September 19, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 19: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 19: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 19: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Sep 19 2022 | 00:30:15


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Monday September 19th for DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as the Clayton Kershaw against the Diamondbacks.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm lb DFS podcast with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 2 00:00:10 What's going on definition, John and PMA here with James Grande. Welcome back into the quick pitch, MLB DFS podcast and live stream recording here for Mondays seven game main slate kicking off at 6:40 PM. Eastern, uh, James, the regular season for the MLB is winding down a couple more weeks here, uh, of regular season lb DFS. And then we get into the playoff DFS content, uh, that we do over on site as well, but, uh, still more important games that we played and we have a pretty good slate on our hands today. Seven games. Uh, we like to call this the wheelhouse. Speaker 1 00:00:43 This is definitely the wheelhouse, um, seven games kicking off at six 40 today, John. Yeah. So a little earlier than normal, that goes for draft Kings and FAL. So they're on the same page there finishing each other's sandwiches, which is nice to see. Um, it is a core slate. So we gotta keep that in mind, San Francisco traveling two course. So not the most, you know, sexy game we have in cores. Um, Jacob Juni and Chad Kool are the two pitchers, like not great, but, uh, should be plenty of offense there. Uh, but yeah, fun slate. We get lectures are off the IL. We get Gordon burns opposing him. We get Khaw coming off another dominant outing. So, um, this should be a fun slate. And, uh, one we're both gonna be looking forward Speaker 2 00:01:28 To, yeah, let's get into it. Seven games here. You mentioned the top pitchers there. Scher burns and Kershaw. Uh, Kershaw gets probably the best matchup going up against Arizona. Uh, I think a lot of people will go there likely the chalk monster, I would say, uh, if you had to pick the three, you mean again, you have shares are coming off of the IL. Um, you know, you can certainly test that out. We know Milwaukee has been susceptible, uh, to strikeouts this season and surge has kind of been a monster where you have to wonder coming off the IL, how deep they're gonna let him go. Um, so a little bit re reservations for me, Penn spending the 10, nine, uh, burns, uh, you know, coming off an okay start, uh, good little run there, but has been knocked around a little bit of late. So, uh, more risk than anything it seems like in this spot for him against the Mets, uh, and a good hitter's place park in Milwaukee. So, uh, Kershaw for me is the number one. I don't really have any interest in Rasmus against Houston. I'm not sure about you. Speaker 1 00:02:21 No, I'm with you. I think Kershaw's the definitive number one. We're just not gonna get enough pitcher pitches out of Scher to pay off a near 11 K salary. Um, Burn's definitely in a tough matchup and hasn't been as dominant as he's as he was last year, especially in the home run department, 22 home runs this year. Um, we know the Mets have some powerful dudes, so yeah, I think Kershaw's number one and, and, you know, as good as rose Meen has looked at times, I think it's an easy fate against the Astros. Speaker 2 00:02:49 Yeah. I mean, we've talked about the ashes this year. They've actually, uh, been a little bit better against rites, uh, Rasmussen hasn't pitched, pitched 'em yet. So, um, contrarian play. If, if you think he can shut him down like rocket, no one's gonna be there. We was just gonna play Kershaw. Uh, and every was probably play outright. You going up against Washington here? Uh, again, you know, some of the numbers for him, uh, you know, hasn't been as dominant in the strikeout department and we had seen him to begin to gear, um, but still a team where he's gonna be favored to win over 20 fantasy points, uh, in three of the last five 18 fantasy points. Last time up, uh, has faced Washington twice. This