July 07, 2022


Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast - Top Priced Pitching, Jordan Lyles Dart Throw & Stacking In Arizona

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James Grande Jon Impemba
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast - Top Priced Pitching, Jordan Lyles Dart Throw & Stacking In Arizona
MLB DFS Quick Pitch Podcast
Quick Pitch MLB DFS Podcast - Top Priced Pitching, Jordan Lyles Dart Throw & Stacking In Arizona

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Jon Impemba and James Grande preview Thursday's MLB DFS main slate on DraftKings FanDuel and Yahoo.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and John, you're listening to the fantasy alarm, lb DFS podcast with host John IBA and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:11 What is going on a nation, John at PBA here with James Grande. This is the quick pitch lb DFS podcast recording here for Thursdays 10 gamer on draft Kings. Is that nine games on fan Dal games? That what we're rocking on over there to get a little, Speaker 2 00:00:24 Yeah, I'm pulling Speaker 1 00:00:25 Up D different inclusions of games. Speaker 2 00:00:27 They don't, they never include a fan. Yeah. They never include the double header. Same with FAL FALs or rather they have nine game. They never include the double header. So the Cincinnati Pittsburgh game that we're gonna talk about a lot is not on the fan nor the, yeah, obviously Speaker 1 00:00:44 Unfortunate because it's in Cincinnati and it's a, obviously a great hitters environment there. We got a couple games with weather to look at nothing overly concerning yet, but as we always say, make sure you're monitor. As we head into roster lock, we do have the angels in Baltimore, potential rain in the area that Pittsburgh Cincinnati game, like we mentioned rain in the area, unsure yet. If it's gonna actually impact that game, it's something to watch St. Louis Atlanta, it's Atlanta in the summer, always an opportunity for rain to pop up there. So pop up thunderstorms a possibility. And then we have Detroit Chicago, again, gonna be some rain in Chicago, but it may or may not impact that game for recording here at 10 30 in the morning. So a be on lookout around seven. See if any of that has changed before you lock in your lineups. Speaker 1 00:01:28 That being said, James, why don't we get into pitching? And you and I were talking a little bit before we hit the record button this morning about the ongoing conversation in our discord. Hey, if you're listening, you're not in our discord. And you're, you are remember of fantasy alarm and you have the B DFS subscription or any of those subscription packages. Make sure you join the DFS alarm and fantasy salon. Discords we're in there. James Grande, Pete Cole, Justin Reland, myself, Ray, Coon, Colby, Conway, like we're having these conversations, flushing out these ideas with you. And this morning was kind of the topic of the recent struggles of these past couple slates and some of the top pitchers and strategies of going against the truck and when to play the truck. And I think it's a good time. We do touch on strategy every now and then we don't just dive right in to the slates. Speaker 1 00:02:11 And I think now is a good opportunity to discuss the different ways to go about attacking, attacking good truck, attacking bad truck is something we talk a lot about during the NBA season. And last night was an indication of that, where you looked at some of the top roster, pitchers, Noah, Christian, Javier, Brian BEO, Louis Severino, kind of the top four guys and ownership last night. And for the most part, all at Severino underperformed, and even Severino underperformed in a sense that the strike weren't there. And if you look at these, the winning lineups, so the GPP winners, they largely were stacking against those pitchers or at least one of those pitchers. And we talk about the strategy, the long term success of paying up for chalk or going up against chalk. James, why don't you touch a little bit upon the conversation that started and we'll, we'll briefly touch upon, I think, different ways that we can approach this. Speaker 2 00:02:58 Yeah, so basically one of our very loyal long term subs, Ravens purple shout out to you, Ravens just kind of brought up a, his approach. And he basically said how the chalk pitch have let us down this week. And there's no doubt. Luis Garcia struggled, even though he was one of the top scoring pitchers on went Tuesday, he did struggle. He let a home, a bunch of home runs to the Royals and then same thing, kind of the chalk pitchers again on Thursday. Let us down, as you mentioned, and Raven's basically said he, he is gonna start stacking against chalk pitchers. And I think there's multiple ways to approach that one being, I agree in a sense when there is a picture unproven, for example, Brian Bella, last night, John and I talked very extensively about him yesterday and how highly touted of a prospect he is. Speaker 2 00:03:50 But the thing about it was that we also touched upon is that it was his debut and we don't know how guys are going to fair when they make their major league debuts. It's just a matter of fact, we've seen a bunch of top prospects this year, add the Ruman, get off to a slow start. Jared ke Nick last year. So much so that he got sent down and same again this year. And we just don't have the answers right out of the gate for these guys. So in that sense, I do agree it is profitable at times to stack against them, but stacking against top flight arms when their chalk is definitely less profitable, long term than using them because Aaron NOLA or let's take Christian Javier last