May 16, 2023


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 16, 2023

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 16, 2023
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 16, 2023

May 16 2023 | 00:57:40


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for today's main slate on DraftKings and bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which includes Cardinals 3B Nolan Arenado.

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Speaker 0 00:00:01 What's going on at Found Nation? John Pep here with James Grande, welcoming to the Better baseball. M O V D F S podcast in livestream. Recording here for Tuesday's 12. Game main slate. James <laugh>. They have loaded us up here early week here. Uh, we had a 10 game Monday. We got a 12 gamer on Tuesday. Uh, to get into here. We know we are in Coors Field, so that's gonna play a part in Cincinnati, Colorado, continuing their series here. So, uh, we've also hit the time of the rotation with, uh, pretty good amount of quality pitchers. Honestly, unlike we had to deal with her Monday, where a couple of good guys, guys we thought were good, turned out to be not so good here. Freddy Prota looking at you <laugh> and, uh, hopefully a better opportunity now. Kershaw, Gossman, Verlander, Castillo, Javier, steel Wheeler, beaver Cobb, over all pitching pretty damn well right now, so, yeah. Uh, a good amount is already pitching here. They're not cheap, but at least there's options. Speaker 1 00:00:56 Yeah. Um, just looking through the list, I'm hoping there's a little more value than there was on Monday too, John, cuz we ran out pretty quickly and you and I got to Tanner Houk and Michael Waka as our two like value ish pitchers. So, um, well, I'll tell Speaker 0 00:01:11 You this. Um, our guy McClain, still two K, so still Speaker 1 00:01:14 Two K. Yeah. Uh, still two K. So we'll be able to afford, uh, just about anyone we want. There is actually some good value anyway on the ground, so, um, yeah, it should be a fun slate. Lots of interesting arms, lots of interesting matchups and yeah, Tuesday, usually the, you know, Tuesday's usually the big boy of the week, but Howard, Ben Speaker 0 00:01:34 Bender on the playbook. Speaker 1 00:01:35 Howard Bender, his one, yeah, his one playbook a week. Tuesdays. Respect Howard, uh, you all the dirty work for, for that slate. But, uh, here you and I are again on a Tuesday ready to dominate Speaker 0 00:01:48 On 100%. Uh, let's get into Vegas. Any, any spreads or, or totals that we have available to us? Speaker 1 00:01:56 Yeah. Um, so going to Kors, I don't even see Core's official. Um, let me check my, uh, my military time. Yeah. Uh, uh, minus do you Speaker 0 00:02:13 Remember that or just remember, you know, that, you know what time that he, I Speaker 1 00:02:16 Already got it. I already, I already got the, I already made sure. Speaker 0 00:02:19 Get your calculator out. Do the math. Figure out the time. Speaker 1 00:02:22 Uh, nothing official on the Cincinnati game. Do we have a picture listed on DraftKings for Cincinnati Speaker 0 00:02:28 Williamson? Speaker 1 00:02:29 We'll make his major league debut. Okay. Um, <laugh>, I dunno if you see in the Speaker 0 00:02:35 Against Chase Anderson, by the way. Speaker 1 00:02:37 Oh God. Uh, the note on Williamson, by the way, is Williamson's numbers at aaa Louisville have been poor. <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:02:46 Well, Speaker 1 00:02:47 That's good. Um, you know, Speaker 0 00:02:48 No better way to turn that around than in Coors Field. Speaker 1 00:02:51 Yeah. Um, so no total there, but I mean, chase Anderson versus Williamson seems to be a barn burner of matchup. Uh, let's see, what else do we got? Uh, run line or over unders nine in Seattle, Boston, nine in Arizona, Oakland. That could be an addition game. Um, ar Tommy Henry versus Kyle Mueller, Brady Singer and Seth Lugo in a nine run total. So nothing like standing out, we're just obviously waiting on what transpires in the Colorado game. Money line favorites Kevin Gossman minus 1 75 against the Yankees, Justin Verlander minus one 70 against the Tampa Bay rate. That's surprising. That is given what the Mets are doing right now, Verlander minus one 70 favorite against the Tampa Bay race. Um, okay, sure. Uh, Jordan Montgomery minus 1 75. I would bet that right now, by the way, I, I know Verlander is good, but like minus you get plus one 40 on the raise. How many times have you been able to say that this year? Yeah. Um, Christian Javier in the Houston Aros minus 1 65 on Draftking Sports book over the cubbies, uh, Seth Lugo minus two 10 against the Royals at home and Clay Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers in the late night. Hammer two minus 2 0 5 against Bailey Ober, even though Bailey Ober has been nuts. Speaker 0 00:04:23 Yeah, that, that too is kind of wild here. Uh, let's get into it. We got a lot to get to, right? Got 12 games, a lot of pitching. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I mean, we can talk about all the top guys here, but you know, that will take forever just breaking down every individual starter. So why don't we just talk about the guys that we like Mattress, that we liked, mattress that we're looking to at least target here, uh, on this slate. Uh, and I don't mean to just make it the obvious play here, but we do have Kershaw at 11 K against Minnesota at home. Yep. Um, that one to me certainly sticks out as, as a matchup that, uh, we likely will be taking, looking to take advantage of. Uh, and then I know he hasn't pitched all that well at times, but we do have Door to Montgomery at home against Milwaukee. We know Milwaukee struggles against lefties. He's faced Milwaukee already this season. Seven innings start out nine strikeout. So yes, I skipped a lot of pictures in between, but like how many people do you think start their rosters with at 11 K Kershaw and then a $7,400 Jordan Montgomery here, man. Speaker 1 00:05:23 Yeah, I assume that's a popular pairing. Um, as long as people look past the couple blow ups that Montgomery's had, I mean every, he said two blowups and then every other start has been very good. Uh, pretty much quality starts in all but one, and that was opening day where 91 pitches and so yeah, I, I like Montgomery, Sony four. We know Milwaukee is dreadful, big highest strikeout rate against lefties. Minnesota's third in strikeout rate against lefties. So I fully agree on both those fronts. Um, I kind of like Christian Javier quite a bit here. Um, Cub's kind of scuffling getting mowed down by Fran Bar Valdez on Monday, and Christian Naver has really taken off lately. Yep. 11 strikeouts his last outing. He's now gone 11, 8, 6, and 10. The walks, you know, were finally like, pitch count's been good getting deep in games, like just quality start Monster, just like Valdez is. I mean that's what five straight starts with quality outings and well, I guess he's Speaker 0 00:06:28 Doing great. He's doing great. Uh, Speaker 1 00:06:30 I like he Speaker 0 00:06:31 Any trouble striking out Chicago that you currently rank against? Right handed pitching 23rd and strikeout rate just 21.9%. Speaker 1 00:06:39 Yeah, I they could in theory. Um, I know, you know, this lineup is maybe a little more prone to striking out with Chris Morrell in the fold and Sure. Um, say's someone who strikes out every, you know, so, and, and two of those guys weren't in the lineup to start the year, so I suspect there wouldn't be a lot of issue. Christian Naver also is just missing bats against everyone he faces. I mean, um, the