season has wins in both games. Again, strike out. Number's not great. Washington really has the strike out a ton early on this year. Strikeout numbers for them have been up a little bit more of late. So maybe there's a little more strike up aside, but, uh, you're more so paying Kyle rights price today for the win, the win equity that you're getting in him. Speaker 1 00:03:44 So, John, I thought I was gonna agree on everything you just said. Okay. And as I looked through the numbers, I had to stop, I didn't take my glasses stuff, but I, in my brain wiped them clean, just, you know, sure. Just to make sure I saw what I was seeing correctly, uh, Washington nationals in the month of September, the number one ops against right-handed pitching. Um, the number one WOBA against right-handed pitching the number one average that are hitting 3 0 1 against right-handed pitching, uh, the, during the month of September, Speaker 2 00:04:21 Who do we think is doing all of that damage for them? That's my question. Speaker 1 00:04:26 Um, cause there lineup Speaker 2 00:04:27 Hasn't been overly Speaker 1 00:04:28 Impressive. Joey manes, um, Luke Lu Garcia, I Speaker 2 00:04:32 Guess Luke voy just doing damage. Luke Speaker 1 00:04:34 VO, Speaker 2 00:04:35 Four 10 with 1100 ops Speaker 1 00:04:37 Lane. Thomas continues to hit lane. Thomas has been incredible. Uh, that's Cesar Hernandez has been really good. Speaker 2 00:04:46 What's Atlanta's uh, what's the spread on this game or the run line on this game. That's what I want to know. So I still feel like Vegas is gonna have them as like a minus two, 10 minimum favorite Speaker 1 00:04:56 You're you're right. And I'm, I'm like I'm with you where I think they should. So it's way wider. Uh, Kyle Wright and the Braves are minus three 40. Speaker 2 00:05:08 Yeah. So that, I mean, like I said, you're playing right equity, but right. If you think that they can pull it off, you know, Speaker 1 00:05:16 Oakland did Oakland did two starts to go, right? I would, you know, I was all over Kyle Wright. He was, uh, I <laugh>, I uh, had Howard. I was, I put him on Howard vendors' radar. Yeah. Right. Um, that obviously worked out extremely well for Howard shout out to you. Uh, and it didn't work out. Right. Look, I'm not saying I'm stacking the nationals, but I just find it extremely interesting that their number one, average number one, ops number one, whoa, against righties, decent ISO and a 16% care rate. So like, I don't know, like you said, biggest figure on the board probably gonna be chalky could be something to look at drag, Speaker 2 00:05:57 To play for you if you're playing again, uh, today, if you wanna stack some, uh, stack against Kyle, right. Cause we're in the mid tier. Right. So, I mean, uh, Louis Garcia is a guy that we just really struggled to find consistency with. Mm-hmm <affirmative> some days he's lights out. Other days, he isn't going up against Tampa can be hit or miss there. Uh, me Kelly against the Dodgers, me again, as good as me, Kelly has pitched here this season eight, five era and four starts against LA. Uh, not really the great opportunity you want for him. There's 17 earned in 18 innings, uh, for Merril Kelly against the Dodgers. Uh, Cabrera is super interesting because of the high strikeout upside. Um, Chicago of course, is a team that, you know, it feels like whenever we decide to go against them, that they become a little pesky and they kind of like run up pitch counts on the pitches that we're using against them. Uh, but you can't argue the strikeout potential that Edward Cabrera brings the table. He's faced the Cubs. Once he tos five, no hit innings in that game, eight strikeouts, three walks. So, um, you know, good numbers for him, uh, going there. And again, like his recent run, like they're fine. He just walks so many players. Yep. Uh, hitters that the pitch count gets up there is Miami a favor to win today by chance. Speaker 1 00:07:13 Um, yep. Minus one 40 at home. Speaker 2 00:07:17 So, I mean, that could, that could potentially play in his favor. If he can go five innings, give you seven strikeouts and get a win. Like you might give you what he did against Atlanta, where he gave you eight, 