May 17, 2023


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 17, 2023

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 17, 2023
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 17, 2023

May 17 2023 | 00:28:20


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for today's main slate on DraftKings and bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which includes Padres SP Yu Darvish

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on at the nation? John phe with James Granny. Welcome into the Better Baseball MLB DFS Playbook here. Podcast four. We're doing Wednesday's five game early slate here, James. We got split slate here on Wednesday. We have a game five games kicking off at 3:10 PM Eastern on DraftKings. Then we have a 7:00 PM main slate. James and I will be live at five o'clock Eastern time to cover the 7:00 PM main slate. But I know that many of you like to get some early day baseball action in. So today's podcast, we'll be covering that. Three 10 start five games here, James. Speaker 1 00:00:34 Yeah, five games. Uh, we can't avoid chorus no matter how hard we try John. Uh, it's on this, on this afternoon. Slate starting at three 10. Another rain icon on DraftKings. We'll see, uh, what the goat Kevin Roth has to say during the day. Um, but it is an interesting slate. All West Coast games, by the way, all West Coast, these are all gonna be like ma Afternoon matinee. This is their version of like 12 o'clock, one o'clock. The 12, yeah, the 12 o'clock, one o'clock starts. Um, very interesting slate. I like it a little bit. I don't like it in other places. Uh, picture drops off very fast, which we see there Speaker 0 00:01:14 Are gonna be two very obvious plays and then you'll be feeling around for some others. Speaker 1 00:01:21 Yep. Um, so definitely, definitely interesting. Uh, five gamer to kick off the day and, uh, I only see three spreads. We don't have anything in Kansas City, San Diego or Philly, San Francisco. Um, over under of nine in Oakland, Arizona, Ryan Nelson versus Luis Medina. Uh, Oakland plus one 40 at home over, over under open at 11 Cincinnati, Colorado. Graham Ashcraft versus Austin Gomberg. Then eight and a half runs implied in Dodgers, Minnesota minus one 50 for the Dodgers. So everything's, you know, pretty solid. Eight and a half or above and we'll see what happens. I don't see an announced starter. Who are the Giants starting manaya? I don't believe it. Yeah, I Speaker 0 00:02:09 See Manaya listed. Speaker 1 00:02:11 We'll see. Um, we'll see what has to say about that. Um, we've been duped by this before. Uh, covers doesn't have anybody listed. Sometimes that's because it's like, well yeah, ic, TB D and Kansas City Royals also listing TB d Speaker 0 00:02:32 Um, recent player note on Manaya says that he could be sent back to the bullpen once Alex Wood was activated. Alex Wood pitched yesterday, I believe, right? Or today. Yep. Speaker 1 00:02:42 Yeah, he pitched on Monday, right. So, so we'll see. Yeah, and Jonathan Heasley is slated here on DraftKings for Kansas City. He is in the minors <laugh>. So, um, two pitchers, T B D, like we can approach it as if this is the arms, but also, you know, take it with a grain of salt because John just mentioned one might be sent down and one of 'em doesn't even exist in the major league right now. So, uh, T B D on both those, on the, both those situations cuz even does not have a listed starter for either team. Right. Speaker 0 00:03:23 Um, let's just jump into it. I mentioned to you there's two, I think, obvious pitching spots that most people are going to. Uh, that's you Dar and Dustin May. I think those are the two that people will go to this slate and they'll plug in. Darvish gets Kansas City, may gets Minnesota. That's said Sonny Gray's been pitching out of his mind. Uh, not that we want to generally go at the Dodgers, but on a slate like this where there isn't many options, Sonny Gray has been pitching like one of the best pitchers in baseball this year. So 1 3 9 e r a, he is four. Oh, he's got 56 strikeouts, uh, and 45 innings this season. I mean, again, the guy is giving up seven total earn runs. I don't think anybody's gonna be going to Sunny Gray pitching up against the Dodgers. But again, I think that there is on a smaller slate, if you want to be different, maybe Gray is a place to go. Otherwise it's for me building a lineup. I it's Darvish in May and then you start throwing darts, right? Ty Walker Nelson against Oakland. Maybe close your eyes and, and hit hit okay. Right. Like, uh, there's not much else after those top couple guys there. Speaker 1 00:04:26 Yeah, I mean this is definitely a slate. I would be taking a shot on Sunny Gray because he's been so good. Um, you know, other than like a bad season and some injury prone plagued years, like he's been a very good pitcher for most of his career. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, this is obviously I think a little different. He's pitching out of his freaking skull, uh, but he's done really well against the Astros. He five innings. There's one run against the Boston Red Sox in the middle of, I mean they've been so good for quite a while. Seven scoreless against the Yankees. Everything's on the ground and everything is a strikeout. Like there's one of two outcomes, has not allowed a home run yet this year either for Sunny Gray. Like this would be a spot I would be get, I'd be willing to get to. Um, so no problem getting to Gray. Speaker 1 00:05:16 I agree with what you did say though, like Darvish is probably the chuck, especially considering how bad Kansas City's offense has been in large part this year. Like overall their offense has been bad. Um, I I like, I understand that you and I talk about them all the time and they've been better, but large sample is greater than smaller samples sometimes. Right? And large sample ha wins out here in favor of Darvish. Dustin May has been awesome as well, keeping the ball on the ground. Um, he's only allowed one home run this year. 12 ground ball outs last time out. Don't love the three strikeouts but double digit fantasy points and all but one start this year, obviously you want a little bit more than just double digit fantasy points in 9,200, but we've seen 20 plus four four times this year. So I like Dustin May, um, I am moderately and I know Graham Ashcraft has been like bad ish the last two starts, but the intrigue for me even in Coors is that's, he Speaker 0 00:06:18 Have Shadow Baseball right now through Five Speaker 1 00:06:20 Inns. Well that, yes, but he is like ultimate ground ball guy. Um, he has five starts this year of 10 or more ground ball outs. Um, he's not a big strikeout guy. He has just three strikeouts and four street, um, games. But like the one thing we know about the, um, Colorado Rockies is they just like don't hit right-handed pitching. Well, and that just kind of puts me on Ashcraft a little bit. So because like you said, we are really just throwing darts at this point, um, after we get past us, man. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:06:58 Listen, I would, I would agree with you that Ashcraft is interesting. I mean, he's not an $8,100 pitcher just given sort of his fantasy scores there, but I mean there's not much else, right? <laugh>. No. I mean if he can, if he can go a little bit deeper into the games and not give you too much, you know, earned run against and we saw 26, 18 and 20 fancy points there to begin the year for him. And like I mentioned Chase Anderson and, and Williamson, two guys that we kind of joked on clowned a bit, uh, out here, shut out baseball each five innings. So, um, you know, who's to say that Ashcraft or Gomberg can't go out there today and, and do the, these are bad offenses, right? This is what we talk about a lot. Like we, we, we tend to gravitate towards cores and the history of cores and the game totals of cores, but Rocky's lineup is not very good, right? <laugh>. So, uh, definitely I agree with you a spot for that. And then Ty Walker is sort of the same thing, uh, pitching well of late Boston and Colorado, including, including one line in Coors. Good starts. He had a good start against the White Sox, struggled a bit against the Dodgers in Seattle. Um, San Francisco high strikeout rate. We know they're a good offensively against righties, but Walker would be another dart throw today. Speaker 1 00:08:09 Yeah. And I, and I'll say it again, like they have been a good offense, but they've lost some pieces and they've got pizzas pieces back that are hitting below 200. So although, you know, yes, like LeMonte Wade hits righties, he's a specialist. Can Fordo has come around like I don't think they're as good as they were earlier in the year against right-handed pitching. So, um, like Mitch Heer playing every day hitting 180, like right, they lost Jock Peterson. I, I don't know, I just, uh, I I would, I could see myself getting a time one walker if I was spending down, um, but literally nobody else. There is not a single other pitcher down here. I like, I guess, uh, no I can't even, I was gonna, no I didn't. I was gonna try to