May 15, 2023


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 15, 2023

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 15, 2023
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 15, 2023

May 15 2023 | 00:30:45


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for today's main slate on DraftKings and bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which includes Blue Jays 1B Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on? FFA Nation. Jonathan Beha with James Granny, welcoming to the Better Baseball. MLB DS Playbook. Livestream and podcast here. Recording for Monday's 10. Game main slate. James, a big 10 gamer. Kicking off the week. We have Coors Field on the slate. We might have a couple games with some weather issues, but all in all, strong way to kick it off. Strong Speaker 1 00:00:19 Way to kick it off. Shout out to you and your newly, uh, started marriage. John, over this past weekend, you had a, uh, a fantastic wedding. Nice. Um, your wife did a great job with everything. You, um, you were just there, but, um, it was, I attended <laugh>. You attended. Yeah. Yeah. Um, uh, great weekend. So to kick off this slate, 10 games, uh, interesting matchups, as you mentioned, course field is always a doozy. And that game, of course, 11 and a half total. We do actually have Hunter Green, uh, on the rubber for Colorado. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing that seemingly is the case with Hunter Green regularly. Like even when it's not course, is it a good thing or a bad thing that he's pitching? We don't know. It looks like Connor Seabold is expected to pitch for Colorado. Um, he ex x-ray a great <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:01:10 Um, big Trico guy in the minor leagues. Not Arico guy. Speaker 1 00:01:13 Not a strikeout guy in the, uh, in the majors. Uh, any other notable Vegas stuff is Michael Waka and the Padre's biggest favorites on the board. Minus 2 0 5 Fran Bar Valdez minus 180. Um, over unders. Let's see, nine runs in that San Diego KC game. Brad Keller towing the hill there for, um, Kansas City. Uh, do we have anything else? Boston nine, Boston, Seattle. Nine and a half implied runs in Boston, which kind of surprising cuz George Kirby is like, kind of good and Seattle's up. Seattle's Speaker 0 00:01:49 Up crash. Speaker 1 00:01:49 Yeah. Yeah. So surprising to see nine and a half there. But, uh, that's all we have for notable Vegas. Speaker 0 00:01:54 Yeah, fine. We'll hop right into again, we got 10 games that go over. We'll start off at the pitcher spot. You mentioned Fran Bra, Valez being one of the higher, uh, favorite win total games there. Houston at Home against Chicago. Framburg himself coming off of, uh, dominating performance against the Angels last time, about eight innings won, earned 12 strikeouts there. Uh, as we call Fran Bart Valdez, he's the king of the quality start. Uh, he's given us quality starts and like actually Al but won. That was the debut game for him when they pulled him in 85 pitches. Other than that, he just rattled off. Uh, we're gonna look at like eight straight quality starts since Speaker 1 00:02:27 Is he gonna break his own record? He's gonna break his own record of last year or what he Speaker 0 00:02:30 Might, he might, uh, and Francos have been great right outside of that game against Philadelphia. 7 9, 8 12. So, um, this feels like a very strong matchup for him, even though he is a top price pitcher. Uh, we look at the Cubs and, and their rankings against left-handed pitching this season. Um, and they've been, they've been okay, right? They, they haven't been, uh, you know, as bad of an offense as they've been in years past where we can kind of just go ahead and target them. They do have a 23% strikeout rate that's good for seven most. But, uh, you know, that's coupled with a pretty decent iso there. It's coupled with a pretty decent, uh, woa. So, uh, I think that there's, uh, and that's the last two weeks stats for them. Um, you know, overall near their fifth in Woa, you know, they have a 2 76 batting average. They have 24% strikeout rate. So they strike out a lot against lefties, but they also are hitting lefties pretty well. So I guess the damage comes to what do you trust? Do you trust Mber at home against the Cubs or do you trust the Cub's current offense? Speaker 1 00:03:30 Yeah, I mean, I like Mber. I like the strikeout upside and, um, it's just a tough matchup with him because he keeps the ball