night as an example, yes, he struggled. But look at the starts prior, look at his overall body of work this year long term using Christian Javier this year has been more successful than stacking against. So I think there's two sides to that coin. I think we need to be more me be more diligent with our stacking when we're attacking chalk, when to play it and when to not play it. And I think stacking against it is better in situations when there's a guy like Brian bellow on the mountain versus a Severno or a Nolo or a top flight arm such as those three last night. Speaker 1 00:05:03 Yeah. So I think the approach here is more so when you're playing GS, it's more viable to stack against the truck pitching when you're in cash games, James, you know, you said last night cash game pay line was like 55 fancy games. Yeah. And that's because Aaron Nolo or Javier or Severino or BEO they were, if you didn't have them, like the majority of the field, like them, them struggling. Wasn't the issue because you were just moving with the field there in cash games in GS. And this is where I think the strategy differs a little bit. The goal is to obviously be in the, that top, like 5%. One way to be in the top 5% is to stack against the truck. Now, obviously in this case, if you went ahead and you look at some of the top lineups there, a lot of them included the rays. Speaker 1 00:05:44 Why? Because 30% of the field played Brian Bao last night. So if you're now stacking against Bao with the Tampa bay rays and you see Randy Rose, Rena and Yandy Diaz, and those guys have big nights, you're, you're jumping over 30% of the field who are losing points every time those guys go ahead and score long term, is that a, a percentage, a high percentage play? Most likely, no, but if you're playing multiple lineups or even if you're playing just two lineups, it always makes sense to just be different. And if you identify, like we kind of did, all right, everybody's playing NOLA, everybody's playing be, everybody's playing Harvey and everybody's gonna play BEO stacking against them with different lineup stacks. And then having a night like, like last night happened, then you're more likely to at least cash on that day. So you have a higher potential ceiling. Speaker 1 00:06:32 If you're stacking against truck and truck fails of having a big night. But like James says, the last two starts for Javier. He had 14 innings and 35 strikeouts, right? Like 28 strikeouts. I think it was Aaron. Noel has given you 30 plus fancy points in three of the previous five games, you know, traditionally sacking against them. Isn't gonna be a long term successful play. But if you do it every so often when you're playing multiple lineups, there are gonna be nights where they struggle. And that's when that lineup's gonna hit. So I don't think every night you should go into it. It's like all those, the bad pictures are struggling right now. My main lineup is gonna be stacking against them. You're probably gonna lose, but if you make two lineups and you make one kind of a, as our playbook leads out, or as the advice that we give out to sort of mix and match, play some of the chalk go about it. Speaker 1 00:07:15 And then your second line is gonna be your contrarian line. You're stacking against Garrett Cole tonight with the red Sox. You're stacking against Tony Goslin with the Cubs tonight. And then those guys struggle. Now you probably have a leg up on the field. And while that first line may not be as, as great, your second lineup has a better odds of cashing. So that's kind of how I would approach it. And cash games, you should always really be running with the chalk because if they do have a good night, you're against 80% of the field, you'll never make money in GPP. If you wanna go ahead and be different, I suggest doing two lineups or at least understand the lost cost of making a single lineup against the chalk. More often, the nod, the chalk isn't gonna completely fail. Now hitting chalk versus pitching track is different. Speaker 1 00:07:55 The best hitters go one for three. We talk about that all the time. If you wanna fade Mike trout on a night where he is, got a great matchup, a little bit more viable because of the, his best odd or that he goes one for three last night, college warper was like 28%. He hit two home runs. That's you're gonna live with that. That's just kind of the unluck of the game around those games. He has a bunch of O for four. So the hitting's a little bit different attacking the truck pitching is a different strategy. So that's kind of how I'll end my piece there. Of course, we're always in discord to talk about these things. So don't be shy, ask your questions and we'll be available to, to help you out. So with that being said, tonight's top price pitchers. We have Gar Cole in Boston. We have Dylan cease at home against Detroit. We get Joe Musker at home against San Francisco and we have Tony Golin at home against the Cubs. That's your nine K and above tier over on draftings. Speaker 2 00:08:45 I like 'em all. I like each one of these guys. Obviously Gary Cole has not had much success against Boston, but he's been extremely consistently 21 plus fantasy points in four straight games, including 36. And if you wanna date it back to, we could date it back all the way to April 24th. He's only failed to give us 20 fantasy points once. And it was a start against Minnesota where he got chilled and that happens every so often for Gary Cole, but he's largely been awesome this year. So I like him, but I think Dylan cease is gonna be the chalk against Detroit. Just Detroit's been dreadful against right-handed pitching this year. Dylan sees has massive upside in