Angels, I know the Mariners strike out a lot. Philly, Atlanta does Atlanta strike out a lot this year against Rs uh, ninth highest strikeout rate? So, um, where's Philly on this list? Philly, 23% League average. So like, I don't know, he's been striking, he's just missing bats. Like he's just an elite guy. So, um, there may be some Speaker 0 00:07:34 To that point, just the last two weeks, Chicago, 25% strikeout rate against rites is the fourth highest that comes with Mbus, an 11% walk rate as well. And we know, uh, Javier at times can be a little bit, uh, wild though, much better, uh, recently. So, you know, the good name of the game here is kind of narrowing down in player pools when you have this many. Yeah. So like, you wanna throw Kershaw, you wanna throw Javier in there? Um, again, I have Montgomery kind of already checked off anybody else for you, uh, when it comes to pitching here? Speaker 1 00:08:02 Yeah, I love Zack Wheeler in this spot against San Francisco. I know San Francisco's been good against Righties, um, but they just lost Jock Peterson to the il. Um, they got Brandon Crawford back and if they're gonna play him every day, like that's hitting one 60, you know, like, that's not like someone I'm worried about coming back into the lineup. So yeah, I mean, I kind of like Wheeler. He has starting, he has started to really turn it around. Um, two of his last three starts have been excellent. The one, you know, exception was Boston, but Boston that was in like the middle of Boston's torch stretch, uh, but seven innings, one run against Toronto and then the start around the Boston one was six innings no runs against Houston. So, and then 11 strikeouts the strikeout like love Wheeler 92, he's a 10 K pitcher. And then thank God Jane Bieber started striking people out again because like yeah, he was getting a little concerning nine strikeouts, his last outing. Um, six scoreless innings, nine strikeouts, uh, two, nothing victory in that game. So, um, I like Shane Bieber quite a bit. The White Sox, we, as we know is just, there are, we saw the, the mouth, the mouthing of Tim Anderson saying, I hate it here. <laugh>. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:09:17 I told Jay were you? Yeah, Speaker 1 00:09:18 I mean, like, I'm, you're Speaker 0 00:09:20 Lucky you're gone. I hate it here. It Speaker 1 00:09:22 Could not get any worse. Um, so I really like, if you don't get up to Kershaw, I understand if like, if you get to Kershaw, great, obviously, like he's pitching, like he's, you know, the best pitcher in baseball again. He, he Speaker 0 00:09:35 Like, he's chased another side of him. Speaker 1 00:09:37 Right? Um, but if you were to like drop down to next here, even go Kershaw and one of these guys, Javier Wheeler Bieber, instead of going Montgomery, like, I think that's viable. I'm perfectly fine getting to Montgomery. His price tag is stupid, just considering a, a blow up. But, uh, I love that nine K tier. I think it's super elite. Speaker 0 00:09:55 Alright, uh, again, moving on our way down here, we mentioned Montgomery, uh, we, we rotator healthcare for a little bit. Got, uh, unfortunately caught up to him in the fifth inning, gave up the two run Homer to Cal rally, then gave up a double and then gave up a walk and then a reliever came in and gave up another home run at Cal Rally. So his stat line doesn't look all that great for five innings. Long way to say Nick Veta is taking them out here. Uh, $6,600. Any interest in Veta here at all against Seattle? Speaker 1 00:10:28 I, I probably should I, maybe I just think more highly of Holk than I do Veta. I just, I don't, I don't think Nick Veta is any good. Speaker 0 00:10:39 Okay. That's just throwing 'em out there. Yeah. Just singing, just testing the waters. Uh, any anybody else here then for you? Speaker 1 00:10:48 I mean, what do we make a brightest Seahurst last start? Speaker 0 00:10:53 I, I don't want to pitch him against in San Diego personally. He, he pitched chance of White Sox. We just talked about it. Know I hated here. Speaker 1 00:11:00 I know. I, I know. But like San Diego is Speaker 0 00:11:03 Four strikeouts. It's not like he dominated this, this game. They pulled him after 80 pitches, even though, you know, like, no, I am, I, this doesn't seem scream to me like beginning of the turnaround. He just ran into a, a dead team that doesn't want to be there. Right. Uh, at home. And I was on the road against one of the best lineups in baseball. Right. Supposedly on paper. Speaker 1 00:11:28 Um, Speaker 0 00:11:29 Gain value talent wise, you know, Speaker 1 00:11:32 I don't know who, I don't know where else we'd go then there's Speaker 0 00:11:34 No, Speaker 1 00:11:34 Um, I, I, yeah, I don't think, Speaker 0 00:11:37 I think that's the answer. We go Kha Javier Wheeler or or b of her. Both of them are fine. Um, and then it's Montgomery. You could, Speaker 1 00:11:45 You could probably play Lugo at ak. Yeah. Against the Royals. He's been good. Speaker 0 00:11:52 I kinda like the, but I get you. Speaker 1 00:11:54 I mean, we both, yeah, that's, we both like the Royals. I'm just saying like, Speaker 0 00:11:58 I don't know. Four, four horrors. The last three games for him. Speaker 1 00:12:02 Yeah. The home run's not great. Um, but you know, she's throw it out there. Speaker 0 00:12:07 Okay. Oh, kiddo. Uh, let's see here. Uh, catcher position. Talk to me. Where are we going? Speaker 1 00:12:18 Cal Rally. Cal Rally. I mean, Speaker 0 00:12:20 I mean, lefty Power, we talk about it all the time, right? Speaker 1 00:12:23 Yeah. Um, I would say obviously Tyler Stevenson's going to garner a lot of ownership. Um, Jonah Heim against She Schuster. We've talked about Jonah Heim this year against left-handed pitching. That feels really good at 4,500 if you're getting to Texas. Uh, Texas, the ball continues to just fly outta Texas nightly. Um, I know Speaker 0 00:12:45 Williamson is a lefty, by the way. And we have a Yds. So Yeah. Speaker 1 00:12:49 And we have Elis Diaz 43. I also think you could probably play Wilson Contreras the Catcher. Um, not the outfielder because Wilson Contreras is a catcher again. Um, we saw the wave Miley Regression coming from a mile away. True. Speaker 0 00:13:05 Screamed it from the rooftops in my, in my playbook that day. I used the, uh, the breaking bad gift. He can't keep getting away with it. <laugh>. I know. Uh, I'm glad that he didn't get away with it. Speaker 1 00:13:14 No, he, that he got shot by a team who didn't hit lefties. So, you know, that's true. Um, chamber was, does Speaker 0 00:13:19 Almost won 50 grand for like, until it didn't Speaker 1 00:13:23 <laugh> until it didn't. Um, she had a good night. Uh, will, I mean the, the Cardinals do hit lefty, so I would play Contreras, but you're right, it all roads lead to Elisia is here at 4,300 or or Cal Rally 42. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:13:37 Gabriel Reno gets a lefty. And me, Kyle Mueller here. Speaker 1 00:13:40 Yeah. Um, for sure. Same thing kind of with Langoliers on the other side of this game gets a lefty. Uh, or Carlos Perez, whoever's catching for the Sure. For the athletics. That game could be kind of interesting. I know we tend to tout the athletics a little more than probably anyone else in the world, but, um, Tommy Henry's pitching to a lot of Contacters. Speaker 0 00:14:04 Uh, James, I have to interrupt this program briefly, just to let you know that the Moose is on the loose. Just Homer. Uh, Speaker 1 00:14:10 Oh. My, that's the first time <laugh>. He has actually made, like, come through, I think this year. Shout out to the Moose Speaker 0 00:14:18 Second home run of the season. Homer's off of Hunter Green here in the bottom of the second inning. Just had a just brief, brief, uh, brief little mention there. Grand Grek followed up with a double wheels coming off for a hundred Green here. <laugh> in these, this is Speaker 1 00:14:31 The hundred, this is the hundred green experience. It'll be fine. Speaker 0 00:14:34 It, it, it really, it really is. Uh, all right, back to the, back to the main slate of at hand here. Uh, that's probably it for me. I catcher. Speaker 1 00:14:42 Yeah. I was going down to Value and I don't think I wanna be here anymore. Speaker 0 00:14:48 Yeah, I'm with you. First base Paul Goman gets weighed. Mileage 59 if we believe that regression continues, that feels like a pretty good spot. Yep. Um, let's see here. Where is our, where's our guy? There he is. Christian Walker is 4,100 against a lefty. Speaker 1 00:15:08 Feels silly. Speaker 0 00:15:09 That feels silly. That's a good way to put it. Speaker 1 00:15:12 I don't know. I didn't know what else to say. No, silly Speaker 0 00:15:14 Right? Silly feels like a good way to put it. Speaker 1 00:15:17 Um, Speaker 0 00:15:18 Um, that Speaker 1 00:15:19 Is breaks. He just breaks Lefty. Speaker 0 00:15:21 That is, that's a cheap price point for Christian Walker here. $4,100. I, I was looking at the top guys. I'm like, where is he? This should be like 48 or something here. I'm like, I don't see him. Nate, Lowe's there. Like where? Oh, there he is. Below Alec Bo Christian Walker. So, uh, that's, that's a misprice there. That's gentle spot. That is a, that's a misprice. Um, go down past Tino's 38 now after being 42 Forever. That's pretty good. Um, I mean, I'll still play. I mean, what's, what is Chase Anderson these days? Uh, I mean, Speaker 1 00:15:57 He's gonna get chased here. John. That's Speaker 0 00:15:59 Oh, I like it. Well, Spencer Steer is 3,500. Speaker 1 00:16:02 Yeah. And he's good against Righty's, like this great spot. Speaker 0 00:16:06 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. I got nothing else Speaker 1 00:16:12 Here. So I am taking interest in what Josh Nailer has done lately. Three home runs in three games. He's homered in three straight. Um, we've talked about this a lot and I know we, and it's primarily around Lance Lynn, right? Yeah. Like, dude, he has been very popular for the last few slates. And the last time we did this recording late last week against the Royals, we had I th what was a four game slate. And we were like, why is Lance Lynn Speaker 0 00:16:46 40 popular? Something like that. Dude, Speaker 1 00:16:48 Five innings, nine hits, seven runs, two home runs, two walks. Like he is terrible. And like for a guy who was great his whole career outside of anomalies in sports, Justin Verlander, LeBron James, Tom Brady, that tier, everybody gets bit by father time at some point in their career. Right? Right. This is happening to Lance Lynn. He's pitched a long time. He's been really good. I know the guardian's offense is not good, but I like this ballpark for hitting, I like Josh nail's power upside in this ballpark. And Lance Lynn is very bad. Um, so I'm not sitting here and I'm not gonna ever suggest a Guardian stack because you said it all year. And I just like, not that I haven't listened, but like I've kind of just in my head thought they were better than they are. And they're not. Speaker 0 00:17:49 They're not. Speaker 1 00:17:50 They're just, they're just Speaker 0 00:17:51 A, they have one superstar Yes. Surrounded by a whole bunch of crap. Speaker 1 00:17:56 They're just, they're like the, they're like just, they're like the nationals. They're just scrappy. They're just like a scrap. They don't strike out. Right. Yeah. They just have a bunch of guys. But like fourth, this is the fourth best ballpark. If you go to our m o v ballpark factor on fantasy alarm to hit in Lancelin is getting demolished by lefties three 50, average 1100 O p s, 4 67 woa. Like that's atrocious. Those are like 4 67 1. But it's not. And then it's not like he just made a start. Like he made eight starts this year. He is one in seven, one in five, Speaker 0 00:18:35 Nailer, qu and Ramirez. Ramirez. Speaker 1 00:18:38 I honestly wouldn't even probably go that far. I might just go Nailer Jimenez has been pretty bad. I would probably just go Speaker 0 00:18:47 Team has been pretty bad. Right. Speaker 1 00:18:50 Nailer is home running three shirt games. Sure. Ozi Ramirez is a superstar. Correct. Speaker 0 00:18:54 Just two. Speaker 1 00:18:55 And he's now just 5,200. Okay. I would, and if you look at Ramirez, five hits his Lester games. Right. Like starting to come around as well. I would play those two in a two pack stack if you wanted to get crazy and wild, maybe like you said Jimenez or something. But I do like Josh Nailer here at 3,300. I think just given what we know, Lancelyn is gonna be popular, seemingly like every slate, people just think he's gonna revert back to this guy that he's been, and because again, he gets a bad lineup, right? Like yeah. Kansas City was supposed to be that bad lineup. They weren't. Um, so I do like nailer. Like obviously it's hard to overlook what Christian Walker is for $700 more, but if playing multiple lineups, if playing, you know. Mm. E no, I could, I could be persuaded into, into some Josh Nailer. Speaker 0 00:19:47 Oh, kiddo. Uh, I mean, you've made a lot of good points here. We know, uh, Lancelin, as we mentioned, we've kind of beaten up on him a lot this year, especially with the lefty bat. So, uh, I can get behind it. Um, I mean, it's unfortunate you get Bell at the same business. I Speaker 1 00:20:03 Know, I know. It's, thanks. Um, Speaker 0 00:20:06 Can't really double stack that, but that's fine. Um, anybody else? Would you play Prado here at 27? Speaker 1 00:20:12 Yeah, I would play pr Speaker 0 00:20:14 Aus Aguilar against Speaker 1 00:20:15 Tering? Yes. Yes, yes. First is interesting. Speaker 0 00:20:19 He's been awful. One hit in his last, I want him quick math or like 15 at bats, maybe. Something like that. <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:20:29 He does. Let's see. Right. So against lefties though, John. Yeah. Against lefties though. You're under some, you're cooking with something here or 80 Speaker 0 00:20:37 Probably. Right. And Speaker 1 00:20:38 You're not just cooking ramen, you're cooking like some, some gourmet soup here. You know, first of all, Speaker 0 00:20:42 I like ramen. Speaker 1 00:20:43 I do too. I'm just saying like, I'm not saying you can't like ramen, but like cooking, when Speaker 0 00:20:49 You cooking hear broth, when you hear ramen, do you eat it as a soup or do you drain the liquid out and just eat like the cooked noodles with like, the mixed package? Speaker 1 00:20:56 So I was in college, I was more of a drain the know drain the drain the broth and put hot sauce in it kind of guy. And since I've just gone to, I, I enjoy soup like broth Okay. And soup. So I'll just leave the broth in. Speaker 0 00:21:12 Okay. Yeah. I usually would drain it. And then I would add in that little like, pure salt flavor packet that they would, that they would throw in there. You Speaker 1 00:21:19 Do it after? Speaker 0 00:21:20 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:21:21 Oh Speaker 0 00:21:22 Yeah. And then I'd mix it all up and then I need it that way. Speaker 1 00:21:26 I, I cannot, I cannot Speaker 0 00:21:28 Combine that <laugh> you just a little bit of the liquid there. So it like mixes well with the, Speaker 1 00:21:32 I was gonna say, I mean there's, Speaker 0 00:21:33 And then it, and then it coats it like, it's like a sauce. Speaker 1 00:21:37 Ooh. I was gonna say, if it's not, there's no liquid in here doing that. Like, we gotta have you conversation. Speaker 0 00:21:41 You need a little bit of the moisture, the mix with the mixture. So it makes like a sauce, but it's not a soup now it's like a sauce. Speaker 1 00:21:47 Okay. Okay. <laugh>. Okay. Anyway, I was a little con I was a little concerned if we was just like, you're just mixing dry noodles. I don't know. Speaker 0 00:21:54 What I do is I do buy noodle, then I just dump some of this all back. A little <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:21:59 Oh boy. Um, back to Jesus Aguilar. And Speaker 0 00:22:03 What are his monthly score, James? Speaker 1 00:22:05 Uh, 3 33 average four home runs. 4 42 Woba this year. Speaker 0 00:22:10 $2,700. Pretty Speaker 1 00:22:11 Good. It's Speaker 0 00:22:12 Not bad. It's pretty good. $2,600 even. Um, Matt Harberger is 26. If he's in there against singer. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:22:20 It's fine. I think there's like too good of value to go to like Carpenter unless you're playing a San Diego stack. Speaker 0 00:22:26 Okay, that's fine. Uh, all right, let's go to second base. Speaker 1 00:22:28 Still has the best st all of the Speaker 0 00:22:30 Game. Great, great Speaker 1 00:22:31 Stash. I, I wish, I wish he did it earlier in his career, right? Like peak Matt Carpenter. Imagine he was doing the, like having like the, you know, Speaker 0 00:22:39 All these guys go to the Yankees and they like cut their hair, they grow enough flashes. They, you know, they, if they look the part, you know. Yeah, it's, Speaker 1 00:22:47 I Speaker 0 00:22:47 Mean it's leave the mullet for crying out loud. Like identity. Speaker 1 00:22:52 It's outdated, but yeah. Speaker 0 00:22:53 No, it Speaker 1 00:22:54 D oh, John, Speaker 0 00:22:55 Uh, second baseman. What'd you say? Oh, Speaker 1 00:22:58 We just got a big, uh, Christopher Morrell three run home run off our boy. Uh, Fran Valdez quality start streak snapped already. Christopher Speaker 0 00:23:08 Morrell is once again on my bench in our auction league because he's facing Fran Valdez. Uh, he's now home three times in four games. All of them on my bench. Uh, I am second to last in our league at home runs. I'm last could really could really use. Yes. I'm, I'm only ahead of you <laugh>. I'm in, I'm in third place in our, uh, fourth place now in our auction league or, uh, our, oh yeah, our auction rotor league, uh, with the second fewest home runs, uh, in the entire league. So, uh, yeah. Unfortunate. I'm also last in rbi. So <laugh>, I really, I really, I I I am great everywhere else. I have no power, no home runs and Christopher Morrell. Speaker 1 00:23:48 Well, you have power. There's, he's just on the bench Speaker 0 00:23:51 <laugh>. He's on the, on the bench man. On the bench. Three home runs and six rbis in four days on the bench. The Speaker 1 00:23:56 Christopher, Speaker 0 00:23:57 I'm not gonna, all I gotta do is sit Jonathan India Corbin Carroll. Speaker 1 00:24:00 No, no, no. John, the Christopher Morrell experience today. John one for three, two strikeouts and a home run. Speaker 0 00:24:07 It's keeping him in the league. Yep. All right. Excuse me. Back to second. Uh, back to this, back to second base where Morell, I think is even eligible. He is, uh, you have sim at your top to India. Get Chase Anderson 55. Um, probably, again, pretty popular option I would imagine here. Yep. Uh, canal Marta versus Lefty Mueller at $4,900. Uh, feels pretty de Speaker 1 00:24:32 Off, Speaker 0 00:24:33 Off call Edmond at 46 with dual eligibility against Wade Miley at 4,600. Gonna lead off for the Cardinal. Speaker 1 00:24:40 Yeah. I just need, we just need him to hit some more. Speaker 0 00:24:43 He hit Speaker 1 00:24:43 Lefties. I know. Speaker 0 00:24:44 400 against left-handed pitching. Speaker 1 00:24:47 Here's another, here's another guy that just needs to just give up the switch shedding dream, you know, Speaker 0 00:24:53 Or Yeah. Or only be in the line up against lefties cuz why bother? Right. Speaker 1 00:24:56 Right. Speaker 0 00:24:57 Why hit him Knife? Just take him out. There's gotta be somebody else, right? Uh, morale gets Javier, man. I don't know. Does he, does, does he just keep hitting home runs? Like, does he just sit basketball and just wait? Like what's the, Speaker 1 00:25:09 I mean, he's gonna continue to do what he's doing. He's gonna strike out and hit a lot of home runs and steal a lot of bases. Like that's just what he's doing, you know, Speaker 0 00:25:16 Five hits in a homer for the last three games for Andre Jimenez. If we're talking about lefties here, Speaker 1 00:25:20 Dude, the last like three games for the Guardians, I know, like they've only four, eight, and four runs, but like the three guys that we've mentioned, Ramirez, Jimenez, and Nailer, they are doing all the damage for them. So yeah, I mean he was the highest paid second basement I think, or one of the highest paid second basemen or whatever it was. He got that massive extension regardless of what, where he ranks amongst paid second basemen, uh, because he is a really good baseball player who's just struggled out of the gate. So, so Speaker 0 00:25:47 We'll do a super small sample size here just to, to help your argument, uh, over the last seven days. Okay. Against right-handed pitching. Okay. Cleveland has a 16% strikeout rate. Okay. An 8 48 O P s a 500 slug, a 200 iso a 3 53 Woah that last seven days. Speaker 1 00:26:11 Thank you for helping my argument. Speaker 0 00:26:13 So just letting you know, uh, if you extend that sample size any larger, it blows everything apart there, <laugh>. But in the super small sample size of seven days, they are among the best teams in baseball against right-handed pitching. Speaker 1 00:26:29 Well, you know what you, you're playing when they're hot, let Speaker 0 00:26:32 That carry the water for you. Right. Um, a little, a little further down, a little further down here. Uh, hey Maryfield, who's gonna hit in the middle of the lineup again, he's 37 and no one's gonna play that. Uh, Speaker 1 00:26:48 Boy Dubon did another, what, what did you say, John? Speaker 0 00:26:53 Although Speaker 1 00:26:54 He had a, I mean, he's gonna get five finish points no matter what. Sing, sing in a run. I mean, even if he doesn't score in this game single in the walk, he'll find a way to fi he'll find a way to five fantasy points. Speaker 0 00:27:06 Yeah, that's probably it for me here. Speaker 1 00:27:10 Um, yeah, searching through Jordan Diaz, maybe against a lefty. Uh, we saw him triple on in Yankee Stadium last week. That is probably it. If you wanted to play Colton Wong. He's maybe shown signs of life, but he's like literally been one of the worst fires in baseball this Speaker 0 00:27:32 Year. Yeah. Uh, okay. Over to third base. Uh, a lot of top tier guys as we talk about every slate here you've been mentioning, uh, Jose Ramirez, uh, four 40 slug, 7 78 O bs. The last 10 games for him. Uh, five hits, three doubles in the last three games for him. So, uh, you know, it's a spot at 5,200 if you like it. Uh, otherwise my child still for me probably plays against singer. I'm not really a believer in that. Ana's been heating up man. Speaker 1 00:28:04 Yeah, he homered again on Monday. Monday. Speaker 0 00:28:06 So, you know, against Wade Miley, he, he splits against Lefty this year aren't great, but it could be a, a spot to turn around. We