September 16, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 16: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 16: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 16: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Sep 16 2022 | 00:24:26


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Friday September 16th for DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as the San Diego Padres against Madison Bumgarner.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, MLB DFS podcast with host John Iemma and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What's going onion, John PMA here with James Grande. Welcome into the quick pitch. Lb DFS podcasts and livestream recording here for Friday's 14 game main slate. James, you are the man on the playbook for this 14 games. We got a lot to get to. So how about we just get right to the actual Speaker 2 00:00:26 Yeah, I like the, I love the sounds of that 14 games. I don't know if we have course haven't looked first look. No course love 14 games when and love the fact that there's no course. Speaker 1 00:00:36 Yep. Well, we jump right in. Like you said, pitching, it looks like Verlander, ready to come off the IL whether or not he'll be limited, we'll find out, but it is justed Verlander. He's a guy that just goes out there and throws, you know, ACE 16 3, 1 8, 4 era at home. He gets that super juicy match up against. Would you be willing to spend the $11,000 though on a returning justed Verlander from the IL Speaker 2 00:01:00 Rob? Probably not, but let's find out the limitations first. If there are any before fully committing to that answer. Sure. I'd like to know what we know before fully committing there. Speaker 1 00:01:11 Okay. Below hand, we got max freed at home against Philly. Don't love the spot for him, but you know, free is also again in one of the elite pitchers. It feels like Robert Ray's always facing Seattle. I mean always facing LA third, start against them, dominated them this year, 20 innings, 30 strikeouts four earn runs allowed nine, eight, ER, you know, bunch better at home. But again, LA is kind of a pitcher's park anyways. So I don't think I'm too worried about the Robbie Ray matchup for him there. Mackenzie's at 96 Blake Snells at 94 against Arizona, Michael Waka all the way up to 9,200 against our recent favorite punching bag team. Yeah, the Kansas city Royals and Martin Perez at 91 against Tampa bay and Rangers wars at nine K against Atlanta. That is our nine K range. Speaker 2 00:01:57 I mean, I like free. I think he's safe. I know Philly's offense has been rolling, but Fried's been really good. I think the only problem we have to worry about Robbie Ray is the home run ball, right? 26 allowed this year. That's a lot with the way that trout is swinging it the way Tani's swinging it. I think that's obviously a concern, but it's coming off that dominant start. You mentioned 30 strikeouts against him this year. So I think Robbie, Ray's probably gonna be pretty popular. Tristan McKenzie, you don't think a lot of people go there. You can. I think there's decent upside. I mean, he's given us a 40 fantasy point game not too long ago in August 25, his last start out. So I think you can go Tristan McKenzie. Blakes now we know tournaments only it's up and down. The Walka thing is interesting because he's pitching well and Casey's not great. But 9,200 feels a little, Speaker 1 00:02:46 He was 93 against Tampa bay and he went for 19 fantasy points, six innings to earn quality starts and four Nope, three, three of the four quality starts. So it is definitely one of those things where it's like dust skill, meet, meet matchup sort of thing here, you know? Yeah. But sunny, gray just went for 30 fantasy points him. So like Michael Waco we've seen recently have 20 plus fantasy point outing. So who knows there, I can see Waka being a pretty, uh, popular option in that 99 K range