terms of strikeout. So we just saw 11 and 13 back to back before the San Francisco start guy just throws a lot of pitches and he only got through five innings against San Francisco that obviously hurt. But the upside is tremendous. He's already beat Detroit twice this year, John and average 26 fantasy points over that span. It's Speaker 1 00:09:40 Just, it's so annoying. He's only hit five innings. Speaker 2 00:09:42 Yep. <laugh> yep. Yeah. Very annoying. But 16 strikeouts in 10 in 10 innings against Detroit just shows you the upside that he has. Again, he just because he's a strikeout arm and because he does walk a lot of guys, his pitch counts get up there very fast. He has gone seven innings twice this year in 16 starts. So like, you kind of live with it, but he makes up quarter. Speaker 1 00:10:06 You probably can't play him on fando then because you're not getting the quality start bonus, Speaker 2 00:10:11 I guess. Well, let's see. I mean, he's had a 67 fantasy point night on Fandel a 64 fantasy. Speaker 1 00:10:18 Those, those are the games where he did go six though, right? Speaker 2 00:10:20 Yeah. He's had two quality starts. He's had, uh, yeah. I mean, he's definitely profiles better as the draftings play. Speaker 1 00:10:27 I mean, cuz he is not giving up a lot of hits or runs generally anyways. So like you're not getting killed on fan on draftings there. He does walk a lot of guys, which is where you do get hit a bit. I mean, I guess he's, I mean you can obviously use them on all formats. Right. And he does at least have a long pitch count leash. Right? Like they let him throw 105 pitches generally. Like every, Speaker 2 00:10:48 Yeah, every start, Speaker 1 00:10:49 Like in that average ballpark or 1 10, 1 0 8 1 0 1, 1 0 1, 1 0 4. So in a match like this, you would hope that maybe he gets a little bit better luck. I'm trying to see did he fit? So I guess maybe the other thing to look at here, again, even the home road splits don't look great for him either. I mean 1 7 70 on the road, what 3 0 4 era at home's fine. But both of his starts have been in Detroit. Now he is home against Detroit. Maybe he pitches deeper. Like his last two quality starts have both been at, he had a home quality start against Chicago home seven innings. So look okay. So yeah, I'll just use this as an example. He's only pitched six or more innings at home this season. Speaker 2 00:11:30 Interesting. Speaker 1 00:11:30 So if we're looking for any reason to think that there's quality startup side, all four of his games where he's or five of his games will just pitch at least six innings this year ever been at home. Speaker 2 00:11:39 I think I'm okay with CSUN Fandel and really all formats. Just that's fine. Detroit's just so they're just so bad against right. They're 29th and ops 29th in WOBA 24% Speaker 1 00:11:49 Credits make up for him not getting equality start, but like you obviously would like to get, get the extra like three points or whatever it is to get before quality starts there because he does. I mean, Cole, we know can get high up there in strikeouts. This just isn't a great matchup for him to do so. So cease likely has cease. And then I guess you'll say Spencer stride are the, have the two highest strikeout upsides on this slate. Speaker 2 00:12:12 Yeah, that is probably true. Look, I will always, I think that Gary Cole can strike anybody out. And I agree with you that this is obviously a tougher matchup, but I will never put it past Gary Cole to have like a 10 strikeout game. Sure. He's just been that good for so long, but I largely agree. Like I think cease has the most strike got upset on the slate. Spencer Schreder has shown it a bunch. I think Musk Grove has some sneaky strikeout upside here, John. He had 10 strikeouts against the Dodgers and the giants are like not good right now. Like they're not good in any capacity. And they let's see the strikeout rate over the last week. They've struck out 23.3% of the time. So I think there's strikeout right with Musk Grove. He has outside of the one strikeout game in Philly against Philly, which is super weird, 10, nine and eight to three starts around it. So I think Musk Grove has sneaky double digit strikeout upside. Speaker 1 00:13:05 That's your top tier guys and we're going in the under nine K range. You have web against San Diego. You have stride or home against St. Louis in that eight. Can we have Winkowski against the Yankees? We have Marco Gonzalez against Toronto. Briski is 70 to a hundred against Chicago. We talked about this after that top grouping basically once you get below stride, it is dark throws for value today. Speaker 2 00:13:31 Yep. I don't know if I wanna play anyone below Spencer tore here, honestly. So I think Logan Webb's firmly in play. If you wanna play him as your SSP two, I think he's fine. San Diego's offense is not good right now, 29th and ops over our last two weeks Speaker 1 00:13:46 And not having Maido hitting right now is Speaker 2 00:13:48 Yeah. Yeah. They're just not a good offense right now. So, and Webb has eight innings of one run baseball against him on, on his ledger this year. So I like Logan web. I like Spencer Schreder, strikeout upside. I know it's St. Louis. I know there's weather, but in two of his last four starts, he's given us 11 strikeouts, three of four. He is given us seven or more or four of five. I mean, this guy just strikes people out, like at high clip, you tell me who your throw is. I know who it's gonna be. And I don't disagree with you. It might be the only picture, honestly, I'd be willing to use because Los Angeles angels have a 40% carry over the last week. Speaker 1 00:14:27 Yeah. So I will, this may be the only