September 05, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 5: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 5: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 5: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Sep 05 2022 | 00:50:58


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Monday, September 5th for DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Mike Trout against Tigers southpaw Tyler Alexander.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm lb DFS podcast with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:10 What's going on FA nation, John and PBA here with James Grande. Welcome back into the quick pitch lb DFS podcast and live stream recording here for Monday's six game main slate starting at six 40 over on draft Kings. It is labor day, James. We have some day baseball earlier on, but, uh, draft Kings has designated the night slate to their featured slate. So that is what we will be breaking down for those of you watching and you got some action going on in the early slate, please hit our discord. We're in there. We'll answer your questions. We'll help you out with your lineup decisions there. So we're not abandoning you for the early slate, but all the coverage for today is being featured on this featured slate over on draftings. Speaker 2 00:00:46 Yeah, an interesting one at that too, John and six games also on fan thrown in there as well. Right? Both slates or both sites, you know, Speaker 1 00:00:56 Actually giving us what you want, actually giving us Speaker 2 00:00:58 Creating on a slate size. Six games should be a good one starting at six 40. So a little six 40 Eastern. So a little earlier start time than gen than it generally is. But a lot of good west coast weather here, John, we got four games in California. I think three in California Speaker 1 00:01:14 With the rain that we had to deal with. Yeah. In, you know, central us this Speaker 2 00:01:19 Uh, yeah, but not your typical slate of pitching truthfully not any singular ACE. I guess you can classify how you, I Speaker 1 00:01:29 Guess you can dare you. Speaker 2 00:01:31 You can classify Brady singer as an ACE. Speaker 1 00:01:34 How's gonna say bishops, Blake Snell at home like that. Speaker 2 00:01:36 How you can say Brady singer as an ACE. You know, if you wanna say Tristan McKenzie has been one, he's been pretty good himself. Do Speaker 1 00:01:43 You know what Martin McCoy's record against the Houston Astros? Is this season Speaker 2 00:01:48 Not good? <laugh> decent Martin pres the coming off a tough start against Houston. Speaker 1 00:01:53 Well, we knew eventually he was going into find some water there, but no, I know last couple starts were him horrid against Houston. Let's just get into it. Cause like you said, there's just a lot. There's not a lot of gains, but there's also not a lot to talk about. So <laugh> Chris, Mackenzie's the top price starter. Guy's been great. Better at home than away. This is Kansas city. I faced them twice only nine total innings. And those two starts though five strike out seven walks and nine innings. Not really like the greatest performance there, but we know Casey has been exploitable at times, unless you're talking to her about our boy, Nick predo, who as well when we don't play him. So, you know like McKenzie though, overall been a pretty decent starter. And when you're looking at this slate, he's the top price guy, 10,700 off. Speaker 1 00:02:35 Do you wanna spend that? Me personally? Not really. I mentioned blade snow and interesting dynamic with snow. We know that hit or miss up and down. We've also talked about how at times this year, Arizona against lefties have been good. Yeah. Carlos wean can't seem to get him out. They go and phase other lefties and they get shut down. So right. This will be Snell's first start against them. Snell at home this year actually has a worse era than he does on the road, which is, you know, flip from what it was last year. But you do look at his most recent starting in San Francisco, six shut out eight strikeouts. You know, he is, you know, more recent outings against Cleveland and Washington, eh, at Washington 10 strikeout six shut outings. So what version of Blake Snell appears here today? That's for you to decide he's the ultimate GPP play, you know, but again, Arizona has been a team that you can't exploit on the occasional slate here or there. Speaker 1 00:03:25 Andrew Heini might be an O a popular choice due to the strikeout upside that he brings to the table. Fantastic result of late. You look at his last 10 70 strikeouts in 46 innings. And that is a wild number. We've talked about San Francisco and you know how we've been able to go at them. He faced them once already four ratings. He had just one earned, one allowed seven strikeouts in that game pitch count, I think got to him there a little bit. It was his first start. Second start in the return to 74 pitches. So that's your top three guys on this slate up over nine K is Heney honestly the most attractive of that group. Speaker 2 00:04:00 So I, we need to know who's the starter. Um, so Speaker 1 00:04:05 Heini IST. The starter is what you're saying. Speaker 2 00:04:06 And has Tyler Anderson listed Speaker 1 00:04:09 Anderson? I would love Tyler Anderson then Speaker 2 00:04:12 Let's look at, Speaker 1 00:04:13 So this is saying as of this tonight or yesterday evening, Heini will start Monday against the giants Jack Harris of the Los Angeles times reports. Speaker 2 00:04:23 Okay. Okay. So they must have, and they must have, did they just announced that they announced that? Yes. Okay. So they announced that on Saturday. So I don't know why sandals, you know, caught lackin a little bit. Your Speaker 1 00:04:36 John listen, Anderson starting. That's fine. I'm in on Tyler Anderson too. We've liked pitching him right this season. Tyler Anderson, if he ends up Speaker 2 00:04:44 Has Heini Has he, Speaker 1 00:04:46 Since Danny nine, if he was a go also a lefty going up against a giant. So not much would really change. Obviously a HENIS shown a lot more strikeout upside this year than Tyler Anderson, correct? Either way though, both of those guys are, would be fine for me, but he ne I think on a slate like this, that strikeout upside is just kind of hard to ignore. Speaker 2 00:05:05 Yeah. It's definitely hard to ignore the strikeouts have definitely been great. You know, the only thing we'll have to worry about is Andrew. Heney getting deep into games. The more strikeouts, the more pitches, the more likely it is. He won't get past six innings. That's with Dave Roberts as his man, Speaker 1 00:05:20 I per, he did throw 91 at least so true. You Speaker 2 00:05:23 Know? True. Yeah. No, I'm not like I, the pitch sounds fine for me cuz he's still striking guys out and he's still getting through five innings, but one labor inning with Dave Roberts and you never know Fandel has Martin Perez is their top price pitcher, John, I'm sure you will not be exploring a 10, six Martin Perez over there. I won't be, but I like all three of these top guys, Amy strikeout up size, definitely encouraging Speaker 1 00:05:46 Giants. 25% strikeout rate for the last month against lefthanded pitching. Speaker 2 00:05:50 That's a great, that's great news. Even better than Arizona's. Arizona has been a worse offense against lefties since the all star break San Francisco 12th in op Arizona 27th. But sure. As you mentioned, 25% strike rate Arizona, 23.9. So on Speaker 1 00:06:06 Draftee, you have to play two can play 'em both. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:06:08 You could, you could play Speaker 1 00:06:09 'em both. You can legitimately get 20 plus strikeout on a now and Heini here. You Speaker 2 00:06:12 Could. And, and this isn't to sell Mackenzie short either. Cuz he has been really good this year. Speaker 1 00:06:16 Yeah, but you're ten seven though. Speaker 2 00:06:18 I just, but he's 10 seven's I think that's and 10, six on or 10, five on Fandel like that's Speaker 1 00:06:23 Yeah. You mentioned Brady singer. We've talked a lot about him obviously. Last start. Not great against the white Sox, but he's been a guy that's been rolling along with some good strike out numbers again, not counting last start, but a strike up for inning for him. Right? We've talked about Cleveland's lineup. You know, there's some good guys in there, but you know, they haven't really hit their ceiling since the early part of this year. You know, you could possibly go ahead and throw them and you're looking at, you know, he needs a singer rather has been a little bit better at home, you know, not great record against Cleveland this year, but right. Better form now than he was to start the year, Speaker 2 00:06:55 His first start against Cleveland was bad. It was the first start of the year three innings, four earned. That was his first start of the year. He just faced them in July seven, innings three earned five strikeouts. And that's in the midst of a 12 game stretch where he's had 10 starts of 15 plus draftings points. Right. So 10 of 12 starts of 15 plus draftings points, 8,700. Like that's a super nice floor. And we know Kansas city's offense. Yes. They have a few good players, right? Like, but since the trade deadline, they're not striking out, which they just don't. They just haven't 28th and ops against right-handed pitching they're dead last and isolated power and their 28th and WOBA so like not a good offense at all right now, Brady singer I think is a really good playoff all formats. I really like at 87. I Fandel ten two John he's one of four guys over 10 K I don't yeah. Speaker 1 00:07:54 I would go the highest strike got upside guys with Heini or smell there, especially on sand where they don't hurt you. Oh he needs what's he needs price. What do they gotta most uh Speaker 2 00:08:02 He's 9,400. That's a really good price. You Speaker 1 00:08:05 Kinda have to go there. Cause I guess you get hurt with Heini with the unlikely he does likely doesn't get. Yeah. But if he gets like 10 strikeouts and he kind of makes up for it there, cause you're not getting knocked for his walks or hits a lot. So true. Speaker 2 00:08:18 Does that, would that considering that would that put you maybe I agree on heating 94 on FALs super appealing, but would that also kind of make you more intrigued on singer and ten two? Because if you look at the resume outside of that white Sox start. Yeah. And the both the last two white, the, his last two non-quality starts were both against the white Sox and he has like 13 or 10 again, same number as a same statistic. I gave you 10 of 12 starts where he's gotten a quality start. Would that maybe interest you more at two? Speaker 1 00:08:52 It can particularly in that way, do you, what do you think they are they gonna be, are they favorites in this game against McKenzie? In Cleveland? Probably not. Speaker 2 00:09:00 Are they home? Who's home. They're home. Speaker 1 00:09:01 Home team. Are Speaker 2 00:09:02 They favorites? Yeah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna assume they are. I'll pull it up, right? I Speaker 1 00:09:05 Know Cleveland's not been good. So Speaker 2 00:09:07 They are, they are not the favorites Cleveland one minus one 30 at home with McKenzie on law. Speaker 1 00:09:15 Around. Yeah. It's pretty close then. Minus one 30 is, you know, pretty close to even close Speaker 2 00:09:19 To a pickup. Speaker 1 00:09:20 Yeah. Close what's what's San Diego against Arizona, Speaker 2 00:09:22 San Diego, Arizona. As my changes to Florida state LSU game. Not looking for as we're yeah. San Diego. Not available. Speaker 1 00:09:32 Not up yet. Okay. Speaker 2 00:09:34 Interesting. Andrew Heini is the biggest favorite on the board. As of, as of right now five or six games are available. Yeah. In Rahini only one over minus or over two he's at two 10, a two 10 Speaker 1 00:09:44 Favorite. Again, the lack of notice of QStar at four points on Vandal, but again, we're talking, you know, the strike guts can make up for it. I think Snell could be the easy pivot off uni cuz he's got the same strikeout upside. He's got two quality starts on the last four. So that's fair in the mid tier here for draft king though, you got Lancelin coming off a really great start against Kansas city. Seven innings, one earned eight strikeout. So you've been on Lynn for the last handful of starts now price tag. Hasn't really caught up to him. His overall numbers still look like trash because he got off to such a bad start, right? Yeah. But these last fours are, it's hard. How do you argue with him? He's got a total of five earned runs over his last 24 and two thirds inning in terms of strikeouts there, we're looking at like 29 Ks during that stretch a guy that's giving you at least 18 draftings points and four straight on the road against Seattle. You know? I don't know what your thoughts are on that match, but 7,900 for Lynn, the way he's rolling right now, if you're on two pitcher sites, like it's we don't want Logan web. We know that, you know this mid tier run, it could be a Lance Lynn or it could be Jose Suz against Detroit. Speaker 2 00:10:46 Yeah. I think Lynn's gonna garter a lot of ownership here considering the stretch. He's an dude. This guy's just a good pitcher. Like he's a good pitcher who started his season injured. Yep. And then came back and just wasn't pitching well and Speaker 1 00:10:59 No, he was pitching. No doesn't even his first second. No, Speaker 2 00:11:02 He's pitching very bad. Very bad. Like very bad. Speaker 1 00:11:05 I was ready to, I was ready to think his career might have been over look at like Dallas cycle out there and Speaker 2 00:11:10 Oh God. Don't that's oof. Speaker 1 00:11:12 All Pete, Dallas's got a DFA today. Don't Speaker 2 00:11:14 Worry. He'll get another job. He's it's four times Speaker 1 00:11:16 The same. I hope so. Cuz we need him for our DFS success. True, true Patrick. Corbin's out there throwing one run ball. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:11:22 You know, look, the thing that we have to worry about here is the home run ball that is all Seattle is doing right now. They're just hitting home. Runs against right-handed pitching. They are fourth and isolated power behind the Dodgers Cardinals, Braves, like really good company. Yes. Their 15th VVA, their 16th. Like they're not doing anything but hitting home runs. Think about like Haniel Suarez, like sub 200 average over the last 10 games, like five home runs. Julio Rodriguez hitting sub 200 hitting home runs like that's all Seattle. So if Lynn who has been bit by the home run ball can just allow the one home run that he's given up the last couple of games. We're fine. Speaker 1 00:12:01 Yeah. It's right here. I'm pitching though. The last two weeks they haven't been very good. No, Speaker 2 00:12:05 They have been good over the, this is, and these numbers are since the all star break. