September 07, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 7: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 7: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast September 7: Top DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Plays

Sep 07 2022 | 00:25:59


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the MLB DFS slate for Wednesday September 7th for DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Yu Darvish against the Arizona Diamondbacks

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm lb DFS podcast with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:11 What's going on definition, John. I PEBA here with James Grande. Welcome back into the quick pitch lb DFS podcast and livestream recording here for Wednesday's six game main slate starting at 7:05 PM. Eastern on draft Kings. Wednesday is a split slate day. Draft Kings has a 3:00 PM, six gamer, 7:00 PM, six gamer. They've designated the 7:00 PM as their featured slate. So we're gonna be covering that one for today here, James six games. We talk about this a lot. Yep. Sometimes it's hit or miss, right? You look at the pitching slate today. Couple guys, we like couple guys. We really don't on a two pitcher slate. Like draft Kings are gonna be making some tougher decisions. Hopefully we can find the right value and roster construction here for the smaller slate. Speaker 2 00:00:53 Yeah. I mean, anytime you have a slate with six names over seven K, right. You're gonna have to take some shots or not, or you're gonna have to make a decision, whether you're double doing a double barrel pitcher or, you know, whatnot. So it's definitely gonna be an interesting approach and you guys will see how it plays out at the end when we, you know, construct our lineup. But yeah, it's definitely gonna be an interesting slate. I do like it though, like six games is, is very comfortable after 12. Well, I should say 11 games after the Yankees game was postponed. Which, Speaker 1 00:01:27 Which kinda we, we knew that I was gonna be, yeah, Speaker 2 00:01:30 We kind of expected if you listen to Tuesday's pod. So yeah, I mean, I'm ready. It's should be a fun little six gamer. Speaker 1 00:01:37 I agree. Let's get into it. Pitching Alec Manos at the top there against Baltimore on the road, pitchers park, Christian Javier at home against you Darvish draws the diamond backs. I feel like they've, he's faced them a bunch of times this year at 10 K and above tier right there. And I'll throw Jordan Montgomery in that range. Uh, Monty, not as sharp as he was, has he had been, but then last game, he turned it back around right against Elan. He struggled, he got the Cubs. We talked about it, just dominating the Cubs this year, six shut out innings, only four strikeouts, but now home left, ease against Washington. That's been the matchup for us. He $9,200. Speaker 2 00:02:11 Yeah. So this whole tier is interesting. I think Manoah it. Hasn't disappointed over his last couple starts after, you know, a rough patch. But I think we take that with a grain of salt Yankees, struggling angels stink are worse, bad until recently with trout coming back and then the pirates, right? Those are his last three starts. The two starts prior were against Baltimore and he kind of labored through each of those games. Nine fantasy points, 14 fantasy points obviously has a good start on his resume this year against Baltimore, six score listenings, but we know how potent they can be 10, five, you know, I think it's fine. Javier is another one where he like came out of the bullpen in that Baltimore game, right. That they ended up losing. And then five days later, they're just like, Hey man, get back out there there and throw a hundred pitches in a game. Like he is a wild card. He can strike out 13 and throw a no hitter and he can walk the bases loaded and be out in branding. So he's interesting. I think Darvish is probably the prized possession above 10 K. As you mentioned, they face each other three times this year at Dar in Arizona's two and oh one eight era sub 200 batting average against. And he's coming off of just dominant two hitter