time I've ever uttered this man's name as a recommendation in my life Speaker 2 00:14:33 To not stack against Speaker 1 00:14:34 It, to not stack against. Yeah. And you probably should stack against him tonight too, but Jordan Lyles, right? Like we've been just looking at the angels and we've been going at for better or for worse basically. And it continues that they just have a crazy high strikeout rate. The last 30 days against right-handed pitching 31.1%. That's about 6% higher than the next team. Like they just strike out so much. You mentioned the last seven days is 40%. The last two weeks is 31.4%. And it's not even as if like they're striking up, but they're hitting like the Braves Braves strike out a ton, but they also just barrel the baseball. Right. They put up a bunch of runs Speaker 2 00:15:13 One or the other. Yeah. They're barreling or they're striking out Speaker 1 00:15:15 The angels. Aren't that they have a 1 93 batting average with a 2 55 WOA against right-handed pitching the last two weeks. The last month. It's a two 16 average where a 2 85 WOA on the season, right on the season 2 30, 2 average we're to 3 0 6. Like if they're not a good hitting offense, for whatever reason after you get past, I guess trout Otani ward Walsh, right? Like Speaker 2 00:15:41 That's yeah. After Walsh, who's not even having a great season overall. Speaker 1 00:15:43 Right? You, you hit like a quad, a lineup basically. And guys and pitchers have been able to navigate through that. Now we've also seen plenty of games where it's like, the angels are down 10, four, and trout hit a home run. O's got two bombs. So the starting pitcher against them, like it was giving up runs, but the angels are losing games and the rest of their teams doing nothing but tr Oton are doing the damage. So that being said, Jordan Lyles and his last start six and a third one earned seven strikeouts in Minnesota. Pretty tough offense right now. Yep. Pitch really well at Chicago, seven innings four runs four strikeouts, not a terrible start against the going in Chicago. Start before that against Washington six and a third, two earned four strikeouts start before that against Toronto five and a third four. Earn not great, but in Toronto seven strikeouts in that game, 17 fantasy points there. I mean Speaker 2 00:16:39 Double dig, fantasy points in four Speaker 1 00:16:41 Street. He's $6,900. He's been on the road in three of the last four starts for him this year, his home ER, in six games this season 2.92. I don't want to play Jordan Lys almost ever. But if there was a time to maybe throw the dart, maybe throw the dart, it would be today against you Speaker 2 00:17:01 See the home run splits too for Jordan Speaker 1 00:17:03 Lys. Yeah, dude. Well they Speaker 2 00:17:04 All 12 on the road, Speaker 1 00:17:05 They change the ballpark, right? Like it's, it's a deeper alley now in, in Camden yards to that down the, uh, left field line there. So 12 hole runs on the road. It's hilarious. Cause that's all I'm saying. There's a case to be made for Jordan Lyles today. I feel gross saying, but that's my piece there. Speaker 2 00:17:21 I mean, I don't have really anything to add because I look when Kass's been good. Not gonna play him against the Yankees, Marco Gonzalez. I like playing Marco Gonzalez for whatever reason. And he's kind of been okay. He pitched well Speaker 1 00:17:34 Against Toronto already this year. Speaker 2 00:17:36 Not gonna play him against Toronto this time Toronto's been hitting lefties. Well this year. Oh Brisky, no shot. Matthew. Levator the, I mean the Braves have like one of the highest run totals of the day. They're it's like 95 degrees in Atlanta tonight. The ball's gonna be flying outta that part. Speaker 1 00:17:52 They're also a top five offense against lefties, Speaker 2 00:17:54 Right? No shot Trevor Williams. No, thanks. He's been bad. And his pitch, count's kind of down mark, mark lighter. I mean his most pitches he's thrown into since April is 72 or 64 since April. So he's not stretch out. And he gets the Dodgers. We scoffed when we saw the Gober Kiel matchup and the numbers that they have this year, chase SI getting called up he's was very bad in his final, like three starts and no surprise. He hadn't pitched above double a coming into this year. Like Speaker 1 00:18:24 He called him out there. Like good luck, sir. Speaker 2 00:18:26 Yeah. Like the, the Marlins are starting a lefty that doesn't strike anyone else. So Speaker 1 00:18:30 I will say this on that one. I will say this on that one. He did face them already. Two starts ago. Seven things, two earned fair. They're in Miami and over the last 30 days, sorry they're in New York over the last 30 days. Again, just we're trying to find any sample sizes to play these guys last 30 days, the Mets ranked 24th and batting average. And they rank 26th and WOBA against lefthanded pitching. So he had some success in, sorry. He had some success against him. Already. Home runs have probably been the reason for some of the trouble that he is been in. Like one earned two earned, four earned his last three starts. He had a six and two third shut out against Philadelphia already this year. So 15 or more fantasy points than three of the last four, six cake. All right. I think there's, I think that again on a slate like today, you don't need to go. You don't need to go value, but if you're looking for value, I think Castano could be a worth a look. The numbers are there, right? Like you're just looking for, you're looking for the reasons to maybe play a guy. And if you're looking for a reasons like recent success, good splits right now, lefties verse lefty pitches versus the Mets. Like those type