19 fantasy points. Right. Like that's probably a ceiling for him. Uh, cuz he just, you know, he just can't control his stuff right now, but next year maybe that guy can get the control down. Like, you know, putting him on a sleeper Lister too. Right. Um, cuz there's, there's some electric stuff there. Uh, Wade Miley is also pitching against them. Wade Miley does, uh, feels like he just shows up and, and is a professional pitcher, right? He's Speaker 1 00:07:51 A nine to five dude. Nine to five Speaker 2 00:07:53 Made six starts. He's got an under three era is almost a strike gun and inning, uh, walks. Aren't great for him. Uh, but again, this is a spot where uh, if the numbers are still holding up earlier this year, Miami against lefties was a, was a go-to play. Yep. Uh, they, they were, they had a, like a 29% strikeout rate against lefthand pitching. So, um, you know, where are we right now with this spot? Speaker 1 00:08:18 Um, 24% carried against lefties in the month of September, which is still high. Like that's still, it's not as high, but it's still high and their bottom five and everything else, PS WOBA mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um, and my, we Mile's just outta here just doing his jobs, working construction, going home clocking in the next day. Doesn't miss work, you know? Uh, so nothing wrong with a good construction worker in, in your lineup and yeah. And way Miley fits that bill. Speaker 2 00:08:46 Yeah. Maybe, maybe pitch count something to where everybody's hit 80 twice. The last couple games, 75 pitchers against San Francisco got taken out of that one. Uh, 60. Speaker 1 00:08:55 Well, it looks like we're on the rise cuz he's only made two starts since come back. So we should get, we should approach 80 here. Speaker 2 00:09:01 That's fair. That's fair. Um, but again, he is just a professional pitcher, 6,600 on a site like this, you're looking to save some money. Um, Miami's been a spot to use against lefty, so I don't hate it. Anybody in any interest in, in a Tyler Wells against Detroit? Speaker 1 00:09:16 Nope. Okay. They, they were using him as like an opener and then he just pitched so well that they just kept him in the game and in that Washington game, cuz uh, it was supposed to be like Wells followed by Austin VO and then he just, they're Speaker 2 00:09:32 Just, you're using Wells like this right now just for endings innings caps, right? Yeah. Right. Because he was pitching really well for a bit there. Speaker 1 00:09:39 Yeah. Yeah. No he's been, he's pitched well this year, I mean three sub four era, you know it's pretty good. So 2 29 batting average against mm-hmm <affirmative> um, been pretty good year, but I just 50 pitches like there's no, I think, I think, uh, Wade, Miley's probably as far down as we need to go. Okay. Speaker 2 00:09:56 Um, I will say this again. You're talking about guys coming back from injury. That's kind of his, his deal here as well. Um, two starts since coming back from injury, 34 50 pitches. So, you know, again, what do they bump him up to? They bump up to 70 this time. Maybe if they continue to throw 'em out there. Good point. But it is Detroit. So you never know. Uh, we're not pitching anybody in cores, not gonna go ABT against Atlanta and we're definitely not playing Alexander. No we're stacking against Alexander today. Yeah. Lefty versus Baltimore. So yeah. Um, alright. Catch your position. Talking lefty verse Baltimore. We have Adley Ruman $5,100. Uh, we know the powers there. 8 75 ops last 10 games, WD Smith talking about just that match for Merril Kelly against the Dodgers this year. Everybody's just smacking him around. Uh, I know Smith's recent numbers. Haven't been great, but he doesn't have to home runs. So if you wanna spend up those guys are all perfectly fine. You have your course field exposure as we discussed, uh, Darnell or, or uh, Contreras, whichever one is in the line of against Abbott. I think we're fine there. Darnell 4k, uh, certainly the bit more appealing matchup for him there. Uh, let's see. Maybe if bet court's in the lineup, he'll he'll never be in the lineup if we want him in the lineup though, but Speaker 1 00:11:04 Never Speaker 2 00:11:05 