September 13, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 13: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 13: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 13: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Sep 13 2022 | 00:25:00


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Tuesday September 13th for DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as the Aaron Judge against the Red Sox!

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcast with host John imp PBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What's going on a nation, John Pemba here with James Grande. Welcome back into the quick pitch. Lb DFS live stream in podcast, breaking down. Tuesday's 11 game main James, not a bad night last night, right? We, yeah, we had the Boish she cover man. Goard for us. We discussed framer Aldes to grows and throws a complete game. Shut out. We had Brian Reynolds in our, in our example line of he Homer. So all in all, not an awful night. And now we have a big slate with some elite starting pitching at the top. Speaker 2 00:00:40 Yeah, I would say so. I would say anytime you get a DRA cold Darvish Kershaw slate that I would say that classifies it's that's slotted in the elite category, but yeah. Pitching slate, 11 games, a little smaller than we usually have on Tuesdays, John, I feel like we usually get anywhere from like 12 to 15 games. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:00:59 They load it up. Speaker 2 00:01:00 Yeah. Yeah. They just, Tuesdays are just, you know, the day that the day of baseball, but it looks like an interesting slate. It looks like a fun slate. Ready to get into Speaker 1 00:01:07 It. Yeah. So let's start at pitching Jacob DRO against the Chicago Cubs. Again Drom is as the Grammy as ever 30 plus fantasy points and all but two of his starts and he was limited in the first, like three of them does 70, 76 pitches threw 30, 36 fancy points. I mean, I think you have to plug him in and just figure out a way to build around them. Right? So like that's just, there's no pivoting off of Jacob deGrom is the most automatic thing I think there is in pitching right now outside of Fran BVA. I was guy going for completely going for quality starts you Garrett Cole against the boss and red Sox. Cole has a sort of unlucky history against Boston lately more. So Rafael ever tends to tends to own him. But again, recent format, Gar Cole, 11 strikeouts, four strikeouts against the angels of all team and then 14 strikeouts against Minnesota. So strong performances outta him that continue to sort of be the story of the inconsistency at times of Gary Cole. Yep. Speaker 2 00:02:04 Yeah. I mean, I agree on all front and not really a pivot. I don't think like if you're playing cash games, you're just not fading this guy, especially against the Cubs and their anemic offense. So fire up DRO and cash and obviously tournaments as well, 12 K on Fandel perfectly fine doing that as well. Yep. I think the one thing with Cole, John is like, especially when it comes to devs, at least devs is struggling. He had the one big game the other day. Yep. But there's, there hasn't been a lot of power at all in Rafael's bad. I mean, one home run since August 14th. Yeah. That the last time he homered before he almost went a full month without a home run, which, you know, you don't typically see from Rafael. Yep. So he could heat up at any point. But I think this is if there was a time to, to, you know, for cold two face the red Sox it's now, especially coming off, you know, the last handful of starts three in a row have looked really good. Two of which he's had 11 and 14 strikeout. So Gar Cole is in peak form right now. Speaker 1 00:03:01 Yeah. Yeah. You Darvish against Seattle or the other 10 K a starter on this slate, you know, we've liked Darvish at times. And then he is, you know, not always come through for us. You look at his home road, splits on the road, this year of four, ER, Seattle we've talked about though, right? Like they've been striking out, but they have a lot of power. So that's something you kind of have to worry a little bit, you know, garish has allowed 11 home runs his last 10 games, 20 on the season just allowed three in his last game against Arizona, you know? So Seattle's continues to swing that home, run back, you know, it could be a tough day for garish there. And then you have Kershaw here, you know, couple starts since he's been back, he's been good. Right. Just, you know, five