street free. Speaker 2 00:03:15 Yeah. I think Robbie Ray is probably the most popular. Sure. I would say. And then it's probably pretty spread out even, but I could see Waka garnering ownership because Casey's been so bad. Okay. Speaker 1 00:03:29 Yeah. I probably agree with you there. I think probably nine K tier gets a little bit of a, you know, a spread out roster ship. I do think that Ray because of his strike got upside, super peeling, but again, we've been picking on KC here lately. It's been working out for us under nine K guys. We're not going Logan Webb. Zao against Washington potential. Montas on the road against Milwaukee. You talked about Milwaukee being a better home hitting 18. Dustin may at 8,200. Remember we scoffed at him at over 10 K over 10 K. Yeah. You know, we're like, we're not paying over 10 K $8,200 for him. Now here going up against San Francisco, a metric that we've liked targeting cuz of that strikeout potential GTO. Speaker 2 00:04:06 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:04:07 I mean, he's been hit so many times he's Speaker 2 00:04:10 Gonna Speaker 1 00:04:10 Be chalky, you know? Right. But he's been so bad and so bad. It's Speaker 2 00:04:15 Been it's bad. And he's been unlucky. I will say he's averaged 19 fantasy points per game against Detroit 21 strikeouts in 17 and two thirds. I think that's just like, Speaker 1 00:04:26 I he's averaging 19 fantasy points with a four, five. Speaker 2 00:04:29 Like I know it's also like look at it though. Like clearly there's like bad luck involved. Two 19 batting average against like barely over a one whip. Yeah. Like he's not really walking anyone in those starts like that just feels unlucky to me. Like last Speaker 1 00:04:44 Time we've gone over the save metrics with him. Yeah. But he just keeps on not doing well. So Speaker 2 00:04:49 I know, I think he's going to be extremely popular. Same with Taiwan Walker for $200 more. Speaker 1 00:04:54 Cause he Josiah gray. My, my strikeout love. But again, he just gives up so many home runs so much who won Miami is Homer off of Josiah gray tomorrow. Speaker 2 00:05:02 That's our AJ bday that's Speaker 1 00:05:03 Our figure. Our quest to figure out there tomorrow more seven K guys. CBER Sam Martin, Keller FLA at seven K against Cincinnati and home maybe. And the interest he's been limited. Right. He only through five innings back to back starts five innings for Speaker 2 00:05:18 Yeah. And the pitches too. The pitches have been, he came back and threw a lot of pitches immediately. Speaker 1 00:05:23 Yeah. Not great against Pittsburgh, obviously a little bit better against Washington. Would you take a stab at FLA and tournaments seven K at home? Yes. Speaker 2 00:05:31 Yes. I think this for 14 games late, I feel like a lot of people are gonna be on the same pitchers. Speaker 1 00:05:38 Yeah. We toted sacking against Lorenzen against Houston and he went out and just threw gem. So Jim gem by his standard it's five innings. Wonder and Speaker 2 00:05:45 Run. Guess what? John I'm stack. I'm going right back to Speaker 1 00:05:48 That back. Go, go Speaker 2 00:05:49 Back. Back to Speaker 1 00:05:49 That will stack against him. I agree with you. Yep. I agree with you. Lyle's got banged up last time, but he is on the road, Manning Houser at home, maybe against the Yankees, but oh, he's been, I was gonna say he was doing like their relief, but now the last two games he started and pitched, well, no strikeouts with him though. Well Speaker 2 00:06:06 That's cuz Peralta's done for the year now again. Right? True. So Speaker 1 00:06:10 Yeah. And not really anything here for me. Speaker 2 00:06:12 Is this a slate you would finally get behind playing the Padre Speaker 1 00:06:17 You would have to right. Would Madone there he's Speaker 2 00:06:19 Madon I mean, he's been your like let's be real. He has been your number one target. Speaker 1 00:06:24 I guess I probably was like, what? I guess I would play pro far Speaker 2 00:06:28 First split. Speaker 1 00:06:28 Yeah. How song maybe Speaker 2 00:06:30 Machado. Speaker 1 00:06:32 IDO. Speaker 2 00:06:33 He's been your number one target. Speaker 1 00:06:34 He's been terrible. Speaker 2 00:06:35 Wait so Speaker 1 00:06:36 Well he's running random one target whenever Dallas. Kai's not in the league. So, or in the league rather. Speaker 2 00:06:42 Well, John, how about maybe you'll have a new favorite target. So the blue Jays are starting this Thomas hatch guy. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:06:48 Negative 10 points. Speaker 2 00:06:49 <laugh> he allowed 10 earned runs in four and two thirds. Speaker 1 00:06:52 Yeah. Against Tampa bay. Yeah. And Speaker 2 00:06:54 He Speaker 1 00:06:54 Mean, I wish he was the lefty. It really hit home. True. But true Baltimore. Not at home. Works for me as well, so sure. Yeah. Pitching should be interesting on 14 games. Let's go to catcher. Speaker 2 00:07:04 Good transition to Adley Ruman there. I think. Speaker 1 00:07:06 Yeah. $5,100 for Adley. We're not big Logan web fans will Smith Homeward the other night. WD you know he is 54. They always flip flopped. These Braves catchers right around 48. But Darnell's 42. Both of them. Speaker 2 00:07:19 They both RA yeah. Left. Speaker 1 00:07:20 They both hit lefties really well. Yeah. Mia hits lefty as well, but it'll probably give us bet in court this time. We're Speaker 2 00:07:25 Hundred percent getting Christian back in court right soon as you tout Kelly Speaker 1 00:07:29 Get Nell. I think we've gone down that road a few times. Speaker 2 00:07:32 Homer tonight, Speaker 1 00:07:33 Did he? I feel like Nells smells a bit pitched well against Arizona this year. We can keep, we actually have that information, but I just, we Speaker 2 00:07:39 Have that information, but I'll check BVP as well. Carson Kelly is three for 11 off Blakes they are all bad against them. Speaker 1 00:07:47 He faced, they faced them once this year, six innings. Weren't earned 10 strikeouts for Blake now. And we've been talking about lefties against Arizona lately. Like you've been able to go there. So no Blakes now interesting pitching option. Mid-tier guys. Big slate. So there's there are definitely some options here. Speaker 2 00:08:02 Jor Hale, Farrow or NOLA. Whoever's starting for the Padres against your boy Beth in court. Speaker 1 00:08:08 Yep. Gotti at 27. Speaker 2 00:08:11 Orva 29. I know he's been bad, but Montes also not great. Bob Speaker 1 00:08:16 Recently wired 2300 against. Speaker 2 00:08:18 Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Against whatever boss. Yeah. Oh yeah. Whatever Boston catchers in the lineup. Most likely it's their he's Speaker 1 00:08:25 Still hitting. Right. He pinch hits in two games and then he starts two games and then he gets hits. <laugh> he homed against, off a Cole for crying a lot. Yep. Whatever. Like, Speaker 2 00:08:33 Yep. We're running him out there. Yeah. We're running a recently. Lock him in, just lock Speaker 1 00:08:36 Him in. Okay. Okay. Okay. There's no McGuire 20 threads. Speaker 2 00:08:39 He doesn't play. We'll figure it out. We'll give you guys an Speaker 1 00:08:42 Updated lineup. Just play Connor long, but he is a rightie and he's our, McGuire's a lefty and he's a righty Speaker 2 00:08:49 Soley Speaker 1 00:08:50 Stage. Yeah. So McGuire will start there. First base Goldie versus lefty and San Martin Freeman against Webb. Alonzo gets Keller Vladi gets Lys on the road. Brandon Dr. Gets Madison Bumgarner lefty. Speaker 2 00:09:05 Your favorite player. Speaker 1 00:09:07 What? You spend 52 on Dr. Here. You home. He home on the second. The last time you played got re Speaker 2 00:09:14 He's coming off the yeah. The concussion aisle. Yeah, I would Speaker 1 00:09:18 Dude. Dr. Jus I eh, jewelry Speaker 2 00:09:20 Is