on the ground when he is not getting strikeouts. Everything's set on the ground, so, okay. Um, those are our favorite pitchers to use. Strikeout ground ballers that have strikeout upsides. So I have no problem getting a framer here. Speaker 0 00:03:46 Yep. I'm with you there. Uh, moving on down again. Yeah, Pablo Lopez on the road against the Dodgers. Don't really love that Spott for him. Yeah, imagine George Kirby good pitcher by Boston's offense. You know, they, they, they're very capable of putting up, uh, some crooked numbers there. So at $9,400, that one feels a little bit risky. Like you mentioned nine and a half run total in that game. Uh, Freddie Alte here, this is one of those games where if you look at the, uh, DraftKings little board here, uh, they got a rain symbol. Uh, we'll have to check in with our guy Kevin Roth there in the morning leading up the roster lock. Uh, see how bad the weather was gonna be in St. Louis. We got Freddy Alta against the Cardinals. Cardinals, uh, had some comeback wins against Boston over the weekend. Uh, the Ken Janssen Blue Black Toback saves, uh, against St. Louis. So that offense kind of came through at the right times. Uh, we talk about it all the time, though. Don't mean to speedwatch through this, but we have Merrill Kelly and we have him under nine K and we have him against the Ace. So it's like, feels like for, at least for us, we're always gravitating towards Merrill Kelly, but we're always, uh, over on the field, the field is always very underweight on Merril Kelly. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:04:49 And you know, he's been extremely consistent this year even in starts where he's kind of struggled, like last time out still got us through six innings, um, had six Ks. The strikeouts I think have been the key for Merril Kelly lately. 6 10, 5 7 is last four starts kind of up from the number C'S put up years in years past. I mean super safe floor for Merril Kelly. Um, I do like Freddie Parul to quite a bit here at nine K. He looks like the guy he was two years ago. Three straight really good outings, including what, 23 strikeouts over his last 18 innings pitch. He Speaker 0 00:05:23 Has a start against St. Louis already this year. Six innings won, earned seven strikeout to 102 pitches in that game. So Speaker 1 00:05:29 Yep, five, five of his seven starts. He's put up 23, 22 and a half or more fantasy points. Yeah. Like he's just been ex incredibly consistent. Um Okay. Speaker 0 00:05:38 A guy that was over 10 K for three straight slates. Yep. Now it is that nine k, so, yep. I I like that. I like that. Uh, so those are probably my two like upper tier guys. Like after Fran I'll look at Proton Kelly with you, uh, in the mid-tier. I kind of like Tanner Houk here at $8,100. I think he's in little bit. I think he's in an interesting spot. I know the numbers do not look very good. He said some pretty tough matchups, but you look at like the SAR against Minnesota, which is, you know, as we talked about, not a good team. They have a pretty weak offense. He goes seven innings, strikes out seven, gives a three earn runs, gives you 23 fantasy points. But I'm looking at sort of the matchups where he's done well on. They're the weak are offenses. Speaker 0 00:06:17 Right. And that's what we have here, uh, in Seattle now. The run total is certainly gonna keep teams probably off of this spot. But yeah, Seattle on the year against right-handed pitching the second highest strikeout rate, uh, you know, against right-handed pitching, they rank, uh, 21st in Woa. Uh, in terms of isolated power, they ranked 19th in terms of slugging percentages here against right-handed pitching. They ranked 21st. So, uh, it's really not a, a great offense. And we've talked about those struggles for Seattle here. Um, I don't think anybody again is gonna be on Tanner Hoke, but I think there's some sneaky upside here. Speaker 1 00:06:51 Yeah. Um, and you mentioned like the strikeouts just aren't going away either. It's been the same thing for Seattle over the last two weeks. So, uh, perfectly fine getting to how I don't know what to make of Michael Waka, uh, because he is been really good again. And then he throws in these like random, just absolute. Speaker 0 00:07:10 Yeah. We, we, we dunked get all in on Minnesota that game, Kepler and Buckskin and all them. You go sick endings weren't earned 4k and we get nothing out of it. So Kansas Speaker 1 00:07:20 City's offense has been re dude