ings, one earned six ings, two earned eight strikeouts against San Francisco last time, you know, I don't mind going back there at 10 K either. Speaker 2 00:03:45 I just want Khaw to stay healthy, man. Like even at his age, like he's still so good. And I think that's like lost upon us because of how like Jacob DRO he was for so long, right? Like he was Jacob DRO before Jacob deGrom. Right. Kind of from the left side and like obviously different styles and everything. But like in terms of just pure dominance, like that was clay Kershaw and he's still really good. And, and I love the fact that we see 86 pitches, his last start. I mean, we went from a month off to 74 pitches to 86, looked as sharp as ever eight strikeouts was great. He's now had 14 and 11 innings since being back. I prefer him over garish. As you mentioned, Seattle hits a lot of home runs during the month of September 2nd and isolated power, 2 24. That's just slightly behind Philly who leads this month. So like you said, garish gives up home, runs 20 home runs on the year. I'd rather go to Kershaw. And I think Kershaw is, you know, an interesting pivot off of Garrett Cole as like, if you can afford two spend up going to gro Kershaw. I don't hate that approach. Speaker 1 00:04:46 No, that's probably where I would go to. I think I would go probably Toro and Kershaw as my top two guys there. If we're looking in the mid tier, I, I, you know, Kyle Wright obviously has San Francisco stride kind of let us down. He had nine strikeouts last night, but gave up a couple of runs, only went five innings. So not the performance we had hoped for against them against San Francisco, but I would still be okay. Kinda running it back with Kyle right here, strike out with him a little bit less consistent, but he's still having a really good rookie season. So something I'm okay with. And then we have Jordan Montgomery. I feel like every time Montgomery's on a slate, he's facing a team that struggles against lefties in Milwaukee is one of them teams. He faced them already. He faced him already when he was at home six shut out innings, eight strikeouts in that game. I just, I'm gonna say it. I'm gonna just continue to play Jordan Montgomery when he is on slate. So there's no reason not to. Speaker 2 00:05:28 Yeah. I mean, I've, I'm in full agreement Milwaukee since just the start of this month. So 12 days pretty decent sample size, 30% K rate, which is a second highest in league only behind Oakland guess 5 76, the third horse in the league. So they're just not doing, don't Speaker 1 00:05:43 Hit on the road. And now they're going into a pitcher style stadium in St. Louis. So Speaker 2 00:05:47 Yep. Everything lines up for Montgomery. And I think, yeah, so he's been more expensive in each of his last three starts, he's allowed one earned in his last two starts. So I'm not exactly sure where they're getting this pricing. He had a tough matchup against Atlanta and you know, the Atlanta hits lefties really well. But since then he's been nails and I'll also throw Logan Gilbert into that equation too, just knowing how bad San Diego's been and knowing how good Logan Gilbert's been lost. I'd throw him into the mix. Speaker 1 00:06:12 Yeah. Monti, since being traded to the Cardinal that I only one start where he is giving up more than one run. So Speaker 2 00:06:19 It's insane. Speaker 1 00:06:20 Right? It's pretty, Speaker 2 00:06:21 It's so painful to, to hear you say that. I just want you to know, let the record state, I am in pain hearing that Speaker 1 00:06:28 He's been pretty dominant. So I think Monty, I know you like Gilbert, Gilbert's probably the easy pivot if you're going to tournaments and cause every Monty's gonna be rather popular here tonight. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:06:38 I think we could probably just figure out pitching now and go Toro Montgomery. I know we're gonna talk about the rest as a Speaker 1 00:06:44 Position. DRO Montgomery will give us 3,700 a player and you know what? Red Sox on the slate don't care that Gar Cole reads mcg McGuire choir for two K play anyway. So that's probably, we're gonna go pitching, but you know, under the eight K range, I mean you could go Joe Ryan too, if you wanted to, not a guy that I've played much of, you know, Kansas city. Let's see, I'm not gonna do Veta against Yankee's. No, thank you. Dean Kramer against Washington. He's been pitching a little bit better of late in any interest there Speaker 2 00:07:11 Possibly. Maybe because