have Josh drunk against a lefty. Yep. $4,700 against Schuster here. Um, I don't know, man. What else are we looking at for you? Yo. <unk> back, eh? Speaker 1 00:28:23 Yep. Your favorite player? Um, Jose Ramirez, by the way, cheapest price tag he's been this year. 5,200. Um, yeah, I think Anato looks great. Uh, Homer for fourth straight game on Monday. Um, I may or may not have traded him away in F S G A as the wrong. Speaker 0 00:28:42 Yeah. Something in our Discord the other day. Asked if he should drop Anado to pick up Alex Bregman and I said one. What kind of league are you in? That Alex Bregman is also a free agent, but two, no, I would stick with Anado cuz Bregman's been abysmal. Yeah. Uh, hopefully he heed the advice and uh, still has no one here. Speaker 1 00:28:58 Hopefully he did DeMarco, I hope. But also what, Speaker 0 00:29:00 What kinda six-man league are you in? Where Alex Strike created? Speaker 1 00:29:04 Well, I Speaker 0 00:29:06 That point I guess Alex has been, Speaker 1 00:29:08 He might, he might. Yeah. He might be showing up a lot. Uh, a lot more waiver wires. Uh, sure. Hitting the summer months. Um, yeah, I mean I think Anado is the creme de crop if you're not playing. Jose Romeros here, Josh Young, I don't know if I can get there. 4,700, like, especially with, you know, Anado just $200 more. He is really slumping and I know he's been good against lefties, but I don't know if that's enough for me. Um, I probably don't get to anyone else until Speaker 0 00:29:43 Emanuel Rivera is three K. Speaker 1 00:29:45 Yep. Manuel Rivera, Manuel Rivera, and then, oh, Casey Schmidt third base shortstop eligible, by the way. Hey, uh, that's with the return of I'm, I'm not gonna play him against Wheeler most likely. Uh, but it is Speaker 0 00:29:58 Now Crawford's now at short. So Schmid's playing Speaker 1 00:30:01 Card. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. Yep. Exactly. Speaker 0 00:30:05 Um, I got nothing else over here. Speaker 1 00:30:11 Um, I don't think there's anything else up there. Speaker 0 00:30:14 Short stops. Talk to me. Speaker 1 00:30:18 Uh, we have a individual that is $2,000. Speaker 0 00:30:22 True. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:30:23 And he is one for two with a double on his, in his Major league debut thus far Speaker 0 00:30:29 In Gores Speaker 1 00:30:30 In Coors. So like, I understand once again that it's the same conversation we had Monday, like with a few more guys, right? It's, yeah, you can play any of these people, but when we talked about the value tier at Pi, a pitcher after Jordan Montgomery, there was not a lot there. The way that you can get a Christian Javier plus a Kershaw or a Kershaw plus Montgomery or however you want it, is just use the two K shortstop. That's likely gonna hit second again. Um, so, um, I like Matt McClean, I think he makes the most sense at shortstop. He was 40%. It's probably gonna happen again now if you're not sure he Speaker 0 00:31:15 Had a hit today and probably, Speaker 1 00:31:16 Yeah, I mean, plus what's to come, you know, at the time of this recording. So, you know, I think Bobby Whit at 5k, he's heating up. Yeah. Back to back two hit games Speaker 0 00:31:26 Power and speed for him as well. Speaker 1 00:31:28 Yeah. Power and speed or super serious. He's actually been better against Righty's. Um, you know, if you, like you said you don't believe in Brady Singer. Xander Bogarts is not this bad. He literally hit like three 30 last year. Um, yeah. So Speaker 0 00:31:43 What do we think of General Beaks? He's just gonna be the long reliever in this game or the opener. Speaker 1 00:31:48 Um, it says he's gonna be the opener and then Chonos is gonna be the long reliever. So, um, I would suspect that's the case. Trinos, by the way, just nothing but co like, cannot Miss Bats does not miss Bats whatsoever. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, but I, that doesn't like one at bat against Beaks and the rest again, I'm just, I'm so out on the mess. Did you see the last home run was May 10th? Speaker 0 00:32:15 Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 50. It was 50 ed bats or something like that. Speaker 1 00:32:18 They were saying I, it's just impossible to get to. So, um, I'm out on Lindor. Edmund as you mentioned, you could play here then it's probably like where John, Speaker 0 00:32:33 Ezekiel Duran Speaker 1 00:32:34 Ezekiel Duran. Yeah. Ezekiel Duran and then all the way down to, uh, our boy McClain. Speaker 0 00:32:41 Yeah, McClain who just scored really single. So Speaker 1 00:32:44 D uh, DeJong. Would you play DeJong? Speaker 0 00:32:48 Uh, it's right. He's better than Lefties. Speaker 1 00:32:50 It's right, he's better than lefties. Okay. This Speaker 0 00:32:51 Year. Yeah. Okay. Edmond's. I mean, Edmond's the guy, he just has multi-position eligibility. We talked about that. Speaker 1 00:32:56 Yeah. Yep. Yep. Speaker 0 00:32:58 Um, and no <laugh>, not really much else. Uh, outfield. There's again, a lot of talent here. A Kuya was our number one guy during the five o'clock live stream. He is Homered tonight. Uh, he gets Dan Dunning, who has been an absolute ground ball machine. Yep. Iron. But a Kuya is just ridiculous. If he gets on base, he could steal two. Uh, I don't know if you saw the, the report, uh, the, the news item the other day. Uh, REDX Pro Prospect Raphael s sold seven bags in a game. <laugh>, I mean, Speaker 1 00:33:31 No, I did not. But that is, yes. Speaker 0 00:33:33 He sold seven bases in one game. So, uh, I'm not saying we're getting that out of the Kuya, but he could steal two. Speaker 1 00:33:39 Yeah, he could. He sure could. So, uh, I mean he like Ronald de Kuya dude. He, he, if there's one player in the league that, like if you were like, yeah, who's this player that went hit two of 'em runs and had four stolen bases in the same game? I would say Ronald Lacuna would all right. Like 10, half, 10 times. So like, he, would he be the first like guy to like get you like 80 fantasy points? Like that would be like the first guy, like non pitcher that throws like a no-hitter, right? Like Launa could be that guy. Speaker 0 00:34:11 How many did like Mount Castle have when he had the nine rbis and the two 50? Speaker 1 00:34:15 I think he, I think he had 50. Yeah. But like add Speaker 0 00:34:19 Add in a couple stole and Speaker 1 00:34:20 A couple stolen bases. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:34:22 Maybe. Um, so yeah, listen, he's, he's certainly there. Harper against Cobb I think is okay here at six K. Would Speaker 1 00:34:28 You play Judge after Double Doning on Monday? I mean, I know Gossman is like Red Speaker 0 00:34:34 Sox knocked Gossman around pretty, pretty good couple songs. Speaker 1 00:34:38 Yeah, he's been so Gossman has been crushed twice and has just been dominant in every other start. Like destroyed against Houston. Destroyed against Boston. And then just like Shutouts every other star he's made <laugh>, he's actually allowed three earned runs outside of those two stars too. Speaker 0 00:34:56 Yeah. No. Home starts 15 innings, three runs 24 strikeouts. 11 hits in 15 innings though. So maybe, uh, I probably won't go there, but Judges only 5% today, so double Speaker 1 00:35:07 Down. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:35:08 Nobody played him. Nobody played him. Uh, you can always play Iron Charges, man. Hit right. A bajillion home runs last year. Same thing with TAs can play TAs against Singer. They're, they're fine. Yep. Um, probably wouldn't go outfield only eligible bets. Probably not. I think I'd go there. So over two Speaker 1 00:35:21 Overs been too good. Speaker 0 00:35:22 So was 57 is fine. He's back to where he should be playing. That Speaker 1 00:35:25 Kind of feels good. That kind of feels good though, right? Like I know. Well, Speaker 0 00:35:28 It's back to where it's back to where you should be, right? So yeah. Speaker 1 00:35:32 Um, Brady Singer splits this year. Oh, he's been bad against everyone, but lefties a little worse. Nine 60 o p s against lefties. 4 0 8 Woba against Lefties. So that feels pretty good. Soto hitting 3 0 3 0 2 against Righties. 4 38 Woba. Speaker 0 00:35:49 Yeah, he is he up Speaker 1 00:35:50 That feels like Prime one Soto again. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:35:53 Man. Hot. He is 6 76 slug left. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:35:58 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:35:59 Um, let's see here. Schwarber's got Home Run Power. Chris Brian, I guess against his Williamson Kid. 5,100? Yes, probably. Okay. Right. Yes. Speaker 1 00:36:14 Uh, do we know I'm gonna look, well, I'm gonna look up, um, Brandon Williamson. I'm gonna, where do, this is a you thing. I'm gonna look up where he ranks in their system here, John. Speaker 0 00:36:27 Okay. Speaker 1 00:36:28 According to, he is their 10th ranked prospect, six six from the left side. Uh, but the note still says he is been terrible at aaa, so, Speaker 0 00:36:43 And now he is in course. So, uh, yeah, again, Chris Bryant, if there's any power left in this bat, we'll maybe we'll see it here. He is hitting 300 on the year, right? Five bombs. So should be the right split spot for him at, uh, at 5,100 bucks. Um, I feel like is check, maybe you can check this on me. Is Blackman hitting lefties? Well this year Speaker 1 00:37:04 I feel like Blackman's just hitting, uh, um, let's see. Blackman against Lefty. Speaker 0 00:37:11 Like I know he is lefty, but I, I thought I saw the other day he was actually hitting them. Okay. Or maybe I'm lying completely. Speaker 1 00:37:22 Um, Charlie Blackman, sorry, taking a little longer than, uh, expected. Speaker 0 00:37:27 I get that internet connection, you know, speeding up, uh, Speaker 1 00:37:30 Sometimes, um, lefties is 2 67. Okay. Uh, he has a seven 10 O p s Oh 33 iso. All Speaker 0 00:37:42 Right. Not as good as I thought. Not maybe, maybe it was just had it reversed. I thought I saw him like hitting lefties. Well, but obviously the numbers did not bear that to be the case. Um, b ba ba ba I mean, we're not, are we going at Uber at all? I mean, out beens here, 4,600 bucks, you know that there's some power in that bat. Um, Bellinger is Javier 46, Springer 44 against Herman. We mentioned Juan already. Um, no. Like no Speaker 1 00:38:10 Power. Yeah. No, I wouldn't, this price is too much for me. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:38:14 No Power nine steals though. Like maybe you Speaker 1 00:38:16 Could just play, you could just play Brent Rucker for a hundred dollars more or a hundred less. Speaker 0 00:38:20 Dude Rooker a br uh, Aguilar little mini stack there. Speaker 1 00:38:24 Yeah. And if you wanna throw in like a story as well. Sure. Speaker 0 00:38:27 Sure. Super Sheep, uh, Fraley 4,200 didn't move his price tag at all. Speaker 1 00:38:32 Nope. Speaker 0 00:38:33 Uh, let's see here. Speaker 1 00:38:36 Grisha 41. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:38:38 Grisha. Speaker 1 00:38:38 He gets a lefty. Speaker 0 00:38:40 Really good, really good spot for him there. Lordes gets a lefty if they'll let him play <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:38:47 Let Lordes play, you Speaker 0 00:38:48 Know, profile leading off against a lefty at 39. Yep. Speaker 1 00:38:52 Yep. He's been better. He's been better from the Power Department. Speaker 0 00:38:56 Yep. Yep, yep. Um, McCormick had an RBI tonight, but I don't think I'm gonna get steel for him. Speaker 1 00:39:02 Oh. Speaker 0 00:39:03 Um, uh, Melendez. Outfield only for Melendez. Speaker 1 00:39:07 Yeah. They're converting him strictly downfield now. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:39:09 3,500 bucks Speaker 1 00:39:11 Because they're playing all they had. They had the three catchers in there and I was like, oh, probably. We probably can't. We probably can't do this. Speaker 0 00:39:21 Anybody that I'm missing for you, Speaker 1 00:39:23 Anybody you're missing, um, nobody that you're missing. The Cardinals are gonna start Speaker 0 00:39:31 Grossman probably hits second again. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:39:33 He'll say he'll, he'll hit second again. Uh, Juan will bat in the middle of their lineup and you just don't know if he's gonna get pinch hit for he's been kind of bad. Uh, Ramon Lono, three K if you wanna play the Oakland side of things, like that's it is what it is, right? Like he's fine. Um, Atlanta's incredibly interesting cuz all these guys are hitting, like all of them are literally hitting. So all the, all these outfielders you could play. Speaker 0 00:40:07 Yeah. Atlanta Garcia just hummed by the way. Speaker 1 00:40:09 I know Orlando Garcia just homered play any of these guys. Um, that's probably it. Um, I don't think there's anything that we overlooked at all. Speaker 0 00:40:26 Okay, well, uh, we got, uh, enough time here. Why don't we, why don't we give a home run call here, James. Speaker 1 00:40:33 No, Coors. Uh, we'll do wanna do the, we'll do what we did last, uh, course Speaker 0 00:40:37 One non-core home run call. Speaker 1 00:40:40 Um, mikes, Speaker 0 00:40:42 Lemme go start with Coors. Okay, Speaker 1 00:40:44 I'll start with Coors. I'll go with Randall Grek as my home run. Call Speaker 0 00:40:51 Randall Grek Home run. Okay, I will go. Same team. I'll go Chris Bryant. Speaker 1 00:40:57 I like that one. Speaker 0 00:40:58 I'll say those two guys. Homer, gimme your non-core home run. Play Speaker 1 00:41:03 My non-core home run play. Juan Soto against Brady Singer. Uh, actually Jose Ramirez Speaker 0 00:41:15 Sticking with the CLE Speaker 1 00:41:16 Key. I'm gonna go Jose, I'm gonna go Jose Ramirez. Dude, it's been, again, like, I just, I just cannot get over the fact that everyone just, nothing suggests Lancelyn is the guy that he was. All the numbers are bad for him. He has a 75 era r a I just keep coming back to it. Like he's allowed a home run at at least one home run in four straight games. He's allowed in eight starts, 11 home runs this year. Speaker 0 00:41:45 He does have a career best 10.9 K per nine. Speaker 1 00:41:50 He, dude, we're just like selling out. It's like, I know he's just, it's like when Speaker 0 00:41:56 Ex xFi is 3 86, he has a2 2% home run to Flyball ratio. That's not good. 360 4 Bapi also very, very poor. Speaker 1 00:42:08 Um, yeah, I mean the, like Speaker 0 00:42:12 His walks are almost double his career average though. So a lot of free passes. What's his hard, hard hit here? Um, 38% hard hit con brutal. Three eight Sierra. Speaker 1 00:42:28 Yeah, it's good. I mean the Sierra and the Xip, obviously Speaker 0 00:42:32 The home runs are impacting that, right? Speaker 1 00:42:34 The home runs are br dude, the home runs are brutal. Speaker 0 00:42:37 Yeah. 39% fly ball, 36% ground ball, 25% line drive rate for Mr. Lancelin. Speaker 1 00:42:47 I mean the ground ball rate. He's a 43% ground ball pitcher. First career pitching to a 36% rate. Yeah. Like that's down fly balls and are fly balls up. Like that's just a terrible recipe line. Drive up just a bad recipe to continue to stink. Even if it's, even if it is