make a case for Luis Medina, but nah, I'm not gonna nah Speaker 0 00:09:10 Do that. Uh, catcher here. Uh, if Manja hangs on Rio Muta looks mighty fine. Yes, right. Steven said say anything against Gomberg that we've talked about the struggles obviously at times, uh, both of those guys right up there, top two price catchers on a slate and then on some short slate it drops off but it gave Renos in the lineup at 3,200 bucks. Like why Notches plug 'em in. Speaker 1 00:09:36 Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel, um, to a t because then you look at the rest of the position and there's really just nothing I guess. Yeah, there's, there's nothing else. It's Gabriel Marino is the cheapest I consider, I'm trying to see Carlos Perez, maybe he hit fourth, but that with a lefty on the mound. Oh Langers 3,300. He hits Rey's well and Ryan Nelson does not get anybody out. So I would have some like mild interest in Langers just because he's better again, he's like significantly better against r Sure. Speaker 0 00:10:15 First space, where are you looking? Speaker 1 00:10:20 Um, Christian Walker, 4,400 is fine. Um, Alec Bom if manias the pitcher and we'll see who is, I mean Alec Beum might be in play anyway. He's starting to heat up again. Hits in four straight home runs in two of his last four. Um, Spencer Steer gets lefty, 3,600 he's in play. LaMonte Wade, 3,400, maybe a dart throw at Will Myers Speaker 0 00:10:48 Power's there. Power's definitely there. Speaker 1 00:10:51 Um, power's definitely there. Speaker 0 00:10:54 NoDa 27 Speaker 1 00:10:56 And probably NoDa 2,700. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:11:01 Uh, yeah, I'm with you. If you wanna be different, you stack against Dar I guess right? Prada and that group, but not great small slate. Those are the things, these are the decisions you have to make. There's gonna be mega a truck. You, you figure out which pitcher you wanna go with and play the oth play The other guys, uh, second base, Jonathan India, versa, lefty is always like a very automatic play. He's in Coors, he's $5,800. It is a smaller slate though, so there aren't really many guys I guess with his potential, you know, like at 58 at that high price. Obviously the outfield and the Dodgers, those guys are gonna be expensive. But um, you know, India's at 58 Astrad is better against righties at 54. Um, two obvious. I mean spend up cuz after that kind of es Schmidt second base now see that, Speaker 1 00:11:52 Hmm. Second shortstop, Speaker 0 00:11:53 $2,900 could be just the lock play there. Speaker 1 00:11:58 Hey Manta, both second shortstop that I find that interesting, you know, else is a shortstop for the San Francisco Giants. Brandon Crawford. So yeah, they have three shortstops. Sure, absolutely. That makes total sense. Um, yeah, I mean second base is the, is a weak position. I don't know really like Cantel. Marta in theory is a good spot, but 5,300 is crazy to pay for. I agree. It's, it's India Estrada, Speaker 0 00:12:27 I mean doesn't assume we play May and Darvish. Right. That gives us 3,800 a player. It feels like we're, we have, we're kind of stuck playing Schmidt at one of those positions second or short. Speaker 1 00:12:37 Yeah. And um, I actually don't mind Harold Castro, 2,600. He's been pretty good. You mentioned him the other day. Yeah, not a lot of power, but 19 three for four the other day three rbis hit 3 79 over his last 10 games. So 2,600 lefty ready matchup. What is the splits here against? Um, old buddy, uh, Graham Ashcraft. We got Graham Ashcraft. Is he worse against lefties? No. Significantly worse against righties. Speaker 2 00:13:14 Hmm. Speaker 0 00:13:17 Okay. Typically worse against righties, huh? Speaker 1 00:13:21 Significantly worse against rites. Yes. Speaker 0 00:13:23 Good to know. Um, all right, any other second baseman? No. Okay. Third base then maybe this is a spot where I pay <laugh>. I'd pay Rojas, but Zel is there at 46 as well. Uh, Judy Davis. Um, I mean, I don't know man, where else are we? Where else are you going? Speaker 1 00:13:50 Um, Speaker 0 00:13:51 Yeah, it's five game play here. So like, I know we, we we're not as enthusiastic about all these options, but you know, there's like five players to pick from at each position, so, uh, we're gonna need to get a little, uh, a little flexible here a bit. Speaker 1 00:14:04 Um, Zel is fine. 4,600. I like Ryan McMahon. He's okay. Uh, JD Davis 3,900. He's hit Righty's very well this year. Yeah, that's probably where I'd go. Um, not really that enthused with Emmanuel Rivera. Um, Kevin Newman