there's not a lot down here. Washington does have some, a little thump against right. Louis Garcia has been pretty good. Joey manes has been good lane. Thomas has hit right decently, but yeah, I think Kramer's probably the only one down here that I'd like, Speaker 1 00:07:26 Yeah, I got nothing Speaker 2 00:07:27 Fiercely. Speaker 1 00:07:28 I'm really looking me. Speaker 2 00:07:30 Ken Walde, Chuck, Ken Walde. Chuck is okay. He's he? They acquired him in yeah. In a deal recently Speaker 1 00:07:36 Interest about those games. Lefty, Texas could be a spot. I was gonna say, maybe Kopec at home against Colorado. Maybe like Speaker 2 00:07:43 I'd love to see the pitch count. Cuz he did return. He threw 74 pitches. And I don't know if that was like, cuz he was out for almost what he was out for almost three weeks. So like was he limited? Was he just bad? And they were like Speaker 1 00:07:58 Gett good. You know, it could have been limited there, but I'd be willing to, you know, be a little bit different there. But I got, I really don't like anything else here? Speaker 2 00:08:05 Yeah. Chris BOIC Speaker 1 00:08:08 No it's Minnesota. No, Speaker 2 00:08:09 You know, I mean we know just like this is the prime letdown spot for Minnesota. This feels like a spot that people are gonna use Minnesota. It just, I just, the writing's already on the wall. Yeah. They're gonna let everyone down. Speaker 1 00:08:21 I agree. All right, let's go to catch then. Uh, we can, we have 3,700 players who we're going the Monty de grand route. So we're probably taking ourselves out of any of the top price pitchers when it comes to building our lineups. But if you're building your lineups today, some targets for you there. I mean maybe Adley Ruman at 54 shine. Speaker 2 00:08:37 I don't hate hates. I don't hates just cuz the fastballs. Okay. Joe, Ryan just throws like all fastballs, so Speaker 1 00:08:43 Yep. That's fine. Sean Murphy gets the lefty and Reagans here. Yep. Speaker 2 00:08:47 That's a Speaker 1 00:08:47 Good one. I think that's probably a pretty good spot for him. Kelly gets the lefty, but it's Khaw I don't know, man. Those Speaker 2 00:08:54 It real James McCann. James. McCann's been pretty good lately. Yeah. It's he's not like exciting but's Speaker 1 00:09:01 We don't need exciting. We just need on base. Speaker 2 00:09:03 I mean five, five or more fantasy points in six straight games. Yeah. So three, Speaker 1 00:09:07 Three scratch of 10 plus. So Speaker 2 00:09:09 Yeah. So coming alive, hitting over 300 over this last 10 Gary Sanchez gets the left E three K sure. Again, they're gonna be chalk and it's gonna be disappointing if Beth and court's in the lineup. John, I know he wasn't but dude, he Speaker 1 00:09:22 Probably he's probably in tonight cuz he wasn't in last night, right? Speaker 2 00:09:24 Like probably I would put out Speaker 1 00:09:26 Which white been. I would go back to him at 2,900 Speaker 2 00:09:29 Dude Mitch white, his last three starts angels five run or five innings. Eight hits, seven runs Cubs. So angels Cubs Orioles were his three matchups got some bad hits, uh, five innings, eight runs or eight hits, seven runs four and two thirds, eight hits, six runs two and a third three hits, five earned runs. He's bad. Speaker 1 00:09:49 Yeah. He's not good. So yeah. Listen, I, we liked Benton court last night. I would, I would certainly play him. Maybe he's active today and you can give either white Sox catcher. I still wish they would play se more, but you know, because he's cheap. So if Chevy's in a lap tonight, I would play him again. If you wanna punt a Boston catcher, I'm fine with that. They just all hit well. So yep. Even though again, it's gonna scare Cole. They're cheap there. So first base position you have a St. Louis is gonna deal with two catch two pitchers here. Bush is gonna open I guess. And they get a long reliever play for Speaker 2 00:10:17 Josh Lin, BBL Lin Blum, Speaker 1 00:10:20 Either way. I'm fine going St. Louis here, you know, against that Toronto gets cheer knows for a little bit tonight as well, top to your guys, you know, again, they're you can kind of just set them in your lineup, you know, is there a, a preference that you have for them play Speaker 2 00:10:34 Goldie Speaker 1 00:10:34 Again, hard to get the goal. Let's put Ben cord in the lineup for now and we'll just kind of see what our pricing ends up looking at as we're, as we continue to move along. Speaker 2 00:10:43 So I feel like Goldie's the only one over 5k