third best op PS in baseball over the last two weeks. I wish Speaker 0 00:07:26 We could go back and pull the clips. I know we can, but I'm lazy. But we could go back and pull the clips of, of like every podcast I kept on being like, kin city's offense is coming. Right. Their offense is gonna wake up. Right. They're not this bad. Like we just kept on saying it. Uh, and then you started pointing out and they're getting deeper. Like they added Nick Prado, they added like this guy and all of a sudden now instead of being three or four deep, they're six deep and they're putting up a lot of runs. Right. Speaker 1 00:07:47 So, and even Mike, like Michael Massey hitting ninth has been pretty good for them lately. It's just been a better lineup. So I like, I know Michael Waka being the biggest favorite on the boards feels like a trap. Um, good ballpark to pitch in San in San Diego. I don't know. Just might throw his hat into the ring as well. Speaker 0 00:08:06 Yep. I agree with you. Uh, the last guy I'm gonna throw on, and I feel like we just have to do this every podcast <laugh> uh, Bailey Falter is a South Paw. Yep. And he is facing the San Francisco Giants. Bailey Falter has been awful for most of this year, but he does have a couple of good starts. So it's not like he is been absolute dog water every time he is gone to the mountain. Uh, so if we draw more so on maybe outings like he had against Seattle, Chicago, Cincinnati earlier this year, Texas, even now you add in the matchup against the Giants here and maybe there's actually something to look at at $6,600. Speaker 1 00:08:42 So he is going to operate as a reliever in this game. Okay. There's gonna be an opener. Um, we'll see if that means like, um, does he come in in the third? Does he come in in the fourth? Is he coming in trailing? You know, that's tough. Sell Speaker 0 00:09:01 All good points. All good points. Speaker 1 00:09:03 Um, but it is a fantastic spot against an offense that just simply can flat, like, flat out just can't hit lefties. So. Right. And, and you look at the rest of his value tier, it is just disgusting. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:09:14 We're not going Brad Keller or Alex Wood Dane. I mean, Dane Dunning's been okay. He's been, Speaker 1 00:09:18 He's been very good as a, he's been very good as a starter. Well, Speaker 0 00:09:21 We're not gonna throw him against Atlanta. I don't, but Speaker 1 00:09:23 It's Atlanta. But it's, but it, Speaker 0 00:09:25 Right. Like Speaker 1 00:09:26 That's the, that's the key. He's been really good Speaker 0 00:09:28 Against the, the Angels in Seattle. Right. Against good as a reliever, but like starting Wise Angels in Seattle on the road. Were two good start. Yep. Yep. Um, anybody else? A picture for you? Speaker 1 00:09:39 No. Okay. Speaker 0 00:09:41 No, just checking. We're not, we're not on the Alec Manino maybe turns it around today. Experience, obviously. Cause his last offense was against the Yankees. So Yankees Speaker 1 00:09:49 Offense kind of kind of rolling. Yep. Speaker 0 00:09:52 Kind of rolling. Speaker 1 00:09:53 Had a good series against Tampa. So. Oh, Speaker 0 00:09:54 Catcher. Talk to me here. What's the, what's the, what's the go-to spot at Catcher? Speaker 1 00:09:59 Um, go-to Spot, I mean Stevenson 48 against Connor Seabold. I think a lot of people are gonna gravitate to mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you're not playing Michael Waka. Sal just continues to just, dude, this guy is on a different atmosphere right now back to back another, yeah, another back to back days with home runs. So Sal's in the lineup on Monday. I like that. If you're not on town, ho uh, tenor ho cal rally, we know, you know, he's better from Yeah. This is the split. Um, that's probably it like over 4k. I don't think I'm gonna get to Eliese is against Hunter Green. You can. Um, but I, you know, we like, like Speaker 0 00:10:39 ISO $2,800 against Rosinski. Speaker 1 00:10:41 Yeah. He had a, you know, he had another, he had another stolen base on Sunday as well, by the way. Um, gonna interesting that he's like running now, right? Yeah. Like it's a, like that's the second stone bases last 10 games, just, you know, on top of a three 10 average. Why Speaker 0 00:10:57 Is he, why is he $2,800? It just, I don't, I mean Speaker 1 00:10:59 It's, it's just because like you look at it and it's kind of a low, it's three 10, but it's like singles and not, but again, Speaker 0 