against the Dodgers of all of Speaker 1 00:03:29 All. Yeah. Last start against Arizona as well. Back in July 15th there seven innings, nine strikeouts, three earn runs allow. So not awful. Two home accounted for three of those earned. So dominating performance. And then obviously you mentioned Monty, how are you, uh, how do you rank those top four? Speaker 2 00:03:43 I'll go Darvish, Manoa, Montgomery have I think, I think you can interchange Monty and Manoa. I think you can make a case for like the $1,300 of savings if you want sure. Going from Manoa to Monty, but I think Darvish would be number one for me. Speaker 1 00:03:59 Yeah. I think you're agree there. And if we're do you know, spinning up double guys, I would go Darvish and Monte is my two because after that, I mean, I don't know. I mean, listen, creamer's been decent, right? He gets Toronto here. He faced Toronto earlier seven innings, two earned against them at home where he is in really good. 3, 1, 4, ER, it's just, you know, you don't often wanna test the waters against Toronto, not the way Bo Bette's playing right now. Another home run tonight, you know, and that often can always get going. Speaker 2 00:04:25 Yeah. What do we say about Bo Boche last night, John? It's like, he's gonna reel us all back in and take him in the first round. Yep. Based on what he's doing. Yeah. I think it's a scary proposition. Premierer has pitched well for straight starts of just decent baseball and that's including a start against Toronto. So like, I think you can go there, but it just fall. You just fall off a cliff after that. It does. There's a cl a cliff. Wouldn't you play Tommy Henry. I mean, the Padres are like, you know, Speaker 1 00:04:53 I mean, they just got shut out by a rookie the other day. So yeah. Speaker 2 00:04:56 They're just like, eh, right. Eh, Speaker 1 00:04:59 There's not a lot there that I want. I'll tell you that much. So I mean, this just kind of shows where I think we're gonna see a lot of consolidated roster ship, right? Like yep. You know, it's gonna be Montgomery and above and people are gonna figure out the bats, I think. Right. Okay. Because I don't see any of these other guys really getting any looks personally. Well, Speaker 2 00:05:17 You don't have to spend up for like, there's no like mic trout. You have to spend up on this lake and home runs every day. Speaker 1 00:05:24 Yeah, exactly. Let's who's the most expensive bats we're gonna see Houston, Toronto St. Louis, I guess Speaker 2 00:05:30 Louis. Yeah. You know? Speaker 1 00:05:31 Yep. So, alright. Let's go to catcher then. Where are we targeting the catcher position here? Spinning up. You could doesn't feel like a spot I want to go. Vasquez is 40. Is there anybody? If Y GOs maybe if he plays, you know, gets the 2200 lefty matchup against no, there's no Contreras. Right? So does Yon GOM start against Mike minor here? Speaker 2 00:05:51 Yeah, he might. He might. I mean, I know we like Monty, but T has been good. Yep. Speaker 1 00:05:57 Burke has been good. It's true. Speaker 2 00:05:58 It's probably on go it's you wanna, you know, play Ruman in that split. He is very good from the left side of the plate compared to the right side of the plate. He's having another good game on Tuesday, you know, Alejandro Kirk, if you're stacking blue Jayce, he's in the middle of that lineup. Yep. I don't hate that either. Right. So, Speaker 1 00:06:18 And catch is kind of a pit. I, Speaker 2 00:06:20 It is a wasteland. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:06:22 I don't wanna go cover cuz I like Monty too much. I feel like I might just punt you on go here. Assuming he plays by two for four. He is play. He played back Toback games a second. And the third he's got three game hitting sh streak going on. So yeah. I don't know what the Cubs have been doing with Higgins. Probably a catcher outside of that. Speaker 2 00:06:37 Yeah. They play him in first too. So like they're they can play Higgins. We can see GOs and Higgins in the lineup together. Speaker 1 00:06:45 Yeah. I'm trying to think. Who else are they playing at catcher right now. When did, when did