May 18, 2023


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 18, 2023

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 18, 2023
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast: May 18, 2023

May 18 2023 | 00:27:55


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for today's main slate on DraftKings and bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which includes Orioles 1B Ryan Mountcastle

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on? F FA Nation? Jonathan Beha. James Gue, welcoming to the Fantasy Alarm. MLB DFS podcast here. Four games Thursday early slate, 1235 lock time. We're here on the Better Sports Network and the Fantasy Alarm Social Channels. James, this will be a pretty quick show here today. Four games, again, we're not, we're going down over, uh, LA Baltimore, Tampa Bay, New York, Washington, Miami, Cleveland, and Chicago on today's slate. Speaker 1 00:00:27 Yeah, uh, pretty interesting slate. We only have totals for three of those games. Tampa Bay, recalling top prospect, Tosh Bradley up to, uh, reconvene his start, uh, reconvene his tenure with Tampa Bay, uh, despite the fact that he should have been here all along. Uh, we also have Yuri Perez on this slate who dazzled in his debut, uh, Logan T. Allen. This is the slate of pro, uh, pitching prospects here, John. Sure. Logan T. Allen, Taj Bradley, and Yuri Perez. Matt, this is Matt Sell's Wet Dream, um, here. Yeah. Uh, on, on, uh, on Thursday, Dylan sees at the top, has not pitched all that well, although he is coming off his best start, probably of the year, and Speaker 0 00:01:11 He gets Cleveland Speaker 1 00:01:13 <laugh> and he gets Cleveland in a, in a depleted matchup. Um, Tyler Wells, like, it's an interesting slate, I'd say. Um, I'd say, you know, just upon initial look, I like pitching quite a bit for a fourth game slate, and that's mainly because it is the prospects, um, on the, on the, on the docket. But, um, an interesting four game slate. Uh, let's look at Vegas. Nine implied runs in Los Angeles, Baltimore. Eight in Washington Miami, eight in Cleveland, Chicago. We do not have, uh, at this time of recording, we do not have the, uh, Tampa Bay. Uh, let's see. Do we have Tampa? Nope. Nothing yet. Uh, minus one. Even money. I don't have a total for it though. Uh, even money in that game. Dylan ceased the biggest favorite. Minus one. Uh, Yuri Perez, the biggest favorite, minus 1 55 on the money line. Speaker 0 00:02:10 Okay, cool. Uh, again, four games. Not a lot to talk about in terms of depth of player pool, but as you mentioned, the quality of player pool here is actually kind of on our side. Uh, Dylan cease his $9,700. We've been picking on him a lot this year, basically saying, not worth the money that he is been priced up at. Yep. However, uh, if you tuned into our livestream, uh, on Wednesday, uh, we talked about just how bad Cleveland's been to the point that we were willing to pitch, uh, Clevinger, we saw Lance Lynn dazzle this Cleveland lineup, and now they have the best pitcher in quotations on the White Sox on the mountain here in Dillon. Cease. Unless they get Ramirez's back, you know, and I don't know if that's been determined or how long he'll be on bereavement for Dylan Ceases is just a ridiculous upside pitcher in a ridiculous spot. Speaker 1 00:03:06 Yeah. Um, I think a lot of people are gonna get deceased. Obviously, I am just very intrigued about what the masses do elsewhere because Tosh Bradley elite prospect going up against a Mets offense that has been a shell of themselves, or at least what they expected to be. Logan T. Allen has looked very good in his stints with Cleveland, but can they score enough runs to get him a win? He has won win in four starts. Uh, he's looked very good. Yuri Perez might be the most exciting of all three stands. He's very tall. He throws very, very hard. Yeah. He throws very, very hard. Um, and he threw 88 pitches in his debut, but now he gets Washington who doesn't strike out. So like, there's a lot of intrigue of just like the pitchers themselves. Speaker 0 00:04:02 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:04:03 I like, for me, it's gonna be hard not to play Yuri Pres at 7,700. I understand Washington doesn't strike out a lot, but like, this guy is just like, he just looks so different than everyone else. Like right when he, when the baseball comes off his hands. Um, so for me, Yuri Perez would be like my SB two and I didn't like intentionally skip over Tyler Wells because Tyler Wells has been