00:11:09 I mean, except for recently he had been one of the leading R B I guy on the team. Right, right. So like Speaker 1 00:11:14 I agree. I I'm not, I'm not, listen, we, we both are Gabriel Moreno fans. Yeah. Um, it is just worth mentioning that it's probably because like when Corman Carroll was $3,000, he was hitting double's home runs and ceiling bases and we were like, well what are we doing? Marino is just still hitting three 10, but it's one home run. Right. Speaker 0 00:11:36 All right. Uh, first base position here, then you got guys at the top, uh, that are in, uh, good matchups. Like Vreo gets Yes. Dry burrito, right? Yes. $5,800. That one feels like an absolute smash. Johnny, Speaker 1 00:11:48 Johnny Burrito against righty. This year. John 2 92 average nine 80 O p s 4 0 8 woba. And if you look up and down this lineup, righty's everywhere. Speaker 0 00:11:58 I feel like I never played Toronto correctly or like, I never get the Vlad Guerra home run. It just like, doesn't feel like it comes it for me. This is it. But this would be, this would be this it the spot that I want. I, I feel like we're going there. This is Speaker 1 00:12:10 Your course, this is your course Pivot or probably we haven't really like looked at Cincinnati. Uh, I mean they're pretty, they're pretty cheap. Other than Jonathan dsa. Speaker 0 00:12:21 I mean, I, I I definitely like Vladi. I like Rizzo on the opposite side of this match up here. Speaker 1 00:12:24 Yeah. He's been awesome. He's been awesome lately. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:12:26 I I, I, for me, both of those I think are, are in pretty good spots. No knocking Matt Olson or Frederick Freeman if they make your line up. I'm not gonna sit here and be like, what are you doing? They're great. Uh, so that first certainly Walk works for me. Uh, rowdy Toles against Flaherty. Any interest? Speaker 1 00:12:42 Yes, because we just know Rakin Homer and like Sure. Speaker 0 00:12:47 Uh, pass Tino, we're always in on 4,200 bucks. Just a good player. If Waka beats us, he beats us, bud. I'll take my chances on PAs cuttino out hitting Waco more often than not. <laugh> Sure. Uh, for sure. Um, more guys down here under 4k. What's the, what's your targets? Speaker 1 00:13:04 Um, NoDa, if you're not playing Merrill, Kelly Koff has been really, really good, John. It's just gonna look at the runs. Look, it's your, your wedding weekend. We don't even get to enjoy the Minnesota scoring wins. 27 runs. I know the last two days, Kelo five hits, two home runs, two doubles are, can we talk Speaker 0 00:13:25 About Kelo? Six walks, five strikeouts. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:13:28 Too, dude, he's a Speaker 0 00:13:29 Dude like Speaker 1 00:13:29 Four walking. This guy just needs, if someone's up there listening, please just let this guy stay healthy, you know? Yeah, Speaker 0 00:13:36 It's true, true, true. True. Nick. Speaker 1 00:13:39 Nick and then Nick proto here. Speaker 0 00:13:40 Yeah, Nick proto for sure. Uh, who's the only base off of Sy in that can, that's what I wanna know. Speaker 1 00:13:46 Who's stealing bases off cigar? Uh, Polanco. Speaker 0 00:13:50 Possibly. Uh, I'll throw one more hat in the ring here. And that's Tristan Costas. Uh, last 10 gains for Kaas three ten nine eighty six. 5 52 slugging. Uh, this was again, a very, very highly toted prospect. Top 25, uh, you know, baseball America off to a very slow start this year, but he had like a one 40 bapi. There was just a lot going kind of against that. If he's starting to crawl his way outta this slump and, and, and get into that. I mean, he's not a $2,400 hitter based off his prospect status. The power's pretty legit with him. So, um, I don't know what your splits are for George Kirby against Lefties, uh, but Casis, if he's starting to come alive here, um, I think is a pretty interesting way to get some Red Sox exposure on this sleeve. Speaker 1 00:14:36 Um, nobody's really hitting Kirby hard, right, right. He's hitting 2 27, Lefty's hitting 2 47, but five 30 o p s for righties. Six 40 o ps for lefties. 