Ferris go down? He went down. Uh, yes. Speaker 2 00:06:51 He went down today. Well, he's been hurt, but they play him on the IL retroactive to September 3rd. Cause Speaker 1 00:06:58 There's a three day gap between when last time YN played John GOs in the lab tonight for the cups go, he last played on the third. Speaker 2 00:07:04 He did. He is. Yeah. He started and Higgins did not. They started Reva at first. Okay. But Higgins pinch hit for Reva and went into first face. So Speaker 1 00:07:15 Yeah. So I, I think Yan can play tomorrow 2200 on a slate like this. We need to spend up at pitching. I'll gladly eat that, that zero. If it comes to it historically though he eat salty. Well, so first base, this is where we're gonna probably make some decisions. You got gold Schmidt, you got flatty at the very top there. Nate Lowe and Nathan fan, Lowe's been a guy that you and I have been a big fan of, you know, Javier had that wild stretch. And you know, now we have to wonder whether or not we're going to get, you know, which version of Javier shows up Speaker 2 00:07:45 Here. I don't, it's kind of why I rated him last because it's hard to predict, like it's hard to predict whether or not he's gonna throw strikes or not. You know, Nate Lowe doesn't he doesn't walk a lot, which is not the best, but he's been super consistent. I'm trying to look at the split for Javier. I don't imagine he's going to give up a lot of anything just considering how like good his numbers on the surface. Look outside the walks. But yeah. I mean, Nate low is starting to get interesting at the price tag. He should have probably been this price tag what like two months ago. Yeah. But we finally in the 4k, so yeah, I think he's fine. Still trying to, he is, let's see if there's a he's three for 15 off Javier. Javier has been good against both sides. Nate, low 14 of his home runs come against. Right. He's 3 48. Well, but yeah, I'll buy. Okay. I'll buy Speaker 1 00:08:39 Nalo. Any other value first baseman for you? Good. Smaller slate. Naer against cranky coming off an IO. You know, anything like Speaker 2 00:08:45 That? Yeah. Yeah. Nailer. I mean that's all nailer can do is hit righties coming off a couple good games in a row will Myers before he had that little neck injury that kept him out for a couple games. $3,300. He's notoriously been good against lefties. Tommy Henry got shelled. His last start. I wouldn't mind going to Myers if you're stacking blue Jays, man, Kevin visios been pretty good. I mean, you know, the proof is in the Putin, right? As like maybe other ones said three home runs over his last six games with a six game hitting streak there. And then, you know, I think we're gonna consistently mention pool host if he's in the lineup and we're gonna consistently mention Nick proto, if he's in the lineup, right. Both $2,700. I think they're both in play. Speaker 1 00:09:27 Yep. I agree with you a hundred percent there as well. Second base position, uh, Altuve Homer tonight is on fire RAs, a lefty here. We know how L L two V has hit lefthanded pitching, but again, over the last 10, not iconic tonight hitting 400 with 1100 ops. I like Jimenez talked about him tonight. I don't know how he ended up faring in his matchup, but $5,200 for him against cranky. You know, maybe a Cleveland stack against a returning cranky could be a contrarian play. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:09:54 It could be interesting. Andre Jimenez, John two for two, Hey two for two, two singles was caught stealing by the way. So an aggressive Andres Jimenez, but I mean, we know he's gonna, I mean, he's gonna end the year of 20, 20 guy probably the most unlikely 20, 20 guy of the year, right? Like most, at least unexpected 20, 20 player of the year. Yeah. So yeah, I love Hees and I think you're right. I think we could see an interesting guardian stack because they're not cheap. Like Hemenez is 52. Ramirez is gonna be a million dollars, like could be interesting, probably depressed ownership there on the guardians. I like he, I think L two a is gonna get all the love at this price point and Hemenez is just gonna go fall by