not little jewelry. Mato stack Speaker 1 00:09:22 Dude. Mad bum. Isn't so bad. Isn't so bad. Bad. Yeah. I there's Speaker 2 00:09:26 BVP. There's a lot of BVP here by the way. That's mainly because Speaker 1 00:09:29 Bad I'm vision for like nine years. Speaker 2 00:09:31 So Dr. Seven for 27 with two home runs. So not great, but upside Speaker 1 00:09:38 Should do we hit the button or do we keep going? Speaker 2 00:09:41 No, let's keep going. Okay. 14 games. Let's keep going. But Speaker 1 00:09:43 You gets Matt Manning at 46, like that bells 45 and gets mad. Bum Nathaniel low finally gets a ride due to hit against Cory nailer gets Bailey or Mon castle gets hatch. Speaker 2 00:09:56 Yep. Speaker 1 00:09:57 At 41. Speaker 2 00:09:58 I really liked the Orioles again. Speaker 1 00:10:00 Yeah. And they didn't really come through for us last time though. Eh, they sort of did. Speaker 2 00:10:03 Ah, they did not. Speaker 1 00:10:04 Hunter Henderson did Speaker 2 00:10:05 Gunner. Definitely did. Yeah. Gunner definitely did. Speaker 1 00:10:08 Big time gunner Harold Romes against the leftie. If you wanna just go boring with Tampa bay. Speaker 2 00:10:13 So will Myers here. Speaker 1 00:10:15 Okay. Ty France, 600. Speaker 2 00:10:17 I bring Ty France will Myers. I bring this up. There is a 58 at bat sample for will Myers. Sure. He has six home runs off Madison, Bob grinder. Speaker 1 00:10:26 You can play him in the outfield. So Speaker 2 00:10:27 Yeah, I'm just saying you can play him either. Speaker 1 00:10:29 Look at his recent numbers can see it. It's five hits. Last two games. Little Speaker 2 00:10:34 Will Myers. Speaker 1 00:10:35 He not, well, Speaker 2 00:10:36 No bating gloves. Maybe he switched to bating gloves. Speaker 1 00:10:38 Oh, maybe he did. Let's see, boy gets are lefty. So we can't go there. Matt Mathias, your boy Mike Mathais Matts. Mark maths. Mark. Almost got it. Speaker 2 00:10:47 Almost. I dude. Do you think guy Speaker 1 00:10:49 Has been, he taught him all the time and I'm just like, yeah, whatever. Okay. He's days last two Speaker 2 00:10:54 Game. I mean he's still free, right? Yeah. So hits in the middle of that order. Yep. Speaker 1 00:10:59 Anybody else? Speaker 2 00:11:00 Carlos, Santa, if you're playing, if you wanna get really dirty with the Mariner stack, all he's hitting for a little power right now. Okay. That's Speaker 1 00:11:06 It. Second base that's is still there. So three. Speaker 2 00:11:09 I mean dude, they've it's football season. They it's, Speaker 1 00:11:11 They forgot. They forgot the reset, the lamb. So he's just, yeah. He's the second baseman for the rest of the season. Altuve air a bur jury can play second. We, yeah, Speaker 2 00:11:18 You can play Speaker 1 00:11:19 Jury here can go before committing, which is we're probably gonna commit to Speaker 2 00:11:22 Probably we're probably cause we're also gonna play Mico Speaker 1 00:11:24 Probably. Yeah. We're probably Mao. I agree with you. Semi's been on, on one recently. He's five. Yeah. That's fine's see Jeff McNeil against Keller. My boy Hemenez against Bailey. I'd be in on. Speaker 2 00:11:34 Yeah. The phrase is finally going down a little bit is over 5k for whatever reason. Speaker 1 00:11:40 Homer in two. So bases last 10. So it's all out there hitting. Speaker 2 00:11:42 No, I know. I just like could never believe why he was over 5k. Speaker 1 00:11:46 Yeah, no I'm with you there. Let's see. Colton long at 41. Speaker 2 00:11:50 GFO gets a lefty. I know we're gonna be on Robbie. Ray. Yeah. But dude, 26 home runs allow Speaker 1 00:11:56 Dude. Honestly, it's a reason to maybe fade Robbie. Ray. Yep. Speaker 2 00:11:59 Imagine Ji trout. I have raped. How Speaker 1 00:12:03 Many of those race starts have tr bent was trout. Even a part of, you know, he missed so much. He missed a lot of time. Well, Speaker 2 00:12:09 He only has four bats career against him. So you wanna