probably starts for Cincinnati here with a lefty on the mound. He's been okay this year. He had lefty's like over 300 clip last year. Probably can say the same thing again. So I would take a shot on Kevin Newman 28. Um, other than that though, like I don't, yeah, Ja you know what, Jace Peterson for Oakland. I actually don't mind that. He was a good baseball player in Milwaukee that just kind of got relegated to Yeah, the worst franchise in professional sports and like lefties against Ryan Nelson. And I know there's not a lot of them in Oakland. Three 70 average a thousand O p s 4 52 woa. Like those are trash nu like those are horrible numbers. And if this was any other team other than Oakland, we'd be all over this. Yeah. He's only hitting 1 96 against Righty's. Three home runs all three, all 12 rbis against right-handed pitching this year. He'll be in the lineup. Is it like the most exciting play? No, but it's a pretty bad position. I couldn't tell you one guy that we were like completely sold on here. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, Speaker 1 00:15:47 I'm okay getting to Jace Peterson home runs in two of his last five games like rbis and four of his last six, I, I don't, I think it could be worse than him. Speaker 0 00:15:57 I agree. Uh, shortstop position, we mentioned Schmidt's already there. Uh, Estrada is as well. We also have Trey Turner potentially against Manaya at 52. Uh, Bobby Whiz, Ander Bogart's, two guys that are up there. Perdomo Homer the other day, he's 3,700 bucks. Um, probably it what's Barro? Uh, knocking out McClean. Oh yeah. Where's McClean? What's McClean? Is he still Speaker 1 00:16:26 He's 29. He's 29 8 Speaker 0 00:16:27 Month to month. Well that's probably the go-to then. So we would use Schmidt's second. McClean at short then here. Right. Speaker 1 00:16:34 Um, I mean if Shaman I is a starter, Trey Turner is in a really good spot and I don't know who's gonna start for kc, like if it's Heasley, I like all of San Diego, but I just don't understand what they're, he's been in AAA for, um, 11 days. Let's see, there's nothing suggesting that Heasley's gonna get the call. That's, I don't know if DraftKings is fishing for something. Um, I'm Speaker 0 00:17:05 Googling, uh, uh, not Googling. I'm on uh, Twitter to see if something would, would follow up here. Speaker 1 00:17:11 Um, like Bogar to 47. The Padres could be really interesting depending on what Kansas City goes with. Um, I agree on Perdomo. Speaker 0 00:17:21 So Royal, excuse me, Royals beat writer and Rogers the Royals do not intend to name a starter, um, for tomorrow's game until after tonight's game. Could be a bullpen game, could bring somebody up. Speaker 1 00:17:35 Okay. Well, I mean I guess that's what Heley is being slotted in as like the could be guy. He also started for them last year, so it wouldn't surprise me to see him necessarily. Speaker 0 00:17:47 Three hours ago they called up Jackson Co. Speaker 1 00:17:51 Okay. Speaker 0 00:17:52 So maybe he, uh, he makes a start here or at least as an opener. Um, I feel like he's done a pitcher before, Speaker 1 00:18:01 Right? He has, uh, I'm looking to see if, um, he is yeah, Speaker 0 00:18:12 Former top a hundred prospect who has been absolutely abysmal, uh, since going to aaa. 11. Speaker 1 00:18:20 He's also been 11 year. Speaker 0 00:18:22 Yeah. Just terrible. Speaker 1 00:18:23 He's also made only one start in aaa. Sure. So feels like if it were him it would be a bullpen game, but Sure. Tbd. TBD I guess, right? Yeah, Speaker 0 00:18:36 That's, I said don't intend to name it until after the game tonight, according to Ann Rogers here, uh, could be a bullpen game, could, could co bring somebody else up. So we will not know until after the conclusion tonight, so, okay. Interesting, interesting, interesting. Interesting. Um, all right, so I agree with you and Turner. Uh, I don't, I mean, I get it. Zander's been so bad though. Speaker 1 00:19:04 Is he so bad though? That's the thing. Like he's been so bad, but Speaker 0 00:19:07 Well, well, yes, actually I think that there was pretty big indications that he was starting to fade off at the end of his Red Sox tenure. Speaker 1 00:19:16 Didn't he hit like three 20 last year, Speaker 0 00:19:18 But there was nothing else behind it. Speaker 1 00:19:20 I know, but is that so bad? Three 20? Speaker 0 00:19:23 Do you wanna spend $4,700 on a single sitter? Speaker 1 00:19:26 He has six home runs this year. Speaker 0 00:19:29 When were he I know Speaker 1 00:19:30 There was no power. I know. There no power. Speaker 