machado and cash or Ramirez in cash. Like it's Speaker 1 00:19:47 Most likely not now Speaker 2 00:19:48 It's since Machado in cos or it's Jose or Ramirez's BVP and right. So yeah. Speaker 1 00:19:54 Short stop. Cause Speaker 2 00:19:55 Wait I'm uh, just quick JD Davis. Yeah. JD Davis for a punt. I was gonna say Al bomb. Who homed twice in a game the other day he's actually been kind of good lately. Three 50 over his last 10 games. Milo is. And if you're playing a white sex stack, I know we haven't like mentioned him at all and I, I don't like you on Manca but you on Manca and Heimer Condolario who's coming around as well against lefty. Speaker 1 00:20:21 G D down finds his way into a lineup. He Speaker 2 00:20:23 Pinch hit. Did you see inch hit tonight for Speaker 1 00:20:26 Oh tonight? No, I saw the other, Speaker 2 00:20:28 So Duran left the game tonight. I don't know what the let's find out. Jeter downs. Pinch hit for him. Speaker 1 00:20:38 I know they have pinch hit for him again. When lefties have been up at latent Speaker 2 00:20:42 Games, it was like in the middle of, it was like not late in the game though. At least at least I don't think it was Duran had, I guess it was, he had three F bats at that point. Speaker 1 00:20:53 Yeah. So it was probably a crunch time thing with like, I imagine maybe a lefty was on the mound and they just, they pulled the plug on him or something like that. So, or we'll find out maybe there was an injury, a situation here, cuz there are no lefties that actually pitched tonight for the Yankees. So something, what did he pinch hit him for Chapman maybe? Speaker 2 00:21:10 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:21:11 Possibly. Possibly Speaker 2 00:21:12 Chapman. Yeah. They're not, there's nothing. There's nothing reported about an injury, so. Speaker 1 00:21:17 Okay. Yeah. So that's at least something to, to look at. Let's see here. Yep. That's what happened. Chapman pitching for the New York and the sixth downs. Pinch hits Chitz or Duran. So there you go. They pinch hit the lefty cuz it was a six, six game at the time actually. So Speaker 2 00:21:32 Yeah. Rolling Chapman is dust by the way. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:21:34 He pitching at six inning now. It's crazy. So anyways, if down finds his way into a lineup, he's two K versus lefty. It's the right side of the split frame. All short stop Seager and 51 Anderson. Yeah. That's Speaker 2 00:21:45 Yeah. Seger feels chalky. Yeah. He's hitting. Well he is home runs in three straight games, Speaker 1 00:21:50 Dude. Three straight games and 3, 4 0 5. Speaker 2 00:21:53 Yeah. He's gonna be your chalk. That's your chalk first base or short stop. That's Speaker 1 00:21:58 Yours or so he's earning every dollar that he was paid now. So yep. I like Rosario and him. Didn't talk about Himenez but I'd do him Inez as well against him against Lynn here. Yep. Bobby WIC came back into the lineup. I don't know what your thoughts on him, but Speaker 2 00:22:11 Yeah, I think they're sneaky the Royals and I thought that the other day and they completely let me down, but against by 8 0 300 average, 800 ops, 3 43 47 WBA and Bobby, Whit's done all his damage this year against right. Hundred pitching. So Speaker 1 00:22:24 This is hitting 3 39 with a nine 20 ops first lefties. Speaker 2 00:22:28 Yeah. He's Speaker 1 00:22:29 Yeah. Not hitting well, but hitting a good split for him Speaker 2 00:22:32 There. Yeah. He's just hitting left. Just play him when there's a lefty in the mound, play him the running in the mound. Don't even look at his name. Speaker 1 00:22:38 Don't even look at his name. Let's see. I would entertain. Andrew said 2,800. Speaker 2 00:22:43 Do we've been talking about him a little bit. Speaker 1 00:22:44 9 74 ops dude. Last time Speaker 2 00:22:47 Hitting. Yeah, I keep shut again. I like okay. Like stop hitting for power. Like we know that's whatever's happening. Like this power stuff is not real, but man, I mean you wanna be contrarian. You wanna play some Oakland guys. Let's see Glen Otto against righties. Not against right. Trying to find the other splits here. 2 87 average eight 40 ops 3 71 BBA. So just to keep that in mind, right-handed batters against Glen OTO and especially matters for we get the outfield cuz the best hitter on Oakland is the right-handed batter. Speaker 1 00:23:21 So here's a good one. I think at least maybe a CJ Abrams. Speaker 2 00:23:25 Ooh. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:23:26 $2,100 hitting lead off. In course Speaker 2 00:23:30 He's free as well. Huh? Okay. So I mean, Speaker 1 00:23:33 Oh we talked about it. So you get a $2,100 air customer. You have a $4,900 man. A child. You have a $2,100. CJ Abrams. Speaker 2 00:23:40 Yeah. That's that feels good. I mean that it feels like even if you didn't wanna play Hosmer but like you're gonna cuz he's 2100. So you have sheer freed probably. I mean the only thing is I guess they're facing each other. Speaker 1 00:23:54 Yeah. That's that is the big thing Speaker 2 00:23:55 There. NOLA. Let's just say you wanted to just double barrel two most expensive guys. You go sure are NOLA. And then those three San Diego guys, you still have $4,100 Speaker 1 00:24:05 Per and you're spending down on that catcher. Speaker 2 00:24:07 Yeah. And we've talked during ahe. Speaker 1 00:24:09 Yeah. 40, $4,200 of position after Speaker 2 00:24:12 That. It's crazy. Speaker 1 00:24:13 So throw JD Davis in your outfield. You're even cheaper. Now you got $4,800 a player for two outfielders in a second basement. Just that one. If you want to go Brendan Rogers. Now you have 5k and outfielder for your time. Final two outfielders. Now you have 4k for your outfield and then you go ahead and you throw somebody else in there. Maybe a grit, Chuck and it's Mani or something like that. Spitballing. I wish we had the extra a hundred to get to JD Martina, but you can play around. You can play around there's things. There's ways to go. So anyways, super cheap CJ Abrams at 2100 hitting lead off the last three gains versus a righty. So Speaker 2 00:24:48 It's a good call Johnny. Speaker 1 00:24:49 Yeah. Top prospect can hit, can run. All right. Outfielders. You got Schwar daddy. Speaker 2 00:24:54 Yeah. It's hard. Hard to fade. Hard to figure. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:24:57 It's he's he's literally hitting home runs or he is going over for so when he is hot though, like he is double, so definitely worthy of your consideration. I don't mind the white Sox, even though they're better against lefties. That's fine for me. We know the Rockies and Padres are all in play for the jock jams. Power Speaker 2 00:25:16 Has a one off has a like, because we like Meryl Kellys a little bit. So is true. Probably more as a one off Speaker 1 00:25:23 Ramon, LO's got a weird, weird split area or not splits, but last thing games is hitting just 2 29, but with a 9 29, 8 Speaker 2 00:25:30 Hits, four of them being home run is four on runs. And we just mentioned Glen OTO struggles against RS and Brianna is their best hitter hitting from the right side. So yeah, I think that's a good play. I also listen. It's gonna be hard to not play JD Martinez at $4,100. I know he hasn't been great, but he did Homer, as you mentioned, I mean like what does he have? What is he tonight? He's one for five with a home run and two ribs. I mean obviously one for five's not great, but the home run jumpstart, like we just don't see JD $4,100. Speaker 1 00:26:02 So here's one. If so that lineup that I mentioned, I had Schwarber and I said, I wish we had an extra, a hundred dollars to get the JD. If you go from Schwarber to a Kuya, you allows you to get JD Martinez, a Kuya in his career against max Scher, three 50, a double, a triple two home runs. Speaker 2 00:26:20 Oh that's Speaker 1 00:26:21 In 20 at bats. Speaker 2 00:26:22 That's interesting. Speaker 1 00:26:24 He's hitting three 50 with a 12 month. Speaker 2 00:26:26 Yes. That lineup. Here's the thing that lineup also has sch Speaker 1 00:26:30 That's true. Speaker 2 00:26:31 So you would have to then pivot off SHS. I mean, if you wanted to Speaker 1 00:26:35 Do that or you just hope that like the one run is a Kuya, right? Like is homers Speaker 2 00:26:40 <laugh> you could just pivot to freed and then you open up like a, a ton of money cuz have