very good. I'm Speaker 0 00:04:32 Say like sleeping on Tyler Wells here. Um, Speaker 1 00:04:35 I just like, okay, not sleeping on Tyler Wells, but let's be honest, like, are we more excited about Bradley Allen Perez? Are we ex like more, you know, there is a minority that is probably excited about, more excited about Tyler Wells. I Speaker 0 00:04:50 Think it's clear no one's playing Tyler Wells of, of this Speaker 1 00:04:53 Group. That is the, yeah. The people who want are more excited about Tyler Wells, uh, also root for the Baltimore Orioles. That is, that is the continu. I, Speaker 0 00:05:00 I think, I think for me, it, it, you're to your point, it's cease. It's Bradley and it's Perez. I know you're a Logan T. Allen guy. Uh, I'm gonna pass on him again on this slate. Uh, and I would just go to the other three. Speaker 1 00:05:14 Yeah, that's fine. I, I get it. Um, Chicago has been better and we know Tim Anderson Speaker 0 00:05:22 Back. They got Anderson back. Speaker 1 00:05:24 Yep. Anderson hits lefty as well. Speaker 0 00:05:25 Don's gonna ever stay healthy. Speaker 1 00:05:27 I mean, like, poor guy, like I said, this is, I had my, you know, appendix removed too, so I understand how that goes. Like that's just a fluke thing. You know, me and Eli both were, are in tiptop shape. We both had to have our appendix removed like flukes, you know. Um, um, other than that though, like good luck finding anything else. Like Tyler Anderson had a quality start last time out. John. I know four fantasy points in that game. Four, Speaker 0 00:05:55 Yep. One strike out against Cleveland, no less. Speaker 1 00:05:58 No thanks. No thanks. Speaker 0 00:06:01 Yep. I'm with you there. Trevor Williams, the guy that, that is frustrating at times. Um, he had to start suspended you to inclement weather. He had five shut out against Chicago, six innings to earned against Minnesota. Five and one, like he's had good outings and he is had two tough outings against the Mets and the, the Diamondbacks here. Not a big strikeout guy, but can get you a handful. I mean, I don't know, is there anything here for you with him against Miami? Speaker 1 00:06:31 So where Trevor Williams struggles and then where he has struggled is lefties. And I think that's important here because the best two lefties, at least from a fantasy perspective or a damage perspective, jazz Chisholm, Jesus Sanchez, both in the i l, right? So yes. Uh, unfortunately now you'll get him an extreme low ownership. Miami has like no lefties. They have Luis Arise, Joey Wendell. That's the end of the list. Like writing, don't give Trevor Williams issues. It's, um, so the answer is I do have my old interest in Trevor Williams, and that is terrifying because <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:07:19 All right, let's go to catch then. Uh, Adley is at 53 and then it's obviously a big drop off from there. Uh, Yamani Betten court potentially in the line up there. Um, Zino we know has power. Where are you? Who's your, who's the guy that immediately jumps off the page to you when you're looking at the, uh, catcher position? Speaker 1 00:07:40 I mean, Ruman always does. That would be the first name. Um, 2 91 against lefties this year. 360 6. Woa Righty's hitting 3 0 1 with the 3 86 Woa against Tyler Anderson. So perfectly fine. Spending up on Ruman. And I think, you know, Dylan cease is 9,700. That's the most expensive picture we have on the slate. So paying up for Ruman doesn't feel like a bad idea because you comfortably get there. Um, so I like that Gral is better from the right side, I believe. Let's see if that's split is or the left side rather. Um, can't confirm it right now, but, uh, I'll, I'll look into it second. I'm okay getting to Ya's money Gral. It's not like, uh, rather a Speaker 0 00:08:28 Small, it's a small sample of pitchers anyway, it's a pick from on this slate. So, Speaker 1 00:08:33 Um, Chad Wallick has continued to be good 20 fantasy points the other day through five in a home run. If he's in the lineup, I can get there. Um, Francisco Alvarez, he's been better. I don't know if like you really wanna attack Taj Bradley, but you can, as you mentioned, just kind of a small sample of, of catchers Yeah. Um, to choose from. So maybe they, maybe they play, uh, Michael Perez, who's they just called up and in his debut he went four for four. He's a lefty. So maybe Perez is the catcher that they start against. Taj Bradley. Maybe in that case I would play Michael Perez, but, um, it's Ruman. Uh, lemme just, I have the Grand Del splits. I just wanna Okay. Make sure that we're not before we move on. Um, he has a r Okay. So he is definitely been better. He has what? Logan T. Allen here? Speaker 0 00:09:27 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:09:28 Yeah. He's been terrible from the right side of the plate, so no thanks. Speaker 0 00:09:32 Sounds good. Uh, first base position. Speaker 1 00:09:34 Wait, John, Speaker 0 00:09:35 What Speaker 1 00:09:37 Your boy? Uh, Sevi se Zeva 2200. He hit lefties well last year. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:09:44 If he's in a lineup, he could be i'll. He's been Speaker 1 00:09:46 Bad this he's been Speaker 0 00:09:48 Anybody this year, but Speaker 1 00:09:50 You played a lot of, you played a lot of Speaker 0 00:09:52 Last year. That is true. A hundred percent. Um, alright. Right back, the first place, uh, Otani 63 is your top price guy there against Wells. Uh, mountain Castle gets the lefty. I feel like that'll probably be the lock play. I understand what Anderson just did, but still Mountain castle at 45 feels pretty good. Speaker 1 00:10:13 Yeah, I mean, just Dad is loose. Like, yeah, he had a quality start, but he didn't miss any bats and he's, Mount Speaker 0 00:10:20 Castle didn't even start yesterday's game and his two hits, he went for double in a home run. So <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:10:25 Uh, yeah, he is a powerful dude. Um, that has a lot of upside. I'm perfectly fine getting him Mount Castle. I'm perfectly fine getting to Otani. Uh, the four hit game he had the other day was during a start that he also made, um, with a lot of strikeouts. I would be interested in some rays here in Harold Ramirez. They led Harold Ramirez off on Tuesday. So I'm interested to see if they would do that again. If Yandy Diaz continues to miss time, he's missed, um, two straight games. Speaker 0 00:11:01 Well, they had, they had Lowe lead off today against Sega. Speaker 1 00:11:05 Right. I'm just curious if they like, I I don't know. They, they've done a couple different things. Um, either way, if Harold Ramirez does enter the lineup, um, I don't hate Harold Ramirez. Guy continues to just hit baseballs for the last two years. Tampa, the whatever, the water, whatever's in the water in Tampa just always seemingly wa works. Um, sure. So I, the note here on Yandy Diaz says they expect him to be back in the lineup for Thursday. So maybe I would even circle back to the powerful Yandy Diaz at 5k. I Speaker 0 00:11:36 Mean, listen, we've been wondering when the power were to come with this guy for like three years and now he's at, already has 10 homers. Right. So, uh, if you go, if you ever go look at a picture of Yandy Diaz Man's Yolked Yeah, Speaker 1 00:11:47 He is Speaker 0 00:11:48 Jack <laugh>, but it didn't make any sense that he wasn't a power hitter and now he, now he is. So yeah, Speaker 1 00:11:53 I mean, Taylor McGill is, has not been anything, I think what the Mets thought they were getting out of him. Um, Brady's hitting him. Well, Lefty's hitting him. Well the, the Rays have three first base options here and obviously you could play Luke Railey in the outfield. Uh, but I would get to any in all of them. Speaker 0 00:12:12 Okay. Uh, Andrew Vaughn against the lefty and Allen 2,900 left. Speaker 1 00:12:17 Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Andrew Vaughn against Lefties? Yes. Speaker 0 00:12:21 Okay. And then Vento is Min prize again? Speaker 1 00:12:24 Yep. Um, only because of salary, not because of the matchup, Speaker 0 00:12:28 Is it? How do you say it's an Vento? Vin Vetos. Speaker 1 00:12:31 Vitos Speaker 0 00:12:32 Vitos. Speaker 1 00:12:32 Vito Vito Speaker 0 00:12:35 Second base. Luis and his singles are $5,400. Lao at 46. Again, I'm, I'm just in on, on Tampa today, so yeah, I'll keep running back to the well. Yep. Uh, uh, not, I don't love, Speaker 1 00:12:49 I don't love Wall <laugh>. Nice. Speaker 0 00:12:54 Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah. All right. What other second base one you look at, Speaker 1 00:12:58 Uh, Taylor Walls, if you wanna keep that train going. Uh, Jeff McNeil, a singles hitter, not over $5,000 3,800. Um, Baltimore loves playing Adam Frazier against lefties Speaker 0 00:13:11 Adam Frazier. Right. Speaker 1 00:13:12 Dude, I don't know why they like playing him against lefties so much. Um, beats me, but you know, I 3 42 woa against lefties this year. Not too bad. He'll probably, uh, in the lefty lefties split, hence Areo will probably be in the lineup for Chicago. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:13:30 I've been finally though, I've been waiting for him to, against a lefty for a little bit, so, Speaker 1 00:13:34 And he's hitting, he's been good. Like, uh, so, um, Han are I think is fine. That's, you don't really need to explore anything further now. Speaker 0 00:13:45 Nope, I'm with you there. Uh, third base position here. Um, I guess we'll see what happens with Ramirez. Do they have a timeframe for him? No, just on the bereavement list can miss up to seven days, so I guess we'll see. Yeah, we'll see. Um, mom Katas 43. We'll, we'll Gunner Henderson ever figure it out. Doesn't seem like it Birdie at 33, baby at 32. Not, not, not the strongest third base position here. Hands are can play third, could just, could you just slot 'em in there? Speaker 1 00:14:20 Yeah. Um, I'm okay getting to Manka. I'm looking at the splits here just to see what we've, Speaker 0 00:14:26 Jake Burger and his nine homers thousand gift or Speaker 1 00:14:29 Yeah, that's, that was where I would go. Um, that was where I would go if I was going anywhere down here. Uh, I do, I don't mind. Beatty 3,200 Mantas splits the last few years have, this has been the strong side. Uh, he had a two 17 ISO against left-handed pitching last year. That's very good. Almost an 800 o p s. Um, so like I could get to some Yon Manca not gonna play Gunner Lefty Lefty unfortunately. Um, cuz he is been worse lately than he has been. Uh, Isaac Ack Pars double Dong the other day. 3,400. I know it's not a lefty, but like we just saw the upside out of him. He just, he has a lot of runs batted in Hanser and El and Jake Burger are definitely the two guys down here. I'd rather Jake Burger for the upside than Han are and just play Hanser at second if we needed to play him there. Uh, but yeah, Jake Burger. Yeah, I mean all the guy does is hit home runs. Speaker 0 00:15:31 Love it. Um, shortstop wanders at your top spot there. Um, Mateo's day to day, what have we got an update on him, uh, outta the lineup. Wednesday soreness could be back for, expected to be back Thursday. So, uh, as bad as he is been like very, very, very, very, very bad. Yep. Very, very bad. Very bad. Uh, he is accept to return. Uh, Tim Anderson at 45 gets the lefty. He has always been a guy that hits lefties pretty well. Uh, and in the position again drops off the face of the earth there. CJ Abrams, I guess 2,600. Joey Wendell 23 maybe. Speaker 1 00:16:13 Yeah, Wendell's fine. Um, Speaker 0 00:16:16 The lefty against Williams there. So I mean, Speaker 1 00:16:18 Yeah, lefty against Williams. I do like the bat for Abrams lately. He has been better. Um, NATO's gonna probably hit ninth with the righty on the mound. Um, Brian Raio is the guy they called up for, um, Jose Ramirez, like guy was hitting 3 38 at aaa. He has a lot of speed, so maybe that's where you go. But like that's also now you're not playing Dylan Cease or you are playing someone against Dylan cease in that, in that um, spot. So sure up isn't the best position, uh, that we've had. I'm okay if you wanna just get to wander at 57. Speaker 0 00:16:58 Sure. Um, outfield again, smaller slate. So smaller player pool. So guys who've already discussed Otani, you know, is considered there. You have Sed Mel versus a lefty. So you know, he'll hit head towards the bottom of their lineup most likely. Um, trout, a Rosa, Rena, and like Jorge layers in this group now, right? Like, I mean yeah, no, no disrespect to the home run King here. Uh, four Homers will last 10, 9 97 ops. Um, but he is not generally mixed in it feels like with this group. No, uh, big price bump lately. 43, 49, 53. So there are, he's on the rise, but, you know, uh, not, not your typical talent pool here at Outfield. Speaker 1 00:17:44 Is that, uh, is it he is Price Rose because he hit the furthest home run of all time? Or like, is that the only reason? Speaker 0 00:17:50 Yeah, probably. Probably. What, what happened there? Speaker 1 00:17:54 Um, I like, I'm perfectly fine getting to the Angels like Tyler Wells. So Tyler Wells is obviously interesting, you know, the 2 6 80 R a 4 42 xFi, almost two full runs worse. 1 45 Babi, like that's not sustainable. Doesn't really miss bats. 1.5 home runs per nine is still like a lot where I think Tyler Wells is gonna start running into problems. 