May 12, 2023


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 12, 2023

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 12, 2023
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 12, 2023

May 12 2023 | 00:59:01


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for today's main slate on DraftKings and bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which includes Phillies Trea Turner.

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Speaker 0 00:00:01 What's going on? FFA Nation, Jonathan Pehi with James Graley. Welcome into the Better Baseball. Mlb, D F S Playbook podcast, and livestream here recording for Friday's 13. Game main SLA James. 13 games is probably one of the larger slates we've seen, uh, in quite some time here. Uh, I mean, player pool aside, I mean, monster mashups that we got going on here. We're gonna have some weather. We have cores to deal with as well. <laugh>, I mean, man, breaking down this slate is gonna be something else here today. Speaker 1 00:00:36 Yeah. Weather Core 13 games two pitchers, 12 K or more. Um, over on DraftKings, like, um, we have a pitcher listed at $4,000. Uh, he's, you know, at bullpen arm, but just mentioning like, we got everything a, uh, a 13 game slate could possibly have to offer. Um, and I'm sure more things will happen before Roak as well. I mean, this isn't no b a so we don't have to worry about that, right? True Speaker 0 00:01:06 Weather is really the only thing we should be wearing about here, Speaker 1 00:01:09 Right? Um, Speaker 0 00:01:10 Four games with the, uh, you know, with the, the Draft Kings, uh, weather symbol here in the Met Washington, uh, angels, Cleveland, Chicago, Minnesota, and Houston. Chicago, uh, all there dealing with maybe some potential rain, uh, in the mid part of our country there. And a little bit on the East coast here in Washington, so could be down to a nine game slate. Uh, you'll have to pay attention to the weather reports, uh, obviously leading into roster lock. James and I go typically live here, five o'clock Eastern. Uh, those of you watching right now, you'll see Dan Silverio and Colby Conway live at five o'clock Eastern tonight, so they'll get you updated on all that recent weather updates that you guys are gonna need, uh, for your playbook and lineup, building and needs here today. So, uh, James, weather aside, 13 games. Let's go to Vegas here and see what is, what can we eliminate? What can we target? Obviously again, Coors is here. Philly in Colorado is the mashup there. Speaker 1 00:02:11 All right, so what can we eliminate, John? Um, so let's see. What do we got for totals here? Uh, Corbin Burns and the Milwaukee Brewers minus two 30. Biggest favorite on the board. Uh, Martine Perez, minus 1 95. Second biggest favorite on the board. Everything else is very middling. Um, nothing really stands out. Uh, but then when we get to over under, so this is the part that is gonna matter to us, the part that we can really just eliminate, as you mentioned. Um, Colorado is a 12 over under 11 and a half on some sites, 12 on others, 12 on DraftKings, 12 on FanDuel. Um, Speaker 0 00:02:58 You got a Taiwan Walker. Austin Gomer match up in that one. Speaker 1 00:03:00 Yeah. Taiwan Walker. Austin Gomer. That should be a fun one. This is interesting. John. Uh, the Boston Red Sox are sending James Paxton to the mound Yeah. To make his debut, uh, ahead of Friday's game, uh, one night before the I Embo wedding. Speaker 0 00:03:21 True. Speaker 1 00:03:22 Uh, what Speaker 0 00:03:23 A gift. Speaker 1 00:03:23 Boston. What a gift. James Paxton, uh, sending you a wedding gift. Um, verse Adam Wainwright making his second start of the year. That is a 10 over under, uh, it is gonna be hot in Boston. I've already checked the weather. Speaker 0 00:03:38 Oh yeah. Beautiful weekend of weather here. Speaker 1 00:03:41 Yeah. Considering I'm coming to celebrate you guys, uh, here I have checked my weather app. It is, and John, on some sites, Vanel Sportsbook and Bed MGM 10 and a half over under that. Speaker 0 00:03:52 Yeah, it's got Paxton in his three rehab, four rehab starts had like a seven era RS Speaker 1 00:03:57 <laugh>. So, and now has to face a lineup. Notoriously good against lefties Speaker 0 00:04:01 In Boston where the ball Speaker 1 00:04:03 In Fenway Speaker 0 00:04:05 Doesn't seem good. Speaker 1 00:04:06 Recipe recipes seems pretty good for offense. Um, nine and a half in San Francisco, Arizona. Do we have a picture listed for San Francisco in that game, John? I do not see it on covers. Speaker 0 00:04:19 Uh, Alex Wood is what Draft Kings is saying, but, um, no official word on that one yet. Speaker 1 00:04:26 Okay. Uh, Ryan Nelson pitching for Arizona. Speaker 0 00:04:30 Kapler said that, uh, after this most recent rehab start, the team's yet to make an official announcement, but it's possible he returns to the mountain on Friday. Speaker 1 00:04:39 Um, the lowest game totals, maybe some games we can, you know, at least offensively take a look at or cross off our board. Uh, Chicago, Minnesota Cubs verse wins. Sunny Gray, taking the hill against you. Smiley. Seven and a half implied runs on bed. MGM there. Um, that's like the only one under eight and a half. Everything else is pretty solid. Um, and Coors is 12, so we're gonna have to navigate the, the Coors waters as well. Speaker 0 00:05:08 Yep. All right, let's get into it. Pitchings here. Uh, Strider, you mentioned two guys over, uh, 12 K here, Strider's at 12 two, and Cole's at 12 k. Cole going up against Tampa Bay. A matchup we just saw, and a matchup that he was going really well and then he wasn't. Uh, five innings, eight hits, five earned, two Homer, six strikeouts, and that one, just seven fantasy points there. Uh, for Gar Cole against Tampa Bay's most recent start, uh, Strider's been good, but do you wanna throw 'em against Toronto? Yeah, I mean, strikeout potential maybe, but definitely a scary matchup for him there. So, I mean, I don't know. Sunny Gray had 10 K against Chicago in a game that could have some weather impact. Uh, you know, Corbin Burns against Kansas City. Maybe some interest there. Kansas City's been haunt, as we've talked about, but we also know, uh, that lineup has some strikeout potential there. Speaker 0 00:06:05 Uh, I, I, I'm, I mean for a big slate, James, I don't see a ton of like, this is my favorite spot, right? Like Martin Perez gets Oakland in Oakland. Maybe, maybe that's, uh, an opportunity to target. We know pitchers against Oakland have been pretty popular this year. Um, we just saw Dustin May and Blakes now go up against each other. Uh, Blakes now look good. What have we been talking about? Pitchers against the Dodgers? Yep. Lefty, sorry. Lefty pitchers against the Dodgers have had a lot of success. Blakes now is no different, uh, in his start there. Dustin May against San Diego also. Great six shout out inning. So kind of like scrolling through this pitching. We, we, you know, I don't know if there's like a clear cut. This is the, the right spot spot, right? Like Corbin Burns feels good at $9,200, but he hasn't been great. So, I don't know, man. What's, what's sticking out to you here? Speaker 1 00:06:58 Um, so I have a, I guess I have a, I'm okay getting to shredder against Toronto. Like the strikeout upside is obviously there against shredder. He can strike anybody out. Um, he's done it against offenses that don't necessarily strike out a