Speaker 1 00:26:44 He's also the only guy that hits him. Well, so yeah. Zoom is the next guy is 11 for 41 with a couple bonds. Speaker 2 00:26:52 So tough sell, but tough sell. I see the vision. Speaker 1 00:26:55 Just trying to get the Speaker 2 00:26:56 JD. Yeah. I see the VI. I see the vision. Speaker 1 00:26:58 All right. So there's that? Uh, let's see. Michael Harris keeps sitting. We're not gonna play him in this spot, but I mean, Speaker 2 00:27:04 He has been so good. Speaker 1 00:27:05 He's been very good hit for you the other day. Refs, nighter probably starts instead of Duran with a lefty on Speaker 2 00:27:09 The Mo yeah, he homered on Saturday, Speaker 1 00:27:12 Broke a guy's windshield. Did you see the pitcher? Speaker 2 00:27:14 No. Speaker 1 00:27:15 He hit the, he hit that ball over the monster, over lands, down street and into the top parking garage, across the street and smashed the dude's back windshield. Speaker 2 00:27:24 I saw the bomb, but I didn't see the, that Speaker 1 00:27:27 Spot. He hit it. He hit it very far. Yeah. He hit it over the street. That's behind the wall. Speaker 2 00:27:32 So hitting was never a problem for Rob R Snyder. He was just always so dreadful everything else in field. Yeah. And but when you get you're hitting 3 44 on the year, I mean, you gotta a place somewhere. Speaker 1 00:27:45 That is true. Fran Miller 34 for home run upside. Speaker 2 00:27:48 Yeah, man can Speaker 1 00:27:49 Do that. Speaker 2 00:27:50 Harold Ramirez Yandy Diaz's light. I mean, is he not? He's not like dude, he's heading 3 24 on the year. Back to back. Multi hit games. No, no power, no, no power. Speaker 1 00:28:03 That's all I got Jonathan di who's hitting 300 with no power and nothing else either. Speaker 2 00:28:08 Yeah. No power. Speaker 1 00:28:09 He's he's actually doing nothing. He gets on base on 3 50, 2 OHP, about 700 op opiates. Let's see here. Grossman's better against lefties, right? Speaker 2 00:28:17 Yeah. He hits, he crushed lefties last year. I think he's hitting third. This year against lefties two. He's a hundred percent in your, probably in your tiger. A hundred percent in your tiger stack. If he's in the lineup, which I suspect he is Speaker 1 00:28:31 Louis Gonzalez got activated off the IL he's 2300 Speaker 2 00:28:35 Probably leads off against Merl Kelly too. Right. So yeah. I think Speaker 1 00:28:39 Two hits today. I hate yesterday in his return. Speaker 2 00:28:41 Yeah. He's good. No, he's good. He's he has speed. He has power. Speaker 1 00:28:44 Yeah. Shouldn't be 2300. Is what we're Speaker 2 00:28:46 Saying? Shouldn't be 2300. We didn't really mention, I just for pricing. I'm looking at first. It's super weird. But like Conor, Joe would be okay with black men. Speaker 1 00:28:58 Yeah. I like them all against man. I on him. There's like I, what I said the other day, like he hasn't been very good, right? Speaker 2 00:29:05 No Speaker 1 00:29:05 He hasn't. We remember. Speaker 2 00:29:07 I he's like random, big games. Speaker 1 00:29:08 Yeah. Remember I told you, I'm like, dude, I wanna stack the Mariners versus verse mania and yep. I think I only had JRO and that was the game where he almost hit it out of the stadium. So Speaker 2 00:29:19 Not a single player on the Padre's moved. Speaker 1 00:29:22 Yeah. Just to look at it. That's all just to look at it. But I mean, look at these last four starts 5, 2, 3, and four. Earn runs Speaker 2 00:29:28 For him four and four home runs. Speaker 1 00:29:29 And look, he's not look who he's pitching against. Right. Chicago, Arizona, Seattle. It's not like it's the Yankees here. Right? He's he is just he's walking guys. He's giving up home runs. So in cores now. Speaker 2 00:29:41 No, no it's scary. No it's Speaker 1 00:29:42 Morgan Freeman. Good luck. Like Speaker 2 00:29:44 I agree, man. I was just looking at pricing really? Cuz I don't, we haven't really mentioned much in terms of like, Speaker 1 00:29:52 I just did like a blanket statement that everybody was in play, but yeah, Speaker 2 00:29:55 Sure. No Maza it's Speaker 1 00:29:57 Too bad that Chris Bryant got taken out of the game and they said it was just cramping. So like Chris Bryan