50% fly ball rate, 36% hard hit rate and everything suggests he's just getting lucky. Like right. The Angels are not a team to mess around with, with fly balls because although they're like obviously the most inconsistent franchise in like, recent memory, Otani, trout, Renfro, dreary, all dudes that just hit home runs. Like they all have multi-home run upside on a given slate. So I could get to either of these Angels outfielders, if you wanna throw, um, Renfro in that mix as well. I love both Tampa guys in Josh Lowe and Randy or Rosarea. Um, Lowe, preferably he's the lefty in this spot. Anthony Santander though is probably the play, right? 4,700 against the lefty. That's just kind of been the spot for him. He has been a lefty masher, um, for a long while this year. No different 3 92 Woba this year for Anthony Sand. Yeah, I Speaker 0 00:19:19 Mean a big gap between Powered lately. He had the one home run a couple nights ago, then he had the Double Dong against Frid. Um, little struggles in between all of that, but may definitely a good spot to maybe get him back on on the Snad there for sure. Um, I mean Austin Hayes hits lefty. Well Robert's $4,100 kind of like that spot for him also. Um, I mean it feels like somebody on Washington's playable. No, Speaker 1 00:19:54 Um, lane Thomas would probably be that guy. He's been, he's been very good. He's Speaker 0 00:19:58 Probably true. I'm trying to see if there's any obvious, uh, Corey Dickerson back. Finally Speaker 1 00:20:03 We gonna get to see Dick Don. Speaker 0 00:20:05 He is, he is activated. Could see Corey Dickerson here at 2200 bucks. Speaker 1 00:20:11 Um, you know who I think is interesting, 2,700 Mickey Monk, they led him off the other day, uh, for the Angels and he had a home run. He's $2,700. He's played three games. He has two home runs. Um, he has, he also has two. He also had two stolen bases in his, in his season debut. If they continue to lead him off, like again, there is something to be said about a guy in Tyler Wells that doesn't strike people out, has a 1 45 Babi. His Sierra and his xFi are over two, like two runs north of era. Yeah. Pitching to a 50% fly ball rate and a 36% hard hit rate. Like, that's unsustainable. Num like unsustainable. It just is like, you're not going to pitch long term and be this good long term. Right. So, um, I could get, see myself getting to some Mickey moc. Speaker 1 00:21:07 Um, the only problem is like we run into, again, the angels actually have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. They might have six guys in their lineup on Thursday that all play in the outfield, right? <laugh>. Like, that's just like, how, like what are we doing? Like, there has to be another way. Like I, yeah, and I get it. They are giving us otani at first base, like thank you. Right? That's like, you don't need to do that because he doesn't play first. But like, this is outrageous. Like six guys, literally six might be in their outfield tomorrow and like, you can only, you know, so I like Moak 27, but I like him better if he's leading off like they had him lead off the other day. Speaker 0 00:21:48 Yep. That's fine by me. All right, let's build the line up. Actually, gimme your home run call first. Speaker 1 00:21:55 Oof. Um, I'm gonna go Angels here. Okay. 50% fly ball rate is, is, uh, scary. I'm gonna go ot, uh, leaves the yard. I like the lefties better than that ballpark. Anyway, Speaker 0 00:22:07 Uh, I'm gonna go Mountain Castle, 4,500. Speaker 1 00:22:10 Okay. So we're both, we're both leaving Camden Yards here. Leaving, Speaker 0 00:22:13 Leaving, leaving Camden. Uh, all right, pitching here. I, I feel like we gotta play cease. Speaker 1 00:22:19 I wanna play Cease and Yuri Perez, truthfully. Speaker 0 00:22:21 Okay, I'm in, uh, catcher Speaker 1 00:22:27 Adley. Raman, Speaker 0 00:22:30 Okay. First base. Um, I had Mountcastle Mount on call, Speaker 1 00:22:36 But yeah, let's go Mountcastle Speaker 0 00:22:39 Second base. Hanser. Speaker 1 00:22:44 Mm, that's probably the play. If we're not using one of the Tampa, Speaker 0 00:22:51 We're at $3,800 a uh, a player left. So, Speaker 1 00:22:55 Well, we're playing, we're playing my boy Moak in the outfield are we boy Mickey 2,700. Okay. Um, shortstops gonna be a position we probably wanna spend up on Burger Speaker 0 00:23:07 Third, I guess Speaker 1 00:23:09 Burger at third for sure. Speaker 0 00:23:13 Uh, okay, so burger's there. We don't have enough. 