know we're on for GFO. You wanna know BVP here, John? Sure. Four for eight with a home run. Speaker 1 00:12:17 Yeah. Makes sense. I don't know if I wanna play the angels, but like no. Speaker 2 00:12:21 Right. Speaker 1 00:12:22 Ray could be a thing Speaker 2 00:12:24 GFO against lefties this year. By the way, seven home runs Speaker 1 00:12:26 Robbie Ray's road. Numbers are horrible. He's got like almost a five era race. Just Speaker 2 00:12:29 Talking ourselves in the angels here. 14 games, late Speaker 1 00:12:32 Corona worth. You said he hits Lefty's issue, right? Speaker 2 00:12:34 Yeah. Corona north hit lefties at a, he is falling off the cliff a little bit, but 3 29 WOBA six home runs. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:12:41 We'll we will bend the bend. The, Speaker 2 00:12:43 He has homered off Madison from garner. There you Speaker 1 00:12:45 Go. His career ly bird 4k against Houser. Speaker 2 00:12:48 G Grham 35 garner 35. Speaker 1 00:12:51 Love us. Some gunner. Love us Speaker 2 00:12:53 Some gun gunner 35. I think. So this is where we pivot to jewelry. Ry at first again, if that's where we're gonna go. Cause we're gonna Speaker 1 00:13:02 Like Speaker 2 00:13:02 Gunner because we're gonna use Mato at third. If yeah. Most likely. Speaker 1 00:13:06 Okay. I'm gonna I'll I'll lock those two in for now and we'll we'll work our, as we need to. So right now I have McGuire Dr. Gunner Henderson in our lineup. Any other value? Second basement that we're Tony cap. Does he Homer again? Speaker 2 00:13:20 Oh dude. Let's I mean, he's the best player in baseball. So maybe at least the last two games you can't take that away Speaker 1 00:13:26 From. Never take it away. Tony K is home back to back games. Speaker 2 00:13:29 Uh, no, he won't go green around here. Yep. Speaker 1 00:13:31 I agree with you. I got nothing else here. Third bases. We've talked about it already. We're we're kind of locking in macho man, but Bregman does get a ready in Martinez at home. Oh. Speaker 2 00:13:39 And Machado gets a lefty or ado gets a lefty. Speaker 1 00:13:43 Anado gets a lefty cheaper. And in Martin, I don't know how you wanna go with, you know like they're all Speaker 2 00:13:48 Endeavors gets easily. Ugh, dude. Oh, this is why third is just the best position Speaker 1 00:13:53 On the board. This is why you wanna play on fan where you can play Speaker 2 00:13:56 <laugh> you play two of them. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:13:58 Yeah. So yeah. All of these guys are on one right now. Speaker 2 00:14:01 Pick one. You can only pick one. Speaker 1 00:14:04 I mean, we have to commit to the stack. We have to, we can't, we can't play, you know, we can't play what's his face there without playing. Speaker 2 00:14:13 We can't play Aaron <inaudible> without playing Goldy. Speaker 1 00:14:15 Yep. And you got it. You got Speaker 2 00:14:16 That. But we do have pool hosts by the way. Speaker 1 00:14:19 Well, I was more think saying we can't stack Podres without playing Matata. Okay. Fair. Cause that would just be stupid to not play the middle. The fair off guy. Plus I think we're gonna four stack this anyways, cuz we're gonna play Myers Speaker 2 00:14:32 Myers Speaker 1 00:14:33 And private pro far. So yeah. Anyways, if we're going down mid tier for to third basement, Chapman does get Lyles at home. I don't hate that spot for him. Turner continues to hit, got Logan web SWES Homer city against Lorenzen. All of those are really great Donaldson. A good hitter environment on the road against Houser. Speaker 2 00:14:51 Hey dude. FARs is hitting so many home runs, Speaker 1 00:14:53 Dude. He has so Speaker 2 00:14:54 Many homes. He has six home runs in his last six games. Yeah Speaker 1 00:14:57 Man. Speaker 2 00:14:57 Oh my gosh. Speaker 1 00:14:59 Yeah man, dude, you mean, you said it like, see here's the thing on a 14 game slate. You really should