that's like really appealing. I think Freddy Freeman's matchup is pretty tough with yeah. Kelly, me Kelly Yi. Trinos looked really good in his debut and I know Blatty's coming alive a little bit here. I feel like we've been saying that all year. Yeah. But five game hit streak three doubles over that span, but no power. Definitely not the same power as it was last year. Probably not gonna get to Alonzo 55. Well contrarian like tournaments only. Yeah. We know we're not playing wisdom ever at 51. I didn't care if like you're on the mountain. We're not gonna pay Patrick wisdom at 51 Speaker 1 00:11:17 Too expensive. Speaker 2 00:11:18 I think he's, I think Goldie's the only one over 5k. I would. Speaker 1 00:11:21 I mean, yeah. He's, there's no, nothing wrong with that either. So I'm fine with that. We get into the mid tier again. You know, there's not a lot. We love, I mean it's, if you're not going Kershaw, right? Like, you know, Christian Lara has hit well against left east, but it's CRO haw. We love Nathaniel low, but he's got a left D in wall, the Chuck. So you know, maybe a tougher spot for him, a Brau at 4k, he's hitting over 300 still. Power's power's been sapped a bit there, but you know, it could be just a good plug guy, Mount castle, getting out of Baltimore, you know, know there's some potential power for him there that is generally better against lefties. Speaker 2 00:11:56 I like that. I like that one. I think he's actually been, I think that's been, Speaker 1 00:12:00 Is it flipped this Speaker 2 00:12:00 Year? I think so. I'll confirm right now I Mount castle. I wouldn't say better, but 16 of his home runs against Speaker 1 00:12:08 R I might throw a Luke void against Kramer here. 2,900. Right. Power versus riding Speaker 2 00:12:13 All his power against writings. I'm with you. I like that. I like that a lot. John. He's hot right now. Speaker 1 00:12:18 Yeah. I might go on that. I might go that range. The Kansas city first basement are also against Joe Ryan here PA last 10 games. 2 86, 8 40 ops. Cass is two K if you wanted to really punt and see how he hasn't. Yeah, hasn't been great. You know, not striking out a ton, but he's just not getting hits. So Speaker 2 00:12:36 I'd probably rather, I feel like the VO play is puny enough for us. Okay. But 29, I like, I like that. I'll Speaker 1 00:12:44 Throw a lot. I'll throw man. We're gonna build this line up as we go. Cuz we need to figure out what range we can actually play guys. And with, with Drom at almost 12 K Speaker 2 00:12:50 VOT hitting 3 0 3, 3 56 Wobo against righties Dean creamer. 2 83 average allowed against right-handed Speaker 1 00:12:57 Bets. Yeah. I don't mind. The second base Moki bets is 62. Tommy Edmonds is 55 at the top stories day to day 51. I don't know what happened to him. Semin is 5k a year, five can above guys not gonna play any of those Speaker 2 00:13:10 Marcus semin is having are like just the most infuriating season I've ever seen Speaker 1 00:13:16 Two. So two, two home runs four stone base. His last 10 games. He's got a 20, 20 season, but you, you can't ever play him in DFS. Like he's just impossible. Speaker 2 00:13:23 It's just, just impossible to figure out when he's. Yeah. It's impossible to figure out what, when he's gonna do anything. Speaker 1 00:13:28 I agree. Let's see. Allow and oh for five last night's still trash. Speaker 2 00:13:32 So they have that young kid, Jonathan, Aronda playing some second and first lefty bat who continues to hit over 300. Oh Speaker 1 00:13:40 We need value and Grissom's 3,400. So Speaker 2 00:13:43 Yeah, it's probably ultimately gonna be, Speaker 1 00:13:44 It's probably just gonna be Grissum. Speaker 2 00:13:46 Especially when you look at the rest of the position. If you're not using DRO Montgomery and you wanna go a different route, like there's not a lot there. There's not a Speaker 1 00:13:53 Lot Ry McKinstry home. Everybody's got to ground. You're not gonna do that lot. A Rhonda's two K his first base gun. Second base eligibility. Speaker 2 00:14:00 Yeah. Rhonda two K. Speaker 1 00:14:01 Yeah. What's he hitting? Is he hitting the bottom line? Speaker 2 00:14:04 No, he hit like sixth yesterday. And that's just like what Tampa does, you know, they just like Speaker 1 00:14:11 Gris ER or Rhonda at second base. Speaker 2 00:14:13 They also have, we also have gunner there too. There's like three just like young kids that we can yeah. Play for free. At second. I'm just confirming right now that he did hit six. Cause