the wayside. Yep. Speaker 1 00:10:36 Mid-tier guys, who are we? Do we liking any of these players? Speaker 2 00:10:40 Yeah. Jonathan, India's been rolling lately hitting over 400. He's been better against right-handers this year. Yep. It's obviously something to monitor about Chicago and its wins. Like we don't know how that's gonna fair. So I think India Corona, war's been really good against lefties this year, which I find interesting. So you can run K worth, you're running a Cardinal stack, you know, LAN Gorman. Speaker 1 00:11:03 When you go back to Henderson at 33 Speaker 2 00:11:05 And Speaker 1 00:11:06 Then he forum tonight, obviously. Speaker 2 00:11:07 Yeah. I think, you know, he gets on and steals base and scores. We've talked about this a whole bunch it's you know, gets us how many fan points gets 10 fantasy points. So sure. I think that's definitely in play. So 3,300 man, like he's 3,300. He gives us multi-position eligibility and like Manoah has been good, but he hasn't been like flawless. He sure he's struggled with the Orioles last two times they've he's faced them so right. Yeah. I would go back to the well Speaker 1 00:11:35 There and then he mentioned Cav Biggio in the run that he has been, you know, home runs galore for him of late Homer in 3 0 5 RBIS. Got a nice little hit streak going 3101st and second base eligibility for him. Yep. Speaker 2 00:11:47 A for sure. Especially if you're playing the blue Jay and it helps that you could play him at second because then you could play VLA and you could play whoever you want. I will. I'll just, I'm just gonna say this name and we can move on. Sure. I expect Nick magical to lead off for the Cubs. Yeah. And it's Mike minor. So not that I think Nick magical is like amazing, but he has a bunch of like multi hit games since returning. And I don't think there's like a ceiling necessarily, but I think he has three hits in his bag. Right. If you're playing a Cub sack that you know, I don't hate that at all. Speaker 1 00:12:21 Sure. I think that's fair. Let's go on over to third base here. Ramirez Anado Machado wit Bregman Chapman all over 5k. Speaker 2 00:12:29 Oh, Jose Ramirez I think is elite against cranky. I'm gonna let's see what our BV there's a, there has gotta be a lot of BBP there between those two guys. Yeah. So I think Ramirez is in an elite spot and Jose Ramirez is only three for 11. I guess I'm thinking of like cranky of old when he was in on the Royals. Like when, before he started moving teams every year. Right. So Ramirez is, I think is in play in your guardian stack. I think Anato we talk about all the time. I mean, just so underrated underappreciated against righties, right. Compared to what he is against lefties shadow. I think in tournaments has been really good except for the time we play him. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:13:10 Pretty Speaker 2 00:13:10 Much. No one's gonna play the Royals. If you wanna go there S Homer again tonight mentioned prodo cheap. I mean 5,800 for what's craziness. Yeah. That's just bad shit. Braman, I think is fine. 56, right? That's not bad. Speaker 1 00:13:24 No, again, we would like them better against righties, but I mean, if you're just looking for anything upside on this slate, you know, it could be there Speaker 2 00:13:30 And I don't, I know match happens. The forgotten guy know there's home or upside. And I know I'm gonna Speaker 1 00:13:35 Not the park, not the matchup firm. Speaker 2 00:13:37 Yeah. I doesn't it feel like it's just not, I don't think this is the play and I know we've this is the home run spot for Matt Chapman. Right. Gonna get a home Speaker 1 00:13:45 Run because 2%, no one's on him. Oh, he's got a Homer. Is there anybody else though? In the mid tail we mentioned Henderson already, you know, has that second, third base eligibility. Maybe that's a spot where we just play Henderson and third, if we're not spending up, because I'm looking at the rest of this, you know, this, this position and I just, our usual guys aren't here. So, you know, Hendo or spend up, it feels like for me. Oh, you know, and like you mentioned, we don't have