Speaker 2 00:19:41 Of things. What does Seattle's offense look like right now? Cause they, the blue Jays are starting a guy who's $4,000. I'm just wondering $4,000. Speaker 1 00:19:52 Is it? Cause he's a relief pitcher. Speaker 2 00:19:54 No, no. He's ex he's he's stretched out. He had six Ks last time. Oh they don't. They have JRO that's like it, right? Jerrod's not serving his suspension or still Crawford fighting back. I think Crawford's back, but there's no Winker. So they hit so they lineup last time out. Yeah, this is, I think this is the game. No, it's not the game. You stacked him. They play their lineup was JRO Crawford. Whereas Carlos Santana, your favorite catcher, Cal rally Speaker 1 00:20:22 Only first love to use that. Speaker 2 00:20:23 Toro Fraser more Haggerty. I'm just trying to think like, is there a case for this guy in Seattle, which is been a tremendous pitchers park, is there a case for a 4k pitcher? Because it's 4k that there's so many. So Speaker 1 00:20:38 I would say like possibly, but the top half of their lineup is still together right Speaker 2 00:20:42 Now. Yeah. It's fine. Outside of Winker. Speaker 1 00:20:44 Outside of Winker, but yeah, he's got his work his way through Rodriguez warriors, Crawford. Okay. And Santana's still been okay. Like Speaker 2 00:20:50 Touche. I just there's so much good offense tonight. Just based on how the second half of this board looks. So I'm just looking. Speaker 1 00:20:58 I already said like Conland for me is probably my top guy to go to today. I think he'll be very popular against Chicago at home. And then I'm playing that dark game with Lys that gives me on draft Kings. That gives me 4,200 a player. Okay. We're gonna spend down obviously somewhere catcher maybe or something like that. So there's definitely ways to go. And even if you wanted to go cease, it doesn't change much. It's 41, 6 a player instead 42. So you go cease and Lys. You still have about 4,200 a player, but let's go over to the catcher spot. There's we do have someone like Eli's Diaz gets Kiel. We like going Diaz even though Diaz's numbers on a hole of trash. If you do break down the splits, he's still got decent numbers against lefties. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:21:37 He's been great. He's been great. Speaker 1 00:21:38 Yeah. We'll find out which Braves catchers in the lineup. But if William Contreras finds as well over Dar today 3,800, like I'd be, I'd certainly be interested spending down a little bit there as well. Let's see. Speaker 2 00:21:51 Yeah. I'd play both by the way. I'd play. I'd actually play both catchers. Okay. Either one of them. Yeah. That's funny Speaker 1 00:21:56 Spot. Does McCann hit lefties still? I know McKen just sucks in general, but he used to be a lefty Speaker 2 00:22:00 Killer. He stinks. He Speaker 1 00:22:02 He's just bad Speaker 2 00:22:03 Cars and Kelly hits lefties. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:22:05 Cars and Kelly hit. You've been touting another game last night Speaker 2 00:22:09 Line Speaker 1 00:22:09 Two nights ago. I know what I would want hundred percent be interested in playing Carson Kelly today at Speaker 2 00:22:15 20 20, 2300 2300. Speaker 1 00:22:16 Yeah. That's your listen. If Carson Kelly gets a zero, that's making value. So if, as long as he takes the bat to the plate, I think we've hit value at 2300. Speaker 2 00:22:24 So, Speaker 1 00:22:25 And that's where you get it. You find some cheapy little pump guys in good spots. Kelly's a guy like that. That could certainly play it out. So any other catchers that, that you at least would consider here? Speaker 2 00:22:35 Richmond 45. Sure. That's about it. Speaker 1 00:22:37 Okay. First base. Or if we're looking here, you got Freeman verse lighter. We've talked about liking that spot for them CRO, even though he's been better against righties this year, like at Dallas Kelson, just garbage. So he's certainly in play bra. U's been, I mean the last night again, two hits an RBI's been heating up. I know for whatever reason, they kind of have Brisky priced up higher than he is been this year, but 4 75 and 1100 ops, the last 10 gain for Jose Abra. So a mid-tier guys like big fan of Abra U tonight. I, I think I have no problems running that out there. I know you like the Baltimore guys against SI Seth with Mancini who no longer has outfield eligibility, Speaker 2 00:23:15 Dude. It's every, it's literally slate to slate. It's actually infuriating. If Speaker 1 00:23:19 You wanted to even two man stack Carson Kelly Christian Walker, 3,800 gets to lefty again. I know the 2 0 7 batting average is less than appealing on the surface, but 3 0 3 with a thousand ops against lefties this year. So if you're interested in some Christian Walker at 3,800, I think that makes for a little interesting stack of some guys that I at least have on my radar. Speaker 2 00:23:40 Yeah. I think the only person I'd add, cuz I like all those options was Vladi under 5k. I know he hasn't been great, but he's raped lefties this year and under 5k Vladi is just like my eyes glued to that price point, by the way, Brisky worse against right-handed matters. If you wanted need more ammunition to play Jose Abre who's just hitting everything right now. So I fully concur there. I think the price tag's too low. We do get Jevon in outfield too so we can play them both. Yep. Speaker 1 00:24:08 We definitely Speaker 2 00:24:09 Play them both. I think that pretty much. I will say Matt carpenter hit third for the Yankees last night. Yeah. I saw Speaker 1 00:24:14 You. I saw that Speaker 2 00:24:15 If you're playing Yankees against Winkowski, which I think is an option again in Fenway, if carpenter