If he is literally Speaker 1 00:11:06 Never, but he doesn't stop hitting. He's why doesn't he play more? All he is doing is hitting right now. Speaker 2 00:11:11 He fits, he is exactly who, you know, why he hits doing home runs. He does. That's a problem. He has too much power for the raise line. They're Speaker 1 00:11:18 Just like sure you should trade him. They're Speaker 2 00:11:20 Like, wait, how many home runs does he have in last 10 to 10 games? Two you're on the bench. YDI Diaz get out there, hit double sports. Thank you. Um, you know, so yeah, listen, if he's in there 2,900, I'm not afraid of Louis Garcia. So, uh, that's my that's my catcher likes anybody for you? Speaker 1 00:11:37 Um, cores field in general. Sure. I know none of these catchers are like overly appealing, but Joey Bart has power in cores. That's uh, I think that's fine. That's probably it, young GOs has been really good lately. Yeah. Even against rightey, young GOs has been even against R's young GOs, just out here just being good at baseball. But other than that, no, I don't see anything, uh, will Smith just for your, for context. And this is everyone by the way against Meryl Kelly. Yeah. Like every single player has good BP. It's just crazy to look at, uh, seven for 19 for will Smith with a home run. So, um, that's just, just so you know, literally the top seven hitters are batting Speaker 2 00:12:19 17 runs on him in 18 innings this year. Speaker 1 00:12:21 So they're all seven of the nine projected hitters are hitting three 50 or better against who's Speaker 2 00:12:26 Got the most power against car. Speaker 1 00:12:28 Um, monkey bets, monkey Speaker 2 00:12:30 Bets. Good to know the, the, the likely second base eligible monkey bets. It is second based eligible, muy bets, all <laugh> uh, first base position, Freddie Freeman's at the top 5,600. What do we got? Speaker 1 00:12:41 What's his B P um, BVP is six for 14 with a home rush. There Speaker 2 00:12:45 You go. Uh, CJR in Coors saying it's a righty, uh, 5,500 we're we're never paying that price for Patrick wisdom. Just stop showing it to me. Speaker 1 00:12:53 No ever. Speaker 2 00:12:53 Uh, man easys as you mentioned, if you, if you like going there, if you want, believe in the, in the numbers for him, 5k against Kyle Wright, uh, Matt Olson against Abbots at 47. Um, it's Speaker 1 00:13:04 Been so bad, know two for his last 38. Speaker 2 00:13:08 Yeah, I know. I know. I know. Speaker 1 00:13:10 Holy, Speaker 2 00:13:11 I don't know. Not, not power numbers have been there, but everything else has been down, uh, Christian Walker versus Clayton Kershaw. Not, not really a spot we're gonna test out today. Uh, Mount castle injured is a dealing with a triceps injury. So we'll see if he, uh, if he plays, if not Aguilar versus the lefty could be, be an interesting pivot play off of our boy here. Uh, usually a spot we like Nelson AAU and uh, they gave me ACE first base eligibility back. I don't think we're gonna go there against rest. Me though. Um, Luke VO, as we mentioned, 3,100, I mean he's sitting dude, he's hitting four 10 out here playing baseball Speaker 1 00:13:51 Out here, playing baseball. Um, him and Garrett Cooper are probably the two top and Aguilar. Those are probably the three value plays that I would take a look at cuz Garrett Cooper's been really good too. Speaker 2 00:14:04 Mm-hmm <affirmative> good. Power from Cooper. Uh, let's see around homework the other day. Speaker 1 00:14:11 Yeah, he's a good little player, huh? Yeah. Good little player. Does he still at first and second he does. Speaker 2 00:14:16 He does, Speaker 1 00:14:17 Right? Yep. Speaker 2 00:14:18 So we'll, we'll see if he is in the lineup or not there. Um, I feel like he got a little bit of start there. Uh, where is, uh, see two K where, where am I missing him? Speaker 1 00:14:30 What are we looking for? Speaker 2 00:14:33 Uh, Aguilar 2,400. So Speaker 1 00:14:35 Yeah, 2,400 Speaker 2 00:14:36 Homer the other day two for five and a Homer two RBIS, two hits again against on the 14th. So yes, Speaker 1 00:14:42 That was yesterday. Speaker 2 00:14:43 Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So recent production for him. Uh, most