65 woa against lefties. So it's like better. Just still not, Speaker 0 00:14:52 He's been good so nothing. Yeah, he's been good. So, uh, but I think, I think Casaa has just given a pedigree and just a recent form is an interesting, uh, sure. Interesting peak. Uh, second based position here. Uh, guys at the top you got Simeon, Jonathan India, though gonna probably lead the way in course field against Connor. He's been just been an absolute, uh, monster. Again, getting on base scoring ceiling bags. So big fan of him at at 56, a hundred dollars. Then we just kind of dumped down into the mid-tier. Uh, what are the targets for you here? Speaker 1 00:15:22 You replying Yankees? Flavors been good lately. Um, he's hitting the top, the Yankees lineup. That's been a nice spark for them. Um, not playing Rojas at 46, although it's a good spot. I think we're gonna actually have some, some Diamondback's interest here. Chris Morrell, man, he's been so good. I just wish she wasn't facing a lefty here. I wish. Speaker 0 00:15:42 So listen, love my wedding weekend, but I didn't really pay attention to our seasonal fantasy league as much. And morale was on my bench, uh, for both. Speaker 1 00:15:52 He's been so good. Speaker 0 00:15:53 Unfortunate. Yeah. Listen, all the reports out there that he was gonna be like a part-time player or he was gonna get sent down, like he's hitting himself into like an everyday role. Speaker 1 00:16:01 He has to. He has to. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:16:03 Yeah. Um, not that I very tough matchup, I don't think. Speaker 1 00:16:07 Very tough matchup brought to you. Speaker 0 00:16:09 No, no, Speaker 1 00:16:09 No, no, no. Smooth Speaker 0 00:16:10 Speaking about him in general. Um, a guy that I think is gonna start popping up on our radar a little bit more here. Uh, went maryfield with 3,900 bucks. I, I like it. Speaker 1 00:16:20 I've stolen bases in his last three games. Yeah. I maryfield eight. Eight in Speaker 0 00:16:23 The last 10. So like this is what he is now. Right. Like he is a guy that led the league and solo bases, what, three years ago? Yep. So, um, yeah, I'm, I'm fully on board getting some, getting some Blue Jays um, here. Um, Mauricio Dubon continues to just do what he does, right? Like <laugh>, if you want five fantasy points, lock 'em in. Right, right. Speaker 1 00:16:45 Yeah. Honestly, Speaker 0 00:16:46 That that's what you're, you're gonna get hit, gonna run scored like probably within the first two at bats. Yep. Um, definitely worthy. Uh, and Manuel Valdez, he homered the other day. He's 3,100 bucks. Again. I know you're talking about tough matchups against Kirby, but Boston at home has isn't pretty strong there. Um, anybody else for you? Speaker 1 00:17:04 Uh, Bryce Tang Homer on Sunday. For what it's worth. 7 83 O ps over his last 10 games. He's speed guy too. So he's cheap. If you were playing, uh, guys against uh, Jack Fla Michael Massey. Michael Massey too. 40. Alright. Speaker 0 00:17:19 Massie you mention Speaker 1 00:17:20 He's been insane. He's been insane. 3 79 averages less. 10, 1100 ops over that span. Yep. Two Speaker 0 00:17:26 Homeowners and bags stolen during that stretch as well. So. Yep. I think I don't give me fool by the two 18 batting average. It could be spot for him to pop up. It's nice too. Right's. So like it's nice a wraparound stack for them too. Like that. Uh, third base position here. Uh, devs up up top. Matt Chapman was a guy that has cooled off considerably since that is ridiculous start, but it could be a turnaround spot from Speaker 1 00:17:51 Here. Yeah. I think Matt Chavin goes through like the best and worst spells during the course of a baseball season. Yeah. Like every year. Um, but this feels like, like you said, this feels like a spot that can help him break out. Uh, righties are the split that kills Johnny Burrito and Matt Chapman against RS is here. 360 6 What? So yeah. Speaker 0 00:18:12 Yep. Uh, we haven't hit any San Diego yet cause their players haven't really hit our board, but, uh, Machado at 47 against Keller definitely feels like Yes. Uh, a good, a good spot. I know a Mato not his best forum, but still good matchup. Who in the material? Looking at, Speaker 1 00:18:27 Um, who in the mid tier? Uh, Ryan McMahon, if you're playing the Colorado side of the game, Nick Zel, he's been, he schooled off after a hot start but hits in 4 0 5. Lots of extra base hits over that span. So Zel 4,500 is okay. Uh, Patrick Wisdom gets a lefty. I don't think you need to go there, but he is does Mash lefties, uh, Lema hu 3,900. He continues to hit. I don't know why he's, his price is dropping, but we saw him at 4,300, uh, as early as Saturday. Now he's 3,900 gets Manoah Manos we know. Well documented. He's been bad. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:19:06 Um, Speaker 1 00:19:07 That's probably it. And then you just dropped Right. Speaker 0 00:19:09 Do I keep making fun of Kyle Farmer or what's the deal? Speaker 1 00:19:12 I mean, I'm not making fun of him. Even you were making fun of him. You literally, what Speaker 0 00:19:17 Was I said? I said should I keep making fun of Kyle Farmer? Speaker 1 00:19:19 Oh, okay, okay. I'm like yo, I I swear the comment the other day was Kyle Farmer. I'm just mentioning him. He's hitting like fourth or whatever. I don't know why, but, uh, I mean, yeah, he's been good. I he's been good. I dunno, I dunno tell you Speaker 0 00:19:32 I'm not playing him. Speaker 1 00:19:33 I'm not playing him here. But he is, you know, he is probably gonna put his wrong Speaker 0 00:19:35 Playing. We're not playing him, but there he is. Um, let's see here. Anybody else on your way down here? Speaker 1 00:19:43 I It's Waldo Homer. I know. It's the worst part of the split. Yeah. Um, but I liked the eligibility home. Bunch of Harveys in the last couple games, but that's probably it. Speaker 0 00:19:53 Short stop position sir. Up at the top. We got a good, uh, Beche at 56. Yep. Think we've gotta look to get that Moy bets back with shorts up eligibility. Bobby, you whit Homer today. He's at 53. Got Trey Turner versus Lefty at 52. Uh, Pia is all the way up to 49. I mean a lot of, lot of top Ben talent here in then Xander at $4,600. I know he's been struggling a bit. Uh, but gets the Keller matchup. Speaker 1 00:20:18 You can bets on DraftKings doing something different with Mookie's eligibility every day. You know? Yeah, Speaker 0 00:20:23 I get, I get what you did there. I don't like it. Don't, don't even really appreciate it. But Speaker 1 00:20:27 I'm like you um, Bobby Whit. I'm probably gonna stack against Michael Waa. Truth truthfully. Speaker 0 00:20:33 Feels like we're going. Speaker 1 00:20:34 I'm probably, I mean I just, we just like we've turned into such a Royals pod, like first podcast here. Um, love Bechet. Mookie obviously you can get to if you want. Not the best matchup. Um, I like other guys' matchups in the spot. Like Bobby Whit, like Trey Turner, um, Jameson T's obviously Exploitable if Pena gets on. He's been running a decent amount this year. And then if yeah, if you're playing Padres, like Xander's obviously in play, the issue is just, he's been, he's been Speaker 0 00:21:02 Since the first like what, he was hot for like three weeks and now he is been, he Speaker 1 00:21:06 Was the hottest hitter. Like one of the hottest hitters in baseball. If not the hottest hit baseball and then it's just Yeah. Speaker 0 00:21:10 Kind Speaker 1 00:21:11 Cooled off. Alex Wood has been pretty bad this year. Speaker 0 00:21:15 Yeah, he's good, Speaker 1 00:21:17 Right? He's hitting 2 94 with an 800 O P s 365 woa. So we know, you know Speaker 0 00:21:24 You have Trey Turner's for Yeah. Trey Speaker 1 00:21:26 Turner as well. Good. Speaker 0 00:21:28 Um, where are we going here? Speaker 1 00:21:31 Opie, Volpes Opie's back. They moved him down the lineup and he's been crushing. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:21:36 We know this all base. So they have now three home runs. The last 10 games as well. Speaker 1 00:21:39 Three. It's three. It's three in his last five. Yeah. Three and five with the two stolen bases. Right. Speaker 0 00:21:44 So he, he's either a home ring or then he had a two stolen base game. So even better now. This Speaker 1 00:21:48 Is, I mean this is what he was not like gonna be like the best player of all time. Cause the stretch is like not sustainable, but like this is what he we expected. Sure. Speaker 0 00:21:57 Uh, Casey Schmidt still just Speaker 1 00:22:00 So Speaker 0 00:22:01 50. I mean, I mean Yeah. Speaker 1 00:22:02 He's so good. Speaker 0 00:22:03 Uh, three K, whoever's pitching for Philly. Yep. Falter if he ends up being the long reliever here. That's great. Love to our matchup. Sign me up. Yep. Agreed. Uh, let's see. Anybody else? Speaker 1 00:22:16 No. No. Okay. Speaker 0 00:22:19 No, no. Paul dis young for you. None. No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. You don't need to talk about it. Don't even waste. No outfield. Outfield. Let's go, let's run it. Judge. 