be playing multiple lineups. Yeah. Because one lineup, if you have to hit the lottery almost to be, you know, cause you want all these exposures, right? So luckily for you, James is gonna do the playbook. And in our lineup generator, we have a button that says playbook players only, and James is gonna give you all the exposure you want to these guys, you hit that button. You hit the line generator and there you go. So yeah. Gotta take advantage of that off. We got going right now. NFL code 50. Speaker 2 00:15:29 What was that? NFL code? 50 right NFL code Speaker 1 00:15:32 50 code Speaker 2 00:15:33 NFL, 50 NFL, 50, the code NFL 50. Speaker 1 00:15:37 The code is NFL 50 pro 50% off. The first six months gives you access to everything. All tools, all content and discord, including the playbook that we talked about all the time and a lot of generator that I just explained to you. A core feature of it. So what Speaker 2 00:15:51 Was the code? NFL? 50 Speaker 1 00:15:53 NFL, 50 NFL pace Speaker 2 00:15:56 NFL Speaker 1 00:15:56 50. Gotta get there anyways. Under Donaldson. Let's see Speaker 2 00:16:00 Your boy. Jowan Manka is scorching Speaker 1 00:16:03 Hot. Yeah. Manning's terrible too. Speaker 2 00:16:05 Scorch. Don't say that too loud. Justin. Free's listening. It's true. Speaker 1 00:16:07 But he Speaker 2 00:16:08 Like that. He loves Matt Manning. I actually don't think I actually don't met Matt either. I I actually don't think he's Speaker 1 00:16:14 I'll let you guys like Matt Manning together. Okay. J Peterson's three K. You mentioned Rivera gets lefty, but I think we kinda like Snell here a little Speaker 2 00:16:21 Bit. He Homer tonight. You man, for what it's worth, but Speaker 1 00:16:24 I get really nothing else here. Speaker 2 00:16:26 Mathias is you can play a third here. True. They moved him from first second. Oh Speaker 1 00:16:30 Josh trumps 2300. Speaker 2 00:16:31 Yeah. Sh 2300. Yeah. That's a good one. Speaker 1 00:16:34 If we don't though you play. Speaker 2 00:16:36 I know. I think it's spend up though at third dude. I agree. Just take a we're just missing. We're missing the boat. Speaker 1 00:16:42 Yeah. A short stop. Oh yeah. A lot of, I mean Xander, did you just play Xander at 53 fit four, 10,000 op I know we like Bette for obvious reasons, but he's Speaker 2 00:16:51 Chef standard KA all just on a different planet right now. All three of those dudes just on a literal different planet. Speaker 1 00:16:59 And then Tommy Edmonds there at 5,500 for no reason. Speaker 2 00:17:02 And then if we wanna just spend down Elvis Homer again, by the way, the other day today. Yeah, he is 3,500. So I think, you know, at this point, like just what are we doing? What Speaker 1 00:17:14 Are we doing? Speaker 2 00:17:15 Playing Elvis. Andrew, I think. All right. Lock him in. I mean, I mean, am I wrong? Like dude, no, don't raise his price. He suddenly hits for power. I don't know what happened and like where the power came from. Okay. But all he does is just hit home runs. Speaker 1 00:17:30 So we're gonna put in will Myers here obviously. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:17:33 I think he's a great, yeah. I think he's a great value. Speaker 1 00:17:35 I'm just gonna go down little Myers. I spelled his name wrong. Well Myers there is 30, Speaker 2 00:17:39 But there's only one L yeah. Speaker 1 00:17:41 One L our going Aaron judge. Right. And then is he good? Speaker 2 00:17:45 Or, Speaker 1 00:17:45 And then profile 37. He loaded his price. We're Speaker 2 00:17:48 Gonna have no pitching. Speaker 1 00:17:50 So we have $8,200 a pitcher. Uh, Speaker 2 00:17:53 So what will Speaker 1 00:17:55 Walk in? Flirt. Walk in Speaker 2 00:17:57 Date. Robbie. Ray, right? Speaker 1 00:18:00 Yeah. We walk. We were Speaker 2 00:18:01 Never Speaker 1 00:18:01 Walk and flirt. No, I'm just kidding. We're probably gonna have to get off of judge if we're