is cracks the lineup again, if he's sitting third man, like, like bitch, Speaker 1 00:24:25 But you said you've only liked him really against at home though Speaker 2 00:24:28 At home. But I think, I think I LAR yeah, I largely, I like, Speaker 1 00:24:32 I will say his batting average is trying to pop up on the road 2 67 and he said three home runs on the way. So, and to your point also pesky pulls is like 3, 3 0 8. So if he really pulls it down the line, he doesn't have far to go to get there. So all right. Second base position here. I mean, if birdie gets on he's running. So he just has to get on, he's got six. So bases the last 10 games he's hitting two 10. So gotta figure a way for him to get on mark Tay versus a lefty at 47 gets gone. I mean, we're gonna be wantings Colorado, Arizona really? Anyways. Speaker 2 00:25:02 Yeah. It's a great game site for sure. Speaker 1 00:25:03 That's definitely gonna be, uh, a popular target for us here. Mid tier, I guess. Is there anybody that jumps out? Oh Brandon and Roger is at 43. Yeah. Colorado, Arizona. But Brenda and Rogers at 4,300 could be the, Speaker 2 00:25:15 Yeah, he's hit lefties. Yeah. 3 46 against lefties this year. 4 29 MOBA. Yeah. So I'm with you. Who's been leading off for the angels, John. Speaker 1 00:25:23 Yeah. Jonathan VR. Do you even know he got their Speaker 2 00:25:25 Team? Jonathan VR claimed on waivers and he leads off every night. So, yep. I don't really wanna, I don't really wanna Speaker 1 00:25:31 Better against left than rights. Speaker 2 00:25:33 Yeah. I don't really wanna play him. I just figured Speaker 1 00:25:35 That's fine. That been all is under 4k again. So sign me up. I like it's see, where else are we going? Any other value here, Speaker 2 00:25:43 Buddy Kennedy. If he cracks the lineup, if he's like in the middle of that lineup, he's $2,000 just to throw another Diamondback Rocky out there. Cause that's another option. Speaker 1 00:25:54 Fine. That's fine. Third base. We've talked about it before a dev has four career homers off Cole, but he is currently day to day with a little Hammi issue, but Chado gets webbed, not the great match up for him there. Riley gets liberatory. We talked about it. He's actually hitting leftys pretty decently this year in the past. He's been spent a righty killer. Speaker 2 00:26:10 4 36 WOA John. Yeah. Six home runs in 81 at bats. I know man. We, and I don't think there's anyone on the planet that likes playing Austin Riley more than you and I. So, oh Speaker 1 00:26:20 Lo my favorite player is Austin round. A few more few players better than him. Speaker 2 00:26:25 Well, well your favorite player actually is Speaker 1 00:26:26 A couple Brandon jury, right? Speaker 2 00:26:27 It's actually a couple players down. It's Brandon. D yeah. Speaker 1 00:26:30 Brandon and Dr. At home jury home splits this year 3 0 1 average nine, 13 PS nine homers. So, yep. That's fine. Go ahead. Do it. That's okay. Yeah. He's easier guy. That's fine. He works for me. Let's see here. I like SU as of 45, if you're not gonna go Lauren to an option in that lineup, Turner's still hitting 400. So down with Justin and Turner 43 is Escabar splits better versus lefties already easier. Speaker 2 00:26:54 This season, he is better against lefties. Significantly better against lefties. Speaker 1 00:26:58 Okay. So he's 42 against Castano. If you are not buying into the numbers, I threw out there on Castano, which is fine. You don't have to trust me. That'd be your mistake. Chapman against Marco reverse splits picture though. So like yep. Something to at least consider what Marco there. Speaker 2 00:27:13 It's gonna be another slate where no one plays Toronto. So if you wanna play them, Speaker 1 00:27:16 That's true. They never, we always play Toronto. And then we message each other. When rosters locker, we're like dude, 7%, Speaker 2 00:27:22 7% VLA Guerrero. Like what is everyone doing? Speaker 1 00:27:26 And, but it doesn't like ever work out for us either. Speaker 2 00:27:28 So no, that's true. That's fair. Speaker 1 00:27:29 I'm like, oh, 7% Vladi and Behe versus Cole over. How can this go wrong? And then Cole over chose. She shout out innings. I'm like, God damn it. That's about it. That's where I got. Speaker 2 00:27:38 Yep. That's Speaker 1 00:27:39 JD Davis against Castano's 2200. Speaker 2 00:27:41 Yeah. He's just been super bad this year. Speaker 1 00:27:43 I know, but I'm just saying he's 2200. That's fair. If he plays, I'll be willing to throw that dark there. Short stop. I mean you do, you it's Dan's me. Right? Do you just Speaker 2 00:27:51 Play Dan's I would probably play, but Speaker 1 00:27:54 If you look at the last 10 games for all the top guys, they actually all struggling a bit. So a 1 94 for Linor 2 25 for Turner. Swanson's hitting two 40 and oh my gosh is 2 68. Speaker 2 00:28:06 Every Speaker 1 00:28:06 Single is 180 2 IASS is 1 79. So the top 1, 2, 3, top six short stops are all hitting like under two 50 Cassandra or 1 67, the last 10 game Speaker 2 00:28:17 Swanson against lefties this year 3 21, 4 home runs four 13 WOBA so yeah, that feels Speaker 1 00:28:23 Like it makes sense Speaker 2 00:28:24 To me liberatory against re handed batters over a thousand ops. So yeah, that sounds Braves. Chalking. Speaker 1 00:28:30 Yeah. I said Dan's we seem like the top guy to me, it seems like that's flushing out. He's 5,500 though. So like I would rather play my boy Crawford at 42. That's I'm a big JB Crawford fan. Even though again, he also sucking hitting four. Oh, uh, 2 0 5 last 10 Speaker 2 00:28:44 Signs of life though, for hits in forestry. Yep. Speaker 1 00:28:47 Yep. Maybe this is an Onne cruise spot in Cincinnati. Speaker 