recent production, two of the last three games, two hits, uh, last 10 numbers, not great. Don't really pay attention to those, but <laugh> um, good spot against Alexander for, uh, Aguilar should hit in the middle of that lineup. Uh, second base Mooky bets is at $6,100. We've talked about his, uh, elite numbers against Kelly, uh, struggling overall last 10, but again, matchup wise, uh, dictates probably good stack. Uh, if he can get there Altuve 59 birdie with the lefty on the mound, uh, you got big man. A lefty core is probably a pretty popular play against jus here. Mm-hmm <affirmative> uh, how's the lb, how you doing back on the IL super quick Speaker 1 00:15:24 Poor guy, dude, you Speaker 2 00:15:25 Know, breaks a finger back on the IL. Nothing you can do about that one. Uh it's anybody else in the mid tier for you? Speaker 1 00:15:33 Maybe thy strata just cuz cos, but uh, Speaker 2 00:15:39 GRSA at 37. Speaker 1 00:15:41 Um, wow. That's been a little, little pricey here. Huh? Blasty Speaker 2 00:15:46 Slate. 37 38. So they're they're catching on. He's a good player. Speaker 1 00:15:50 Yeah, I think uh, gruesome Gavin Lux. Probably like the two. Oh yeah. Lux guys in this tier. Given how successful they've been against, uh, me Kelly. Speaker 2 00:16:02 Yep. Uh, maybe would you play, I know he is been struggling, but Ramon your ass against. Yeah, sure. If he's, if he's in there line, I'm just, we're all in on the OS. I don't, I'm probably gonna still mention everyone, but we're playing. We were playing all of them. So, um, that's probably it for me with second Speaker 1 00:16:17 Basin. Yeah. I was looking down the list. That's it for me too. Okay. Speaker 2 00:16:20 Uh, third base Riley against Abbott is at 55. Got another big power hitter struggling for Atlanta. Uh, Bregman gets Rasmussin uh, better match of for, um, Bregman V variety, but he, uh, you know, we don't really wanna run up against, uh, Rasmus. I wouldn't assume. So max monk, what do we get for monk against old Maro Kelly? Speaker 1 00:16:40 He is 10 for 23. So 4 35 average with a home Speaker 2 00:16:44 Run. He's got four homers his last 10 days hitting, uh, hitting three 50 with 1100 ops. So super expensive. Uh, Justin Turner slightly cheaper. 47. Justin Turner against Mekel is hitting what? Speaker 1 00:16:58 Uh, yep. Nine for 23, 3 91. So yep. Just another, Speaker 2 00:17:04 You know, they all, like I said, they all have good VV. Speaker 1 00:17:06 Hey hall. Every single one of them. Uh, Speaker 2 00:17:09 Let's see. Does Escobar stay hot against Coburn burns? Speaker 1 00:17:12 He could. I mean, cor Burn's given up a lot of power, so it's possible. Um, I don't think no BVP to note here. Um, we'll see. Cor burns has been, I mean still pretty good against everybody. Like no distinct number, better numbers for either side of the plate, but does give up the occasional home run. So, Speaker 2 00:17:36 Oh, would you, I mean, we, we played gunner Henderson against a lefty last time and nobody else played him and then they knocked out that left early. It was Corbin. Right. And then he had a monster game for us Uhhuh. I have no problem going 3,400 for gunner Henderson against lefty. The kid is very good. Speaker 1 00:17:52 Yeah. He's just extremely talented. There's a reason why he was a top three prospect in baseball at the time of his, you know, call up and before this offer, which he still walked twice. So still like, didn't give you a dud. I mean, just looked through his logs twice this year, John he's, he hasn't accrued one fan actually once only once in his 17 games, has he not accrued a fantasy point? Like it's just, that's so safe and there's upside because he's fast. He is Speaker 2 00:18:23 That power in speed for Henderson. So Speaker 1 00:18:25 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:18:26 Yeah. Like I'm a big gunner Henderson guy, probably a good core pod of art lineups today. Uh, shortstop, how do you like, uh, the top dear guys Lenor uh, obviously Trey Turner, which I imagine also has elite numbers against me, paradise WANs in Adamus Franco back in the lineup, Pena, you know, where are we going in this, uh, shortstop position? Speaker 1 00:18:48 Uh, Trey