0 00:19:31 He hasn't hit him in in two months. Speaker 1 00:19:34 Um, 38 doubles last year. Speaker 0 00:19:39 He has no, Speaker 1 00:19:40 He has 50, 53 extra base hits last year. Speaker 0 00:19:42 He has one. He hasn't homer since. Speaker 1 00:19:50 I'm not, I'm not disputing, I'm not disputing that. Like he did peak at like 30 home runs, but he only did like, he was never like a massive power hitter. Speaker 0 00:20:01 He's not a power guy and he is getting older. I don't know, man. Speaker 1 00:20:06 I think it all is contingent on who the royals sent to the mound. I would be willing to get to the, to Zander on this slate if, um, the Royals send whoever Joe Schmo to the mound Speaker 0 00:20:22 Possibly. I don't, I don't think I would go there. I'd rather spend down at the value in Coors or I would go up the trade to her. Speaker 1 00:20:29 Well, you and everyone else. Speaker 0 00:20:30 Sure. It's okay to be good, Chuck on short on, on a small slate. Speaker 1 00:20:35 I know I'm all Well, I'm just also, it's also just, you know, the option to, Speaker 0 00:20:41 Well sure. You could play most of these guys as a, as a pivot, so Right. We're all there. Outfield, tachi, I can get behind soda, I can get behind really, regardless of who's on the mountain. That's fine. Speaker 1 00:20:54 And, and depending on who Harper's facing, Speaker 0 00:20:56 I might pay, I might even play him against Maniah. Speaker 1 00:20:59 Yeah, probably. Yeah, probably. Speaker 0 00:21:00 He's three <laugh>, 3 59, 5 90 slug. It's coming back here. Um, Corman Carroll gets Medina at 55. Probably a strong spot, uh, for him there. Let's see, Fraley is a lefty, so I don't know if that or it's, I don't Speaker 1 00:21:19 Even know if he's gonna play. I don't even know if he's gonna play. He probably play Fairchild. Speaker 0 00:21:25 Okay. I was gonna say, what's their splits for against lefties there for uh, Speaker 1 00:21:30 It's, they probably play Fairchild. Um, I wonder if they play Barre in the outfield and like Henry Ramos who's a split hitter or they play Ramos Speaker 0 00:21:43 Ramos. Makes sense for sure. Speaker 1 00:21:46 Yeah. Um, I would assume Fraley, I don't even think he's had that many at bat. Uh, he has had, Jake Fraley has had, Speaker 0 00:21:58 Well Meyers probably right Speaker 1 00:22:00 16 at bats against, he's one for 16 against lefties. Well, Speaker 0 00:22:03 Meyers has been dreadful, but he likely is. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:22:06 I think what they could do here is maybe DH Stevenson start kurt ca at Catcher and then just move Will Myers to the outfield. Yeah, probably. What, that's probably what they do. All three of those guys have like a bunch of baskets Speaker 0 00:22:20 Left. Yeah. Uh, so again, ca carol's there. Um, I I'm Will Kay really playing anybody against mania. So Schorer even against mania would probably be fine. Castanos definitely against mania would be fine. Yep. If he's the one, uh, that they go with there. Um, I mean, you said that righty, significantly better against Ashcraft that puts Grtk Yep. 4K right in play. Yep. Um, yeah, as being back at 41, I could get behind who's been, uh, experienced. Speaker 1 00:22:53 Been solid. Yeah. Been solid. Speaker 0 00:22:54 Yeah. Reinstated against off the il, so, um, Rucker's obviously always there. Story Ruis is always there. Speaker 1 00:23:04 Yeah. I think Oakland is a little Speaker 0 00:23:06 Fifth at 33. Speaker 1 00:23:09 Yep. And our boy, um, where is he Fletcher? 28 Speaker 0 00:23:15 Conforto has a thousand ops and a six 60 slug over the last 10 Speaker 1 00:23:19 Games. Hitting bombs. Just hitting bombs. Two Speaker 0 00:23:21 50 average, but doing just home runs, Speaker 1 00:23:24 Four home runs over his last six games. Let's Speaker 0 00:23:26 Get what's Taiwan struggling against? Speaker 1 00:23:28 Lefties. Speaker 0 00:23:29 Lefties. Yeah. Oh right. Because we stacked all those lefties against the Red Sox and he actually pitched a, a dip. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> Speaker 1 00:23:34 Sure did. Sure did. Speaker 0 00:23:37 Um, Speaker 1 00:23:38 Yes, that that is the, that's the spot and yeah, well the thing is Speaker 0 00:23:42 Like, are we on this slate? We're doing it. That's Speaker 1 00:23:44 There we are. I think, dude, I think it's viable. Like if Ryan Nelson again, like if, if you looked at Ryan Nelson's stats and you like, were like, would you stack against this guy? Be like, yeah, I would. If you just covered up Oakland's name, right. He doesn't strike people out. He has a 5.75 K per nine. He allows 1.5 home runs per nine is a six 20 era. R a 14% check rate is abysmal. Um, the ground ball rate is good for Ryan Nelson, but 36% hard hit rate lefties are killing the guy. Um, eight starts this year. Good sample lefties three 70, average six 16 slug, 4 52. Woah, JJ Blire signed me up two home runs for nine innings as well. Um, for Ryan Nelson. Uh, Christianly Speaker 0 00:24:33 Homer too, Speaker 1 00:24:34 By the way. Yes, he yes, he sure did. Yes, he sure did. Speaker 0 00:24:37 Good for him. Speaker 1 00:24:39 Good for us. Good Speaker 0 00:24:40 For us. Good for us. Exactly. Uh, all right, let's build a line up here. We got a couple minutes. Gimme actually gimme your home run call. And since it's a small slate, we can include, Speaker 1 00:24:48 We can include course. Um, I'm not gonna include course there's Speaker 0 00:24:51 Nothing I was gonna say. There's nothing in course that we probably really want anyways, but, Speaker 1 00:24:55 Um, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go with JJ Bday. A lefties are killing Ryan Nelson. All the home runs all the power. I'm gonna go JJ Bday because we also don't know two of the pictures on the slate. So like I'm <laugh> Speaker 0 00:25:11 Um, you go b I will go. It's true. Don't you go, go Bryce Harper. Don't think it's gonna matter. I don't think it's gonna matter's. Gil. Bryce Harper there. All right, let's build that lineup up. I got Dar and may already in there. Who is our, our values that we're using here? You like day with you? Speaker 1 00:25:33 Day Speaker 0 00:25:34 29. Yep. Um, I still think McClain is where we need to go here. I'm gonna, I just, the value, it's either Ham or Schmidt. You pick what's, what's your value? Infield? Speaker 1 00:25:44 I mean we could play both. Speaker 0 00:25:46 Play Speaker 1 00:25:47 Both, right? Yeah. Speaker 0 00:25:48 Play both. Schmidt's fine with me. 4,300 for uh, for almost 4,400 for the rest of the positions here. Speaker 1 00:25:55 Um, what do we got? We got catcher. Sure. Speaker 0 00:26:00 Stevenson Real. Speaker 1 00:26:02 I know. I was gonna say kinda like Stevenson kinda like Langoliers. I kinda like Moreno. Moreno's been better against lefties though. Um, I don't know. What do, what's your, I mean Speaker 0 00:26:14 We go Steve, we can do a Stevenson steer or McClain stack. Speaker 1 00:26:18 Yeah, that works. I mean have Speaker 0 00:26:20 Line up 4,500 for a third basement. Outfield and outfield. Speaker 1 00:26:25 Third basement, 4,500 Speaker 0 00:26:29 Jace Peterson's 24 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:26:32 God on God. Jace Peterson to the moon. I don't this is the worst position on this was the worst. Speaker 0 00:26:38 JD Davis? Speaker 1 00:26:39 Yeah, probably JD Davis. That's fine. Speaker 0 00:26:41 Alright. And then 4,800 for two outfield spots. Speaker 1 00:26:48 Pass. Can we just pass? Um, no, let's Speaker 0 00:26:51 Go. Speaker 1 00:26:52 Just kidding. 4,800 is gr gr 4k. Speaker 0 00:26:59 56 Corbin Carroll. Speaker 1 00:27:01 Hundred off Soto Speaker 0 00:27:03 Soto 100 Rock. Speaker 1 00:27:04 So a hundred off Soto. Yeah. What did we do? We did Grek 4k. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:27:13 We can go down <inaudible>, Speaker 1 00:27:15 Rucker, Rucker 37 Rucker's fine. You a little Oakland too Men? Yeah. Why Speaker 0 00:27:19 Not 5,900 bucks. Spice Harper, Soto, you see a soda, right? Speaker 1 00:27:23 Yeah. Like Soto a lot. Speaker 0 00:27:25 One off Soto. So we got uh, Darvish May Steven in Steer. Schmidt, Davis, McClean, bday, Rooker and Soto five games here starting at three o'clock. We'll be the discord to help you all out with your lineup questions there leading up the RO walk. And then James, now we'll be back at five o'clock eastern to break down the seven o'clock main slate to make sure you all stay tuned to that. If you're not yet a member of the fan alarm family, uh, follow along fan Use promo code MLB 50. You'll save you 50% off the first six months. It's 19 point 98 a month for the first six months. And right now we have a seven day free trial going along at all of that as well. Uh, see you join today. Get seven days free. If you don't like it, you cancel no charge. You'll stick with us though. You'll get into that premium discord. Uh, while we're in there answering everybody's questions and getting you ready to dominate your MLB d f s slates, James and I will be back again five o'clock eastern time. We will catch you all later.

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