2 00:28:50 I was about to say, do you feel like we haven't mentioned enough of this game? Speaker 1 00:28:54 I know. Not really because it's Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, so Speaker 2 00:28:57 I know, but yes. But look at the pitching match up. I know rights Wilson verse Robert Dugger, but Speaker 1 00:29:05 Like who are we playing? Playing Vato Speaker 2 00:29:07 Vatos day to day. Yeah. Vach has been really good. Like really surprisingly good. Speaker 1 00:29:13 I'm fine. With the Pittsburgh side of it. We've been kind of touting Pittsburgh is a sneaky, like we haven't gotten to like Brian Reynolds Speaker 2 00:29:18 Yet. That's true. Yeah. And KA Brian Hayes is 3,700. Yeah. On, at his position. Speaker 1 00:29:24 Better against lefties though. Speaker 2 00:29:25 Better. For sure. I think he does get the sense he buff though. Okay. I mean there's I feel like there's like a legit bump. I Speaker 1 00:29:32 Wouldn't argue. They've a lot. Cincinnati's averaging more runs per game Speaker 2 00:29:36 Than courses. Thinky. Kyle Farmer. 3,200. John, Speaker 1 00:29:38 Are you really just gonna do that to me right now are talking about Cincinnati in general. I thought you were intentionally skipping over my guy. Jose Lacey said 3,500 against left-handed pitching this year. You laugh. His only two home runs of the season 3 33 with an 8 76 ops. That's pretty good. I'm just saying he has eight strikeouts in 81 at bats against lefties this year. Speaker 2 00:29:59 The Rockies have. And we didn't mention Kone either. Like the rock I mentioned. Oh, did you? Okay. Okay. Yeah. The Rockies have been good against lefties. No doubt on the road too, John, just to just throwing this out there. Jose glacier is 3 52 average. Yeah. Just and they're in. Arizona's fine. So, Speaker 1 00:30:15 And it's unfortunate. You don't get fancy points for web jams. Cuz he had one of those yesterday. Speaker 2 00:30:19 He has a lot of them throughout his career. Speaker 1 00:30:21 He does, but listen, $3,500 if you're just like, you know what I hate shortstop today. Like Jose Lacey's just high floor player. Speaker 2 00:30:30 Yep. No ceiling whatsoever. Speaker 1 00:30:31 High floor, but like no ceiling, but Dallas HES on the mound. So like maybe all of the ceiling, like I don't Speaker 2 00:30:36 Know. Kevin, Kevin Garnet taught us. Anything is Speaker 1 00:30:38 Possible. Anything is possible, right? Like three hate three games ago. He is got 19 fantasy points probably at 1% against the Dodgers. Yeah. Jose likes says a 3,500 cow farmers. Fine. 2 94 last 10. Like you mentioned, certainly can play if our boy Jorge and Mateo finds his way on base. Well we'll never know. But if he does, there is you get 20 stolen bases this year. Speaker 2 00:30:55 Yeah. It's crazy. I know. Same thing. I would say same thing for Isaiah Carter. FORO I Speaker 1 00:31:00 Was gonna say we haven't talked a lot of Yankees, but Speaker 2 00:31:03 Reds are hitting 300. You Speaker 1 00:31:04 Can play them. Speaker 2 00:31:05 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:31:06 300. Yeah. When Kelsey's not a rego guy, he's a sinker ball guy. So if he leaves those up against the Yankees, they're gonna, he's gonna be in trouble. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:31:12 So Alfa four hits yesterday and I think, but like we know the thing about Connor PFA is he can, he has 13 stolen bases as well. So if he gets on, he can run. Speaker 1 00:31:21 Yeah. Vasca is obviously a little bit tough to run against, but Speaker 2 00:31:24 Sure, sure agree. Completely agree. Speaker 1 00:31:26 All right. Outfield, where you, where, which, who are you pick? Probably Julio Rodriguez. Speaker 2 00:31:31 That's probably Julio R guess player of the month. By the way, player Speaker 1 00:31:35 Of the month, dude, 15 home runs 21. So basis before the Allstar break in Speaker 2 00:31:39 Counting. I think so here, I think, Speaker 1 00:31:41 Remember when he got off to a slow start and people were like, are they gonna send him down? Yeah, they, they, they didn't do Speaker 2 00:31:45 That. They did not do that. And now that's, it's J rat season full effect. I think I definitely like judge mid tournaments. You can probably play him in all formats. Honestly. I love Ronald LA Kuya against lefty. The Braves are the Braves right now are my favorite S of the slate. And I think they're gonna be popular too. Rodriguez for sure. Springer gets a lefty. We love that. Cedric Mullins. I know he let me down. Maybe Speaker 1 00:32:08 500 is so tough. Yeah. But if you just remember last year, Cedric Mullins you'd have no prompt paying it. Speaker 2 00:32:12 I, I keep saying it, but Stanton has hit like a billion home runs lately. And when he's hitting home runs like you just play him because he's gonna keep hitting home runs. And then like, I don't really care that Blackman gets a lefty. He's like Kai sucks against everyone. So I'll play Charlie Blackman. I and I have no problem doing that. Honestly. John also Lu Robert. Oh, Speaker 1 00:32:35 So I was just gonna say like white Sox, like he's good today against bill Brisky. I mean, ELO Jimenez came back right. Homeward yesterday and his first game back. I mean, Speaker 2 00:32:45 This is a, this lineup is different. Speaker 1 00:32:46 There, there different healthy now, right? Like yeah. That lineup Anderson Vaughn. Abreu Robert Himenez at the top like five hitters. Like that's a no it's different. The hard run to get through. Speaker 2 00:32:58 And then when they, like, if Manca continues to be serviceable Speaker 1 00:33:03 And finally coming around on Manca after mocking me. No, it's hard again. So it doesn't really matter. Speaker 