paying up for everybody else. So, Speaker 2 00:18:07 Well, let's go through the rest of the outfield then. Yep. We'll we'll see what else we got Speaker 1 00:18:10 We'll back Speaker 2 00:18:10 Out. Cause you could play trout and save $400, four Speaker 1 00:18:14 Gonna do anything. Yeah. It's not gonna do something we want didn't we, we have a four. So, so if we go walk Anell we got a $4,400 outfielder. So anyway, so outfield judge at the top, I mean the dude is just, he's darned 4 86, 1500 opiates, five, five homes. He's like 30% rostered. He might be 30% rostered Speaker 2 00:18:32 On every night game slate. Yeah. Every night. I mean, dude, he's there's you know, Speaker 1 00:18:36 I know, I know Tony bets trout, again, that guy seven homers his last 10 games. I mean, he hasnt Hobert in two games. He probably needs a day off. So Speaker 2 00:18:46 Probably love both Astros here. Yep. Speaker 1 00:18:48 Jo on and, and Tucker great spots. A rose and Reno versus a lefty. Jay Rodd gets Lorenzen. Speaker 2 00:18:54 J Rodd is on a different planet too, by the way. Speaker 1 00:18:57 They're all cuz they're all stud superstar players, man. Like <laugh>, you know, you know like it's just, it's tough, you know it's tough. Oh, they're all so good. They're all so good. B Baba. Let's Speaker 2 00:19:12 See ed mall Eloy. Speaker 1 00:19:13 Yeah. Stand's at 52. I know he hasn't, you know, has been as hot as everybody Mullins. Reynold's Homeward the other day. Speaker 2 00:19:21 I don't know why he's 51 though. That just feels Speaker 1 00:19:23 They, they finally boo moved Eloy price up though. Yeah, because he was, should be mid four Ks forever. Yep. Now it's five can a 14 gamer. A Santa has power. Let's see Speaker 2 00:19:35 Led miss Homer yesterday or today I think. Oh they must have took it away. No, he homed today. He homered today. Okay. Led miss Homer. We mentioned Himy gets a lefty unlucky for him. Speaker 1 00:19:45 I said they moved the led miss to an out as the outfield. Eh? Speaker 2 00:19:48 Yeah. You know who's hitting right now. Speaker 1 00:19:50 John Jake McCarthy. Speaker 2 00:19:52 Well, he's always hitting Oscar G Oscar Gonzalez 400 is the last 10 game. Four home runs Speaker 1 00:19:58 $3,700. Any BDP would over there? Speaker 2 00:20:01 I would probably not say no. Cuz Oscar is a rookie. I feel like over. Let's see. What do we got? What do we got? Where, where Speaker 1 00:20:10 Value please Speaker 2 00:20:11 Here. I don't see. I don't see anything. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:20:13 That's fine. A lot of our normal value players, aren't really out there for us to all of our Arizona guys get a lefty. Speaker 2 00:20:19 Well that means stone. Carroll's gonna lead off again. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:20:22 We Blake snow though. Don't we? Speaker 2 00:20:23 Yeah. Yeah. We do Speaker 1 00:20:25 Dicker Thomas lefty Speaker 2 00:20:27 Late. Thomas gets a lefty. Speaker 1 00:20:28 Yeah. On 800. Yeah. Lose our, do you wanna run up against Luo? Does that bother you at all? Speaker 2 00:20:33 Luo is Dr. Jacqueline. Mr. Hyde, as long as we get whoever the bad one is, you know, I don't know. I don't know. Dr. Jacqueline, Mr. Speaker 1 00:20:39 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:20:40 Story all too well. But Speaker 1 00:20:42 Joe OELL against rugby Ray pun. Play Speaker 2 00:20:44 That be same with Grossman. 