lot last two weeks. Toronto, they've kind of been bad, um, 21st in o p s as a team over the last two weeks or 20th rather. The 1 62 ISO is, that's obviously in play and we know Toronto can thump, but it hasn't felt the same for them. Um, and, and the numbers kind of suggest that. So I'm okay getting to Schreider. I'm also okay, um, getting to Garrett Cole, cuz outside of one inning this year, he has been amazing. Uh, literally one inn. Yes. It was against his Tampa team, F four five innings. They did literally nothing against him, so, sure. Um, scary to pay 12 K for him, but, uh, outside of one end this year, he's been as good as advertised. So I'm okay getting to vote those guys. I do like Sunny gray, if the weather's gonna hold up. He's been great outside of the Cleveland game. You and I have just talked about it a couple times. Like he's been randomly pulled from starts, um, like 90 pitches in that Cleveland game. I know seven bass runners, three earn not the best, but like feels Speaker 0 00:08:15 They, who knows when they started to get to him there too, right? Actually finished the whole five. But, you know, Speaker 1 00:08:21 Um, so I'm okay getting to Sunny Gray. I love Corbin Burns though. 9,200. Yeah. Hasn't, you know, hasn't been bad since the, the first two starts of the year where he just looked abysmal. Um, the strikeouts, I think, you know, he leaves a little bit to be desired. Like this is an elite strikeout arm that's just had less than, or five or less than four straight outings. Like what's that about? You know? So, um, I think Corbin Burns is probably my top arm, but I can definitely see myself getting some shrider. Um, and I can see the case for Garrett Cole and Sunny Gray as well. Sure. Speaker 0 00:09:06 Um, again, like it, it is just a big price. Obviously Strider Kohl are our lead for a reason. They can shut down any lineup. There's def to me, it feels like there's just some inherited risk. Uh, plus you're looking at, uh, that Garic Cole matchup was in Tampa Bay, a better pitchers park. Now they're in Yankee Stadium. Obviously a little bit of a better hitter environment there. I know we've talked about Yankee Stadium and the runs and the metrics and all of those things for sure. Um, but I mean, like you mentioned, warmer weather, the shorter field, uh, and Tampa Bay is just an offense that just, you know, finds ways to score runs. So true. Um, mid-tier. Again, I think there's options here. I think you could go May, I think you, you know, a lot of people maybe take a look at Martin Perez again. Blake Snell, I, I don't mind going there at 8,100 bucks. He's been better, um, since we, since I, I bet his, uh, you know, that, that, uh, six innings, uh, quality sar prop for him. He's now gotten it back to back start. So, um, pitch count's never a problem. You know, it gives up a lot of home runs, home run every start, but won this year. But, um, you know, Dodgers really struggle against Fluffies. That has remained true. Speaker 1 00:10:10 It has remained true, John, but like, it's been a little better for them. Right? And we knew the Wade Miley aggression Speaker 0 00:10:18 Was, I was gonna say, I'm not even gonna count Wade Miley because Wade Miley's number just screamed that he was due to get blown up. But Speaker 1 00:10:25 I, I don't disagree. I'm just saying last 14 days, Dodgers seventh overall in o p s, um, 2 0 8 iso, you talk about power there, that's number three in the league over that span. So I'm okay getting to Snell. Um, like, I like the price tag. I think specifically that's what is the most appealing thing to me. Um, because I think when you look at the guys around him, like Dustin may isn't like he, he's fine, but he's not missing a lot of bats. Martin Perez we know doesn't miss a lot of bats. And like, I just think Snell has infinitely more upside, even though it's Oakland. Chris Bassett's been fine, but like really tough matchup in his own right. So like, this tier is not great. So that does kind of lean Snell's in Snell's favor. Um, but like, oh, the Dodgers are getting hot, man. It's little, it's a little scary. Speaker 0 00:11:30 Yeah. He just has the strike up potential that, um, you know, obviously Wade Miley doesn't have, right? So like That's Speaker 1 00:11:37 True. Speaker 0 00:11:38 This is bats. There's just nothing down here. Speaker 1 00:11:41 Yeah, no, there is. This is a, like I, we, Speaker 0 00:11:44 We laughed at JP France, but he came up and threw a shoutout Yeah. By shoutout against Seattle. So, um, you do that against the White Sox, Speaker 1 00:11:54 Maybe. Speaker 0 00:11:55 Maybe Speaker 1 00:11:56 The White Sox looked horrible against the Royals this weekend. Horrible. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:12:02 Um, I mean even, yeah, even a singer through six shout out today. Something like that. Speaker 1 00:12:06 Yeah. One run. One run. But yeah, I mean, I love Logan T. Allen, but like tough spot against the Angels. Um, maybe Speaker 0 00:12:14 Tyler Anderson last two starts for him. Haven't been awful. Uh, you know, again, lefties versus Milwaukee. Excuse me, Milwaukee, we know great spot, six and two thirds and earn seven Ks and goes and faces. Texas pretty good. Lineup five innings, two earn runs, five walks is abysmal, but six, uh, six strikeouts there. Over a hundred pitches in both. Speaker 1 00:12:33 Yeah. Now Cleveland 28th and right F Yes. Against righties or lefties. Yeah. And look, Tyler Anderson was off to an awful start, but this guy was great for the Dodgers, like, so good for the Dodgers last year. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, so yeah, I, I'm okay getting to Anderson. Uh, he's free, he's $5,500 or so. We're, we have Coors, we have a 10 and a half total in Boston. Like, we're gonna be spending up on offense, so I'm perfectly fine. Um, perfectly perfectly fine getting Tyler Anderson 55. I think that's a great call. Speaker 0 00:13:04 I'm trying to understand, what is this Josh Taylor play he used to pitch for the right sox. He's a bull. He's a reliever though. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. He's been working out of the bullpen. He is he an opener? Speaker 1 00:13:16 He's gonna be an opener. Yeah, for sure. Speaker 0 00:13:19 They don't have him listed as an opener though. Speaker 1 00:13:21 That's not, yeah, it's not confirmed, but I'm just, my assumption is he's an opener. Speaker 0 00:13:25 Okay. Uh, he's not very good. He's a lefty though. <laugh> and Milwaukee can't hit lefties. But, um, I'm just curious if like, who follows him in that game. Speaker 1 00:13:37 Right. Speaker 0 00:13:38 Um, let's see. Nelson's a rightie. Not gonna throw that there. Whew. Mean, I don't know, man. It is ugly. Yeah, it's bleak. It's ugly. I, it's ugly. Sure does. All right, well, well, we have to build the line at the end of the show, so we will find, we'll find some pitching. We'll, Speaker 1 00:14:00 We'll, we'll find some, we'll find some pitching. We'll Speaker 0 00:14:01 Find some pitching here. Uh, it could be Blake Snow, uh, ca catcher. Again, a lot of catchers on the slate. We didn't like a lot of the pitching, so gotta Speaker 1 00:14:12 Be some, gotta be some catchers. We like, Speaker 0 00:14:14 Gotta feel like there's gotta be some catchers we like here. Maybe Wilson Contreras in Fenway against James Paxton at 4,300 bucks. Uh, maybe that, maybe that is, maybe that's a pretty good spot to start. Uh, Mike Zino against Anderson Zino just murdered lefties for Luie like a 400 average a couple years ago against lefties. Speaker 1 00:14:34 Oh, it was literally like, it, remember, do you remember the JD Martinez year in Boston where he hit like he had like a 1500 op p s Yeah, it was like that in just like power. Like there was no on base percentage for Zino. Like, like jd you hit like 500 against lefties. I'll never forget, I literally, every time there's lefthand, the Mount JD Martinez was quite literally the first person in my life. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:14:56 Yeah. Um, this year, again, no batting average to speak of, but, uh, 7 83 op p s against lefties for, uh, Zu Nino, uh, last year against left-handed pitching. Uh, he had, uh, actually just a, a very bad year last year. What, what did we say two years ago? It was, Speaker 1 00:15:12 Yeah, two years ago. 21, Speaker 0 00:15:14 Right? 21 was the year, uh, it was one. Yeah. 3 42. 8 68. 1287. He had 33 homers that year. 68 slug against lefthand pitching. So, um, Zita, possibly Lang Leers against Perez, maybe. Yep. 3,300 if you're not going there, Gabriel Moreno, I don't mind Moreno it. They said it's either Wood or Stippling is gonna be the starter there for ar uh, San Francisco. So. Yep. Um, Reno, 3,100 bucks Makes, makes some sense. Speaker 1 00:15:44 Yeah. Arizona best O Ps in the league over the last two weeks. Speaker 0 00:15:47 Yeah. That's not bad. Uh, I mean, is is Fleming starting? Speaker 1 00:15:53 Yeah, Fleming starting. Speaker 0 00:15:54 I mean, he's trash. Speaker 1 00:15:57 Yeah. Uh, yeah, I mean, Yankees lit him up the last time they faced him. Speaker 0 00:16:02 I think Hak here maybe. Speaker 1 00:16:04 Yeah, they started Trevino. Yeah. It's prob, I mean, whatever catcher I, I like aga more cuz he just hits for more power. So if he was in the lineup, definitely would go there. Speaker 0 00:16:15 Okay. Uh, let's see here. Anybody else? Speaker 1 00:16:20 Um, Kyber in a slump. I kind of like Francisco Alvarez and the rhythm he's been in. Like I know the Mets got shut out again on Thursday, but two hits for Alvarez in that game. Speaker 0 00:16:35 True. Speaker 1 00:16:36 So he just continues to flow. Like this is actually like a top 10 prospect in baseball, you know, so, um, I I kind of like Alvarez down here as well. 2,900. Speaker 0 00:16:50 Okay. Um, and if you wanna spend up on somebody, you can Will Smith. Real mood. I mean real Muto would probably be pretty heavy. Played at 5,400 now. Speaker 1 00:16:57 Yeah. Yeah, he's been good and he's been really, really good. Yeah. Curve, Speaker 0 00:17:01 Um, Speaker 1 00:17:02 Hits in 10 of his last 11 games, including a five game hitting streak. Like this is the first like really expensive team. In course if it's, so when your catcher is $5,400, Trey Turner is 5,800. Bryce Harper is 58. Schwarber's. 58. So like, you know, leading us to Tyler Anderson. John Hey Speaker 0 00:17:26 <laugh>. Hey. Nice. Something like that. So we'll have to see what happens with Weather. Anderson obviously in that game that could be impacted by Ring. We'll have to check the Roth report on, uh, tomorrow morning. Yep. Uh, as we record here on Thursday evening, uh, first base, again, a lot of options for us here. Um, I, I like Olsen verse Bassett in Toronto at $5,500. They've, that feels pretty strong. Goldschmid against Paxton. A again, I, I like going at Paxton here at $5,700 with St. Louis. My boy Tommy Edmond's gonna be leading off, you know, I'm going there. Uh, when we get the shortstop second base. Um, let's see what else we got Rizzo. And we always say Rizzo, even this year against lefties hitting them against Yankee Stadium. Yep. 4,700 bucks. That feels pretty good. Christian Walker maybe against a lefty wood at 43. Um, boom. 42. I mean, what else am I missing here? Speaker 1 00:18:17 Um, we'll see what the Royals decide to do after Taylor. Um, cuz if it's a righty like Rowdy Toles obviously and at home mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, Fisher Walker against a right or a lefty. He's been great. I mean, I wanna play Nathaniel Lowe because Wal, the truck has been so bad, but it's, he's been bad in from the Power Department and Nate Yeah. Low has not had any power in his bad this year, so, no. Um, brewery has multi-position eligibility. $3,700 if you wanna go there. Speaker 0 00:18:53 Wade Homer again the other day. Speaker 1 00:18:54 Auntie Wade Homer's today Speaker 0 00:18:56 Or yesterday rather. Speaker 1 00:18:57 Yeah. Homer's a lot. <laugh> Homer's home's Speaker 0 00:18:59 A lot. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:19:00 Yeah. Homer's a lot when he is in the lineup. Um, so yeah, I mean all those guys. I would say second or first base is pretty stacked. And then like, even get to like some value guys, like if Triplings starting paving Smith is three K, I mean he hit third for the Sure. On, uh, yeah. On Thursday night. So there, there's some interesting value options as well. Speaker 0 00:19:30 All right. Second based position here. Uh, Estrada is your top guy at 55. Uh, SIM in 54 glr will be pretty popular, I'd imagine at $5,300. Great. Again, you can't spend up for every position, so. Right. Um, I say pretty popular if you're playing a Yankee stack, you'll be pretty popular. It just sort of makes sense to go that way. Right. Speaker 1 00:19:48 And, and to be honest, like outside of Coors, it's a 13 game slate. Like, there's not gonna be like a just every team like, like it was on Thursday where there's six teams and everyone's chalky except for the Oakland Athletics as they stink. <laugh> Speaker 0 00:20:06 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:20:07 Right. You know, you, there's gonna be a lot of low on stack. Speaker 0 00:20:10 Yeah. Uh, Edmond is 4,100 here. Speaker 1 00:20:14 Yeah. That's easy. I mean, if Paxton's gonna be continuing to be really bad. I mean Tommy Edmond's been really bad. Um, but not against Speaker 0 00:20:22 Lefties. Speaker 1 00:20:23 Not against, Speaker 0 00:20:24 Not against lefties numbers against lefties this year. Last time we checked he was saying 400 on the nose. Let's see where he is at now. Uh, 3 75 7 19 Slog. 1140 Ops and South Boz. Speaker 1 00:20:36 Yeah. But just overall, I, it was more so overall than it was like, um, cuz he has been kind of bad lately, but, um, yeah, I'm perfectly fine getting there. Speaker 0 00:20:49 Yep. Uh, we talked about Jwan Bay the other day, again, just sort of, uh, in a slump, but he did double, uh, yesterday and his pinch hit there is double, double stolen base potential here for him. So, uh, $3,500 against Brad. It's been pretty bad. Uh, definitely gotta be in play here. Um, and Manuel Valdez against Wayne Wright. Wayne Wright wasn't pretty good and it's, it was not very good in his initial start. Yep. Uh, he'll, you know, Valdez will certainly be in the line up there. Um, go Vargas gets the lefty, even though we like Snell Vargas did Homer, he's 2,900 bucks. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Speaker 1 00:21:24 Mm. Speaker 0 00:21:25 Anybody else I'm missing? Speaker 1 00:21:26 No, I love Vargas. Um, back to back Homers and back-to-back games. Speaker 0 00:21:30 You talk about it like average, nothing to look at, but extra base hits Speaker 1 00:21:34 Dude out the, out the Wazo seven, eight hits in his last 10 games. Seven for extra bases, 25 Speaker 0 00:21:39 Hits total and 14 of them have been <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:21:42 That's Luke rally status, right? Yeah. And, and the one thing that's great about Vargas is the 20 walks too. Yeah. Like this guy has a two 19 average and is closer to an 800 o p s than he has a 700 O Ps because he is always on base. So, um, I, I could see myself getting to some, um, again, if you're not playing Snell, I I do think the Dodgers are gonna be better than against lefties, but, uh, if you're not playing Snell, I think you can get there. Speaker 0 00:22:11 All right. Third base. A lot of guys, a lot of options here. Um, I mean I still think devs at 54 against Wayne, Wrights probably my favorite spot. Uh, but Riley against Bassett also pops in. Ados been dreadful. But again, I feel like if you're stacked in St. Louis, you're probably throwing ado in a lineup, uh, there as well. Speaker 1 00:22:33 He has been so bad. Um, I guess signs of Life hits in 4 0 5, right? Like had a triple Speaker 0 00:22:38 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:22:39 Had a triple, there's been a lot of rbis over two, five rbis over that span. Like, so look, it, it's like one of those things. Nolan Anato is too good of a player to be this bad for an entire season and 162 games is the long season. So I I largely agree. Debra's at the top for sure. I think you can get to Ryan McMahon. I have no problem getting to Rockies. Taiwan Walker has not been great this year. Um, I'm trying to look up the, the like, Speaker 0 00:23:09 Well we didn't against Boston and he pitched to Gem, so Speaker 1 00:23:13 Yeah, that's true. It maybe the Coors Field righties are what's giving him problems. Eight 10 op PS three 50 Woa. So, uh, maybe some Chris Bryant Randall Grisha, but, um, lefty is dominating, but I I do agree on Anado. Um, after that it's Likeman. Ugh. Lak maybe is the next name I'd get to. Speaker 0 00:23:41 I mean, Josh Chung gets Walter. Speaker 1 00:23:42 Oh, Josh Chung gets Walchuk. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:23:44 Yeah. I was gonna, you're like slow rolling me here or do you just haven't Speaker 1 00:23:48 Yeah, no, no, I just hadn't got there. I just hadn't there Speaker 0 00:23:50 Yet. Just hadn't got there yet. Ok. Speaker 1 00:23:52 No, I just hadn't got there Speaker 0 00:23:53 Yet. Uh, James, I got a question for you. Speaker 1 00:23:54 Okay. I got an answer maybe. Speaker 0 00:23:56 Uh, we're in course. Okay. We gotta ride in the mound. Okay. Is the moose on the loose? <laugh> Is Mike. Is Mike Osaka getting in this game? Speaker 1 00:24:06 He's kind of been good. He's Speaker 0 00:24:07 Kind of been good. I'm just saying he hasn't played in, uh, like three, three games. But, you know, Speaker 1 00:24:13 He's kind, he's kind of been good. Speaker 0 00:24:15 He's been okay. He's been okay. Last 10 games. 3 46, 8 19 o p s. Maybe Speaker 1 00:24:21 The moose might, the moose might actually be a Lu Speaker 0 00:24:23 Moose on the loose. Speaker 1 00:24:24 The moose could be on the loose. I I, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, Speaker 0 00:24:28 Maybe, maybe, maybe some, maybe some Sage on the Lud here. So, uh, anyways, Speaker 1 00:24:34 That being said, Taiwan Walker, so like, this is the, this is the thing though. Like Taiwan Walker Speaker 0 00:24:40 Play Manual Rivera. If Wood has actually is actually starting, like that just feels like a Speaker 1 00:24:44 Yes. Speaker 0 00:24:45 That's Speaker 1 00:24:46 Like a plug. Um, yeah. Wait, uh, oh yeah, for sure. 3,200. But like, here's the thing about Coors, like Taiwan Walker could be doing well against lefties, but whatever he's doing, the ball just might not be moving. And then the moose gets one middle, middle and like Yeah. If Speaker 0 00:25:06 The ball doesn't sink, you know, he's Speaker 1 00:25:08 Then he's on the loose, you know, he Speaker 0 00:25:10 Puts it in the Rocky Mountains. So <laugh>, uh, yeah, if he's in a lineup, I'll probably just make a lineup up for the sake of it doing it. Uh, let's see here. Um, Speaker 1 00:25:24 Don't tell your fiance you're making a lineup tomorrow night, John. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:25:26 Yeah, yeah. Uh, doing the appetizer course. Yeah. Rivera Rivera, $3,200 against a left and crushing that Kyle Farmer Homer today. I don't know. Kyle Farmer does hit left. Speaker 1 00:25:41 It was hilarious how you on the podcast yesterday. It was, you literally just said Kyle Farmer and then like laughed and then I was like, yeah, he is not facing a left hand. You were like, yeah, I know. And then he homered and I thought about that moment. As soon as he hit a home run, I am like, if you Speaker 0 00:25:58 Hit him like sixth or fifth or whatever it was, I'm like, why is cow farmer hitting the middle of the lineup? What do I know? What do I know? I don't know anything. Um, Miranda got optioned. I remember seeing that there. Um, yes. Yeah. Cow farmer's 3,100. I'm not going there. I'm just commenting on it. Um, I mean, Mike Al Garcia still pretty good at 27. Speaker 1 00:26:19 Tough spot. Speaker 0 00:26:21 Yeah. But Burns hasn't been that. I mean, we like Burns cuz everybody else kind of sucks, but Yeah. Burns hasn't been unhittable here, so Sure. Speaker 1 00:26:29 It sure you can get there. Um, Speaker 0 00:26:35 It's Waldo Speaker 1 00:26:37 I was gonna say as Waldo, because Fleming and as Waldo is better just from the right side. And again, like, you know, if you're playing Yankees, it, they've been good outside of getting blanketed by Drew Rasmussen, who's a good pitcher. So. Sure. Speaker 0 00:26:56 Um, let's go shortstop. Our, our guy who Mateo is found water here. He is starting to drown a little bit. Yeah, yeah. Uh, we knew it wasn't gonna last forever. 12. Strike us. His last 10 games. Only one walk. 1 67 O b p one. It Speaker 1 00:27:09 Was a great ride. It was a great ride. It Speaker 0 00:27:10 Was a great ride. Uh, I, I don't think I'm getting there against Oviedo who's been bad, but, um, you just mentioned again, Linor versus Mackenzie Gore. We like Mackenzie Gore, great pitcher, tough spot. Um, Trey Turner obviously gonna be super tracked probably if you're going in Coors Field, 5,800 against the lefty. Um, I guess, I don't know, what are, what are your thoughts on like Volpe, Pena, that whole group? Speaker 1 00:27:41 Um, Volpes hit righty. Slightly better, but, you know, the, the stolen base potential and like, he is a powerful dude. Like he's gonna hit home runs in, in the big leagues, like leading off, if he's leading off like sure if it's 4,600 I don't love, but, uh, Jeremy Pena, I think this is a great spot for him to potentially have one of those like double stolen base games. Yeah. Um, if so the, the Dom's price tag John is really interesting because let's say Taylor is an opener here. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, we, the things we know about Willy Adonis is he hits at home and he hits righties. Like if we get a rightie following Taylor right Speaker 0 00:28:35 Now, he's $4,400. Dude, Speaker 1 00:28:37 He's, this is a price tag that he's hasn't been in two years, like since he's three years since he's probably gotten to Milwaukee. So that is probably the one thing that's popped out to me the most about this entire price tier. Just because like everything lines up for him. If, if it's a righty following Taylor and he's at home, like we just saw two night, like two nights in a row, he faces a righty and he has seven rbis and two home runs. Like, that's just what the upside he, he brings to the table. So, um, I like Volpe, uh, you know, I like Pena, but ah, dumbest price tag is speaking to me. And, and again, nobody loses our money than the brewers. Than the twins. John. I'm, I'm, now, I don't know if you notice, I'm now including the, the brewers in this because they are losing us as much money. Nobody loses as much money as, uh, on those two teams as we do so the Speaker 0 00:29:30 White, so are slowly entering that Speaker 1 00:29:31 Picture. Oh, they're, they are so slowly is putting it loose. I played them like three cases in a row. Played 'em every day in Kansas. Speaker 0 00:29:38 We're reentering the frame. Chicago White Sox here, uh, mentioned Edmond 41. Do love that spot a lot. Um, let's see here. Chris Taylor, 3,300 bucks. If Snell is not the guy we're pitching, you can certainly go against him. Uh, is he killed Duran, uh, here against Walter Chuck. That's not bad. At 2,800 bucks. I Speaker 1 00:29:59 Think you double Ezekiel here at shortstop. Tovar, Tovar and Duran both. Yeah, I think both are great plays. Um, Duran has a dream matchup in a less dreamy ballpark and Tovar gets the better end of the split. Like Taiwan walker's been worse against Ray. I see it. I see it. <laugh>. I looked over at the screen, I looked over at the, you Speaker 0 00:30:24 See the, you see the screen, you know what's there. Uh, he's actually smashing righties 4 0 6 7 81. 1238. Um, I think it's righties and he is getting a lefty spot here, but he is, he's hitting the ball pretty well here. James hitting the ball pretty well. 27. I Speaker 1 00:30:46 Have no comment. I have no comment. I don't know what, what do you want me to say? He's Speaker 0 00:30:49 A hundred dollars against you. Speaker 1 00:30:50 What do you wanna say? What do you want me to say? I Speaker 0 00:30:52 Oh, Des double des Young, you know, he's Speaker 1 00:30:55 Been good. What can I say? <laugh>, he just good. I dunno. You know? Yeah, Speaker 0 00:30:59 Yeah, yeah. Uh, you like Casey Schmidt? Dude, Speaker 1 00:31:03 Homer. Homer on Thursday again. Yep. Speaker 0 00:31:05 Yep. Two homers and three games for him. Now Speaker 1 00:31:07 Listen, there's something brewing here with this kid. And what do we say Giants against Righties are completely Speaker 0 00:31:16 Different Speaker 1 00:31:17 Team against lefties. Speaker 0 00:31:18 Yep. Yep. Speaker 1 00:31:19 Um, Ryan Nelson has been quite awful this year. He gets a lot of ground balls. That's the only thing. But like how does allowed so many bass runner, I mean, Ryan Nelson, his last three starts has allowed 27 ins in three starts. Speaker 0 00:31:39 That doesn't seem good. <laugh>, that's not Speaker 1 00:31:41 Good. 29 bass runners total two walks. That's not like terrible, but like 29 bass runners in three starts. That is actually a bass runner on every inning per nine innings. Speaker 0 00:31:51 Are you looking at your screen right now, Speaker 1 00:31:53 Zach? Nato. This is a very good Speaker 0 00:31:55 $2,200. Oh Speaker 1 00:31:57 Wow. Speaker 0 00:31:58 For Z NATO here. Speaker 1 00:32:00 What do we got again? What do we have for NATO against lefties here? Speaker 0 00:32:03 It's, it's good. Speaker 1 00:32:05 It's good. Speaker 0 00:32:06 It's good. Speaker 1 00:32:07 The split is, this is the split we want this the Speaker 0 00:32:09 Split 2 94, 4 71 slug, 8 71 O p s 400 on base. Speaker 1 00:32:15 Wow. Okay. That is Speaker 0 00:32:18 $2,200 leading off against Speaker 1 00:32:23 Alan Logan. So Logan T. Allen is good for the record. Very good prospect. Just throwing it out there. That's Speaker 0 00:32:32 Fine. Speaker 1 00:32:32 A lot of respect for Logan Tia. That's Speaker 0 00:32:34 Fine. I'm just saying. I'm just Speaker 1 00:32:37 Saying. But I also, I also fully, fully agree with everything you are just saying because I feel like we've gotten past the 2200 policy. That should be, Speaker 0 00:32:48 He's not $2,200 shortstop here. I mean, Speaker 1 00:32:52 Like, we should be past this, right? Like I don't think so. We should be, I shouldn't Speaker 0 00:32:56 Be pass. Even if again, even if not, you need to save money somewhere on this slate. $2,200 for shortstop can lead off with trout and otani right behind him. Feels pretty good. Speaker 1 00:33:09 I also agree. Speaker 0 00:33:10 Feels pretty good. All right. Outfield, uh, we've kind of flown through this 13 game or we'll, we'll be making, uh, quite a few different lineup variations. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:33:20 We have the core, we have our cores lineup, we have our non-core lineup. We could do Sure, we could. I got, I got a fun question for you when we get there too. All right. When we end. That's Speaker 0 00:33:29 Fine. Outfield. Lot of, lot of talent here. <laugh> 13. 13 games. He's Speaker 1 00:33:34 There. It's there. Speaker 0 00:33:36 13 game games. A lot of players. Uh, we got five guys over six K, uh, TTIs Homer again today. Yep. Uh, back to back game. Oh, sorry, not back to games. Homer today. Uh, had two home runs the other day. Are again, he's been awesome. Speaker 1 00:33:50 So he's been so good. He's been awesome. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:33:53 Uh, you got Otani, got Judge, you got a Kuya, Jordon Homer the other day as well. Uh, strong guys up over six K and that just kind of dips down into Coors. Moki bets only an outfielder. Now <laugh> on 13 games. Not second base, not shortstop, just outfield. This is awesome. Uh, Mike Trout's 56. Buxton against a Lefty. 56. I mean, I don't know man, talk to me here. Speaker 1 00:34:23 So over six K, um, judge and Yoan for me would be the top two guys. Um, Jorden is flowing right now, coming into this game with a little hit streak going what we got. 5, 6, 7, 8 game hit streak. Um, two home runs over that span. Seven rbi, eight rbis over that span as well. So, uh, Jorden really finding his stroke right now. Judge looks pretty good since coming back. Had the down game on, um, in the first game of the Tampa series. I mean, everyone did Remus and mowed 'em down, but Judge and Alvarez for me over six K I'm perfectly fine getting to Schwarber or Harper like no problem getting to either. Uh, Harper's been good, you know, guys just doesn't miss a beat. He literally has a, to like, Speaker 0 00:35:17 I'm very happy that he, I spent $8 on him in auction even though he has, uh, only outfield eligibility. I mean, sorry, only DH eligibility cuz he felt two games shy last year Right. Of leaving his outfield eligibility, which is unfortunate, but that's fine. Speaker 1 00:35:34 Um, so I'm perfectly fine getting to either Philadelphia, Philly here. Yeah. Um, Speaker 0 00:35:43 Kyle Tucker 53. Speaker 1 00:35:45 Yeah. Kyle Tucker. 53 feels really good. I wanna look at the cop. Let's look at the cop splits real quick. Um, because he's been, he's been, he's been bad. Uh oh. Righties are killing him. Righties having a thousand O Ps with a 4 35 Woa this year. Oh, we Speaker 0 00:36:04 Didn't like pink. Um, we didn't talk anything about Bregman. So maybe that's, Speaker 1 00:36:06 I, I I said Bregman with like a question mark. Okay. And just kind of kept it moving because like, we know how bad Bregman's been as well. Terrible. Um, 3 38 woa for Bregman. So maybe there's something there. Um, lefties have a 3 49 Woa, eight 10 o p s against him. So it's not like he's been great. Just a 1 94 average. It's been all power. Everything that cop's allowing from left side has been, um, for power. So. Okay. Um, Casey Schmidt, two for two, uh, this evening. John, by the way, another base hit like Cast is another interesting name because we kind of complained about the power and that's kind of coming back, right? Speaker 0 00:36:50 22 5 Homers nine almost, almost a 900 O Ps. Lot Speaker 1 00:36:54 Of hits dude. Lot of hits. Speaker 0 00:36:55 46 hits in 37 games. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:36:59 He has. And lately just like, kind of just, I Speaker 0 00:37:02 Don't, and like, what do we always say? Like, Castanos against Lefties was like the absolute bingo spot. So Speaker 1 00:37:07 Yeah, we, and Gomberg has been dreadful everywhere he's pitched. Like it hasn't mattered if it's been, Speaker 0 00:37:12 Except for that last start against the Mets Speaker 1 00:37:14 <laugh>. Well, the Mets, well, I mean that's just like a difference. The Mets are Speaker 0 00:37:18 Right. It makes me wonder like if, if Mackenzie Gore's actually in play on this slate or not. So Speaker 1 00:37:24 I mean, dude, the red who did the Reds throat can, do you even remember who The Reds who, what was the red Speaker 0 00:37:29 Guy for an inning? And then they took him out and put a bullpen guy and that guy was nails. That's Speaker 1 00:37:33 What I'm saying. Like, the Mets had a bunch of hits and it just didn't matter. And, um, interesting here, like what do we do? Because Wal Des trucks allowed all this power, but we know a Dolus is better. Split is righty. Righty. Yeah. Would you consider going a dolus here? Nah, Speaker 0 00:37:53 Not a 5k. I'd rather listen, you're gonna get Josh Strong. You're gonna get Robbie Grossman hitting second in this lineup. Um, uh, what was our other, was our, was Jonah Heim better against Lefties? Was that the split that we had? Jonah Speaker 1 00:38:07 Heim has been better against? Right. Okay. Um, but I can confirm. I'll confirm the, Speaker 0 00:38:13 We know like Duran at 27 has been, Speaker 1 00:38:17 We had so much value at short, we had so much value. We Speaker 0 00:38:20 Did too much value at short. Speaker 1 00:38:22 So yeah, like very difficult to choose from. Speaker 0 00:38:24 I would agree. Multi lineups. That's why you, that's why you make them. Um, so Speaker 1 00:38:28 Jonah Heim against Lefties this year, um, is hitting 4 35. Speaker 0 00:38:33 Yeah. I, I, yep, yep, yep. So like Jung Heim, Duran Grossman, like play those guys sim in and a against lefties this year are just dog water. So it's not good. Not good. Um, let's see, I think you, I mean Verdugo's is so expensive, but I mean, I don't know man. Speaker 1 00:38:53 All of Boston. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:38:54 All of Boston. Speaker 1 00:38:55 Yeah. She does 52 as well. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:38:58 Uh, how do Renford against a, uh, lefty, I know you liked Alan. I'm just, you know, Renfro keeps home run, so Speaker 1 00:39:03 Yeah. It keeps home run. Any just long history of hitting lefties. Yep. Speaker 0 00:39:07 Yep. Uh, Nemo's there, but it's a lefty lefty for him. Uh, Louis Robert, I know we were riding him for a little bit. Uh, again, is JP France gonna go out and pitch as well as he did? Again, it doesn't, I mean, long time minor leaguer makes his debut and throws five shot out. Great story. <laugh>. Great story. Is it, is it sustainable, is the question? Speaker 1 00:39:32 No, like I do, I I trust Luis Robert more in that spot. Um, had a decent bounce back after freaking the golden sombrero in. Yeah, this the second KC game, so I don't know. The White Sox are just a mess. <laugh>. It's just an absolute mess. Speaker 0 00:39:50 Yeah. Tough, tough struggles. Um, let's see here. Speaker 1 00:39:54 Jock Jams. Jock Jams is for a power. I mean, yeah, I think he's been really bad, but I think this is a pretty good spot. Speaker 0 00:40:02 It's power there. Uh, Jalen Duran Jar Duran is 4k, uh, there against Wayne, right? Feels pretty good. Um, McCutchin was hitting Righty's. Um, 800 ops the last 10. Not only the 2 0 7 average, but 800 ops is decent. Speaker 1 00:40:19 Yeah, I'm okay. Again, thecut, I wanna see, let's see what the pl I think Brad's, Speaker 0 00:40:24 He was hitting Righty's earlier. I don't know if that's switched at all. Speaker 1 00:40:26 And I believe the Kyle Brads sch splits are reversed as well. They are. Um, well he is been pretty bad against everyone. Uh, yeah. McCutcheon four home runs 3 56 Woa against righties. Uh, Kyle Brads three 17 average allowed to righties 900 O P s 3 89 Woa. Um, news flash lefties also hitting 300. So maybe Pittsburgh in the cards as Ryan, Speaker 0 00:40:49 We didn't talk about we there Speaker 1 00:40:50 We're gonna get to Zelensky who has a four 15 woa against lefties, although struggling, but still. Speaker 0 00:40:55 Yeah. Um, Speaker 1 00:40:57 All the power in the world. Speaker 0 00:40:58 Beder obviously at 4k. Yep. Hard to get off that you've been on New Bar. That's a lefty lefty. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> Lordes four guy. Speaker 1 00:41:09 Yes. Speaker 0 00:41:10 Right. Speaker 1 00:41:11 Yep. He's been, honestly just unconscious. Brent Rucker 39. If you're not in Martin Perez, which I can't blame you if you're not. All right. People are gonna play Martin Perez just because it's Oakland. Right. But like, yeah, dude, we've talked about this lefties. They have Aguilar to throw at them. They have Rucker to throw at 'em Ruiz. Like they have guys that you could put in this lineup that are potent against lefties. So like, you know, use, use or don't use Brent, regret your own risk and use Martin Perez against him and see what happens. Speaker 0 00:41:46 I would agree with you. Uh, Michael Harris is 36. I know he hasn't really, uh, lived up to that rookie of the year. Um, yeah, Speaker 1 00:41:52 It's not been great, Speaker 0 00:41:53 But $3,600 for him, uh, ER's 36 Taylor Awards all the way down to 3,500 here. It's not pretty good. Um, my story 34. Speaker 1 00:42:07 Yeah, that's a good price. No one plays more than John. What's Speaker 0 00:42:11 Going on with Chas McCormick here? So back, he just came off the il, now he is not sore back. Speaker 1 00:42:19 Um, Ken foro, he's been bad, but slowly, I mean, Homer on, um, Wednesday has a walk and a run scored on Thursday. Finn my, uh, Giant's narrative there. Speaker 0 00:42:34 Yeah. I'm trying to see. Let's see. Pride, elegance, burns is 2,800. Um, we're going pretty gross. Speaker 1 00:42:47 Grossman 25, he'll hit second against Uck. He's, that's his better side of the split. Speaker 0 00:42:52 What do you make of Ramel? Tapia? <laugh> hits in, what is it? Six straight games. Six of seven. Yeah. I Speaker 1 00:43:00 Mean, I, I think there's limited power upside, but if he's gonna steal bases when he gets on, I'm, I'm fine with it. He's stealing bases, so if he's gonna steal bases, I I'm fine yet Speaker 0 00:43:12 I wonder who if who They d So they've been like, they've dd Yoshida a few times. Um, and Cora has said like they're doing that to sort of save his legs because like he's playing a lot more and running around a lot more so you can Speaker 1 00:43:27 Then like he did in Japan than he did in Japan. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:43:31 So they could have tapped you in the outfield here. They hit him third the other day <laugh>. So like, I Speaker 1 00:43:37 Mean that's, I mean that seems Yeah, that was excessive. We, we were talking, we were talking about that, that was like, he didn't need to, they did not need to pit him third. Nobody wanted that. Um, <laugh> Speaker 0 00:43:47 No, but I mean, he is got four stolen bases and lost 10 games. Sure, Speaker 1 00:43:51 Sure. Speaker 0 00:43:53 Um, if he's in the lineup, it's, it's just something to consider. Speaker 1 00:43:56 Yeah. No, I I don't think it's a, I think it's a, yeah, it's a fine play. Speaker 0 00:44:02 Um, Michael Taylor used to hit lefties. I don't know, I dunno if he still does or not, but that was his, that was his mo when he was at Washington. Uh, Sam Hilliard's $2,300. Speaker 1 00:44:17 Boy, there is some interesting value plays that I'm not gonna play now. Speaker 0 00:44:23 Remember when I, when I was like, you have to play St. Starrs. Have you seen? Yeah, Speaker 1 00:44:27 I think he hasn't had a fancy point. He get Speaker 0 00:44:29 A hit that day. Speaker 1 00:44:30 I think that's the last time he has had a fantasy point. Speaker 0 00:44:34 Uh, Speaker 1 00:44:34 All right. I don't think there's anything else. There's Speaker 0 00:44:36 No more outfield this year. Um, let's build a couple of lineups, man. Uh, what let's do, Speaker 1 00:44:40 Let's do a home run call. All right. And then I got here, this here Speaker 0 00:44:43 Home run call Encores home run call. Speaker 1 00:44:45 That was, that was my, that was you stole it. Thanks for sending my thunder, John. Thanks. Speaker 0 00:44:50 I'm here for that. Speaker 1 00:44:50 We've done, I mean we've done this for, you know, how long have we, like two, Speaker 1 00:44:55 How long have we been doing this? You know, 10 years. Um, alright, so let's start, I'll start in course. Um, in course what's gonna be, I'm gonna go CJ Kron, um, I'm gonna go a little off the radar and I say that because I, town walker's been worse against rites and that's what Crohn's been good against for a year and a half now, right? Yeah. Like we know the Theron split was righty. So I'm gonna go CJ Kron at home. Okay. Um, because I mean, like of course we could all go. You were gonna go Philly. I was gonna go Philly. So I'm gonna go Chrons, mix it up a little bit. Speaker 0 00:45:35 You're right. I'm gonna go Castanos. That's the, uh, I'm go chalk castanos against the lefty in Coors Field. That's my Coors Field home run call. When it comes to not in Coors Field. Where are we going for the Power Home run call here. Um, let's go with, Hmm. Speaker 1 00:46:03 Okay. You lead us off here. Speaker 0 00:46:04 Yeah, I'm looking. Uh, Matt Olson. 5,500. Speaker 1 00:46:08 I'm gonna stay at the position. I think I'm gonna go Goldie. Speaker 0 00:46:14 Okay. Speaker 1 00:46:14 Against Paxton. Second biggest game. Uh, second biggest total on the board. I'm gonna go Goldie. We three, I picked three. We have three First basemen in our home run in our, uh, home run calls. Speaker 0 00:46:27 I mean, there's a lot of power there. If you're playing on Fando, we can play multiple. Speaker 1 00:46:30 There is, there is a lot of power. And you That is true. Speaker 0 00:46:33 Um, all right, well then let's build our lineup. Let's build our cores lineup first. Okay. Biggest question of the day is where do we go at pitching? Speaker 1 00:46:42 So I don't know if we have to because there's a lot of value I think we can explore if we're gonna go cores. I think Tyler Anderson makes a lot of sense. So do you wanna start with our cores lineup? Sure. Go Anderson. And we'll go Corbin Burns. Speaker 0 00:47:01 Sure. 4,400 a play Speaker 1 00:47:04 That probably felt the best, um, from Philly. I mean we're definitely playing Castanos as you mentioned. He's 5,200. Um, we didn't mention Grek John. No. Um, but again, righties have been the better split. I kind of like Grek 4K Shiftly. Okay. Um, he's been awesome. Continues to be awesome. There's not like value from this game. Alec Bom is like the only value, but he's slowed down considerably. Speaker 0 00:47:39 Yeah, I know. Again, we're, we're, we're just sort of building a little, a little mini stack here. I think if we're doing this real MUTOs gotta be in. Um, and then we had, uh, Speaker 1 00:47:54 Harper, Trey Turner. Turner, Speaker 0 00:47:57 Uh, so we mean we don't need to four stack it. Real Muto Turner. Castanos Grtk can be the play. Um, then we have 37 25, um, the rest of the way here. So value outfielder that way in Robbie Grossman, right? 2,500. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:48:19 The only problem with playing Turner over short stuff was such a good value. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:48:26 But I mean, we were playing chords. You're not gonna not play tournament. Speaker 1 00:48:30 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:48:31 No. Uh, 4,100 for first, second and third baseman. Speaker 1 00:48:40 What do you like at first? Speaker 0 00:48:41 Uh, Speaker 1 00:48:43 Well let's play second. Uh, Edmond 4,100 on the dot. First Speaker 0 00:48:49 And third, uh, third base. I don't think. Do we have a Val? Uh, Michael Garcia. Were playing burns though. Speaker 1 00:48:57 We could play Anado at 49 if we wanted to play a value. Jung Josh Chung. 30 nines Speaker 0 00:49:06 And then that's a $4,400 first Spaceman. Got Christian Walker there. Speaker 1 00:49:13 Nathaniel. Nathaniel. Speaker 0 00:49:14 Let's go. Right? Like just Speaker 1 00:49:17 We could play it. Yeah, we could. I have no, I have no problem going out. Course. Like Speaker 0 00:49:21 That's all right. So that's gonna be our Coors Field stack here. Then we got Tyler Anderson, Corbin Burns, and we got four fillies. J t Ru Muto, Alec, Alec Bo, Trey Turner, Nick Castanos. We have the one comebacker of that stack. Randall Grek, uh, going against Ty Walker. And then, uh, we have a two-man Texas stack, John Eng Grossman, but a solo Tommy Edmund play, uh, as our Coors Field stack. Now James, we like to build a core stack. We like to build an Antico stack here. Um, starting back off at pitching. I still think we can use Tyler Anderson. Um, I'm fine going there. Uh, I'm also fine. Just continuing with Corman Burns. I don't mind, uh, Blake Snell a little bit cheaper. I don't mind if you wanted to try Garrett Cole. I know you were high on him. Speaker 1 00:50:09 I was. I I would rather go schreder than Cole. I think if I were to pick between the two, um, I, I think Schreder Toronto's been okay pretty bad. Like where Tampa Bay has not pulled off for like a, Speaker 0 00:50:25 So that's a 4k, uh, for the rest of our, our lineup here. But as we know, we have ridiculous value at shortstop. Yes. Uh, whether we go with nato, uh, or we go with Schmidt is there as well with 2,700 bucks, which I kind of like. Speaker 1 00:50:40 Yep, me too. Speaker 0 00:50:41 Uh, would you rather hit you you owe him over nato? Speaker 1 00:50:45 Um, I could be talked into either. I think Schmidt has the better matchup, um, because I think highly of Logan T. Allen, but sure. You also think Zach NATO is not a $2,200 player. Not Speaker 0 00:51:00 So it feels like Schmidt obviously has more power upside though, right? Yes. So last night homes winning you GPP here, so, yep. I'll go Schmidt. 