trout who, a Homer again tonight. So like, you know, it's just, you know, the spend up on, so like you, we gotta be spending up on third base. Speaker 2 00:14:18 What about, so the Astros have this dude David Hensley and I don't know, he's still on the team. He's been pretty good. If you look at his numbers sure. Hits in three of his last four, two of those multi hit games, two doubles, two RBIS. Yep. Maybe there, Speaker 1 00:14:36 If somebody left, somebody's not on, it seems like if somebody's not in the lineup, he's the one that finds his way into the lineup. So Speaker 2 00:14:42 Yeah. I Speaker 1 00:14:42 Mean it, you know what, it could be an O you know, one of those like travel days or something, you know, this is the end of the series, I think, against Texas. So maybe someone gets a day off before the weekend, before you know, Thursday's off. You know, I Speaker 2 00:14:53 Don't, I mean, I don't like, we're not gonna play him in our example because we're just that's Speaker 1 00:14:59 Yeah. We Speaker 2 00:14:59 Don't volatile. It's too vital. Yeah. And like, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't, if he's in Nashville lineup against RAs, like I would probably agree. Explore it. Speaker 1 00:15:08 Shortstop. Do we just play? Bobba she at this point? Yeah. Right. Yeah. Hi home again. He had three home runs yesterday, Homer again, tonight. So, and Speaker 2 00:15:17 Multi hit games, racking. Like he's just on otherworldly. Good right now. Speaker 1 00:15:21 Right? I mean, you don't, you just play these guys. Yep, Speaker 2 00:15:24 Sure. Speaker 1 00:15:25 Just, you know, when they go cold, but you know, it's like, we've been playing Xander, right? Like you just play Xander's two plus hits every night. RBIS, UNS scored. It's it makes no sense not to Speaker 2 00:15:34 That tonight, John. Yeah. Is a triple away from the cycle. Yeah. We're in the, we're in the seventh inning. Yeah. He's a triple away from, so he's gonna get another at bat Speaker 1 00:15:42 Too. Yeah. Yeah. You just play these guys when they're this hot. So that's prob, but that's probably close to be just being a lock in here for us. Agreed. Cause I don't know where else we would go again at shortstop. I mean short Seager against Javier Edmond. Not really a spot I want to be at. Like, I don't know that any of these guys make sense for you. Speaker 2 00:15:59 SSI on Kim against a lefty, I think would be in play. I think San Diego, I think I've been putting too much stock in San Diego lately, for sure. True. And I think you're definitely like pumping the brakes on that more than I have, but Speaker 1 00:16:11 Just been how many times have we played them and they just Speaker 2 00:16:14 That's so disappointing. That's where I'm at. I, I mean other, I don't know who else to play at this position. It's awful. Just lock and Bo just lock and Bette. The only problem we're gonna run into is like, he is basically going to be our, I don't know if our only spend up because we're not spending up or we're not spending down a picture. Sure. You know, John, I got somebody. Okay. I know Nico. Horner's been bad, but he's hitting, still hitting in the middle of that lineup and gets left. Okay. So maybe some Nico Horner, $3,500. Okay. I don't hate that. I don't hate that, but I'm also perfectly fine if you're like, Speaker 1 00:16:48 I'm just locking in Bette Speaker 2 00:16:49 Or yeah. Locking. We're gonna go there. I think the value though, Nico Horner hitting 3 0 7 against lefty Speaker 1 00:16:54 This year. Yep. All outfield Y on, against a lefty and Reagan Springer against creamer at 57 Sodo against a lefty. 8 56. Tyler O'Neal is at 5,500 vial. Garcia is at 54, said Mullins 53 Tuckers. 