if he hit six, I'd say just pun, the position like Speaker 1 00:14:27 Pun. But also maybe you're getting a little sack there with Batten court. Speaker 2 00:14:31 He hit seventh. Okay. And they hit Maji eighth. So if court just slots in, Speaker 1 00:14:36 I'm fine with it. Now, if we have to go back and fix it, we can go back. But we're at least for now we're giving ourselves some more money to play with. As we come to some of our favorite positions to spend up on mm-hmm <affirmative> $4,400 where we're at per player. Now we know there's a value out field that we're gonna throw in there for like PK. So third base you got Anato at 50 wi at 56 HIL at 55 Riley at 54. Deborahs at 53 MUN he's over 5k. Anado for sure is a guy that I love just locking into lineups. Yep. You know, Riley's only been power, you know, the average hasn't really been there of late two, 11 last 10, but has four homers during that stretch, you know, ma struggled Bobby wit and not really Speaker 2 00:15:16 A and then Deborah's Endeavor's BB, if Speaker 1 00:15:18 You's BBP is the only thing do you have Deborah's BBP up here cuz it's pretty crazy Speaker 2 00:15:22 Against Deborahs BBP. So he is eight for 28, 2 86 average six home runs. Yeah. So six of his eight home runs. He has a five 15 WOBA Speaker 1 00:15:34 And a lot of those lot of that production recent too. Those home runs. They're like the last like season. Speaker 2 00:15:38 Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:15:39 Bridle, you know, prime devs has been a nightmare for Gar Cole Speaker 2 00:15:43 Here. Gar Cole has two dads, Raha, devs, and G man Cho Speaker 1 00:15:47 <laugh> so devs there again. I like Adam are probably the most of that group. Mid-tier Turner got a little bit of a price bump. We did play him last night. Didn't really come through. We wanted one, one hit, two runs scored still seven fancy points. But the way he was running, we expected more out of him. Yandy forever. Just, you know, hitting doubles, not even doubles, hitting singles. <laugh> right. 3 33 average. Last 10. Only one extra base hit during that strike. Speaker 2 00:16:09 This looks like the Christian. This looks like the Christian Fest was yeah. Like stretch of games. All singles. Speaker 1 00:16:14 Yeah. So kind of tough there road Speaker 2 00:16:16 Down Speaker 1 00:16:17 43 that's Veta is probably fine on Speaker 2 00:16:19 The road. See if there's BVP there. Five for 23 but three home runs. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:16:24 We talked about it. He's sitting 2 58 on the road, verse 180 1 at home. So, Speaker 2 00:16:28 And I think all the power two on the road nine of his 13 home runs on the road as well. Let's Speaker 1 00:16:33 See, Speaker 2 00:16:33 Eddie ESCO has been on fire. John on freaking fire. He goes through these like insane stretches where he is just like super good. He's hitting 500 over his last 10 games. Five home Speaker 1 00:16:45 Runs what? His, he is stronger split side. His verse riding. Speaker 2 00:16:48 No, his stronger split size from, from the right side. But right now, I mean this Speaker 1 00:16:54 Way he is going, Speaker 2 00:16:55 It's just, he's in 500. Like it's just, that's just like every which way he's dominating. Speaker 1 00:17:01 Sure. If we won off our auto here, it gives us 4k a player for short stop and outfield. So just throwing Speaker 2 00:17:06 Let's let's um, move on, hold off on third. Okay. I don't think there's anything below three K unless you see it, but no, we're gonna get to so many high price players in the next like two positions that I don't wanna fully Speaker 1 00:17:19 Lock a shit. The she's 57. He came through for us in his last, that bat last night with a home run. Speaker 2 00:17:23 Wait John. I know I, we do have someone that third. Okay. Josh jump. Speaker 1 00:17:28 Oh yeah. He Homer Speaker 2 00:17:29 Bomb hit a bomb. Hit a bomb. His second bomb yesterday. Still two K. Okay. Gets the lefty here. Speaker 1 00:17:36 All right. I'll put him in that works. Speaker 2 00:17:37 Well, we don't have to. I'm just saying Speaker 1 00:17:39 Like, oh no. I want to five gives us 5k a player for the next three positions. Okay. I like it. I like it. I mean shortstop again. I think Becher takes the cake for the top group here. Speaker 2 00:17:49 <laugh> is. So did you see the, did you see the, like you sent it to me and I went and watched that he just homed. Yeah. Like it was insane. He like was looking for a fastball and you could see like the