2 00:33:07 So serviceable, I didn't even, I'm not even giving him like much praise, like just be serviceable. Yeah. I agree. I think Eli 40 one's good price, Speaker 1 00:33:16 Dude. I was gonna get there, but yeah, Eli 41 for sure. Speaker 2 00:33:19 It's a good Speaker 1 00:33:19 Price. So that's a MIS that's a missed price. A number of them. Where's our boy. That's his 5k. Good. No good on them. They Speaker 2 00:33:24 Find, yeah, I would probably still pay that. <laugh> like he's probably too cheap. Realistically. Brian Speaker 1 00:33:29 Rounds is 46. Speaker 2 00:33:31 Yep. It's a good one. Let's Speaker 1 00:33:32 See Speaker 2 00:33:33 Tyler Naquin. I Speaker 1 00:33:34 Say April, one's back in the lineup. Not doing one for four, obviously in his return by lefty. Speaker 2 00:33:39 And then bam fam is in play too. Chris Bryant, 42 is gonna be popular. Speaker 1 00:33:43 Two Brian against keel for sure is gonna be. Yeah. That's popular Homer the other day as well. So kind of getting back into that groove a bit. That's a really good number for Chris Speaker 2 00:33:52 Bryant. Ti Oscar 40. One's a really good price. That's a stupid low price. Cause we know ti Oscar has been like incredible against lefties over the last few years. 3 94. WOBA this year against lefties again. So Marcella Zuna Homer yesterday. I feel like all he's doing is Homer this year. Like every piece of production, Marcel Zuna has been a home run. So $4,000 I'd play him. Speaker 1 00:34:17 All right. Let's see. Where else are we looking for value here? You talked about, we haven't really talked about the red Sox as are growing up against Cole, but you know, like Verdugo's been hitting the ball really well. We know JD has good splits against Cole, like contrarian sack today is gonna be Boston, but there's obviously a ton of upside with them being at home. Speaker 2 00:34:34 Yeah. I feel like Boston is better as one offs. Like if devs has in the lineup. Sure. Considering how much he's crushed coal. Like I, I like getting devs at sub 10% is like very ideal. Cuz he has double Don potential. I would, I'd rather play them as one offs, I think as opposed to like a full Speaker 1 00:34:53 Stack and with you, I think that's fine. We talked about Pittsburgh. Like we think Swanky's probably in play here at 35. Speaker 2 00:35:00 Florida's 36 as well. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:35:02 Lefty Eddie. No, he is a lefty. Eddie. He's a lefty. I thought Speaker 2 00:35:04 He was well let's look at the splits. I think liberatory stinks against everyone. Speaker 1 00:35:08 I'm just saying would he? I would be in the Speaker 2 00:35:09 Lineup. So their options are they'll have a Kuya Ozuna yeah. And then Harris is a lefty. Dal has been hurt. True. Speaker 1 00:35:18 True. Speaker 2 00:35:18 Oh, he's expected to start actually. Adam Dewal expected to start serious finale again. So yeah, maybe he would start so Duval 3,100 maybe. Yeah. Over, over Rosario. I probably every brave that's in the lineup tonight. Right? Righty's hitting 3 0 6 with a thousand op against li liberatory. Lefty's hitting 3, 10, 3 31. WOBA so like everyone's hitting the guy. Speaker 1 00:35:40 Yeah. Yeah. Ben Gamble's 3,200 really? Speaker 2 00:35:42 Howard bender. Favorite player? I didn't know. I don't know if you knew that, but Speaker 1 00:35:45 I, I did not know. I did not know. Oh, where is he? Where is he? Ooh. Oh, he's free. He's free. Speaker 2 00:35:51 What do we got? Free Riley green. Speaker 1 00:35:53 No Jordan. Lulo 2,500. Speaker 2 00:35:55 Oh yeah. Seven, seven home runs against lefties this year. It's Speaker 1 00:35:58 $2,500. Speaker 2 00:36:00 Yeah. It's a good price. Yeah. I don't think like torments only because he's, it's literally home runner bus, Speaker 1 00:36:05 But, but look who he is. Pitched. Look who he is. I mean go. No is so bad. Speaker 2 00:36:09 Agreed. So, okay. Let me ask you then. So would you play him in cash? Speaker 1 00:36:14 Probably if he's leading, Speaker 2 00:36:15 If he's leading off Speaker 1 00:36:16 In cash games. I don't think so. Speaker 2 00:36:19 Or I think it's tournament only. Speaker 1 00:36:20 It is tournament only Riley green also. I know you mentioned him Speaker 2 00:36:22 Super good. Do he? Speaker 1 00:36:23 So yeah, 2,700. Listen, I know that Dylan C strikes out a lot of guys, but he's 2,700. He leads off. So if you want to be, he's not, he's not the worst and, and C goes five innings and then what the bullpen comes in. So maybe he gets in that bad Eddie. He can take advantage of let's see any other value plays Speaker 2 00:36:38 For you. Sendell's raking 4 24 average over his last 10 games. Homer Homer in two of three. I think there's a lot of good stacks tonight. I think I do think Cincinnati is one of them in tournaments for sure. Okay. Speaker 1 00:36:49 I'm just strolling down this list real quick to see if anybody else pops for me. I think that's probably it. That's probably it for me. All right. Speaker 2 00:36:58 Home run. Sorry if I steal this one, but Austin Riley is my home run call tonight. Speaker 1 00:37:01 Austin. Riley is your home run call tonight. All right, I'm gonna go with Christian Walker. Speaker 2 00:37:06 I thought you were gonna go. I honestly, I thought you were gonna go white. So, but I think Christian Walker is an elite call as well. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:37:12 Christian Walker is where I'm going against Austin. Gober that's it. We're in Pete. Cole's got your playbook today. Lauren discord, to answer your questions. You know, if you have any questions, hit us up. We'll talk to you guys later.

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