4,400 a place. Like we don't have enough Tampa. Speaker 1 00:23:21 I feel like we don't have enough Tampa. I don't know if you feel that as well, but I, Speaker 0 00:23:24 I no, I agree. Taylor, Speaker 1 00:23:25 Miguel, Speaker 0 00:23:27 I mean Franco is 57. Speaker 1 00:23:30 We go Luke Railey 36 in the outfield. Speaker 0 00:23:34 Railey. Okay, 41. Speaker 1 00:23:37 What does Hanser, what does Hanser get us in the outfield? Speaker 0 00:23:43 Uh, 56. Speaker 1 00:23:45 We get a Rosana. Speaker 0 00:23:46 Rosana right there. Got a Franco Fraley Rosana play. Yes, with a two man Ruman. Um, we could also do Santander if we really wanted to go in on Anderson there. Um, Speaker 1 00:24:02 I I mean, yeah, I mean I also like Otani too, so like we're in a little sure bit of a pickle. Speaker 0 00:24:07 We're gonna make a couple, we're gonna make a couple lineups here. We've got a couple more minutes to go. Um, so Ci, Yuri Perez, Ruman, Mount Castle, Alberto Burger, which probably connects honestly in that. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:24:19 Probably. Probably. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:24:20 Uh, Franco Monk as a one-off here at 27. Railey and a rose of Arena. Is there anybody 28 that would fit os stack better? No. So I, uh, Gavin Sheet's at 23, I guess would be a connector for that, uh, spot there. Speaker 1 00:24:39 Lefty, lefty, lefty, lefty. I don't even if he's truth, I don't even know if he'd be in the lineup. Truth, Speaker 0 00:24:43 Truth. Um, all right, so this is a, an initial first build here. A Ruman Mountain Castle, Alberto Burger, Franco Monk Rail Arose Reno with Cease and Perez, uh, up there at pitching. Uh, let's build that angel stack that you were talking about here. Here we go. Do we go Otani at first? We're, Speaker 1 00:25:03 We're, I think we have to just like, I don't know who else, you know, they just have, they have 97 outfielders. There's Ammon don't offer us anything. Yep. Speaker 0 00:25:13 Okay. Uh, catcher, I imagine we can't go Ruman at this point. Speaker 1 00:25:19 I would say Chad Wallick or Matt Tyson. They've both been very good. Speaker 0 00:25:26 It's 3,500 with Cease and Perez with the Three Angels. Yeah, that's pretty good. I mean if we just stick with Alberto as a er burger, uh, 37 7 Burger. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:25:38 Or Vento Vents is also Min's salary. Third. Speaker 0 00:25:43 I kinda like Burger better though. Speaker 1 00:25:45 Okay. I like a good burger. Speaker 0 00:25:48 4,200 Catcher, shortstop, outfielder. I mean Louis Robert. Just again, just yeah. Six delegate sword of thumb. So Yep. Uh, 42 50 Catcher and Shortstop. Speaker 1 00:26:01 Play, play, wander and see what happens. Cause I think we'll be able to get one of the, uh, Speaker 0 00:26:08 Alvarez. Speaker 1 00:26:09 Matt, Tyson 26 Speaker 0 00:26:11 Tyson, where is he Speaker 1 00:26:13 Hitting 3 45 over his last 10 hitting 3 0 2 on the year. Speaker 0 00:26:16 Don't hate it. Don't hate it. So there is uh, our second build here, still using Cease and Perez. We got four Angels still going with the White Sox stack here. Uh, Tyson Otani, Alberto Burger, one off Wander, trout, monk and Robert. So, uh, that there is our look at the four game early slate 1235, sorry, four game main slate. There's only a couple games total on Thursday here. Uh, so go ahead and check all of that out while the playbook out for everybody on Thursday. Also, if you're not yet a member of the Fan Center family, you know where to go, go to fan promo code MLB 50 will save you 50% off the first six months, 1998 a month for the first six months. And now we have a seven day free trial included as well. Uh, stay tuned on the Better Sports Network all day long. Speaker 0 00:27:04 Download the free Better Sports Network app. Uh, we have our Fantasy Football Best Ball Invitational draft here being held over on Underdog Fantasy this afternoon. If you're not yet a member of, uh, the Underdog Fantasy community there, download the app. Uh, go sign up using promo code fantasy alarm. Go to fantasy fantasy promo code fantasy alarm. You can scan the QR code on the screen. You get a hundred percent deposit match up to a hundred dollars. You can get in our premium discord. We're running basketball drafts every day with guys like Howard Bender, Andrew Cooper, myself, James Ronde, Justin Freeland, Colby Conway, the whole crew there. Uh, getting everybody ready for the upcoming fantasy football season. So stay there. Check it out on the Better Sports Network earlier today. Can watch it all on demand on the app as well. If you downloaded in your iTunes and Google Play Store, James now will be back for Friday. Good luck everybody. We'll catch all later.

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