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:12:08 So last two weeks hitting 2 0 4, 2 96. WOBA you know, 1 94 ISOs still. So home run power there. Speaker 2 00:12:15 It's just only dude. It's they are only hitting home runs Speaker 1 00:12:19 18 teen batting average in balls in play, you know like they're uh, we Speaker 2 00:12:22 Just need to worry about the home runs, which again, little scary because he's allowed 16 home runs in 15 stars. Speaker 1 00:12:27 They have the number one ISO over the last two weeks. We're hitting 2 0 4. So I don't know. You're right. Just keep it in the park there, Lancey, you know, you're it Speaker 2 00:12:35 Hard to do so park Speaker 1 00:12:36 Seattle, you know? Yeah. Speaker 2 00:12:37 If this was in, if this was in Chicago, I would probably be more reserved because it's played so small this year, but it's not that we have that to hang our hats on. Speaker 1 00:12:47 Yeah. So I said the other one I'd look at is, was say, whereas against Detroit, I got I've touted Detroit against lefties. This year they've been hit or miss. I actually think they did pretty well. The other day. I think BA's home came Lao had a couple RBIS. So like there are still guys in that lineup that, you know, historically their numbers are very good against lefties. They're just not a good offense. So sores at home here against Detroit could be a really good spot for him. Got over six, got six innings. Last time pitch count again is, is something with him that we run into every now and then, you know, he got a 97 pitch pitches against Oakland during his two hitter there, 82 pitches against Seattle, 87 pitches against the Yankees last time out. So could be up and down, but he's seven K. We mentioned we're not playing Logan with, I understand his last start five and two thirds. No earned start before that against Detroit, just four, two thirds. Didn't give up any runs, earned, give six total. But the guy has really just been shaky, right? Yeah. I don't know against the Dodgers lineup. You're not gonna, you don't want to throw that out there. If his walks prompt is at one and a half again though hit the over. I think he is gonna guy. Guy's been a wild pro Speaker 2 00:13:48 I'm shocked. He has a sub three shocked. Speaker 1 00:13:52 He was off to a really good start. Absolutely shocked. But the last like month he's just really started to like fall off the cliff there a Speaker 2 00:13:57 Little bit. The doctor's offense is just not the offense that you wanna face when like you're not pitching all that. Yep. And he's not pitching all Speaker 1 00:14:06 That. How do you approach Marco O Gonzalez here? Because we know lefty. He is against white Sox has been a mantra for us, but we've always talked about Marco sort of having the reverse splits. There was a point in time where this year that wasn't the case and then it like re corrected itself. Where are we at right now? Is Marco Gonzalez back to being better against righties than he is lefties? Or is he tailing back off? Cuz he is got an era under four. So he is Speaker 2 00:14:29 No he's pitching he's I mean he's pitching fine. Speaker 1 00:14:32 He's MLB number four starter. That's Speaker 2 00:14:35 He is correct. Yeah, he is. He's a, there's a reason why he's on this team and you know, what's funny. I was thinking about it today, like stacking against Dylan Bundy. Like this year, Dylan Bundy like stacking against Dylan. Bundy is just like not profitable <laugh> and I feel like that's like what it is and you would never believe that. And then you would look at Marco Gonzalez and you'd be like, it's probably profitable to stack against him, but it's just not like he doesn't allow like many home runs just seven over his last 10 games. He hasn't he's allowed one home run in his last five starts. Speaker 1 00:15:03 So right. Getting 2 81, if at 15 of the 21 home runs off of him, he's kind of got even splits the lefties 2 63 with an eight 20 ops. The ops for lefties is actually higher than is againsts righties seven 80 ops. But it feels like maybe this is the first time in a little bit where the numbers have been pretty close. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:15:21 White text don't have any lefties though. They have Gavin sheets. That's the only lefty that they would even play. Speaker 1 00:15:26 So power wise, you know, maybe we do go back to some of these, you know, ILO, Mees, Jose bra, you know, bats here when to get to those positions. Cuz again, Gonzalo's here at 68. I'm not really interested in throwing him against Chicago. No, but we're definitely not gonna pitch Tyler. Tyler, Tyler Alexander kept on trying to say Tyler Anderson. I was trying to fight my own brain there for a second. Tyler Alexander. We're not gonna pitch him. But then you mentioned we have two guys making their major league debuts. Yep. We have hunter brown coming up here. He had AAA, he had 2 55 era. Would he? 31.5% strikeout rate. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:15:59 Monster Speaker 1 00:15:59 He's running up against Texas. The Rangers had some trouble against Brian BEO on Saturday. And then Josh Kowski after a tough first inning kind of settled down and held them down. You know, hunter brown had 5,200 and a small slate given the strikeout potential. Maybe, you know, there's still some good bats in Texas. We love Nathan low, you know, semi kind of getting hot, a little bit Seager. So they definitely have some guys that can do some damage. But brown was a big strikeout guy down at the minors. And then Ryan Nelson, righty coming up from AAA making his major league debut here as well, going up against San Diego, not a gr probably not a great metric for him, 5k for him, any interest in either youngster here. Speaker 2 00:16:37 So the Nelson thing is scary for him. He's been a fly ball pitcher in the minor leagues. He's allowed 25 home runs this year, John at AAA. So I will not be going there 40% fly ball rate this year at AAA. Just not great. Just 36% on the ground. Like everything's gonna be hit in the air. Hard not to like brown, just given the strikeout upside. Yeah. And I think he would be the more appealing option of the two. He definitely like he has the better spot when both offenses are at their best. Like Sans obviously has Juan Soto, Nelson against lefties, specifically John this year in AAA 8 44 ops 4 96 slug like it's, you know, it's gonna be a tough spot for him. So I think brown is fine. I think he's the spend down hunt option. Okay. Over Nelson Speaker 1 00:17:29 Works for me. All right. Go to capture. Miguel will Smith WD Smith against Logan web here at 56, expensive uh, Sal and Melendez against Mackenzie here is a bit expensive as well. You can go there. Obviously Sal and and Smith have big power. This isn't bad with Elmer ball either, but tougher matchups for those two, I think against Mackenzie, a Vasquez who we've talked about, about starting to come down a little bit. He did have that super hot streak there a little bit last week, but he is better generally against lefties. He is than Martin and Perez match up. Kelly, as we've talked a lot about, you know, goes up against Snell. We generally have played him against lefties numbers on him are back on the rise three 20 with an eight 40 ops, the last 10 mid tier $3,500. If you're not playing Snell, maybe that's a route for you. I still tied up a cost against lefties HES. SWS at 33. Uh, any other, uh, catches for you? Speaker 2 00:18:18 This tier? I think the tier literally from Speaker 1 00:18:22 I hopes plays truthfully just gimmes at 25. And let me move on. Speaker 2 00:18:26 Yeah. So I like him, I think the tier from grand doll. So I was gonna say, I like to catch her in that game, whoever it is, whether it's grand dollar or like from Cal Raleigh to Grande, I think are all in play. Like Raleigh has nothing but power, right? So we can get a home run off Lancelin cuz that's all Lancelin does home runs Jonah Heim against the rookie making his debut? I know he's been a corpse of himself. Yeah. He has 69 batting average still hitting fifth. We mentioned Carson Kelly heating up ever Speaker 1 00:18:52 Since sunheim was the only guy that Homer off