62. Yep. Yor on against Ty at six K. Speaker 1 00:22:33 Yeah. Yor on. Looks good dude. He is rolling. Speaker 0 00:22:36 Yeah. Tais uh, had that double Homer game the other day. Again. You Speaker 1 00:22:40 Two stolen bases on Sunday I think too. Yep. Speaker 0 00:22:43 Yep. Uh, one Soto at $5,300 finally Speaker 1 00:22:47 Been amazing. It's been amazing. Speaker 0 00:22:49 Come around. Yep. Um, so $5,300 feels pretty strong. So as we said, kinda like all a lot of San Diego here, that top end talent, they're all very expensive though. Speaker 1 00:22:58 It's crazy that they've scored three less, three runs or less in four straight games. And they, and Soda and Tays are both like what Speaker 0 00:23:06 I know, but like the talent is there. So like they should eventually agreed. Okay. Uh, Corman Carroll's right below soda though. 52 Budinski. That's yeah. Great spot for him there. Yep. Uh, you mentioned Buxton was running, I mean we talked a lot about Noah Sy he is allowed the most stolen bases of starting pitcher. So like, uh, if Buxton gets on and maybe he starts to run a little bit more, there's a chance Speaker 1 00:23:28 He had that two day he had that two day stretch. Yeah. Was keyword was running right? Speaker 0 00:23:34 There was a starter that he could run again. Yes. It would be, it would be nice. Speaker 1 00:23:38 That's, that is correct. Speaker 0 00:23:39 Uh, Castanos gets the lefty matchup against wood at 49. Speaker 1 00:23:43 Yep. He had a big day Sunday. Speaker 0 00:23:46 Yeah. Uh, Charlie Brock Blackman's still hitting ne I almost never played Charlie Blackman, but if you're gonna go Colorado, he's certainly there. Uh, Kalanick against Hulk at 47 Springer. Are you, you mentioned Springer and VA show just both 46. Right in that mid-tier is pretty strong. Speaker 1 00:24:02 Dude. Springer 46, like the, all the numbers are on Springer side are just still suggesting he's gonna break up Speaker 0 00:24:09 Fraley against Seabold 42. Speaker 1 00:24:11 That feels Speaker 0 00:24:12 Where's Fri? Where's Frito? Where is he at? Speaker 1 00:24:16 Probably not too far down. I was hoping to find him. Uh, he is, he's date day. Speaker 0 00:24:21 Yeah. 3,900 bucks. But, uh, another lefty bad if he's in the line, I would do during a bleak on Sunday. So I guess that's something to watch, uh, there for sure. Um, let's see. We tend, we tend to like Rucker, but you know, he was a guy that you can look at Chance mcc McCormick is was good, came off the il got hurt again. He, he finds it like hitting in the middle of Houston's lineup a lot, so. Yep. Speaker 1 00:24:46 If he's in the lineup, Speaker 0 00:24:47 I don't mind the spot Melendez is there, uh, story 36? Um, I'm trying to see if there anybody's like clearly jumping out to me here. Speaker 1 00:24:57 3,100 JJ Bday, if you're not playing Merrill Kelly B'S been awesome this year. Speaker 0 00:25:01 Truth, truth, truth. Definitely a big fan of that. Um, let's see, we're talking about Koff as a dual eligibility, which is nice. We haven't talked any Atlanta. We, I mean Dane Dunning's been good, but like if we're not gonna pitch Dane Dunning, shouldn't we, do we have interest in Atlanta? Speaker 1 00:25:21 Probably the issue with Dunning, the ground balls have been incredible for him this year. So it's not even like the best. It's not like this year's Dane Dunning has kind of been different than years past. Speaker 0 00:25:32 Okay. Um, anybody else here that I'm, maybe I'm just missing for you. Speaker 1 00:25:38 Um, not that I see. And obviously that could change. Like you wanna play brewers and you play Tyrone Taylor for a home run, you know, be my guest. Sure. I don't see any like Grossman's gonna hit second, but it's Morton. Um, Kier Meyers's been really good. If you wanna play him for Speaker 0 00:25:59 More Blue Jay. No, he is not blue guys anymore, right? Are he? Speaker 1 00:26:01 Yeah. No, he has on the Blue Jays dude, he's hit, he is 3 94 with 1100 o p s over his last 10 games. Three stolen bases, six extra base hits over that span. I Speaker 0 00:26:10 Mean, you kind of probably need him at $2,700 to get in VLA and Bette, right? I Speaker 1 00:26:14 Mean, look at this guy. We got the stolen bases coming. We have some power coming. Um, Speaker 0 00:26:20 I don't mind it. All right, let's, let's build our lineup. I think we're gonna do a, we do a Coors lineup and then we do a non Coors lineup. Let's start with our non-core lineup. Why don't we just play Kier Meyer? Speaker 1 00:26:29 Yep. And play Toronto. Play vla. Glad Speaker 0 00:26:32 Biche and then Springer. Speaker 1 00:26:34 Yes. Love that. Speaker 0 00:26:37 And then, all right, so that's our four stack. Let's go to pitching. Speaker 1 00:26:42 Um, Speaker 0 00:26:43 