hit 4 38, no big deal with, uh, Merrill Kelly. Speaker 2 00:18:52 We might, we might have to play Wade mile just to fit in these, Speaker 1 00:18:55 Uh, I know just to get the Dodge. Yeah, yeah. Um, I mean, I like Linor but uh, probably prefer Turner just given what, what this whole lineup just does to Merrill Kelly. He sees ghosts. Um, he sees the Baba duke <laugh> uh that's that's the Dodgers lineup to him. Uh, probably not gonna go to Dansby I guess the Braves are Braves, probably checking a little contrarian here just with their struggles. Speaker 2 00:19:22 All said their whole lineup isn't really hitting well. So, Speaker 1 00:19:24 Um, and then like, so I think Turner Turner endorse Swanson for above 5k and then like under 5k, I don't like this mid tier who's who's your mid tier play hobby bias. Who's been kind of good lately. Speaker 2 00:19:42 He's trail in chorus, Speaker 1 00:19:44 Trio and chorus is good. He's hitting. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:19:47 Problem. Speaker 1 00:19:48 41. He's a little pop too. Brandon Crawford. Speaker 2 00:19:52 Other than that, it's probably going back to Baltimore. Right? You can play Henderson and short can play Mateo, Mateo, Homer, that day we stacked against. Yeah. And neither of us played him. Uh, he was he Speaker 1 00:20:02 For the first time all year Speaker 2 00:20:04 Hit or Homer for, for, uh, Mateo there. So Speaker 1 00:20:07 Yeah, him, I would say BCR the same price too in Colorado. Speaker 2 00:20:11 Uh, Miguel Rojas against a lefty. He's hit 3 21, the last 10 games. 2300. Speaker 1 00:20:16 Yeah. As long as you're, if you're not playing Wade Miley. Speaker 2 00:20:19 Yeah. As long as you're not playing Wade Miley, um, you know, he is, uh, his numbers probably aren't as good against lefties as they were like five years ago when we were playing him. But, uh, you know, those were the days all outfield, uh, you Don Homeward three times, a couple days ago and Speaker 1 00:20:34 Then home and then home the next day. Speaker 2 00:20:35 Yeah. Then home the next day, Homer two days before that yesterday, no home runs with two doubles before FBI still. So the man is on another one. If it wasn't for what Aaron judge is doing, everybody be like, maybe you are on wins an MVP, but he is, uh, you know, he's 30 home runs behind Aaron judge at the moment Speaker 1 00:20:54 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:20:55 And he is hit 30 himself. So like, you know, 35 home runs. So what's the guy supposed to do there? Uh, 3 0 1 35, 9 a thousand ops would be an MVP player any day of the week. Dude, Speaker 1 00:21:06 He's gonna be third and he's gonna finish third. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:21:09 Except except for 2022. So, um, yeah, if you want to pay 63, if you can fit him in sure. Uh, super expensive there, um, said all against lofty, eh, 5,500, he's been hitting better, but you know, that's a big price tag for, for volunteering against, against the lefty, uh, jock jams in course, field against Chad. Cool. I know that his recent production's been poor, but again, we're just talking power upside and he is, uh, obviously co field helps that a little bit as well. Uh, let's see, sorry, Speaker 1 00:21:46 Five. That plane just going right over, uh, my head right there. What? Speaker 2 00:21:50 It's good. Speaker 1 00:21:50 You didn't hear the plane. That's great. Great news. No, I didn't hear anything. I'm very, I'm in a new location, obviously, so very high. And uh, the plane was basically just over the roof. I Speaker 2 00:22:00 Live 15 minutes away from Logan airport. So we talk about airplanes over my house all little time. Speaker 1 00:22:04 This is sure this is Speaker 2 00:22:05 True. Not a big deal. Uh, Santander struggling of late, just one 40, his last 10, but he does have the lefty spot there Speaker 1 00:22:11 He's been better. Yeah, he's definitely been better against lefties. Um, this year, especially in the power department. So nine of his home runs 3 84 WOBA against left hand. One Speaker 2 00:22:20 Of the few Braves hitting right now, Michael Harris, 2 89, 8 95 ops last 10. If you want to go in that direction, it may be a mini