Otani when we like played him that day or whatever it Speaker 2 00:18:56 Was, he had two, I think he had two, like it was like the second slate of the year or something like that. We like what is a Jonah Heim? Yeah. Kelly. We, you know, you mentioned a cost. I do have some interest in Austin NOLA if you're playing a full Padre stack and then grand do has been slightly better. And you mentioned it like Mark Gonzales against varieties. Hasn't been the greatest. So sure. All those guys plus seven and I think you have your catcher spot. Speaker 1 00:19:22 Yep. I'm with you there. I mentioned ha I don't know Tucker Barnhardt Speaker 2 00:19:25 Yeah, I didn't mean to skip. I didn't mean to skip him. Speaker 1 00:19:27 I'm just going down to if Tucker Barnhardt starts too, you could maybe take our shot at that. Speaker 2 00:19:31 I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to. I agree with you on the hos front. Speaker 1 00:19:35 No, you mentioned Haass. You didn't give him. I was just saying like, if Haas doesn't start Tucker, Barnhart's a little bit cheaper. Homer. The other day, you know, could be a spot first base you got Otani here against Alexander again. 6,400. He is just super expensive. Free. Do Speaker 2 00:19:48 You think that his, do you think he's priced that way? Because like the algorithm can't figure out how to like, Speaker 1 00:19:54 No, I think he's priced that way. Cuz he is, has 30 home runs in 20 stolen bases or I guess he's got 11 stolen base cuz he's got 30 home runs and 11 stolen bases. I think that's what he Speaker 2 00:20:03 Way I okay. Speaker 1 00:20:04 Just why is Aaron Drudge price? The way he is? Cause he's hit lead, leading off at home runs. So like, Speaker 2 00:20:09 Okay. That's fair Tony. Speaker 1 00:20:11 Like let the league with home runs last year. Speaker 2 00:20:13 Okay. That's fair. Okay. Okay. That's fair. You know what that's you're Speaker 1 00:20:16 That's fair. He's just like, he's unbelievable. Freeman in cash in 57. I don't never really play a lot of Freddie Freeman. Do you? Like, I almost never play Freddie Freeman for no reason. I Speaker 2 00:20:24 Do. I play him, but like I think we both there's Speaker 1 00:20:29 No like the home runs aren't there. Speaker 2 00:20:31 Yeah. The home runs aren't there. Like Speaker 1 00:20:33 At this Homer, he homered Speaker 2 00:20:34 August. You just go to trade Turner. Andm it's just like go to, if you can't really spend up on all of them. So you just end up getting Mo trade Speaker 1 00:20:44 Turner. He has two home runs say July 23rd. Speaker 2 00:20:48 I would say of like, he is one of the few people in baseball that could probably break a slate without hitting a home run. He has 43 doubles. I know that is like absurd 43. But when Speaker 1 00:21:02 You talk about guys who get like weird price downs and you're like true, Speaker 2 00:21:05 He's Speaker 1 00:21:05 Never, he just doesn't get it, Speaker 2 00:21:07 But he he's. No, he, you know, he's seven, seven for 15 off Logan web port worth. No Speaker 1 00:21:12 One runs maybe no, no Speaker 2 00:21:13 Runs. Maybe no one runs Speaker 1 00:21:14 Though. Yeah, no one runs. Yeah. He's like the Alex Verdugo 5,700, right? Like, you know, bunch of doubles, you know a bra you at 44 again. I mean he's no longer hitting 500, but even then you look at his racing games. Like when was the last time it's been a week since he's had, didn't get a hit, you know like why? Like look at the numbers for Jose Brady and then look at them for Freddy Freeman and tell me why there's a 50, a $1,700 price difference. Speaker 2 00:21:38 One's on a really good team and one's managed by ton. Speaker 1 00:21:41 Yeah. I don't like, there's not a ton of like I get there's 20 RBIS, but like, you know, I'm Speaker 2 00:21:46 Just saying yeah. BVP only six at baths. I'm surprised by that. Yeah. Not the best, Speaker 1 00:21:51 But you mentioned power. Ty France. Four home runs last 10 games. Yeah Speaker 2 00:21:54 Man. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:21:55 He's been on fire. Our Bo listen, we love Ty France. Right? We've been in on him a lot. He just was hurt. He came back and he wasn't the same guy, but now he is, you know, this's gonna be a little dangerous there. Nathaniel Lowe. Yes please. I said today, the only thing I was discouraged about playing chess and castle was that I couldn't continue to play Nathan low, you know? And then low had to hit in the run or scored early. Castes had a seeing eyes infield single for his debut today. But I'm happy. They finally put him over 4k. I might be just going here anyways. He's at least an in a line. He's just been too good right now. Speaker 2 00:22:25 Yeah. He's a lock. He's a locking cash games. Yeah, for sure. And you can probably play him in all your torment lineup as well. Speaker 1 00:22:31 If you want don't look now Christian. Walker's hot. 3 33, 9, 14 ops last 10 righty. Lefty match up here. Does he have any BVP against Snell? He probably does. Speaker 2 00:22:41 He is. Oh for 12. Speaker 1 00:22:43 Oh, how many strikes? I Speaker 2 00:22:45 Do not see that, but he's a oh for 12 off bike. Snow. Speaker 1 00:22:49 Probably not a good a strikeout ratio. He strikes out a lot, but we talk about this guy a lot 31 home runs, you know, Speaker 2 00:22:54 Just he's actually been, he honestly, crystal walkers kind of hasn't struck out a lot this year, 99 strikeouts in 131 games. Speaker 1 00:23:02 But there was a time where he had like a 30% strikeout rate. But Speaker 2 00:23:04 I feel like that's a pretty good ratio though. It, I don't think 99 strikeouts in just 131 games. Speaker 1 00:23:10 I'll tell you what a strikeout rate is. It's probably under 25% now. Let's see Christian Walker Speaker 2 00:23:15 18. Wow. 18% carry this a career low. Speaker 1 00:23:18 Yeah. You know what? I'm not even being fair to this man. 23% last year, he's Speaker 2 00:23:23 Having a monster. He's having an absolutely monster. Speaker 1 00:23:25 You know, what's killing him. Is the batting average on balls and plates. 2 29. Yeah. Last three years. Christian Walker bat batting average in Boston play 3 12, 3 17, 3 0 7. This year it's 2 29. Christian Walker might be an MVP. He just can't. He just has horrible bated ball luck. You Speaker 2 00:23:40 Know, imagine he just has last year's like we don't even peak. We don't even do like the 20, 20 bat. Just Speaker 1 00:23:46 Give him like 47. Speaker 2 00:23:47 Yeah, I know. So no, he's having a, he's having a great year. Yeah. A Speaker 1 00:23:50 Great year. You have 300 batting average in Boston play probably hitting two 70. Speaker 2 00:23:53 Yeah. Expected slug 5 0 8. This expected Speaker 1 00:23:56 Bating average. We expected batting average Speaker 2 00:23:58 2, 2 58, 2 58. Speaker 1 00:24:00 I'll take that Speaker 2 00:24:01 24 points higher. Listen it. How many runs higher? How many RBIS? Higher? How many? You know, there's a lot of hits. A lot of Speaker 1 00:24:09 A lot. So four gang Christian Walker, GPS against Blakes. Now I think we're in Andrew van against the left. 8 38. We've been, we've enjoyed that. Speaker 2 00:24:16 He's actually been worse against lefties this year, which is when Speaker 1 00:24:19 Did that happen? He was killing him earlier saying like four. Speaker 2 00:24:21 Yeah. He's I, I take it back. I take it back. No power though. Only one home run against lefties this Speaker 1 00:24:27 Year. What's his average. I Speaker 2 00:24:28 Will, uh, very go three 40. Speaker 1 00:24:31 Okay. I was gonna say three, like 400 against left. Speaker 2 00:24:33 You know he is three 40. Speaker 1 00:24:35 Okay. But he's just doubles. Just no. Speaker 2 00:24:36 Yeah. Just one home. One of his home Speaker 1 00:24:38 Runs crazy proud ass at 27. You've liked this mark Mathias cat. Hasn't really done much of late, but Speaker 2 00:24:44 It's okay. He's fine. Like Speaker 1 00:24:46 2,600 Speaker 2 00:24:47 Very lately. Hasn't anything before that he was crushing. Sure. So if he's in the lineup, you know, and the lineup, there's a rookie on the mound, you know, I don't hate it. Speaker 1 00:24:56 All right. But, but I think that's probably anybody else for you. Speaker 2 00:24:59 No. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:25:00 Not really for me either. Unless you're in on San Francisco bats, I Speaker 2 00:25:04 Guess. No. I mean like you, you know, you can, because he gives up a lot of fly balls. Yeah. That's the only, that's your only thing that you can hang your head on. If you're playing San Fran and he gives up a lot of fly balls and San Fran does have some powerfully Speaker 1 00:25:17 Second base Altuve is at 57 against Perez Speaker 2 00:25:20 He's and he's been nuts. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:25:22 He's hitting 4 25 outta 1200 BS Speaker 2 00:25:24 And he just crushes left. He just he's like, he's one Speaker 1 00:25:28 Of those he's home too. So he gets that short wall. So Speaker 2 00:25:30 He has a 52 at bad sample against Martin Perez. Never homered but two 80 average is pretty good. Speaker 1 00:25:37 Yeah. What's our, uh, be prepared for my man seen E BVP question because lefty in Houston got it. He Jimenez against singer, you know, again, I've been a sneaky Jimenez player this year. Just nobody else plays him, not great numbers of late kind of expensive. But I imagine again, it would come in under 5%, so yep. Speaker 2 00:25:54 At that price of all, Speaker 1 00:25:55 For sure. Yeah. At that price for sure. Marte 4,600 against Snell against lefty. We tend to play that spot for him. You mentioned the Arizona. Rookie is a struggle. Toronto horse. 3,900. Speaker 2 00:26:05 I like that a lot. I like car worth a Speaker 1 00:26:07 Lot on a six game slate. He is probably worth the dark throw there. Struggles of late, but you know, Fletcher at 31, if you wanna spin down, like I like him on all formats. He is gonna lead off against Alexander Speaker 2 00:26:17 Angels, maybe sneaky angel stack hair. John. Speaker 1 00:26:19 I don't even know if they're gonna be sneaky on a three on a six game slate. Speaker 2 00:26:22 Uh, Fletcher 31. You can play him and multiple positions. You could play ring GFO. Speaker 1 00:26:28 Okay. We're definitely gonna play a, we're gonna talk about Ren GFO in like two minutes, like dude, Speaker 2 00:26:32 He breaks against lefthand pitching. Speaker 1 00:26:34 Yeah. Yep. Alexander's trash too. So like, yeah. What's uh, we got righty splits against Alexander. Speaker 2 00:26:40 Yeah. Righties are hitting 2 86. Okay. Eight, 10 ops 3 47. WOBA yes, please. Speed. Speaker 1 00:26:47 Like that. I don't really see much else though. At second base under Fletcher, Speaker 2 00:26:52 I played Chris Taylor, 24 or 34. Okay. Oh, slightly above Fletcher. So if you're Speaker 1 00:26:57 Second out, the other day had a home run. Okay. 26, if we're going against lefties, Willy Castro E Homer the other day too. So if you want tigers. Yeah. Weird Detroit sta. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:27:08 We have been, we have mentioned too many tigers against lefty throughout this podcast. Speaker 1 00:27:13 I know. Can Lao's three K too. You know kenario 7 86 ops last 10. He's he up? Two homers we're racking. All third base. Bobby Whitt is your most expensive third base. 6,200. Um, that seems a little off, but we know he hits righties for powers. He's more expensive than Ramirez. More expensive than Machado, more expensive than SWAs. More expensive than Bregman Speaker 2 00:27:34 Seems strong on every level. Speaker 1 00:27:36 Macho man in 59, if you wanna go against the Arizona rookie. Yep. And then I know we've been playing bread against righties, but he's been so good. Would you just ride him against Perez here? Speaker 2 00:27:47 Yeah. If you're stacking, Speaker 1 00:27:50 You can't stack Houston without playing him, right? Speaker 2 00:27:52 Yes. That's what I was gonna say. If you're stacking Houston, you just playing right. Speaker 1 00:27:56 Turner's been good lately, Speaker 2 00:27:57 Dude. So good. So good. So good. And we finally got the home run, like during that whole stretch, it's like the Freddy Freeman thing. Like he wasn't homering and then he did and it's like, oh yeah, he's still that dude. We're gonna look up at the end of the year. And Justin Turner's gonna hit two 90, even at 38 years old. So yeah. I'm perfect. Speaker 1 00:28:16 Fine. You mentioned Ren GFO here. You know, again, if you're looking for that mid tier option against a lefty, he just, the power, it feels like we mention him, but then we don't play him. And then we look at the box score and it's like, oh, of course the Homer, like we, you know, seven, Speaker 2 00:28:30 Seven of 11 home runs against left east. Speaker 1 00:28:32 He said three 19 with a 9 0 1 is against lefthand bitches. The problem with us is that we love the third base position too much to ever really spend in the mid two. So we're always like, oh, we're locking in Bregman or, oh, we're playing Riley tonight or whatever whatevers. We never play the mid tier. And that's where, when GFO sits Longoria, obviously against lefties at, you know, we know history with him, power wise has always been there. I know this year he is been a little bit down candle Laos at three K. Anybody else for you? What's this Walnut credos not doing it. Speaker 2 00:29:03 John tier Longville point. Yeah. We have had a resurgence hitting 3, 10, 6 home runs 3 95 bull against lefties. Speaker 1 00:29:11 Okay. Earlier this year he wasn't it much. So he was Speaker 2 00:29:13 He's good. He's been good lately. You know, that could a big reason why. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:29:18 Yeah. Three, 10,000 ops, two homers for him. So I'm with you D you know, contrarian stack. Cause I think we're all gonna be playing Anini or playing Heini most likely. Yep. So Speaker 2 00:29:28 Probably contrarian to play Manuel Rivera, 2 31, but he hits left. He's been hitting lefties very well. Sure. Speaker 1 00:29:33 Rivera Arizona there. 2 57 33, the last 10 does have 11 bombs on the air. So with you short stop, we mentioned, but multi-position eligibility there at 62 trade Turner, 61 Segers at 58 that's and Rosario. Not really gonna pay that for Rosario, but those are your guys over 5k, Speaker 2 00:29:50 Just Turner and Seger. Okay. But I don't think either are like locks. The only thing is it's a, it is a weaker position. Speaker 1 00:29:59 I might just play BAAs for the home runner. Speaker 2 00:30:00 Yeah. It's the BAAs against left. He's still hitting left. He's I think Fletcher, you can slide over to short and then Elvis still leading off gets a lefty. Yeah. And he's been good, dude. Like, he's been really good for the white Sox. What is this hits in eight straight games. It's like five multi hit games. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:30:17 Leading Speaker 2 00:30:17 Off some power too, like I'm with you on BA 41. But if you're not playing bias, a Andrews 2,800 Speaker 1 00:30:26 Bias, 3 0 8, 8 41 ops against lefty is this season. You mentioned Elvis Andrews since the trade or sent his release in signing with the white Sox 14 games, he's hitting 2 76, 7 25 ops. But he does have the two horn runs. So Speaker 2 00:30:42 Just over his last five game, just over the last five games too. And I'd like to know what I mean. It's just been a weird thing to see, but what his numbers are at the lead off spot, because he's been really good for the white Sox hitting 3 33 outta the lead off hole. So it's only a four game sample, but you know what? They're gonna keep rolling em out and he's gonna keep hitting 28 hundreds a really good price, no Speaker 1 00:31:04 Arguments. For sure. We said, we mentioned, you know, 2,800, you can get wit you can be able to get in, you know, Jimenez, not whi to Abra you Jimenez and things like that into that stack. I don't hate it. I think it could be done depending on how your line of construction goes there. What is Velazquez? Speaker 2 00:31:18 He's free. Speaker 1 00:31:19 Yeah. 2300. Speaker 2 00:31:21 You saying you're looking at the split. Yeah. What? He's better at Speaker 1 00:31:24 Just switch hitter though. Speaker 2 00:31:25 Yeah, he is. He's not doing great. 2 37. Speaker 1 00:31:30 Yeah. Power is getting be homers on the year. I know he was kind of a little hot for short spurt. So Speaker 2 00:31:35 Only one against south bus Speaker 1 00:31:36 Outfield. Then that's 65. Oton 64. You mentioned it first, but he Rodriguez Homer today at 63 at Yodon versus lefty got Soto. Like where are you? Where's our spend up spots here. Speaker 2 00:31:48 I think Soto's my number one. I know he's been bad. Speaker 1 00:31:51 He's really been bad for like most a year. Right? Like the, he popped up for a little bit and then he is just like, you know, it hasn't been a good year for him. Speaker 2 00:31:59 He was so the numbers in Washington, he was super unluck and this expected numbers are still pretty crazy. When you look 3 85, Wobo the year expected for 13 WOBA yeah. His expected batting average is 2 72, Speaker 1 00:32:15 But that's even not really great for him. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:32:17 But that's 30, 30 points higher than, you know, 5 21 expected slug. I agree that there, this has been a very, just 2 45 B John. Yeah. Like the walk rate's the same. The K rate's even down from years past is ISO is higher than it was last year. I agree that the average has been bad, but I think this is a spot against a guy giving up a lot of home runs that Soto can break out of it. I like Moy bets. Obviously. He's been just lighting baseballs on fire Speaker 1 00:32:45 Six homers the last 10 home. Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:32:48 Mokis and I guess the JRO thing is like home run depended, right? Yep. Because Lance Lynn's giving up a lot of home runs. We know JRO hits home runs and then Mike trout probably tops the list. Speaker 1 00:32:58 Yeah. Whatever he Speaker 2 00:32:59 Probably right there. A Soto. Speaker 1 00:33:00 Yeah. For Trout's on fire again. And you know, pair him up with a stack, like we've talked about. Yep. I'm with you mid-tier options here, you know, Eloy at 42, you mentioned home runs for Seattle guys like Winker, you know, or, I mean, hamburger's been better against righties and lefties this year. Mancini. Where do we, where's your BVP ad for Mancini against Perez? Do we have it? Speaker 2 00:33:22 Yeah, he is 6, 4 16. Okay. A 3 75 average. No home runs nobody. One fact John, nobody in Houston's projected lineup tomorrow has homered off Martin Perez. Speaker 1 00:33:35 Interesting. Interesting. Okay. Mancini, hasn't been great. You know, late, like he got up to the hot star, but one 70, his last 10 does have two homers, but you, we know this ballpark's a little bit more conducive to him. Yep. You know, 3,900. I'm a big fan of that still. What other guys are you looking at here? This, after we get through that top list, you know, the middle tier only has a few for me Speaker 2 00:33:55 In the mid tier. I don't really have much to add, to be honest, I would, I can't even go Bellinger anymore. Speaker 1 00:34:02 Go off the map. I guess Paul. Speaker 2 00:34:05 Yeah. Paul. So I don't know if he's gonna lead off. I still think it's gonna BES. Yeah. Andrew, I think Pollock is gonna hit in the really good spot. Like fifth. I think he hit fifth the last time they faced a lefty. So that's fine. And he's crushing lefty. So I would go there. Um, McCarthy, Homer again today, John, just, you know, throwing that out there. I Speaker 1 00:34:23 Know he doesn't even matter if it's lefty anymore. He's just a really good player. Speaker 2 00:34:26 Yeah. He's just a really good player. Speaker 1 00:34:27 3,200 still Speaker 2 00:34:29 Dude. There's if there, now we're getting power on the board. Like forget it like this dude's driving and runs. He's scoring runs. He's hitting for power. I, it doesn't matter where he lefty had play McCarthy Barham. I know he's been to corpse, but lefties against a Nelson has been a thing. And then dude, Taylor ward slowly coming around has been good all year against lefties. I know he was like off to that other worldly start to out Speaker 1 00:34:53 The air. Speaker 2 00:34:54 And like his numbers were better than like both trout OTA at that point, starting to get a little bit of life and he is been good against lefties to, to complete your angel stack. I don't hate Taylor word 30. Speaker 1 00:35:04 Okay. What are your thoughts on stone Garrett? Speaker 2 00:35:06 Yeah, man. Interesting. Like everyone's so excited about Corbin car Corbin car and then stone. Garrett's kind of been better. Yeah. I know. It's a very small sample size bowl. Speaker 1 00:35:19 Very small Speaker 2 00:35:19 Sample size, but stone Garrett's given us the home runs. So gets, he gets the split advantage. I think almost guarantee he's in the lineup because when you look at the rest of Vaio lefty, McCarthy lefty, Thomas lefty, Carol lefty. Yeah. Garrett's the only righty of those five outfielders. Yeah. Listen. There's bad versions of Blake Ella all the time. I definitely don't hate stone Speaker 1 00:35:41 Here. I was, I think maybe my last value, dark throw, there would be Joe Adel. If he finds his way into a lineup gets left ear Speaker 2 00:35:47 Complete the stack. That doesn't one off. But yeah, Speaker 1 00:35:49 That doesn't line off complete the stack. Some power's been there of late. This dude hits into minors, right? Like he just, he hasn't figured out yet at the major league level know may maybe something to pay attention to there a little bit. So had three home runs during the month of August. You know's limited sample size of playing. I got no other else. Anybody else for you? Speaker 2 00:36:08 I'm looking like I'm Speaker 1 00:36:09 Looking, it's six games. So there's only so many options. Speaker 2 00:36:12 There's like, like if you're playing a ranger stack thes, but he's been, you know, yeah. Michael Taylor's been great lately, but how much exposure do we want against Chris McKenzie? But I, he hasn't been great. You know, there's no denying that. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:36:30 He's been a good, but he hasn't been shut out. Good. Like yeah. Speaker 2 00:36:33 He hasn't been, yeah, he hasn't been unhittable and he's Speaker 1 00:36:36 Given up were six home runs. His last six starts. It looks like Speaker 2 00:36:39 That's Speaker 1 00:36:40 ING six home runs over his last seven starts. Speaker 2 00:36:43 Taylor has three home runs over his last six games. Yeah. Or five multi K games over his last seven. Again, Speaker 1 00:36:49 Like we're not, you're just saying if you're trying to get different at six games slate, you can maybe go Kansas city, you know? Yep. So, alright. Home run. Call. Speaker 2 00:36:56 I'm gonna go. Mike trout Speaker 1 00:36:58 Go. Mike trout. Speaker 2 00:36:59 Yeah. I, I think that I'm the more we talked about the angels in this slate, the more I where Speaker 1 00:37:05 You're Tyler Speaker 2 00:37:05 Dude, Tyler Alexander this year, we talk about strikeouts being the angels Achilles scale, right? Yeah. Think, guess what? Tyler Alexander strikeout rate is this season Speaker 1 00:37:14 17% Speaker 2 00:37:15 Lower, Speaker 1 00:37:17 14% Speaker 2 00:37:17 Lower. Speaker 1 00:37:18 I got nothing. Go ahead. Speaker 2 00:37:19 12.8%. So if he's dude, if he's not missing bats against a team that misses like just can't hit the baseball at times, you know, we're 40% fly ball rate too for Lexander give me, give me my C here. Speaker 1 00:37:34 Yep. I'm with you there. I'm gonna go with dude. Gonna go tr I'm gonna go Dan Jose Brau. Sure. Speaker 2 00:37:43 Okay. We'll Speaker 1 00:37:43 Go. You we'll go Brau. All right. Let's go with our pitching here. We're gonna build our lineup. Are we locking in Heni? Speaker 2 00:37:49 Yeah, we're gonna go Heni. I would. My, my vote's probably he Lance Lynn. Okay. But I that's. That feels too chalky. Okay. I think Lance, line's gonna be super chalk Speaker 1 00:38:02 If we go Heni brown check Speaker 2 00:38:05 Heini. That's Speaker 1 00:38:07 Interesting. We'll be able to spend that for whoever we Speaker 2 00:38:09 Want. I want, and Mike trout is number one. I think like trout and let's want to, let's try that. Let's Speaker 1 00:38:17 Try that. Well, Heni brown will stick in trout. Run GFO. I imagine then. Or are we gonna go one off trout? Speaker 2 00:38:23 No, I think we're GFO. You wanna roll him at second to start? Speaker 1 00:38:27 Sure. Speaker 2 00:38:28 So we have the potential exposure at third that we like. Speaker 1 00:38:31 Okay. So we'll do Ren GFO at second. As soon as my eyes can adjust to him there, we obviously have to play OT then. Right? Do we play him at I outfield or first Speaker 2 00:38:42 Do you, you have Jose Bre as your home run call. So we're probably playing Abra, Speaker 1 00:38:45 Right? We could, we don't have to. I think he's yeah. Speaker 2 00:38:48 Let's play Abrao he's dude, if you're, you know, you're calling him as a home run, he's been super like incredibly consistent Speaker 1 00:38:54 Do we? We play Otani though, right? Like we're Speaker 2 00:38:56 Yeah. You wanna play? Yeah. Let's play Otani in the outfield. 30. So 37 75 with a bra. Otani find Speaker 1 00:39:03 A punt catcher cost maybe at 33. Speaker 2 00:39:05 Yeah. I like a cost against lefty. I think that's a play. And we have, and you already mentioned it if I think grand is one and then Barnhardt ands, we have three catchers that we could go down to. Speaker 1 00:39:17 I would play se if he's, if he is active, cuz he is too K, Speaker 2 00:39:21 It's just, we don't. We just Speaker 1 00:39:22 Have, we can't fit that in quite at the moment. Speaker 2 00:39:24 So 3,900 Speaker 1 00:39:26 Shortstop. Do we play BAAs or do we go Fletcher and just do a format by so I think it's obviously has the home run. Speaker 2 00:39:33 I think it's, I would throw Anderson to that mix too, depending on how much Speaker 1 00:39:37 Money. Oh, I like, you know, because we have a Brau let's do Andrews Speaker 2 00:39:40 Do minis stack there with the white Sox. Yeah. 4,500. So here's we have a couple options because if we wanna do a three man white Sox, you could do like Pollock, you could do Vaughn and then it gives you a lot of money for third. Speaker 1 00:39:53 Do you play Mara? Speaker 2 00:39:55 That would mean Pollock. I think, no, you still can't even get Matata with Pollock. Yeah. So it would have to be lower than Pollock. You can get Speaker 1 00:40:03 Bregman, Bregman and Pollock as a one Speaker 2 00:40:05 Off a one off you do Bregman. Pollock is 1 38, yes. Or 200 off Vaughn. Speaker 1 00:40:11 Obviously, if it would it depend on what kind of stack you'd want. Do I don't think we'd want four, four Speaker 2 00:40:18 It's that's not something I'm against. That's Speaker 1 00:40:20 Redman's our one off anyways. So I was gonna say if Sebi gets in there, you know, that's 1300 more dollars. We could we'd have 47 for an outfield. Yeah. We could grow up to ma child, like we wanted to and then play Eloy, you know? Speaker 2 00:40:35 So that's where I would rather have Menez has not been he's the one who has not been good against lefties. Speaker 1 00:40:42 Okay. Speaker 2 00:40:43 He's hitting. He just has one home. One of his home runs against lefties. He's been fine. 2 83, but just the three 18 VOA. Sure. Where Vaughn and PO like Pollock has nine home runs. Yeah. Against lefties 10 on the year. So nine of his 10, 4 11, woo. Like all his power is against lefties. And then I said it earlier, like you said, Juan hitting three 40. So I would rather those two over Humanes personally, if you wanted to get to Machado be I think it would be a four stack white Sox, but we go with Grando or the, or Zalla that's Speaker 1 00:41:20 I'm trying to think. Would we? Speaker 2 00:41:22 My only thing with full stacking, the white Sox is like, Speaker 1 00:41:24 They let us out all the Speaker 2 00:41:26 Time. Yeah. And Marco could Speaker 1 00:41:28 Shut them down. Yeah. He's not bad. He's one Speaker 2 00:41:30 Home, one whole run over his last five games. Like sure. He could get hit. That's not like, you know, five earned, nine hits against Texas six earned nine runs against the Yankees. I like there's plenty of samples where he's like, hasn't been good. It's just why sucks too much. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:41:47 I'm trying to figure out like where we go. That's the problem. Right? Like we have to figure out a picture to, to attack here. What if Speaker 2 00:41:55 I like San Diego? So I have an idea. Would Speaker 1 00:41:59 You move from GFO to third? Speaker 2 00:42:00 That's exactly my idea. That was exactly what I was thinking, dude. Cause I'm thinking of like, wait, we don't have any Padres. I don't know if that's like a big deal to you, but I like the Padres. I don't know if you have the same feeling as I do. Speaker 1 00:42:15 I'm okay. With crone and worth just, but I don't. We play. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:42:19 You don't wanna get to Soto. Think Speaker 1 00:42:20 You're uh, so like I like, so if we go to Soto then we're definitely in hopes of a Barnhart and or se start. Speaker 2 00:42:29 Yeah. Yeah. You have to. Yeah. You have to interested. Speaker 1 00:42:31 Cause otherwise there's no real other catcher down here that we're playing. Speaker 2 00:42:35 Yeah. It's the only, only ones I agree. So we can't really do Speaker 1 00:42:38 That. We could do, this is 33. We had 3,300 outfield there. We could play MC we're not playing Snell. If you like McCarthy, we could do Altuve as a one off at second dude. Speaker 2 00:42:51 That's exactly what I built. Exactly what I built. I did Speaker 1 00:42:53 The Q a do. I mean you want a four man. LA Taylor ward fits into that spot. Ren GFO tr tiny ward. Speaker 2 00:43:00 Hey, what are your like let's let's just go over this real quick. Sure. Tall Alexander. Since the break 5 0 2 era seven of his 11 home runs 4 76 BBA. Since the break 1.67 home runs per nine. The sh strikeout rate is actually lower than his season. Average 12.1. Yeah. The xFi is bad and the fly balls are even elevated 42 and a half. Like there's 40% hard hit rate, dude. Let's just look. Our red Sox five man worked. Let's roll four man. Let's run for in Houston. Okay. Are or angels Speaker 1 00:43:35 Four man angels trying to see how my brain is running at the moment here. Speaker 2 00:43:40 And we have T so we have Altuve as a one off with Haas, a one off. And then the mini Abra Uru stack. Speaker 1 00:43:50 Yeah. I'm just playing around. I took out a Brau and put a tiny at first that gives 4,600 for an outfielder, which there's really nobody in that range, but Speaker 2 00:44:01 We didn't like it. We just, Speaker 1 00:44:02 Yeah, we didn't care for it. Speaker 2 00:44:04 It's that looks like it comes down to Brau versus Eloy Speaker 1 00:44:07 Here's so I guess here's if we moved Otani to first, we could you see me with Altuve? It's not a real connection. Cuz Altuve hits like first or second and Mancini hits what? Sixth in that Speaker 2 00:44:22 Line and then VA and then Vaughn with Andrews. Speaker 1 00:44:24 You could do Vaughn with Andrews. What if we did, what if we moved Ren GFO back to second, right? Yep. Put Machado in at third 4,400 for an outfielder pro profile. Do you like pro far? Speaker 2 00:44:41 I have. So what, how much do you wanna play the white Sox? Speaker 1 00:44:46 I don't really care to play the white Sox I guess like, because I don't, I don't mind them. It's a small slate. I think they have some good bats. We mentioned that Marco, this year righties actually have been a little bit better power-wise but I'm not in love with them, you know, Speaker 2 00:45:00 Because if we, so we do what you said tiny, Speaker 1 00:45:04 But I just think Andrew said 2,800 is just a good value at short. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:45:07 No great value. Great value. Because what I did was when we moved Otani to first, yeah. I then removed both outfield spots and we had 37 50 left with mat at third and I went Vaughn Pollock. Speaker 1 00:45:23 Okay. So you have trout Otani Ren GFO Speaker 2 00:45:26 Trout. Otani Ren GFO. Yeah. Three piece nugget with the white Sox. Andreas VA Pollock. And then one off Matata, one off Eric cost. Speaker 1 00:45:35 I kind of want to go four man LA though. Speaker 2 00:45:37 Okay. I do too. I, so if you want, Joe, Adele is also an option at 2300. Speaker 1 00:45:43 Would you play Adele over award? Speaker 2 00:45:45 No, but I was just, I was trying Speaker 1 00:45:47 To open to save the money, right? Speaker 2 00:45:49 Yeah. I was just seeing what the salary would be. I it's a tier that Speaker 1 00:45:53 5,200 for an outfielder. Speaker 2 00:45:56 Do I don't think we like this tier? I think like we're we feel more comfortable. So like if we went ward 31, we have 44. Speaker 1 00:46:05 Well is where we with pro far versus righties this year. Is he a better verse? Lefties or righties Speaker 2 00:46:09 Far is hitting 2 41 against varieties, but 3 29 WOBA let's check the ISO. He's been pretty good again please. 3 29 WOBA 11 home runs. So Speaker 1 00:46:23 Like, would you do a pro farm ma Chatto against his rookie there that Speaker 2 00:46:27 Don't yeah. 25 home runs in triple a, right? A lot of it's a lot of power. I don't hate that. I don't hate that. All Speaker 1 00:46:35 Right. So that the leading off Speaker 2 00:46:36 Still leading off did hit a home run two games ago. Maybe some signs of life, two multi hit games in his last four, right? Like, yeah. There's something cooking there. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:46:46 Something little who knows. And then like, obviously if, you know, if we need to pivot down, like I said, if you need more money, if you're not comfortable with that, you know, if se starts at 25, like I'd be fine spending down and saving some money on catcher. You know, we don't really have any money to go up. I think maybe in like a perfect world, Haas or Kelly against Hass against Alexander or against SW Kelly against Nell. Speaker 2 00:47:09 Kelly's probably shown more upside, but it's a tougher matchup. Yep. Speaker 1 00:47:14 I agree. I wish we had a little bit more money get to cow rally, but we don't, Speaker 2 00:47:17 Again, we have the option to even go down. Like we can go grand all if we wanted to go. Sure. Speaker 1 00:47:23 But that doesn't really get that. Doesn't really get us anywhere though. Speaker 2 00:47:26 It doesn't get us anything though. Right. Speaker 1 00:47:27 All right. I'm gonna stick with this then. We're gonna go. We're gonna roll Heni and hunter brown, right? Hunter brown. Yeah. Heney and hunter brown at pitcher Eric Hosha honey at catch first base red GFO. And Maido second, third base Elvis Andrews at short Mike trout, Taylor ward and JSON profile is the lineup that I'm gonna be running out here. Our lineups have been pretty good, James. Yeah, we've done pretty well. We listened the last time we did this video, we did the five man on my birthday for, for the red Sox. That lineup cashed Connor Wong. My boy, Homer for us there and at like 4% new bar Homer for us at the $3,100 and the five man red Sox stack came in a cashing format for us here. Let's see if we can keep the hot streak going with the video lineups. We, I find that we've actually had more success when the lineup we've made, hasn't had to be altered due to guys being out of the lineup. Speaker 1 00:48:18 <laugh> you know, when guys are out of the lineup, we have to change up our thought process. And then once that happens, the lineup ends up looking like nothing like we wanted to play, you know? So let's, uh, let's hope everybody's in the lineup and we'll stay happy with it, but that's where we're gonna run James again. Week one of the NFL season is we're here today. We're here, right? We are here. Yeah. Season starts Thursday. As you'll see at the bottom of our little graphic here, 50% off all pro access that is through the first six months of our month to month package use code NFL 50. And you basically get the first six months for about 20 bucks and it covers not only tire NFL season. It runs through the college football DFS, the rest of the MLB season about till the all star break for the NBA season, probably till the all star break of the NHL season, all the NASCAR, PGA's the winter swings at a startup. Speaker 1 00:49:06 Soon, you name it, we're covering it. E-sports MMA. It's all covered in this AllPro package there, which you'll save 50% off with promo code NFL 50 it's in the description of the podcast in of the live stream that you're watching. Here, you go to and take advantage of that. Now my gut feeling is after week one, that promo may be gone. Yep. Make sure you jump on it now. And probably the best part of everything. Not only to you get access to all of our DFS playbook content, you got access to our premium discord channel as well, where we're in there all day, answering your questions, helping you out. Start line questions starts at DFS, seasonal and DFS on Sunday for week one, myself and Andrew Cooper will be in there in the discord on live stream, answering your start sick questions. Live hard to do better than that. Speaker 1 00:49:52 Getting the advice of us during the NFL season week three last year, we had a millionaire winner millionaire. Mike he's in our discord. He'll tell you about it. Ask him he'll mention it. Uh, he won the $5 fan million contests in week three last year. So we know what we're doing. We'll be in there to help you guys have another successful season, not just in the NFL, but all sports as well. So you gotta take advantage of it. Finish promo code NFL 50 add checkout there 50% off the first six months, James man. Hope you have a good labor day. Any final thoughts for the people at home? Speaker 2 00:50:24 No, again, just what everything that John just reiterated football season is upon us. So take advantage of everything. We have a fancy alarm now and throughout the whole season and anything baseball related, we're still around 24 7 and you know, just get in the discord and ask questions. Let em construction, stacks, weather, whatever. We have a weather center, whatever you need, we're there for you. Speaker 1 00:50:47 All right. Amen. That's all right guys. Good luck. We'll out. We'll talk you tomorrow.

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