We like, I mean, uh, Kelly if 88, right? Yep. Yep. And then what's our spend up Speaker 1 00:26:49 Alta? We could just do like a double Speaker 0 00:26:51 Love it. Uh, 33 75. The remaining positions here. We're gonna spend up Moreno. Yep, Speaker 1 00:26:57 Yep, yep. Speaker 0 00:26:58 Uh, $3,500 here. Do we have another outfield outfielder that we liked our value. Second or third baseman that we're on our radar mass. Speaker 1 00:27:05 The values second basement mass. Mass Massey. Yep. Speaker 0 00:27:08 Yep. Third base. $4,200 for uh, outfielder in a third basement. Speaker 1 00:27:14 What was, um, PR 2,800 in the outfield if you wanted, if you wanted to double Kansas City in the outfield. We don't need to. Um, 4,200 Speaker 0 00:27:24 Hate it. I don't hate it. 28 in the outfield. And that's 56 third basis. Speaker 1 00:27:30 Every single one. Speaker 0 00:27:31 Our choice here. Um, let's see, which means we probably have a little bit more to play with. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:27:38 I agree. But Speaker 0 00:27:39 There isn't really like a lot here. Like that's the thing. Speaker 1 00:27:43 Third felt like I liked Lehe at 39. I like, I mean you liked Kyle Farmer, obviously. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:27:52 Uh, I didn't really like Kyle Farmer. Um, I mean, would you do Le Beter or they Speaker 1 00:27:58 Yeah, I would. Okay. They correlate in the lineup. Speaker 0 00:28:01 Yep. All right. So that's our non-core lineup. We got a trio stack, the two man stack with the Yankees. Um, bottom half of their, of their lineup there. Uh, Moreno and Massey. And then we have Merrill Kelly, Freddie Peralta. Uh, let's build our Coors lineup. Cincinnati and Colorado here. Um, what side of the aisle are we looking at? Probably the Cincinnati side here. Right. Speaker 1 00:28:24 So first person I plugged in was Jake Fraley. Okay. That was the first name. Just get, he's been awesome. Sure. Um, is the moose gonna be on the loose here, John? I mean, revenge, revenge narrative. Speaker 0 00:28:38 It would be great. I don't know if I want to go against Hunter Green as much, but like I could get behind a grtk, um, spot here. Speaker 1 00:28:49 Yeah. Gr Yeah, probably love. I don't love this team. Speaker 0 00:28:53 Excuse me. Not a lot, right? So it would be India. It'd be Fraley, maybe Stevenson. Speaker 1 00:29:00 Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:29:02 Excuse me. Sorry about that. Um, so we'll do a three man there. Obviously that takes away two of our favorite value plays and Greenville, Reno, and Massey. But we have other value options that we could take a peek at. Speaker 1 00:29:14 Kier Speaker 0 00:29:15 Kier. Yep. Hundred percent. Go back to Kier Meer. Um, pitching. Do we wanna just keep pitching the same Peralta? Speaker 1 00:29:20 I was thinking we were gonna use Tanner or Ho in this uh, spot. Speaker 0 00:29:24 Okay. Kelly. Kelly or Peralta? Speaker 1 00:29:26 Peralta For the upside I'd say. Okay. Probably just has a little higher slice. Speaker 0 00:29:30 Okay. So 3,900 bucks a piece here. Um, for what we have remaining, Speaker 1 00:29:36 Uh, Carlo Carlo at first against kindergarten, is that Speaker 0 00:29:39 Kelo at first or in the outfield? Oh, Speaker 1 00:29:41 Well yeah, either one. That's a good call. Like we could play 'em on either spot. Speaker 0 00:29:44 We do so $4,200. Speaker 1 00:29:47 We could probably still get Vlady in this lineup if we wanted. Um, Speaker 0 00:29:52 3,500 for a third basement. Short. Speaker 1 00:29:55 Not, uh, Casey Schmidt. Three K shortstop. Speaker 0 00:29:59 Okay. I like that Schmidt. Uh, 49. So maybe now we get Vti and then that's a 4K third basement. We still go Lame is a one-off Speaker 1 00:30:11 Lame. Who? Yeah. Or or scorching hot JD Davis And do a little two man game with Schmidt and JD Davis. A man. I know the Lesses aren't great against San Fran. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:30:21 Yeah, yeah. So we, we'll keep it our one off Latty cuz we just think that spot's great. We got a little three man sensei stack in Coors. We got one off with Loft, one off with with Care Meyer to get that value in the lineup. Two man San Francisco. We went with Hulk and Paralta for our lineup here. That is our Tuesday. Look at the slate. James and I will be live at 5:00 PM Eastern. Breaking it all down. Good luck everybody. We'll catch you all later.

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