stack of Harris and grist. We've talked about that one quite a few times this year. Um, Graystone was obviously a little bit more affordable at times. So it was Harris now they're, they're both getting a little bit of a bump and price tag. So, uh, just remember that as you're building out your lineups, uh, Riley greens of the $4,200, uh, and again, not great recent production, but uh, you know, it depends what you think of Wells. Anybody else in the midtier that you is really jumping out to you here? Speaker 1 00:22:53 Nope. Nobody. I mean the course just shrimps he's 4k. I think he's gonna be popular, but, um, he's kind of been bad all Speaker 2 00:23:00 Year, so who's better Jake McCarthy, the clay and Khaw Speaker 1 00:23:04 Um, it's not even really a question. Jake McCarthy is infinitely better. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:23:08 So 3 35, 9 44, a Homer and three steals last 10. Uh, we're not gonna play 'em cuz we're gonna play Clayton, but I mean, yeah, we do love ourselves from Jake McCarthy. Uh, Chris Taylor, 3,500. That's probably your cheap exposure to the Dodgers lineup. If you can, if he's playing today. Um, Speaker 1 00:23:25 He's the really, the only one who's hasn't been successful against him, not hitting him. He's and two 60. That's Speaker 2 00:23:32 Not what's Cody Ballinger against him. Speaker 1 00:23:35 Uh, he seen two 50, but he hit two bombs. Okay. 360 4 WOBA. So like where he lacks in average he hits home runs. Sure. Speaker 2 00:23:43 Let's see. Galls 3,300. I don't think we can ever really play Joe gall, but um, Speaker 1 00:23:50 Baltimore might lead Austin Hayes off here, Speaker 2 00:23:52 Dude. I was gonna say, I know we talked about Austin Hays struggling last time out, which was true. Um, 3,100 though. I don't, I don't, I don't hate that at all. Speaker 1 00:24:00 They've let him off against left. He's the last few times they faced, uh, south paw and Tyler Alexander against Rite's eight 50 ops 360 WOBA so, Speaker 2 00:24:09 Yep. Uh, you mentioned lane Thomas Homer yesterday three 11 average 800 ops, better numbers against lefties and right's but also way better hitting on the road this season as well. So 3 50, 15 road average versus 180 3 home average Speaker 1 00:24:23 Josh Donaldson, 2.0, Speaker 2 00:24:24 Huh? Yeah, basically. Um, I was anytime he was facing a lefty on the road, I would always write him up. I like his lefty road splits this year saying like 3 35 with a nine 50 ops. The guy is, you know, Mike trout on the road <laugh> uh, and then he would like never come through. I was like, dammit, those small sample size, you know, whatever. Uh, so they're all, they're all there. Uh, but I, we, we definitely like Thomas if you're going against right. Which maybe we are, maybe we're gonna go contrarian today and go against Calgary maybe, uh, possible. Uh, you often Diaz will never hit for power, but it is a course field slate. Uh, Anderson gets Miley 2,900. Hmm. Anything else here for you? Did they call San back up? Nope. You still the minors? Speaker 1 00:25:07 I hate the value tier. Trying to Speaker 2 00:25:09 Corey. Carol gets lefty. Not gonna do that. Speaker 1 00:25:12 Yeah. Stone Garrett leads off probably, but Speaker 2 00:25:15 Chase Thompson just has power of lead. Speaker 1 00:25:18 Yeah. If he's in the lineup, I'd I'd play him. They hid him like in the middle of their lineup for whatever reason. Yeah. That's it. Dude is suck. I'm it's bad. It's bleak down here. Speaker 2 00:25:31 Uh, gimme your home run call then. Speaker 1 00:25:33 Uh, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Speaker 2 00:25:35 All of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Okay. Speaker 1 00:25:38 Nah, I'll take, uh, let's see, who should I go with? John? What Dodger are you going with? Speaker 2 00:25:46 I'm not gonna go to Dodger. I'm I'm gonna go against it. Speaker 1 00:25:48 Well, um, I will go. I'm gonna go Freddy Freeman. The non-power hitting Freddy Freeman is gonna take Meryl Kelly deep pair. Speaker 2 00:25:59 Okay. That kind of kills me cuz I was gonna go first base Speaker 1 00:26:02 With okay. Then I will go Mo BES. Okay. Cici. I'll just pivot to, Speaker 2 00:26:06 I'm