Speaker 2 00:30:01 Or he's the lineup. Yeah. If he's in the lineup, that's a chalk cash play Chris. Bryan's the lineup. That's a chalk Speaker 1 00:30:06 Play 103 homers the last three games. Like, and he hasn't been in course yet since he's been activated, right? No. Yes he was. In course he Speaker 2 00:30:14 Was acting, he Bon's pitched. I'm seeing if mannas pitched, in course in the past, just for, he has pitched two games in course. And he has a lot of two home runs and 10 innings, 600 runs. He has a five era has lost both his start career. In course. Speaker 1 00:30:30 Yeah. That doesn't seem, yeah, we didn't mention power hitting Jose Gladius but he is five for 11 off of shaman. I Ooh, if you wanted to go there, Chris Bryant is three for four with two home runs. Speaker 2 00:30:42 That's pretty good. That's pretty good. Speaker 1 00:30:44 Decent little Speaker 2 00:30:45 Numbers look. And here's the, here it is ready. Cash games. Tomorrow are Monday. We're recording on Sunday evening. This game is going to be extremely popular. You wanna be with the field, but what do we always say? If you wanna be different in tournaments, you don't have to play this game. We know Shawn Manaya is vulnerable, but we also know he can shut down a lineup and strike out 10 plus people. I think he's done it twice this year or he is had a boatload of strikeouts once Speaker 1 00:31:15 This would be quite a feed for him though, because against love hand ended pitching the Rockies are like first in every category. So Speaker 2 00:31:21 No I don't, I'm not disagreeing, but I'm just saying like we have seen on multiple occasions, chalk and cores not hit and I'm going to play Padres. I'm going to play a shit ton of Padres. Every Padre is Speaker 1 00:31:35 I know I said like first in every category, but they are 2 91, average 8 0 3 ops 3 49 Wilbur, all the most best numbers against lefthand pitching in baseball. Speaker 2 00:31:45 I mean it's definitely, it will definitely be a different team. Let Speaker 1 00:31:49 Say has 300 than eight 80 ops and a three 80 WOBA home against left-hand Speaker 2 00:31:54 Pitching. So here we go, John, just for context, the, those are insane. CJ. Speaker 1 00:31:58 15% strike out Speaker 2 00:31:59 Right now. Big Chrome. Hasn't played in two games. Speaker 1 00:32:02 Yeah. Also better it's rights this year, Speaker 2 00:32:05 Chris Bryant, you mentioned removed from Sunday's game. Hopefully GLAC is also day to day with a head injury. He has dizziness from a collision from Friday. Just saying if those three guys are not in the lineup in tournaments, that is a very watered down Rocky lineup up. That's what I'm saying. I'm not saying I'm gonna play them. Trust me. I'm gonna play rock. No question about it playing Rockies. You don't even have to ask me, but I'm also not like against fing them in torments. That's not me saying I'm gonna play Trump and I, cuz I'm not stupid, but I'm not against the fade of chalk. Especially the first day of Chos. I don't know. I feel like I'm better. I feel like I'd like to play San Diego more and that's not really saying a lot. Cuz Jose Rena's on the mound, but that's just where I stand right now with Cho. I'm gonna play them. I'm going to be heavy on them in cash. I'm gonna be heavy on them in tournaments, but I'm definitely gonna have full fade lineups or one offs and so on and so forth. Speaker 1 00:33:05 Okay. Sounds good. Gimme a home run call Speaker 2 00:33:07 Outside. Of course. Do you have one? You go first. If you got something Speaker 1 00:33:11 I will go with, you got me on the spot here. Give me a Jose Ramirez. Speaker 2 00:33:16 I'm gonna go with of the air. Buy it. J hobby bias is by a lot of Speaker 1 00:33:21 Confidence in our picks. I have those Ramirez. You have Javier buy it, Cofield excluded or else I would've taken like any member Speaker 2 00:33:28 Of yeah. Insert here. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:33:30 So that playbook I believe is justed Freeland peak O actually peak O is on the playbook for Monday and we'll be in discord. If you have any questions hit us up and we'll catch you guys later.

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