50 Speaker 2 00:17:08 Dules. But yeah. Speaker 1 00:17:09 Oh, what did I say? Visia sorry. Bo Garcia. Garcia. Regardless. Not worthy of being 5,400. Oh no. Of the 5k above guys. Sodo Springer Alvarez are probably the only true 5k hitters on that lineup Speaker 2 00:17:22 Of the 5k guys. Yeah. Probably like Kyle Tucker when he is going good. Cuz he can steal bases too. He's two, he has two steals on Tuesday. Get 'em into 2020 club. Yeah. But I largely agree that there, but like would you, is this a Soto spot? I don't know. Five for his last 35. Speaker 1 00:17:41 I mean, Speaker 2 00:17:42 Who's the guy in this tier. I know Springer, is it Springer, but he's and we've, he's fallen off a cliff and creamer's been good. Who's the guy. Is it just, and technically we don't need to go here because we're not gonna have the money to anyway. Speaker 1 00:17:57 That's what I'm saying. Like I don't, that's what I'm saying. Like, I don't know if spending up, but like when we go down, I don't really feel like, I mean profile 42. Manini at 41. I think we we're okay with Speaker 2 00:18:07 Yeah, I think, yeah. That's Speaker 1 00:18:09 Fine. Know those are fine. We were playing officer Gonzalez for a bit, you know, but he is cooled off. Speaker 2 00:18:15 He does hit, right? He's better. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:18:16 New bar will lead off at 35 McCarthy, 35 against Darvish. Speaker 2 00:18:21 I think the, I think we could probably lock in Newt, right? 35 Speaker 1 00:18:25 Lock in new at 35. I'm fine with that. That's do we just stack cards here Speaker 2 00:18:29 We might. Cuz we might also be able to play Brendan Donovan 28. He homered tonight. Right? He's hitting second for the cards every day. I think the cubbies are interesting stack here. John Fran mill 26. I what did we say last night? I said, Speaker 1 00:18:44 As I mentioned Fran, last night, I said he's cheap. Speaker 2 00:18:46 I think both of us, we gave the Cubs a little love at the end of the pod. I mentioned half he's, 38 going against Mike minor. Fran mill 26, Speaker 1 00:18:54 Highly Wayne gets a lefty for like the fourth time in five days basically. Speaker 2 00:18:58 Well he will, Speaker 1 00:18:59 He does have at least one hit tonight. I don't know what he is. Got going else. Other other than that, but he Speaker 2 00:19:03 One for threes. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:19:04 So, and he could be obviously the, a spend down. We do like I, I wrote out the sat today in discord, right on the road against lefties this year lane Thomas better against lefties this year, his batting average and ops on the road is better than it is when he is at home. And then when you combine those two lefties on the road lane, Thomas and 79 at bats, three 10 with an eight 90 ops, not iconic. Tonight's one. So I mean again, is it a good hitting environment in St. Louis? No, not really. Not really. It's more of a pitchers park generally, but I don't know Montgomery. He's gotta come down a little bit. Maybe like, you know, so Thomas is gonna lead off. If you wanna go different, you know, everybody's playing Montgomery, Wayne Thomas is a one off, I don't know is a value play could be something there. Speaker 2 00:19:48 I agree. No, I agree. But we've both kind of touted, um, lane Thomas, a bunch lately and for good reason, he's leading off. Yeah. You know? Speaker 1 00:19:57 Yep. Dicker sent at 25. Did you mention that? Think it's right? Speaker 2 00:20:00 Nope. I haven't. But he is been super good. Two for three again tonight. Yep. Speaker 1 00:20:03 Yep. So there's definitely some value with the Cardinals. You know, there's not much, I gotta, Speaker 2 00:20:08 You know, I gotta a value play for you. Okay. Chas McCormick, 2,600 against Cole Reagans. And I bring em up Chas McCormick this year against lefties giants. Yeah. 87 at bad sample five home runs 3 45, average 4 33. Well, those are monster numbers. Speaker 1 00:20:27 True. Those seem pretty good. Cole Speaker 2 00:20:29 Reagans nine, 10 ops against righties 3 89. Wobo against righties. Speaker 1 00:20:33 Okay. Speaker 2 00:20:33 Be pretty good. Split advantage for McCormick there. Oh, Speaker 1 00:20:36 Okay. Okay. I can get behind it. I can get behind. Interesting. All right. Give me your, gimme the home run. Call on this. Speaker 2 00:20:43 Well, I can't go try for a third day or I'd be three for three. That's true. Speaker 1 00:20:47 Too bad. There's no angels on the slate again tonight. Cuz they've hit three home runs tonight. But if two of them are bottom of the