gonna go Luke voy. Speaker 1 00:26:08 That's a good one. I mean that's, that's a great Speaker 2 00:26:10 One. That's where I was. That's where I was considering. So, uh, alright. Let's build our lineups then Khaw Speaker 1 00:26:17 And then either I think you and I are probably in, on either Cabrera or Miley. It's one of those, let, Speaker 2 00:26:24 Let's see if we can build it with Cabrera for Shri outside and if we need, uh, the money we'll go to Miley work. Speaker 1 00:26:30 Agreed. Agreed. Speaker 2 00:26:31 Okay. Uh, catcher spot. Speaker 1 00:26:33 Well, we're gonna play Luke voy at first. Yeah. And we're gonna play Moki I would say in the outfield cuz we can get Grum or gunner Henderson at second. Yep. Right. Do we wanna play Moki in the outfield? Yeah, Speaker 2 00:26:49 I think so. Speaker 1 00:26:50 3,900. Speaker 2 00:26:51 Yep. Um, we'll play Henderson at second. Cause we're gonna, where is he? Speaker 1 00:26:59 He at third. I mean oof Speaker 2 00:27:02 Henderson is second or third Speaker 1 00:27:04 Eligibility. No it's third and short. Speaker 2 00:27:06 Yeah. Okay. So short. Okay. Let's play. Yeah, that is tough actually. Um, Speaker 1 00:27:13 We could play a bit short cuz that maybe we might wanna go like months, year Justin Turner. Speaker 2 00:27:18 So I was gonna say, did you not wanna play Trey Turner? Speaker 1 00:27:24 Um, we could, we could any of those? I, is there wrong answer with any of those three guys? Like they're all on fire and Speaker 2 00:27:36 Yeah. So we'll go gunner and we'll go Grum at second. Right? Mm-hmm Speaker 1 00:27:42 <affirmative> Speaker 2 00:27:43 Save a little bit of money. What was our catcher play? Do we have a speed of spin down a catcher Beton court? We'll just cross our fingers and hope he's in the lineup today Speaker 1 00:27:53 And we'll provide a pivot if he's not in the, in the YouTube channel. Um, Speaker 2 00:27:57 Okay. So we got 4k for two outfielders Speaker 1 00:28:02 With Trey at shorts up. Speaker 2 00:28:04 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:28:06 It's pretty good. Still with 4k. Huh? Speaker 2 00:28:08 We'll go lane Thomas that we're going a mini stack with VO, right? Speaker 1 00:28:12 Yeah. I'm I'm fine with that. That's top of the order. It's Speaker 2 00:28:15 A $5,100 final outfield piece. Speaker 1 00:28:18 So, so the Cabrea build worked perfectly then. So we're full fading cores by the way. Yeah, unless we go Charlie Blackman here, but he's been a corpse. Um I'm Speaker 2 00:28:30 Maybe you'll give us a contrarian to it. Speaker 1 00:28:33 Oh definitely. Speaker 2 00:28:34 Um, we can play Harris, do the Harris gristle mini stack against Abbot. Speaker 1 00:28:39 Yep. Let's run that. Speaker 2 00:28:41 And that's Cabrera. Uh, if we wanted to obviously go to Miley instead, you know, it gives us a little bit more cash Speaker 1 00:28:47 If want for Kyle Tucker in the outfield Speaker 2 00:28:49 Six. Yeah. It gives us a six outfielder. Um, not that we really need a six K outfielder cuz we don't really like much that's there. So there's no judge on this fleet. So like where do you, where do you spend $6,000? Right. So, um, we can't get to Jordon, uh, BA so even if we stayed with Harris, what would we do? Its six K Speaker 2 00:29:17 I don't even know what we would do with all the extra money. So there it is. We're just gonna go Cabrera. We're just gonna play Cabrera fits the bill Theder box Clayton. Kerscher Edward Edward Cabrera at pitcher Christian Beton court. Uh, Luke VO van, uh, V Grham at, uh, first, second, first, second. And uh, third. Oh, sorry. Catcher first and second gunner Henderson trade Turner, Mooky bets. Uh, in the third short outfield in lane Thomas and Michael Harris is finishing off the outfield there. So we have a, uh, a mini scheme stack of Washington, Atlanta. We have a two man stack of Dodgers versus me, Kelly. Uh, we have a one off play of gunner Henderson. How you feeling about it? Love it. Love it sounds good. Love it. Uh, that's the line for today folks? Uh, James on the playbook will be in the discord. If you have any questions hit us up and we will catch you guys later.

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