2300 gets a lefty. Grossman hits lefties. Yeah. JJ ADE. We talk about which Marlon is gonna Homer off Josiah gray. Yeah. Someone's home or enough someone's home or off on dude. Somebody is going, Speaker 1 00:20:58 Somebody is for sure. Homer off of Josiah gray. I just don't know who it's gonna be. I don't know where their power is this year. So Speaker 2 00:21:04 Brian Anderson Cooper. They have Eric Cooper. Speaker 1 00:21:07 We're in the two K range now though. There's not Speaker 2 00:21:09 Really no. Speaker 1 00:21:10 So we had a 4,400 outfielder if we kept the lineups constituted as they are so Speaker 2 00:21:16 4,400, Speaker 1 00:21:18 Was there a cheaper there wasn't a punt first basement you liked right as will Myers something. Speaker 2 00:21:22 Um, I mean mark Mathias. Speaker 1 00:21:24 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:21:25 That was like, and pool host. Speaker 1 00:21:27 Right? Speaker 2 00:21:28 Which he gets a lefty. Pools is crushed lefties this year. Speaker 1 00:21:31 What was pool host price Speaker 2 00:21:33 Pool host is $2,600. Speaker 1 00:21:36 Would you rather Henderson or pools? Speaker 2 00:21:38 Gunner. Okay. But if we need to move off Henderson because Speaker 1 00:21:44 We do, if we do pool holes, Speaker 2 00:21:46 Wes also pivot off Dr. Run a three man Padres. Speaker 1 00:21:49 We can't go pivot off Dr. Against mad bomb. If we go P holes in Dr. First and second, we have a $5,300 outfielder. I mean Soto's 51, but he's int STED so, so bad. Speaker 2 00:22:00 53 you said so SMO, Eloy or Stanton? Probably. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:22:06 Probably Eloy against Manning, right? Speaker 2 00:22:07 Yeah. That's fine. He's been unreal. He's been unreal. Good Speaker 1 00:22:11 Friends. He gives us, oh, it gives us the two man with Andrews, so, Speaker 2 00:22:14 Yep. True. And they're both gonna hit top half of the lineup, so yep. When Andrews is inevitably on, well he's, he'll already get homered by the time Eli comes up too bad, I Speaker 1 00:22:24 Guess. Would you rather Matthias or pools? Speaker 2 00:22:27 Yeah, I think against the lefty, we have only how many games left, right? Like to get to seven. Speaker 1 00:22:33 I mean still has a nine hundreds the last 10. So like you still, Speaker 2 00:22:35 I know he dude, he's just, this is an aberration like, Speaker 1 00:22:38 So this is with Waka and Snell is our starting pitching. So we have, well, gimme your home run call. Are Speaker 2 00:22:43 You gonna go jury? Speaker 1 00:22:44 You can go jewelry if Speaker 2 00:22:45 You'd like, was that your home run call? No, then brain injury. Okay. Speaker 1 00:22:49 I'm gonna go with, well, Speaker 2 00:22:51 I'll go Machado. I'll go Machado. So he's in our lineup. Speaker 1 00:22:55 Jury's in our lineup. Speaker 2 00:22:56 Okay. True. Okay. Making sure. So you have jewelry. I'll Speaker 1 00:23:00 Go. I'll go. Eloy. I'll go Eloy. We'll give our lineup. We'll go. I'll go. E Eli at the run. I see a jury. I get EOI for our home run call. Our lineup is currently constituted and we have $300 left over. If we want to play around with pitching or you know, if there's somebody else there that you like Michael waa in 92, Blake Snell in 94 as our pitchers, we have recent. McGuires a punt. One off catcher play 23 pool holes is a 26 is a one off Cardinals play. Then we start our four man Padre stack, Brandon jewelry, man. Chad, second and third, we got Elvis Andrews at short will Myers in the outfield EZ with the two man connection there with Andrews. And we have pro far finishing off the four man Padre stack. Our four man Padre stack is Brandon Jordan. Manny Mato will Myers and jerks and pro far against Madison Bumgarner. Speaker 2 00:23:46 I like it. I like it. So do what? I would change nothing. Speaker 1 00:23:48 I would change nothing as well. That is it, James, on the playbook again, remember go fan promo code NFL 50, get access to the playbook. Discord, all of the NFL content, college football content, M MMA, PGA, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, eSports, you name it. We cover it on site. All part of the AllPro package. 50% off the first six months. It's gonna be gone soon. I don't know when, but it's not a limited time offer. Good. Be gone after this week, James and I will, uh, catch you guys later.

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