lineup guys, so nobody that you would've been playing anyways, if you would to have, if you were to happen to four stack the angels tonight, it didn't play Mike for you Speaker 2 00:21:01 Would to happened. Yeah. Yeah. If you happened to play him, Speaker 1 00:21:03 Would've stacked them. And you know, you may have mentioned Joe Dell, but like you didn't play Joe Adel, you played Taylor ward instead, you know, who Speaker 2 00:21:10 Would ever do that would ever do. I will go. I'm gonna go. Tuve okay. At home against Cole Reagans. I think that they're gonna get to this youngster here. Speaker 1 00:21:18 I'm gonna go with AAO. Speaker 2 00:21:20 That's good. That's a good one. Speaker 1 00:21:21 AAO is my home run call. Speaker 2 00:21:22 So really good one Speaker 1 00:21:24 Building the lineup we're putting in Montgomery. Yep. And we're putting in Darvish. Speaker 2 00:21:28 Yeah. I would say Monty and Darvish. It's good's Speaker 1 00:21:31 Good. Start. That's 3,600 a player with Bechet and Newbar already locked in. Uh, we identified the punt catcher that we liked in Jan Gomes at 2200. Correct. So that's $3,900 a player. We want gunner Henderson. I think it's second. Right? Or did we a Speaker 2 00:21:48 Better value? It was, it was third, Speaker 1 00:21:49 But he's got dual eligibility. Speaker 2 00:21:51 Cause the third was terrible. Speaker 1 00:21:53 Third. We would, well, if we went the Cardinal stack, we would have, we would play our Nado. Speaker 2 00:21:58 Well, if we do Cardinal stack, Brendan Donovan, 2,800 at second base, true Speaker 1 00:22:02 2,800 Donovan at second in Speaker 2 00:22:04 A much better spot than gunner. I obviously, I think we're both aware that gunner Henderson is the premier talent in that of the two. But Speaker 1 00:22:13 The problem we run into, I guess is if we do well, I guess we could maybe get rid of new bar and go to Dickerson. So I Speaker 2 00:22:22 Think that's a good one. I think that's a good one because Dickerson has just been nails like Speaker 1 00:22:28 Every so if we go Jan, go Paul Goldschmidt, Brenda Donovan Nolan. Anado there's three Cub, three Cardinals in a row Bette at short Dickerson in the outfield. We have two outfielders at $2,600 a piece. Speaker 2 00:22:43 Well Jasmine McCormick. Speaker 1 00:22:45 Okay. Chad McCormick, Speaker 2 00:22:47 Right? I mean, yeah. Speaker 1 00:22:48 You read the numbers and then is that Fran mill? It's frame mill 26. Speaker 2 00:22:52 I think Fran mill 2,600. Well it's lane Thomas it's Fran mill. It's Fran Speaker 1 00:22:58 Mill. Do you want lane against our own picture though? Speaker 2 00:23:01 No, I would. No that's I think that's, I'm just kind of diving into the like Fran mill point that like we're using Montgomery and then you look at the rest of the position. I just don't see it. Speaker 1 00:23:13 So that would also give us a little bit of a Cub stack with Speaker 2 00:23:16 Nope. And then two one-offs. Speaker 1 00:23:17 Yeah, with two one-offs. So our lineup Jordan Montgomery, U Darvish, Jan Gomes at catcher, Paul Goldschmidt, BR Donovan Nolan, our I at first second, third Bobba she is a one-off at short Corey Dickerson, Chaz Cornick fanmi rays in the outfield. So that is our lineup. Again, feel free to get us and discord. If you have any questions for the early slate, main slate playbook will be out covering the 7 0 5. 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I think that's the best way to, to phrase it right John? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:25:29 It's Speaker 2 00:25:29 Just, I'm sorry, because it's just, Speaker 1 00:25:30 It's a really good deal. Speaker 2 00:25:31 It's a great deal Speaker 1 00:25:32 For 20 bucks a month. You're getting access to everything we have. So how do you be Speaker 2 00:25:36 Every sport? If you're a DFS player, if you're a seat, like just, there's just no better value on the market right now. Speaker 1 00:25:44 Yep. I agree with you. There're a hundred percent on that. So that's what we got six games here on a Wednesday, James and I will catch you guys later.

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