way his hands, like he like barely took a stride. It was like down away a slider and he just pulled it. Speaker 1 00:18:08 He's hitting 500 with a 1600 ops. The last 10 games. It's six home runs. So Speaker 2 00:18:13 Yeah, it's in no he's this is clinical. Speaker 1 00:18:15 Should we lock him in or do you wanna, you know, keep looking, you have KA versus lefty with boob bitch. Obviously we know I Speaker 2 00:18:22 Don't wanna play. I do not wanna play twins. Speaker 1 00:18:24 I don't either. I do not wanna play wanders. We know is better against leftys but you talk Mitch Whitesman, you know, he is, he's certainly in that range there. Our boy Mateo is obviously always a threat, but right now really struggling Henderson has in multi-position eligibility. Elvis Andrews is three K against Chad. Cool. Our boy Elvis Andrews. He Speaker 2 00:18:43 Continues to just be super good. Speaker 1 00:18:45 Right. So if you wanted to spend down, I think that's where I'm at. I think I'm like pretty much Andrews or Bette here. Speaker 2 00:18:51 Yeah. I mean there's nothing else. So Speaker 1 00:18:53 If we went Andrews, that will give us 5,600 in outfielder. We literally just play the top outfielders. Speaker 2 00:18:59 Well, yeah. I mean, I think playing judge against Veta is the move, right? Speaker 1 00:19:03 So if we know Andrews, we played judge $5,300 in outfielder for the remaining two outfield spots. We don't, we only have a two man race stack going and it's a bottom of the lineup for race. We don't really have a, we got a lot of one offs at the moment, which is fine. Like you can win tournaments with one offs. Speaker 2 00:19:25 We can go with drunk Carlo as well, homers and two straight. Okay. And I was just looking at Speaker 1 00:19:30 I'm fine. Sagging against Veta. He's been Speaker 2 00:19:32 So, so Stanton, BVP. Yeah. Uh, Veta eight for 20, which is 400 average three bombs. Okay. And home runs in two straight, you know like John Carlo is like that dude, like when he is streaky, he's just like the best player in the world. And when he's bad, he's literally doesn't look like he knows what he's doing. Right. But he is home runs too straight. Like we're starting to, you know, we're starting to heat up a little bit here. Speaker 1 00:19:55 Sure. Where are they hitting Josh? Speaker 2 00:19:56 So like fifth, sixth. Okay. Are you thinking about an ADOS? No, Speaker 1 00:20:00 He's not really hitting the ball too. Well, we could one off Elway again. It's cool. He's still hitting the ball really Speaker 2 00:20:06 Well. Yeah. And he hits and he's been hitting righties, so I don't hate that at Speaker 1 00:20:09 All. All right. So now we can maybe reevaluate a little bit here. So we have a, let's go Speaker 2 00:20:14 Through Speaker 1 00:20:14 Dollars, left over. Speaker 2 00:20:16 Let's go through the rest of outfield and just sure. And then circle back what our boy McCarthy do last night. One for four disappointing. Just one hit. Are you serious dude? Right. Speaker 1 00:20:25 See Harris is 44. Speaker 2 00:20:27 Yeah. He's he's Speaker 1 00:20:28 Just monster still hitting, which could so Harris, if we went Harris over Eloy, we could go Grham Harris as a two stack against jus and get up from Maronda. Speaker 2 00:20:40 I don't hate that honestly. Right. Speaker 1 00:20:43 So Speaker 2 00:20:43 I kinda like that. Speaker 1 00:20:44 Yeah. If we did that would get us right. Would that give us the full no, it's we're short by, uh, a couple hundred bucks Speaker 2 00:20:51 And we already spent, I mean, we already like spent down on a lot of we'd have we'd probably have to get down from Beth in court or Stanton. Speaker 1 00:21:00 Yeah. I mean, bet Ben court would be the Biton court would be the, if we're moving off of Aon, we don't really need to play Betton court. So right. We could spend on a little bit more if we wanted to there again could just punt where red Sox catcher and let it ride. We do it again. We do have 5k. Uh, yeah. Let's look, let's see. Is there any two K outfielders cuz we could go instead of Andrews, the Andrews Eloy stack was would've been what we had there against against if we, you Bechet at short with judge and Stanton, we have a $2,800 outfielder. Speaker 2 00:21:28 Bob Thompson, again stole another base yesterday. He's now stolen five bases. His last four games. He gets a lefty. That's a little stack with John. Speaker 1 00:21:36 Dick could stand at 28, Speaker 2 00:21:37 Again, Dickerson against Speaker 1 00:21:39 Whatever match