like luck driven, you know? Yeah. Like, Speaker 0 00:43:10 I mean his expected era r a is still 5 43. It's just that he has a seven five current era. Right? Speaker 1 00:43:15 Right. Speaker 0 00:43:15 Uh, almost two runs different between his expected in his current, but his expected still God awful. We had a five four era r We'd still say the exact same things we're saying now. Speaker 1 00:43:24 <laugh>. Right. Exactly. Speaker 0 00:43:26 Now doesn't really change much there. Uh, all right. Uh, gimme your, uh, oh, it was up to me. I, I'm going Christian Walker <laugh> Christian Walker is my non-core number. Speaker 1 00:43:35 That's a good one. I like Christian Walker. Speaker 0 00:43:37 Uh, okay, let's build a lineup. We'll build a Coors lineup and then we'll build an non Coors lineup. That's what we do here. When Coors is on the field, uh, do you I start off at cores or non-core. Speaker 1 00:43:46 You take the, you take the reins on this one. Speaker 0 00:43:49 All right. We'll go non course first then. Um, I think Montgomery has to be included on this. I just think that natural was too good too. Avoid, yeah, I'm fine with that. I wanna, I wanna try a, a Khaw Monte Okay. Spot here. So that is 39 50 a play. Um, catcher we had, we had quite a few characters that we liked here. Um, but just knowing that Gabriel Reno is $2,800. Speaker 1 00:44:15 He is, he is. This is steady Eddie right here. We just, this is where we, this is where we go when we need to, when we need a punt catcher. We know Gabe Moreno's gonna be under three K for us. Speaker 0 00:44:25 I, I agree with you. Hundred percent. Uh, so here's the next question. Do we go Christian Walker or do we go Josh Nailer? Speaker 1 00:44:32 Um, I mean I think Christian Walker is the better play. Like most of the time, like if I'm building 10 lineups and I'm only using Christian Walker nailer, I'd have probably like 70 30. Okay. In favor of Christian Walker. Okay. Speaker 0 00:44:51 For this specific instance though, I will go Josh Nailer with you. Speaker 1 00:44:55 Is it because we are gonna be using Jose Ramirez most likely at third. Speaker 0 00:44:59 We are gonna use Jose Ramirez at third here. Speaker 1 00:45:01 Okay. Okay. Speaker 0 00:45:03 At that short stop, we are going to go with, Speaker 1 00:45:08 I feel like Speaker 0 00:45:09 Not using McClean. Cause we can't, Speaker 1 00:45:10 I feel like we should. I feel like we should just be like he's literally two K. But I understand Speaker 0 00:45:16 Wade Miley, not Wade Miley. Tell admin against <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:45:20 I'm like, what, what did you just say? Speaker 0 00:45:25 Dunno, what, Speaker 1 00:45:27 What did Rebecca do with you, John? Speaker 0 00:45:28 $3,900 second and three outfield spots here. Speaker 1 00:45:33 Um, $3,900 second and three outfield spots. All right. Outfield, who did we like value wise? Um, a story was that, like, who else did you like? Robbie Grossman was 2,900. Speaker 0 00:45:53 I like Ruiz. Yeah, Ruiz is fine. Speaker 1 00:45:57 Ruiz ick for, oh no, we're using no chorus. Um, Speaker 0 00:46:02 Apple it up. Speaker 1 00:46:03 Yeah, that's good. Um, Speaker 0 00:46:06 Okay, uh, 4K for a second base on outfield. We could also move Edmond to second base too. We could do that. Speaker 1 00:46:12 We could, uh, Edmond, who was the sh who was the shortstop, we would play in his, in his place Schmidt. But he's a tough spot. Ezekiel Duran, 3,300. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:46:24 That works. Then we got a $4,700 outfielder. Speaker 1 00:46:31 I think Speaker 0 00:46:32 Quan? Speaker 1 00:46:34 No. Okay. Like, I'm not against it. I just like, dude, look at this guy. I don't know. Speaker 0 00:46:41 I, I, listen, I don't disagree. There often sucks in general, you know. But if you, if you think, uh, let's see if not him then, Speaker 1 00:46:53 I mean, Kek against Veta. Are you against that? No, no, Speaker 0 00:46:56 No. That's fine. 47. That place. Speaker 1 00:46:58 Do a little one-off. Little one-off Speaker 0 00:46:59 There. Yeah. Okay. All right. So this is our, our current non-core. We got Montgomery, Kersha, Moreno, naer, Edmond Ramirez, Duran Ruiz, Rucker, and Ick. So, uh, let's go now and make our Coors Field line up here. James. Let's see what we got. Actually, quickly, let me, let me see what we can do with Let's Speaker 1 00:47:24 Christian Walker. Speaker 0 00:47:26 No, I'll, what we can do with this. Speaker 1 00:47:30 Um, all right, so we're off Kanick Rucker. I would say those are probably the first two names. We'd come drop off. We'd also might have to move off Kershaw to like one of those nine K guys. Speaker 0 00:47:42 Sure. Speaker 1 00:47:44 But I mean, I, I just didn't Speaker 0 00:47:46 I agree with you. I think, um, where are we going with that? Speaker 1 00:47:50 Bieber Wheeler, Javier? Those are my three. I mean, yeah, think, I think Javier probably has the most upside. Bieber probably has the best matchup. The White Sox have been pretty bad. Um, I Speaker 0 00:48:05 Hate relying on the, the Cleveland offense, but Speaker 1 00:48:08 I know, I know. Speaker 0 00:48:10 Um, Speaker 1 00:48:11 I don't disagree. And it's a really good hitters environment in Chicago. Speaker 0 00:48:15 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:48:16 And Wheeler has been really good. Speaker 0 00:48:18 Giants hit righties, so Speaker 1 00:48:20 Yes. But there's like things that are not going well. Like Brandon Crawford's back in their lineup. Sure. They lost Jacque Peterson, I think. Like Yes. They got your shrimpy back. They get LaMonte Wade back in the lineup. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:48:37 I think, um, I think Javier works. Okay. All right. So we got Duran story gave Duran. Let's go Pave and Smith here. What's another Speaker 1 00:48:47 Lefty you wanna go? Lefty. Lefty. Speaker 0 00:48:48 Lefty. Um, Speaker 1 00:48:50 So, so Speaker 0 00:48:52 What Speaker 1 00:48:52 Do they do? Mueller's been bad against lefties. John, I just don't know if Pave Smith has doing. No, Speaker 0 00:48:57 He probably won't play. He Speaker 1 00:48:58 Probably won't. He's had, he's had 11 at bats against lefties this year, so. Yeah. Uh, you know, I was gonna say Emmanuel Rivera, we didn't play in our non-core lineup at third. We played Ramirez. Yeah. Um, man, they have so many good guys against lefties this year. Speaker 0 00:49:16 I know. Um, let's see, what can we do? We have four by 40, 100 basically a play. Um, Speaker 1 00:49:25 Who's our who? This is our non Speaker 0 00:49:28 Would you do Ess here in 39? Speaker 1 00:49:31 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:49:32 Okay, so now it's 42. That'll give us what Rucker Probably Rucker's Speaker 1 00:49:38 40. No. Rucker's 43. Um, um, Bader? No. Speaker 0 00:49:47 Well, what if we did Bieber and then we go to Rucker? Speaker 1 00:49:51 I mean, I like all three. I like you could talk me into any of those nine day. Speaker 0 00:49:55 Yeah. We even go back to Kek here actually, if you would rather Rucker or Kek, Speaker 1 00:49:59 Probably. Ooh, that's a good one. What about you? What do you think? I feel Speaker 0 00:50:04 Like Rucker is, uh, uh, is Rucker still hot here? Yeah. Rucker's still the guy hitting better. Speaker 1 00:50:10 He just hit that walk off over the weekend. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:50:13 He, lefty power gets k just been the thing at all time. So, I mean, it's Veta. So Veta. Yeah. All right, so we'll go this for the, for the Cardinals that I Speaker 1 00:50:21 And in Fenway. And in Fenway too. Yeah, it's, Speaker 0 00:50:23 Yeah. So we'll, we'll ride this as our Cardinals play, um, against Wade Miley, cuz I definitely am a big fan of, uh, of that for sure. So Montgomery, Bieber, Moreno, Goldschmid, Edmond Ado, Duran, uh, Ruiz, uh, Elle and Ick. There's a little two man, not connected stack for Arizona, but some exposure. And then the one-off play there. All right, let's build our course field lineup. I'll just immediately plug in Mc McClain cuz we know we're gonna go there, uh, at short. Speaker 1 00:50:52 Yep. We're gonna go to frail. We're gonna go like, same suspects in the Reds, right? Fraley, again, we Speaker 0 00:50:58 Go Fraley. But let me ask you now, what do we do with like Profile and Bryant and Grtk? Which ones are we playing here? Speaker 1 00:51:06 I feel like has been the best of them. Mm-hmm. Um, even, I mean, it's a small sample, but he's continued to hit, like he's did it again on Monday night too, right? R b i and a or a double in rbi I, or double in a Run score. Um, <affirmative>. Um, um, do we have any, like, there's nothing in the infield that we really want, right? Tovar I think has hit lefties very well this year. If we wanted to go there, it's short. But we didn't even like mention him in our analysis, which is No, he Speaker 0 00:51:39 Wasn't, he wasn't, wasn't really on my radar much. Um, I mean, what did we, we were just spinning up at third. That was kind of like our, our play. So can do Speaker 1 00:51:52 12 R Is that short? Speaker 0 00:51:54 Short, Speaker 1 00:51:55 But Oh, we have McClean. Yeah. Duh. Sorry. Speaker 0 00:51:58 Um, could one off ado one off? Uh, potentially there. Speaker 1 00:52:02 I like, yep. I like, I mean, Atos Homer in four straight games and he gets a lefty. You're not, you're not talking to me. Al Anado. You're not talking me. Al Anado here. So I'll go Anado. Um, 49. Yeah, let's use him as a one-off. Speaker 0 00:52:19 Uh, all right, hold on. Here. Uh, second base, the I one off. I put Christian Walker in. But would you, we could consider Jesus Aguilar and go really down low, but Aguilar like, Aguilar like Rucker. Speaker 1 00:52:36 Oh, we're playing so much Oakland again. We're doing it again. We're doing this thing. We're not Speaker 0 00:52:40 No, no, we're not. I'm not, Speaker 1 00:52:41 We're doing this thing again. Speaker 0 00:52:43 We're not getting it. We're not getting it as, as, Speaker 1 00:52:46 Oh, we're doing this thing. We're playing Oakland again. Oh, we're playing Oakland. Speaker 0 00:52:51 We're not doing it. We're not doing it. You don't know what we're doing. You have no idea what we're doing. Speaker 1 00:52:56 I know. Speaker 0 00:52:58 Playing, so I'm just like throwing it out there. Like a little preview. What like could be, um, you know, just a little, a little Looksie. <laugh>, uh, Kershaw. Bieber, Gabriel Moreno, Jesus Aguilar, Tommy Edman, Dolan Ado. McLean. Fraley. Grich Rooker. If we wanted to do that, just mentioning it. Or Speaker 1 00:53:24 I do like the pictures. I will say this. It gets you, it gets us two top arms. Speaker 0 00:53:27 Gets us two top arms. If you wanted to drop back down to Montgomery here we have a $6,400, uh, outfield spot, which could be used for anybody. Anybody. We wanted Soto, if you wanted to get another Colorado back. Cause we don't have it. Like obviously Brian's here gives us $1,300. We can go up and play. Anybody steer? Speaker 1 00:53:51 Yeah. Probably Spencer Steer. All Speaker 0 00:53:52 Right. And they get same three we just played today. Speaker 1 00:53:56 Wow. You're pretty, you're steering the ship. You're steering the ship here. Well, John, Speaker 0 00:53:59 You know, and then we got Kershaw Montgomery again. And if we, if we wanted to, you know, mix and mix and match, like I'm sure we could find, uh, Bieber and Javier. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you know, and now we have two top pitchers mixed in with everything. Even though I think Montgomery, uh, could also be a top pitcher on this slate. I agree. The match up. So agree. If you wanted the Salary savers, you could do it here we have a five pack core stack, uh, with three Cincinnati, two Colorado with a two man, uh, St. Louis stack against Wade Miley, uh, and then our just everyday punt catcher and Gabriel Moreno, uh, with two, two top tier pitchers. So those are kind of the lineups that I'm looking at. Again, this is the first look, uh, you know, where all James and I will obviously be back live at five o'clock Eastern time, uh, with all of the updates, whether it be weather lineup. Speaker 0 00:54:56 Uh, so if you're tuning in back here on the Better Sports Network fan, YouTube channel, better Sports YouTube channel, uh, you know, you can catch us back, uh, with some live questions. We'll help you with Build your lineups there. Uh, Howard Bender again will be on the playbook. If you're not yet, uh, an all Pro member, you can see the stroll down below. If you're listening on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, wherever, uh, you can go to Use promo code MLB 50 to save you 50% off the first six months. That is 1998 a month for the first six months. And that takes you through, uh, the first month or so of the N F L season cuz you get not only the MLB D f s content here, but you get access to everything that we have onsite. M L B N B A still going on N Hhl, uh, M M A P G A, nascar, all of it's covered here in the All-Pro package. Speaker 0 00:55:44 And maybe more importantly, you get access to our premium discord, where we're running daily best ball drafts, uh, over our Underdog Fantasy. You can use promo code fantasy alarm, uh, when you go to, you get a hundred percent deposit match over there. Uh, we're doing a billion basketball drafts hosted by, you know, Andrew Cooper, Howard Bender over there getting everybody ready for the best ball fantasy football season. So, uh, a lot of great things happening. If you're not already a member, uh, you can click the, the link in the description, or again, you can go to to join today. Uh, James, final thoughts for the people at home? Speaker 1 00:56:20 Uh, it's gonna be an interesting slate. Uh, I'm trying to see if we have any updated over, under on, uh, in this Cincinnati game because I mean, doesn't it feel like this feels Speaker 0 00:56:32 There? Eight runs already through four nn. So, Speaker 1 00:56:35 And this game feels inevitable that with Chase, Anderson and Williamson is gonna be one nothing, right? I mean, not really, but like, uh, yeah, I mean, I think Chorus is a great spot. I think there's a lot of elite pitching. Um, and, uh, yeah. I mean, it should be a fun slate. Uh, come join us, come join the family. I know we have a lot of people watching on our YouTube. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Give us a thumbs up every day. Like that helps our channel grow and helps, you know, continue to, you know, keep the lights on and bring another bomb ass content we put out every day. John, you know, so For all those on YouTube, like the video, subscribe to the video, comment on the video, comment on our live streams. Give us our, your feedback, give us your thoughts on the slate, whether it's roster construction, whether it's, you know, one versus one or what pitcher to use. Like any question, John and I here to help you guys. Um, and, and that's what, uh, we're gonna continue to do. So let's keep killing it. Speaker 0 00:57:37 Amen. That. All right everybody, we'll be back at five o'clock Eastern time. Talk to you later.

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