4,200 bucks. I still think we plug Jung in here. Okay. That just feels like a, a winning play for us. And Speaker 1 00:51:16 If we're, and if we're, we could just use like the way they hit their lineup, they play Jung Jonah Heim. We could play the four their five six in there. Speaker 0 00:51:24 Yeah, I'm fine going Jonah Hiim here. Hi, I'm 3,800 bucks. That gives us 43 44 a play. First, second outfield positions for us here. So, oh, we got two man Oakland, two man Texas stack here. What do we wanna make as our next move? Speaker 1 00:51:42 I wish LaMonte Wade had outfield eligibility too, cuz we we could play him at first. Speaker 0 00:51:48 He took away his outfield eligibility. Speaker 1 00:51:49 Yeah, his first space only rough. Which I think is pretty brutal because brutal. That feels <laugh>. That feels like the play because, but I also like St. Louis quite a bit. So if you got Speaker 0 00:52:04 Yeah, this plug Goldschmidt Edmond in here. Um, and that gives us 4k a play for our three outfield spots. Speaker 1 00:52:13 You know who you could pair for this game is Dylan Carlson 2,500 who hits lefties very well. Okay. He's been, now let me say he been Speaker 0 00:52:26 Very bad. He's been very bad. Speaker 1 00:52:28 He has been bad, but he does Speaker 0 00:52:30 This is bad against Paxton than anything else. Speaker 1 00:52:33 Yes, he does hit lefties. Well, um, Speaker 0 00:52:37 What's his lefties one this year? I know last year that was his spot. Same thing Speaker 1 00:52:41 This year he is hitting two 50. So he's hitting better against lefties. Speaker 0 00:52:49 Yeah. Barely. Uh, Speaker 1 00:52:52 Not great. We don't have to go Carlson. I Speaker 0 00:52:53 Think I'd rather go Grossman over over him truthfully. Speaker 1 00:52:56 Yeah, yeah. Speaker 0 00:52:58 Um, let's go Grossman. And that gives us 4,800 and outfielder. So would you want to go Speaker 1 00:53:13 4,800 and outfielder? Speaker 0 00:53:15 Yeah, Speaker 1 00:53:18 We have San Fran. Speaker 0 00:53:21 We could do Boston. We could do 2 2 2 Cardinals to Boss and go Duran's 4k and that gives us 56 Speaker 1 00:53:28 Little, little game stack there. Speaker 0 00:53:30 Yoshida, Duran, Edmond Goldschmidt. Speaker 1 00:53:33 Yeah, I like that. And we have a two pack. We have a three pack with Texas. Speaker 0 00:53:39 Yeah. Three pack Texas Grossman will hit second and then Jung and High and hit what, six and seventh, fifth and sixth or something like that. So not like a true connection, but uh, Grossman has been hitting second there. He has historically hit lefties a little bit better as a switch hitter. Um, and then you got the two, two man stack there with Duran and Yoshida. Again, not a full connection, depends on where they go, but Duran's been hating like fifth, uh, sixth and <laugh>, excuse me, in that lineup. So, um, definitely doable. Edmund Goldschmid hit one two for the Cardinal, so that one certainly fits out well. Yep. Um, and then we got obviously the upside play with Strider and uh, Anderson here. Um, what other stacks would you look at? We've got a couple more minutes. Uh, what's what's another stack that you'd look to, you'd look to play here tonight? Speaker 1 00:54:29 San Francisco I think stands out to me. Um, I really don't think much of Ryan Nelson guys a 60 RA one five whip. I mentioned 27 hits over his last three starts. I mean five. I put Speaker 0 00:54:46 The strata at second for us. Schmidt it short. Speaker 1 00:54:49 Astrada stole another base on Thursday. Of Speaker 0 00:54:51 Course he did. Speaker 1 00:54:52 Um, I mean it's just like rinse and repeat and you Speaker 0 00:54:56 Like, you like Peterson. You think there, Speaker 1 00:54:58 I think the, they're just have a lot of guys that hit Righty's will. Um, jock the, the problem with Jock Jams is like he just is just very, all or nothing. Sure. Um, so what do we got here against Righty's? So LaMonte Wade 4 23 Woa against R's. Um, Blake Sable 3 51, jock Jams 3 39 JD Davis. 4 56 Woa against R's. You're gonna Speaker 0 00:55:33 Hammering 'em. Speaker 1 00:55:34 Yeah. Um, 3 42 average seven home runs for JD Davis in that, in that, um, he in that sport as well. Third Speaker 0 00:55:40 Base only. Would you play da same price Davis or Jung here? Speaker 1 00:55:45 Um, I mean Jung's just been so good. Uh, lefties 3 53, 4 87 Woa and Ken Walter Chuck's lot. A zillion home runs tour, like 4 36 Woba allowed. So, um, I like San Fran, I like the Rangers Outside of like obviously Coors is in play. Do Speaker 0 00:56:05 You rather play high mid 38 or saveable at 33? Speaker 1 00:56:09 I mean it just depends on Speaker 0 00:56:10 Actually Saveable has outfield eligibility so we can also, Speaker 1 00:56:12 It also just depends on what we're doing. Like if you're playing a Ranger stack, I like Heim. If you're playing Giants, uh, you know, I'd go there. Um, if I'm just playing one-offs, I'd probably rather play Jonah Heim. Like if I'm just picking between them straight up. I think it's Jonah Heim. Um, Speaker 0 00:56:28 What's your mid-tier pitcher that you like? Speaker 1 00:56:31 My mid-tier pitcher? None, uh, <laugh> truthfully, I mean, you, you mentioned the Mackenzie Gore thing. I don't think that's crazy. Um, I love Logan T. Allen, the pitcher. I don't love the spot. I don't have a good answer for you. Okay. Speaker 0 00:56:52 I mean, like, we don't have to go, Speaker 1 00:56:54 The chalky answer is for me to cop out and say Martin Bris, um, sure. Speaker 0 00:57:00 That be a $4,200 outfielder at a pair with what we got going on here. So Speaker 1 00:57:04 Martin Perez is gonna be chalky. I I don't think there's anything he's been bad for one start. It was against the angels. He gets a ton of run. So, so listen to this, Sean. Yeah. Here is Martin Perez's run support for his last five starts. Okay. Yep. 16, 15, Speaker 0 00:57:25 Decent six. Speaker 1 00:57:27 12 six. Speaker 0 00:57:28 Good. Seems like they like him. Speaker 1 00:57:31 I I don't know what to like, like there's nothing to like equate run support really. Like, there's nothing like where I can definitively sit here and be like, yes, run support is the end all be all right. Like, I don't know. I mean, dude, what the, it's Speaker 0 00:57:48 A lot Speaker 1 00:57:48 Runs. It's a lot. It's a lots run give up seven runs and didn't even have to sweat out a loss. Score 16 for him. Speaker 0 00:57:57 That's crazy. Speaker 1 00:57:59 Uh, but I, I think Perez is the chalk answer there. Um, like your answer is Snell at 8,100. Speaker 0 00:58:06 I mean, again, I can get to Mackenzie Gore. He, he, okay, so McKenzie Gore against the Mets. I, I thought they hit him a little bit. They didn't six innings. One 10 Ks was the next start against the Cubs that he got beat up. So, I mean, I'm fine running back. McKenzie. McKenzie Speaker 1 00:58:20 Just, just, oh, the Mets are just not, um, we'll Speaker 0 00:58:26 Throw a one off. Masinsky Jackinsky play here and call a today. Yeah. Ken, go Stride. Jonah Heim, Josh, John and Robbie Grossman has our rangers and we got four giants, Wade, Estrada, Schmidt and Saba there. So, uh, threw a couple lineups together for everybody. Playbook will be out, uh, there on Friday. As we mentioned. You'll have Colby Con and Dan Seid, uh, bringing you the live stream at five o'clock Houston. So make sure you check all that out as well. Uh, James and I'll be back for Monday. If you have any questions, find this in the Discord. Uh, we'll talk to you all later. Good luck everybody.

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