they got there. Speaker 2 00:21:40 Two, right. It's two righties. The one Josh Blum most recently was pitching in the KBO in 2019. And then sure has like not looked good in major league STS. So Speaker 1 00:21:51 Yeah. So I mean, I don't hate, I don't really hate that Speaker 2 00:21:53 Honestly. No I don't either. I think Dickerson's been super solid. Speaker 1 00:21:57 Yeah. I'm trying to think here. If we're not trying to skip over all these three K guys for you all new there, two new power will lead off for Bush. Speaker 2 00:22:05 Yeah. Still monster numbers against varies, but like just struggling a little bit later. Speaker 1 00:22:09 Yeah. LNO gets a lefty and Reagans. I know he is been a little bit off since he's come back, but Speaker 2 00:22:14 What's his price? Speaker 1 00:22:15 He's Speaker 2 00:22:15 37 37. I was looking down like three K like holy cow. He's got, he is cheap. Speaker 1 00:22:21 Paul is 32 stone GA finally get to play. Cuz there's a lefty on the Speaker 2 00:22:26 Man's the Speaker 1 00:22:26 Lefty. How fluffy to face are you? He'll be Speaker 2 00:22:28 On line. Hey stone. Get out there. You get K shot tonight. Oh coach I'm okay. Speaker 1 00:22:33 Yeah, exactly. So Alex mean, I like Dickers in a 28. I think that's a good spot for him. You said there was a two K guy you liked Speaker 2 00:22:39 Yeahs Speaker 1 00:22:39 Alex. He's hitting. He's not hitting. Well, Speaker 2 00:22:41 Alex call has been playing for Washington every day. Hit a couple home, runs in back to back games. Last week I had three 70 over his last 10. Where Speaker 1 00:22:51 Is he? Speaker 2 00:22:51 Two K how to fill out, but he's Alrighty. We'll see if he's in the lineup, but Speaker 1 00:22:56 Where is he hitting in Speaker 2 00:22:56 The lineup? I think he's hitting at the bottom of their lineup. Speaker 1 00:22:58 Okay. I was gonna, we have Speaker 2 00:22:59 All the way at the bottom. Yeah, no, I was thinking about a little two man, but I think he's, he's all the way down there. All Speaker 1 00:23:05 Right. Well let's go with Dickerson then in 28. Yep. Speaker 2 00:23:07 Works Speaker 1 00:23:08 Unless you, unless you wanted to spend all the way down at catcher, but I think Dickerson. No, Speaker 2 00:23:12 No. I think no to think Speaker 1 00:23:13 What we have Dickerson or a Thompson here, Speaker 2 00:23:15 Dickerson has a pretty good matchup. I think while the chunk is a pretty good prospect. Okay. I think Josh young is too. And I don't wanna like overload, Texas. Just how inconsistent they've been. Speaker 1 00:23:25 Well, that's where we're at. Then our lineup giving your home run call. We already built our lineup. So gimme your home run Speaker 2 00:23:30 Call. I'm gonna go Stanton. I think he's gonna hit another home run today. Speaker 1 00:23:34 Alright. I'm gonna go Voit. I think Voit gets it done and gets wrong. Speaker 2 00:23:36 Okay. Okay. Speaker 1 00:23:37 Okay. Just to keep our home run calls within the lineup here, creamer, uh, has allowed five homers over his last 10 games. So, um, only seven on the season, but five over the last 10. So, uh, starting to maybe lose it as we get deeper into the season is more, more innings. Go on that young arm Speaker 2 00:23:52 Of his fast balls, a little leaving, a little elevated there. Huh? Speaker 1 00:23:56 All right. So that's what we got. We got Stanton and we got a void as our home run calls and our lineup. You watch us making the thought process as we went along, Jordan Montgomery, Jacob deGrom going up at pitching deGrom is so expensive. We're spending down in a lot of spots here. So Christian, Bencor assuming in the lineup today, 2,900. If he's not, we'll just pivot down to one of the Sox catchers. Most likely Luke void at 2,900 at first base, we have a Rhonda at two K if for CAMBA bay at second base, Josh Jung at two K third, spinning up for some power here. Bobba she? At 57 short Aaron judge at 64 Ja Carlo Stanton at 51, a little two man Yankee stack and Corey Dickerson finishes off our outfield of 2,800. That gives us no salary remaining. So that is the lineup for today. 11 game playbook will be out today. I believe it's Freeland. I think it's Freeland might be PCO. I think it's, Speaker 2 00:24:44 I think it's one Speaker 1 00:24:45 Of them. It's not Grande cuz he did it yesterday. So it's gonna be one of those. So yeah, if you have any questions, get in our discord and James and I will be back tomorrow. Good luck.

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